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Sacramento Bee

Tuesday Evening April 26, 1870 

DOWTHET’S CONDITION - We learn from the physicians attending DOWTHET, who was injured by the falling sidewalk last week,  that he is a little better, and that hopes are entertained of his recovery. His injuries are of a dangerous and peculiar nature...

(Rest of article cut off) 


Through Wells Fargo and Co’s express 

The Grand jury of San Francisco has found the following true bills:

Isaac A. LYONS, grand larceny; B. DAVIS, burglary; Ernest BLUM, burglary; Chung TIN, assault with a deadly weapon; Frank MURRAY, robbery; S. WELNER, and F. WELCH, robbery; H. ST. CLAIR, house-breaking in day time and grand larceny; G. GILMORE, burglary; N. JOHNSTON, manslaughter; Frank K. SMITH, for the murder of J.C. BREWER; Chas. TAYLOR, obtaining money be false personation; Jacob BURNETT, grand larceny; P. GONZALES, assault with a deadly weapon; E.F. LAIRD, forgery; Thomas BURKE, house-breaking; Jas. FITZPATRICK and John KENNEDY, assault to murder; Charles CLARK, house-breaking; Mary DOLAN, petit larceny; E. TULLY, assault with deadly weapon; D. GUITEREZ, grand larceny; William HUGHES and R. HARPER, same; William REED, burglary; B. KERMAN, same; Geo. DAVIS and Albert CALDWELL, burglary; W. CLINTON, grand larceny; C. ROGERS and F. LIVINGSTON, burglary; William HUGHES and John Doe BERNARD, grand larceny; M. MARTINELLI, embezzlement; J. BAER, obtaining goods by false pretenses; T.J. HURDLE, forgery; R.R. HARRIS, assault to murder; J. FRIJRIE, obtaining money by false pretenses; S. WALKER, J. NYHAND and M. HARRINGTON, robbery; George J. WILSON, grand larceny; Alexander BOWMAN, obtaining goods by false pretenses; John WILSON, the same; John MERRRILL, forgery; J.C .SCHMIDT, grand larceny; William CORNELL, same; Chung YIN, assault with deadly weapon; R. COY, grand larceny; James GREEN, burglary; John MACK, robbery. Besides these were many which are withheld from publication at present.

About six months ago, a large Eastern agricultural wagon  manufacturing house established an agency in this city, with the intention of supplying the market altogether with Eastern wagons. Now our wagon material in California, although fully equal to the Western wood, is no doubt inferior to the ash and oak of the Middle and Eastern States. We manufacture our wagons from the oak and ash of Ohio, the oak and hickory of New Jersey and New Hampshire. But if it is necessary to import a portion of the material, surely it does not follow that our mechanics can not build a wagon at less cost than in the East, and not only compete with but justly monopolize our own market. Although labor may be higher in California, the freights across the continent or by sea more than balances the account, so that we can afford to undersell Eastern competitors, and give our farmers as good if not a better wagon at a lower price. This we have succeeded in doing, and wagons to-day of California manufacture sell at from $19 to $29 lower that hose from the East.

On Thursday last the sale of the reservation lots for the wholesale butchers came off at Maurice DORE’s auction rooms. The first bid for the choice of lots was $300, made by Mr. LUX, followed by a $1,500 bid from Mr. DUMPHY, who appeared to be determined that matters should be settled as quickly as possible. The bidding for the choice lots was very lively between LUX and DUMPHY, and was finally knocked down to the latter at $6,700. DUMPHY having chosen his lot, the next one was started at $1,000, and after some brisk competition sold to DUMPHY at $6,100. The remaining lots sold at from $3,700 to $5,000 premium and the premiums of the entire sale amounted to $36,000. Before the auction came off a number of wagers were laid as to whom the choice lot would fall, as the business stand in these matters appears to be worth any price.

Chas .WILLIAMS, a native of Prussia, aged 26, fell overboard in the Golden Gate on Sunday, and was drowned.

A State geological party under Mr. HOFFMAN and Mr. GREENLEAF started to go down the San Joaquin Valley to Visalia, and over the Sierra to Owens Valley and the Owens River region up to Mono Lake, to get up the topography and geology of these districts. Very soon another party will start out for the mountains to investigate the mines, under Mr. BOWMAN, and Mr. WACKENRENDER will complete the topographical work on the Sierra form Plumas to Tuolumne counties. Mr. GODDARD started to examine the coal deposits a fortnight since. 

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening March 7, 1870 



To The Daily Bee


Stock sales to-day: Gould & Curry, $168, Chollar-Potosi $24, Ophir $11, Kentuck 84, Yellow Jacket $42, Crown Point $18, Overman $71, Hale & Norcross $139, Savage $31, Hidden Treasure $17, Occidental $11.

Gold 112 ½

Greenbacks 87 ½ to 89

The sale of tide lands has been again postponed four weeks.

Arrived, steamer Montana, from Portland with 42 passengers. 
Happy and content are SWIMLEY’s Boarders - the best looking men in town - comes of good living - his bill of fare is complete; all the substantials and delicacies of the season - Cincinnati Restaurant, 25 K st.  

Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Bee

Friday Evening, November 4, 1870



 No less than twenty-three illicit stills were seized in Brooklyn in two days - November 2 and 3 - and this is only a portion of the surreptitious manufacturing places there! What were the revenue officers about that they permitted so many or any to exist? The Internal Revenue Department is sorely at fault when such things could be and continue. There is somebody to blame and that somebody or those somebodys is or are our Government officials. The whisky mob fought the officers and the United States troops has to be called out to enforce the law. These “whisky rings” are strong in New York, Kentucky and Ohio, and they maintain their strength by cheating the Government. It is time that they were checked in their infamous career. They send to California hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of their illicit wares.


                THE FOUNDERIES

 Business is improving at the San Francisco founderies. The Golden State works has 20 men employed; the Union works 75 men; the Miners’ foundery 60 men; the Etna works 75 men; the Fulton works 55 men; and the other founderies there have work in proportion. A year ago all their business was depressed, and many of these establishments were entirely closed. The labor question and Eastern competition troubled them. These things are adjusting themselves, and the present outlook is quite encouraging.


THE GENERAL DAVIS lost on the Cambria was General Hasbrouck Davis of Chicago, a lawyer and politician of considerable note in the West. He was a son of Hon. John Davis, of Massachusetts, Governor of and Senator from that State, and brother of Hon. John Bancroft Davis. He was educated in Germany and entered the ministry at the age of twenty-two was settled as the pastor of a Unitarian church at Watertown, Mass. He subsequently left the ministry and entered the army during the rebellion.


                A SAD AFFAIR

 Mrs. Laura FAIR, as she is best known, yesterday shot A.P. CRITTENDEN, of San Francisco. Crittenden’s family have been residing in the Atlantic States for some time - how long we know not - and the death of Tod ROBINSON, who was Crittenden’s brother-in-law, brought them back suddenly. Mrs. Fair, it appears, had known all about their movements, and did not desire them to come back, and it is said even threatened to kill Crittenden if he brought them back to remain! And she appears to have kept her word!

  Mrs. Fair will be remembered by many of our citizens as having kept lodging rooms in the old Masonic building here. She also kept a boarding and lodging house in Virginia City. She was, and we suppose is yet, a beautiful woman - of commanding person, excellent figure, pleasing face, good address, and dresses tastefully. The particulars of the shooting are thus given:

 Crittenden has been on intimate terms with Mrs. Fair for several years, and lavished a fortune on her. She says he promised to marry her and discard his family, who were in the East; but, learning that his wife and daughter were telegraphed for on the death of Tod Robinson, she became enraged and determined to kill Crittenden if he received them. At 4 o’clock yesterday he went to Oakland to meet his wife and daughter on the boat coming to the city. He was sitting on deck between his wife and daughter, when Mrs. Fair came up and fired a pistol at him, the ball taking effect in the right nipple. The assassin threw her pistol down, and was arrested a few minutes afterwards.

  Another account says:

 “Immediately after the steamer had left her slip on the Oakland side, Crittenden ascended the stairs leading to the saloon deck in company with his wife and family, who had just returned from a visit to the Eastern States. He walked by the door leading into the saloon, and went toward the wheel-house, and had scarcely stopped, when a lady dressed in a black suite and closely vailed stepped within a few feet of Crittenden, who at the time was conversing with his wife, and without uttering a word, drew a deringer and fired, the ball entering his right side and penetrating the lung. He staggered and fell upon the deck, Mrs. Crittenden exclaiming, ‘Oh my husband! they have killed him. I know who she is that shot him.’ The woman who fired the shot ran through the gangway formed by the wheelhouse and a saloon wall, and down the stairs to the main deck, when she was surrounded by an excited crown, to whom she could only say, “I will justify the act when the proper time comes.’”

  Mrs. fair has the reputation of being a base woman. Ten years ago she drove her husband, W.B. Fair, to desperation, and he blew his brains out. In 1864 she fired at a man in Virginia city for refusing to allow her to raise a secession flag. In August, 1870, she married Jesse SNYDER, and shortly after sued for a divorce which she obtained October 8th.

  It is reported that Mrs. Fair had threatened long since that if Crittenden ever brought his family back to live with him she would kill him. She shot at him at 331 Kearny street some years since, but did not hit him.”



 The telegraph told us yesterday that this vessel was seen at the bottom of the ocean, in four fathoms water, about five miles from the island of Innistrahull, Ireland. The Cambria was built at Glasgow of iron in 1869. She was bark-rigged, was 324 ½ feet long, and of 2,140 tone, British measurement. She was a screw steamer, having two engines of 750 horse-power each. She had on board when she was wrecked a cargo of 40,800 bushels wheat, 2,488 barrels flour; 300 bales cotton; 1,303 boxes cheese; 153 barrels fish oil; 250 barrels apples; (the next two lines not legible) she had 134 passengers and a crew of 60 making a total of 194 persons. Among the passengers were Gen. Davies and family of Chicago, Ill., Colonel HAYDEN and family (rest of article cut off).

Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Bee

Saturday Evening, November 5, 1870



                BY THE VALLEJO ROUTE

Through Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Express

 Mr. SCHNEIDER, who was recently married to and divorced from Mrs. FAIR was a stranger in the city, having come from Philadelphia in July. He was a young man of unusually fine appearance and of good education, but was out of business and without money. He and Mrs. FAIR were mutually pleased with each other on meeting. After marriage he discovered that she had a “violent temper” and they failed to get along harmoniously. At the end of two months she procured evidence of a violation of the marriage vow on his part, and a divorce was obtained in the 15th District Court. It is reported that Mr. Schneider has returned to Philadelphia impressed with the conviction that California is a fast country.

  The relations of Mr. CRITTENDEN with Mrs. Fair were no secret in his family, or among his numerous friends. They were often seen together in public places, and the fact of their intimacy was notorious.

  It was rumored last evening that a large sum of money had been procured from one of the banks by fraudulent means, by a prominent army officer. Active efforts were made to find him, for the purpose of arresting him, but the police have not yet been successful.

  A man named William BROWN, employed at the stable of SMITH & DALEY, on Laguna street between Geary and O’Farrell was discovered yesterday, lying dead upon the stable floor. It is believed he fell from the loft above. His head is crushed, and his neck appears to be broken.

  A woman named Mrs. DeROODER was found yesterday afternoon dead in her bed at her room No. 79 Jessie street. A bottle containing laudanum was found in her room, and it is supposed she committed suicide. Her husband is in China or Japan.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening, November 7, 1870


A disease has broken out among the swine in Contra Costa county, in most cases proving fatal. A few days ago a gentleman killed a healthy appearing hog, but on cutting it up discovered that the meat was speckled through and through with little whitish sacks, about the size of a grape seed, which, from the character of matter inclosed were thought, by most of those who inspected them, to be the eggs of some kind of worms, or maggots, though none were developed to the crawling stage of worm life. Another lost some fine Essex shoats, which died within a few hours after exhibiting the first symptoms of disease.

  From the local papers we learn that the towns of Paradise and Tuolumne City, in Stanislaus county, are being moved to the new town of Ralston, on the line of the railroad and near the Tuolumne river. One building was seen traveling across the country drawn by sixty horses. It is thought that ere long the new town will have absorbed both Tuolumne City and Paradise.

  Stockton has had its regular railroad attack. This time the Copperopolis Railroad excites our usually staid neighbor. If the statement of one of her papers is correct, she is excusable this time, for it is really said that the money required to build the road has been subscribed and that work will be commenced at once. Stockton was ready, however, some time ago, and work was already commenced - and stopped, too. It has been stopped ever since. If now the road is to be built, Calaveras county will be greatly benefitted as well as Stockton, for the completion of the road will do much towards reopening her copper mines so long idle.

   Gangs of laborers are engaged in raising the grade of the California Pacific, above Knight’s Landing,. In Sonoma county trains are tunning between Petaluma and Santa Rosa.


There is a conscientious thief in Lake county. A couple weeks ago the stage between Lakeport and Calistoga was robbed of $3,500. Some days afterward a masked individual went to the house of Wells, Fargo & Co.’s agent at Kelsey Creek and left the full amount, with the request that no questions be asked.


Gov. Blasdel, of Nevada, has issued a proclamation, appointing Thursday, November 24th, as the day for thanksgiving.


STILL ON THEIR TRAVELS - The “Dudley Brothers,” notwithstanding the warnings of the press, continue to find communities willing to be swindled. They visited Pacheco, on Contra Costa county, last week, got up a singing school, collected their fees in advance and decamped.


A FRENCH man-of-war and a German merchantman, that had sailed in company for several days, exchanging friendly signals, entered the harbor of Sydney, Sept. 4th, when they first learned that war existed. The Frenchman missed a prize, but the Dutchman saved his bacon and things.


GENERAL P.E. CONNER is spoken of as the probable successor of the late Governor SCHAFLER, of Utah. Conner and Brigham Young mutually dislike one another, and if made Governor the former will show little favor to the man of many wives.


THE STOCKTON school teachers deem that the playing of marbles by children is in its tendency immoral. They forbid it. This is a tyranny never before imposed on any rising generation - not even in the palmy days of Puritanism. Give the boys a chance.


THE CENTRAL PACIFIC - Railroad Company has offered $1,000 reward for the capture of any one of the gang who robbed the trains lately. This is in addition to the reward offered by Wells, Fargo & Co.


NOT VERY CRAZY - Shortly after Mrs. Fair shot Crittenden the other day, she telegraphed to her mother at San Jose that she had shot him. She didn’t seem to be much troubled in mind about it, either.


THE NEW YORK Court of Appeals has decided that it is an actional offense for an old-school physician to call a homeopathist a quack.


A CHALLENGE - James KENNOVAN, one of the principals in the “big walk” at San Francisco is out in a card, in which he challenges his late opponent, Jack SHEPPARD, to walk again, for $500 a side, gold coin, and the championship. Kennovan says that if his challenge is not accepted before the 15th of November, he will walk 106 hours and dance a jig before leaving the hall.


A NEGRO NATURALIZED - It is said that the first negro naturalized in California was naturalized by Judge KEYSER, in Downieville, last week. He is a native of Danish West Indies, and has been in this county nineteen years.



 In the Supreme Court, on Saturday, the following resolutions of respect to the late Tod ROBINSON were adopted and spread upon the minutes:

 “Whereas, We are called upon to mourn the sudden demise of Tod Robinson, late Reporter of this Court, and at the time of his disease a distinguished member of this bar, therefore,

 Resolved, That in the death of Tod Robinson the Supreme Court has lost a most efficient and painstaking officer, one who was qualified by reason of his remarkable power of analysis to discharge the duties of Reporter to the satisfaction of both the bench and bar.

  Resolved, That in his demise the bar has lost one of its ablest advocates and profound thinkers, and that we shall long cherish his memory as that of the friend and brother to whom we were bound by the strongest ties of respect and esteem.

  Resolved, That though exclusive in his social tastes, and intimately known to but few, yet he was respected by all as the gentleman and the scholar. More proud than vain, more fastidious than companionable, at first his formal address might impress the stranger with an idea of pedantry, but once fairly engaged in conversation with a genial auditor the philosopher and man of cultivated tastes and elevated sentiment appeared conspicuous.

  Resolved, That Creed Haymond, Esq., be requested to present these resolutions to the Supreme Court and move that the same be entered upon its records, and that he forward a copy of the same to the family of the deceased with assurances of our sincere sympathy.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 2, 1871

Page 1




Record Of Notable Events For 1870

Another year has passed away, with its lessons, hopes, prospects and depressions. In the old world there have been wars and fightings, the conflict of mighty nations for supremacy and immense loss of human life. Out of this great contention there is hope that there will be a compensating gain to the liberties and rights of humanity. In the United States there have been peace and quietness, and a general effort has been in progress to reconstruct what has been found impaired or insufficient, and restore the era of good feeling. In the main there have been prosperity and a desire to cultivate the arts of peace and good neighborhood. The nation has been on terms of amity with other powers, and is likely to remain so until forced out of her position by injustice and insult. In California for the past year the harvest has been abundant, and great advance made in domestic manufactures, though the State has suffered somewhat in its commercial relations from the competition of the East, through the speedy construction of the railroad. A more healthy state of affairs, however, is being established, and California is learning very rapidly the art of reliance upon her own resources. Her domestic manufactures are increasing, both in quantity and quality, and have attracted the attention of the commercial world. In the matter of railroads, woolen goods, sugars, smelting of ores, production of wines, brandies, wheat crops and fruits, we have made great progress and are becoming a power in the industrial world.  We have yet to learn a few lessons in the way of economy and temperance, and then the condition of the State will be one of unexampled prosperity and influence.  We subjoin a record of the more prominent events and industries of the State and county for the past year:


1 -   A. McGIMSEY and John ORNBAUM quarreled near Cloverdale. McGIMSEY was killed....Colored people celebrated emancipation in various parts of the State....The steamship companies and Wells, Fargo & Co. cut the wages of all their employes; several manufacturing companies did the same thing. 

4th - James McGOWAN, a tinsmith, fell from a scaffolding in San Francisco and was killed....Judge SANDERSON of the Supreme Court resigned....Earthquake at Bakersfield, Kern county. 

5th - A child of Mrs. McQUICKEN had its foot cut off by the street cars in San Francisco....The Bulletin commenced, using its Eight Cylinder Roe press....John CAVANAUGH fell from the yard-arm of the Royal Edward and was killed.

7th - The Independent Pullman train ceased running.

8th - Bradley HALL, District Attorney for Marin county, died.

9th - Charles F. KNOLL fell dead in San Francisco, while dressing....M.C.  SEARING had his spine fractured in San Francisco by being thrown from his buggy.

10th - Jackson TEMPLE appointed Justice Supreme Court, vice SANDERSON, resigned.....Margaret SCANNELL committed suicide with strychnine, in San Francisco....Mrs. MEEHAN, aged 60, was fined $200 in San Francisco, for horsewhipping Colonel MURPHY, who had insulted her....The Grand Jury of Los Angeles county indicted the Mayor and Common Council of Los Angeles for leasing fraudulent bonds. They each gave $5,000 bail. 

11th - David HARRIS (colored) was stabbed and killed by Samuel CARPENTER near Placerville in a drunken spree....A fire destroyed $3,000 worth of property in Stockton.

12th - James HOFFERMAN took an ounce of laudanum in San Francisco, spoke of it and was at once pumped out.

13th - Sam RATCLIFFE had his leg broken by the upsetting of his wagon in Washington.

14th - Clement B. ELLIS was found dead in San Francisco from an over-dose of laudanum.

15th - Dilon beat Deery 181 points in 1,000 on a carom table....W.C.  STRATTON resigned as State Librarian, and Wm. Neely JOHNSON was appointed in his place.

15th - Mrs. Sophia SAND committed suicide with arsenic in San Francisco - temporary insanity the cause....David S. DAVIS was caved on and killed at North San Juan...Earthquake at Los Angeles

19th - Charles HALEY had his leg broken by being thrown from a wagon in San Francisco....John SCHMIDT wad drowned at Oakland. 

21st - Zabriskie IRWIN was thrown from his horse and had his leg broken in San Francisco....An organ-grinding armless soldier was married in San Francisco to a girl of eighteen....Wm. WITTE hung himself at Sonoma. 

23d - A man named GOODHOPE, while fishing from Greenwich dock, fell into the Bay and was drowned....A fire in Vallejo destroyed $15,000 worth of property.

24th - Francis BURKE was killed in a mine in Grass Valley by a rock falling on him....Maggie RYAN, aged six and a half years, was found dead under a building corner of Drumm and Pacific streets, San Francisco. The condition of her body showed plainly that she had been outraged before her death, and probably murdered in the struggle. A pair of new shoes that she had on when she left home on Saturday, had been stolen from her feet. 

25th - M. QUINN, who committed the outrage on Maggie RYAN, was arrested. The officers had a hard time to keep the crowd from hanging him. He confessed to the outrage but denies the murder....Captain Edward CORDELL, of the Coast Survey, died in an apoplectic fit in the streets of San Francisco. 

28th - A fire in Los Angeles destroyed $70,000 worth of property.  29th - Charles T. CARVALHO, for years Chinese interpreter in San Francisco, died after a lingering illness.


1st - Minister F.F. LOW and family sailed for China.

3d - The schooner Emma Adelia, loaded with hay, was burned near Benicia. 

5th - The foundry of Palmer, Knox & Co., San Francisco, was destroyed by fire.

6th - Thomas STEVENSON was crushed to death in Butte county, by being run over by a wagon.

7th - Richard POPE was killed at the dairy of the Insane Asylum by a patient named John BARNETT....John HARTZ, an insane man, jumped off a precipice at San Francisco, and was fatally injured....A. SLAHNE fell on a circular saw in San Francisco and was killed.

8th - A fire in San Francisco burned up the tobacco factories of Ruhle & Co.  and Holl & Co. Loss $5,000.

9th - Thos. LLOYD shot and killed a man named BERRY in San Francisco. 

12th - The Garrison House at Benicia destroyed by fire. Loss, $2,000....Captain LASSEN, of the Crimea, was washed overboard and drowned while crossing Humboldt bar.

15th - Mrs. General D.D. COLTON’s arm was broken by being thrown from her carriage in San Francisco....Henry LAKEMAN had two ounces of laudanum pumped out of him in San Francisco.

16th - As John RICE, Miss RICE and Miss HOLCOMB were crossing the Honcut near Timbuctoo, their buggy tipped over and Miss RICE was drowned. 

17th - Earthquake in San Francisco at 12:12 P.M. Also felt at Tuolumne City.

22d - The Grand Musical Festival opened at the Pavilion, San Francisco. 

23d - George CURRIER had his arm fractured, another man had his thumb blown off, and a boy named Moses FRANKLIN was dangerously wounded in the abdomen, by a premature discharge of a gun at the Music Festival....A little son of Conrad HEPPEL was drowned in the Los Gatos, near Alameda, while obtaining driftwood.

28th - Charles M. ARMSTRONG blew his brains out in San Francisco with a shotgun.


1ST - Particulars of the loss of the United States steamer Oneida, by being run into by the British steamer Bombay, near Yokohama, received by the arrival of the bark Benefactress.

2d - Earthquake of Calistoga and Healdsburg.

3d - James SMILLE fired four shots at a Mexican woman he had been living with, named Cascila RODRIGUEZ, in San Francisco, wounding her severely, and then blew his brains out.

4th - Jury in the case of Harry LOGAN vs. Augustus GUERRERO awarded plaintiff $18,000 damages for being shot by defendant. 

6th - John Lloyd BUNNER (colored), cut his throat at the dinner table of Adolphe HAGENCAMP....George W. LEE and ____ STEVENS were thrown from a buggy, near Vallejo. STEVENS had a leg broken; LEE was badly hurt. 

9th - Herman JOELEKE, a jealous German, blew his brains out in San Francisco.

10th - The body of Horace M. WHITMORE, a pioneer merchant, found floating in the bay; supposed suicide...J.K. ALLEN killed and O.W. SMITH and Frank SAYER injured severely by an accident on the Western Pacific Railroad. 

11th - Corner-stone of a new synagogue for Congregation of Spirits of Israel laid in San Francisco....J.C. BREWER stabbed and killed by Frank SMITH in San Francisco....The house of A. TAYLOR, at Mud Springs, destroyed by fire; his wife and two children, a girl aged thirteen and an infant, perished in the flames. TAYLOR was badly burned, as were a boy of eight and a girl of four years of age....A man named FRANKLIN was shot dead by his step-son in Los Angeles.

12th - Peter DONAHUE presented St. Patrick’s Church a chime of bells....Nicholas JONES stabbed and killed George MILLER in a fight in San Francisco.

13th - Brickell’s Hotel, at Illinoistown, destroyed by fire. 

14th - Eddy RICHEL, aged ten years, was declared insane and sent to the Insane Asylum from San Francisco.

15th - Jack STRATMAN was arrested for libel published in the Tribune on J.C. DUNCAN.

16th - Joseph LEACH and Thomas LEACH (no relation) had a shooting bout at Amador, in which Thomas was killed and Joseph severely wounded. 

17th - St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in grand style in San Francisco and elsewhere in the State.

18th - The Sacramento Union entered upon its thirty-ninth volume. 

19th - Geo. MAYER made an unsuccessful attempt to kill his wife and himself, near Julian, Santa Clara county.

20th - Richard WILLIAMS found a Chinaman in his chicken house at Forest Hill. The Chinaman, resisting arrest, was shot and killed. 

21st - The body of a man named Austin CREHOVE was found in a reservoir near Dutch Flat....Archibald NEVINS was fatally injured at Nevada, by a piece of granite falling on him.

22d - The work of clearing Yerba Buena Park, San Francisco, commenced; 500 persons applied for work, 100 found employment....Emma EDISON, while getting breakfast for the children of S.L. PEREIN, suddenly threw up her arms, gave a scream and fell dead....Norwegian Pete and Dutch John hacked each other to death with knives at Hayfork.

25th - A Chinaman was arrested while swimming from the steamer China, with $5,000 worth of opium.

26th - Thomas JOHNSON suicided by hanging to a tree limb on Mark West Creek, Sonoma county.

27th - The funeral of Colonel Thomas HAYES was attended, in San Francisco, by between 4,000 and 5,000 people.

28th - General George H. THOMAS, Commander of Military Division of the Pacific, died of apoplexy in his office at San Francisco....Francis MURRAY, a small child, died in San Francisco from eating castor beans....Armory Hall, San Jose, burned.

29th - Grand Sire Farnsworth, of the Odd Fellows, arrived in San Francisco last night....The body of General THOMAS was embalmed; the flags of the city were at half-mast in respect to his memory.

30th - Fire at Grizzly Flat last night; $12,000 worth of property destroyed....About 2,000 workmen assembled at Yerba Buena Park and discussed the labor question; the meeting adjourned to the City Hall, where they were quieted by promises of work....Nine prisoners broke out of the calaboose at Oakland and escaped....Funeral services of General THOMAS were performed by Bishop KIP at the Lick House....Effigies of Senators HAGER and SAUNDERS were hung on the corner of Twenty-second and Folsom streets, San Francisco, last night....Alexander H. McEWEN, Assistant Engineer of the steamship Pacific, fell into the bay and was drowned.

31st - The labor trouble increased to such an extent that the police force were retained at headquarters; a guard kept at the armories and the militia instructed to turn out at three taps on the bell. Mayor SELBY promised to put as many at work on Monday as possibly....A fire in San Jose destroyed several thousand dollars worth of property.


Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 2, 1871

Page 1




1st - Franco HERMAN, a blind man, was held to bail in the sum of $1,500 for indecent assault on a six-year-old girl.

2d - Earthquake at Oakland at noon....Severe shock of earthquake at San Francisco at 11:18 A.M. Shock lasted six seconds....The same shock was felt at Napa, Santa Cruz, Petaluma and San Leandro.

3d - The Legislature adjourned after a session of 120 days. 

4th - A boy, seven years old, named M. EMANUEL, was run over by a truck in San Francisco and fatally injured....United States Grand Jury in San Francisco indicted 140 persons for making false income returns. 

5th - Two inches of snow fell at Fort Tejon....Stage robbed near Gibson’s Ranch and $2,400 in gold dust taken....The colored citizens celebrated the adoption of Fifteenth Amendment in various parts of the State. 

6th - R.O. CRAVENS commissioned State Librarian, vice Wm. Neely JOHNSON, removed.

7th - Judge Ted ROBINSON appointed Supreme Court reporter....One hundred and fifty feet of San Francisco sea wall sunk five feet.

8th - August KING had his arm torn off below the elbow by being caught in the belting at Spaulding’s mill, San Francisco.

10th - John HAMMEL suicided in Marysville by cutting his throat.

11th - The Amador mine burned.

12th - A negro woman named Mrs. CISCO had two ounces of laudanum pumped out of her at San Francisco....A new Lodge of Odd Fellows was instituted by Grand Sire FARNSWORTH at Davisville.

13th - Schooner Maid of the Mist burned near the Presidio, San Francisco. 

14th - Widow of Sir John FRANKLIN arrived in San Francisco....Grand conclave of Grand Commandery of Knights of Templar elected officers in San Francisco. 

15th - A prominent officer of the Military Department of California found the dead body of a female infant lying on his office sofa....Stockton city voted to give $300,000 to the Stockton and Visalia Railroad - only fourteen noes....San Joaquin county voted to give $200,000 to same road....J.W.  MANDEVILLE commissioned Commissioner of immigration. 

16th - Adolph F. MARQUARD suicided in San Francisco because he failed in love and business....J.H. CAMPBELL shot S.A. MILLS at St. Helena during a political dispute.

17th - Earthquake at Oakland.

19th - J.S. JARNIGAN found dead in his bed at Stockton....The stage was robbed near Ione valley of $2,500 in treasure.

20th - John M. DOHERTY, alias “Paddy Pungent,” committed suicide in San Francisco....K.A. PIERCE, living in a cabin ten miles from Yuba city, was burned to death last night.

21st - William LEMMONS, stage driver, died of heart disease, in his stage, between Castroville and Watsonville.

23d - M.W. COLLINS and William BROOKS were instantly killed at Georgetown by the premature explosion of a blast.

23d - 13,200 pounds of powder were exploded in Blossom Rock and that dangerous obstruction to navigation removed.

24th - While Charles BRADLEY was handling a can of naptha near a petroleum stove, in San Francisco, it took fire and burned up the house; BRADLEY’s boy one year old was burned to death and Mr. and Mrs. BRADLEY severely burned....Slight shock of earthquake in San Francisco. 

25th - Lady FRANKLIN and niece sailed for Sitka on the United States steamer Newbern....A lady named McKENZIE fell from a wagon and was killed, near Santa Cruz.

26th - The Odd Fellows fifty-first anniversary was celebrated throughout the State....A blast of 14,000 pounds of powder was exploded successfully at Sucker Flat, Yuba county.

27th - G.A. BUSSEY, a jealous husband, shot and killed his wife in Sierra Valley.

28th - Annie SCHNEIDER, an insane woman, committed suicide by cutting her wrists with a razor at San Francisco....Daniel McKENZIE was mortally and E.W. HEATH seriously wounded by a party of horse thieves they were chasing near Tejon Reservation.

30th - A mass meeting of miners in Shasta protested against the returning of the lands in that county as agricultural by the United States Deputy Surveyor.


1st - The straw sheds of the paper mill company near Santa Cruz were burned. 

2d - Soundings show the removal of Blossom Rock to be complete....Surveying parties for Stockton and Visalia Railroad commenced work. 

4th - Creed HAYMOND, John C. BURCH and Charles LINDLEY appointed Commissioners for the revision of the laws....Earthquake at Grass Valley....Captain H.A. GOOD was killed by Indians near Tehama; twelve bullet holes found in his body.

5th - The Mexicans celebrated the defeat of the French in 1862 in various parts of the State....G**en McMAHON sent to the Union office two bones of an elephant dug up on Wolfskill’s ranch.

6th - The furniture factory of G.W. WEIR, and several adjoining buildings, were destroyed by fire at San Francisco; loss, $150,000. 

8th - Fifteen thousand people attended the Fenians picnic at Redwood City Park...Earthquake at Gilroy....John TODHUNTER was killed by William Williams at Cottonwood, Siskiyou county.

9th - The State Grand Encampment I.O.O.F. elected and installed officers in San Francisco....Store of I. SOKOLOWSKY, at Mokelumne Hill, was burglarized last night to the tune of $1,400 in coins and jewelry.

10th - Annual meeting of State Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F. at San

Francisco....Asby MINEOR, aged twelve, was drowned in the Guadalupe river, near San Jose.

12th - Three distinct shocks of earthquake at Gilroy....Frank Eugene CANNON, aged ten years, was drowned while swimming in Canada Hill reservoir, Nevada City.

13th - E.H. LEARY had a lot of laudanum hydraulicked out of him in San Francisco - it was the second time in three months....Philip DICK, for the fifth time, was sentenced to be hanged at Stockton....$20,000 worth of property on the corner of Geary and Leavenworth streets, San Francisco, destroyed by fire.

14th - The new officers of the State Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F., were installed at San Francisco....HICKOK & SPEAR, brokers, paid a $14,000 forged check in greenbacks, at San Francisco....A fire at Downieville destroyed $15,000 worth of property.

15th - Terrific storm at Los Angeles, badly damaging first crop, etc. 

16th - Julia WINANT shot herself through the arm while attempting suicide at San Francisco; cause jealousy....John LEARY was successful in his fourth attempt at suicide in San Francisco....Two men who gave their names as George and Lewis CLARK were arrested at Stockton as the forgers of the $14,000 check. C.C. HOWARD was arrested in San Francisco as an accomplice - the $14,000 greenbacks have been recovered....Alexander CAMPBELL was crushed to death by a rock that fell on him in the Carral Hollow coal mines. 

17th - Three men in prison at Watsonville, for the murder of Indian Bill, were taken from the jail and hung by a mob.

20th - Joseph HEWITT shot and instantly killed S.P. ADAMS, in Pleasant Valley, near Vacaville.

21st - Josephine PLATTER and Teresa SIEGELMIER were burned by explosion of a kerosene lamp at San Francisco, the former fatally. 

22d - The Chinese had a great riot at San Francisco; 3,000 celestials engaged in the row; none killed....Patrick GALLAGHER fell down a shaft, sixty feet deep, at the Spring Valley Water Company’s works, near Seventeen-mile House, and both legs were badly broken. 

23d - JOHNSON and LAGRANGE opened a starch factory at San Jose....E.H.  BURNHAM was found dead in his room at the Weber House, Stockton. A bottle containing laudanum was found in the room. J.W. MANDEVILLE resigned the office of Commissioner of immigration..

25th - The corner-stone of the new Mint was laid in San Francisco with imposing Masonic ceremonies.

28th - Wm. M. ZABRISKLE, a prominent criminal lawyer, died in San Francisco. 

29th - A house was burned four miles from Knight’s Landing, on Lynch’s ranch. Four of LYNCH’s children and Miss SWIFT, aged sixteen, were burned to death. Origin of fire unknown....Seven business houses burned at Sutter creek....Turners’ picnic near Marysville, attended by 2,000 persons. 

30th - Memorial Day was celebrated in San Francisco and elsewhere in the State by the Grand Army of the Republic....Mrs. J.J. RIGGS was burned to death by the conflagration of her house near Yuba City....Wm. G. LANSING shot HYLTON, the Maseppa man, through the face on Montgomery street. 

31st - Colonel A.P. DUDLEY and his son Alfred had a series of fights with knives and pistols with Edward INGHAM, son-in-law of Colonel DUDLEY in San Francisco - nobody killed.


1st - The Mercantile Library Lottery office was opened in San Francisco....INGHAM fired two shots at young Al DUDLEY on Montgomery street near Bush - nobody hurt. INGHAM held in $5,000 bail. 

2d - Seventy-five Chinamen, practical bootmakers, left San Francisco for North Adams, Mass.

3d - Michael BACH hanged himself at Anaheim....Thomas SCULLY was crushed to death by a saw-log rolling over him near Santa Clara....The dead bodies of Horace HAND and wife found in their house in San Bernardino county. He had been stabbed and she beaten to death.

4th - Hubert PRITCHARD shot himself through the brain at Sutter Creek. He had a looking-glass in one hand and pistol in the other when found....Isaac WILLIAMSON, an old and prominent resident of Nevada City, died. 

5th - Steamship Active wrecked off Cape Mendocino; no lives lost....About fifty boarders at the Bella Union Hotel, Los Angeles, were poisoned at dinner; some were quite sick.

7th - J.H. NEWTON shot himself through the heart at Los Angeles. 

8th - Grand Grove Ancient Order of druids met at San Francisco....Moses EATON, an old resident of Stockton, was thrown from his wagon and his neck broken.

9th - John CARTER shot one McLAUGHLIN through the leg on Montgomery street while he was walking with CARTER’s wife.

11th - A three-year old son of Frederick BATTERSBY was run over by the street cars and instantly killed in Oakland.

13th - A son of S.W. WILLIAMS was thrown from a horse and killed at Healdsburg....John QUINN and Ignats MURCKENSCHNABLE were killed by being thrown from wagons, in Stockton.

14th - John A. STANLY appointed as County Judge of San Francisco, vice Delos LAKE, resigned.

15th - Steam up for first time in the Stockton Woolen mills. 

16th - S.B. MUSICK was knocked off his horse and killed by the cars at Mokelumne Station.

18th - Chas. H. DUPASS was shot and badly wounded while burglarizing the EDWARDS Ranch, Contra Costa county....Bernard McNALLY fell into the bay from schooner Nideros and drowned....James BLACK, who came to this coast in 18_2, died at San Rafael.

19th - The body of Louis SELIGMAN was found in San Mateo county. On the body $10,000 worth of coin, greenbacks and valuable papers were found; also bottles of drugs with which he had suicided.

