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                   Robert B. Ellis, an original petitioner of Sacramento Lodge was born in Sussex County, Virginia in 1812. On March 1, 1850 he received an honorary degree to medicine from the University of St. Louis, Missouri and for a time practiced his profession in Richmond, Bay County, Missouri. There he married a Kentucky girl, Elizabeth Collier. On July 12, 1840 she presented him with a son and died two years later. This son, Adrian E. Ellis became a successful lawyer and an officer in the Confederate Army. Coming from Missouri to California in 1850, Robert settled in Sacramento where he gained a reputation as a physician and surgeon of marked ability and became a leader in his profession. On January 13, 1853, he married Sarah Jane Buckner, a native of Illinois and daughter of James Buckner, also a pioneer settler of California. By this marriage they had five children, all born in California. One of his sons, Pearis B. Ellis, born Oct. 13, 1853, was raised in Carson Lodge No. 1 F. & A. M., Carson City, Nevada, and served as its Master in 1912. Pearis was an assayer in the U.S. Mint at Carson for a number of years and was Assayer in Chief under Presidents Harrison, Cleveland and McKinley. Dr. Ellis, in 1857-58 was president of the Sacramento Medical Society organized April 30, 1855 and was elected as its delegate to the second annual session of the California Medical Society held in Sacramento Feb. 11, 1857. At that session he was elected Vice President of this state-wide Society. Dr. Ellis moved from Sacramento to Michigan Bar, located on the Cosumnes River in Sacramento County and while there was elected to the State Legislature and was a member of the Assembly during the 10th and 11th Sessions, 1858-1859 and 1859-1860. From Michigan Bar Dr. Ellis moved to Carson City, Nevada where he made his residence until about 1865 when he moved to Reno. He died January 12, 1873 at the age of 60 following a protracted illness at the residence of his son Adrian C. Ellis. Both houses of the Nevada State Legislature, which were in session at the time, passed resolutions of respect and condolence and adjourned to allow members to attend the funeral. The funeral service was held at the Methodist Church at Carson City, Tuesday, January 14 with a large attendance of mourners. He was buried under the auspices of Reno Lodge No. 13, F. & A. M., J. C. HAGEMAN, Master of the Lodge presiding. There was a large representation of Masons from both the Reno and Carson City Lodges. The Carson New Daily Appeal of January 15, 1873 after describing the services commented as follows: "In Dr. Ellis the State has lost the wisdom of a sage; his friends, a beloved companion and his relatives, one whose place can never be filled again in the world." A friend of his in the Nevada State Journal of January 18, 1873 says of him: "He was one of those olden-time gentlemen who remind one of the days of Washington. Dignified, without austerity, learned without dissipation, generous without ostentation, eminently scientific and practical, Dr. Ellis was a philosopher, a scholar, a statesman, a patriot and one of the purest of Christian gentlemen." Brother Ellis was initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason October 17, 1840, passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft and raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on the same date, October 26, 1840 in Liberty Lodge No. 31, Liberty, Missouri. He dimitted from Liberty Lodge Sept. 6, 1841. After assisting in the organization of Sacramento Lodge in 1853 he remained a member until moving to Michigan Bar, California. He dimitted from Sacramento Lodge No. 71 F. & A. M., located at Michigan Bar. The date of his affiliation with that Lodge is not Known. It is now extinct but the returns for May 1859 to the Grand Lodge show him as Senior Deacon. The returns for the following year show him as a member and those for 1861 show him as withdrawing from that Lodge probably upon his removal to Carson City where he became an original petitioner of Carson Lodge No. 1 F. & A. M. which was organized Feb. 13, 1862 under dispensation from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California, and which when chartered was No. 154 on the California Register. Brother Ellis dimitted from Carson Lodge No. 1 on April 20, 1865 and having moved to Reno, apparently assisted in the organization of Reno Lodge No. 13 although the records of the Grand Lodge of Nevada do not list the original petitioners of that Lodge. Reno Lodge No. 13, was issued a dispensation to form a Lodge, January 14, 1869 and in the Nevada Grand Lodge returns for that year, Robert Ellis is listed as Marshal and he was apparently re-appointed for the following year although the returns for that year list a Reuben B. Ellis as Marshal. Brother Ellis maintained his membership in Reno Lodge No. 13 until his death.






 Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

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