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      On Wood’s creek, one mile above Sonora.—This portion of the creek has yielded more than its average proportion of the precious ore, and will continue to pay for many years to come, these diggings were worked early in 1850, and many a miner realized his pile, by working a few feet of the surface of the bed of the stream. Shortly after, Mexicans commenced sinking holes, and in many places found it to pay exceedingly well, as long as they could work without water coming in too fast to bail out.—Since 1852 the claims have been more successfully worked than previously. Steam and horse power has been employed in draining many of the claims, and in almost every instance where claims could be drained, they have yielded well. Independent of the bed of the creek which has been found in mighty places to be from twenty to sixty feet of pay dirt, there is also an extensive area of hill and surface diggings, that will give employment to a large number of miners for a great length of time.

      The population of the camp is some two hundred, and scattered for a distance of half a mile. It has its Stores, Boarding Houses &c, but being so convenient to Sonora, their principal trading is done at that place. At the last election, the precinct polled for Governor 106 votes.

      There are parties engaged in fluming the creek, and also that of Tennessee Gulch, for the purpose of carrying off the refuse matter from the toms and sluices. These enterprises are remunerated by the fine Gold that is lost in the tom or sluice, and caught in these long flumes. In almost every instance they pay a handsome percentage on the capital invested.



Brown’s Flat Mining Laws.


      The Miners of Brown’s Flat in public meeting assembled, have passed the following laws for the government of their precinct, and defined its boundaries.

      Resolved, That we the miners of Brown’s Flat, in convention assembled, do pledge ourselves to support and abide by the following Laws:


      Sec., 1. The precinct known as Brown’s Flat shall be bounded on the north by the precinct of Springfield and by a line running from the southeast corner of that precinct: easterly by the south end of McCrea’s store, to a point half a mile east of Wood’s creek; east by a line running southerly by the heads of the gulches emptying into Wood’s creek between McCrea’s store and the French Saw Mill; south by a line running from a point a half a mile east of the saw-mill; west, by the road and precinct of Shaw’s Flat. These limits not to interfere with the established boundary of any previously organized precincts.

      Sec. 2. No miner shall be allowed to take up for mining purposes a claim of more than 100 feet square, nor any company more than that proportion for each member of the company, except as provided in section 9 of this article.

      Sec. 3. No miner shall be allowed to hold more than one claim in wet diggings and one in dry diggings, except by purchase; and all claims, when workable, must be worked in person, or by proxy.

      Sec. 4. Each claim, when taken up, must be distinctly defined—the claims on the flats and creeks by stakes at the corners; the claims on the gulches by notices at the head and foot of the claim—one or more notices containing the name of each person claiming, (the & Co.” not being sufficient) must be posted up on each claim.

            Sec. 5. Nothing in the above section shall be construed as interfering with old and established claims, which have been worked and a deposition. Manufactured by the parties or their assigns to continue working the same when practicable.

      Sec. 6. If any claim which can be advantageously worked by not worked for six successive days, the same shall be considered forfeited, except in cases of sickness or absence on important and pressing business.

      Sec. 7. All the water in Wood’s creek and its tributaries shall be reserved for the use of the miners in this precinct.

      Sec.8. In All disputes concerning water, priority of use shall have precedence.

      Sec. 9. Any person or persons, who by prospecting, may discover new diggings, shall be allowed to hold double the amount prescribed in section 2.


      Sec. 1. Whenever any dispute shall arise respecting claims or water privileges, the same shall be decided by arbitration—the arbitrators, five in number, to be chosen by the standing committee, whose duty it shall be to examine the disputed territory, hear testimony, and decide accordingly.

      Sec. 2. A committee of three shall be chosen by the miners of the precinct, whose duty it shall be to choose arbitrators to decide disputes and to call meetings of the miners of the precinct.

      Sec. 3. The standing committee shall be entitled to wages for summoning the arbitrators, to be paid by the parties ordering the same.

      Sec. 4. All prior laws conflicting with those above enumerated are there by repealed.

      Sec. 5. These laws shall be in force immediately after their passage.

J. J. FRANKLIN, President.

N. N. TURNER, Secretary.




      In accordance with custom, work on the following claims in the deep diggings of the Brown’s Flat Precinct, have been discontinued until the first of June, 1856; Mississippi Claim; Ophir; Patterson & Moore; White Rock; Martin; Sebastopol; North American; White Mountain; Fox & Elliot; New York; Smith; Gwin; Black Ball; Snyder & Jones; Iowa; Brown & Wheeler; New Orleans; Gin Lead; Fort Pitt; Brown’s Flat; Fort Washington; Jack O’Lantern; Upper French; Oswego; Spring Hill; McComber & Bro.




Brown’s Flat Directory.





Asdale, Alexander, Miner, Pennsylvania.


Bales, W. M., Miner, Indiana.

Barrett, P., Miner, New York.

Beringer, Jacob, Miner, Indiana.

Black, E., Miner, New York.

Blackwell, H. F. Miner, Arkansas.

Blackwell, W. D., Hotel Keeper, Arkansas.

Boone, T. B., Miner, Maryland.

Bounds, N. Miner,

Bowen, John, Miner, Massachusetts.

Bowman, O. G., Miner. Penn.