22d - Henry HENRY was thrown from a horse at the Mission, San Francisco, and his neck broken.

25th - A fire at Benicia destroyed $5,000 worth of property....Rochon & Co.  found a piece of solid gold in their claim near Shasta, that weighed 184 ?  ounces.

26th - The wife of Elias VIERA, residing near Vallejo, gave birth to a child weighing sixteen and one-quarter pounds.

28th - Mrs. Dr. BURDELL of San Rafael was indicted for tearing up the will of her father, the late James BLACK; his estate is valued at $850,000. 

29th - Patrick BUCKLEY, a brakeman, was run over and killed at Crystal lake, while uncoupling cars.


Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 2, 1871

Page 1




1st - The residence of Captain BLAIR, near Stockton, burned’ loss, $25,000. 

2d - W.D. WALSH, while riding with his wife at Oakland, was thrown from the buggy and his neck broken....P. BREEN was drowned in Pajaro river. 

3d - A party of fourteen ladies and gentlemen were poisoned at San Gregorio by eating mussels. Captain Wm. HANAFORD, an 1849 pioneer, died from the effects.

4th - Independence Day was duly celebrated in all parts of the State. The usual number of accidents occurred....James EDWARDS shot and killed Mat REGAN at Visalia....Edward MYERS was shot and killed in San Francisco.  George E. CONNER is charged with the crime.

7th - Wm. GUY was shot, killed and robbed by one ARCEA near Gilroy.

8th - N.E. LANE suicided at Michigan Bluff by cutting his throat. 

9th - The Giant Powder Works, near San Francisco, exploded. John HANY, Assistant Superintendent of the works, was killed and two Chinese workmen badly injured.

10th - J.H. VAN STRTATEN fell in the Bay and was drowned at Oakland....Miss Lettie BERTON was burned to death at Marysville. 

11th - Telegraph lines between Los Angeles and Anaheim completed and first message sent.

12th - Three Chinamen were arrested for forging notes on the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. The lithographs, copper plates, tools, etc., and ?35,000 in ?1 notes were captured....The Grand Jury of Los Angeles made a partial report, including 16 indictments for murder. 

15th - News of the declaration of war by France against Prussia received.  The declaration of war was announced to the French Corps Legislatif at fifty minutes to 1 p.m., July 15th.

17th - Earthquake at Fort Tejon....Patrick H. GRIMES, James CLARK and B.  BAZZALINE were drowned in San Antonio Creek by the upsetting of a new boat invented by the latter.

19th - Magalia, alias Dogtown, burned; loss, $20,000; insurance $13,000 in the Occidental insurance Company....Large German meeting held in San Francisco to aid Fatherland.

20th - A boy named WALKER was thrown from his horse and killed at Stockton. 

21st - John NOLAN, crossing a bridge over Mormon Slough, slipped and fell, striking a cross brace and dropped in the water dead....W.G. HUTCHINSON, engineer of the California and Oregon Railroad, was drowned while running across the Sacramento, near the mouth of Pitt river. 

22d - Father A.C. ELDEN, of St. Mary’s Hospital, had his leg broken by being thrown from his buggy in San Francisco....A.M. DIBBLE had his leg badly broken and torn, near Chico, by being caught in the horse-power of a thrashing machine.

23d - A full barn belonging to Noah BURROUGHS and a stack of grain, property of Wm. GRAY, were burned at Waterloo; loss, $4,000. 

24th - The residence of A.H. JORDAN in San Mateo was destroyed by fire; loss, $18,000.

25th - The barn, outbuildings, two horses and twenty tons of hay, property of David AUSTIN, Sutter county, was burned; loss, $10,000. 

26th - Frank BAKER, aged fifteen, fell from a cherry tree, at Los Angeles, and broke his neck.

27th - Gilman’s dry goods store was burned in Grass Valley; loss, $15,000. 

30th - John TYLER shot and killed a well-known gambler, named James DOBSON, on Montgomery street, San Francisco.

31st - George Francis TRAIN was hit with a rotten while lecturing in San Francisco.


1st - The San Francisco printers struck for higher wages. 

3d - Anna GETCHEL was burned to death in Nevada City at a fire which also destroyed $2,500 worth of property.

3d - D.W.C. RICE, former President of the California Pacific Railroad, died in San Francisco.

4th - Earthquake shock at Santa Cruz.

6th - Charles QUINN, who so brutally outraged and murdered little Maggie RYAN, was found guilty of murder in the second degree by a San Francisco jury.

8th - Wells, Fargo & Co.’s express stage, near Volcano, was robbed of $5,100.

9th - Jack STRATMAN was found guilty, in San Francisco, of libel on J.C. DUNCAN.

10th - Mrs. Abraham ELKEN nearly cut her head off with a razor in Stockton....Republican State Central Committee adopted resolution of sympathy with Germany.

11th - The Mint was damaged $6,000 by fire....H.F. HITT hit Charles CHAPMAN with a load of duck shot near Los Angeles for seducing his wife. 

12th - John CHAPMAN, while eating his breakfast near Georgetown, was shot dead....San Francisco Typographical Union pronounced the printers’ strike a failure.

13th - Jack STRATMAN sentenced by Judge LAKE to six months in the county jail for libel on J.C. DUNCAN.

15th - The boot and shoe factory of J. FRANK & Co., in San Mateo county, destroyed by fire. Insured for $30,000. One hundred Chinamen had been employed in the factory....Flags in San Francisco were at half-mast in honor of Admiral FARRAGUT, who died yesterday at Portsmouth, N.H.....The town of New Almaden mines destroyed by fires.

16th - A fire at Knight’s Ferry destroyed over $60,000 worth of the business portion of the town.

20th - Telegraph line completed to San Diego.

24th - Mr. JACKS, of Monterey, run his leg through a stationary wash basin at the Ross House, San Francisco, severely injuring himself. 

25th - F.W. HORN, a German, suicided in San Francisco by smothering himself with a handkerchief....Annie MOONEY, 13 years of age, died at Brooklyn from the combined effects of drugs and a brutal outrage. 

29th - George, Katie and Lewis WALTHERS, aged respectively 5 ?, 7 and 9 years, were playing in their father’s granary, ten miles from Yuba City, when a pile of wheat fell on them, killing George and injuring the others severely.

30th - A fire at Auburn destroyed the railroad depot, freight shed and Smith’s Hotel....Eighteen freight cars were thrown from the trestle work beyond Feather River bridge, on the California and Oregon Railroad, a distance of twenty feet and smashed up completely....A little son of Richard WRIGHT was crushed to death while playing around an idle over-shot wheel at Oro Fino, Siskiyou county.


2d - Hon. Wm. H. SEWARD and party sailed from San Francisco for China....J.S. EMERY jumped from the steamer Chrysopolis, about twenty miles below Sacramento, and was drowned.

4th - A fire in Colusa destroyed the Warden building; loss, $8,000.

5th - Northern District Fair opened at Marysville.

6th - Juan de Dios SEPULVEDA was hung by a mob of native Californians near Bakersfield. He was accused of horse-stealing and murder....Patrick KIERNAN fell from the front of a horse-car in San Francisco and was killed.  8th - Election in San Francisco; the Democrats elected Tax Collector and Fire Commissioner, and the Taxpayers the rest of the general ticket....George D. MARSHALL, living near Pacheco, was shot dead by ____ DONAVAN.

9th - Pioneer excursion to Mare Island from various parts of the State, in honor of the anniversary of the admission of California. 

13th - James M. BROWN was robbed and murdered near Silver Mountain on the Big Tree road.

14th - Thomas MOONEY, banker, insurance man, historian, anti-Chinese leader, etc., absconded.

15th - Great ball at the Lick House in San Francisco, in honor of Generals SHERMAN and SCHOFIELD.

16th - The Mexicans celebrated the anniversary of Mexican Independence in various parts of the State.

18th - James FARRACA, while sick and delirious, jumped from the third story of the Western Hotel, Marysville, and was killed.

19th - Sacramento Union entered on its Fortieth volume....Lewis C. and George C. BROTHERTON were found guilty at San Francisco of forging Treadwell & Co.’s name for $15,000.

20th - The Empire Mining Company’s mill, etc., at Grass Valley, burned; loss, $140,000.

21st - At San Francisco Mary F. BAKER recovered judgement for $10,000 against California Stage Co. for killing her husband near Haywood’s, a year ago. Mary GRADY, injured at same time, recovered $3,000....Daniel SIZER was killed by foul air while digging in a well near San Diego. 

22d - Wm. WILLIAMS, alias McCARTY, was shot and killed by Constable BAILEY, who was trying to arrest him, near Drytown.

23d - A freight train on the California Pacific Railroad was thrown off the track near Junction terribly injuring Conductor Henry BRIGGS and JONES, a fireman....N. GRAY was hanged near Fort Tejon by a mob. 

28th - Mrs. CHEMPION suicided at Los Angeles by severing at main artery of the arm.


Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 2, 1871

Page 1



2d - The office of the Santa Clara Nova burned, loss $10,000. 

3d - Bernard McFARLAND was run over by a sand cart in San Francisco and killed....Sonoma County Fail opened at Petaluma.

7th - Mary MURRAY confessed to setting fire to her mother’s house in San Francisco for the insurance of $700.

10th - Patrick QUILL was crushed to death by a falling boulder in a quarry near Oakland.

12th - Murray’s Hotel and other houses burned in Stockton; loss, $8,000....Gaspar URSIELS suicided in San Francisco with strychnine. 

14th - Jas. TURNER was run over by the cars and killed at Pino....Grand Lodge of California F. and A.M. elected officers in San Francisco. 

15th - A fire at Oakland destroyed the Washington and City Hotels, Congregational Church and five other buildings.

17th - The stock of the Saratoga Straw Paper Mills burned; loss $10,000 to $15,000.

20th - A fire on the block bounded by Mission, Fremont, Beale and Market streets, San Francisco, destroyed property valued at over $400,000. 

21st - James McCRORY blew off half of the head of Manuel BARATES at Visalia with a shot-gun.

22d - John PETIT was caved on while digging a well in San Francisco and killed....First passenger car arrived by railroad in Santa Rosa. 

23d - The occupation of Rome was celebrated by the Italians in San Francisco by procession, etc.

24th - The dwelling of H.S. MADDOX burned at Forbestown; loss, $2,000. 

26th - The body of W.C. SCHUYLER was found in the bay at San Francisco. He had committed suicide.

27th - Hon. Tod ROBINSON, Supreme Court Reporter, died suddenly near Crystal Springs, San Mateo county.

31st - Mercantile Library Lottery drawing commenced in San Francisco; great excitement prevailed in that city and elsewhere. Theodore HELLMAN of New York, drew the $100,000 prize....Marshal W.C. WARREN and Constable DYE had a shooting bout in Los Angeles; WARREN was killed and DYE and three witnesses of the affair were wounded.


1st - A fire at Moore’s Flat destroyed a great part of the town; loss, $13,200.

2d - A.P. CRITTENDEN appointed Supreme Court reporter vice Tod ROBINSON deceased....Nebraska Hotel at Watsonville burned; loss, $7,000....Irene FURRY was thrown from a buggy near Woodland and killed.

3d - Mrs. Laura FAIR shot and mortally wounded A.P. CRITTENDEN, in the midst of his family, on the ferryboat El Capitan, while crossing to San Francisco from Oakland...Emil HIRCH suicided in San Francisco by blowing out his brains with a deringer....Two freight trains collided near Blue Canyon, on the Central Pacific Railroad, killing Cyrus PARKS and badly injuring R.  KEMP, S. HENNESSY, E. TAMPY, P. FOLEY and H. TAYLOR. 

4th - William BROWN, a laborer in a stable at San Francisco, found dead, having fallen from above and broken his neck....Mrs. DE ROSSA suicided with laudanum in San Francisco.

5th - Fred SHUSTER shot and killed John MILLER at La Porte. 

6th - A.P. CRITTENDEN died from the effect of his wound....Mrs. Sarah DORSEY, a colored woman, aged 113, died in San Francisco. 

7th - Joseph TAYLOR died from accidental poisoning in San Francisco.

8th - Second Mercantile Library Lottery concert - prize, a fine grand piano.


9th - Glosford WILTON had his hand blown off by the accidental explosion of a Hercater cartridge he was drying at a forge in Downieville....John SULLIVAN was stabbed by Hugh McINERNEY in San Francisco, because he would not treat....Samuel BURNER suicided by cutting his throat at Liberty Hill, Nevada county.


10th - Joseph LINDSAY’s boarding-house, at Rocklin, was destroyed by fire; loss, $2,000....A Chinese woman was bound to a stake and burned to death by some of her countrymen at San Bernardino.

11th - HELLMAN, drawer of the $100,000 prize, directed his agents at San Francisco to expend $5,000 of the amount in charity in that city and the same sum in New York....Simon M. COHEN, doctor and astrologer, arrested in San Francisco, charged with murder, by producing an abortion for Mrs. Fanny LAWLER, which caused her death....Fire in San Francisco, on California street; loss, $40,000.

12th - Judge R. Aug. THOMPSON appointed Supreme Court Reporter, vice CRITTENDEN, deceased....Alfred GAFSTEAD suicided in Oakland by lying on the track and letting the Central Pacific cars run over him. 

14th - Judge Leander QUINT appeared for Mrs. Laura FAIR, who shot CRITTENDEN, in the Police Court at San Francisco, waived an examination, and she was committed to county jail.

15th - John CONNY died near San Jose from the effects of injuries received by a tree falling upon him the day before.

16th - Alexander, an old Frenchman, a veteran of the armies of Napoleon First, died in San Francisco, aged eighty-four.

17th - Wm. T. BRITTON had two ounces of laudanum pumped out of him in San Francisco. He took the drug because he did not win in the Mercantile lottery....The Wisconsin House and two other buildings burned in San Jose....The first ton of crystalized sugar made from California grown beets, was taken from the centrifugal at the Alvarado mill. 

18th - McCLEERY beat LITTLE for the silver cue and championship at San Francisco. McCLEERY, 1,202; LITTLE, 826.

19th - August MILLER died in Stockton from injuries received by being run over by a fire engine.

20th - The residence of the late Major HENSLEY, at San Jose, destroyed by fire; loss, $60,000.

21st - The residence of J.M. HELLMAN, banker, was burned in Los Angeles; loss, $10,000.

22d - Captain Pierre CARPIE died in San Francisco from the effects of a kick from a horse....The railroad across Alameda creek, near Niles, was burned; loss, $80,000.

23d - Drs. Li Po TAI and Chan Tin PHOEY, leading Chinese doctors of San Francisco, were blown up and severely injured by an explosion of gas. 

24th - Thanksgiving Day....The St. Augustine Cadets of Benicia visited San Francisco.

25th - Peter O’CONNER, while digging a well at San Francisco, was cave on and killed.

27th - Copperopolis restaurant and three other buildings in Stockton burned; loss, $4,000....Four buildings including the City Bakery, burned at Vallejo; loss, $20,000.

28th - Isaac E. BROKAW shot and killed Robert EVANS in San Francisco....A young son of Hiram CHICK, in Stockton, blew his hand off with a shot-gun. 

29th - The first rail of the Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad was laid at Stockton.

30th - Timothy LORD, a hostler at the Cliff House, fell dead of heart disease....Dr. J.R.RUSSELL, druggist at Diamond Springs, suicided with morphine.


1st - A Convention of Delegates from the Baptist churches met at Vacaville and took steps to incorporate a Baptist college.

2d - The President of the Mercantile lottery reported the net proceeds of the three lotteries to have been $310,120.25.

3d - R. Aug. THOMPSON, Supreme Court Reporter, filed his official bond in the sum of $10,000.

5th - Six boys escaped from the Industrial School, near San Francisco....Mrs. Jesse DONSELL and two children were murdered near Porterville by the Indians.

6th - The Western Union Telegraph Company perfected arrangements for making telegraphic drafts under fifty dollars....John WILSON suicided with a pistol at Los Angeles...A young man named MARTIN fell from a wagon load of wood near San Jose and was killed.

7th - The old tower on Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, was blown down and destroyed....Two Indians, the murderers of Mrs. DONSELL and children, were hung by a mob at Porterville.

8th - Captain Jack SCHECK, a deceased old resident of Stockton, was buried in that city....William WALTMAN was killed at Nevada City by the accidental explosion of Giant powder....A fire in San Francisco destroyed the California Shoe Factory and did other damages; loss $15,000. 

9th - Official statement of population of California published in the Union; total population 538,613....Wm. Noah VENTERS was found dead near Georgetown; cause of death unknown.

10th - John HOWDESS fell from some trestle work near Wheatland and broke his leg.

11th - R.L. WOODWARD took the What Cheer House, San Francisco, sign for a target for pistol practice; the police took him....Peter HOW was found dead in a house of ill-fame in San Francisco, his neck being broken. 

12th - Charles TOWNSEND at Bangor, Butte county, accidentally killed himself while examining a gun.

13th - The first sales of Alvarado beet sugar made in San Francisco; thirty tons sold at 13 ½ cents per pound....Wife of Colonel Charles L. WILSON died near Chico while taking a bath.

14th - Major WOODS, and old Californian, fell dead in a saloon in San Francisco....Miguel ZACHERIAS shot and killed Jacob BELL in Los Angeles. 

15th - The Stocktonians celebrate the arrival of the first locomotive at the water front of their city.

16th - An unsuccessful attempt was made to blow up the China portion of Grass Valley.

19 - Mary HARRIHAN died suddenly at San Francisco from the effects of a severe beating given by her husband, who was arrested. 

20th - Charles RICHARDSON’s house at Marysville was burglarized, the inmates chloroformed, and $500 worth of jewelry stolen....Vigilance Committee in full blast in Los Angeles....Carter COX and Benjamin ROWE were suffocated to death at Forest Hill by air from a fifty-pound blast. 

21st - An old resident of Santa Cruz, named CLEMENS, suicided with morphine. 

22d - Mrs. Ellen BURNS was killed by a team running away in Los Angeles....Allen FISH was instantly killed at Oakland by a runaway team. 

23d - A fire at Colusa destroyed $5,200 worth of property....The bank of Marks & Co., at Moore’s Flat, was robbed of $4,000. 

24th - A man named SHEPHARD was thrown from a horse at Brooklyn and had his leg broken.

25th - Christmas Day was duly observed....A fire at Stockton destroyed the barn of H. LITTLEBRANDT, containing eighty tons of hay and the race horse May....Two drunken Indians were run over by the cars at St. Helena and killed.

26th - A fire in Oakland destroyed the dwelling of Mrs. J. WHITE, valued at over $2,500....A Chinaman was run over at Clipper Gap, by the cars, and killed.

27th - Mayor SELBY, of San Francisco, donated his year’s salary, $4,200, to charitable institutions of that city.

28th - A man named DOUGHERTY shot and killed Mrs. DENNIS at Wheatland for refusing to marry him.

29th - Napa selected as the site of the Odd Fellows’ College and Home. 

31st - San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad formally opened to Santa Rosa....Dennis GUNN shot and killed Edward J. MURPHY at San Francisco.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, July 31, 1871


   POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES - The latest details, based on the revised tables at the United States census office at Washington, show the following aggregate of population of all the States and Territories of the United States:







Total Population of the United States....38,550,432

 The total population of the United State in 1860 was 31,747,514 - increase in ten years 6,302,818. But for the five years of war through which the country passed during those ten years, the increase would have been at least two millions larger by immigration or otherwise.


  PASSENGERS FOR CALIFORNIA - The following passengers passed through Ogden July 27th, and arrived at their destinations July 29th:

 Frank M. PIXLEY, A. McKEE and sister, Wm. LENT, Mrs. G.W. OMEN, J.F. MACLEAN and wife, E.R. CARPENTER, Dr. Wm. LAWLER, M. FRANKENTHAL, H.S. HINDS and son, C. TWELLEGER, wife and child; Mrs. J. ELOESSER, Miss H. NEWMARK, San Francisco; Mrs. J.B. AYERS, Robert ALLEN, wife and son, Sacramento; Mrs. U. HAYCOCK, San Jose; Mrs. McFARLANE, Redwood; Josef WOLFSON, L. CAMARILLE, Santa Barbara; Mrs. N.H. THOMAS, Weaverville; F. BALL and daughter, Charles PLATT, Shasta; Miss G.G. CLEVELAND, A.J. CLEVELAND, Watsonville; Miss Mary MIDDLETON, Knoxville, C.W. HADLEY, wife and three children, Cacheville; Mrs. H. M. TUCK and daughter, Chicago; Mrs. S.E. SMITH, D.M. TALMER, U.S.N.; E.O. THOMPSON and two sons, Philadelphia; R.H. PORTER, New York; D.W. ROWLAND, Washington; Master Walter SIMONTON, Cleveland; P.K. DICKINSON, New York; Mrs. EARLE, New Rochelle, N.Y.; A. LIND, Hongkong; J.R. WASSON, U.S.A., S. BARKER and niece, Oregon; R.A. MOWAT, Shanghae; R.P. ALDEN, New York; Rev. J.B .GIBSON, Sing Sing, N.Y.; H.H.C. DUNWOODIE, U.S. N.; D.S. CHELWOOD, Elizabeth, N.J.; Mrs. STAIRNS and son, M. DOHMAN, J. BANDINI, M. DAMES, F. SCHOENE, C. BREECIANI, A. BEGNETTI, L. INSELVANI, G. STOFFEL, Japan; R.H.F. POLLOYON, U.S.A.; B. CASTNER, Waldeboro; Owen JONES, South Wales.

  The following passengers passe through Ogden July 28th, and arrived at their various destinations July 30th:

 W.H. POLK, wife and child, Mrs. WHITING, San Francisco; Mary BREECHEVILLE, Mrs. O’DONNELL, Alameda; Mrs. M. STEIN, Miss M. STEIN, Yreka; J. BRADY, Owen’s Lake; Thomas FITCH and wife, Salt Lake; James DAVIDSON, Japan; W. RESON, Cincinnati; G. GRIFFIN, London; G.A. CLARK, Cambridge, Massachusetts; A. NUE, Mark M. POMEROY and wife, New York; Mrs. Margaret SHOW, Iowa; J.C. DAVISON, J.R. CARNAHAN, Chicago; J.W. BIDDLE, H.S. BIDDLE, A. BIDDLE, J.S. WATERMAN, Philadelphia; G. SCHWATKA, United States Army; J.H. REMS, Townsend, Massachusetts; T. RYAN, Michigan.


                 BY STATE TELEGRAPH

Immense Republican Mass Meeting - Arrival of American Man-Of-War - O’Meers Funeral - Arrivals

                                                San Francisco, July 30th

 The number in attendance at the Republican mass meeting last meeting last evening is variously estimated at from 8,000 to 15,000, including large delegations from Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, Vallejo, and other points.

  The United States steamer California, Captain J.M. BIELITZ, commanding, arrived at this port this afternoon in 137 days from New York, via Callao in 43 days, and proceeded at once to Mare island for overhauling. She is a magnificent steamer of 4,090 tons, 2,000 horse-power, with a crew of 365 officers and men, and 42 machines. She mounts 18.9 inch guns, 2,600-pound Parrotts, and 1.6-pound rifled Parrott. The officers and crew are well. Corporal Matthew DOYLE of the California, and private James SHIELDS of the marines of the St. Marys, died on the voyage. This is the first cruise of the California, and she has proven herself a first-class sea vessel in every respect. She will become the flag-ship of the Pacific squadron, and fly the broad pennant of Admiral Winslow as soon as put in order.

  The funeral of the late Major J.F. BRONSON, First Regiment National Guard of California, took place this afternoon and was a very imposing affair. The entire First and Third Regiments turned out in full force, and Major-General COBB, Adjutant-General CAZNEAU, Brigadier-General HEWSTON and Colonel J.W, McKENZIE, with their respective staffs, marched in line. The services were conducted under the auspices of the Order of Odd Fellows, Yerba Buena Lodge No. 15 turning out in full force. The procession was witnessed by thousands of people who thronged the streets along the line of the march. The remains, inclosed in a metallic coffin, were deposited in a vault at Lone Mountain, and four companies of the First Regiment fired a final salute. The city has been otherwise quiet.


                Fatal Accident at Mokelumne Hill

                                Mokelumne Hill, July 30th

 Yesterday afternoon a miner named Joseph KRAFT, while attending upon the ladder near the bottom of the shaft at Gwin’s mine, was fatally injured by the bucket, which was ascending the shaft, rolling off its track and crushing him in a horrible manner. Kraft was formerly a resident of Campo Seco.


                From Santa Clara - Fire - Run Over and Killed

                                Santa Clara, July 30th

 Quite a fire occurred here this morning on the corner of Main and Alviso streets, opposite the Catholic college. One building was burned and very few of the contents saved. The building was used for a saloon; loss about $2,000; insured for $1,200. It was feared that the Farmers’ Mill adjoining would be destroyed, but through the assistance of many persons it was saved.

  The last up train last night ran over and killed a drunken Indian who had fallen asleep on the railroad track about one mile below this place. He was terribly mangled, legs and arms being broken several places and head cut completely open so that he could not be recognized. No blame is attached to any one.


                From Virginia

                                Virginia, Nev., July 30th

 James KELLY was taken to the county jail yesterday as insane. Grief on account of the death of a relative and losses in stocks are said to have caused his insanity.

  The Sutro tunnel was yesterday in a distance of 2,272 feet. The rock is pretty hard, with some water at the face of the tunnel.


                From Reno

                                Reno, July 30th

 Two boys, aged fifteen and eighteen, arrived here last night form Surprise valley, California, with seven horses, most of which they sold to our citizens. It was subsequently found out that the horses were stolen, and that they had started with a band of thirty, twenty-three being disposed of on the route. The boys were arrested during the night.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Daily Union

Sacramento, Wednesday Morning, August 2, 1871


   CHARGE AND COUNTER CHARGE - Owen MILLER an J.W. REESER, proprietors of a saloon in the Academy of Music building, had each other arrested yesterday, Miller charging Reeser with disturbing the peace, and the latter making a counter charge of assault and battery. Their difficulty grew out of a misunderstanding in business, Miller alleging that his partner had failed to do as he agreed, and had conducted himself improperly toward customers; while Reeser claimed that Miller had assaulted him, put him out of the saloon and refused to let him enter, closing the saloon up rather than that he should do so. Judge HENLEY will arbitrate in the premises this morning.


   INCORPORATIONS - Articles of incorporation of the Excelsior Leather Manufacturing Company of San Francisco were filed yesterday in the office of the Secretary of State. Capital, $300,000, in shares of $100 each. Trustees - S. B. BOSWELL, J.Y. WILSON, W. LeROY, William Lawrence MERRY and C.T. FORREST. There was also filed the certificate of incorporation of the Crown Point South Extension Mining Company - organized to operate a Gold Hill, Storey county, Nevada. Capital, $1,000,000, in shares of $100 each. Trustees - Wm. M. LENT, M.D. TOWNSEND, Chas. J. BRENHAM, Andrew J. MOULDER and W.B. JOHNSTON.


   NEW MAIL CARS - The Central Pacific Railroad Company have finished and turned out of their shops in this city a new style of mail car, with divisions for way mail for all points between San Francisco and Ogden, a department for through mail, and another, in the center of the car, for the convenience of the route agents - the whole car being devoted to mail service - whereas heretofore one car served for both mail and express. The new car appears to fill exactly the requirements of the postal business, and several more will be made upon its pattern.


   EXCURSION TO WOODLAND - A large party of Democrats and other excursionists left for Woodland last evening at 7 o'clock by the California Pacific Railroad, about a dozen cars, principally flats, having been attached to the regular Marysville train for their accommodation. They took with them transparencies and torches, intending to make a torchlight demonstration prior to the holding of the meeting. Governor HAIGHT, Brick POMEROY, Sunset COX and J.D. HAMBLETON were expected to speak.


   CHARGED WITH PERJURY - George COLLICOTT was arrested yesterday by Chief SMITH and Deputy Sheriff DOLE on a charge of perjury, he having been indicted by the last Grand Jury for fraudulently swearing in a vote at the Second Ward polls during the last Republican primary. It is alleged that he swore he was a resident of that ward and had not voted previously that day; whereas, he was not a resident of the ward, and had already voted at another polling place.


   LEFT FOR STOCKTON - The Sacramento ZOUVES (colored), Captain EMERY, accompanied by a number of friends and a band of music, left by the Central Pacific express train for Stockton yesterday noon, thus celebrating by an excursion the abolition of slavery in the West Indies and the anniversary of the first arming of colored soldiers in this country during the war of the rebellion. They will return home this morning.


   WAGER ON THE ELECTION - It is announced that D.E. CALLAHAN of the Golden Eagle Hotel and Charles CHILDS, who resides on the Stockton road a few miles from the city, have made a  wager on the gubernatorial election, Callahan betting a Norfolk four-year-old on Haight, while Childs backs Booth with a four-year-old descendant of George Moore. The loser has to lead his horse to the residence of the winner, traveling the distance on foot.                               


   SINGULAR DEATH - A young man named Robert HUNT, who had been in the employ of Thomas SHOLER at his slaughter-house in this city, was bitten on the neck last Friday by a fly., Not long afterward the spot bitten became inflamed and swollen, and, despite the best medical treatment, the unfortunate man continued to grow worse until Monday night, when death terminated his sufferings, which had been very great.


   CUT IN THE HAND - Night before last one of the emigrant passengers for San Francisco by the Central Pacific freight train entered the sleeping car attached to the train and insisted upon remaining there. The porter of the car, Chas. MILLS, endeavored to put him out, and while doing so was cut in the hand by a knife which the passenger attacked him with.


   THE SHOOTING AT STOCKTON - The Stockton Independent of August 1st gives these particulars of the affair mentioned in the Union yesterday:

 Considerable excitement was created about half-past 8 o’clock last night by the report that one woman had shot another at the Grand Hotel. The facts, as nearly as we are enabled to ascertain them, are these: A lady arrived at the Central Pacific Railroad depot on the westward bound train due at 1:28 P.M., an took passage in the Yosemite House omnibus yesterday, and upon arriving at the hotel was shown to room 26. Her name was entered on the hotel register as “Mrs. STEPHENS, Tahoe.” On the way from the depot to the hotel she asked the driver if, on his way, he passed the express office, and the driver replied that he did not. Subsequently she made inquiries of the whereabouts of the operator in the office of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company, and learned that he boarded and lodged at the Grand Hotel, Center street. In the evening she procured a hack, went to the Grand Hotel, and was shown to a room on the first floor; but she refused to accept the one to which she was assigned, expressing a desire to occupy one on the next floor, indicating the part of the house she preferred. She was then shown to room No. 19, which opens into the same hall, and is situated almost directly opposite the room occupied by the telegraph operator above alluded to, and a woman whom he has represented to be his wife. Shortly after the newly arrived woman was shown to her room, three pistol shots were heard, and the new comer left the house and requested Edwin L. DOLE, the owner of the Grand Hotel omnibus, to direct her to the sheriff’s office. On their way along the street she asked where the express office was, and being shown, she stepped into the telegraph office adjoining, caught the operator by the collar, and remarked, “I have done it at last; I have shot her three times, and I ought to kill you;” and so saying made an effort to pull a pistol form her breast, but was prevented by her hand being caught by Dole. She kept hold of the operator, saying that he was her husband, and that he had to go along. They both then went along to jail and were locked up. At the Grand Hotel it was found that the woman whom the operator claimed as his wife had been shot three times, receiving one flesh wound in the right shoulder, one bullet having passed through the thigh, inflicting a severe wound, but breaking no bones, and the third penetrated the center of the abdomen and passed almost directly through the body. Dr. Samuel LANGDON was called, examined the wounds, found two of the bullets, but failed to discover the third. The doctor thinks the intestines are wounded, and her recovery is a matter of great doubt. The wounded woman called for her husband, but that gentleman was not forthcoming. The operator and the wounded woman arrived at the Grand Hotel, as shown by the register, on the 28th of June last, under which date the following entry is made: “N.J. SAVIERS and wife, Carson, Nev.,” and they have been constantly living there since, excepting a few days that the man was absent. When he left particular instruction were given to have the wife well cared for. At 11 o’clock last night the woman who fired the shots was suffering greatly in jail from nervous prostration. On her arrest at the prison, a Smith & Wesson five-shooter, with three barrels empty and two loaded, was found upon her person. It appears that she has recently been quite ill, and that she had only been three days out of a sick bed before she arrived in this city.

  P.S. - Just as we go to press we learn that the wounded woman is suffering great pain, and that her symptoms are decidedly unfavorable, and her recovery considered hopeless.


   SHOOTING AFFRAY AT LIVERMORE - The Oakland Transcript of August 1st has this:

 About 3 o’clock last Sunday afternoon a man named J. KNUCKLES was shot near Livermore by one BRADLEY, receiving frightful injuries about the face, but none which are likely to prove fatal. The affair was about a sum of money Bradley claimed belonged to him in the hands of Knuckles. Some time previous to the shooting, the men met and Bradley demanded the money. Afterward, while Knuckles was riding in a wagon a short distance from town, Bradley rode up to him on horse-back armed with a loaded shotgun and made another demand for the money. It was refused, whereupon Bradley took deliberate aim at Knuckles and fired. The greater part of the charge of shot entered Knuckles’ lower jaw, tearing the chin entirely away and ripping the flesh down close to the windpipe. The tongue was also torn. Several shot entered the right shoulder. Bradley immediately rode away, and up to yesterday afternoon had not been heard from, although officers are out in search of him. The money transaction is given to us as follows: Bradley had been herding a large number of cattle, and owing a great many small bills his money was taken up by his creditors by powers of garnishee as fast as it became due. Bradley succeeded in getting a sum ahead, and to prevent its being seized placed it in the hands of Knuckles, who refused afterward to refund it.


   PASSENGERS FROM THE EAST - Following passengers passed through Ogden July 30th, and will arrive at their various destinations August 1st:

 R.H. VANCE, M. BROGAN, San Francisco; Mrs. J.B. RITTER, Sacramento; E. PORTER, Santa Cruz; A.L. BARTLETT, E. BARTLETT, Chicago; J.E. McLANE, Joseph COLEMAN, Masailon, Ohio; L. WILSEY, wife an child, Elko; N.M. BARRETT, Rock Island, Illinois; Peter G. SAXE and wife, Troy, New York; Wm. WALLER, London, Canada; Mrs. R. CADY, Vermont; A. GREEN, wife and four children, Missouri; Lieutenant Thos. P. WILSON, wife and child, U.S.A.; Mrs. J. BANCROFT, Duxbury, Massachusetts; Mrs. J.K. ELBER, Cincinnati, Ohio; Mrs. A.J. HILL, Mrs. M.R. MADDOCKS, Seattle, Washington Territory; Mrs. Judge T. LEWIS, Carson City, Nevada; Mrs. D.L. SYLVESTER and child, Reno, Nevada; Mrs. Jas. SCARVEL and two children, Zanesville, Ohio; Miss Cecilia SCHILLER, Charricow, Germany.

Submitted by Betty Loose






Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 1, 1872




Record of Notable Events For 1871

The Union’s customary New Year’s record of notable events is herewith appended. The year 1871 has been remarkable for events that will stand for ages conspicuous in history. Among them we may recapitulate these: The surrender of Paris and the end of the greatest European war which has taken place in this century with a single exception; the second downfall of the Corsican dynasty in France; a treaty of peace between France and Germany, accompanied by an article for the heaviest indemnity ever paid by one nation to another; the completion of the German Empire by the annexation of some French provinces and the coalition of Baden, Bavaria, Wurtemburg and Saxony with Prussia, under the imperial rule of William of Prussia; the progress of republicanism in Spain after the murder of General PRIM; the formation of a republic of France, the failure of the Communist rebellion and the barbarous execution of its most notable leaders; the annexation of Rome to Italy and its becoming again the capital of that country; a complete political revolution in California, under the direction and leadership of the Sacramento Union; the overthrow and utter ruin of the Tammany thief “ring” in New York after many years of defiant and corrupt rule; the re-election of President JUAREZ in Mexico, and a rebellion in consequence; the opening of regular steamship communication between California and Australia and New Zealand; frightful ravages by famine, plague and cholera in central Persia; advance of cholera westward through Prussia and Northern Germany; its appearance at Halifax and the New York quarantine grounds late in the year, on an emigrant steamer from the Baltic; appearance of epidemic small-pox in the Eastern cities of America; extension of cable telegraph lines in the East and West Indies; the cession of Sumatra by Holland to England; the annexation by Russia of the Manchurian-Chinese province of Soongaria; gold discoveries in South Africa at the sources of the Orange river; beginning of the subjugation of the Apache Indians by a humane peace policy; rich and extensive developments in the silver mines of Utah, Arizona and the south of California; frightful ravages of the yellow fever plague at the city of Beunos Ayres and 40,000 deaths there from in five months; and last, but not least, the almost total annihilation by fire of Chicago, the fourth city in wealth and population, the second in trade, and the first in enterprise on the American continent, by which over $200,000,000 worth of property was destroyed in a single night and 150,000 persons left homeless. These are the most notable world occurrences of the past year. It has been a long time since a single year furnished such a record of historical events of the first class. Those of the lesser note the reader will find in the following columns, grouped in the monthly order in which they occurred. The year has not been the most favorable to California. We have had a drouth, which shortened our staple crops and checked our commercial prosperity. But the closing month gave full promise of better fortune for current year. They rains have been seasonable and abundant, and in all probability 1872 will produce the largest crops of cereals ever harvested on the      


1st - Mrs. J.H. TOBIN thrown from a buggy in San Francisco and was killed....French residents of San Francisco sent 100,000 francs to Gambetta

2d - Alfred REDINGER committed suicide in San Francisco....John WOOD shot Henry MARBLE through the breast, at Dogtown

3d - Fire in Stockton destroyed C.H. SISSON & Co.’s stable. Loss, $9,000....First National Gold Bank of San Francisco opened....Ann Eliza BRANNAN divorced from Samuel BRANNAN and awarded near $500,000....H.J.  WRIGHT shot himself in Marysville....Wm. RUSE, murdered at Oregon Gulch, Butte county....A man named ARMROD found dying and his wife dead from the effects of liquor, at Cerro Gordo.

