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                    John Ashby Tutt, one of the original petitioners of Sacramento Lodge, was born February 4, 1815 in Fauquier County, Virginia, the son of John and Elizabeth (Ashby) Tutt. In the fall of 1835, he with his father, left Virginia for Missouri and remained there for fourteen years, teaching school, farming and merchandising. Here he married Maria L. Lewis. In 1849 he came overland arriving in Sacramento August 5th. For a short time he tried mining with little success returning to Sacramento to take part in public affairs, serving as city assessor for real estate in 1850. He was elected High Constable serving from May 1850 until August 1851. He was re-elected in 1852 and served until October 1854. The following year he was appointed Deputy Marshal of the city for one year. He was one time Bailiff of the Recorder's Court and Deputy Sheriff of Sacramento County, and served as clerk of the City Water Works in 1860. His wife was victim of the great flood of 1862 and the following year he left Sacramento for the mines but with indifferent success. Starting in 1869 he served as chief clerk of the State Prison for three years and then again tried mining in Arizona with little success. In 1879 he moved to Madison, Yolo County, California where he lived until his death near Woodland on May 19, 1900. According to the San Jose Pioneer of June 15, 1900 as a young man "he was a splendid speciman of manhood, being six foot two inches in height, weighing then about 180 pounds and straight as an arrow, with rosy cheeks and clear complexion; an honest, determined, yet pleasant face; a penetrating eye, smiling to his friends and brethren, dignified in bearing and a look when about to make an arrest of a violator of the law or a disturber of the peace which compelled a prompt submission without the least resistance." He was initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason in 1841; passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft and raised to Sublime Degree of Master Mason in 1842 in Osceola Lodge No. 61 A. F. & A. M., at Osceola, St. Clair County, Missouri. Dimitting from this Lodge he assisted in organizing Landmark Lodge U. D. at Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri and then dimitted from this Lodge which apparently never received its Charter, to assist in organizing Tebo Lodge at Clinton, Henry County, Missouri. During his Masonic Service in Missouri he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master by Grand Master J. W. S. Mitchell of that State. Arriving in Sacramento in 1849 he affiliated with New Jersey Lodge under dispensation from the Grand Master of New Jersey at Sacramento, December 4, 1849. After a short period he dimitted to affiliate with Connecticut Lodge No. 75 at Sacramento and was elected Worshipful Master January 8, 1850. The Charter of this Lodge was under the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. After its surrender a new Charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of California April 19, 1850 under the name of Tehama Lodge No. 3. He was the first elected Master of that Lodge serving during the year 1850. A principal delegate from Connecticut Lodge No. 75 to the convention which organized the Grand Lodge of California on April 19, 1850 Brother Tutt was elected Deputy Grand Master. He presided over the Grand Lodge as Acting Grand Master at the first annual communication in May 1850 and was appointed Grand Lecturer at the semi-annual communication held November 26, 1850. At the second annual Communication of the Grand Lodge held May 6 through May 9, 1851, he was elected its second Grand Master. In 1853 he dimitted from Tehama Lodge No. 3 to become one of the original petitioners and the first Senior Warden of Sacramento Lodge U. D., in which he held his membership until shortly after its charter was granted. On August 4, 1854 he dimitted from Sacramento Lodge No. 40 to again become a member of Tehama Lodge No. 3. On September 27, 1854 he assisted Past Grand Master William H. Howard in laying the first cornerstone laid by the Grand Lodge of California. It was the cornerstone of the Court House of Sacramento County, used as the State Capitol from January 1, 1855 to November, 1869. In 1863 Brother Tutt again dimitted from Tehama Lodge No. 3 and in 1879 assisted in organizing Landmark Lodge No. 253 at Madison, Yolo County, California becoming its first Secretary, serving until December 1884 when he declined further service. On December 11, 1879 he was elected an honorary member of the Masonic Veteran Association of the Pacific Coast in recognition of eminent service rendered Free Masonry. The funeral services for Brother Tutt were conducted under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of California at the Masonic Temple then located at Sixth and K Streets, Sacramento.




Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

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