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                   Among the outstanding members of Sacramento Lodge No. 40 prior to 1900, were the following:

                   James Lawrence English, a lawyer; the first Worshipful Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40 serving during the years 1853, 1854, and 1855, Mayor of the City of Sacramento in 1855. State Treasurer 1857 and Grand Master of Masons in California, 1861.

                   John Ashby Tutt, for many years a constable and deputy sheriff of Sacramento County; Master of Tehama Lodge No. 3, 1850; Grand Master of Masons in California, 1851. He was of great assistance in the organization of Sacramento Lodge No. 40.

                   Jefferson Wilcoxson, a wealthy land owner; prominent in the organization of Sacramento Lodge No. 40.

                   James Anthony, a pioneer of 1849; veteran of the Mexican War; from 1852 to 1875 the senior partner of James Anthony & Co., publishers of the Sacramento Union and the guiding force of that influential newspaper.

                   Philip Leget Edwards, a distinguished pioneer lawyer, author of "Sketch of the Oregon Territory or Emigrant's Guide" published in 1842 and "California, in 1837, Diary of Col. Philip L. Edwards, Containing an Account of a Trip to the Pacific Coast" published in 1890. He was a member of the Sixth Session of the State Assembly in 1855.

                   Isaac Davis, active in the organization of Sacramento Lodge No. 40. Master of Woodland Lodge No. 156 of Woodland, Calif., 1863-1866; Master of Tehama Lodge No. 3, 1868-69. As a tribute to his loyalty to the fraternity, Isaac Davis Lodge of Perfection No. 4, Sacramento, was named after him. The city of Davis (formerly Davisville) was also named after him.

                   John Frederick Morse, a distinguished pioneer physician, the first editor of the Sacramento Union and the author of "History of Sacramento" which first appeared in the Sacramento City Directory for the year 1853-54.

                   John Quincy Brown, Mayor of Sacramento City from 1881 to 1887. One of the original trustees of Leland Stanford Jr. University. Grandfather of our Superior Judge John Quincy Brown, 3rd.

                   Osgood Church Wheeler, founder of the Baptist Church in California; a noted clergyman and orator. Master of Tehama Lodge No. 3 in 1855.

                   John Heard, a prominent pioneer lawyer and County and Probate Judge of Sacramento County from 1852 to 1857.

                   William Franklin Knox, architect and member of firm of Knox and Farquharson, contractors and builders; Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40, 1857, 1858, 1859, and 1860.

                   Edwin Allen Sherman, editor of "Fifty Years of Masonry in California," published in 1898 and author of "The Life of the Late Admiral John Drake Sloat" published in 1902. An ardent student of Masonry in all its branches.

                   William Henry Hill, An Episcopalian clergyman; Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40, 1869, and Chaplain 1857, 1860 to 1864 and 1870 to 1873; Chaplain of San Quentin Prison for 8 years, Supt. of Schools, Sacramento County.

                   Pierre Barlow Cornwall, a California pioneer of 1848 whose interesting career is set forth in a book entitled "Life Sketch of Pierre Barlow Cornwall," written by his son Bruce Cornwall, published in San Francisco, 1906.

                   Henry S. Crocker, President of H. S. Crocker Co., printers and wholesale stationers. Arrived in California Aug. 13, 1850.

                   Thomas Ross, A grocer, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Sacramento County, 1863; Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40 1863, 1864, 1865, and 1866.

                    William Monroe Petrie, Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40, 1874, 1875 and 1876; Treasurer of Sacramento Lodge 40 from 1878 to 1919; member of 28th session of State Assembly in 1889.

                   Albert Gallatin, Sacramento merchant and managing partner, Huntington & Hopkins Co. In the late 70's he built the residence on the S. W. Corner of 16th and H streets used as the State Governor's Mansion since 1903.

                   Luther Kurtz Hammer, came overland to California from Ohio in 1849; Proprietor of a music store in Sacramento; Secretary of Sacramento Lodge No. 40 in 1864, 1865, 1866, and 1867; Treasurer in 1876 and 1877.

                   John T. Griffitts, member of firm of Duell, Griffits & Co., Merchants; Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40, 1877 and 1878. Secretary from 1887 to 1888 and from 1892 to 1898.

                   Edgar Mills, one of Sacramento's earliest and most public spirited citizens; First Captain of Sacramento Light Artillery organized in 1863 and ten years later a member of the military staff of Governor Newton Booth; President of National Bank of D. O. Mills & Co.

                   Morris March Estee, Master of California Lodge No. 1, San Francisco 1872; Grand Master of Masons in California, 1888 and 1889; member of 14th session of State Assembly in 1863; Speaker of 20th session of State Assembly 1873-1874; member of State Board of Equalization, appointed Dec. 9, 1871; member of second Constitutional Convention from the first Congregational District; Presidential Elector, 1876; nominee for Governor, 1882, 1894; U. S. District Judge, Hawaiian Territory, appointed June 5, 1900.

                   Sylvester Tryon, came across plains to California in 1850. Well known as the prime mover in the manufacture of woolen goods in Sacramento; Manager of Capital Woolen Mills; During the Civil War he was appointed enrolling officer for Sacramento by President Lincoln.

                   Charles Henry Krebs, came across plains to California in 1853. Founder of the paint and wallpaper shop of C. H. Krebs & Co.

                   Edmond Clement Atkinson, educator; the founder in 1873 of E. C. Atkinson's Business College, now Healds Business College. Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40 1879 to 1882, inclusive. Grand Master of Masons in California, 1886.

                   William Durant Knights, established hide and leather business in Sacramento; Secretary of Sacramento Lodge No. 40, 1885-86; Master, 1891-92; Member of 33rd session of California State Assembly, 1899-1900.

                   William Beckman, one of the founders and the president and manager of the People's Savings Bank, organized in July, 1879, first located on corner of 4th and J streets, and about 32 years later on S.W. Corner of 8th and J Streets, Sacramento.

                   Prentis Cobb Hale, Evert Wilburn Hale, Marshal Hale, Jr., Reuben Brooks Hale - Sons of the founder and members of the firm of Hale Bros. Department Store. All but Evert Wilburn Hale were members of Sacramento Lodge No. 40 for more than 50 years.

                  Joseph Wilcoxson Hughes, lawyer; elected Judge of the Superior Court of Sacramento County in 1896, the year he was Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40.

                  James Buchanan Giffen, was speaker of the 24th session of the Nevada State Assembly, 1909-1911; Master of Sacramento Lodge No. 40, 1898; Secretary during years 1900, 1901, 1903, 1904 and 1905. As a young man he read law in the office of C. F. McGlashan in Truckee, California, and while there was pressed into service to do much of the correspondence and research in connection with C. F. McGlashan's “History of the Donner Party," first published at Truckee in 1879.

                  Edmund Mansfield Atkinson, Son of Edmund Clement Atkinson and the oldest living member of Sacramento Lodge No. 40. He was Secretary of our Lodge from June 14, 1898 to Dec. 27, 1899.

                  Harris Weinstock, with his half brother, David Lubin, established the retail store on S.E. corner of 4th and K Streets, Sacramento, doing business under the name of "Mechanics' Store, Weinstock and Lubin, Proprietors." In 1888 the firm was incorporated under the name of Weinstock, Lubin & Co. now located on S. W. corner 12th and J Streets, Sacramento.

                  Marshall Rowles Beard, Secretary of Sacramento Chamber of Commerce 1900 to 1903; Mayor of Sacramento, 1906-1907. He was the father of our member George Foster Beard.

                 William Edward Kleinsorge, Worshipful Master in 1901. Our oldest living Past Master.





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