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Officers and Employees

Post office address, Represa, Sacramento County, California.




Name: W. H. Reilly

Office: Warden (Office Feb. 15, 1908, reappointed June 12, 1909)

Salary: $5000


Name: J. E. Hosier

Office: Clerk

Salary: $1800


Name: J. A. Aguirre

Office: General Overseer

Salary: $1800


Name: C. E. Alden

Office: Commissary

Salary: $1800


Name: A. E. Ingersoll

Office: Physician

Salary: $1800


Name: W. A. Simmons

Office: Druggist

Salary: $960


Name: James Russell

Office: Capt. of the Guard

Salary: $1800


Name: C. H. Jolly

Office: Lieutenant of the Guard

Salary: $1200


Name: B. Merritt

Office: Chief of Night Watch

Salary: $960


Name: J. R. Prigmore

Office: Lieutenant of Night Watch

Salary: $960


Name: J. F. Connell

Office: Turnkey

Salary: $1560


Name: F. Ramirez

Office: Assistant Turnkey

Salary: $960


Name: T. Curtin

Office: Gatekeeper

Salary: $960


Name: W. H. Harris

Office: Ambulance Driver

Salary: $780


Name: A. N. Garrison

Office: Farmer

Salary: $1140


Name: G. E Jeter

Office: Quarryman

Salary: $900


Name:E.  Rush

Office: Superintendent of Construction

Salary: $2400


Name: A. J. Porter

Office: Electrician

Salary: $1320


Name: W. H. Hughes

Office: Locomotive Engineer

Salary: $1020


Name: A . M. Schulte

Office: Blacksmith

Salary: $900


Name: H. Grubb

Office: Outside Gatekeeper

Salary: $840


Name: D. I. Wood

Office: Steward

Salary: $1020


Name: H. Echternach

Office: Steward Prison Mess

Salary: $840


Name: L. G. Johnson

Office: Night Electrician

Salary: $960


Name: James McDonald

Office: Foreman of Construction

Salary: $1200


Name: C. L. Taylor

Office: Quarryman, Rock Crusher

Salary: $900



Name: J. W. Drullinger

Office: Foreman of Quarry

Salary: $840


Name: F. M. Lambert

Office: Foreman of Wall

Salary: $840


Name: J. Moran

Office: Foreman Stone Wall

Salary: $840


Name: A. N. McPeak

Office: Foreman Rock Crusher

Salary: $840


Name: Ben O'Neil

Office: Foreman Upper Stone Yard

Salary: $840


Name: C. B. Gillies

Office: Armorer

Salary: $840


Name: Harry Perks

Office: Protestant Chaplain

Salary: $600


Name: William Coen

Office: Catholic Chaplain

Salary: $600



Salary, $780, and board.


Allendorf, B. F.

Anderson, L. H.

Arbuckle, G. N.

Ayers, F. H.

Anderson, W. V.

Burke, J. A.

Bland, Edward

Brown, Geo. C.

Burns, E H.

Buddecke, D. C.

Brooks, A. L.

Bright, J. A.

Burke, Wm. C.

Campbell, J.

Coons, F. M.

Cowen, E H.

Crandall, F. S.

Clarke, E. E.

Chudancia, D.

Drewry, J. P.

Darlington, A.

Eaton, D.C.

Foley, T.

Fleckenstein, G. I

Gallagher, D.

Hale, J. T.

Hagadorn, S. A.

Hicks, W. F.

Harvey, H. E.

Henze, Charles

Ingersoll, Jr., A.,

Kiser, M. A.

Kinlocke, Geo. H.

Lewis, O. C.

Lamet, E. A.

Lynch, C. T.

Lazzervich, W. A.

Mann, R. E.

Meyers, F. E.

McDonald, L. J.

McKillican, L. R.

Nichols, J. M.

Olivera, R.

Onyett, C. T.

Ordway, W. F.

Ramirez, R. B.

Randall, E. S.

Reynolds, M.

Sellers, H.

Scott, W. H.

Schleef, Jacob

Stockdale, W.

Sivils, S. D.

Silvera, M.

Tassie, E. F.

Ustick, J. L.

Weisbach, E. C.

Williams, J. D.

Yorba, A.


Source: California Blue Book or State Roster, 1909.

Submitted by: Nancy Pratt Melton.