4th - Dr. Isaac ROWELL died suddenly in San Francisco

5th - Henry PALMER drowned in San Francisco bay....San Francisco police made a capture of eighteen boys for gambling....George HIRSER cut his throat in San Francisco

6th - Grand Jury of Alameda found true bill against Mrs. FAIR for killing A.P. CRITTENDEN....New flying machine tried in San Francisco....A man named LOVE shot and mortally wounded by another named DAMASCUS

7th - John MILLER drowned himself at Rocklin

8th - John COONEY, Thos. MAGNUS and Thos. LADD were arrested in San Jose for highway robbery

9th - Heavy rainstorm throughout the State....Wm. MATTHEWS thrown from his buggy near Santa Cruz and fatally injured....Mrs. MURNAN accidentally shot by her son, near Sonora. Wound not fatal....W.W. LANE killed by Dr. DAVIDSON, at Kingston, Fresno county

10th - Store of Supervisor SCOTT entered and robbed, and Otto LUDOVici, clerk, murdered, at Pleasant View

11th - Ice formed three-eighths of an inch thick in Stockton....John F.  WHALEN run over and killed on railroad near Redwood City....Peter MILLER killed by Indians in Jumel Valley, San Diego county

12th - DION beat DEERY in a billiard match at San Francisco; score, 500 to 478....Free fight between opposition stevedores at Vallejo....Steamers Moulton and Amador collided in San Francisco bay....Fire in los Angeles; loss, $3,500

13th - Sarah FOLSOM, alias “Doughnut Sal,” missing from Natividad; supposed to be murdered; had much money

14th - STEWART, keeper of Sailors’ Home, San Francisco, absconded with $20,000....Col. A. Jones JACKSON, a pioneer, died in Santa Clara....C.E. THOMPSON found murdered in a shaft near Oroville

15th - Indians very troublesome in Jumel Valley, killing stock and robbing and murdering rancheros

16th - The Murphy’s Camp stage robbed by highwaymen near Angel’s Camp....Burglars very active in San Jose; two houses broken into and many valuables taken....Wife of J.H. ROBERTS of Colusa ran off with J.B. FOSTER

17th - Half of the town of Truckee destroyed by fire....BEGNER, whose wife was seduced by one DALE, was awarded $2,000 by a verdict of a San Francisco jury....Abraham DILLEY, 55 years old, ran forty miles in seven hours, at Santa Clara....Three dead men found near San Simeon, San Luis Obispo county; supposed to have been murdered

18th - Seven defaulting jurors in San Francisco fined $100 each....Drawing of Cosmopolitan lottery prizes commenced in Nevada....Attempt made to break from State Prison frustrated....The Wife and six children of a man named SHOUSE discovered in the tules on the White tract, near Vallejo, having been turned out of doors by him....Thomas ROGERS fell down the shaft of the Amador Mine, and was instantly killed; he fell 900 feet

19th - Woman Suffrage State Convention met in San Jose....Annie SMITH shot at John O. TAYLOR, her lover, in San Francisco, twice, but missed....Spanish fishing boat Manuela upset in Bodega river, and one man drowned....John RAUSCHE robbed a fellow-workman of $700 near Alameda, and disappeared...Bernard LAUZE was killed, and Joseph TRUMPETTS badly injured, by a cave in a claim at Sonora

20th - Two barrels of beet sugar, from Alvarado, forwarded to Grant and Colfax.....Large frame building, owned by R. OLSEN, burned in Stockton; insured for $3,000; OLSON, in trying to save property, was very severely burned.

21st - Mail car of eastern-bound train in Central Pacific Railroad entered by robbers, at Alta, and a package of registered letters and a large amount of treasure stolen....Mexican boy and a soldier killed at Los Angeles, in a dance-house fight.

22d - James GIBBONS fell down a flight of stairs, in San Francisco, and was killed....Stockton and San Andreas stage again stopped by highwaymen and robbed....A number of registered letters, $1,700 coin, and $23,000 in United States bonds, found in Alta - the greater portion of the proceeds of the mail-car robbery of the day before.

23d - Sacramento river so high at Red Bluff as to impede travel....Mrs.  Rebecca J. CUSHING committed suicide, in San Francisco, by cutting her arm with a razor.

24th - Annie SMITH, who shot her paramour, John O. TAYLOR, was sent from San Francisco to Stockton, as insane

25th - Pope LANSDALE shot and instantly killed Scott BANKS at Red Bluff

26th - United States Internal revenue officers and others implicated in blackmailing Chinese merchants....DEERY beat DION at a game of billiards, French carom, 500 points, at San Francisco, DION giving DEERY 100 points; score, 500 to 470

27th - Annual meeting and election of officers of State Agricultural Society at Sacramento....A number of young girls arrested in San Francisco for dissolute conduct....Fight in San Rafael Valley between Sheriff’s posse and a band of outlaws, in which two of the latter were killed and four captured.  Three of the prisoners afterwards hung by a Vigilance Committee....E.B.  LOCKLEY shot by a boy and killed - boy shot at a dog and accidentally hit LOCKLEY.

29th - Commodore WOODWORTH, U.S.N., died in San Francisco

30th - Germans in San Francisco celebrated the capture of Paris; as did also their fellow-countrymen of Marysville, Stockton and Visalia and other towns....Seven Sisters of Mercy went to Yreka to found a convent school...Miners’ Convention met in Sacramento...Gang of Spanish thieves broken up and two arrested at Auburn.

31st - Building owned by Dr. TRENOR and SUTTER, at Alameda, burned; loss, $5,000.


1st - Locomotive Mono and railroad sheds burned at Blue Canyon....Col. Wm.  McCLURE, a pioneer resident of Placer county, died at Oakland....Man named TRAHEARN accidentally shot himself at Vallejo and died from effects of the wound

4th - Bodies of Henry and Oscar BILDERBECK, supposed to have been murdered, found near Los Angeles....John BLACK kicked to death by a horse near Clarksville

6th - Eight shocks of earthquake felt at San Jose and Santa Clara....Grand Jury of San Francisco indicted Mrs. Laura D. FAIR for killing A.P. CRITTENDEN

9th - DEERY beat DION at San Francisco at a game of French carom billiards, 600 points score, 600 to 441....Second-class fare reduced, from Omaha to San Francisco, to $50

10th - Mrs. A.H. NASON accidentally shot and instantly killed near Petaluma

11th - B.H. RENFROW blew out his brains at Healdsburg

12th - W.S. LONG, a pioneer lawyer, died in Shasta

13th - Central Pacific Company’s woodshed and over 100 cords of wood burned at Truckee.

14th - First cargo of anthractic coal landed in San Francisco from Queen Charlotte’s Island.

16th - E. PRAGLE, an old Marysville merchant, dropped dead of heart disease....Royal Japanese Prince arrived in San Francisco; also, Japanese Minister to Washington....Cloverdale stage robbed by highwaymen....Dr. Nicholas HEROLD murdered in San Bernardino

17th - James R. HARDENBERGH took possession of U.S. Surveyor General’s office....J.H. MORAN, one of STEVENSON’s men, died at San Francisco....Fred CLARKE shot and killed S. REED, near Oakland....G.L. ISRAEL committed suicide by cutting his throat, at San Francisco 18th - Three Cornishmen stopped by highway robbers at Grass Valley and robbed; highwayman captured same evening

19th - May Pole House, near Mokelumne Hill, burned. 

20th - Fred COOMBS shot his wife and then killed himself at Napa; cause, family troubles....two passenger cars of Central Pacific Railroad ran off track near Penryn, and several persons injured....SIEGRIST’s wine cellar, near Napa, burned; loss, $60,000.

21st - Great thunderstorm in San Francisco and central part of the State....During the storm in San Francisco a brick wall fell on frame lodging house, killing four persons.

22d - Lincoln schoolhouse in San Francisco burned; loss, $25,000....First passenger train ran over Copperopolis railroad.

23d - Fred PUPPIN cut his throat from ear to ear in San Francisco.

25th - Mrs. Laura D. FAIR pleaded not guilty to the killing of A.P.

CRITTENDEN in San Francisco.

26th - Ineffectual attempt made to burn office of Stockton Herald.

27th - Dick LEE shot and killed Wm. DUNCAN at Gallatin, Los Angeles county.


2d - The Coroner’s jury acquitted all persons of blame in the Minna street disaster....Heavy earthquake at Eureka.

3d - Great rejoicing in San Diego over passage of the Southern Pacific Railroad bill, making that place the terminus....Sheriff JACKSON, of Trinity, convicted of collecting foreign miners’ licenses, at San Francisco in United States District Court....Joseph HEWETT was shot and killed at Pleasant Valley.

4th - Burglars entered BOYD & WILCOXSON’s store at Yuba City and robbed it of $2,600 in coin.

6th - Homeopathic physicians of San Francisco and vicinity met for the purpose of organizing a State Society....American Hotel at Santa Barbara burned; loss, $8,000.

7th - Work commenced on the Vallejo and Sonoma County Railroad....Hiram W.

POOLE, under indictment for murder, hanged himself in jail at Sonora. 

8th - Riotous demonstrations at San Francisco to prevent sailors shipping at $25 a month.

12th - Horace HAWES died in San Mateo, leaving his property, valued at $2,000,000, for found a university.

13th - Episcopal Diocesan Convention of California met at San Francisco....Grass Valley lottery drawing commenced. 

14th - A young girl fell 150 feet down Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, and was picked up alive....One GIBBONS shot and killed a man named LAVIN at Lockford, San Joaquin county, in a quarrel about land. 

15th - DION beat RUDOLPHE at San Francisco in a game of English billiards, 1,000 points; score, 1,000 to 956

16th - A mortgage of $26,000,000 on the Southern Pacific Railroad put on record in San Francisco....C. GODFREY shot himself to death at Red Bluff....A plowing tournament came off at Stockton. 

17th - St. Patrick’s Day celebrated throughout the State with much spirit. 

20th - Steamer Wm. Taber, coming into San Francisco Bay, narrowly escaped wrecking on Point San Pedro....Two noted Indian desperadoes killed by officers in Shasta county.

21st - German indignation meeting at Stockton, protesting against the action of the Central pacific Railroad...Pacific Female College at Oakland sold to the Pacific Theological Seminary for $80,000....Large torchlight procession in San Francisco by Germans in honor of the peace between France and Germany.

22d - Grand German peace jubilee in San Francisco; nearly 5,000 persons in line....California Steam Navigation Company sold out to the California Pacific Railroad Company....A Spanish family arrested near Los Angeles for the murder of a man in 1869.

23d - Grand peace jubilee at Sonora by Germans....Islands of Red Rock, The Brothers and Sisters in San Francisco Bay set apart as military reservations.

24th - First issue of notes from San Francisco gold bank....Dennis GUNN acquitted of killing Edward J. MURPHY, who seduced his sister, at San Francisco....Mrs. Joseph LEONARD burned to death at Coloma. 

25th - Arthur P. HEFFERNER found dead at San Francisco - strangled by some one unknown....Municipal election in Marysville - republican victory. 

26th - German peace celebration at San Francisco.

27th - Trial of Laura D. FAIR commenced at San Francisco.

28th - Two miners at Dutch Flat shut in their mine by a cave. 

29th - Fire in Truckee, 120 buildings destroyed....Family of B. BRYANT poisoned by eating toadstools at Chico, and two children died. 

30th - W.F. BURTHERNURTH killed Lemuel PERKINS by hitting him on the head with a shovel on Tule river.

31st - Transfer of property of California Steam Navigation Company to California Pacific Railroad Company took place at San Francisco....Fire in Sonora, destroying seven buildings; loss, over $35,000....One half of Chinatown, North San Juan, burned; loss, $5,000.

Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 1, 1872





1st - RUDOLPHE beat Cyrille DION in a game of billiards, 1,500 points, at San Francisco; score, RUDOLPHE, 1,501; DION, 1,105. 

2d - Two shocks earthquake felt at San Francisco...Train on Vallejo road ran into a carriage near Vaca station, and a lady severely injured. 

4th - Dave SCANNELL elected Chief Engineer San Francisco Fire Department. 

5th - Old man named PREBLE jumped from Oakland boat and was drowned; officer of ferry boat refused to stop to attempt his rescue.

6th - Timothy HAW fell down shaft of Amador mine, at Sutter creek, and was instantly killed....Miner working in Oneida mine, same place, fell 125 feet, caught in some timbers, and climbed back and went to work. 

9th - Affray on the Alameda boat between Swiss Guard and “Hoodlums” of San Francisco; a dozen persons wounded.

10th - Chinese battle in San Francisco and two severely wounded. 

11th - Body of Frank H. SKINNER drifted ashore near San Francisco....Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of California at San Francisco.

12th - Donahue Railroad sold to California Pacific Railroad. 

13th - Christopher TOOLE fell from a ladder at San Francisco, striking his son; both badly hurt....Flywheel in Stockton City Flour Mills burst, damaging building $5,000.

14th - Four-fifths of stockholders of California Steam Navigation Company voted to disincorporate.

15th - Luther A. WILLIS killed by Joseph G. PAYNE at Bakerstown, in a shooting scrape.

16th - At the Shields’ Guard picnic at Petaluma, hoodlums, who accompanied it, raised a riot and one of the Guard was badly cut. 

17th - Heavy rain which extended over the State....One ROBERTSON killed Berher ABEL at San Pasqual valley, in a quarrel about a ditch....Large meteor seen in different localities.

18th - Volzio, Reis & Co., San Francisco, failed; liabilities, $250,000....John NANLOU killed at San Jose by a wall falling on him. 

19th - A man named PETERSON killed his wife in San Francisco and then committed suicide....Mrs. JACOBS thrown under railroad cars at Oakland and killed....Ex-County Clerk George W. BIRD killed himself with a knife at Monterey.

20th - Grading commenced on the Southern Pacific Railroad four miles from Gilroy.

21st - First game of base ball for championship of Pacific coast, played at San Francisco, between the Eagles and Wide Awake Clubs; won by the Eagles....H. VIGNON shot dead by a sheep shearer in his employ, near Los Angeles.

22d - Ten thousand Sunday-school children at a picnic in Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco.

23d - Two blocks of buildings burned in Antioch; loss, $12,000...Man named BOWIE assaulted by a highwayman and robbed of $500; also wounded....Three slight shocks of earthquake felt at San Francisco....Fire in Nevada; loss, $3,650.

24th - Mayor SELBY of San Francisco vetoed the Von Schmidt water scheme....Doctress Frances A. COOK committed suicide at San Francisco. 

25th - John G. REUTZHLER and wife found dead at Grass Valley - supposed that the woman shot the man and then killed herself.

26th - Odd Fellows celebrated their anniversary all over the State by picnics, etc.....Jury in the FAIR case returned verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree.

27th - $500,000 worth of Japanese silk worm eggs shipped to Italy overland. 

29th - A wagon containing two families, named MYERS and NICHOLS, fell over a steep embankment in Gibson canyon, Solano county, and Mrs. MYERS was killed and others severely hurt.


1st - Municipal election in Stockton; Republicans elected their whole ticket.

2d - County Hospital at San Andreas burned and two inmates perished in the flames....American Medical Association met at San Francisco....Delegation of Americus Club of New York arrived at San Francisco. 

3d - Two heirs of David C. BRODERICK commenced suit against the estate....Government storehouse at Yerba Buena Island burned; loss, $50,000. 

5th - Los Angeles and Salinas stage stopped near latter place, and Wells, Fargo & Co.’s treasure box was taken....Henry BLEASE hung himself at San Francisco.

6th - Governor HAIGHT issued order prohibiting any more military excursions on Sunday....Destructive fire at Folsom, destroying a great portion of the place; loss $130,000.

7th - Captain Robert LEWIS, 60 years old, poisoned himself near Clayton. 

8th - Grand Encampment I.O.O.F. met at Sacramento....A young woman named WATERS burned to death by her clothes catching fire, near Monterey. 

9th - Five thousand dollar race, mile heats, best three in five, at Oakland; won by Tom Atchison. Time - 1:48 ¾; 1:49 ½; 1:47 ½....Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. convened at Sacramento.

10th - Excursion of Marysville firemen to Stockton....Desperate fight between Sheriff’s posse and Mexican outlaws in Panoche mountains, near Gilroy; one Mexican killed and one taken.

11th - Chinese part of Colusa burned; loss, $3,000.

12th - Odd Fellows’ Orphans’ Home located at Napa.

13th - Frederick GINDER blew out his brains in San Francisco. 

14th - Party of Russian sailors got into a row at San Francisco and seven or eight injured.

15th - Dr. George ELDENMULLER, prominent physician in San Francisco, died of injuries from being thrown from his buggy....Man named CAMP shot through the head by a man who had robbed him of $20 in San Francisco. 

16th - Marysville lottery drawn....Woman Suffrage Convention met at San Francisco.

17th - First Regiment National Guard of California went to Alameda for encampment....In two-mile and repeat race at San Jose, Norfolk won; best time, 3:42 I-5.

18th - San Diego made a port of entry.

19th - Counsel for Mrs. FAIR filed bill of exceptions for new trial, at San Francisco...John C. NICHOLS killed in a mine by a cave, at Gold Run. 

20th - Man named John A. STEELE attempted suicide by shooting himself in the breast and jumping into the Bay, at San Francisco, but was fished out. 

22d - Incorporation of Eastern Extension of California Pacific Railroad filed; capital, $50,000,000....$5,000.000 in greenbacks arrived in San Francisco.

23d - Harvest Queen won the $5,000 trotting-race at San Francisco; best time 2:30.

24th - Defiance distanced the field in a pacing-race at San Francisco; time, 2:23....Boy named JOAQUIN burned to death near Soquel....G. NEWINGHAM, architect, killed himself at San Francisco.

25th - Wm. O’HEARN run over and killed by a locomotive, at San Francisco....The Tabernacle tent opened for religious exercises, at San Francisco....Mrs. Cynthia MALONE burned to death from her clothes catching fire, near Indian Diggings.

26th - Charles D. CARTER, a pioneer and prominent citizen of San Francisco, died....Row at an Indian rancheria, San Diego, and a man named Ignacio and an Indian girl killed.

27th - Primary elections of Republicans and Democrats in different counties, resulting generally in favor of BOOTH and HAIGHT. 

28th - Decoration Day; observed generally over the State. 

31st - Jesus TEJARRA convicted of murder in the first degree at Stockton, for killing MEDINA two years before.


1st - Miners’ League at Sutter Creek struck, and attempted to take possession of property but were repulsed....Susie McDONALD was brutally murdered by Austrian George at Oroville.

2d - Justus REINHOLD, a prominent German of Milwaukee, died suddenly at San Francisco.

3d - Mrs. Laura D. FAIR sentenced to be hanged on July 28th, by Judge DWINELLE, at San Francisco.

4th - Austrian George, who killed Miss Susie McDONALD, arrested at Bidwell’s Bar; he tried to shoot himself and then ran away, but was shot dead by one of his captors; the body was afterwards burned.

5th - Large procession in San Francisco in honor of the Irish exiles, BURKE and LUBY....Granddaughter of General John WILSON burned to death from her clothes taking fire at San Francisco....Two suicides in San Francisco;

Ehlert BRANDT shot himself and Charles REICHON took strychnine.

6th - Man named WASHINGTON foully murdered by another called ARMSTRONG, near


7th - San Cruz powder mill exploded; nobody hurt. 

8th - Japanese notified President of Mechanics’ Institute of intention to send large quantity of articles to the next Fair....Brig Carion burned in San Francisco Bay; loss, $2,500.

9th - James BARD killed Edward STACY, near Shasta. 

10th - Snow Tent sawmill, Nevada county, and 700,000 feet lumber burned; loss, $40,000.

11th - Thunderstorm and hurricane at Yreka, doing much damage. 

12th - KEMPNER, merchant tailor, was killed by a pistol being accidentally discharged in the hands of a woman, at San Francisco. 

15th - Oregon stage upset near Red Bluff, injuring the passengers more or less severely.

16th - George VALE, an eminent San Francisco lawyer, died....Trustees of Odd Fellows’ College met at Napa and received the donations made to the institution.

17th - FRANK, a German, shot E. LEVIN with a shotgun, killing him instantly near Haywards....Brilliant auroral display throughout the State. 

18th - Boy five years old, named Leopold FREID, run over and killed by a dray at San Francisco.

19th - Sutter Creek Miners’ League ordered miners to quit work....Harms & Palm’s chicory factory, four miles below Washington, Yolo county, burned; loss, $20,000.

20th - Dr. P.M. O’BRIEN, an early resident of San Francisco, died of apoplexy.

21st - Severe shock of earthquake felt at Calistoga....John M. COGHLAN (Rep) nominated for Congress in Third District....BROOKSTINE’s hotel in Knight’s Valley burned; loss, $5,000.

22d - Col. W.H.L. BARNES and two companies of his regiment went to Sutter creek to put down Miners’ League....Fire at Anaheim; loss, $7,000....Lake Faucherie, a reservoir of the South Yuba Canal Company, burst, the water doing damage to the amount of $7,000.

23d - Democrats of First Congressional District nominated Judge ARCHER for Congress, and of the Second, George PEARCE, of Sonoma....First lot of new wheat of the year arrived at San Francisco from Vaca. 

25th - Dr. Wm. A. BARSTOW attempted suicide by shooting in the head at San Francisco, and Dr. W.H. ROGERS, in going to attend him, was badly injured by being thrown from his carriage.

26th - Seth GREEN, of New York, brought 15,000 shad eggs to be deposited in the upper Sacramento.

27th - Chinese part of Folsom burned, together with the Patterson House and some private residences; loss heavy.

29th - Schooner Almer Asher wrecked near San Francisco; loss, $15,000....A.A. SARGENT nominated as republican candidate for the Second Congressional District....Three-quarters of a mile of snow sheds, Cisco Hotel and other buildings burned at Cisco....Girl fourteen years old burned to death by explosion of kerosene lamp at Tehama....Mrs. Joseph BOGHISEYCH poisoned herself at Lincoln.

30th - Republican Convention for First District nominated Thomas H. SELBY for Congress, who declined; then nominated S.O. HOUGHTON....Mrs. Alice POOLE took laudanum at San Francisco and died.

Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 1, 1872




1st - Young Men’s Republican Club gave Newton BOOTH a grand ovation....An officer of Nevada county caught two Chinamen robbing sluices and fired upon them, killing one.

2d - Great procession at San Francisco of Catholics in honor of the Pope’s Jubilee - 12,000 persons in line.

3d - A sea lioness and young, a fur seal and sea-dog shipped at San Francisco for New York.

4th - Fourth of July celebrated throughout the State in usual manner, and with fewer accidents than commonly....Town of Yreka nearly destroyed by fire; loss, $300,000....Tree fell on a party sleeping under it, in White river, and killed Robert RAY and wounded four others. 

5th - Italian Club’s flag, at San Francisco, threatened to be hauled down, but on the Italians coming themselves and rallying to defend it was not done....Sharp shock of earthquake at Visalia....Boarding house burned at San Francisco, and a boarder named Dennis AHR, after rescuing his family, went back after his property and was burned to death....Gad & Co.’s store at Grass Valley burned; loss, $15,000.

6th - James D. WILSON, alias iron-clad Jimmy, a notorious thief, shot dead while attempting to escape from officers at San Francisco....American House at Centerville burned; loss, $11,000.

7th - Rice and Reas mill at Forest Hill was totally destroyed by explosion of boiler, killing the engineer, Charles FILLEBROWN, and A. RICE....One MURPHY killed Thomas RODGERS near Milton, in a quarrel about a piece of tobacco.

9th - Western Union Telegraph line completed to Yosemite Valley....A house fell at San Francisco on a crowd of boys playing near it, killing Charles M.  BEACH and wounding several.

10th - Ocean mail service between San Diego and San Francisco ceased and mail sent overland.

11th - Mrs. Cady STANTON delivered her first lecture at San Francisco.

12th - Cloverdale and Healdsburg stage stopped and robbed of $400. 

13th - F. INGRAM’s house, barn and out-buildings burned near Williams’ Landing, Santa Cruz county; loss, $30,000.

14th - Cosmopolitan Lodging House, barn and other buildings burned at Marysville; loss, $25,000....Lem CLEVELAND shot and killed by his brother-in-law, John EWBANKS; cause, domestic troubles. 

16th - Boarding house of Eliza A. FOY and two dwelling houses burned in San Francisco; loss, $5,000.

17th - Absorption of California Pacific Railroad by Central pacific....Destructive fire at Marysville; loss, $100,000....Jewelry store of ELLIS robbed at Auburn of $2,000 worth of watches and tools. 

18th - Corner stone of New Odd Fellows’ hall laid at Petaluma. 

21st - Miners’ League at Sutter Creek demanded that men at work on mines there quit work, which was not acceded to....An incendiary fire occurred at Truckee, destroying property to amount of $50,000....Mutiny on board bark Glimpse in San Francisco Bay, and Captain SORMAN badly cut. 

22d - Fire broke out in Mechanics’ Mill at San Francisco, and destroyed $261,900 worth of property....Caledonia Mill, at Round Valley, burned; loss, $35,000....Fire at Snelling; loss, over $20,0000.

23d - Ramon AMADOR sentenced to be hung for murder of Henry HISERCK, August

24th - Canada SCHWARTZWALTER and Robert SHERLOCK, attempting to drive

Chinamen from a claim near Forest City, were killed. 

25th - Mrs. Catherine BRAMAN run over and killed at Stockton by a train on Western Pacific Railroad....Tom CARRIGAN shot and killed at Petaluma by Wm.  H. SMITH; both drunk.

26th - Shaft of Amador mine at Sutter Creek caught fire and communicated to rest of mine. HATCH and McMENOMY, shot during a fight at same place Sunday, died from wounds.

27th - Fire in Amador mine at Sutter Creek extinguished.  28th - Major J.M. BRONSON, of National Guard of California, died at San Francisco from effects of cold contracted while in command at Sutter Creek.  30th - United States war steamer California arrived at San Francisco on first cruise.

31st...At Sutter Creek, HATCH, book keeper at Amador mine, and Hughey McMENOMY and one BENNETT had a shooting scrape growing out of miners’ troubles; HATCH was shot in the breast and McMENOMY in the groin - both severely wounded.

31st - Mrs. N.J. SAVIERS shot and killed a woman, who had been too intimate with her husband, at Stockton.


1st - HAUN, who murdered one WALKER five years before, arrested at Owens river by Sheriff of Santa Cruz.

2d - Julia LAKE, shot by Mrs. SAVIERS at Stockton for cohabiting with her husband, died; SAVIERS left town under threats of a coat of tar and feathers.

3d - Five women appeared to County Clerk of San Joaquin, demanding to be registered on poll lists, which was refused....Two unknown men shot - one killed, for stealing wheat on a ranch near Berryessa. 

4th - Two fires in San Francisco - A. WALDSTEIN’s cigar-box factory and other buildings; loss, $30,000; building corner First and Jessie streets; loss, $2,000.

5th - Returning from a meeting John CARMACHO and Wm. WICKS were thrown from a wagon at Nevada City, and severely hurt. Samuel DAYTON run over by same team and killed.

6th - Italians of San Francisco celebrated the unity of Italy, and notwithstanding fears, no disturbance occurred....NESBIT’s quartz mill at Oregon City burned; loss, $20,000.

7th - Laura DE FORCE GORDON announced as independent candidate for State Senator from San Joaquin county....An old man named John FINLEY murdered by two unknown men, near Visalia.

8th - Mechanics’ Fair opened at San Francisco....Lewis BEACH committed suicide by taking strychnine at the grave of his sons in San Francisco. 

9th - Mrs. H. HENEMAN and son thrown from a carriage in San Francisco and severely injured.

10th - Fire at OSBORNE’s station on the Central Pacific Railroad destroyed half-mile of snow shed...Dr. Walter B. LANGDON appointed assistant physician at Stockton Asylum....Visalia stage robbed of $300 by four highwaymen.  13th - Great fires raging in the timber regions near Visalia. 

14th - Fire in Los Angeles; loss, $14,000....H. SCHWARTZ, President of Stock brewery, cut his throat at San Francisco and died. 

16th - Agents of lotteries arrested in San Francisco....Cloverdale stage attacked by four robbers and T. H. BENTON, passenger, killed, and Sandy WORDSWORTH and B.S. COFFMAN wounded. 

17th - Telegraphic communication established between California and Japan.

18th - Eight hundred tons of tea shipped from San Francisco to the East. 

19th - Troops ordered from Drum Barracks to quell Indian troubles at Old San Diego Mission....J.J. MURPHY found guilty of murder in first degree on second trial at Stockton....Fire on Cosumnes river, burning over area of five miles and destroying much property.

20th - Steamers Washoe and Antioch collided in San Francisco Bay, doing considerable damage to the latter.

21st - Stallion race at San Francisco won by Hiram WOODRUFF; best time, 2:37...Shasta and Yreka stage robbed of $4,390 by highwaymen....M.F. BUTLER, pioneer architect of Pacific coast, died at San Francisco. 

22d - Work commenced on new City Hall at San Francisco.

23d - Don Abel STEARNS died at San Francisco.

24th - Hunter House at Woodland burned; loss, $10,000....McDONALD and WHITNEY, brokers, San Francisco, failed for $100,000. 

25th- Earthquake shock at Santa Rosa.

26th - Mrs. Lizzie SMITH committed suicide in San Francisco. 

27th - Fire in woods at Emigrant Gap burned mile and a half each side of railroad.

28th - Yerba Buena lots at San Francisco sold; aggregating $987,000....Santa Clara Agricultural Society Fair opened....Albert McAULEY suffocated in a well by foul air at Nevada City.

29th - Militia company organized at San Luis Rey to resist expected attack of surrounding Indians, but proved a false alarm....Dr. Leon SUCKERT, resident of San Francisco since 1848, found dead in his bed of apoplexy at that place....A man named ENGELKE was shot and badly wounded in Alameda by one PATTON about a woman; PATTON was wounded also. 

30th - Judge DWINELLE, at San Francisco, decided the mechanics’ lien law unconstitutional....A fire at Cloverdale destroyed property worth $20,000. 

31st - Shock of earthquake felt at Gilroy.


1st - General Pacific Railroad Company raised fares on roads leading from Sacramento 50 per cent, and but down wages of employes on California pacific 20 per cent.

2d - Phil RUPER, special policeman of Marysville, killed at Chico, and another man murdered by a party of roughs.

3d - Marion WILSON and one MARXEY had a shooting scrape in San Francisco, when in firing at MARXEY WILSON shot a bystander named Pat BURNS, in the breast, inflicting a mortal wound....E.L. TABOOVIVEA murdered in cold blood Ysidor ALTIMARANO, as Los Angeles.

4th - Sydney FLAG, boatman at San Francisco, shot and killed Richard HARLEY in cold blood.

5th - A fire at Pacheco destroyed Odd Fellows’ Hall and other property to the amount of $30,000....Martin HERGES stabbed and assassinated in a cowardly manner by two men, at Monterey....COOK, clown of New York Circus, robbed of $1,100 at Vallejo.

6th - State election, resulting in a Republican victory....$1,050 was contributed at the polls, in San Francisco, for the Beevolent Society of that place....Richard P. ASHE, a prominent citizen of San Francisco and formerly Naval Agent at that port, died in that city. 

7th - Mrs. Alpheus BULL, laboring under an insane attack, committed suicide by hanging, at San Francisco.

8th - E.P. FLINT’s tub factory, at San Francisco, burned; loss, $50,000. 

9th - Twenty-first anniversary of California’s admission into the Union celebrated with appropriate ceremonies.

10th - Japanese company, with a capital of $1,000,000, commenced business at San Francisco.

11th - Defeated candidates at San Francisco demanded a recount of votes, which was acceded to and recount commenced.

12th - Coxswain and boat’s crew of butter belonging to frigate California deserted at Vallejo...Fire in the woods near Nevada City, destroying many miles of timber.

13th - Solomon ROSENTHAL, Jr., dry goods dealer at San Francisco, committed suicide by hanging.

14th - Sheriff of Santa Cruz and posse killed the notorious Mexican bandit, Pancho BORCUMES, near Santa Cruz.

15th - Anniversary of Mexican Independence celebrated with much spirit in different parts of the State.

16th - American clipper ship Annie Sise, from Sydney, went ashore at South Farallone Island, and was wrecked; crew saved.

17th - Eight men deserted from frigate California at Vallejo.

18th - Shock of earthquake at San Jose.

19th - Steamers Flora Temple and Washoe collided in San Francisco bay, damaging the latter.

20th - Chinese riot at San Francisco stopped before any one was killed. 

21st - First colored jury ever impaneled on the Pacific coast called at San Francisco....Matias LORENZANA taken from the county jail at Santa Cruz by disguised men and lynched.

22 - Ramon AMADOR hanged at San Leandro for the murder of HISEREK.

23d - Block of buildings occupied by REDINGTON, HOSTETTER & Co., and others

burned at San Francisco; loss, $700,000.

24th - Captain WILDES D. THOMPSON, a prominent San Franciscan, at one time Harbormaster, died at that place.

25th - Sheriff of Mono county and posse had a fight with five escaped convicts from Nevada State Prison, in which Sheriff’s party lost two men and two convicts supposed to have been killed or wounded. 

26th - James RILEY, a noted rough, shot and mortally wounded by James JORDAN, at Francisco....Shasta stage robbed of a few hundred dollars by highwaymen....Grand Lodge Good Templars of California met at Oakland. 

27th - Central Pacific Railroad raised freight on teas East from 3 ¼ to 3 ½ cents per pound.

28th - Two brothers named VALENCIA sentenced to be hung for murder of Joseph W. HEWITT, at Fairfield....Snow fell to depth of three inches at Truckee - first of season....St. Patrick quartz mill burned in Placer county; loss, $20,000.

Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, January 1, 1872




1st - Hottest day of year in San Francisco....Mrs. LANE fell down stairs while walking in her sleep and crushed her skull, killing her, at San Francisco.

2d - Fire near San Jose at BIRD’s ranch, burning hop kiln; loss, $30,000....Several dwelling houses in San Francisco, on Mission street, burned; loss, $10,000.

3d - Shock of earthquake at Wilmington....George H. ENSIGN, civil engineer, one of the projectors of Spring Valley Water Works, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe tunnel scheme, died at Stockton....Most brilliant meteor ever seen on the coast exploded near San Francisco.

4th - Presbyterian Synod of the Pacific met at Oakland. 

5th - Occidental Skating Rink and coal yard adjoining burned at San Francisco; loss, $10,000....Anti-Chinese meeting at San Francisco, which adopted a petition praying the Legislature to adopt memorial to Congress for suppression of Chinese immigration.

7th - A shooting scrape at Lake City participated in by four men; Nathan DRY, a spectator, was shot in the head over the eye; unknown man looking on shot in shoulder, disabled; another mortally wounded. 

8th - A mob of Chinamen attacked one DONAHUE near Yuba City and he killed two defending himself.

9th - Northern District Fair opened at Marysville with fine exhibition....News received of great fire at Chicago....Measures taken in all cities of the State to collect aid for sufferers.

10th - Healdsburg stage stopped by highwaymen and robbed of $185....Meeting at San Francisco to make arrangements for raising funds for sufferers by Chicago fire.

11th - San Francisco Stock Board raised $8,000 and sent it to Chicago at once for aid....Pacific, Union and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies levied assessments of 75 per cent, on capital stock, to pay losses at Chicago....Presbyterian church at Brooklyn blown down; loss, $10,000. 

12th - Fire in the woods around Calistoga doing much damage....First narrow gauge locomotive turned out from Vulcan Iron Works at San Francisco....Mrs.  Addison TIREE foully murdered near Placerville for $50. 

13th - Fifty thousand dollars sent from San Francisco to Chicago....John SIME, banker, died at San Francisco.

14th - One hundred thousand dollars raised at San Francisco and $10,000 in Oakland for Chicago....Wm. V. ARROWSMITH shot and killed Wm. BERGEN, constable, at Gilroy, without provocation.

15th - David BOYER, a prisoner, jumped off a wharf at San Francisco and drowned....Bark Whistler, laden with lime, caught fire at San Francisco, and had to be scuttled.

16th - Stockton and Visalia Railroad Company made demand on city of Stockton for $200,000 bonds voted it; city refused to issue them....Pacific Mail Steamship Company announce it will run two steamers each way monthly between San Francisco and Japan, to commence May 2d, 1872. 

18th - Exhibition of pictures of Judge E.B. CROCKER for benefit of Sacramento Howard Benevolent Society opened at San Francisco....State judicial election; straight Republican ticket elected....Mathias SMITH burned to death at Rough and Ready.

19th - Meeting in San Francisco to aid sufferers by fires in Northwest; resolved to take all over $100,000 contributed to Chicago and send it to Milwaukee. Marysville raised $1,800 for same purpose, and Los Angeles $100....Greater portion of town of Pine Grove, Sierra county, destroyed by fire.

20th - Charles WILSON shot and killed without warning at Los Angeles, by A. J. FENWICK.

21st - Attempts made to fire San Francisco.

23d - peoples Insurance Company of San Francisco suspended on account of Chicago losses.

