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The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Wednesday, August 1, 1906

Page 6


Crazed By Pain, Aged Odd Fellow Stabs Himself With Tiny Blade And Tries To Hammer It Into Heart OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 1 - Adam VOLK, formerly a resident of Mariposa, but an inmate of the Odd Fellows Home at Thermalito for the past seventeen years, made a desperate attempt to end his life Monday morning. News of the affair has just leaked out.

He had been suffering terribly from asthma, and after eating his breakfast Monday went to his room and taking a penknife drove it into his breast, attempting to reach his heart.

He had a rock and pounded the knife in his desperate attempt to end his life until the pain became unbearable.

His cries of agony alarmed a brother inmate, who came to his rescue. He found VOLK on the floor writhing in pain, the knife still in his flesh.  The injured man was at once removed to the Home’s hospital. It was reported last night that he was resting easily, and stood a chance of recovery unless blood poisoning set in.

It is supposed that VOLK became crazed with pain from his sufferings and attempted to end his life.


Mrs. O.M. Jobe, of Corning, Who Is Spending Honeymoon In Coast Range, Meets and Slays Huge Beast WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), August 1 - The largest bear seen in the Coast Range this year was killed last week near Government Flat by Mrs. O.M. JOBE, a bride of a few weeks, who is spending her honeymoon in the mountains.  Mrs. JOBE and her husband reside near Corning, but came to this county to spend their honeymoon with friends.

While strolling along the trail one day last week, she came face to face with a big black bear, estimated, after being dressed, to weigh 400 pounds.  Mrs. JOBE kept her nerve, and a well-directed shot knocked the bear down.  The wound was not fatal, but the fair huntress pumped more lead into the fallen monarch until he was harmless.

Mrs. JOBE has the carcass and will keep it as a memento of her honeymoon.  She and her husband are well known in the Maywood Colony and she will be welcomed there as a heroine on her return.

Meets Huge Grizzly

OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 1 - Dr. MEYERS, of the Utah Construction Company, recently returned from a trip to Quincy, and relates an encounter with a grizzly bear near Big Bar. The doctor was riding along the road and on looking up suddenly saw by the trail, only a few yards away, an immense grizzly, almost as large as a cow.

The bear arose upon his haunches as if he intended to show fight, alarming the doctor, who had nothing in the way of arms but a penknife. The animal, however, apparently changed its mind, dropped onto its four feet and lurched away into the brush on the canyon side.

The doctor has purchased a gun and when he returns will be on the lookout for the animal. Several other sportsmen are planning a trip to Big Bar to see if they cannot get a shot at the animal, as grizzlies are very scarce there.


Physician Asserts That Woman Was Not Mentally Responsible

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), August 1 - It has been quite clearly established that Mrs. Addie Louise TEDDY was insane at the time she ended her life yesterday morning in the woodshed at the rear of her son’s home in this city. Dr. JAMIESON, who attended her of late, states that she was suffering from softening of the brain and was not responsible for actions.  Yesterday some of the neighbors of the TEDDYs started reports to the effect that the woman had been nagged into suicide by the treatment received at the hands of Mr. and Mrs. TEDDY. So bitter was the feeling that during the day two neighbors, Mrs. PERDUE and Mrs. HOOKER, who called at the TEDDY home were refused admittance and ordered off the premises after a wordy war.  TEDDY, in defense, stated to The Bee correspondent last night that these stories were nothing but neighborhood lies, that he had always supported his mother since he was old enough to work and that she had never lacked for anything. She was left a widow when her son was but 8 years old. He began her support after a few years and, according to his statements, has always looked after her welfare carefully and with devoted love.

Recently, he states, she told him she feared she was losing her mind. She was then occupying quarters which he had procured for her adjoining his own home. Realizing her condition, he prevailed on her to share his roof.  Himself and his wife, he declares, gave the afflicted woman every care possible and after frustrating two attempts at suicide, kept a close watch to see that she did not harm herself.

The suicide, which The Bee announced last night, and the published reports of a sensational nature relative to the alleged ill-treatment of aged Mrs.  TEDDY have set the city by the ears. Coroner HOCKING is investigating, but will not hold an inquest until to-morrow evening.

New Roads Seek Rights of Way

NAPA (Napa Co.), August 1 - Two railroad corporations, through their attorney, Alexander R. BALDWIN, of San Francisco, have commenced suit in the Superior Court of this county for rights of way for their roads. The Napa & Lakeport Railway Company wants permission to lay its tracks over lot 12, of the subdivision of the Lansal Rancho, which is the property of A.  CHRISTIANSEN and others.

