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††††† GOLD SPRINGS receives its name from a large Spring that was discovered by some miners in the early part of 1850.In its sands was found small particles of gold, hence the origin of its name.The Spring furnishes a stream of waster equal to ten Toms, and is used in washing dirt that is carted from a hundred yards to one mile distant, and gives employment to some three hundred miners.The water privileges, as they are called, have the use of the entire stream, and are fitted with from two to four toms, these privileges are held at from $500 to $1500, according to their proximity to the Spring.

††††† The Camp or Village has population of five hundred, and has two stores well stocked with Provisions, Mining Tools and General Merchandise, two Boarding Houses, and a number of Mechanicís Shops.It is noted for the quiet, good order, and enterprise of its citizens.

††††† In the immediate vicinity are several fine gardens and small ranches, that raise large quantities of vegetables which are taken to Columbia, Yankee Hill, and other mining localities and sold fresh almost every day in the year.

††††† The Tuolumne County and the Columbia and Stanislaus River Water Companies are preparing to convey water in ditches and flumes to these mines, which with the water afforded by the spring will give employment to an increased number of miners.

††††† Remains of an extinct race of animals are frequently found buried from ten to thirty and fifty feet beneath the surface.Many fine specimens and in a good state of preservation have been dug up, the largest was a Tusk nine feet in length and of proportionate thickness, this immense piece of ivory was so far decayed that on its exposure to the atmosphere it crumbled and was almost entirely lost.

††††† The quantity of the gold of these diggings commands a higher price at the counters of our Dust buyers, than that of any other, and is said to mint more than any other in California.





††††† At an adjourned mass meeting of the Miners of Gold Spring district, held on Saturday, Aug. 19th, 1851, at the Bowling Alley Saloon, Gold Springs, the following By-Laws were adopted, for the regulation of mining affairs in this district:

††††† ARTICLE1.Mining claims in this district shall not exceed one hundred feet square to each man, to be contained in one claim.

††††† ART.2, No person shall hold more than one claim within this district.

††††† ART.3.Each man or company of men, holding claims within this district, shall designate the same, by erecting good and substancial stakes at each corner thereof, or by digging a ditch around it, and also by a notice signed by each individual of the company holding the same.

††††† ART.4.Each and every man holding a claim within this district, shall work on it one day in seven, or employ a substitute, otherwise such claim shall be forfeited, except in cases of sickness or accident.

††††† ART.5.Any person holding a claim with dirt thrown up, or excavations upon it, such claim shall be governed by Articles 2, 3 and 4.

††††† ART.6.When two or more claims join together and are worked by a company, such company can work on any portion of said claim they may deem expedient, by complying with Article 4.

††††† ART.7.Any party or parties requiring to run a stream of water across a road in actual use for carting, are required to build a good and sufficient bridge over said stream, and to keep the same clear, so as to prevent injury accruing to said road.

††††† ART.8.Any party or parties requiring to form a new road, or to cart upon one in disuse and across which a stream of water has been, and is at the time, running, are required to erect such bridge, to prevent injury to the parties using said water, but if the occupiers of the water afterwards see fit to run the stream across another portion of said road, then the duty of removing the bridge shall fall on them, the parties so changing.

††††† ART.9.Miners in this district becoming involved in any dispute, respecting mining claims, are earnestly recommended by this meeting, to refer the matter for decision, to an arbitration, as follows, viz:two disinterested miners, from this district, to be chosen by each party, and a fifth by the four.

††††† All laws heretofore made in this district in conflict with the above, are hereby repealed.



F. W. H. AARON, Secretary.







Aaron, F. W. H., Miner, England.

Abell, J. H., Ranchero, Vermont.

Ames, D. J., Miner, Maine.

Arnold, F. O. W., Blacksmith, Pennsylvania.

Arsene, T., Miner, France.

Atwood & Moore, Miner, Maine.


Barclay, A. J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Barthelemi, A., Miner, France.

Bean, H. P., Miner, Maine.

Birney, J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Big, Geo., Miner, Scotland.

Boyle, John, Ditchman, New Orleans.

Blatchley, A., Ranchero, New York.

Black, A., Miner, New York.

Bradburry, J. C., Miner, Maine.

Breauleau, C., Miner, Ohio.

Brewster, ---., Physician, Connecticut.

Brunson, H., Miner, New York.

Brunson, J., Miner, Massachusetts.

Bullard & Co. Ranchers, New York.


Cannell, S., Miner, Maine.

Carver, A. G., Merchant, Maine.

Churchill, John, Miner, Maine.

Cleaveland, Wm., Miner, Vermont.