24th - Riot in Los Angeles characterized by outrageous barbarity; several Chinamen were killed and fifteen hung by the mob before order was restored. 

26th - Cars on Western Pacific Railroad ran off embankment at crossing of San Joaquin river and five cars filled with passengers thrown from track; all passengers more or less injured but none killed....One thousand five hundred head of pure blood and graded stock sold at Bellview, Colusa county. 

27th - John F. SWIFT, elected Chairman of Republican Central Committee of San Francisco.

28th - Earthquake at Los Flores.

29th - Sandstorm at Anaheim and vicinity, doing much damage and killing many head of stock.

30th - Wm. C. MORSE, old resident of Santa Cruz, shot and killed by George DENNISON in a bar-room quarrel.

31st - Insurance companies advance rates for underwriting fifty per cent, at San Francisco.


1st - Over 100 persons indicted at San Francisco for dealing in lottery tickets....Failure of John SIME & Co.’s bank, at San Francisco. 

2d - Edward KEHOE, while cleaning pistol accidentally discharged it and was killed at San Francisco....Mrs. OLIVER fatally burned by switch of false hair catching fire, at same place....Farmer named Arthur PARSONS assassinated while standing by his wife’s side by unknown party, near San Jose....Fire at Cacheville destroyed nine buildings. 

3d - Judge DWINELLE rendered decision in case of Patache vs. Pacific Insurance Company, affirming validity of assessment or 75 per cent on stock of company, at San Francisco.

4th - Sacramento river lower than ever before known. 

5th - Godchaux Bros.’ dry goods store, San Francisco, entered by burglars and robbed of $5,000 worth of silks.

7th - J.B.E. CAVALLIER, President San Francisco Stock Board, suspended in consequence of failure of John SIME & Co.; liabilities, $60,000....Liabilities of John SIME & Co., Insolvent, bankers, San Francisco, found to be $247,000; assets, $186.635.14....Fire in Vallejo burned property worth $50,000....State Teachers’ Institute met at San Francisco....Joshua L. JONES killed his father-in-law, at San Francisco, in a family quarrel.

8th - As a man named POWERS with his wife and two children were ascending a mountain near Milpitas, Mrs. POWERS and the children were thrown from wagon, and she was killed and one child dangerously wounded. 

9th - Horse Tom Atchison won two-mile-and-repeat race, at Alameda; best time, 2:40 ½.

10th - Tom Atchison beat Nell Flaherty and Democrat in mile-and-a-half heat, at Alameda; time, 2:42 ½.

11th - Five of the Cloverdale stage robbers and murderers in jail in Sonoma county.

13th - Will of William E. BARRON probated in San Francisco; estate valued at from $5,000,000 to $8,000,000; bulk of it left to collateral heirs. 

14th - Proclamation issued by the Governor fixing Thanksgiving Day November 30th....Will of Mrs. Bridget HUEN, who left bulk of her property to the Catholic Church, set aside, at San Francisco....Visalia and Gilroy stage robbed by highwaymen of $500.

18th - Tom Atchison beat Nell Flaherty at San Francisco, mile heats, best three in five; best time, 1:47 ¼.

20th - Alphonzo COLLET, miner in GWINN’s mine at Mokelumne Hill, fell 100 feet, striking two others while falling - all severely injured. 

21st - Box of choice California grapes for President GRANT, and fine boxes of California apples for Queen Victoria, made up at San Francisco....St.  Charles Hotel at Stockton burned....Assessments to amount of $1,502,000 fell due at San Francisco on insurance stock to repair losses at the Chicago fire.

22d - Stockton and Copperopolis and Stockton and Visalia Railroad franchise bought by Central Pacific Railroad Company....Fire at Los Angeles; 250 tons of hay burned; los, $4,000.

24th - Meeting of physicians in San Francisco to discuss Dr. HOLLAND’s bill for regulation of prostitution....Wide Awake Base Ball Club, of Oakland, won the champion bat from Liberty Club, of San Francisco, at San Francisco.  25th - Planing mill of Sovereign & Hamilton burned at Oroville; loss, $61,000....VAN NESS elected State Senator in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

26th - Overland express train thrown off the track at Bridgeport, from spreading of the rails; but little damage done....Fight between the San Francisco harbor police and Chinamen; one of the latter shot in the abdomen and another in the hand - the latter captured.

27th - Auburn and Georgetown stage robbed by one highwayman of $1,500. 

28th - New City Hall Livery Stable, at San Francisco, fell in, killing a man called Italian Joe....San Bernardino Postoffice robbed of $4,000 by three men.

29th - $3,144.28 sent to Chicago public schools, contribution from San Francisco public schools.

30th - Thanksgiving Day generally observed.


1st - Third annual regatta of Pioneer Boat Club at San Francisco; champion medal won by Nelson, no one competing....Affray in San Francisco between Judge LAKE and Charles DE YOUNG of the Chronicle; the latter struck over the head with a pistol and a bystander named E.B. WHEELER shot in the thigh. 

2d - Fight between miners and Chinamen at Hawkinsville, Siskiyou county, in which one of the latter was killed and another wounded....Fire at San Francisco; Taylor & Co’s printing office burned; loss, $9,000...At San Francisco, jury in breach of promise case of TURNER vs. ORTIZ gave verdict for $7,500 favor of plaintiff.

4th - State Legislature met, and after swearing in of members adjourned. 

5th - Central Pacific Railroad Company took possession of Stockton and Copperopolis and Stockton and Visalia railroad companies’ properties....E.D.  WHITBECK, merchant, stopped by highwaymen and robbed of $1,600. 

6th - Indian family named GREGORIO, living near San Luis Obispo, consisting of mother and three children, burned to death by their house catching fire. 

7th - Col. DICKEY’s mare Minnie Howard trotted twenty miles in 59 minutes 30 ¾ seconds, for $5,000.

9th - Tide lands below Oakland sold; prices low, from 50 cents to $100 per acre....Water Committee of San Francisco reported against Lake Tahoe and Clear Lake schemes.

10th - Pacific Insurance Company gave notice that all its risks are reinsured in London and Liverpool and Globe Insurance Company - marine risks canceled, and that company have gone into liquidation....Election in Santa Cruz county resulted in favor of granting subsidy of $100,000 towards building railroad from Santa Cruz to Watsonville....Infant son of AIKENS, at Stockton, scalded to death by kettle upsetting on him. 

11th - Seven thousand kangaroo skins received at San Francisco from Australia - first shipment of the kind.

12th - Desperate fight with Henry rifles on Bishop creek, Inyo county, between Charles JONES, an escaped convict from Nevada State Prison, and Francis F. ARMISTEAD, an officer; both killed; ARMISTEAD received nine bullets in his body and JONES eleven.

13th - Trotting race, five miles out, between Lady Sinclair and Tenwick, for $10,000; won by Lady, at San Francisco....Mother found in San Francisco with infant in her arms, which had been starved to death....Alexander BAUD, an old citizen of Mokelumne Station, shot there and killed by John WILLIAMS....Fire in Wilmington (H. SYMANSKI’s store); loss, $10,000. 

14th - Fire in Vallejo, burning NORTH’s store; loss, $6,000. 

15th - TINNY, a Chicago lawyer, arrived at San Francisco to look out for interests of losers by Chicago fire, who were insured in companies at that place.

16th - Public reception of A.A. SARGENT at San Francisco. 

17th - M. WILLIAMS, while temporarily insane, jumped from a third story window and was instantly killed at San Francisco. 

18th - Heavy storm throughout the State, doing much damage, particularly at San Francisco.....Steamer Salinas went ashore at Point San Pedro; passengers and crew saved.

18th - Murray MORRISON, Judge Seventeenth Judicial District, died at Los Angeles.

19th - Continuance of the storm. Five inches of rain fell at Davisville, Yolo county, in twenty-four hours; all the railroads damaged, stopping running of trains.

21st - Heavy losses in the State from the storm....Sutter county court-house burned at Yuba City....A.A. SARGENT elected United States Senator by Legislature at Sacramento, to succeed Cornelius COLE. 

22d - The $3,000,000 bridge subsidy proposition voted down in San Francisco Supervisors....Orchard of John BRIGGS on Feather river flooded....Schooner C. Medan went ashore at Fort Point, near San Francisco; got off badly damaged.

23d - San Jose, Petaluma and Gilroy flooded, and railroads in vicinity badly damaged.

26th - San Francisco Labor Union declared for Julian for President....Joel ESTES shot and killed a Spaniard near Mt. Diablo. 

27th - Seven hundred head of cattle belonging to J. B. ARRAMBIDO & Co.  drowned at Tyler Island by high water.

28th - Steamers commenced running on upper San Joaquin river....A body of masked and armed men cut the Parke levee in Sutter county, causing a general overflow in that section....Corner stone of new City Hall at San Francisco laid.

29th - Large vessel reported bottom up off Point New Year, between Monterey and San Francisco.

Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 4, 1875



ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING - Lewis  ADAMS of San Francisco, while on a visit to his sister, Mrs. BORGER, wife of Charles BORGER, Superintendent of the San Francisco Copper Mining Company at Spenceville, was shot in the head Tuesday morning by the accidental discharge of a gun. At the time of the accident ADAMS was out hunting with his nephew, Eddie BORGER, a boy about fourteen years of age. They were climbing up a steep path on the mountain side, ADAMS being in the rear, when the gun carried by the boy went off, the charge striking ADAMS, tearing away a portion of his left ear and making a hole in the back part of the skull large enough to insert the index finger. As soon as possible Dr. DURST was sent for, who found, on arriving, that as much as a teaspoonful of the brain had oozed from the wound. Yet, notwithstanding the very dangerous nature of the wound, ADAMS is doing well, and will probably recover. - [Wheatland Free Press, January 2d.]


PARDON IN NEVADA - J.F. RHOADES, a prisoner from Esmeralda county, convicted of arson in the second degree on the 7th of August, 1871, and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment, has been pardoned. The reasons for his pardon were his uniform good conduct while in prison and a well-founded opinion of the Board that the evidence was insufficient to justify the conviction. Ex-Governor BLASDEL, whose mill was burned, has made very strenuous efforts in this case in favor of the prisoner. He wrote a letter to the Board avowing his belief in RHOADES’ innocence and attributing his conviction on such slight evidence to his having served a former term in the penitentiary. It was a case of mere suspicion, which had to fall on some one, and accordingly it fell on RHOADES.




Body Identified - Funeral of Dr. Morse - Arrival.

                                SAN FRANCISCO, January 3d.

   The body found on the morning of January 1st, at the corner of Pacific street and Montgomery Avenue, was identified as that of Wm. TRETTIN, a native of Germany, aged 36 years. An autopsy this morning showed that death resulted from apoplexy of the lungs, produced by suffocation in mud.

   A man named J. HUTCHINSON was found dead in his bed this morning at 636 Commercial street. Cause of death unknown.

   At the funeral of Dr. MORSE this afternoon there was an immense attendance. Delegations of the Order of Odd Fellows were present from various parts of the State.

Arrived - Steamer Eastport and schooner Empire, from Coos Bay.


A Boy Shot and Killed in San Francisco.

                                SAN FRANCISCO, January 3d.

   About a quarter to 8 o’clock this evening, a boy named Joseph DEMASS, living at No. 317 Jessie street, between Fourth and Fifth, was shot and almost instantly killed by a German named Arnold SCHMITT, living on Jessie street, between Third and Fourth. SCHMITT, after the shooting, laid down his gun and went to Mission street. Officer CASEY met SCHMITT and asked him who did the shooting. He said, “I did,” and surrendered himself and then went to the house and gave the officer the gun. He was taken to the city prison and a charge of murder entered against him. SCHMITT claims that he had no intention of shooting they boy, and that his gun went off accidentally. Some boys engaged in the affair say that DEMASS was not with them at the time they were annoying SCHMITT. The latter claimed that they attempted to break down his door, but an examination showed no signs of violence. The boys say that they simply spoke to SCHMITT, telling him to come down, as CARROLL wanted to see him. Coroner SWAN came at once to O’BRIEN’s house, where the body was lying, and impaneled a jury to sit on the case. The inquest was held at nine o’clock at the residence of Mrs. DEMASS, No. 317 Jesse street. Neighbors give young DEMASS the character of an inoffensive boy of good habits.


DEATH OF DR. FOURGEAUD - The announcement will be read with general regret that Dr. Victor J. FOURGEAUD is dead. This event occurred yesterday, suddenly and unexpectedly. He had been ailing slightly for the past two weeks, from some obscure disease of the stomach, not yet precisely determined, and from which he had occasionally suffered previously. Dr. FOURGEAUD was born at Charleston, South Carolina, in February, 1815, and was therefore nearly 60 years of age. Appearances indicated him to be a much younger man. He was educated in his literary course in France, and received his education in medicine at Charleston. For four or five years he practiced at St. Louis, and edited with marked ability a medical journal. In 1847 or 1848 he came to the Pacific coast. He settled for a few years in San Francisco, and then removed to Sacramento. About twelve years ago he returned to San Francisco, and continued uninterruptedly to practice here. Besides contributing cases to the medical journals, as all physicians do who have the elevation of their profession at heart, Dr. FOURGEAUD has the distinction of having first described diphtheria in the United States.  Throughout his life he was a very hard-working student. The honor belongs to Dr. FOURGEAUD of being the oldest resident practitioner in San Francisco. At his funeral, which takes place to-morrow from Trinity Church, the medical profession will be largely represented. - [S.F. Call, January 3d.]


ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING - At the Philadelphia House saloon, corner of C and Second streets, at about 7 o’clock last evening, George F. ALBERT, known as “Ducks” among the sporting fraternity, was accidentally shot by Charles HOGAN under the following circumstances: The parties were standing before the bar and about to take a drink, when HOGAN drew a navy six-shooter from its scabbard under his vest, and in so doing the weapon was accidentally discharged by falling from his hand upon the floor. The ball from the pistol struck the floor, glanced upward and through the right leg of “Ducks” close below the knee joint, then struck the counter and glanced through a pane of glass in the window.  “Ducks” was conveyed to the station-house, where his leg was dressed by Dr. McDANIEL. The wound appears to be clean shot, the ball striking from the right side of the right leg immediately below the knee-joint, and upward and out on the inside. The ball probably struck the bones of the knee, and was forced to pass around. It may prove an ugly wound by inflaming the knee joint. HOGAN was arrested and locked up on a charge of exhibiting a deadly weapon. - [Marysville Appeal, January 1st.


Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Union

Tuesday, January 5, 1875


                BY STATE TELEGRAPH

Body Identified in San Francisco - Arrived and Sailed.

                SAN FRANCISCO, January 4th.

A man who was found drowned in the bay near the junction of Main and Harrison streets New Year’s morning has been identified as Frank O’BRIEN, an inmate of the county hospital. He was last seen alive on Tuesday evening, and it is supposed he got drunk and fell overboard.  The Coroner’s Jury this afternoon returned a verdict of accidental 


   Arrived, the steamer Ajax; sailed, the steamer Portsmouth for Honolulu.


                PACIFIC COAST ITEMS

   The Tuolumne county treasury contained $6,284.89 on December 31st.

   An excellent quality of cotton has been produced in the vicinity of Antioch.

   There are between 4,000 and 5,000 tons of wheat yet in the grain warehouses of Hollister and vicinity.

   The Central Pacific Railroad Company will next Spring run a day- train extra between Reno and San Francisco, for the accommodation of the people of the Comstock range.

   J.W. MALONE, of St. Louis, Sierra county, was recently lost in the snow, near Gibsonville, and obliged to put up for the night in an old  cabin which he was lucky enough to find.

   The following letter was recently received by the Postmaster at Hollister: ?Sir wil yo bee so kind as too Send mi leters to Gilroy if their dos any comes their for I. Pleas do it and oblige a frend.?

   In the case of the boy shot Sunday night in San Francisco, the jury yesterday found that deceased came to his death by gun shot wounds -  the gun having been fired by SCHMIDT, and charge him with the crime of manslaughter.

   Saturday night the house of SNYDER, on York street, between Marin and Sonoma, Vallejo, was entered by a theif, who abstracted a trunk belonging to a lodger not at present in the city. He left the trunk in an alley and ran away.

   The Sonora Democrat says: “The long-continued frost that has taken the place of rain is becoming monotonous. The cold has arrested the growth of the grain and feed, but thus far there are no complaints of want of water with our farmers.”

   The son of A.D. CHURCH, of Sierra Valley, who was seriously injured by being thrown from a horse, causing paralysis in his left side, is recovering as fast as could be expected. He is able to walk around, and use his arm some, but has no use of his fingers.

   Sunday evening last a telegraphic dispatch was received at Benicia for officer HANKS at Vallejo, saying that a room in the boarding-house, kept by J. ROBERTS, had been entered and some jewelry pilfered. The robber was a man named Fred. RICTHER, who got away.

   The burglars who attempted to break open the safe of Lewis PIERCE,  at Suisun, last Friday night, did not succeed in getting anything. In fact, they did not get into the safe, for, after taking off one door, they were frightened away before they made much impression on the second. The safe had in it $4,000.

   William HORAN, the young man who was shot by the Indians near Hiko, Nevada, a short time since, is recovering from his wound, but very slowly. One day last week he was in a very precarious condition, and his life was despaired of, inflammation having set in, and his whole side and his head was swollen terribly.

  Information is wanted by Mrs. Marie C. WHITING, 116 Elm street, Pittsburg, Pa., of the whereabouts of Andrew CASSADY.  Said CASSADY was in Downieville some two or three months ago, but left on a mining expedition to Nevada. Persons knowing his address will confer a favor by sending the same to the Sierra Messenger office.

   The Carson twins, R.B. STEWART and Uncle George B. TULLY, had themselves weighed the other day at the Virginia and Truckee Railroad shops. They start in on the new year with avoirdupois as follows:  The former baby 332, the latter 328. The scales are turned now, and TULLY wants four more pounds to get even with STEWART.

   By a humane provision of the Nevada Legislature, an appropriation of $1,000 was made to supply the prisoners of the State Penitentiary with a suitable library. A very judicious and appropriate selection of books, costing between $100 and $500, has lately been made by the Board of Commissioners. Out of the collection the literary and 

illiterate taste of every convict can be gratified.


Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 11, 1875



                BY STATE TELEGRAPH

The Vasquez Trial - Verdict of “Murder in the First Degree.”

                SAN JOSE, January 9th

   At 9 o’clock, sharp, the ninth day of the trial began, and the curtain rose upon the last act of a drama of life or death to the party principally concerned. District Attorney BRIGGS first addressed the jury on behalf of the People. He reviewed the testimony of LEIVA, claiming that it had been substantiated on all points by the other witnesses. He compared the case of LEIVA to that of BLENNERBASSET, when Aaron BURR insinuated himself into his confidence and that of his family, and ruined both. Reverting to the evidence, he wound the chain around and around VASQUEZ until there seemed no loophole of escape.  His denunciations of the dastardly nature and utter causelessness of the bloody deeds were at times terrific, and caused the prisoner to shrink and cower like a trapped wolf. He reminded the jury that the eyes of the State were on them, and that upon their verdict, it might be, depended the lives of other innocent parties.

   TULLY followed, on behalf of the prisoner. He went over the evidence slightly, principally with a view to its uncertainty as to the question of identification. His address was a powerful one, and the strength of it lay in his last appeal to the jury to exercise the privilege of clemency which the law permitted them. At the conclusion of his speech the court took a recess till two o’clock.

   On the opening of the court, COLLINS proceeded to address the jury on behalf of the prisoner. He read from many legal writers to show the difficulty of the identification of persons after a lapse of time, and finished with a stirring appeal for leniency, reminding them that justice without mercy was not justice.

   Attorney-General LOVE next followed and closed the argument for the prosecution. He claimed that the State required no compromised verdict; they asked for a verdict of murder in the first degree or an acquittal, “as he, who is merciful to the bad is cruel to the good.”  Justice was all that was requited. He held that the law of discretion was not made for cases of this kind; that is, murder committed in the commission of a robbery. His effort was a powerful display of oratory, and though frequently interrupted, he never lost the thread of his discourse. At one time the audience, carried away by his eloquence, attempted applause, which was promptly checked by the court. He spoke one hour and a half.

   At the close each side offered their instructions, some of which were given and some refused.

   The charge of the court was then given to the jury, in which Judge BELDEN announced that if the defendant had been actively engaged in planning the robbery, and had assisted threin after the homicide, he was guilty of murder in the first degree, whether or not he fired the fatal shot, or whether or not he was personally present at the time 

the murders were committed.

   The jury was then conveyed to the jury-room to deliberate, and the court adjourned until 7 P.M. At half-past 6 o’clock the court-room was filled  to overflowing with a surging mass of humanity. At five minutes before 8 o’clock Sheriff ADAMS announced that the jury had agreed on a verdict. The court gave notice that any one who should express approbation, in any manner, should be arrested. All wore a look of anxiety as VASQUEZ was brought into court and placed in the prisoner’s dock. At seven minutes past 8 o’clock the jury was ushered in, in charge of Under Sheriff SELMAN. The clerk then called the roll, and George W. REYNOLDS, as foreman, presented the following verdict: 

“We, the jury impaneled to try this case, find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree, and assign the death penalty.” Each juror then stood up and separately answer that such was his verdict. During the reading VASQUEZ sat apparently unmoved, gazing into vacancy.

   Judge COLLINS, for the defense, then arose and stated a desire to enter an exception to the form of the verdict, and asked that sentence be deferred for two weeks, to allow counsel to prepare and present a bill of exceptions. Judge TULLY also asked that two weeks? time be granted, as he had a criminal case on hand to be tried next week, and 

it would be impossible to attend to the VASQUEZ matter before the time asked for. The Court then thanked the jury for their attention and attendance, and they were discharged, those who belonged to the regular term venire being ordered to meet in court next Monday, at ten A.M., for the transaction of regular business. The prisoner was then remanded.

   The verdict has given entire satisfaction, and it is now believed that had it been otherwise an attempt would have been made to take the prisoner away from the officers. The matter of an extension of time is considered merely formal; few who have heard the rulings imagine there can be any further change. This ends the trial of one of the most 

important criminal cases in the records of the State.



Mrs. J.P.R. DANIELS, sister of George PEABODY, has just given a Christmas present of $500 to C.S. JEWETT, who saved her life on a railroad a few years ago.


Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening, April 30, 1877



There is a host of good patriots in “Old Placer” anxious to serve their fellow citizens and the country in general. The Argus gives a list of candidates which, as will be seen, is quite lengthy. [R. For Republican, D. for Democrat:]

  For State Senator - W.M. CRUTCHER, D., W.C. NORTON, R., both of Auburn.

  Assemblyman - F. MULTNER, D., G. HARSH, R., Ophir; J. CLYDESDALE, D., D.M. WALKER, R., Rocklin; L.B. ARNOLD, Dutch Flat; Ben. FRANK, D., Colfax.

  Sheriff - C.C. CROSBY, R., Auburn; W.A. HIMES, D., Colfax; J.G. BISBEE, R., Iowa Hill; S.C. CLOW, R., Rocklin; J. MOORE, D., Ophir; A. HUNTLEY, D., Auburn.

  Clrek - J.R. CRANDALL, R., Auburn; T.J. NICHOLS, R., Dutch Flat; A. McKINLEY, D., Forest Hill; S.J. PULLEN, D., Roseville.

  Recorder - J.T. ASHLEY, R., Auburn; E.D. SHIRLAND, D., Auburn.

  Treasurer - A.J. SOULE, R., Lincoln.

  District Attorney - J.M. FULWEILER, R., Auburn; W.H. BULLOCK, D., Auburn; C.J. BROWN, D., Dutch Flat.

  School Superintendent - E. CALVIN, D., Auburn; H.C. CURTIS, D., Rocklin; H.H. RICHMOND, R., Auburn; Rev. ROGERS, R., Placer county.


                SANTA CRUZ

An Old Man Assassinated

                SANTA CRUZ, April 30

  Queen’s Circus was here Saturday afternoon and evening.  Between the hours of 8 and 9 of that evening Henry DeFOREST aged sixty-two years, who had a wife and five children in Maine, a carpenter at work at the powder mills, was murdered and robbed back of the old mission orchard, half a mile from the Post Office of this place. He was shot back of the right shoulder, the ball slug passing through the entire body and lodging against the skin on the opposite side. It is supposed that he ran a few feet after being shot, the fence being cut by the balls in three different places, the body falling at the gate after the second shot. The shooting was heard by different parties. The body was dragged by the legs across the road and behind some willows, where the pockets were emptied and turned inside out. Next morning the body was found by Mr. LYNCH, owner of the house in front of whose gate the murder was committed. In the willows near the body, a number of papers and forty dollars in paper money were found. No arrests yet.


   The agency of the San Francisco Chronicle is at A.S. HOPKINS’ book store, J street, bet 3d and 4th. All orders left in my book will receive prompt attention. C.H. HOLTON, Agt.


A Summer Suit, a nice Light Coat, Under-clothing of all varieties, Collars, Neckties, etc., at John J. TRARBACH’s Clothing House. Northwest corner 3d and K.


Submitted by Betty Loose





Daily Record-Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Tuesday, January 1, 1878

Page 6 & 7


Year 1877 to December 30th.

Pacific Coast


1 - Nevada Legislature meets....Robert CHANDLER badly injured in the docks at Vallejo....Snow slide near Alta, Utah Territory; several killed....Harry GIBBONS assaulted by hoodlums in San Francisco.  2 - Man named BRADLEY accidentally killed at Oregon City....Edward FERGUSON drowned at Portland....Shooting affray at Virginia City; Tom HUGHES and Dick PADDOCK killed....William McRARY murdered at Golconda....Frank LEWIS committed suicide at Camp Bidwell.

3 - James IRVINE, sailor, suicided by drowning at San Francisco...Severe sand storm in Lower California.

4 - Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Society held its annual meeting at San Jose, and elected Cary PEEBLES President....HARTWELL, the forger, sentenced to six years in the State Prison in Solano county.

5 - Watchman named RILEY suicided by strychnine at Virginia City....Wm.  ROONEY poisoned himself at the same place....John WALSH crushed to death in an Oakland flouring mill....Luding NISSEN thrown from a carriage at Watsonville and killed.

6 - Frank SWIFT, son of Judge C.H. SWIFT, died at San Francisco....Moses SMITH murdered near Shingle Springs....Chinese riot at Virginia City; three men shot.

7 - P. LORETTO poisoned himself in San Francisco....Fire at Williams; loss, $3,0000.

8 - Emile GEBHARDT committed suicide at Vallejo....Court house at Salinas, San Benito county, burned....Running mare Nell Flaherty, died at Victoria....J. WALTERS found dead at Los Angeles, with a bullet hole in his head....Robert GORDON shot himself at Auburn....John FRY badly crushed by an engine at West Oakland....Montana Legislature met.  9 - Martin McCONVILLE committed suicide near Santa Rosa....A twelve-year old boy named George RUSSELL hanged himself at Salt Lake City.  10 - Charles FOX ran over by an engine at Truckee and killed....Mrs. B.F.  JONES committed suicide at San Diego....Ship Commodore wrecked off Cape Flattery.

11 - Pension Agent BENNETT convicted of fraud in Circuit Court at San Francisco....Man named KILLINGWORTH thrown from a wagon near Jacinto and killed.

12 - San Pablo half destroyed by fire....Slight earthquake at Carson City....Charles H. PARR shot and killed at Los Gatos by Bruno FELIS.  13 - Small pox appears in various places on the coast....Son of L.J. ROSE accidentally shot and badly hurt while hunting near Los Angeles....E.I.  LINDSAY suicided at San Francisco....Shock of earthquake at San Diego....R.B. HARGADINE, an Oregon pioneer, died at Oakland.  14 - Pat LENAHER attempted to burn his house and kill his wife at Carson....Captain Thomas E. BAINES, the Irish exile, stabbed in San Francisco by John GILFOY....Fire at Halfmoon Bay; loss, $5,000.  16 - Giant powder exploded in Crown Point mine; Andrew THOMAS injured....Boy named Frank McDERMOTT accidentally shot by another boy named Fred NIROD at Dixon. Charles SILVERSTEEN shot and killed at Elko by Robert CROZIER.  17 - Fire at Anaheim; loss, $18,000....Snow two feet deep at Virginia City....Man named DARLING thrown from a wagon and killed near Healdsburg.  18 - Jose Jesus GALINDA, aged 106, died near Milpitas....Landslide on Virginia and Truckee Railroad....Registration frauds investigation began in San Francisco....Diphtheria prevalent in various parts of the State. Fire at Bakersfield, loss, $3,000; new school-house at Lower Lake burned, loss, $1,500....James KELLY suicided near Watsonville.  19 - Peter LARKIN executed at Virginia City....H.C. BENNETT, ex-Pension Agent, fined $5,000, or two years’ imprisonment, in San Francisco....Lewis SHEARER shot by Henry KIND, at Oakland....Stage robbed near Marysville - little booty.

20 - Stage between Newhall Station and Santa Barbara robbed....Blanc PINA suicided at San Francisco....Attempted robbery of the express car, on lightning train, between Summit and Truckee....Wagon upset near Ophir, and John HALNEY and John PATTON injured....Magill BERRYESSA murdered at Colusa by Tiburcio MARTINEZ and others.

21 - Fire at Portland, Oregon; loss, $50,000....Little daughter of Levi JONES, hear Turlock, severely scalded....Boy named WALLACE, in Pope Valley, Napa, accidentally shot....John GILROY shot and killed at Bridgeport, Mono county, by Mrs. Mary GRANT....County Judge T.M. PAWLING, of Amador, deceased.

22 - Ocean House at Eureka burned; loss, $4,000; Thomas GORMAN, Nicholas MELADY, Alex BROWN and _____ COLLINS burned to death, and several injured.  23 - 1,000 tons of coal in San Francisco discovered to be on fire....Mexican named MORENO shot and killed by another named GALINDO, at San Juan South....Thomas MONTGOMERY was thrown from stage at Napa, and skull fractured.

24 - Plot discovered to destroy hoisting works of C. and C. shaft at Virginia; also, to fire hoisting works of Consolidated Virginia.  25 - John McCABE suicided at Colfax....Ex-Chief Justice YGLESIAS, of Mexico, arrived in San Francisco....Boy named David CUNLANDERS suicided in San Francisco.

26 - Part of crew of wrecked ship Ada Iredale arrived at San Francisco....William Kay NEIL executed at Albany, Oregon....Small-pox increasing in San Francisco....Judge William PATTERSON died at Carson....One of the Santa Cruz powder works blew up....Mrs. DEAN committed suicide at East Oakland.

27 - Paul STRUDEL committed suicide at San Francisco....Schooner Industry went ashore and lost at mouth of Columbia river....John King LOVEJOY, and old newspaper man, died near Verdi.

28 - William SHICK suicided at San Francisco....Patrick CUNNIGHAM accidentally shot near San Francisco.

29 - Doctor J.M. KELSEY, of Stockton, found dead in his rowboat....MARTINEZ, murderer BERRYESSA arrested at Winters....Henry KOESKE thrown from a horse near Tremont station, Solano county, and severely injured.

30 - Valuable mining discoveries reported near Prescott,

Arizona.....Lieutenant J.H. WHEEDON committed suicide at San Francisco.

31 - John LEE shot and killed at Downey City, Los Angeles county, by R.  PERRY; Lee’s daughter afterwards attempted to shoot PERRY....Little daughter of Samuel LEWIS burned to death near Grass Valley....Man named ANDERSON killed by one BUCKINGHAM near Darwin.


1 - Frank P. BAKER committed suicide at San Francisco....Two boys named DUDLEY and BARBEE carried out to sea from San Francisco and lost....James ROGERS assaulted and badly hurt one CLIFT at Anaheim.  2 - Judge K.H. DALY died at Fresno....L.F. GROVER, Governor of Oregon, resigned, and S.F. CHADWICK succeeded him.

3 - Wm. FRESLIG, editor of the San Jose Courier, died....Man named ELLIS badly injured at Grass Valley by a powder explosion....John BLACKFORD committed suicide at Grass Valley.

4 - Apache outrages in Arizona reported....Residence of State Printer THOMPSON burned at Santa Rosa....Charles QUILLOT killed at St. Johns, Colusa county, by John WELLFORD. John TRATHEN accidentally killed near Grass Valley....Charles MOXHAM committed suicide at Shasta.  5 - A.B. SPOONER, Sr., drowned at Morro, San Luis Obispo county....Body of Arthur E. CANNON found in Humboldt river....Chas. COLE shot and killed by John WOOLFORD at Chico.

6 - Thomas WHEELON shot at Caliente by an Under Sheriff....Moritz CHOYNSKI shot at Santa Ana by R.N. WILLIAMS....Rear Admiral James ALDEN died at San Francisco, aged 68....Miner named Wm. HASKINS killed at Gold Hill accidentally....Louis KATZENSTEIN shot in the shoulder at Marysville, while masquerading as a ghost. ...Mrs. D. WINTER badly burned at Healdsburg.  7 - Fire at Ukiah; loss, $600....Mills Seminary property near Oakland donated to its Board of Trustees....W.P. McCULLOUGH committed suicide at San Francisco.

8 - James WILSON killed by a snow plow near Truckee....J. SHEA and James SULLIVAN injured by a premature blast at Nevada City....Samuel GASS committed suicide at San Francisco.

9 - Large warehouse near Vallejo burned with 230 tons of hay....Ex-Assessor Levi ROSENER died at San Francisco....Hugh KELLY killed at Ruby Hill, Nevada, by James TICKLE.

10 - S.B. NORTHCUTT accidentally shot himself at Dixon.  11 - David GILBERT died from asphyxia at San Francisco....M. JANSEN accidentally shot at Gold Run.

12 - Fire at Salinas; loss, $2,000...Depot hotel at Reno burned....John WHITMORE, a convict in San Quentin, killed Henry DIEDRICH, and then committed suicide.

13 - Work on the Pacific coast railroad commenced at San Jose....Thomas BOGGS committed suicide at San Francisco....William BROTHERS, a pioneer, found dead near Santa Cruz....A.C. McDONALD murdered with an ax by unknown parties near Santa Rosa....J.F. TAYLOR shot and killed by Harrison PHELPS near Marsh Grant, Contra Costa county, and the latter suicided.  13 - Hon. I.A. AMERMAN, United States Postal Agent, died at San Leandro....Renewed troubles on Lower California frontier....Hamilton J.  MEAD, shot by an unknown assassin on the 13th, died at San Francisco....W.E.  GRIMES accidentally killed near Portland, Oregon.....John T. LOYD killed by highwaymen in Inyo county.

15th - Shooting affray at San Diego between James McCOY and D.O. McCARTHY; no harm done....A fireman named Robert COCKERILL fell from train near Turlock and killed....John F. LENHART committed suicide at San Francisco.  16 - Jail break at San Bernardino....Chas. BRANDT committed suicide near Santa Rosa....Fred. TILT drowned near San Francisco.  18 - Mrs. W.P. STOREY thrown from a buggy at Colfax and sustained a fracture of her leg.

18 - Man named McINTOSH committed suicide hear Santa Rosa.

20 - Simon STUART killed at Tybo, Nevada, by Mart. TUPPER.  21 - John DURHAM shot himself fatally in San Francisco....El Dorado Brewery, at Stockton, burned.

22 - Jail break at Stockton....Captain HELLISON of the ship Semirinis drowned at San Francisco....Disastrous gas explosion in San Francisco....Miss Dolores ENRIQUEZ severely burned by a kerosene explosion at Los Angeles.

23 - Fire at Silver City, Nevada; loss, $3,000....Ex-Mayor William HAWLEY, of Marysville, deceased....Stage upset near Mokelumne Hill; several injured.  24 - John G. CHASE attempted to shoot his wife in San Francisco....Stage robbed near Sonora....Mrs. W.E. LINDSEY thrown from a wagon near Merced Falls and badly hurt....Jesse R. STOVELL, aged 10, accidentally shot and killed at Colusa.

25 - Dr. Holmes FINNEGAN shot his wife an himself at San Francisco....DIAZ sworn in as President of Mexico.

26 - Owen CONLON murdered at San Francisco by Owen GROWNEY with a beer glass.

27 - Jerry HENNESSEY died at Santa Rosa from effects of a railroad injury....William MIERS accidentally killed at San Francisco with a gun....Gillermo RAMEL shot Ramon PINA in the face at Gilroy.  28 - Freight train ditched at Bantas; several injured....Unknown man fell from fourth story of a building in San Francisco, and fatally injured....John CANTWELL “run a muck” at Santa Cruz and stabbed several men; one fatally.


1 - Wife of child of J.M. LANE drowned near Elko....C.D. MUNSON hanged himself at San Francisco....Paul MORRILL confirmed as Surveyor of Customs at San Francisco....Jas. WORTHLEY shot and killed by John NELSON at Oroville;

John McGINLEY shot and killed by Wm. PARKER at Mountain View, Santa Clara county....Fire at San Jose, 4 buildings destroyed.

2- Fatal land slide near Santa Rosa....Son of Chas. NORTON fatally kicked by a horse near San Jose....Samuel C. MANGUNE committed suicide at Bloomfield....Fire at Placerville, 8 buildings consumed....Jos. HOLLISTEIN hung himself neat Antioch.

3 - Thos. D. DAVIS murdered and his body burned in his cabin near Portland, Oregon....Freeman WILCOX accidentally killed at Placerville by a fall....One BAR clubbed his mother-in-law to death with a shotgun at Sweetbrier, Shasta county.

4 - Patrick MORRISSEY fatally burned by a coal oil explosion at San Francisco.

5 - Robert McCORMICK fatally shot by John McCONNELL at Willows, Colusa county....Attempted assassination of Mrs. Dr. BRILLASKA at Santa Clara....Moses JONES killed accidentally in a mine at Shady Run, Placer county.