Bock, J. G., Miner, Penn.

Brown, M., Miner, S. C. D.

Brown, B., Miner, New York

Brown, Robt., Miner Pennsylvania.

Burns, James, Miner, Michigan.

Burt, W. A., Miner, Mass.

Butler, S., Miner, Pennsylvania


Cassady, James, Miner, Massachusetts.

Calder, W. W., Miner, Ohio.

Camlin, D., Miner, New York.

Casker, W. R., Miner, Illinois.

Chapin, E. R., Miner, New York.

Chase, J. W., Miner, Indiana.

Cook, S. B., Miner, New York.

Coon, J. D. Miner, Michigan.

Coakley, G. B., Miner, Ohio.

Collins, George, Miner, Massachusetts.

Crawford, John, Miner, Illinois.


Dalley, J. S., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Dodd, Wm., Miner, New York.


Elms, J. O., Miner, Massachusetts.

Erving, Wm., Miner, Massachusetts.


Fox, Wm., Miner, Connecticut.

Fraites, Joseph, Miner, Portugal.

Franklin, S. J., Miner, Tennessee.

Freborn, M., Miner, Rhode Island.

Froom, G. H., Miner, New York.


Ganweiler, Jacob, Miner, Louisiana.

Gault, Marcus, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Geishecker, J., Miner, New York.

Giggery, G., Miner, Maine.

Glidden, John, Miner, Maine.

Gray, A., Miner, Pennsylvania.


Haynes, J. B., Merchant, New York.

Harwood, J. A., Miner, Michigan.

Harter, B., Miner, New York.

Hattey, W., Miner, Mississippi.

Hazeltine, E., Miner, Ohio.

Heart, George, Miner, New York.

Healey, G. H., Miner, New York.

Henry, Thomas, Miner, Massachusetts.

Henesy, D., Miner, Massachusetts.

Higgins, Jas., Miner, New York.

Higgins, Thos., Miner, New York.


Jarvis, John H., Miner, Maine.

Jeffrey, E., Merchant, Michigan.

Johnson, R., Miner, New York.

Jones, W. R., Miner, New York.

Joseph, Antonio, Miner, New Hampshire.


Kendall, J., Miner, Maine.

Knoop, J., Miner, Ohio.


Lambird, P.M., Miner, Massachusetts.

Larcom, B. C., Miner, New York.

Lewis, J., Miner, Missouri.

Lincoln, James, Miner, Mississippi.

Lincoln, B. B., Miner, Mississippi.

Lounger, John B. Miner, Massachusetts.

Lynde, D. R., Miner, Connecticut.

Mabery, R. W., Miner, Penn.

Macknay, Wm., Miner, Virginia.

Miller, J. S., Miner, Pennsylvania.


Miller, John, Miner, Ohio.

McComber, H. S., Miner, New York

McCallister, J., Miner, New York.

McCallister, John, Miner, New York.

McCollough, C., Miner, Pennsylvania.

McMaster, Thos., Miner, Pennsylvania.

McMaster, Saml., Miner, Pennsylvania

McMaster, James, Miner, Pennsylvania.


Nealy, J., Miner, Ohio.

Niven, J. S., Miner, New York.

Norwood, S., Miner, Pennsylvania.


O’Brian, A., Miner, Maine.

Orr, John, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Orr, A., Miner, Pennsylvania.


Parker, J. D., Merchant, Ohio.

Pattrrson, (sic) W., Miner, Tennessee.

Prasasa, F. A., Miner, Massachusetts.

Pugsley, E., Miner, New York.

Pugsley, T., Miner, New York.


Quintan, ___, Miner, Massachusetts.


Ransom, E., Miner, New York.

Raynolds, W., Miner, New Hampshire.

Raynolds, Wells, Miner, R. Island.

Richards, T., Miner, Wisconsin.

Richardson, G. H., Miner New York.

Ripner, E. A., Miner, Mass.

Roberts, J. W., Miner, Missouri.

Robinson, Geo., Miner, Ohio.

Runnels, E., Miner, Ohio.

Ruvy, Johnson, Miner, Penn.

Ryalls, S. H., Miner, Wisconsin.


Sella, B. G., Miner, Mass.

Sellman, L., Miner, Michigan.

Shaw, O. D., Miner, Ohio.

Simmons, Thos., Miner, Wisconsin.

Sinclair, Jas., Miner, Maine.

Smith, Wm., Miner, New York.

Smith, Alvin, Miner, Maine.

Snail, C. W., Miner, Mass.

Speed, W. R., Miner, New York.

Stebbins, J. F., Miner, Iowa.

Steger, O. S., Miner, Virginia.

Sutherland, A., Miner, New York.

Swigler, J. S., Miner, Missouri.


Taber, F., Miner, Mass.

Taber, H. W., Miner, New York.


Vanhousen, W., Miner, New York.


Weaver, J. C., Miner, Penn.

Wiatt, E. J., Miner, Virginia.

Wilson, A. C. J., Miner, Virginia.

Williams, J. H., Miner, Penn.

Windgarterner, G., Miner, Mass.

Wood, E. N., Miner, Maine.

Wood, C. B., Miner, Maine.


Young, Geo., Miner, Illinois





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