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CORRECTION to Ann Clark Hart’s book “Lone Mountain”.
Hello Nancy Pratt-Melton, 
     Just a note about some graves that got moved. 
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Subject : Graves markings for Laurel Hill Cem.  Reference : NONE 
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     I am interested in finding information on and finding the burial  
spots of several people initially buried at Lone Mountain Cemetery,  
San Francisco.  Part of it became Laurel Hill Cemetery.  Supposedly  
35,000 graves at Laurel Hill Cemetery were moved to Cypress Lawn  
Memorial Park in Colma.  I have heard that with the removal of 
Cemeteries from San Francisco that many of the remains were put into  
mass graves and many of the markers were discarded.  What really  
happened with the move of the Laurel Hill Cemetery graves?  
     The individuals that I am interested in finding information on  
 Emmie Sharratt Stoney 1873-1933  
 Frank Gray Stoney 1874-1932    probably Sharratt, not Stoney.  
 William Adams Bailey 1859-1922  
     Do their stones still exist?  Do you have records on them?  What  
do you have?  Although the Lone Mountain book says that the stone says  
Frank Gray Stoney I believe it was extracted in error and I think the  
stone actually says Frank Gray Sharratt 1874-1932,  Do you have  
anything to corraborate or refute this?  If the stones exist please  
also provide me with their locator descriptors.  
Thank you very much for your help.  
Peace be with you,  
James R. Davis, Sacramento, CA  
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Subject : Grave markings for Laurel Hill Cemete Reference : NONE 
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Dear Mr. Davis: 
We did locate the individuals you were interested in finding.  Emmie 
Sharratt Stoney....1873-1933; Frank Gray Sharratt...1874-1932; William 
Adams Bailey...1859-1922.   They are buried at Section D, Plot 108, 
along with Donzel Stoney; Gaillard Stoney; Gerogina Stoney;Margaret 
Stoney; Anna Stoney; Joseph Stoney; Kate Stoney; Kate M. Stoney; and 
Thomas P. Stoney. 
To answer your question on the move of the Laurel Hill Cemetery 
graves. What happened is body removal from Laurel Hill began in 1940. 
Decendants of lot holders were given the opportunity to have family 
members privately moved.  Approximately 1,000 took advantage of this 
Many, but certainly not all of these remains, were transported to 
Colma for reburial in individual plots, primarily at Cypress Lawn. In 
most instances, families moved the original markers as well. 
There had been almost no new burials at Laurel Hill since the 
beginning of the century, in most cases, little was found except 
bones. In all instances, bones were collected and placed in removal 
boxes of various sizes built of redwood lumber.  When intact caskets 
and remains were uncovered, they were transported to Colma unaltered. 
Each box was labeled with a metal indentification tag.  Names of all 
removals were assiduously recorded and today are available at Cypress 
Lawn for public scrutiny. 
If you need further information please feel free to contact us. 
Lucia M. Pires 

© 2003 Nancy Pratt Melton


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