6 - James HARRINGTON, under death sentence at Virginia City, made a desperate attempt to break jail....Gulf of California Oyster Company bubble exploded in San Francisco.

7 - Stage robbed near Indian Wells by a 4 masked men....J.N. MITCHELL accidentally fatally shot near Gilroy.

9 - Unsuccessful attempt made to stop a stage between San Diego and Anaheim....Thomas McDOWELL shot and killed Eldro KNALL near Virginia City....Attempts made to burn down the two Chinatowns at Chico.  10 - Several attempts at arson made at Nord and Chico on Chinese houses....Eugene MULLIGAN shot dead in his doorway at San Francisco by unknown parties.

11 - Felix McELROY found dead at Los Angeles with an ugly wound in his head.

12 - Henry HERRIN thrown from a buggy and killed near San Felipe.  13 - Body of Thomas AGNEW, an old printer, found near Santa Barbara....Tassey STEWART acquitted at San Francisco on a charge of bribing Secretary CHANDLER.

14 - Wm. LYNCH accidentally drowned at Marysville.  15 - Six Chinamen shot by white assassins and their cabin burned at Chico....Paul CARROLL, aged 17, acquitted for murder at Virginia City.  16 - Colonel McCOMB, of the Alta, and William HAYES, an attorney, had a personal difficulty at San Francisco.

17 - Fire at Silver City; loss, $1,000....Man named STEWART accidentally burned to death near Nevada City.

19 - John McCABE found in his bed at San Francisco dangerously stabbed....Fire at San Francisco; loss, $1,000....Shooting affray between James MITCHELL and a negro at Bakersfield; no one hurt.  20 - Shooting affray at San Diego between ___ COVENT and _____ RICHTER; the latter was fatally injured.

22 - Child named Carroll COULTER run over and killed by a car at Woodland....Barney CARTER shot and killed at Chico by Thomas ALBRO.  23 - T. Wallace MORE brutally murdered near Santa Paula by Unknown parties.

24 - Boy named Edward SPENCE fatally shot Joseph MENDOZA near San Jose.  25 - Jesse GOFFE drowned at San Diego....Perpetrators of the Chico Chinese outrage arrested....Robert ALEXANDER fatally stabbed in a free fight at Santa Rosa....T.A. LONGACRE suicided at Virginia City.  26 - Robert HUNTER killed at San Francisco by a falling derrick....W.F.  RUSSELL, editor of the Index, found dead in his bed at Santa Barbara....Fire at Virginia City, loss, $2,000....Stage robbery near Santa Barbara.  27 - Pacheco-Wigginton Congressional contest decided in Supreme Court in favor of the former....Child of George FARLEY killed at Colusa by falling sacks of grain.

28 - James BEATSON, flume watchman at Cherokee, shot a Chinaman fatally for robbing the flume....heavy shock of earthquake at Livermore.  29 - News received of the imprisonment of John A. SUTTER, United States Consul at Acapulco, by General JIMINEZ.

30 - James HAYES executed at Bakersfield for murder....Ship Frank Jones went ashore outside of Fort Point, San Francisco....W.R. BRADBURY seriously stabbed at San Francisco by an employe....John McDONALD shot and killed at San Francisco by L. JOELL.

31 - Race at San Jose between Goldsmith Maid and Rarus, time 2:22 ½, 2:16 ¾, 2:18 ¼....Stage robbed near La Graciosa, Santa Barbara county.


Daily Record-Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Tuesday, January 1, 1878

Page 6 & 7


1 - Fist fight in the San Francisco Criminal Court between Judge FERRAL and George W. TYLER....Aaron JONES drove off a grade and fatally injured near San Felipe.

2 - Dry goods store at San Jose burned....Francois DUBOIS found murdered near Bear Mountain, Calaveras county.

3 - Portion of Santa Cruz powder works blown up, killing J.M. BROWN....Emily V. GEILEVER committed suicide at San Francisco....Claus JANSEN and family accidentally poisoned at Dixon, but were saved....B. STILES accidentally killed at Eureka.

4 - Collision near Cascade between passenger and freight train; George BURT, John WARREN and Frank MAXWELL, engineer and firemen, killed....Isaac FRIEDLANDER, grain merchant, suspended....Severe earthquake at Victoria....Child named Thomas PHIPPS accidentally drowned in a well at San Francisco.

5 -   Mrs. S.P. GURBENSON stabbed by Mrs. SNUFFLIN at Santa Pauli....Captain

A.F. SOUTHER killed his wife and committed suicide at San

Francisco....Michael McGOUGH fatally shot Adam MANN on river steamer Sacramento.

6 -   J. STADERMAN killed by a fall at San Francisco....Wife of Rev. J.W.

HOUGH died at Santa Barbara.

6 -   Ex-County Judge JAMES A. HUTTON died at Woodland....G.G. BROWN, conductor, killed on Southern Pacific Railroad....B. HEFFERN killed by a car at San Francisco.

8 -   Fire at San Jose; loss, $26,000....Boy named VAN LEUVEN seriously stabbed at old San Bernardino by another named Ed. COLE.

9 -   Earthquake shocks at San Luis Obispo; Rarus trotted a mile in San

Francisco in 2:15; the best time ever made in California....Mrs. HYLAND fatally injured at Dixon.

10 -Severe wind and sand storms in southern California.

11 -One SPILCHER shot Bertha BONTE and then suicided at San

Francisco....Dennis O’LEARY and William COSTELLO killed accidentally at the San Francisco new City Hall.

12 -Fire at Los Angeles; loss, $4,000....John BILLINGS and John GREGORY accidentally killed near Yreka....Insane man named McINTOSH attacked R.W.  WITHINGTON at Bakersfield and was fatally shot....Seven men killed by a mining cave near Smartsville, Yuba county.

13 -Frank JORDAN fell into a camp fire in a fit on Tulare Lake and was burned to death.

14 -Man named DAVIS killed at Stockton by a freight train....Race at

Oakland between Occident and Oakland Maid - won by former - time, 2:25 - 2:27 ¼ - 2:27 ¼ - 2:29 ½....Man named FUNDY had his skull fractured in a quarrel at Santa Rosa by J.A. MERRICK.

15 -T.W. DEWEY fatally stabbed Peter WILSON at Dutch Flat, Alpine county.

16 -Well known running stallion Rochester died at Chico.

17 -Dr. E.A. PREUSS found dead in his chair at Santa Cruz....Cashier BACH found murdered near Hollister....Little girl named McCABE burned to death at Grass Valley.

18 -John EPPINGER found dead in the mud at Potrero, San Francisco....Fire at San Francisco; loss, $1,000....Trial of the Chico incendiaries commenced at Oroville....Dr. Dalph WILCOX, Clerk of United States Circuit Court committed suicide at Portland, Oregon....Jack TALLENTS found murdered near Truckee.

19 -Adam PFEIFER found dead in his bed at San Jose....Prolific petroleum well struck near San Jose....George E MURRAY fatally injured by a fall at Oakland.

20 -Incendiary fire near Chico; loss, $10,000....C. CUMMINGS shot and killed Alexander LAIRD near Gilroy.

21 -W.F. SCOTT found murdered near Yreka.

22 -Henry A. FOX, Deputy County Assessor, committed suicide at San

Francisco....A gang of counterfeiters captured at San Francisco.

23 -T.D. FISHER fell from the second story window in San Francisco and killed....Chinaman named Harry GREEN hanged himself at Washington Corners....A. GAGE committed suicide near San Diego.

24 -D.O. BRADOVICH and Stephen CORSICK mortally wounded in an affray at

Deadwood City.

25 -Fire at Santa Rosa; loss, $20,000.

26 -Police officer C.J. COOTS murdered in San Francisco by hoodlums....Frank DENVARS committed suicide at San Francisco...Charles OTTENS found murdered near San Luis Obispo....John M. TAYLOR committed suicide at San Jose.

27 -Fire at Tulare; loss, $50,000....Race at Los Angeles between Occident and Bodine, won by former; time, 2:25 ½ - 2:23 - 2:26 ½.

28 -Platt WILSON accidentally shot through the arm near Los

Gatos....Benjamin WILKES accidentally drowned at Colby’s Landing....Henry DeFOREST robbed and murdered at Santa Cruz.

29 -Brakeman named PATTERSON had his foot crushed at Colfax....John ROACH shot and killed Matt GLEASON at Hamilton Nevada....Louis RICHBERG died at San Jose from self-inflicted bullet wound....Inan SALAZAR fatally stabbed at Almaden, Santa Clara county, by Baptista SANDOVAL.

30 -New gold discoveries reported in Alaska....Employes of Virginia and

Truckee railroad struck because of a reduction of wages....Two men - MURRAY and TODD - poisoned to death near San Luis Obispo by eating wild parsley....Child of John ROBERTS, at San Francisco, accidentally killed.


1 -   Large cave in Oak Grove gravel mine, Siskiyou county....Infant of J.E.

SHEARER scalded to death at Chico....William ROBINSON crushed to death in a mine near Ophir.

2 -   Labor excitement at Virginia City, consequent on a reduction of wages....John B. FELTON, prominent lawyer, deceased at Oakland....William LAIRD drowned near Yreka....Dr. G. ABERNATHY, ex-Governor, died at Portland.

3 -   Francisco ARIAS and Jose CHAMALIO, murderers of DeFOREST, hung by a mob at Santa Cruz.

4 -   Chin Mook SOW, Chinese murderer, executed at San Francisco....George WASHINGTON badly stabbed by John FORNEY at Stockton....J.C. MORGAN, pioneer, died at Chico....W.H. DAVY killed by a cave near Nevada City.

5 -   Larry AUSTIN seriously shot at Colfax by J. CHAPPEL....George M. PINNEY returned from a foreign tour and delivered himself up to the San Francisco authorities....Extensive labor demonstration at Virginia City....Pedro BALLOW committed suicide at Los Angeles....Curtis DODGE drowned in San Joaquin river at Webb’s Landing.

6 -   Roger McGUIRE killed by a fall at San Francisco....Daughter of C.

DEVEREAUX accidentally fatally shot near Temescal....Fire at Virginia City, loss, $1,200....Boy named McNALLY drowned near Benicia....One GARDNER fatally stabbed at Butte City by ____ MORINO.

8 -   W.E. DARGIE, of the Oakland Tribune, assaulted by B.F. MARSTON; Major TRUMAN assaulted by P.W. DOONER at the same place....Stage robbed between Gilroy and Los Banos....William LEMON accidentally killed at Oakland.

10 -Drunken woman named Margaret MURPHY laid down on her child and killed it at San Francisco....A tidal wave did great damage at Gavoita, San Luis Obispo county.

11 -Daughter of M. GALENDS burned to death at the Guadalupe mine, Santa Clara county....Fire at New Almaden, loss, $5,000....Race at San Jose between Occident and Bodine, won by the former, time 2:26 - 2:24 - 2:21 ¼....Fire at Merced, loss $20,000.

12 -Emmet CAMPBELL shot at Colusa by John MORGAN....Race at San Jose between Goldsmith Maid and Rarus, won by former. Time, 2:16 ¼.

13 -Fire at Napa, loss, $20,000.....Stage robbed near Prescott, Arizona Territory.

14 -Charles H. BRYAN, ex-Justice of the California Supreme Court, died at Carson....Fire at Salinas City, loss, $18,000....John D. WORDEN killed by a runaway team near Marysville....Isaac Van Ward PETERS committed suicide in Placer county hospital.

16 -Fire at Ophir, Utah, loss, $6,000; incendiary fire near Gilroy, loss $10,000....Luke TURFFREY stabbed by W. FAIRMAN at Yuba City....Wm. DAVIS found murdered near North San Juan....Constantine NORTH shot and killed by Frank COLLINS near Tehachepi station.

17 -Samuel KNAPP committed suicide near San Jose....Child named Albert McMAHON run over and killed by a street car in San Francisco....C. FLINN found dead in his cabin near Eureka, Nevada....Thomas McADAMS, J.H. BURKE and ____ BROWN, drowned in the Bay....Steamer City of San Francisco struck a rock and sunk near Acapulco; no lives lost.

18 -Colonel Ezekiel JEWETT, scientist, died at Santa Barbara....Charles CROCKER’s double team trotted two heats of a mile each at San Francisco in 2:31 and 2:30....Jas. BAILEY committed suicide at Virginia City by jumping into a shaft....Colored boy named John COOPER maliciously shot and wounded near Stockton by two rascals....John ROBERTSON accidentally shot near San Jose.

19 -Richard LEISER committed suicide at Woodland....Goldsmith Maid trotted at Chico; Time, 2:19 - 2:14 ½ - 2:17....Fire at Merced, loss $18,000....Stage robbed near San Juan Capistrano....WILSON, engineer of steamer Parthonius, drowned in the Bay.

20 -Boy named Patrick A. COYNE killed by street-car in San Francisco....Alfonse LUKIN died in San Francisco from a beating received by hoodlums....W. GLASSEN and Harry ARGYLE seriously hurt near Napa City by the breaking of a mining shaft rope.

21 -Thomas BARROWS seriously hurt at Stockton by runaway team....Fire at Portland, Oregon; loss, $1,000....CROCKER’s double team trotted in 2:26 ½ at San Francisco....George TALLMADGE killed by a fall at Downieville.

22 -Trial of Chico Chinese murderers commenced at Oroville....Charles W.

CLEARY stabbed and killed by ______ DALEY at Willow Creek, Calaveras county.

23 -One RONCALES killed in a fight near San Buenaventura.

24 -Man named AUBURY found dead in his bed near San Jose.

25 -Fire at Oroville; loss, $1,000....Geo. M. PINNEY arrested at San Francisco on two charges of forgery....Mrs. Annie MALONE found dead in bed at Benicia under suspicious circumstances.

26 -M.U. HAZEN found dead near Hueneme, San Buenaventura county....Jury in Chinese Chico murder cases returned verdict of murder in second degree.

27 -Wilhelm SALLT committed suicide at San Francisco.

28 -One HAMILTON killed by a falling tree near San Jose....Dexter E.

PARROTT killed at Dunnigan’s, Yolo county, by Michael NOLAN.

29 -E.C. CHURCH, a pioneer, died in Solano county.

30 -L.W. ROBINSON, County Judge of Colusa county, deceased....Severe earthquake shock at Paso de Robles, San Luis Obispo county....Eugene SHEEHAN run over by cars and killed at Niles.

31 -Juan SALAZER executed at San Rafael....D.M. KNOWLTON committed suicide at San Francisco.



1 -   Six more charges of perjury preferred against PINNEY....James WEBSTER died at San Jose from an overdose of morphine administered by a person claiming to be a physician....George W. PERRIS shot and killed L. HICKOCK at San Bernardino.

2 -   Marcus SALINGER committed suicide at San Francisco....Boy named BERNSTEIN fell into the bay from Oakland wharf, and Frank HODGIN attempted to rescue him, when both perished.

3 -   Manuel SILVA mortally shot at Haywards by P. CLANCY....Miner named TUCKIS killed by poisonous gases in a tunnel near Dutch Flat.

4 -   Destructive fire at Vacaville....2,000 bushels of grain burned in a stack near Nicolas....Infant of Mrs. Mary LORIGAN fatally scalded at Stockton....Nicolous HORTES murdered in mountains between Sonoma and Petaluma by Jose Marie FLORES.

5 -   Chico soap factories again burned by incendiaries....Wm. A. STILLWELL committed suicide at Santa Cruz.

6 -   100 cords of wood burned near Colfax....Man named BURNS stabbed himself 11 times at Los Angeles....Fire near Jackson, loss, $1,500.

7 -   N.T. CUTLER committed suicide at San Francisco....M. STEPF run over by a street car and killed in San Francisco....Yedefonso ENRO mortally shot near Noorshoff, Ventura county, by Jeff HOWARD....Little daughter of M. CLANCY accidentally killed at Virginia City....Peter RUSH murdered at Novato, Marin county.

8 -   James FINNERTY shot and killed at Hallock, Nevada, by a negro named MILLS....Works of Hercules Powder Company, near San Francisco, exploded.

9 -   Michael AHEARNE killed by a sunstroke at Vallejo....David MANHEIM killed James McSLOY near Eureka, Nevada....Fire near Chico, loss, $3,000....Arcade Sawmill, above Chico, burned, loss, $14,000....Sailor named Charles RANDALL killed by another named W. J. WALKER at Vallejo.

10 -Captain D.A. GREGORY shot twice by attempted assassins at San Diego....Extensive field conflagration near Lompoc - grain and pasture fields destroyed and about 150 cattle burned....Peter RUSH found murdered near San Rafael.

11 -PINNEY held to answer in San Francisco....Boy named SUCERO accidentally killed while hunting near Almaden....Fire at Plymouth, Amador county, loss, $35,0000....Volcano eruption near Flowing Wells station, on Southern Pacific road....W. PERKINS and an Indian killed near St. Helena by A. MATTEYO.

12 -Aniceto DECADO shot fatally by Vicente LESCASDA near Los Angeles....John FARRINGTON cut this throat at San Francisco....First Sergeant BRUNS committed suicide at the Presidio....Fire at Williams, loss, $35,000....Two stages robbed near Calistoga.

13 -John TRACY run over and killed on railroad near Vina....E.M. PROCTOR drowned near Lodi....Sam MAHONEY badly shot by ____ MASSEY near Eureka, Nevada....B. MARSHAL slightly shot J. FLEMMING at Ruby Mill, Nevada.

14 -Boy named EALEY shot an Indian at Campo, San Diego county....Bark Cambridge wrecked off Cape Flattery.

15 -F. KUCHENBACK thrown from a mule and killed at Sawyer’s Bar, Siskiyou county....Several men killed by an explosion in Sutro tunnel.

16 -Attempt made to explode a steam fire engine at Virginia City.

17 -W.H. CHEVERS, a pioneer, died at San Francisco....Body of J. LARKIN found in a pond of water near Virginia City.

18 -Mrs. AREES and her two children murdered at Los Banos creek, Merced county, by Joseph DUMOND, who was afterwards killed by pursuers at Surprise valley, Modoc county.

19 -Fight between E.J.C. KEWEN and John S. THOMPSON, lawyers, in the Los Angeles County Court.

20 -Waldo HASKELL and James SANDERS committed suicide at San Francisco....Condor Mills at Pioche, burned....Melville COGGINS killed by a cave in Chile gulch, Calaveras county.

22 -Fire at San Francisco; loss, $5,000....Two cases of incendiarism in Colusa county....Edmund S. SAMPSON died at Snelling - it is supposed from poison.

23 -Three earthquake shocks at San Buenaventura....David WALTON found dead near Vallejo....John TANNAHIL killed by Royal BAXTON near San Diego....M.  TINOTT burned to death on Grand Island....J.F. CALLOUX thrown from buggy and killed at Sierra City.

24 -J.T. GAMERSTON committed suicide in Grace Church, San Francisco....Clarence W. NICKERSON accidentally shot and killed near Santa Cruz.

25 -Nitro glycerine explosion at Reno; two men killed....Apache raids continue in Sonora....Nine-year-old son of John COOPER accidentally shot and killed near Cloverdale.

26 -H.B. HILTON killed by the cars at San Leandro....Fire near Healdsburg; loss, $4,000.

27 -A. MACKONY burned to death in his barn near Marysville.

28 -S.M. BLISS appointed County Judge of Yuba county, vice SELLON, deceased.

29 -“Captain Jack” CRAWFORD accidentally shot himself in the groin while performing in the Virginia City Theater.

30 -Homer YOUNG shot and killed at Lake Tahoe by R.C. HAMMOND....Benjamin HOLLAND and W.H. CARTER murdered by horse thieves near Pioche.


Daily Record-Union Sacramento, Cal.

Tuesday, January 1, 1878

Page 6 & 7


1 - Body of Michael CANAVAN found in Mission creek, San Francisco....Fire at San Jose; James GOUGH burned to death, and Jerry LYNCH badly hurt....Miss Lizzie FANCHER thrown from a wagon and killed near Cloverdale.  2 - Senatorial Commission to investigate charges against Senator GROVER begun its labors at Portland, Oregon....William MOYLE received injuries while driving near Cloverdale which resulted in his death.  3 - John DAY committed suicide at Virginia City....At Petrolia, Humboldt county, Mrs. McAULIFF cut the throats of her three children and then attempted suicide....E.Y. SOUTHER found dead near Woodland.  4 - John GRIFFIN stabbed and killed at Lockford, San Joaquin county, by Ellison CAHILL....the Fourth was appropriately celebrated over the State....Section of lumber flume near Oroville gave way, killing Richard WATSON and Patrick BACON, and severely injuring two other men....J.  KARMOLINSKE badly hurt at Tehama while firing an anvil salute.  5 - Attempt made to blow up the house of Thomas EVANS at Virginia City....Fire at Virginia City, loss, $2,000; at San Jose, loss, $2,000....Tiofolo VACA, a pioneer, died in Solano county.  6 - Fire at Eureka, Nevada, loss, $7,000...Thomas HARRIS killed by a cave at Galena, Nevada.

7 - Indian lynched at Ward, Nevada, for attempting to commit rape on a white girl....M.B. HOWARD, lawyer, committed suicide at Belmont, Nevada.  8 - Mrs. Mary A. ANDERSON committed suicide at San Francisco....J.K. SMITH shot and killed at Shingle Springs by Chas. BARK....Alice POUND committed suicide near Ione City.

9 - Fire at Eureka Nevada, loss, $4,000....Son of Peter BRUNSTETTER accidentally killed at Grass Valley.

10 - Boy named Willie MAHONEY run over and killed by a truck at San Francisco....J. LOCKE committed suicide at San Francisco....J. MILLER died at Austin from the effect of an accident.

11 - Boy named George ROACH run over and killed at Virginia.

12 - Fire at Colusa; loss, $9,000....John DORAN shot in the groin by J.  SULLENBERGER at Virginia, and died the next day....Manuel BUTRON shot by Justin ARAJO at San Juan South, and his murderer was lynched.  13 - John RUNK convicted of murder in the first degree at San Francisco for shooting officer COOTS.

11 - Lawrence DALTON killed by falling into a shaft at Austin....James SPOONER died at Lockford from the effects of an accident.  15 - William WRIGHT attempted to shoot Richard RULE at Santa Rosa....Henry BULLOCK stabbed by an Indian near San Jose....Reyes ROMERO murdered near Anaheim.

16 - Destructive fire at Marysville....Miner named STEWART fell into Consolidated Virginia shaft and received fatal injuries....Boy named HUTTIN accidentally shot in the foot near Oakland.

17 - 2,000 feet of snow-shedding burned near Emigrant Gap....Mrs. Frances

REYNOLDS shot and killed near Ukiah by J.B. CANAZA, who afterwards committed

suicide....Unsuccessful attempt made to burn Eureka, Humboldt county....David EVANS shot and killed by John FITCH near Santa Cruz, and the latter committed suicide....Boy named HUTTON badly shot while hunting near Temescal.

18 - 1,500 feet of snow-shedding burned near Cicso....Roscoe PEARL drowned near Woodland....Stage from Redding to Ukiah robbed....John STULTZ run over by the cars near Boca and killed....Thos. S. HAGERTY shot and killed near Anaheim by Francis M. CAHILL.

19 - Charles SOMMERS committed suicide at Virginia; Martin CREMETTI committed suicide near the same city....G.W. PERRY, convicted of murder in the second degree, committed suicide in jail at San Bernardino.  20 - Mrs. Amelia Wapple HODGKINSON poisoned herself at San Francisco....Geo.

TAYLOR shot himself dead at San Francisco.

21 - Boy named BEACH drowned at Stockton....Infant daughter of John GRAY of Fiddletown choked to death with a nut-shell.

22 - Austin, Nevada, inundated by a cloudburst....E. McLEOD shot James McLAUGHLIN at Benicia....Samuel KERR drowned near San Francisco.

23 - Field fire at R.M. TURNER’s ranch near Durham, loss, $1,500....Serious

riot at San Francisco....T.G. DURNING seriously stabbed at Yankee Jim’s by


24 - Public meeting held at San Francisco and a Vigilance Committee organized ro suppress the mob of hoodlums....Fire at Sonora; loss, $6,100.  25 - Joe BLANCHARD, a stage robber, died at Trinity Center, from wounds received at his capture....Man named MURPHY severely hurt by a fall at Gridley’s.

28 - Dr. A.C. PUTNAM drowned while fishing in Monterey Bay....Destructive fire at San Pablo....Fire at Portland; loss, $20,000....David GOURLEY drowned near Rio Vista.

29 - F.A. BRASCH poisoned himself at San Francisco....Thomas COSTELLO and James FARR drowned in the San Joaquin river at Union Island.  30 - Fire at Milwaukee, Oregon; loss, $6,000; at Santa Cruz; loss, $1,500.  31 - Samuel MARION poisoned himself at San Francisco....Attempt made to burn Chinatown at Red Bluff.


1 - Moses G. MORSE committed suicide at Oakland.  2 - Lizzie SULLIVAN committed suicide at St. Helena....Philip HARTNIAN killed by a falling tree near Tyrone Mills, Sonoma county.  3 - Major John COOK, a pioneer, died at San Jose....Stage from Milton to Sonora robbed.

4 - Hon. Benjamin HAYES died at Los Angeles....Marion HENSHAW shot by highwaymen near Elko, thirty bullets entering his body....Felice VALENTINE drowned in the Bay....Three unsuccessful attempts made to burn Nevada City.  5 - Henry A. ROSEWARN shot and killed by Jessie LEWIS at San Francisco, who then committed suicide.

6 - Trial of the DE YOUNG,  for libeling Congressman PAGE in the Chronicle, commenced at Placerville....Fred. McDONNALL killed by a falling timber at Virginia City....Griff ALVARES fatally shot at Kanawha, Colusa county, by George HILTON.

7 - Ernest METZLER committed suicide near Latrobe....J.E. DALEY fatally shot at San Francisco by L.H. HANKS, who afterwards committed suicide in jail....Young PHELAN shot and killed by J.E. PATRICK near Ukiah, supposing him a deer.

8 - George HAWKINS had his foot crushed by the cars at Roseville....Disastrous fire at San Francisco; loss, $250,000....Fire at Olympia, Washington Territory; loss, $20,500....John BAKER frightfully and fatally mangled in a saw mill near Jackson.

9 - H. HONCHINS killed near Susanville by a wagon accident....Frank GOMEZ killed by a cave near Columbia, Tuolumne county, and his brother John had his leg broken.

10 - Unsuccessful attempt made to burn Santa Cruz....Thomas BURNEY killed in a mine in Plumas county.

11 - Robert CAMPBELL seriously hurt at Gold Hill by falling from a bridge.  12 - Fred CAULFIELD committed suicide in Lone Mountain Cemetery, San Francisco.

13 - Henry E. BOSTWICK drowned in Lake Tahoe while bathing....Boy named William STOCKWELL accidentally shot in the arm while hunting near Napa.  14 - Dastardly attempt made to wreck a passenger train near Roseville....George McELISH had his foot crushed while coupling cars at Sesma Station.

15 - Child of J.S. MERRITT killed by a fall at San Jose....Child named David CUNES run over by a truck at San Francisco and killed....Philemon PENECKS accidentally shot at Chico.

16 - Powder explosion in San Francisco damaged considerable property....Fire at Oroville; loss, $10,000....Boy named Virgil D. SMITH thrown from a horse near Anaheim and killed.

17 - Fatal railroad collision near Livermore and a number of freight cars burned....Congressman W.A. PIPER run over by an express wagon at San Francisco and slightly hurt....Buel S. HAMLIN committed suicide at Watsonville.

18 - Entire crop of William FEH*H, near Santa Rosa, burned....Little daughter of Willis FOSTER killed by a wagon at San Jose.  19 - Lucy BELMONT died at San Francisco from an overdose of opium....James SHAW fatally scalded at Oakland....Frederick SCHNEIDER drowned in a well near Auburn.

20 - Fire at Ukiah; loss, $8,000....Boy named Charles SHAW kicked in the face by a colt near Cloverdale and had his jaw broken....John McCOY stabbed another man to death at Adin, Modoc county, and was himself hanged by the populace.

21 - Daughter of Manuel BANALES fatally burned with coal oil at Monterey....David PATTERSON murdered near Mariposa.  22 - Mrs. Sarah WILSON accidentally fatally shot near Antioch....Emanuel JOSEPHS drowned at Collinsville.

23 - James KENNEY attacked and killed by a stallion at Petaluma....Unsuccessful attempt made to burn Bakersfield.  24 - Jury in DE YOUNG libel case at Placerville disagreed, standing 6 to 6....Thrashing engine at J.P. GOODNOW, near Langville, exploded, killing a child and severely scalding Miss M.J. NICHOLS; 1,200 sacks of wheat also destroyed.

25 - Oakland City Hall burned....George PRIEUR committed suicide at San Francisco....Samuel B. BARTON accidentally killed at Virginia City....L.M.  CRILL committed suicide at Milford.

26 - Fire at San Francisco; loss, $3,000....John JOHNSON drowned at Watsonville....Jose D. ESQUERO stabbed John MADDEN at San Jose.  27 - Sharp earthquake shock at Eureka, Humboldt county....Charles S. BROOK committed suicide at Old San Bernardino.

28 - John McGLAUGHLIN died on the train near Lathrop, from accidental injuries....Hugh HALLIGAN seriously injured by a blast at Virginia City....Stage from Los Angeles to San Diego robbed.  29 - Fire at Virginia City; loss, $1,000....Edward FLAHERTY, pioneer, died at Trinidad.

30 - Stage robbed near Copperopolis....William SKELTON, brakeman, killed at Madison.

31 - Elisha GIBBS fatally shot his wife near Eureka, Humboldt county....Damage to the extent of $3,000 caused by an exploding boiler at Benicia.


1 - S.C. BUGBEY, architect, died suddenly at San Francisco....Five freight cars demolished by a collision in Washington Territory....A Mexican footpad stopped the wrong man near San Jose and was fatally shot.  2 - Destructive fire at Auburn; loss, $75,000; Chinatown totally consumed....Roundhouse and locomotives burned at Monterey; loss, $25,000....Frank BALLARD and one BELL badly hurt at San Jose by falling from a wagon.

3 - Jack EGBERT found dead in bed at Salinas....Bold attempt to rob a stge between Eureka and Tybo; one of the highwaymen, Jack DAVIS, killed....Jean PARIS died from the effects of a tarantula bite at Milpitas.  4 - William COLLINS injured near North San Juan by the premature explosion of giant powder.

5 - General State election for members of the Legislature, resulted generally in favor of the Democrats....Col. William JONES, a member elect to the Legislature, died at Placerville....Michael MAHER found murdered near Visalia.

6 - Wm. FRY fatally shot by Richard POLLARD at Grass Valley....W.A. COWLES, topographer of the Wheeler Expedition, had both his legs broken by a bowlder falling upon them.

7 - Alexander DUNN drowned at Stockton....Fire at Corinne, Utah Territory; loss, $20,000....Julian ARIAS suffocated in a wine vat near San Jose.  8 - Julia ROMMAS dropped dead at San Francisco....Carrie A. RICE killed by a fall at Carson City.

9 - Timothy SULLIVAN arrested in San Francisco for beating his wife to death....Jack SAYLES dangerously stabbed by an Italian at Eureka, Nevada....Hoisting works of Grand Prize mine at Tuscarora, Nevada, burned; loss, $7,000.

10 - Chinatown of Dutch Flat burned....Northern District Fair opened at Marysville....Thomas GRIFFITHS killed by a street cat in San Francisco....Charles HUMPHREYS found dead near Geyserville, Sonoma county....Alfred STEINMAN drowned near Colusa.  11 - Woman named BOYCE committed suicide at San Francisco....Heavy rain storm in Oregon....John JOHNSON committed suicide at San Francisco.  12 - William COTTER accidentally killed in a coal mine at Ione....Body of W.

CHARD found at Red Bluff.

13 - Woman named Carming ANDERSON murdered in San Francisco by Lloyd BELL

(colored)....Vicente MENDOSA shot and killed by Matias VARGAS at Monterey....Nancy WILLIAMS murdered at Darwin.  14 - An explosion in a drug store in San Francisco set fire to the building.  15 - H.N. SARGENT and Louis ODER and wife murdered near Rocklin by Chinamen....Mrs. Antonio C. GODOY fearfully burned with coal oil.  16 - Chinese driven out of Rocklin, Roseville and other towns.  17 - Man named MOROCO shot at Dayton, Nevada, by a man whose wife he was about to elope with. ...Chinatown, Grass Valley, burned....Galli LUCIO murdered at Reno....Chinatown, near Oroville, burned.  18 - Destructive forest fire raging in San Mateo county....George T. BISHOP killed by a fall near Napa.

19 - Slight earthquake shock at Los Angeles....Fire at San Francisco; loss, $5,000.

20 - John J. MARKS (ex-Harbor Commissioner) pardoned from State Prison by

Governor IRWIN....Train ran into a wagon near Latrobe, and killed Albert


21 - Fire at San Francisco; loss, $10,000; as Santa Cruz; loss, $6,500.  22 - Philip MANUEL killed by a fall in a mine near Colfax....Edward FIELAND pushed a young man named GOHEN in to the bay from the steamer Whipple, and he was drowned.

23 - M.C. CHAMBERS run over by a street car in San Francisco and killed.  24 - Eleventh Annual Fair of the Sonoma and Marin District Society opened at Petaluma....W.B. CARLTON committed suicide at San Francisco.  25 - Hiram WARD found dead at Strawberry valley, Siskiyou county....Daniel F. GRAY run over and killed by a fire engine at San Francisco.

26 - Joseph TRELORE fatally hurt by a fall in a mine near Gold

Hill....Charley HALE, aged 14, found dead near Pomona, with a knife wound on his person.

27 - Bridge fell at Portland, Oregon, killing one man and injuring several others.

28 - S.E. TUTTLE found with a bullet hole in his head near Genoa, Nevada....L. ST. CLAIR killed by a locomotive at Carson....John THOMPSON hanged at Seattle....Infamous attempt made to fire a trestle work on the Nevada county narrow gauge railroad.

29 - James TROWELLA badly hurt in the Justice mine....Three earthquake shocks at Gold Hill....John ROBINSON made an unsuccessful attempt to kill one SUMMERS at South Vallejo....George CAMPBELL badly stabbed by Fred ROCKART near Colusa.

30 - Pedro MONREAL shot and killed Deonicio MENDEZ at San Francisco.


Daily Record-Union Sacramento, Cal.

Tuesday, January 1, 1878

Page 6 & 7


1 - Michael SHAY drowned at San Francisco....Santa Clara County Fair opened.  2 - Child named Jennie NELSON run over and killed at San Francisco....Robert CROW stabbed Michael LUNNEY at Vallejo.

3 - R.L. BROWN committed suicide at San Francisco....William MITCHELL committed suicide at Coloma.

4 - Richard S. KITTS killed by a cave in the Savage mine....Heavy rains in Oregon.

5 - Considerable damage done to the steamship Constitution by fire in San Francisco harbor....Burglar named Theodore SCHURS fatally shot by Thomas WORKOVER at Pope Valley, Napa county.

7 - N. HASTRETO, a pioneer, died at Stockton....Pery VON LOESILKE committed suicide at San Jose.

8 - Louis ASH shot and killed at Virginia City by Wm. DAVIS....Fire near Eureka, Humboldt county; loss, $2,000....Oregon State Fair opened at Salem....C.W. GETTY lost a leg at Tuscarora, Nevada....Thomas SARGENT fatally crushed at Virginia City....Barney McCABE fatally shot at Colusa by City Marshal J.T. ARNOLD.

9 - John ANDERSON committed suicide at Santa Cruz....F. TOPIER killed R.C.

ALLEN near Austin....Captain A.D. EASKOOT accidentally shot near Bolinas.  10 - Freight train partially wrecked at Tehama....Depot at Woodland burned by incendiaries; loss, $10,000.

11 -Town of Vacaville burned; loss heavy....Fire at Oroville; loss, $5,000....Victor FOUCH fatally shot by C.M. WALLER at Santa Monica.  12 - Mary Ann COLLINS fell down stairs at San Francisco and broke her neck....Fire at Chico; loss, $12,000....John NORTON shot and killed by a couple of Indians near Forest Hill, Placer county.

13 - John BRUCE crushed to death at Santa Cruz....W.B. MAINS badly stabbed at San Francisco by James LAWRENCE.

14 - Michael WALSH fell 500 feet in a mine near Virginia and killed....remains of Selig ETTLINGER found near Dixon, he having become insane and wandered off in 1874.

15 - Nevada State Fair opened at Reno.

16 - Richard OATS fatally crushed between two cars at Virginia City....Colonel E.B. BUFFANDEAN shot himself dead at San Francisco while walking on the street with his wife....Incendiary fire at Knight’s landing, loss, $3,200.

17 - David DODGE committed suicide at Gold Hill....William STONE fatally shot by a Chinese sluice robber at Howland Flat, Sierra county.  18 - John LAHEY mangled to death by the fly-wheel of the San Jose Woolen Mills....Spanish woman named Jesus CANALES died at San Francisco from the effects of a self-inflicted knife wound....James McGEE jumped into a shaft 600 feet deep near Jackson and killed.

19 - Man named STARR attempted to outrage a lady at Oakland, and he was afterwards badly shot by her son, Frank OGDEN.  20 - mrs. Belle LYNCH, an Ukiah editor, knocked down and beaten by T.L.  CAROTHERS for an alleged libeling of the latter’s wife....Alejandro BARRON shot and killed at Los Angeles by Jose A. MORENO.  21 - Shooting affray at Petaluma, and Constable Frank ADEL an a Chinaman dangerously wounded....James H. McDONALD killed by a fall at San Francisco.  22 - Police officer T.R. HARRIS, of San Francisco, suffocated by charcoal fumes in his room....Destructive tidal wave at San Buenaventura....Gus.  BEHLTIE shot and killed by his brother Albert at Prospect Place, Placer county.