Clothier, J., Miner, Maine.

Coffren, C. H., Miner, Maine.

Connell, L., Miner, New York.

Cook, F. G., Miner, Maine.

Corey, A., Miner, New York.

Crary, J., Miner, New York.

Crighton, John, Miner, Ohio.

Curtain, J., Miner, Massachusetts.

Cluley, R. P., Miner, Maine.


Dalrymple, W. H., Miner, Maryland.

Dennis, W. P., Miner, Rhode Island.

Delaporte, ---., Miner, France.

Dickey, A., Miner, Maine.

Dolloff, J. R., Miner, Maine.

Dow, Jas., Miner, Maine.

Dyre, C., Miner, Maine.

Dyre, F., Miner, Maine.

Dyar, J. F., Engineer, New Sharon.


Esterbrook, J. E., Miner, Massachusetts.

Ellis, Capt., Miner, Maine.

Ellis, H., Miner, Maine.

Everett, H., Miner, Vermont.


Fairbrother, B. F., Miner, Maine.

Fletcher, W. F., Miner, Maine.

Frost, J. J., Miner, Texas.

Furneyhough, A., Miner, New York.


Geehan, T., Miner, Connecticut.

Goodell, J. M., Miner, Maine.

Griffith, Jas., Miner, New York.

Griffith, A. D., Miner, Maine.

Gould, J. P., Miner, Maine.


Hatch, N., Miner, Connecticut.

Hamilton, A., Miner, Canada West.

Hazard, R. J., Miner, R. Island.

Heagar, E., Miner, Maine.

Heagar, Jas., Miner, Maine.

Healey, J. C., Miner, Massachusetts.

Henderson, A., Miner, N. S. Wales.

Hopkins, E., Miner, Maine.

Hopkins, Edward, Miner, Maine.

Hunt, J. P., Miner, Maine.


Jennings, J. D., Miner, Maine.

Johnson, D., Ranchero, Canada.

Jolly, John, Miner, England.

Keith, J. W., Miner, Massachusetts.

Kelly, J., Miner, Massachusetts.

Kelly, P., Miner, Massachusetts.

Kight & Brother, Miner, Massachusetts.

Koons, T., Miner, Maryland.


Lewis, A. M., Merchant, ----.

Lewis, D., Merchant, ----.

Littlefield, J. B., Miner, Maine.

Littlefield, A., Miner, Maine.

Lowry, H. J., Miner, Texas.


Marden, H., Miner, Maine.

Mason, J., Miner, Scotland.

Mehu, A., Miner, France.

Munroe, H. S., Dairyman, Massachusetts.

Morton, E., Miner, Maine.

Moulton, J. T., Miner, Maine.

Mulgor, M., Miner, Maine.

Myre, J. A., Miner, Maryland.

McDonnald, A., Miner, ----.

McDow, J., Miner, Texas.

McGrillis, Capt., J. T., Miner, Maine.

McIntire, E. F., Miner, Virginia.

McKinley, J. W., Miner, Virginia.


Nedd & Ross, Miner, England.


Oldenberg, E., Miner, New York.

Oliphant, ---., Miner, Indiana.

Olive, Stephen, Miner, Ohio.

Ordway, N., Miner, New York.


Partridge, E. B., Miner, Maine.

Patterson, M., Miner, Maine.

Potter, I. J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Porter, E. S., Miner, Maine.

Prescott, Isaac, Miner, England.

Prince, C., Miner, Maine.


Raglan, L., Miner, England.

Reid, T., Miner, Maine.

Reynolds, E. H., Miner, New York.

Robey, ---., Miner, Maine.

Romanes, John, Wheelright, Scotland.

Ross, John, Miner, Ohio.

Rice, ---., Miner, Massachusetts.

Ryan, ---., Miner, New York.


Shipman, Geo., Miner, New York.

Smith, Sidney, Ranchero, New Hampshire.

Smith, D. L., Miner, New Hampshire.

Smith, G. A., Miner, New Hampshire.

Staples, C., Miner Maine.

Stageman, J., Miner, Iowa.

Staub, A., Miner, Missouri.

Steggart, R., Miner, Tennessee.

Stowers, A. G., Miner, Maine.

Sublett, J. T., Miner, Kentucky.


Thomas, W. H., Miner, Georgia.

Thesphill, A., Miner, France.

Towl, R. Blacksmith, Maine.

Trask, P. M., Miner, Maine.

Trask, Jacob, Miner, Maine.


Valentine, C. H., Miner, Maine


Wilson, Geo., Miner, New York.

Wright, D., Miner, New York.

Wright, C. S., Miner, Massachusetts.





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