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      This place is situated one and a half miles east of Columbia and immediately at the base of Wood’s mountain, and the head of Wood’s Creek.  The latter said to have produced more Gold than any other stream of its size in California.  It is in Columbia mining district and governed by her laws.  The two great Canals of the south, the Tuolumne County, and the Columbia and Stanislaus River W. Companies, precipitate their waters several  hundred feet from the top of Wood’s mountain to near its base, at Yankee Hill, where it again enters the Canals and is conveyed to Columbia, Springfield, Shaw’s Flat, Montezuma and other mining localities in the County.  As a mining District we are safe in stating that it has not its superior, and as for producing a large number of “Big Lumps of Gold,” it surpasses all others.  Among the many large pieces taken out, we remember to have seen the following, viz: a 23lb. piece, 17lb. piece, 4lb. piece and numerous others from 1 to 4 pounds.  The camp numbers some four hundred Miners, all actively and profitably engaged in separating the precious metal from the auriferous earth.  Within the last year some twenty or thirty miners have taken in their families and located.  Quite a number of neat and substantial frame houses have been erected, Gardens laid off and under cultivation, which adds very much to its appearance and gives permanency to the camp.

      Yankee Hill posseses (sic) many advantages not enjoyed by camps of more celebrity, among the many is water, which when the new Canal is completed to the main River, it will have a supply the entire year, as it will have the preference, being the first to take it after leaving its natural channel.  Another advantage is that the elevation of the mining grounds is such that little or no trouble is experienced in running off the refuse matter from the sluices and toms.  Knickerbocker Flat is within sight and is quite a camp, and celebrated for its rich deposits of Gold, Agates and other valuable stones, which are frequently found here.  Some of which have passed through the Lappidaries hands and made into beautiful settings.  In the districts embraced in Yankee Hill and Knickerbocker, there is scarcely a foot of ground but what contains more or less Gold, even the Hill Tops, and within the last month the ground at the apex of Wood’s mountain have been found to contain rich deposits, one man panned out 10 oz in one day and others we learn about have been equally successful, here there is room for five thousand more adventurers, all of whom can have the advantage of a bountiful supply of water.

      If Yankee Hill improves for the next three years as she has the last, we shall not be surprised to see her third to no other in the county.










Abbott, L., Miner, New York.

Anderson, O. C., Miner, New York.


Barnes, T. B., Miner, Kentucky.

Bennett, J. C., Miner, Kentucky.

Biddell, ---., Merchant, Pennsylvania.

Booge, J. E., Miner, Iowa.

Bowman, O. A., Miner, Maine.

Brown, A. G., Miner, New York.

Brown, C. J., Miner, Louisiana.

Brown, J. M., Miner, Maine.

Butler, H., Miner, New York.

Bunker, M. H., Miner, Maine.

Bynnent, T., Miner, Pennsylvania.


Clemens, A., Miner, Michigan.

Corrigen, E., Miner, Louisiana.

Cox, G., Miner, Virginia.

Cox, J., Miner, Mass.


Daessy, M., Miner, Mass.

Dresser, B., Miner, Mass.

Dunicliff, J., Merchant, Pennsylvania.

Durrand, J., Miner, Louisiana.


Elliott, J. H., Miner, Maine.

Emerson, L. G., Miner, Maine.


Field, A. S., Miner, Maine.

Fleehart, W., Miner, Indiana.


Garwick, D. W., Miner, Illinois.

Gearrotson, J. L., Merchant, Penn.

Glover, B. S., Miner, Michigan.

Glover, W., Miner, Michigan.

Goodins, A., Miner, Ohio.

Grady, J., Miner, Louisiana.

Gray, G., Miner, Maine.

Grinnell, C. C., Miner, Maryland.


Hatch, A. J., Teacher, New York.

Hathaway, B. W. J. P., Miner, Mass.

Hedin, J., Merchant, Sweden.

Hoisington, H., Miner, New York.

Holmes, J., Miner, Michigan.

Huberecht, T., Miner, Maine.

Huberecht, Y., Miner, Maine.

Hunter, I. K., Miner, Indiana.


Jellison, S., Miner, Maine.

Johnson, O, Miner, Norway.

Johnson, F. C., Miner, Mass.

Jones, J. W., Miner, Mass.

Jones, H. I., Miner, Indiana.

Jones, W. H., Miner, Penn.

Johns, T. W., Miner, Mass.


Keller, R., Miner, New York.

Keyser, H. A., Miner, Virginia.

Keyser, P. B., Miner, Virginia.

Keyser, E. S., Miner, Maine.

Kidder, J. T.., Miner, Mass.

Koch, F., Miner, Louisiana.

Kote, W., Miner, Germany.



Lambert, C., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Lambert, J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Lambert, H., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Lane, J. G., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Lawson, J., Miner, Delaware.

Lewis, C., Miner, Mass.


Massey, S., Miner, Mass.

Miller, W. L., Miner, Virginia.

Mondary, J., Miner, Indiana.

Morris, J., Miner, Vermont.


Palmer, A. J., Miner, Michigan.

Parker, J. C., Miner, Conn.

Paul, E. W., Miner, Penn.

Pope, R. P. S., Miner, Mass.

Putman, J., Miner, Arkansas.


Quigley, P., Miner, New Jersey.


Rodgers, J. M., Miner, Texas.

Rogers, C., Miner, Mass.

Richter, L., Miner, Germany.

Rite, C. E., Miner, Wisconsin.

Rose, J., Miner, New York.


Seflt, H., Miner, Ohio.

Shankland, C. H., Miner, Penn.

Simmons, W. H., Miner, Arkansas.

Sinclair, T., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Sill, F. R., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Smith, T. R., Dairyman, Mass.

Spenser, P., Miner, Maine.

Stafford, E. C., Miner, North Carolina.

Staglich, A., Miner, Germany.

Steele, C. H., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Steele, E., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Steele, S. C., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Steele, E. R., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Stephen G., Miner, New York.

Stevens, C. B., Miner, Mass.

Strus, L., Hotel Keeper, Maine.


Tiezmann, A., Miner, Illinois.

Thurston, N. G., Miner, Conn.


Vanamringe, A., Miner, Ohio.

Vaughan, J. A., Miner, Tennessee.


Walker, W. J., Miner, North Carolina.

White, S., Miner, Arkansas.

Willard. E., Miner, New York.





Transcribed by Sue Wood.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Sue Wood.