23 - J.H. WILLIAMS committed suicide at San Francisco....Son of John TAYLOR run over and killed by a wagon near Rough and Ready....A. GRAY killed at Howland Flat by being run over by a wagon.

25 - John ADAMS committed suicide at San Francisco....Thomas JONES accidentally killed in a mine near San Diego.

27 - Frank FESTO accidentally killed in the Succor mine, Virginia....Steamer Clinton run down in the bay by the steamer Petaluma and wrecked, and ____ MANNIE, the engineer, drowned....Damaging gale at Astoria.  28 - Fire at the Presbyterian Church, Healdsburg, loss, $500; near Grass Valley, loss, $2,200.

29 - California Pacific Railroad passenger train ditched by a burned out culvert at Elmira....Fire at Stockton, loss, $1,500....H.A. CUMMINGS badly shot by Carlos W. MATTESON at Stockton....Desperate attempt by convicts in the Nevada State Prison to break jail and one killed.  30 - Oscar BUTTS accidentally killed by the cars at Fulton, Sonoma county....George C. STEELE committed suicide at San Francisco....Robert H.  CROZIER hanged at Winnemucca.

31 - A Mexican and a man named SEAMMON killed and John BURTON dangerously

shot in a saloon at Fresno.


1 - John MAHONEY committed suicide at San Francisco.  2 - John BURLEIGH jumped from the steamer El Capitan into the bay and drowned....Fire at Carson City; loss heavy....Thos. BANON committed suicide near Felton, Santa Clara county.

3 - Shooting affray at Reno, Wesley HOLLADAY seriously and Eugene EARNEST badly shot....D. KEARNEY arrested while delivering an incendiary speech, and general excitement prevalent in San Francisco....Richard UREN badly crushed in a mine at Virginia City.

4 - Three emigrant cars and a coach attached to the Eastern express train, ditched near Truckee; no one killed....Captain HUNTER accidentally shot on the steamer D.E. Knight near Marysville....Nelson V. WAGGONER shot and killed near Auburn by Paschal VARNUM.

5 - P. COYLE died at San Francisco from asphyxia....Fire at Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino county; loss, $30,000....Everett STRANT dropped dead in San Francisco....Body of Catherine LYON found in the bay.  6 - Body of an unknown man found hanging near Roseville....Andrew NELSON committed suicide near Lincoln.

7 - Gustave ANDERSON shot himself through the head at San Francisco....British iron ship Swordfish totally wrecked near Victoria.  8 - Fire at Portland, Oregon; loss, $25,000....Little daughter of T. EATON burned to death near Quincy.

9 - Fire at Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino county; loss, $25,000....A ADAMS crushed to death in a mine near Virginia.

10 - William TRENBERTH fatally hurt in a mine near Grass Valley....General O.H. LA GRANGE resigned as Superintendent of the San Francisco Mint....Man named McCRAGER fell from a flume near Chico and killed.  11 - Three hundred and fifty feet of snow shed burned between Blue Canyon and Emigrant Gap....Nancy FERGUSON (colored), aged 107, died at Oakland....Sharp earthquake shock at Anaheim.

12 - Fire at San Francisco; loss, $110,000. W.T.R. HOLM, teacher, shot himself fatally in the school room at San Juan.

13 - Benito ANQUERO fatally stabbed and Jose HIGUERO badly cut at Milpitas....John WARNER shot and killed by another man at Bakersfield.  15 - Nellie SMITH, aged 1 year, died at San Francisco, from the effects of a lamp explosion.

16 - Schooner Mary Cleveland wrecked at Novo, Mendocino county.  17 - Christopher JACOBSON found dead under a saloon in San Francisco....Captain Frank MONROE died at Mare Island.  18 - Joseph BLAKELEY accidentally shot and killed at Virginia by Samuel OBISTON....John G. BRIGGS, orchardist, died at Marysville.  19 - Alman OFFER murderously attacked and robbed by a Chinaman near Chico.

20 - Man named LOTT killed a Mexican at Mojave.  21 - An attorney named PETRARCHI committed suicide at Oakland; man named WOODFORD committed suicide at Salinas.

22 - Jeremiah MURRAY found dead near Stockton.  23 - Fire at Dallas, Oregon; loss, $6,300...Schooner Albert and Edward totally wrecked at Salmon Creek, Mendocino county.  24 - Earthquake felt at Eureka, Kibesilla and Oroville....H.D. BRACKETT badly shot at Carpenteria, Santa Barbara county, by B.S. SUTTON, whose daughter he had seduced.

25 - D.A. CAIN fell dead at Marysville....Charles ROTH committed suicide at Placerville.

27 - H.F. RICE committed suicide at Stockton.

28 - Son of John N. GREEN accidentally shot himself near Petaluma.

29 - Philip DEVER accidentally shot near Marysville.  30 - Two earthquake shocks felt at Portland....Andreas MATEO, an Indian, hanged at Napa....Fire at Watsonville; loss, $10,000....R.J. CARROLTON committed suicide at Virginia.


1 - Man known at Portuguese Mike fatally gored by a bull in Yolo county, near Sacramento....William BUTLER drowned in Coffey’s Cove....Annual meeting of the San Joaquin District Agricultural Society at Stockton.  2 - John HULETT shot and killed at Nord by one WILSON....Fire at Virginia; loss, $2,000....Stephen JOHNSON murdered in Fresno county be a negro....Santiago PENDOLA accidentally shot dead near Santa Barbara.  3 - Andreas KOFER and Louis ZIEGENHIRT committed suicide in San Francisco....Fire at San Francisco, loss slight....W.H. MILLER killed by a fall at Santa Barbara.

4 - Jose QUIJADA committed suicide at Santa Barbara....Refinery of the Pacific Oil Works at San Buenaventura burned....Wm. CREEDAN accidentally killed at Sucker Flat....James ARTHUR accidentally killed near Sutter Creek.  7 - Wm. ROBINSON fatally shot by accident near Forest Hill.  8 - Barge Governor Hayes, loaded with grain, snagged and sunk near Colusa, loss about $35,000....Dr. RENINGER thrown from a horse at Virginia City and killed....Geo. PIERETSKI fatally, and Jos. PFEIFER seriously, injured near Virginia City.

9 - Henry JOSEPH accidentally shot and killed near Reading.  10 - Jas. L. JOHNSON (colored), who murdered Stephen JOHNSON in Fresno county December 20th, killed by his pursuers.

11 - Adam SCHNESSLER, Jr., accidentally and fatally shot at Yuba City....Henry REIFER hung himself to a lamp post in San Francisco...Boy named McVEY accidentally shot and killed at Modesto.  12 - Fire at Dayton, Washington Territory; loss, $15,000....Steamer Continental wrecked near Ferndale, Humboldt county....Child named Katie FOSTER accidentally fatally burned near Ophir.

13 - Ada BLANCHARD committed suicide at San Jose.  14 - Thomas DOOLEY died at Marysville from an overdose of morphine....Shooting affray at San Francisco between W. BUTTERFIELD and J.

SEVENOAKS; no one hurt....Dougall WILLIAMS drowned at South Vallejo....Susan

WATSON and John BOLE committed suicide at San Francisco....John WHISTON died

from the effects of a mining accident at Virginia.

15 - John JONES killed by a mining accident at Gold Hill.  16 - Body of Charles SEELEY found near San Jose, he having committed suicide....Town of Caliente raided by Mexican marauders.

17 - James T. FARLEY nominated by the Democratic caucus for United States

Senator on the twenty-fifth ballot over C.T. RYLAND, M.L. McDONALD, J.S.

HAGER and Y. SEPULVEDA. The Republican caucus nominated M.M. ESTEE....Fire

at Los Angeles; loss, $14,000.

18 - Damaging cloud-burst at Anaheim....FARLEY elected United States Senator by the Legislature....J.B. HENRY seriously stabbed at Biggs.  21 - Samuel MILLS (colored) hanged at Elko....George CLARK committed suicide at Virginia....Joseph SMITH accidentally fatally hurt at Virginia.  22 - M.T. COMERFORD scalded to death in the Hale & Norcross mine....Five Mexicans who raided Bakersfield and Caliente, captured and hung at the former place.

23 - Conductor Edward K. DOW accidentally shot fatally on the train near Williams.

24 - John DUGAN severely stabbed by _____ KIERNAN at Vallejo....Miller

McCULLOUGH badly stabbed Charles FINN at Yuba City....Daniel CRAMER shot

Emil HEISON seriously near Donahue....E.E. WENCK accidentally shot dead at Oakland Point....Mrs. COLLINS fatally stabbed by her son at Oakland.  25 - Zachary T. EMERSON accidentally shot and killed himself at Oroville.  26 - Man known as “Old Peter” committed suicide at Roseville....Nathan COOMBS died at Napa.

27 - Boy named Samuel ELLIOTT seriously struck on the head with the butt end of a gun by Captain WEBBER at Stockton....Steamers Chin-du-Wan and Whipple collided near Courtland, with little damage....A. MORRIS badly shot accidentally at Marysville.

28 - John GELZHAUSER, pioneer, died at Yuba City.


Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Thursday, January 1, 1880

Pages 4 & 16

Register of Events Which Transpired In 1879


This department contains a record of the reported homicides which occurred within the State, and without Sacramento county.

January 6 - At San Jose, E. BLIVENS, by unknown parties; Willows, R.B. MAGNESS by J.W. MORROW.  10 - Geyserville, Henry THOMAS by Jack EPPERSON.  26 - Several Indians killed in Mariposa county by whites.

February 3 - Hornitos, A. SILVER by J. ALVEREY. 6 - San Francisco, Mary O’BRIEN by W. FORSYTH. 10 - San Quentin, Herman KOEHLER died from injuries inflicted by a convict. 17 - Modesto, M. PARTNER, by J. WALKER. 27 - Bodie, G. TAFT by J. HEATH.

March 16  -Point Arena, W. McINTURL by W. LINDSAY; near Lower Lake, W.  COPSEY by S.C. CHANEY; body of Johnny the Greek, who was killed in a boat at San Francisco, by N. MICHAELS, recovered. 24 - Kernville, John EVEY by H.W.  DICKMAN. 29 - Nevada City, R. McCUE by M.L. RUSSELL.  April 1 - Four members of the THOMONY family found murdered in Santa Clara county. 3 - Ukiah, ____ LANDEKER by a porter; Spanishtown, near Chico, “Yankee Jim,” a Kanaka, killed his wife. 13 - San Francisco, J. BACON, by Dr. CHALFANT. 23 - Sierra City, J. GLASS by Dr. SAWYER. 25. - San Rafael, Paul REIGER by SALVADOR. 27 - Yuba county, J. VALENTINE, a burglar, by Alice GORBET.

May 5 - Napa Insane Asylum, Alfred BURTON by another patient named HOPPER.  10 - Near Bodie, ____ MORTON by J. LIDDLE. 11 - Bodie, J. STIEGEL by unknown parties. 14 - Near Yuba City, wife and daughter of M. SULSBERGER found hanging. 19 - Near Antioch, L. LAUGBEHUR murdered his two children and suicided. 20 - San Luis Obispo, J. BUMP by J. BUSTER. 23 - Near Chico, ____ STRAMPER by ____ SCHUELBE. 24 - Williams, J. KEIF by C. REDDINGER.  June 4- Knoxville, C.R. RICE by J. FUQUA. 10 - Body of a murdered man found in the river near Reading. 17 - San Francisco, Nellie BOWIAN by her husband. 25 -Hill’s Ferry, W. WALKER by unknown parties; San Francisco, P.  HIGGINS by S. GREEN. 26 - Biggs, J.F. JAGGARD by a tramp. 27 - Marin county, A. FULTON by R.H. MOORE, who committed suicide; San Francisco, infant son of P. CANDIDO found murdered.

July 3 - Kern county, J. WATERS by “Charcoal Frank.” 13 - San Francisco, J.C. ROBERTSON, teacher of the Industrial School, assaulted by boys and sustained injuries from which he died on the 16th. 14 - Sonora, T. NEWTON by G. SAUDEVILLE. 17 - Tulare county, A. TOWNSEND by Indians.

August 6 - San Quentin, W.E. ANDRUS by J. MAGUIRE. 8 - Stockton, ___

BREWER by J. CAMPBELL. 15 - Modesto, ____ KELLEY killed by a man whose

daughter he had seduced; Ukiah, ___ LEBURN by R.W. KELLAN. 20 - San

Francisco, W. BATES by G. NICOLAS. 30 - Lakeport, E. BYNUM by W. THOMPSON.

September 1 - Near Nevada City, W.F. CUMMINGS by stage robbers. 2 -San

Francisco, Geo. SCHWARTZ by D. HASKELL. 8 - San Francisco, J. DERHANDELEN by

A. TAUCI. 12 - Nevada City, P. RAMUS killed a squaw. 17 - San Quentin, SMITH by SCOTTY. 27 - San Francisco, ____ McLAUGHLIN by officer BURKE.  October 4 - Covelo, T.W. McPHERSON killed his wife and was killed himself while resisting arrest. 8 - San Mateo county, A. SCATINA by M. PARSENTE. 11 - Nevada county, J. ZEDTLER by unknown parties. 12 - San Francisco. G.  HOWARD found fatally stabbed. 15 - Party of tramps in Mendocino county fired on the officers and killed T. DALLARD and W. WRIGHT. 23 - San Francisco, C.  STEIN by G. ALLPETER. 25 - Napa, A. LAROUGE killed in a fight. 29 - San Francisco, C.L. PETERSON by unknown parties.

November 1 -San Francisco, M. HERRERA by E. SALDES. 2- San Francisco, J.

McDONNELL by D. HARRIGAN. 8 - Forestville, Sonoma county, J.G. HILL by W.

TRAVIS. 10 - San Francisco, M. COGLAN by D. LEON; Mayfield, J. RODRIGUEZ by

J. FELEZ. 12 - Ione, J. ARRAGUERRA by S. HIGUERRA. 19 - Wilmington, woman

named ADELA by unknown parties. 27 - Newcastle, ____ WILSON by H. GALLAGHER.December 11 - San Francisco, M. JOYCE, by his nephew. 26 - Particulars of the Pendleton, Or., homicide received. 29 - N.D. SADDLER, an Arkansas State legislator, assassinated. 30 - At Orleans Bar, Klamath river, a drunken Indian kills James OSBORN; and is himself riddled with bullets by the miners; S.E. PHILLIPS fatally stabbed by a half-breed Indian at Chehalis, W.T.; Mrs. WARD, Boston, dies from the effects of shot by her daughter.


March 14 - Marysville, Ah BEN; Portland, O., E. L. AVERY and James JOHNSON.

May 23 - Shasta, Indian JACK. 28 - Bakersfield, W.J. and Thos. YOAKUM, bu a mob. 29 - Sacramento, Troy DYE and Edw. ANDERSON.  June 27 - Mariposa, Henry IVY.

September 3 - Little Lake, Mendocino county, A. GIBSON, E. FROST and T.

McCRACKEN, by a mob.

October 2 - San Rafael, SALVADOR, an Indian.



Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Thursday, January 1, 1880

Pages 4 & 16

Register of Events Which Transpired In 1879


This department contains a record of the reputed suicides which occurred within the State, and outside of Sacramento county:

January 2 - At Latrobe, Wm. PFEIFFER. 3 - San Francisco, F.P. SNIVELY. 6 - Portland, Or., W.N. CASTLE, absconding City Clerk of San Jose. 8 - San Francisco, J. VOHSEN. 9 - Gilroy, John S. MURRAY. 12 - San Francisco, Dr.  S.M. OETTINGER. 13 - San Francisco, August GASLER.  February 3 - San Francisco, Jacob SHEW. 4 - San Francisco, Charles SHIMMINS; near Tulare, Daniel PARKER. 10 - Bodie, J. POTTER; Drytown, Mrs.  A. SPOONER. 12 - San Francisco, P.C. ANDERSON. 13 - San Francisco, R.  DAHLEN. 17 - Santa Cruz, P. LEGGETT. 18 - San Francisco, C.A. KENNEDY. 19 - San Francisco, O. FLEISCHMAN. 20 - Santa Rosa, Joseph BOGGS. 21 - San Francisco, J. STEGLER and W. BOHLEN; Oakland, J.B. KELLY. 25 - Benicia, ____ JONES. 26 - Bodie, Mrs. J.G. WILLIAMS, near Sonora, V. HOHN.  March 3 - Bloomfield, J.L. NORTH; San Francisco, J. KOUNTZ. 8 - Healdsburg, N. DAWES. 17 - San Francisco, A. GEAUNNI. 20 - Centerville, ___ HARVEY. 21 - Oakland, A.C. FORNO. 22 - San Francisco, J. BARMORE. 27 - Columbia, J.S. BROWN. 29 -San Juan, J. ROCHE.  April 1 - San Francisco, A. FIELD. 7 - Petaluma, W. CARPENTER; San Francisco, P.A. LARSON. 12 - Berkeley, T.S. WRIGHT. 14 - San Jose, R.  BILLINGHURST; San Buenaventura, A.G. CLARK. 13 - San Francisco, J. SUMMERS.  21 - San Francisco, ___ POOL. 23 - Santa Ana, Dr. J. W. BURNETT; San Francisco, W. MANSFIELD; Placerville, D. MILLER. 28 - San Francisco, W.F.  CASSEBOHM, first assistant City Treasurer, who left a note confessing the misappropriation of $20,000 of the city’s money. 30 - San Francisco, T.


May 1 - Grass Valley, J.W. MYERS. 4 - San Miguel, Mary WALTHERS. 6 - San

Francisco, Mrs. S.A. LESLIE. 9- San Francisco, A.J. SMITH. 10 - San

Francisco, F.L. FINKENSTADT. 12 - Alameda, S.S. HOWELL. 13 - Near Stockton,

B. LAGOMARINO; San Francisco, A. GANBATZ and W. GIRZIKOWSKY. 16 - Mokelumne

Hill, Geo. F. MAYNARD. 17 - Mountain View, Santa Clara county, Theodore BECKMAN; Bodego, Judge J.T. SPRINGER. 21 - San Francisco, Police officer P.K. ROGERS. 23 - San Francisco, A. BOUDET. 30 - Bodie, A. PERRIN; Colusa County Jail, N.L. SQUIRES, under death sentence.  June 1 - San Francisco, A. NICHER. 3 - Marysville, L. KREAMER; Stockton, C. MEYER; Colusa County Jail, N.L. SQUIRES, under death sentence. 5 - San Francisco, Chas. WHITE. 12 - San Francisco, J.A. SCHOEVER. 13 - San Jose, Miss A. DELAGO. 16 - Grass Valley, F. FERRING. 19 - San Francisco, J.  BENCKER. 28 - San Rafael, L. HASTINGS. 30 - Willows, Jennie WATERS.

July 3 - San Francisco, H.E. COOPER. 8 - Napa, M. FITZGERALD. 10 - Shasta,

S. McDONALD. 16 - Alameda, H. KOHLMOSS. 17 - San Francisco, ____ HALLETT. 18

- San Francisco, ____ FITZHENRY. 20 - San Francisco, W. YOUNG. 22 -San Francisco, D. LENAHAN. 25 -San Jose, J. YOUNG. 26 - Watsonville, Clara HOOK.  31 - San Francisco, J.W.R. HILL.

August 1 - Oakland, F. MILLER. 7 - San Francisco, H.W. KRAUG. 9 - San Francisco, E.P. RIEUX. 10 - San Francisco, W. FRAZER. 16 - Napa, Mrs. F.H.  DARLING. 18 - San Francisco, A. MASON. 21 -Stockton, Mrs. E.L. SCOTT; Webber Lake, Miss MALLETT. 25 - San Francisco, G.L. PEARSON. 26 - San Francisco, Anna M. JOHNSON.

September 2 -San Francisco, G.M. DINKLE. 3 - San Francisco, ____ SCHNEIDER. 4 - Marysville, A. SCHRAGE. 8 - Bodie, Elenora DUMONT. 9 - San Francisco, Georgina DIXON. 13 - Santa Barbara county, F. OLDS. 16 - Yuba City, ____ McMAHON. 17 - Stockton, G.T. CLARK. 21 - San Francisco, G.F.  MARTIN. 26 - Amador City, R.H. YOUNG. 27 - Rocklin, G. JOHNSON; Princeton, P.H. SCOTT.

October 1 - Bodie, J. BASSETT. 2 - San Francisco, D.C. GAY. 3 - San Francisco, T. THORNTON. 7 - J.R. ALSIP, a San Francisco defaulter, being brought back, jumped into the bay and drowned. 9 - San Andreas, H.T. TOON;

Bodie, D.H. DENTON. 10 - San Francisco, J.T. HASKELL. 17 -El Dorado county,

W.O. MANTON. 18 - Tomales, T. CARUTHERS. 22 - San Francisco, M.E. NORTON. 28 - Oakland, H. BENTON and F. WOODWARD. 29 - San Francisco, W.H. HENDERSON;

Alameda, Mrs. E.J. DODGE.

November 5 - San Francisco, F.J. BOWMAN; Mariposa county, ____ MARCAT. 6 -Marysville, D. MULLIN. 8 - San Francisco, A. CELIZ. 12 - Santa Ana, F.  MEYER. 14 - Petaluma, Mrs. Ann BARRY. 18 - Stockton, J. NASH. 19 -San Francisco, E.F. POTTER. 25 - San Francisco, P. ROSENWEIG. 26 - San Jose, Nellie HAMILTON. 28 - Sutter County Jail, ____ BARRATT.  December 3 - San Jose, E.C. WALTERS. 5 - Stockton, G. BRAGHETTA. 8 - Oakland, Hattie LUCAS. 10 - San Francisco, E. HARCOURT. 15 - San Francisco bay, P.V.A. SMITH. 15 - San Francisco, F. DIEFENDORF. 26 - San Francisco, L.L. HOMER.


Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Thursday, January 1, 1880

Pages 4 & 16

Register of Events Which Transpired In 1879


This department contains a record of the fatal accidents which occurred within the State, and outside of Sacramento county:

January 2 - At Santa Barbara, boy named Willie GASS, by a falling chimney.  4 - Niles, Park FITZGERALD, fell over a cliff. 6 - Marysville, P.R. JOHNSON, fall. 8 - Lodi, boy named S. ZEIGLER, railroad. 9 - Linden, boy named R.  PROTHER, gunning. 18 - Los Angeles, Eugene ALFMAN, shot. 21 - Near Felton, Eben BENNETT, in a quarry. 23 - San Jose, girl named Maria NEVA, died in bed. 24 - San Francisco, Mr. Robert F. MORROW, sudden death; Ione City, little daughter of Mrs. HUDSON, shot. 25 - Woodland, son of W. BRAY, shot.  31 - San Jose, T.B. APPLEBY, fell dead.

February 4 - Healdsburg, John F. BALLHACK, shot. 5 - Newcastle, A.  HOLCROFT, fall. 6 - Santa Cruz, H. THURBES, drowned; Watsonville, Willie DUNLAP, gunning; Bodie, R.L. RYAN, fall; Visalia, Mrs. DAVENPORT, runaway. 8 - San Francisco, Mrs. FLANNAGAN, falling sign. 12 - Gilroy, Wm. BURLANDER, found dead; Santa Cruz, Gustave M. SCHOVILLE, found dead; Chico, S. RIXON, fall; in a tunnel on the South Pacific Coast Railroad, several men killed by an explosion of petroleum gas. 14 - San Jose, E. BURROWS and P. LOPEZ, found dead. 18 - Los Angeles, H.C. BINGHAM, dead in bed. 20 - Near Black’s Station, J. WISE, dead in bed; Los Angeles, Mrs. E. ELFTMAN, burned. 21 - Near Ione, H. WARD, mining. 24 - Petaluma, J. ROUSO, found dead. 26 - Ukiah, E. HIGGINS, sudden death. 27 - Near Lathrop, W. CARMICHAEL, sudden death.  March 1 - Knight’s Landing, H. KIEL, sudden death; near Lower Lake, Dr.

A.W. BAYLIS, drowned. 2 - Newcastle, J. LYON, mining. 3 - Newcastle, E.  JAMISON, dropped dead. 4 - Shasta, Miss Linnie ISAACS, sudden death. 5 - Stockton, H. CARDACE, found dead. 8 - Near Oroville, J. FRANK, drowned. 11 - Vallejo, W. JAUNCEY, cars. 12 - San Rafael, H. KENNEDY, drowned. 13 - Grass Valley, Edward THOMAS, mining. 16 - San Diego, H. CLAYTON, dead in bed; San Francisco, Wm. BOSGIVANDT, drowned. 23 - San Francisco, Mrs. COPRASECCA, kerosene. 25 - Truckee, J. SWEENEY, fell dead. 27 - San Francisco, R.D.  FERGUSON, found dead; Shasta county, John PARKS, runaway. 28 - Marysville, Alfred LEE, died suddenly. 29 - Placerville, F. YARWOLD, shot; Truckee, Frank PAGE and W. DYER, drowned. 31 - Santa Ana, D. WATTESON, shot; Sierra City, W.H. THOMAS, falling rock.

April 2 - San Francisco, J. STRAIN. 3 - Dixon, infant of J.W. McFAYDEN, fall. 6 - Monterey, J. SERRANO, shot. 7 - On the Southern Pacific Railroad, W. PRELLA. 8 - San Francisco. P. WAUGAN, fall. 9 - Casper, Mendocino county, Captain PETERSON, found dead; Sierra City, W. GLUROVICH, crushed. 10 - San Francisco, I RICHARDS, runaway; Grass Valley, Jerry GRIFFIN, found dead. 15 - Stockton, H. COILS, drowned; Rutherford Station, Napa county, Mrs. C.F.  WENTZELL, fall. 16 - Vallejo, A.P. FLETCHER, sudden death. 17 - San Francisco, T. NOLAN, wagon. 18 - Napa, little son of W.H. CHAPMAN, burned.  22 - Redwood City, J. BROWN, railroad. 27 - Nevada City, J. KRAEMER, mining.

28 - Pacheco, R. MARTIN, drowned. 29 - San Francisco, C. KLOSE, street car.  May 1 - Lathrop, J.E. JOHNSON, railroad; Yuba county, J. BIRT, mining; near Placerville, D.M. RICHARDSON, mining. 2 - Near Marysville, C.R. HOW, drowned. 3 - Placerville, A. HEILSTROM, mining; Yuba county, J. DONOVAN, drowned. 5 - Near Coloma, W. JASBINE, found dead. 6 - San Francisco, W.C.  HICKLIN, drowned. 7 - Near Aqueduct City, ____ JOHNSON, drowned. 10 - Amador county, L. PELSCH, mining. 11 - Dutch Flat, B.H. BARTLETT, fall. 13 - Near Princeton, boy named M. BARBER, thrown from a horse. 14 - Bird’s Landing, Sonoma county, A.A. HILL, drowned. 18 - Near Alviso, W. HENRY, railroad. 19 - Near Marysville, H. CHURCHILL, drowned. 20 - San Jose, Annie COBB, sudden death. 24 - Woodland, H.C. POCKMAN, fell dead. 26 - San Francisco, J.M.  MILLER, poison. 28 - Oakland, A.W. YOUNG, found dead shot through the head.

29 - Santa Rosa, J. PATTERSON, railroad. 30 - Santa Rosa, J. CRANE, drowned.  31 - San Francisco, J.H. BEGLEY; Modesto, little son of J.M. HENDERSON, drowned.

June 1 - Centerville, Alameda county, ____ JUHL, drowned; near Mokelumne Hill, J. GUTTERA, found dead. 2 - Near Spanishtown, ____ CLIFFORD, found dead; Newhope, ____ MAHAN, sudden death. 3 - Auburn, T. ROBINSON, fall. 4 -Near San Jose, B. LANIGAN, drowned; Santa Barbara, child of F. COTA, scalded; near Petaluma, D. ESTLOEY, railroad. 5 - Nevada City, little daughter of A.W. HERRING, runaway. 12 - Murphy’s, J.A. McDOUGALD, hunting.  13 - Near Gilroy, Sarah A. MILLER, thrown from a horse; San Luis Obispo, F.

ACUNA, mining. 14 - Nevada, F. SANDERSON, found dead, and W. EDDY, drowned.  15 - Oroville, J. ASHER, drowned; San Francisco, F. RUSH, dead in bed. 16 -San Rafael, A. CONNOR, fall; Collinsville, G. BROWN, drowned; Chinese Camp, little daughter of M. WILSON, drowned. 17 - San Francisco, Rebecca S. NOBLE, fall. 18 - Marysville, E. HYAMS, gun; Santa Clara, two children of A.  PHILLIPS, scalded. 20 - Yolo county, C.C. REDINGTON, sunstroke. 22 - San Francisco, H. SCHAFFER, while bathing. 26 - Gridley, L. STONE. 28 - Near Rio Vista, son of P. KUHN, burned. 29 - Bodie, D. MOODY, run over; Napa, J.  KASTNER, drowned. 30 - Winters, H. O’HARGON, found dead.

July 2 - San Francisco, H.L. STOCKMAN, drowned; Roberts’ Island, T.  HARTWIG, drowned. 3 - San Francisco, D.D. STEWART, thrown from a wagon and F. CLEMENT, shot. 4 - San Francisco, boy named F. MILLIKEN, shot. 5 - Los Angeles, J. FRY, killed by a shark, and J. BEAR, fall. 6 - Marysville, J.  MULLEN, sudden. 8 - Rio Vista, Andrew LARSON, steam thresher explosion;

Porterfield, J. TALLEY, threshing machine. 11 - San Francisco. ___ RASTEE, exposure in the bay; Saucelito, J. LYNAUGH, drowned. 12 - Russian river, E.  CARRIE, drowned. 13 - Biggs, W. McHUGH, sudden. 15 - Antioch, G. McCLURG, drowned. 16 - San Francisco. P. ANDERSON, dropped dead; Nicasio, P. QUINN, fall. 17 - Michigan Bluff, E.W. GASSLING, found dead. 18 - Tehama, W.H.  PAUL, threshing machine. 20 - San Francisco, P. BISCHOFFSKY, J. ZAGODI, and ____ FISHER, drowned; Merced, T.W. McCREADY, sudden; Collinsville, T.  FLAHERTY, drowned. 21 - Capay, child named E.L. CLARK, run over; Woodland, child of ____ POWELL, swallowed lye. 22 - Oakland, T. TALTY, crushed;

Auburn, child of Mrs. FABOR, scalded. 23 - San Francisco, J. BUTLER, and child named Rachel RAPHAEL, run over. 24 - Watsonville, Judge A. DEVOE, died in bed. 25 - San Francisco, J. OAKLEY, by an elevator. 30 - San Francisco, J. ROACH, drowned.

August 3 - San Francisco, W.R. SLICE and G.P. ROGERS, drowned. 4 -Stockton, W. BROWN, drowned. 5 - Georgia, Shasta county, son of O. ENGLE, burned. 7 - San Francisco, H. KIND, sudden. 8 - San Jose, J. JUSPANOVICH, dead in bed. 9 - Dixon, Mrs. McKINLEY, burned. 10 - Oakland, T. RYAN, found dead; Tomales Bay, L. and C. CASTLE, drowned. 14 - Gwin mine, T. HODWELL, falling bucket; Mare Island, P. COMAS and J.W. ARDINA, drowned. 15 - Maxwell, Colusa county, L. McCOY, by a mule; Chico, P. McLAUGHLIN, sudden.  16 - San Francisco, H. SIEGEL, C.J. TILDEN and C.D. CLAPP, drowned. 17 - San Francisco, J. LANIGAN, blast. 18 - Yreka, C. WAGNER, lightning. 19 - Stockton, F. WALTERS. 20 - San Francisco, M. ROCHEFORT, falling derrick. 22 - San Joaquin county, ____ BENNET, drowned. 26 - San Jose, M. SAVAGE, sudden. 27 - Gilroy, Mary YOUNG, cars. 28 - Grass Valley, J. PRYOR, mining.  29 - Jacinto, T. MERRIMAN, drowned. 31 - Vallejo, P. GARVEY, fall.  September 1 - Gilroy, H. CONKLING railroad; Vallejo, J. GLENNARD, shot. 9 - San Francisco, J.B. FAY, by a horse; Mendocino county, F. STEPHENS, falling tree. 11 - Ukiah, two children of Mrs. J. McGRATH, poisoned. 13 - Stockton, J. MARTIN, gun; Oakland, S. PORTE, drowned. 16 - Stockton, child of L.E. MATTESON, scalded. 18 - Saint Helena, H. McCORMACK, shot; Willows, D. McKEEFE, fall; Ukiah, M. YORK, crushed by falling sacks. 19 - Ferndale, B. LYNCH, run over. 23 - San Francisco, Charles NORTON, fall. 25 - Modesto, James HOWELL, found dad. 27 - San Luis Obispo, J. GERMAN, machinery. 28 - Yountville, C. MOSS, horses. 29 - Colton, little son of Mrs. POOLE, dragged by a calf. 30 - San Francisco, J. GILLIARDO, caving of a bank.

October 1 - San Jose, H. SHOFFEL, railroad. 2 - San Francisco, Fannie


and M. ALVES, falling cage. 5 - San Francisco. Professor COLGROVE and C.H .WILLIAMS, fall from a balloon; Watsonville, Mrs. Susan NORTON, runaway team. 6 - San Francisco, Captain HEIN, drowned. 7 - San Quentin, C. SKINNER, sudden. 9 - San Leandro, Laura MURRAY, railroad; Stockton, Mrs. J. O’NEAL, burned in a house. 10 - San Rafael, John BURNS, dropped dead. 11 - Placerville, W. NICHOLS, mining; San Rafael, Col. W.B. JOHNSON, runaway. 12 - Stockton, J. MULROY, crushed by timbers; Oakland, L.F. PAPENHAUSEN, sudden. 14 - Mare Island, J. LAWRENCE, falling derrick; Millville, boy named H. KLOTZ, machinery. 16 - Vallejo, by named G. SOANES, fall. 17 - Napa, J.W.  HATCH, run over. 18 - Guadalupe, T. LYNCH, poisoned. 19 - Napa Insane Asylum, D.B. HOO, scalded. 23 - Calaveras county, P. KELLY, cave; Bellotta, San Joaquin county, C. ESBREY, sudden. 24 - San Francisco, boy named O.  PHALEN, by an elevator. 25 - Verdi, J.B. EVANS, railroad. 27 - Stockton, T.  CONROY, poisoned and D. TEMPIO, fall. 28 - Colton, H. WEISS, railroad. 30 - Woodland, J. MARSTON, railroad.

November 1 - San Francisco, J. COSTELLO, asphyxia.2 - San Francisco, Mrs.  R. GRAVES, burned in a house. 7 - Marysville, S. GODFREY, team. 10 - Gilroy, W. McCALLS, railroad. 11 - San Francisco, Mrs. M.W. PHELPS, a teacher, dropped dead in school. 13 - Forest Hill, J. BURKE, crushed by a log. 16 - Antioch, ____ RIZENER, drowned. 19 - San Francisco, H. THOMPSON, drowned. 2 - Weaverville, W.J. DYER, hunting. 22 - San Francisco, P. O’LAUGHLIN, fall.  23 - San Francisco, A. ENGLISH, sudden. 25 - Pajaro, J. TIDROW, railroad. 28 - Colusa, H.S. WARREN, sudden; Oakland, T. ELDRIDGE, sudden. 30 - San Francisco, J.F. McGEE, sudden.

December 2 - San Luis Obispo, A. LENNOX, fall. 4 - Hanford, O.S. STYLES, shot. 6 - Plymouth, A. SWITHENBANK, mill. 11 - San Rafael, C. ELLIS, cars.  16 - Stockton, C. MACREY, asphyxia. 18 - Marysville, C. REMETZ, sudden death. 21 - San Francisco, F. FAGAN, drowned. 23 - San Joaquin county, T.  BRAMAN, thrown from wagon. 24 -Marysville, H. CHANDOR, drowned. 26 - San Francisco, F. CRIECK, found dead. 28 - John BOYLE accidentally killed at San Francisco; E. PENNING frozen to death, Sandy river, Or.; M.B. GOULD shot and killed in playing a practical joke at Chicago. 29 - Three men frozen to death, Green river, Dakota; two boys drowned at Bethelehem, Pa.  30 - George NOYES died from effect of dental use of chloroform, at St.  Johnsbury, Vt.; a man and woman killed in San Francisco by escaping gas; boy of 4 years killed in San Francisco by falling pile of lumber.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Bee

Saturday Evening, April 17, 1880


                The Ventura Murder

SAN BUENAVENTURA, April 17 - The latest report from the scene of the death of Michael BRANNON, in the mountains 50 miles from here, is that the Coroner on disinterring the corpse, found that the skull had been smashed in as if with two blows of an iron bar.  His partners, ELLIOT and SNIDER, have been arrested and will be examined before Justice GUIBERSON at Santa Paula this afternoon.


Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Bee

Monday Evening, March 1, 1880


                The Trap at Redwood City

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1 - There were several pigeon matches shot at Redwood City yesterday. The principal one embraced such shooters as ROBINSON, MASKEY, DOWNEY, RUTH and EIKERENKOTTER. The match was at 15 birds 21 yards rise, and the score stood: Maskey, 13; Downey, 8; Robinson, 13; Ruth, 11; Eikerenkotter, 12; Maskey and Robinson, tying on thirteen, then shot at three pair of birds, at 18 yards rise, with the following result: Maskey, 4; Robinson, 6. A freeze-out, with nine entries, was next shot at 26 yards rise, for a purse of $22.50., which was won by S.A. TAYLOR, with a clean score.


                Ben. Butler and Chas. O’Conor Wanted to Defend the Anti-Chinese Law

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1 - At a meeting of the W.P.C. Ward Presidents yesterday, a letter was prepared and addressed to Hons. Ben BUTLER and Chas. O’CONOR, asking them to attend to the matter of the anti-Chinese law, should its constitutionality be brought into question before the United States Supreme Court.


                Incendiarism at Dixon - Narrow Escape for the Town

DIXON, March 1 - Dixon was narrowly escaped almost total destruction by fire this morning. About 4 o’clock a fire was discovered under the grocery store of Easton Bros., which is situated about the center of main block. By hard work the building was saved. It was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary, as the fumes from coal oil and tar were almost stifling, and a bucket containing tar was found at the point where the fire originated.


                Western-Bound Passengers

OMAHA, February 29 - The following through passengers were on to-day’s train, leaving at 12:15 P.M., to arrive in Sacramento March 4th: Rev. L.W. FALTERS, G.W. SANDERS, Des Moines, Ia.; Mrs. F.A. SHALER, Norwich, Conn.; A. LYNDS, Richmond, Va.; G.A. WALKER and wife, Victoria, B.C.; Mrs. A.B. BIDLEMAN, Mrs. MILLS, and M. HARTSHORN, San Francisco; Mrs. FORGEAD, Miss FORGEAD, New Orleans.


                Condensed Coast Dispatches

  The Tenth Ward Workingmen of San Francisco have passed resolutions condemnatory of the arrest of GANNON.

  At the sand-lot meeting in San Francisco on Sunday resolutions were adopted condemning the action of Speaker COWDERY and the Assembly with regard to BRAUNHART, and to the effect that if Braunhart is deprived of his vote his constituents would go to Sacramento in a body and use personal influence with the members to prevail upon them not to follow a course that can only end in anarchy.

  Harry PARKER shot and fatally wounded John PETTY in Stockton on Saturday, February 28th. The shooting grew out of an old grudge.

  In the fight near the Lower California line, a few days ago, a white man named Wm. McCAIN and five Indians were killed.


Submitted by Betty Loose




The Daily Bee

Tuesday Evening, June 15, 1880


                COAST DISPATCHES

(Special Telegram to the bee)

   Found Dead at Roseville

   ROSEVILLE, June 15 - J.D. REDFERN, Coroner of Placer county, yesterday held an inquest upon the body of a man found dead last Sunday in a barn belonging to D. McRAE, near this place. The man came there last Friday and appeared to be in the last stages of consumption. Papers found on his person indicate that his name is J. 

MURPHY, a native of Germany, aged 50 years.


The McClure Charter

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15 - The Supreme Court has foreshadowed the unconstitutionality of the McClure Charter. It holds that no Legislature can impose forms of Government to disturb existing municipalities, and that the consolidation act is good for a hundred years if the people so will it.


A "Daisy" Whaler

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15 - The steamer Daisy Whitelaw struck a large finback whale yesterday morning, eight miles southeast of Point Reyes, and the carcass is now buoyed, and will be towed into this harbor to-morrow.


Kulloch’s Case

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15 - In the matter of the appeal from the judgment of the Superior Court in the case to oust the Mayor from his office, W.H.L. BARNES yesterday moved in the Supreme Court to set the case for an early date in the calendar, and it was for Thursday the 17th inst.


Pacific Coast Dispatches in Brief

   Dennis H. DUNN, a Shasta pioneer, died on the 13th.

   Charles REEVES was found drowned in a well at Ukiah on the 13th.

   Portions of Shasta county were visited by a rainstorm on the 13th.

   The Pioneers of Oregon met on the 15th of Portland for a grand reunion.

   No fears of a flood are now felt at Portland, Or. The Columbia is at a standstill.

   There is every prospect that the Roberts Island levee will be repaired within a day or two.

   A Portuguese named FURTADO shot and killed O.A. PAYNE, a prominent citizen of San Benito, on the 14th.

   Teresa FLANAGAN committed suicide in San Francisco on the 14th. Her husband killed himself some months ago.

   In a fit of jealousy, Wm. HUTCHISON, a barber, stabbed and dangerously wounded his wife in San Francisco on the 14th.

   George W. FORD committed suicide at Dobbin’s ranch, Yuba county, on the 14th. Deceased was a native of Massachusetts and 30 years of age.


MALICIOUS MISCHIEF - On Saturday last Albert COLEBAKER and a man known as Doc Hall were going across the Twelfth street bridge with a header. 

The railing along the side of the bridge prevented their getting across easily, whereupon they took an ax and cut it off, leaving the sides without guards. On learning of the circumstance yesterday, Street Commissioner DAVIS had warrants sworn out for the arrest of COLEBAKER and HALL, but as they live in the country they have not yet 

been taken into custody.


POLICE COURT - In this Court to-day the following business was transacted: Ed. STEWART, a drunk, was fined $3.50; Wm. HAKORN, a drunk, forfeited his deposit of $5. A BEHRLE, a defaulting witness, and Mabel WOODS, charged with battery, were granted a continuance till the 16th, and the charges of violating the health ordinance, against 

Wm. BOYNE, J.H. MERRILL and Edward CADWALADER, went over till Thursday.


                The Suicide Mania

   It has been remarked heretofore in the Bee that deeds of personal violence are more frequent in the Spring time than at any other season and especially so during the prevalence of a north wind. This is the late Spring time and for weeks past these winds have been very severe, and there has been an unusual revival in cries of all sorts with a 

large sprinkling of suicides. As an indication we give the record of the past twenty-four hours, as reported by telegraph: Lazarus COHN committed suicide in San Francisco, Wm. HUTCHINSON stabbed his wife there, a prominent citizen of San Benito was shot and killed, George W. FORD committed suicide near Marysville, Charles REEVES was found drowned at Ukiah City. Just how many more cases of suicide, homicide, etc., occurred during the same period and not reported, may not be told. Nowadays when the hot north winds begin to blow the reporters sharpen their pencils and prepare for manual activity in the matter of recording suicides, runaways, fights, domestic brawls, homicides, etc.


                The Hopkins Estate

   Mary Frances Sherwood HOPKINS has petitioned the Board of Supervisors in the matter of the equalization of the estate of  Mark HOPKINS, deceased, for a reduction of the assessment of said estate from the sum of $4,000,000 to the sum of $573,644.04. She avers that as administratrix of the estate she has full knowledge of its value; that the real estate and personal property exept the amount stated  hereafter, has already been distributed between the heirs at law -  Samuel F. HOPKINS, of Michigan, and Moses HOPKINS, of California. That all the personal property remaining undistributed on the first Monday in March, 1880, in her possession and control, is as follows: Cash, 

$544,822.24; stock, $1,388; 8-9 shares of tha capital stock of the Western Development Co., no value given; 162 shares of the capital stock of the Rocky Mountain Coal and Iron Company. $9,180; 750 shares of the capital stock of the California Pacific Railroad Co, $75; 586 shares of the capital stock of the Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad  Co., $2,938; 750 shares of the capital stock of the Portereo and Bay View Railroad Co., $37.50; 10,000 shares of the capital stock of the Occidental and Oriental Steamship co., $20,000. Total valuation $757,644.04 [S.F. Post]


NEW FIRM - A.J. MUIR and Thos J. SCOTT, under the firm name of Scott & Muir, have opened a store at 303 J street, and have placed therin a fine and varied stock of gas fixtures, etc. These gentlemen are practical workmen, having years of experience, and shall give all orders their general supervision. See advertisement in the columns of the Bee.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Daily Bee, Sacramento, Cal.

Thursday Evening, June 17, 1880



                Pacific Coast Dispatches in Brief

   The run of salmon in the Alaska rivers has just set in.

   A $6,000 fire occurred at Visalia on the 15th instant.

   A Garfield and Arthur Club has been formed at San Diego.

   The mercury crawled up to 100 at Tucson on the 16th.

   John LENEY committed suicide at the Dalles on the 16th.

   Wheat is being cut in Yolo and is turning out better than was expected.

  An expedition of twenty miners has left Sitka for the Chilhute mines.

   The break in the Robert’s Island levee was closed on the afternoon of the 16th.

   C.C. FREWART, a Stockton pioneer, died of typhoid-pneumonia on the 16th.

   Business is quite active at Sitka, and several new vessels have been built this Spring.


Coast Dispatches

(Special Telegrams To The Bee)


The Kalloch Case

   SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 - In the Superior Court this morning W.H.L. BARNES moved on behalf of the People that the KALLOCH impeachment case be advanced on calendar for early argument on the ground that a judgment for the People would work a forfeiture of office. H.E. HIGHTON, for KALLOCH, opposed. Decision reserved.


Calling Upon Angell

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 - This morning the Chinese Consul General and all members of the Consulate called on Angell. In an interview ANGELL 

said he might walk through the Chinese quarter but considered that viewing the district could have no effect upon his diplomatic mission, Mr. SWIFT being fully aware of all the peculiarities of the Chinese quarter.


Duncan's Bail Reduced

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 - David McCLURE, counsel for J.C. DUNCAN, applied to Judge FERRAL yesterday for a reduction of bail in the seven 

cases against his client. The total bail on the ten indictments against DUNCAN is $113,000, of which $40,500 had been furnished on three charges. In granting the reduction Judge FERRAL said it was the custom to reduce the bail where a mis trial was the result. The accused had already suffered a long imprisonment and he thought justice would not suffer if the bail was reduced to a reasonable figure. The total bail on the whole ten charges is not $61,500, the reduction amounting to $51,500.


Gave Himself Up

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 - J.J. DOYLE, a Mussel Slough settler, who was recently indicted by the Grand Jury for interfering with an officer who was attempting to serve processes of the Circuit Court on settlers on the railroad lands of Tulare county, delivered himself up yesterday to United States Marshal POOLE. He gave bail $3,000 to answer for his appearance.


Suit for Damages

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 - Henry MULLER, one of the victims of the accident which occurred on the 23d of May, when an excursion train of the South Pacific Coast Railroad Company, running between the Big Trees Station and Santa Cruz, ran off the track near tunnel No. 7, about three miles from Santa Cruz, and ran against an embankment yesterday brought suit against the Company to recover $20,000 damages for injuries to his spine and limbs.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Thursday, July 1, 1880


                MINING NOTES

   Chinamen have found placer mines along Lundy creek, Mono county.

   The Big Flat mines, Del Norte county, are using 1.400 inches of water.

   The Butte (Montana) Miner reports the collapse of the Yago mining excitement.

   The rich copper mines of Railroad District, eastern Nevada, are being prospected.

   The hoisting works of the New York mines, near Nevada City, were burned on the 27th.

   The Ontario Mining Company of Utah consumes fifty tons of coal every twenty-four hours.

   The new town of Mule Pass, near Tombstone, Arizona, is called Bisbee. The mines there are copper.

   The new 80-stamp mill at the Vulture mine, Maricopa county, Arizona, when completed will be 170 feet long and about 46 wide.

   Since the 9th of March last the Constitution mill, says the Tombstone (A.T.) Nugget, has produced half a million dollars in bullion.

   Almy, Wyoming, is an important coalmining district. Several hundred men are employed. The Central and Union Pacific Railroad Companies own 

most of the mines in this region.

   The gold dry-washing machine was recently tried at Oroville. Out of 500 pounds of tailings about a pound of black sand was extracted, in which could be plainly seen about 25 cents worth of gold. The whole operation was performed in less than five minutes.

   A mine which has recently been purchased in Denver, Col., for $65,000, was discovered by two children aged 9 and 10 years. They were “playing mine” at the time, and had dug down four feet on the Little Chief, near Ruby Hill, drilling and blasting five feet more until a valuable body of ore was brought to light.

   A mining expert who has recently returned from Arizona informs the Truckee Republican that it is the richest country in mineral he ever saw. The veins are large and the ore exceedingly rich. He says new strikes are made almost daily, and no matter in what direction one goes in the mountain districts, gold-bearing veins are found.

   It is well worth any person?s time to travel many a mile to see the working of the great hydraulic mine near this city, says the Nevada City Transcript, owned by the Blue Tent Consolidated Company. A force of 130 men are employed in the various departments and a head of 2,500 inches of water is used in washing. The average daily clean-ups are $1,000. The banks are high and the dirt hard, requiring much blasting. This season the Narrow Gauge Railroad Company have delivered to the Blue Tent Company 60,000 pounds of black powder and  upwards of 4,000 pounds of giant. Two blasts, aggregating 2,000 kegs of powder, are now being arranged for, and will be fired this week.

   The Bald Mountain Mining Company of Forest City, Sierra county, have adopted a new mode of working their mine. They let out all their work by contract, fixing their own price. They pay so much for each carload of gravel delivered at the dumps, and the car must contain a certain quantity of gravel. They furnish all the material for tunneling purposes, and let out the work required under agreement. At first they found great difficulty in procuring laborers under the new system, but eventually men took hold of the work and found, after experimenting for a number of days, that by putting in a faithful day’s work, they found make more money per day than they formally did under the old system. The mines is paying as well if not better than it ever did, and gives promise of doing so for years yet to come.



                COAST DISPATCHES


A Young Girl Shot By Her Seducer, Who Commits Suicide.



Attempt to Wreck a Train on the Southern Pacific Railroad.



Great Damage from High Water on the Columbia River



Continuation of the San Francisco Walking Match.

SAN FRANCIASCO, June 30th - In the continuation of the pedestrian contest the new competitors seem to be getting away with the jaded  participants in the original match, only a few of whom are doing much. 

The score at 9 P.M. stood: P. GUERRERO 90, MELVILLE 84, DUNN 82, Benicia Boy 67, MALLON 58, REYNOLDS 55, SHERIDAN 48, CALLAHAN 45, CUMMINGS 45.


The Stockton and Bodie Narrow Gauge Railroad Project Collapsed.

STOCKTON, June 30th - At a meeting of the subscribers toward the project for the construction of a narrow-gauge railroad between Stockton and Bodie, to join the Oregon and Nevada Railroad, a resolution was adopted that no further steps be taken in the matter.  The meeting then adjourned sine die, and thus ends a project which it was at one time expected would be pregnant with beneficial results to Stockton.


Shooting and Stabbing at Dutch Flat.

DUTCH FLAT, June 3oth - A shooting and stabbing affray occurred here at 4:30 this afternoon between two miners - An Austrian and a Swede. 

The trouble originated in the mine, about a sledge. The Austrian then threatened to kill the Swede. The Swede came to town to procure the other’s arrest, taking his gun along for defense, but not finding a Constable, went into a saloon to wait. The Austrian rushed in on him, when he fired one shot and ran across the street into a dry goods store, followed by the Austrian, who stabbed him in the back of the neck. The Austrian is apparently unhurt He is under arrest.


Murder and Suicide

VISALIA, June 30th - Last night about 11:30 o’clock a man by the name of Charles CELLER, in a dance-house, shot Miss Nelly BRADY and then 

killed himself in the same manner. According to the girl’s story, as told to her companions, she had accompanied him, her seducer, from her home in San Francisco to Tulare county, where they had lived for about a month, he forcing her to follow a life of shame to support him. She wished to go back to her parents, but he would not let her. At last her condition became unbearable, and she left him, and notwithstanding his appeals she refused to return. Last night he approached the dance-house where they had been stopping, and fired through the open window at her, the ball taking effect in her left ear. She fell to the floor and died in a few moments. He then placed the pistol to his right temple and fired, falling dead. In his memorandum book was written the name and address of both Charles CELLER, 168 Perry street, and Nelly BRADY, 309 Ritch street, San Francisco. A Coroner’s inquest was held this afternoon and a verdict rendered in accordance with the foregoing facts.


Attempt to Wreck a Train - Daily Mail Service

TUCSON, June 30th - An attempt was made to throw the western-bound train from the track near Picacho station on the night of the 28th. A railroad tie was thrown across the track, which fortunately was seen by the engineer, who checked the speed of the train just before reaching it.

   A daily mail has been put on between Tucson and Globe City, which commenced to-morrow. A stage line will be put on in a few days. This will make Tucson the nearest railroad point to the Globe country.



Passengers Passing Carlin for California.

CARLIN, June 30th - The following passengers passed Carlin to-day, to arrive in Sacramento to-morrow: Dr. H.R. HOLMES, Oregon; Mrs. Dr. 

LYFORD, Marion LYFORD, J.A. JOHNSON, San Francisco; Mrs. FRISBIE, Weadsburg, N.Y.; E.A. SAWYER and wife, Gilroy; Dr. H.L. SIMS, San 

Francisco; J.B. JACKSON and wife, Wisconsin; Mrs. RICHARDS, Philadelphia; Col. SULLEY and family, U.S.A.; John IVANCOVICH and wife, San Francisco; E. RYAN, Washington; Geo. ROHEN, Arizona; Denis KEARNEY, San Francisco; Owen McCAULEY, Brooklyn; A.T. GREEN, San 

Francisco; J.T. LUMMON, Salt Lake; L. RIDDEL, Texas; Hugh McDONALD and wife, San Francisco; G.J. PHIPPS and wife, M.G. PHIPPS, Miss PHIPPS, Miss M. PHIPPS, England; R.R. HAWKINS, Nashville; A.R. SIXERS, wife and son, Philadelphia; Miss B.F. STONE, Dr. George PETERS, R.D. WALBRIDGE, New York; H. TETLOW, Philadelphia; L.S. CHITTENDEN, New York; 58 emigrants, including 31 males, to arrive in Sacramento, July 2d.



Robbed and Murdered.

PORT TOWNSEND, June 30th - The young Indian who was intrusted with a sum of money to carry from Neah Bay to Hosetter?s, reported on Monday, was found dead between Indian Agent WILLOUGHBY?s house and the farm.  His body was literally hacked to pieces and the money gone. One of the supposed murderers was arrested and brought here this evening.


                SAN FRANCISCO ITEMS

[From San Francisco exchanges of June 30th.]

   The steamer City of Tokio will leave for China and Japan on Saturday next.

   Thirteen ?street walkers? arrested last evening were fined $5 each in the Police Court to-day.

   There are now 1,373 names on the roll of the Garfield Invincibles, and it is the largest political club in the city.

   George H. LUPTON, convicted in Judge FERRAL’s Court with assault with intent to murder officer CLARK, was to-day sentenced to San 

Quentin for fourteen years.

   The editor of the Examiner recently met a man who had not voted for eight years, but this time intends to vote for Hancock. The poor fellow has been in San Quentin.

   Postmaster COEY has received a letter from Washington, notifying him that on and after July 1st next, under an agreement with the British office executed on the 18th instant, packets of samples of merchandise may be exchanged in the international mails between the two countries up to 12 inches in length, 7 inches in width, 4 inches in depth, and 12 ounces in weight.

   A counterfeit $100 bank note was found in the Sub-Treasury office in this city. It was sent to Washington, and then a description of it was forwarded here to United States Detective DINNEGARR, who took the matter in hand and traced it to the Bank of Sonoma, from there to the Postmaster of Petaluma, who reported that he had received it from the San Francisco post office in a package of $800. The note has been stamped as counterfeit, and the postoffice will have to make it good.

   The Census Supervisor for this district, Henry G. LANGLEY, reports that 214 of the 229 enumerators of this district have deposited their lists with him, leaving fifteen lists to come in. To-day is the last day for making returns. The schedules are being thoroughly examined to ascertain if any deficiencies exist. The approximate population of the city will be ready for the press the latter part of this week. The Chinese population will probably fall short of 20,000, and it is understood from a trustworthy source that the white population of the city is considerably below 240,000.

   The safe return of the United States steamer Pensacola to this port after becoming disabled on her late cruise to the North, is doubtless due to the ingenuity of her Past Assistant Engineer, G.W. STIVERS. At the time of the accident, near the mouth of the Columbia river, and when the ship was in imminent danger of being lost, that officer suggested wrapping the broken crank with wire-cable that would stand a strain of sixty tons. This was done under his supervision, and the vessel steamed in that condition for forty-eight hours, and on her arrival to port everything was found to be perfectly solid. Had this not been done, the ship would in all probability have drifted on the rocks and been lose, as she was completely disabled, and as there was 

a perfect calm, the sails could not have been used.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Friday July 2, 1880


                PACIFIC COAST ITEMS

   The town of Santa Clara has a population of 2,402.

   A Republican campaign paper is to be started in Los Angeles.

   Bodie has collected $1,324 for the celebration on the Fourth.

   A house in Tombstone, A.T., 40 by 80 feet in size, rents for $500 per month.

   Large quantities of fruit are being shipped from Los Angeles to Arizona.

   A band of 4,000 head of sheep lately passed through Palisade, Nev., on the way to Colorado.

   Theodore WINTERS, the well known horseman of Nevada, has sold 175 horses, at $20 each, for Montana.

   Forty-five emigrant wagons, northward bound, passed through Ashland, Or., in the past two weeks.

   Dr. GLENN has something over 47,000 acres of wheat to cut this season, and this will be the biggest crop he ever had.

   The census, as near as can now be determined, will show the population of Fresno county to be considerably over 10,000.

   Two hundred Chinamen were mustered at the Glenn ranch on Sunday, to commence work in the harvest-field the next morning.

   It is claimed that portions of Arizona can produce earlier peaches than the Vacaville and Marysville regions of this State, and orchards are being  planted.

   The Bodie Railroad, building from Carson, is experiencing much difficulty in getting Chinamen at reasonable wages, the supply not equaling the demand.

   Many remains of mastodon have been found on the Nome Lacke reservation in Tehama county. It is said that the whole region is worth the attention of scientists.

   The Lewiston (Idaho) Teller says that two young women, who live near Palouysi bridge, recently administered a sound thrashing to a man who had slandered them.

   The annual Cornish wrestling matches will be held in Grass Valley, commencing on the 5th of July, and lasting three days. Cash prizes amounting to $280 will be distributed.

   A great many fine cattle and some valuable horses at Tonto Basin, Arizona, are dying of a peculiar disease, which resembles the black-leg, the animal being perfectly black inside when cut open.

   In Montana June 15th five miners, who were returning from the Yogo mines, were surprised, while asleep in their camp, by a party of masked highwaymen, who shot one of them and robbed the others of $400.

   In Arizona recently, near Tempe, a Mexican’s dog treed a large California lion. The man was unarmed, save with a large butcher knife, but nothing daunted, and knowing where he could sell the skin for $1, he whipped out his knife, started up the tree and killed the beast. The lion measured about eight feet from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.


The Silverthorn Murder Case at Shasta.

SHASTA, July 1st - The evidence in the SILVERTHORN murder case closed to-day. The jury has been taken to Pit river to view the scene of the 

alleged homicide, and argument will commence to-morrow. This is the sixteenth day since the first juror was sworn.


Drowned in Gold Lake.

SIERRA CITY, July 1st - James DIXON, a native of Westchester county, New York, aged about 55 years, was drowned in Gold Lake yesterday by 

the ice giving away and precipitating him into the water while fishing. Mr. DIXON was a member of Colonel STEVENSON's regiment, which came to California in 1847.



A State Prisoner Murdered by a Fellow Convict.

CARSON, July 2st - W.R. CHAMBERLAIN, a convict, was killed at the State Prison to-day by John R. DARIING, alias "Rattlesnake Dick," his pal in a robbery case four years ago. He was killed with a pickax.




PORTLAND, July 1st - A man named Samuel DERRICK committed suicide near Weston, in Umatilla county, on the 29th ultimo, by taking two ounces 

of chloroform. DERROCK had been in poor health for a long time, and becoming despondent, committed the rash deed.


                SAN FRANCISCO ITEMS

[From San Francisco exchanges of July 1st.]

   The stock boards will adjourn at the close of business to-morrow afternoon until Wednesday, July 7th.

   The stockholders of the Fireman?s Fund Insurance Company have voted to increase the capital from $300,000 to $750,000.

   On hundred and ninety-four marriage licenses were issued by the County Clerk last month, yielding a revenue of $194 to the city treasury.

   During the last half of June only $71,925 in gold coin and $53,980 in greenbacks was sent to New York from San Franfsico through the express company.

   The Free Library was reopened this morning as a circulating library, after having been closed some weeks for alterations. The system of loaning books will be by “borrower’” cards.

   The exchanges at the San Francisco Clearing house for June were $38,163,300, and the balances $9,512,400 against $46,581,900 exchanges and $10,675,000 balances for the same month last year.

   There is a very good reason to believe that Governor PERKINS has decided to remove Louis KAPLAN from the office of Registrar of Voters, and that he has tendered the position to another - a Republican.

   The new contract for performing the United States mail service in this city that is, the carrying of mail matter to and from the railroad depots and steamer landings to the central office, and between the central office and branch stations - went into effect to-day.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Tuesday, July 6, 1880


Suicide of a Miner.

SAN ANDREAS, July 5th - D. PEDRANTE, a quartz miner from San Antonio ridge, suicided in a lodging house in this place to-day by taking 



Base Ball Accident

SAN JOSE, July 5th - Captain LEVY, of Oakland, was the victim of an accident here yesterday. He was at the fair grounds engaged in a base ball game, the contestants being  the Oaklands and Mutuals, and was at the bat, when a ball thrown swiftly by the pitcher struck him in the left temple, knocking him senseless. In a few minutes he revived, but shortly afterward was taken with a fit, and was removed to town.  During the night he suffered considerably, and was not able to leave his bed until nearly noon to-day. He is about as well as ever.


Accident - False Alarm

SAN JOSE, July 5th - John LEPESECH was thrown from a wagon early this evening and had his leg broken, the horse having started suddenly at 

the explosion of fire-crackers under his feet.

   There was a false alarm of fire sounded this evening about half-past 5 o’clock.



Passengers Passing Carlin.

CARLIN, July 5th - The following passengers passed Carlin to-day, to arrive in Sacramento July 6th:Mrs. SIMNS, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. LETTNER, Sacramento; C.R. ELLIOTT, E.C. ELLIOTT, St. Louis; J.W. SCOTT, California; M. COLGAN, B. MORLEY and wife, New York; Mrs. H.M.

BENNETT, Oxford; Alfred A. WHEELER, San Francisco; John SCHREINER and wife, Mrs. C.G. BROOKS, Philadelphia, Pa.; S.C. CAMPBELL, Leadville, Col.; Henry R. EWALT, Arizona; K. GALLEWISKI, Germany; E.P. WHITE, San Francisco; 53 emigrant passengers, including 41 males, to arrive in Sacramento July 7th.


Deaths at Virginia

VIRGINIA, July 5th - Irish Mary, a well known character of the Comstock, was found dead this morning at the bottom of the stairs leading down from C street. It is supposed she was drunk and fell down, as her neck was broken.

   Daniel O’CONNELL, a well known and popular young man of this city, died this morning of pneumonia.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Wednesday, July 7. 1880


The Public Lands of San Francisco.

WASHINGTON, July 6th - In the case of the public lands of San Francisco, the acting Commissioner of the General Land Office decided that the small tract of land known as Willow Grove, at the head of Guadalupe river, must be included in the official survey. This tract is owned by the Odd Fellows? Savings Bank of San Francisco, and has been improved at considerable expense by that corporation, which holds its title under the pueblo grants.



Special to the Record-Union


Several Persons Injured by the Fall of an Overcrowded Balcony.



For the First Time in Nine Years the “Fourth” Celebrated at Salt Lake



Grand Observance of the National Holiday at Monterey



                Dangers of a Fireman's Life - Six Men Buried in the Ruins of  Burning Building

SAN FRANCISCO, July 6th - About 11:40 last night a fire occurred in a large stable at the corner of Turk and Larkin streets. Men were ordered up on the roof. The outer wall fell in, burying Charles CROCKETT, J.J. WILKINSON, James BEANE, Mike BYRON, officer John CHESTER and George WILSON. They were rescued by their brave 

companions. All will live, though CHESTER is badly burned, having been 

wedged between two burning bales of hay.


                A Frightfully Mutilated Man - One of the Proprietors of a Theater Shoots His Partner - Condition of the Injured Firemen.

San Francisco, July 6th - B.F. HASTING, injured by the explosion at Monterey Sunday, and whose death was erroneously reported, was brought to the city do-day. His injuries are of such a nature that death is likely to ensue, and would be a mercy to him. Both eyes are burst, one leg is so crushed that amputation will be necessary, and he has other 

painful and serious injuries.

   About 10 o'clock this evening Samuel TETLOW, one of the proprietors of the Bella Union Theater, walked into the bar-room of the theater, where his partner, Wm. SKEANTLEBURY, was taking a drink with some friends, and with the remark, "Prepare yourself," or something to that effect, drew a navy revolver and fired. The ball passed through Skeantlebury's right arm, entered the cavity of the chest, and was taken out from under the shoulder blade. TETLOW was instantly seized by a policeman and taken to the Station-house, and SKEANTLEBURY removed to the Receiving Hospital. It is not certain whether or not the wound is fatal. The cause of the difficulty is not known, those 

having a knowledge of the subject preserving silence.

   All the firemen injured at the fire last night are doing well except CHESTER, who is in a very critical condition, being badly burned, and having inhaled hot air, causing congestion of the lungs.


                Serious Accident At Colusa - Another Broken Balcony

COLUSA, July 6th - As the lady equestrians were approaching the corner of Market and Sixth streets yesterday, a rush was made for the corner of the balcony on the Sun building, when one section of it gave way, and some fifteen or twenty persons fell through to the sidewalk, a distance of seventeen feet. The break was slow enough to enable many persons on the section to get away. It was almost a miracle that no one was fatally injured. Among the injured are Mrs. GROVER, wife of J. GROVER; Mrs. AUGENOUR, of College City; J.D. GAGE; a small child of Mr. GROVER; Mr. JOSE and two boys of Captain WARNER. The three first were insensible for a long time, and one of Warner’s boys had his thigh broken. Several little girls hung on to the banisters and crawled out after the fall, showing great presence of mind. Those underneath had time after the balcony began to break to get out of the way except Mrs. W.H. BRASFIELD, who had to get a baby buggy off ahead of her. She received a slight scalp wound. Mr. GREEN had given orders for no one to go on that part of the balcony, and several gentlemen were warning the crowd of the danger at the time. The door had been locked to keep the crowd out, but it was broken open, and they rushed suddenly on, each one thinking that it would hold one more. Other than this the celebration here was a decided success.


                Died of His Injured - Burglaries

MERCED, July 6th - Charles Boyce HOWARD, the man who was burned here on Sunday in the lock-up, died yesterday afternoon, and was buried this morning in the grounds of the Merced Cemetery Association. He has two brothers, William and Lafayette HOWARD, residing in Baltimore, Md. Deceased was aged about 62 years.

   Among the incidents on the 4th were the burglarizing of three dwellings while the occupants were attending the celebration, but the booty obtained by the robbers was not great - $30 in money and some trifling articles of clothing only being missed.


                Suicide with Strychnine

San Leandro, July 6th - Michael MURPHY, single, aged 27 years, a native of county Mayo, Ireland, committed suicide with strychnine at 11 A.M. to-day. The cause is unknown. Coroner HAMILTON has been notified.


                Little Girl Fatally Burned

ROSEVILLE, July 6th - A child, aged four years, the daughter of Peter BAIN, who resides about six miles from here, was fatally burned yesterday. The grass near Bain?s house caught fire, and after being extinguished the little girl was, with other children, walking about over the burned section, when her clothes caught fire and she was fearfully burned before the flames could be extinguished.


                Motel Destroyed by Fire

NAPA, July 6th - The Union Garden Hotel took fire at about 10 o'clock last night and burned down. The furniture, although slightly injured, was all saved. The building was valued at $5,000. Insurance, if any, was light. Cause of the fire unknown.


                Miraculous Escape from Death.

SIERRA BUTTES MINE, July 6th -  James MAY, a lad of 12 years, from Downieville, while riding a horse about Rocky Point, near here, the horse backed off the grade, falling thirty feet, perpendicularly, alighting on the rocks below and rolling down the mountain side about 500 feet. The horse was killed, but the boy escaped with a few scratches about the head.




  Death of a Pioneer

VIRGINIA, July 6th - At 12 o'clock last night John KNOX, a well known pioneer of the coast, and for many years Judge of the Police Court, died in this city.


                Passengers Passing Carlin

CARLIN, July 6th - The following passengers passed Carlin to-day, to arrive in Sacramento July 7th: Miss Kate MARS, Salt Lake; Mrs. COOLEY, Illinois; S.H. KENNEDY, Omaha, Neb.; Mrs. E.G. HUNT and two children, Oakland; Miss E.E. MOTTLEY, Mississippi; H. GROVER, wife and child, Philadelphia; J. GILESPIE, San Francisco; E. HUDSON and wife, Tucson; Mrs. J.O. HANCHETT, Wells, Nev.; L.E. HOLDER, Salt Lake; Miss K. MORGAN, Oregon; I. FROHMAN, New York; L. SLESSENGER, San Francisco;  Phillip GOLDSMITH and son, New York; H.L. COLEMAN, Oakland; Creed HAYMOND and wife, Sacramento; Wm. McGEOEGE,. Jr., Philadelphia; A.H. 

GIBSON,. Jackson, Mich.; J.D. CARR, Salinas City, Cal.; E. ALLEN, Mrs. HENKINS, England; A.D. UBACH, San Diego, Cal.; S.S. LAWS and wife, Columbus, Mo.; F.P. HOGAN, Roseburg, Oregon; 39 emigrant passengers, including 23 males, to arrive in Sacramento July 8th.

Submitted by Betty Loose




The Daily Record-Union

Sacramento, CA

July 10, 1880



A Lost Trapper’s Body Found.

PLACERVILLE, July 10th. - The body of Reuben MILES, the trapper lost in a snowstorm in January, near Tell’s ranch, was found yesterday within a half mile of the cabin. Animals had eaten part of the head, but the body was not decayed.


Dwelling-Houses Burned.

ROCKLIN, July 10th - The house of T. BURT, and the two houses belonging to H.C. CURTIS were entirely destroyed by fire this afternoon. The fire started in Burt’s house, and everything in it was destroyed, his wife and family barely escaping with their lives. The furniture in the other two houses was saved, and also the adjoining buildings, by the exertions of the citizens. The loss is partly covered by insurance.


Highway Robbery in Placer County.

COLFAX, July 10th - About 10 o’clock yesterday W.C. WOLFE, an Iowa Hill teamster, had got to a point near Rice’s bridge, when he was suddenly brought to a standstill by a double-barreled shotgun in close proximity to his head, held by a footpad, who divested him of $15. The robber was masked.

Submitted by Betty Loose




The Daily Record-Union

Sacramento, CA

Tuesday, July 13, 1880



Special to the Record-Union



Two Boys of Eleven and Twelve Years Found Murdered



Organization of the Arizona Central Railroad Company Completed




The Female Tramps.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 12th - In the female pedestrian contest the score at 9 P.M. stood: HOWARD, 134, YOUNG 133, TOBIAS 128, LEE 126, Sadie DONLEY, 115, DENMAN 114, ATLER 101, WALTON 101, WHITE 96.


Barn Destroyed by Fire.

SAN JOSE, July 12th - A barn containing about 100 tons of hay, situated on Market opposite Ballback street, was burned, together with its contents, about 8 o'clock this evening. The barn belonged to the estate of Morgan SCHRODER, the hay to Mr. STEPHENS, of the Twelve-Mile House. The fire was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary. There was 

an insurance of $500 on the barn, and the hay was partially covered by insurance.


Sentenced to be Hanged - Eleven Years Imprisonment.

UKIAH, July 12th - Harvy MARTIER, convicted of the murder of McPHERSON on the coast, received his sentence this morning - that he be hanged by the neck on the 20th of August next.


   HAMMERLAND, for the murder of his wife on Nevada ridge last fall, and the killing of her paramour, was sentenced at the same time. The jury found him guilty of murder in the second degree, and sentenced him to the Penitentiary for eleven years from the date of arrival at the prison.


Mysterious Tragedy - Two Boys Found Murdered in Mendocino County.

UKIAH, July 12th - On the road leading from Potter valley to Little Lake, west of the ranch of Ruben CAVE about three miles, M. GARDNER, son of Constable GARDNER, of Willits, aged 12 years, and H. FITCH, son of J.B. FITCH, now employed on the Mendocino Beacon, aged 11 years, were found dead yesterday - one shot through the head, the other through the heart. There was no difficulty between the boys, and suspicion now points to a murder. It is rumored that the track of a man was found leading from Little Lake and near the boys, and for some distance back.


Verdict of Manslaughter.

SALINAS, July 12th - The trial of A.C. JAMES, charged with the murder of Geo. W. MATTART, near this place, on the 23d of last April, commenced before Judge ALEXANDER in the Superior Court here last Tuesday.. The case went to the jury on Saturday night, and after being out twenty-two hours they came into Court with a verdict of 

manslaughter. Sentence will be pronounced next Thursday.


Passengers Passing Carlin.

CARLIN, July 12th - The following passengers passed Carlin to-day, to arrive in Sacramento to-morrow: H. STEINWAY, F. STEINWAY, New York; A. FRICKER, Berlin, Germany; A.J. BAKER, Kansas City; P.H. McCULLOUGH and wife, Philadelphia; S. McCLURE, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Mrs. J.H. MARTIN, Oil City, Pa.; J. FRYET and wife, San Francisco; S.C. LELLIS, Sacramento; C.A. HOLMES, San Francisco; A. DUMELIN, New York; C.P. SYKES, San Francisco; Miss Lizzie HOFFMAN, Schenectady; C.D. SHAIN, wife and child, Arizona; Mrs. J.T. TAYLOR, Bloomington, Ill.; H. PERRY, Ireland; V. STOWE, W.W. STOWE, San Francisco; D.CAMPBELL, Oakland; F.H. WHEELAN, Santa Rosa; A. NEILSON and wife, Sacramento; A. CROSBY, Bentlain, Maine; Jno. WHEATLEY, P.R. WILLIAMS, Millville, Cal.; J.M. THOMPSON, Austin, Texas; H. MEWHINNEY and son, Texas; W.C. JONES, Berkeley, Cal.; F.M. NOLTOGE, San Francisco; 65 emigrants, including 35 males, to arrive in Sacramento July 11th.


Submitted by Betty Loose


The Record-Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Wednesday, July 14, 1880


Pond lilies have been successfully grown by Mrs. Dr. DAVIS, of College City, Colusa. She has a tank thirteen foot in diameter full of lily pods.

   About a dozen carp from the Danube river, Austria, have been deposited in the Navy Yard reservoir at Vallejo by the Fish Commissioners.

   It is rumored that Professor and Mrs. CARR will assume charge of the proposed high school at Pasadena, Los Angeles county, to be opened next November.

   An agricultural and horticultural fair will be held at National City, San Diego county, under the auspices of the Grange. A hall is to be erected for that purpose.

   In that part of Santa Barbara county which lies west of the mountains and toward Santa Maria, there is said to be 100,000 acres of wheat - all a good crop.

   The peach crop in this locality has been almost an entire failure, says the Folsom Telegraph. Apples and pears will also be scarce, while the plum crop will be large.

   Measles are raging in Tualatin (Oregon) precinct, and the school has been dismissed in consequence. One gentleman has about 240 pounds of the measles, and still is not satisfied.

   A short distance from Wadsworth, Nev., is a China ranch, where may frequently be seen two Chinamen hitched up to a plow horse-fashion, tugging and pulling away like oxen.

   The work of listing the mortgages in the City Assessor’s office at Oakland employs that officer and two clerks sixteen hours each day, and will not be completed for six weeks.

   We are now satisfied, says the Evening Express, that the estimate of 750,000 centals is well within the mark for the wheat crop of Los Angeles county the present season.

   Wool shipments from Cloverdale for the half year ending June 30th inclusive foot up in round figures 692,215 pounds. This wool, at 30 cents per pound, brings just $207,664.540.

   The fruit season is now fairly opened in Los Angeles county. 

Peaches are ripe and other fruits are crowding in. the fruit trade of Los Angeles with Arizona has become something immense.

   The countless tons of ice that during the winter clung to the ragged cliffs overlooking Donner Lake, have disappeared, and the steep mountain sides are covered with grasses and strange plants.

   The latest snake story comes from Eureka, Nev., and is about a fourteen-rattled reptile that tried to swallow a stick of giant powder and fulminated as well as culminated its mundane existence.

   The population of San Jose, according to the returns of the census enumerator, foots up 12,472 in the city proper. Including the East San Jose and Alameda sections, it will foot up nearly 15,000.

   The Truckee Republican says that Superintendent Dodge of the United States Mint, San Francisco, last week discharged all the employes of the institution who had been placed there through the influence of Congressman Page.

   The “oldest inhabitant” of Los Angeles county, as developed by the census, is Jose A. LUCERO, a native of Mexico. He presents a certificate of baptism which shows him to be 117 years old, and he has resided in California ninety years.

   Tulare Lake has risen nearly fourteen inches thus far this season. 

Assuming the lake to have an area of 500 square miles, which is close approximation, the total amount of water represented in the fourteen inches rise would be equal to 118,000.000 tons.

   A man, woman and child, who have been begging for some weeks in Watsonville, have been found to have $65,000 invested in San Francisco, have four sons engaged in profitable business, and $690 in gold was found in the possession of the man.


                SAN FRANCISCO ITEMS

[From San Francisco exchanges of July 13th.]

   The steamer Bolgie will leave for China and Japan on July 15th.

   The steamer Gaelic will be due from China and Japan on July 18th.

   The annual election for Directors of the San Francisco Produce 

Exchange will occur on next Tuesday.

   United States Senator Allen G. THURMAN is coming to California to stump the State in the interest of Hancock and English.

   Superintendent Provost of the House of Correction, reports 13 prisoners received last week, 9 punished for violation of prison discipline, and 208 prisoners now in the institution.

   Joseph Samuel HESS, Vice President of the Exempt Fire Company, died yesterday at his residence, No. 1768 Larkin street. The deceased was a native of Baltimore, Md., and was 54 years of age.

   Information has been filed against Isaac M. KALLOCH by the District Attorney charging him with the murder of Charles de YOUNG. The previous information had been dismissed on a technicality.

   The funeral of the late George B. HASTINGS, who died from the effects of wounds received at the explosion of a can of powder in G Company’s camp at Monterey, took place at 2 o’clock this afternoon from the Church of the Advent.

   It is reported that a new line of steamers is about to be put in operation between this port and Tahiti. It is understood that the venture is supported by the French Government, and that the two screw steamers now building at Philadelphia will fly the American flag.

   The ship John Gambles, which vessel arrived here from New York Sunday night, reports encountering severe gales in the South Pacific, and that for several days she was nearly submerged, the after hatch being washed off, and boats, the galley and deck spars lost overboard.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Record-Union
Sacramento, CA
Thursday, July 15, 1880

Yolo has 3,066 school children.
Tehama county has 2,204 school children.
The Sierra Flume Company have built a sawmill in Tehama county.
Wells, Fargo & Co., have established an office at Spenceville, Yuba county.
The free library at San Jose is expected to be ready for public use by the 20th inst. Limerick, Contra Costa county, has a four-legged, four-winged chicken preserved in alcohol.
Number of patients in the Stockton Insane Asylum: Males, 792; females, 325: total, 1,117.
The Nevada State Board of Pardons met at Carson on the 12th, and passed upon several applications for restoration to citizenship and pardons.
Of the 57,000 Canadians who left Ontario during the past eight months and located in the United States, a number settled in Riverside, Los Angeles county.
In the Garfield mine, near Washington, Nevada county, a very rich bowlder was found in the croppings last week, from which several thousand dollars were taken.
It is proposed to establish a hospital at Astoria in the building known as the Argoni House. Nearly $2,000 has been subscribed toward this benevolent object by business men of the city.
Says the Trinity Journal: On a ridge a few miles from Trinity Centre Thomas MORTON came on seven bears feeding. The presence of bear in such numbers is a rare occurrence in that region.
The Yreka Courier says that Schlichtís mill-dam was completely washed out by the heavy thunder shower of the 3d inst., which raised Shasta river higher for a short time than ever before known.
Last Saturday, at Stockton, a District Agricultural Society was organized under the new law. It embraces the counties of San Joaquin, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa, Merced, Tulare, Stanislaus, Fresno and Kern.
Plans have been adopted for the new asylum building at Stockton. It will have 102 single rooms for patients, 13 double rooms and 50 beds in dormitories. The entire cost, it is hoped, will be less than the appropriation of $85,000.
A new industry has sprung up in Bodie in the shape of blanket and bedclothes robbery. During the past three or four days a dozen complaints have been made by men owning cabins that their homes have been entered by thieves and the beds stripped of every particle of clothing.
A correspondent at Fall River Mills, Shasta county, sends the following snake item to the Record-Union: Mrs. Ed. W. LANSING, to celebrate her Fourth of July, killed a rattlesnake measuring 3 feet 4 inches in length, and about six inches in circumference, carrying ten rattles and a button.
There is an opening for an energetic clergyman in Aurora, Nev. The local editor says: We are sorely in need of a preacher; we donít want any cheap trash. We want a good, muscular Christian, who can catch sinners by the scruff of the neck and drag them howling up the plain of righcousness.
During the month of June there were 3,100 arrivals of overland passengers and 2,840 departures, against 3,200 and 2,400 respectively for the same month last year. The June arrivals by sea were 2,542; departures, 1,049; being the largest number of arrivals by sea in any one month since June 1877, when 2,836 arrived. Three steamers from Hongkong last month brought 1,936 passengers, against less than 1,700 during the five months previous.


The Daily Record-Union
Sacramento, Cal.
Thursday, July 15, 1880

A new quartz ledge, sixteen feet wide, has been found on Sycamore creek, Fresno county.
A 5 1/2 ounce nugget was recently washed out of the Iowaville hydraulic mine, El Dorado.
A strike recently made in Hunterís valley, Mariposa county, yielded $6,000 in a few days.
A quartz mill is soon to be erected on the McCreight mine, near Albany Flat, Calaveras.
The Sam Davis gravel mine, Forbestown, Butte county, pays $15.50 per day to the man.
Rock from the Oro Plata, Calaveras county, averages $75 per ton by the chlorine process.
Scam diggings are attracting much attention in the neighborhood of Spanish Flat, El Dorado county.
A Chinaman, while mining at a point on the San Gabriel river, Los Angeles county, washed out a nugget worth $75.
Mountain Meadows placers, _____ county, are clearing up from $14 to $16 per day for each man employed.
The Black Jack of Sierra has started a new tunnel, and will put up another ten-stamp mill. They will use concentrators to save the sulphurets.
The Olsen mine, Tuolumne county, has 300 tons of ore on the dump.
The Alabama is building a 40 stamp mill. Low-grade ore, but plenty of it.
The Rengold, Placerville, has at last been drained, and the old drifts are being cleared out. But 3,500 tones of ore has ever been extracted, and it yielded $70,000.
In Butte county, near Oroville, the Minerva mine is thoroughly opened, and can put thirty tons of rock on the dumps daily. Rock assays at least $55, and can be taken out for $2.
At the Wisconsin, Yuba county, the miners profess to be guided by spirit directions. They cut the ledge at 30 feet, and are now in barren rock at a depth of 105 feet, and still going down.
Fred. DIENER of Deadwood district, Trinity county, recently crushed a pound and a half of rock from the Monte Cristo mine, and obtained two ounces of gold, at the rate of $15,000 per ton.
The Deep blue Gravel mine at Dogtown, Calaveras county, will soon be in operation. Several hundred inches of water are already turned into the ditch, and everything is now in readiness for active operation.

Special to the Record-Union


The Female Walking Match - Steamer Arrival
SAN FRANCISCO, July 14th - In the female walking match, the score at 9 P.M. stood: HOWARD 222, YOUNG 220, TOBIAS 215, DENMAN 208, LEE 207.
The steamer Australia, from Sydney, via Aukland and Honolulu, arrived this afternoon.

Body of a Probably Murdered Infant Found
SAN RAFAEL, July 14th - The body of an infant, apparently about one week old, was found to-day floating on the beach near Pescadero landing, Cashawís Island, opposite Saucelito. It was found sewed in a Chinese rice mat. Its skull is crushed in, and it has been in the water about two weeks. An inquest will be held to-morrow.

A Woman In Trouble - Stockton Workingmen
STOCKTON, July 14th - A woman named Kate FAY, a stranger, went into a saloon Tuesday afternoon, and while going out was arrested by a policeman, locked up in jail and a charge of visiting a saloon written opposite her name in the prison register. She appeared in the Police Court to-day, was found guilty and fined $5. In default of payment she was committed to prison for five days. There was no charge of drinking or drunkenness preferred against her. The arrest is generally disapproved. The police authorities claimed to get under the provisions of Ordinance 76, which is conceded by judges of law to be a dead letter, contrary to the decisions of the Supreme Court and in conflict with the new Constitution. The case excited considerable comment. The Workingmen held a meeting to-night and resolved to support HANCOCK and ENGLISH.

Hotel Destroyed by Fire
RIVERSIDE, July 14th - The Riverside Hotel, owned by Dr. CRAIG, was burned this morning at 7:30 o'clock. The building is a total loss. The furniture was saved. The building was insured for $1,600, and the furniture for $500. The fire caught in the roof, but the cause is unknown. This was the pioneer hotel, built in 1871.

The Unknown Dead - Verdict of the Coronerís Jury
SAN JOSE, July 14th - Coroner HARRIS this morning held an inquest on the man who died suddenly at the Bridge House yesterday afternoon. The verdict of the jury was that the man was unknown; aged about 45 years; supposed to be a native of Ireland; cause of death, apoplexy of the lungs.

Held to Answer for Perjury
HOLLISTER, July 14th - Samuel SHAW, of San Joaquin, one of the Grand Jurors who found the indictment for manslaughter against G.W. CARLTON for the murder of S.H. BRUMMETT last February, was to-day held to answer on a charge of perjury in his examination as to his qualification to serve in said case on the Grand Jury.

(From our exchanges of July 14th)
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Central Pacific Railroad has been postponed until August 10th.
It has been ruled by Judge LATIMER, on a motion for costs, that on appeal to the Supreme Court the respondent is not responsible for the costs of printing the appeal.
KEARNEY left the city to-day by the overland train. Being interrogated as to his destination, he replied that he was going back in the mountains where he would not see the face of man or woman for a month.
The Journal of Commerce, which has heretofore been issued as a weekly, has now come out as a daily afternoon journal, recoreind the commercial transactions of the leading markets of the world.
The San Francisco Stock Board will hereafter hold a short session, just prior to the informal session, for the exclusive call of local gas, water, bank, insurance, railroad, powder and other miscellaneous stocks, and federal, State and county bonds. W.B. LARZELERE, one of the sureties upon the official bond of I.S. KELLOCH, as City Hall Commissioner, in the sum of $10,000, yesterday applied to Judge HALSEY and Auditor DUNN to be relieved from all liabilities arising upon the bond, alleging as a reason that KELLOCH has pursued such a course politically as to disappoint and surprise the petitioner, and that the petitioner and the said I.S. KELLOCH have since the filing of said bond become antagonized, politically.
Yesterday afternoon a singular and painful accident occurred to Henry KOHN, at 408 Folsom street. At the request of a friend, he was exhibiting the workings of a central-fire cartridge-loader, and, in attempting to extract the cap of the cartridge, it was exploded, and the charge of shot crashed through his left hand, shattering it in a horrible manner. The middle finger of the hand was blown off at the second joint, and the bones of the thumb laid bare. It is feared that amputation may be necessary.


Submitted by Betty Loose



The Daily Record-Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Saturday, July 17, 1880



Special To The Record-Union



Operations of Two Undisguised Footpads near Oroville



A Miner Dashed to Pieces in the Yellow Jacket Shaft



The Great Yacht Race - Lively Betting

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16th - The race to come off to-morrow between the crack yachts Con O'CONNOR and Consuelo creates much interest in yachting and general betting circles. The two vessels had a race last summer, which was contested almost inch by inch, the O'Connor gradually drawing away from her antagonist on each course, and finally winning by a few minutes only. It was then claimed by the backers of the Consuelo that she labored under the disadvantage from having removed some of her ballast, and added one cloth to her mainsail, and that otherwise she would have won the race, as she had at that time won every other race in which she had entered. The contest is for $1,000 a side, and outside betting has been very heavy. To-night the O'Connor is ahead in the pools, which are very lively, and thousands of dollars will change hands on the results. Both yachts are in first-class condition, and will be handled by experts who will get out of them the best work of which they are capable.


Pay or Quit - Removal of the "Rostrom of Liberty"

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16th  - The Working men were to-day advised by the owners of the sand lots that they would hereafter be charged $30 per month for the use of the lots for their meetings. In consequence the "rostrum of liberty" has been removed to a public avenue yet unopened in the immediate vicinity.


San Joaquin County vs. the Central pacific Railroad Company.

STOCKTON, July 16h - The Board of Supervisors to-day adopted the following resolution:

   Resolved, that D.S. TERRY is hereby authorized to employ A.A. COHEN of San Francisco as an attorney in the matters in litigation between the county of San Joaquin and the Central Pacific Railroad Company, at the price of $3,000, and the said sum to be in full for all services rendered by said COHEN; and sum to be paid on or before January 15, 1881.


Crushed to Death - Merced Committee of Safety.

MERCED, July 16th - A fatal accident occurred in the Washington mine, near Hornitas, Mariposa county, late yesterday afternoon. A man named Thomas CUFF, a native of Cornwall, England, ages about 42 years, was the victim. He got into the bucket at the mouth of the shaft to be lowered into the mine, and when the bucket reached the bottom his fellow workmen found him dead, he having been crushed to death in the descent by the bucket coming in contact with some projecting timbers.  Deceased was a married man, and has worked in the deep mines of Tuolumne and Mariposa counties for the past sixteen or seventeen years.

   The Merced Committee of Safety had a meeting to-night, but the object of the gathering is not publicly known. The organization has made the town very quiet for the past week, having relieved it of the presence of numerous vagrants, idlers, gamblers and suspected persons.


Suicide with Strychnine

SAN JOSE, July 18th - This morning, between 9 and 10 o'clock, a laborer named John BROWN, who has resided in and near this city for several years past, was found neat the Southern Pacific track, about two and a half miles north of this city, dying from the effects of strychnine administered by himself, as shown by a memorandum book beside the body. Deceased gave as a reason for his act that he wanted to die, as he could not make a living any longer. An inquest was held this afternoon, and it was learned that deceased was an Irishman, aged 40 years. He was without family or relatives in this State. A verdict of suicide was rendered.


Highway Robbery in Daylight by Undisguised Footpads.

OROVILLE, July 16th - Charles WATKINS, a peddler of vegetables, etc., on the Quincy road, was stopped to-day , at about 1 P.M., by two footpads, about two miles above this place, and robbed of $169. Neither was disguised, and one was armed with a shotgun. One had a sandy beard of four or five weeks’ growth, a dirty white shirt and red overalls. The other had a black mustache, dark shirt and blue overalls. The Sheriff and a posse are now in pursuit.


Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Monday June 5, 1882



 The following changes have occurred during the month of May, 1881, among the commissioned officers of the National Guard of California:


 Commissioned - Wm. B. BURTIS, Assistant Adjutant General with rank of Colonel from May 13, 1882, vice, TURNER, retired. First Brigade - Hyland W. RICE, Captain San Bernardino Cavalry, with rank from February 28, 1882, vice COVINGTON, term expired; Isaac BENJAMIN, Junior Second Lieutenant San Bernardino Cavalry, with rank from February 28, 1882, vice MURPHY, term expired. Second Brigade - First Infantry Regiment: Charles P. LE BRETON, Captain Company G, with rank from May 11, 1882, vice FILGATE, resigned; Francis J. KREMPLE, First Lieutenant Company G, with rank from May 11, 1882, vice GITTINGS, resigned; Charles Lee TILDEN, Second Lieutenant Company G, with rank from May 11, 1882, vice DELANEY, resigned. Fifth Infantry Battalion: Edwin S. BREYFOGLE, Second Lieutenant Company B, with rank from May 4 ,1882, vice BUTLER, term expired; Albert L. SMITH, Captain Company A, with rank from May 16, 1882, vice LEVY, resigned. Third Brigade - Brook C. CRAWFORD, Second Lieutenant Stockton Guard, with rank from April 24, 1882, vice PAYNE, term expired. Fourth Brigade - Lewellyn TOZER, Brigadier-General, with rank from May 19, 1882, vice SHEEHAN, resigned. First Artillery Regiment: John MILLER, First Lieutenant and Inspector of Rifle Practice, with rank from April 29, 1882, vice WALLIS, deceased. Sixth Brigade - Jonathan CLARK, Major and Surgeon, with rank from April 29, 1882, vice SPENCER, resigned.

  Resigned - W.M. CAVANAUGH, Second Lieutenant Company F, First Infantry, Second Brigade, May 1, 1882; Martin LACEY, First Lieutenant San Diego City Guard, First Brigade, May 1, 1882; Albert L. SMITH, Captain and Adjutant Fifth Infantry, Second Brigade, May 16, 1882; John F. SHEEHAN, Brigadier-General commanding Fourth Brigade, May 18, 1882; H.A. WEAVER, Major and Assistant Adjutant-General, Fourth Brigade, May 26, 1882; F.C. HAHN, Major and Paymaster, Third Brigade, May 26, 1882; E.H. BUCKMAN, First Lieutenant Company E, First Infantry, Second Brigade, May 26, 1882.

  Retired - John McCULLY, First Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer Third Infantry, Second Brigade, with rank of First Lieutenant, May 6, 1882; John A. TURNER, Assistant Adjutant-General, State of California, with rank of Colonel, May 15, 1882.

                Democratic Delegates Chosen

 SAN DIEGO, June 4th - The Democratic County Convention yesterday elected John WOLFSKILL, Wallace LEACH, Levi CHASE and N.H. CONKLIN delegates to the State Convention at San Jose. The delegation is unpledged, but two of them are known to favor STONEMAN for Governor.

  SANTA CRUZ, June 4th - At the Democratic primaries held yesterday, Jesse COPE, Charles STEINMETA and J. T. CHRISTAL were elected to the State convention.

  WATSONVILLE, June 4th - In the Democratic primaries yesterday, Edward WHITE and Frank ALDRICH were elected delegates to the State convention. They are for Stoneman for Governor and Thomas Beck for Secretary of State.

  In Pajero, C. FOWLER, S.C. EDGINGTON, W.R. SPEEGLE, P. McALLISTER and J.A. HALL were elected to the Convention.

  SAN JOSE, June 4th - The Democrats yesterday had a primary election, and elected delegates to the Convention, which will meet next Saturday and elect delegates to the State Convention. The delegates are for SHARPSTEIN and ROSE for the Supreme Bench, and will give a complimentary vote for B.D. MURPHY for Governor. HEARST is out of the question.

  MODESTO, June 4th - The Democratic County Convention met here yesterday, a full attendance being present. Great enthusiasm prevailed, and a strong platform was adopted. The delegation go unpledged, except for J.W. McCARTHY for Clerk of the Supreme Court. The delegates chosen are: John MURPHY, James WILLIAMS, A.W. SMITH, A.J .PATTERSON, M.B. NETTRELL, C.C. WRIGHT, C.L. PAYNE and J.H. HAYES.

  Delegates were also selected to the Joint Senatorial Convention, and are for J.D. SPENCER, who has no opposition for Senator.

  SUISUN, June 4th - The following were elected from here as delegates to the Democratic County Convention, to be held at Benicia June 10th: John DEVLIN, J.W. WOLFSKILL, R.C. HALL, James CASEY, D.W. HASTINGS, W.F. TRAINOR, W.W. REEVES, D.M. MILLER, J.G. EDWARDS.


                Incendiary Fire at Lockeford

 LODI (San Joaquin county), June 4th - At Lockeford, at 4 P.M. to-day, a drunken man, pushed out of a saloon kept by Frank STARKEY, made threats that he would get even. He went into the livery stable of STACY, set it on fire, burning the stable, saloon, paint shop and blacksmith shop; also several new carriages and horses, the property of STACY. Loss, $10,000 to $12,000; insurance, $3,500. The man was arrested after much resistance by Charles WOODS, and will go to jail at once. The balance of the town was saved from fire by great exertion of the citizens.

                A Bishop Seriously Injured

HANFORD (Tulare county), June 4th - Bishop Francis MORA, of Los Angeles, who was to dedicate the new Catholic church at Hanford to-day, was very seriously injured yesterday near Lemoore. When crossing a small ditch the seat of the buggy broke and threw him and Father CARESCO violently to the ground. The Bishop is suffering severely from concussion of the brain, but everything possible is being done for his relief. The Vicar-General and father have come from Los Angeles to see the Bishop.


                Runaway Accident

Hanford (Tulare county), June 4th - A. H. MILES, who has just brought his family here from Bond county, Illinois, had a narrow escape from death at Hanford depot yesterday. He, two of his boys and another boy driving, were just leaving the depot in a wagon drawn by two high-spirited horses, when the animals took fright and ran, throwing them out. Two of the boys were considerably hurt, but the wagon ran over Mr. Miles, fracturing severely several ribs and his collar bone. He also received a long scalp wound on the back of his head, extending to the skull. The injured men were somewhat relieved to-day, but neither one is out of danger.              


                (Trinity Journal)

  The Sacramento Record-Union, recently enlarged to a 36-column paper, has reduced its subscription price from $10 to $6 per year, and we look for not less than 100 per cent increase in its business within a year. For Northern California readers the Record -Union will be found the best newspaper published.


   SAILORS’ SUPERSTITIONS - It is said that before the sailing of the Portsmouth from Hampton Roads the following incident occurred: It seems that the ship had a pet cat, to which the crew were much attached, and that previous to sailing a new and strange feline was found on board.. The old cat, upon discovering the presence of the intruder, offered battle, and its ground selected proved to be the extreme end of the bowsprit, from which, however, the combatants, in the heat of battle, both fell and were drowned in the swift current. At this untoward accident the sailors were terribly disconcerted, and predicted, with many doleful sighs and shakes of the head, the long passage which followed. -[Providence Journal.


                NOTARIES APPOINTED - George E. McSTAY has been appointed as Notary Public for San Joaquin county, to reside at Stockton. Edward DE SHIELDS, for Tehama county, to reside at Yellow Jacket Saw Mills.


Submitted by Betty Loose




The Daily Record-Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Tuesday, January 1, 1884

Page 16

Judge Lynch in Humboldt County

EUREKA, December 31st - On Saturday nigh a mob of twelve masked men entered the residence of Cyrus BRODERICK, about two miles from Ferndale, and took William RICHARDSON out and hung him. RICHARDSON stood accused of the crime of rape on his own daughter. He had been tried for the offense, but the jury disagreed, standing ten for acquittal and two for conviction, as the report goes. RICHARDSON was under bonds awaiting another trial. Three men stood guard over BRODERICK and his wife while the hanging was going on.  RICHARDSON’s body was cut down yesterday morning and taken to Ferndale, where a Coroner’s jury will inquire into the matter. RICHARDSON had lived within a few hundred yards of where he was hung for a number of years, and had always borne a good character. His father and mother live in Oakland.  There is great excitement here, as the community is undecided as to his guilt. It is believed that there will be no difficulty in identifying the perpetrators of the deed.

Death in Petaluma

PETALUMA, December 31st - Mrs. J.H. CRANE, wife of Dr. CRANE, of this city, an old resident of this county, having resided here since 1865, died of cerebral apoplexy in this city last Saturday night, aged 61 years. Deceased leaves a husband, a son (a resident of Fresno county) and two daughters, one of whom, Mrs. Wm. BURNETT, is residing in Alameda county, and Miss Frankie CRANE in this city. The funeral takes place this afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Daily Bee - Sacramento

Saturday Evening May 17, 1884 


The Terrible Fate of Four Nevada County Miners.


James LAWRENCE, Joseph HAYES, Coleman CHAPPIE and Robert WALLACE are all shut up in the old Forest Springs mine near this place. All are supposed to be dead. Lawrence was found dead near the shaft, and before his body could be recovered another cave came and completely covered him. A large force of miners are at work trying to recover the bodies, but have no hopes of doing so before Sunday, as the ground is caving rapidly. 



Belle WILSON, who was found guilty of stealing $1,100 from a countryman in her Waverly Place den, was yesterday sentenced to five years in San Quentin. Lizzie CROWLEY, her companion, was acquitted. 



The following was received at the Presidio yesterday morning from the Department of Arizona, dated May 15th:

“Captain CRAWFORD telegraphs that Lieutenant HUNTER turned over to him yesterday twenty Chiricahuas - four men and sixteen women and children. Two sons of Jub are among them. The party is the last of the Chiricahuas and Warm Spring Indians who have been in Mexico. All of these Indians are now on the reservation.” 



The Irrigation Convention to-day elected the following gentlemen as a legislative committee, to frame such a law as will cover the needs of the irrigators on this coast, and present the same to the next Convention, to be held at Fresno, December 3d, 1884, at which time it will be fully completed for presentation to the next session of the Legislature for passage: J.W. NORTH, Fresno; A.I. WILCOX, Santa Clara; Will S. GREEN, Colusa; J.D. BARTH SHORB, San Gabriel; John Q. NORTH, Riverside; T.H. WALES, Tulare. Resolutions were passed condemning riparian rights as impracticable; also opposing a change of the law empowering the Boards of Supervisors to fix the rates of water. Adjourned. 


SALT LAKE, May 16 -

Edmund H. MURPHY, one of the most prominent citizens of Salt Lake and widely known on the Pacific coast, was found dead in bed this morning. Heart disease was the cause. He was Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows and also Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias. 


The Condemned Murderer Majors Makes His Escape From the Oakland Jail - Recaptured After a Desperate Struggle.

Lloyd L. MAJORS, the condemned murderer whose execution is set for Friday next, escaped from the Oakland jail last evening, but was soon recaptured. At 9:30 o’clock he was in his cell with Jailer Peter LAKE and the two death watchmen, H.D. HOUGHMAN and T.B. CUMMINGS. 

Submitted by Betty Loose


Daily Bee - Sacramento

Thursday May 14, 1885 



SANTA FE, May 13 - The remains of Dr. FLYNN, one of the seven victims of Martin NELSON at Bonito, on the 4th instant, was embalmed and shipped to Boston to-day. Undertaker OTTINGER arrived from the scene of the massacre to-day, bringing the Doctor’s remains. He says Nellie MAYBERY, the 14-year-old girl shot by NELSON, will probably get well. Her statement of what happened in the house makes it clear that the affair ranks as one of the most diabolical deeds ever perpetrated. She says her father, mother and brothers all begged and prayed NELSON not to kill Dr. FLYNN. Mrs. MAYBERRY was shot twice, but regained consciousness, and attempted to slip past NELSON and get down stairs. She took her daughter and got down as far as the door yard, when NELSON fired at her a third time, the ball wounding Nellie and piercing Mrs. MAYBERRY’s heart. Nellie struggled to lift her mother up, but finding she was dead ran to the cellar of an adjacent house. Here NELSON followed, and pulled down his gun to kill her, saying, “I might as well send you to hell with the balance of ‘em.” But the girl pleaded so hard that he spared her upon the condition that she promise to come and see him hung. NELSON’s last deadly shot, which killed BRECK, covered a distance of over 250 yards. NELSON and his six victims were buried near Bonito on the 6th inst., the remains of the four MAYBERRYS, Herman BRECK and Peter NELSON, occupying nicely trimmed coffins and placed high upon the hillside, while NELSON’s body was dumped into a rough box and placed in the flat at the foot of the hill. The undertaker confirms the report that NELSON’s desire to get possession of Dr. FLYNN’s watch was the cause of the whole trouble, the thief becoming so enraged when detected in the act as to become insane. 


SAN JOSE, May 13 - James V. MARTIN, of San Francisco, and Lizzie L. MARSHALL of this city, were married by a Justice of the Peace in the County Clerk’s office in this city, about 12 o’clock last night. The groom is said to be the son of Ed. MARTIN, a former President of the Hibernia Bank, of San Francisco. The clerk was roused about midnight for the purpose of issuing the license. The bride’s mother discovered the newly-wedded couple at the Lick House, on First street, shortly after the ceremony, and took the girl home to the Henley House, where Mrs. MARSHALL and three daughters have resided for some time. Mr. MARSHALL, the girl’s father, is in Washington Territory. An attempt is being made to hush the matter up. The bride is said to be about 16. 


SAN JOSE, May 13 - W.L. TISDALE, who resided on the Alameda road, near the Fredericksburg Brewing Company’s premises, has commenced suit against the brewing company. The complaint alleges that the smoke and dust from the brewery settle upon the porch and stairs and penetrate the rooms of plaintiff’s residence. Judgement is asked for $5,000 and that an injunction be granted and the nuisance abated. 

Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Daily Bee

Tuesday, June 23, 1885




What President Buckingham Has to Say on Various Matters

   R.H. BUCKINGHAM, President of the Fish Commission, has just returned from a tour of inspection. He reports that the Commission now have on hand about half a million young trout, which can be had for distribution in the public waters of the State by applying to any of the Commissioners. Of these fish, about 50,000 are salmon trout, 300,000 silver trout, and 30,000 Modoc trout.

  Mr. BUCKINGHAM, in speaking of the deaths of vast numbers of fish in numerous lakes in the State, scouts the idea of a “fish epidemic.” He says that he has observed that native fish die by the thousands ever few years, and he describes the mortality among the finny tribe to the water becoming unduly heated. This usually occurs in seasons when Spring begins very early, and the lakes in which the fish die are generally shallow.

  As regards the hue and cry which is again being raised about the Bay that sea lions and seals are increasing, Mr. Buckingham does not believe the statement true. He believes the animals are decreasing, just as other “varmints” are disappearing before the march of civilization. He says that when the fishermen are busy in the rivers and smaller bays, and the nets are very plentiful, the seals and lions make for San Francisco bay, and then comes the complaint that they are rapidly increasing. Mr. Buckingham says that the steam launch which is being built for the Commission will be completed about the middle of next month, and that if the San Francisco Supervisors will repeal the ordinance prohibiting the killing of seals, a Gatling gun will be procured from the Adjutant General’s office, mounted on the boat, and the seal and lion question will soon be disposed of. Mr. Buckingham believes that aquatic birds are greater enemies to the finny tribe than are the seals or lions, and these, he says, are on the increase. There are on the headwaters of Pitt river forty or fifty nests of fish eagles, and these fish-devouring fowls, assisted by the sheldrakes, get away with immense quantities of small fish.


                BAY GLEANINGS

  The red spider is becoming a nuisance in Oakland, doing damage to orchards and nurseries.

  A lady of wealth and fashion in San Francisco has had the remains of a pet spaniel buried in an $80 casket.

  A.L. FULLER, who swindled the A.O.U.W. lodges in Oakland, has been sentenced to the city prison for six months.

  The San Francisco Supervisors have passed resolutions that O’DONNELL is unfit for the office of Coroner, and that the District Attorney take steps toward his removal.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday August 23, 1886 


The Candidates Now In Los Angeles - Choosing a Chairman

LOS ANGELES, August 23 - All the candidates for Governor, except DIMOND, are now here. The general sentiment is that DIMOND has the most votes, with REED next, then SWIFT, HARTSON and ADAMS, in the order named. All agree that General BARNES would make a magnificent Chairman. But it is rumored here this morning that a dispatch has been received from him stating that he is not a candidate for that honor. PARKS, of Yuba, has been talked of, but MIZNER, of Solano, shut him out. The latest man talked of for Chairman is Col. J.H. DICKINSON, of San Francisco. 

Death on the Rail

LOS ANGELES, August 23 -

As this morning’s Santa Monica train came around a curve between Cienega and Machado station, the engineer saw a man lying on the track. The grade made it impossible to stop the train in time, and as the man paid no attention to the whistle in a moment his mangled body was thrown to one side by the cow-catcher. 

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Daily Bee

Tuesday Evening, September 21, 1886



                    Two Suicides at the Bay

SAN FRANCISCO, September 21 - J. DeVRIEZE, a florist, committed suicide by hanging this morning at his nursery, on the Ocean House road. He was a native of France, aged 56 years. He leaves a wife. He had been complaining for some days past of a pain in the region of the heart, and it is thought that he preferred suicide rather than death by heart disease.

  The body of Jacob SCHAFER, a native of Germany, was found hanging in the stable of Morris RILEY, at 525 Seventh street, this morning. The deceased was a widower. His death was the result of a protracted spree.


                    Sovereign Grand Lodge Officers

BOSTON, September 21 - The following officers for the ensuing year were elected to-day by the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, now in session in this city: Grand Sire, John H. WHITE, of New York; Deputy Grand Sire, J.C .UNDERWOOD, of Kentucky; Grand Secretary, T.A. ROSS, of New Jersey; Grand Treasurer, A. SHEPHARD, of Pennsylvania.


Submitted by Betty Loose




Daily Sacramento Bee

Friday Evening, November 9, 1888



                    BAY GLEANINGS

  Michael WELSH has been arrested for emptying his revolver at a group of boys who were annoying him.

  All the women candidates for the members of the Board of Education in San Francisco have been defeated. They ran some two thousand votes behind the ticket.

  The Republicans had a grand impromptu parade on Thursday evening in celebration of Harrison's election. All the uniformed clubs of the city were in line, besides thousands in citizen's attire.

  J. Charles GREEN and Harry WILD are in jail on a charge of blackmailing Mrs. A. de HOWE , as they are unable to furnish bail. It will be remembered that Green was the party kicked out of his office by ex-Senator Fair for attempted blackmail not long since.

  On Friday, November 2d, the residence of R.C. JOHNSON, at 605 O'Farrell street, was entered by burglars. On the night of Saturday, November 3d, the residence of Miss Ella THORNTON, at 1602 Howard street, was also entered. The thieves secured over $300 worth of jewelry and valuables. William ROBERTS, an ex-convict, has been arrested for the crimes.


                    SUIT ON A PROMISSORY NOTE

 C.W. CLARKE has begun a suit in the Superior Court of this county against John F. SHEEHAN to secure the payment of a $3,000 promissory note, with interest and attorney fees. The note was given in December, 1882, and was secured by a mortgage on certain lands on Grand Island, in this county.

  Plaintiff avers that Sheehan in 1885 conveyed the property to his minor children; that there was no consideration given for the property; that the Superior Court of San Francisco has already rendered judgement in favor of plaintiff for $2,501.20, wherefore it is prayed that the mortgage may be foreclosed, the land sold and the proceeds applied to paying the indebtedness.            



                    THE LONE HIGHWAYMAN

He Makes Good Haul From a Stage Near Nigger Tent

DOWNIEVILLE, November 8 - The down stage was stopped to-day by a single highwayman on what is called Ditch Hill, near Nigger Tent, between this place and Camptonville. The man had a mask on and appeared at the top of the grade with a gun, which he pointed at the driver and ordered him to throw out the mail bags and express box, which was done, and he was then ordered to drive on, which he did. The express box was afterward found broken open and its contents taken. The box contained a bullion bar and coin, amounting in all to about $2,500. The mail bags were taken away. Nothing has yet been heard of the robber, although officers are on his track.



Submitted by Betty Loose





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