The Bay Counties Railway Company wants rights of way over the property belonging to the estate of Julius A. DEALY, deceased, and has brought action against E.D. BEARD. The property is located between that formerly owned by Lillian E. BENTLEY - now deceased, and the center of Bentley Slough on the Sonoma and Napa County line. This company also wants to lay its tracks over a portion of lots 14 and 15 of the Fly ranch subdivision owned by D.J.  DEALEY et al. The other suit instituted is against E.D. BEARD and L.J.  NORTON, as executors of the estate of Lillian E. BENT 7, township north range 4 west. (Sic)

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Saturday Bee

Sacramento, Cal

August 4, 1906

Page 6


Man Calling Himself Elliott But Believed To Have Been Frederecy of Shasta County Dies At Hospital There OLD DIGGINS (Shasta Co.), August 4 - Is the body of the dead man now held at Aberdeen, Washington, that of William FREDERECY, of this place, notwithstanding he went under the name while alive of Elliott? There is every reason to think so, but why he should have changed his name can only be surmised now by all but his wife and perhaps one or two others.  There is a mystery about the affair that grows with watching it. FREDERECY left here for Aberdeen, it is learned, to bring back with him two nieces of his wife. What caused his death is not known. Word came from the Chief of Police there that a man calling himself Elliott, but believed to be FREDEREDY had died in the Grays Harbor Hospital and asking what he should do with the remains.

Miners here, knowing that Mrs. FREDERECY had little money, raised $160 to pay for bringing the body to Old Diggins for burial. Then it was learned that FREDERECY’s father in Kansas had ordered the interment of the body at Aberdeen. Somehow the idea has gone out that there is a matter of life insurance at the bottom of the affair.

Three years ago FREDERECY was ill in the Redding Hospital. His wife came down from Sisson to be with him, bringing with her a little girl, one of the nieces he went to Aberdeen to get. He then carried an insurance police payable to his wife and mother. The former is said to have urged him to change it to wife and niece. Whether he did so or not is not known. It is assumed he changed his name on reaching Aberdeen to keep certain people from learning of his mission.

It is said his wife repeated while hysterical the message sent by the Aberdeen Chief of Police to Redding, word for word, though she had never seen it.


Cupid Appears To Be Taking A Vacation Or Is Discouraged Over Results From Work In Past MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.) August 4 - An inspection of the marriage license record of Yuba County for the past four weeks indicates that Cupid is off on his vacation and allowing the heart-joining business to lag around the Hall of Records.

Miss F.E. WALTON, of this city, formerly of Honcut, has informed her friends that on Monday next she will be wed at Sacramento to F.D. MIFFORD, a business man of that place.

In the divorce proceedings entitled William PETERS vs. Emma C. PETERS, the default of defendant has been entered.

Eva MELENDES was granted a final decree of divorce from her husband, Nicholas MELENDES.

Mrs. Josephine MOORE has commenced a suit for divorce from her husband, James F. MOORE, on the grounds of desertion and failure to provide. Forty years ago the couple were married in Merced, and their children have all grown to man’s and woman’s state. Plaintiff is now residing in Yuba City, while defendant lives in Colusa.


WOODLAND, August 4 - The following marriage licenses have been issued this week:

J.H. ZECHER, of Guinda, and Nellie A. CAWLEY, of San Francisco; Charles RODEMAKER, of Woodland, and Elizabeth QUINN, of Davis; Eldon J. RADER and Claudia McFall, both of Winters.


NEVADA CITY, August 4 - Weddings this week were as follows: Thos. W.  TOMPKINS and Miss Ella TAYLOR, Rev. J. SIMS officiating; Lester B. KIRKHAM and Miss Annie PLUMMER, Rev. Josiah SIMS; John William JACKSON and Miss Elsie GRAY, the latter marriage taking place in the Episcopal Church of this city, Rev. RIMER officiating. All three marriages took place in this city.


FAIRFIELD, August 4 - During the week County Clerk HALLIDAY has issued marriage licenses as follows: Edward Wm. BICE, 24, and Augusta May SNOOK, 16, both of Vallejo; Michael WARD, 44, and Octavia MARTIN, 37, both of Vallejo.

Joseph L. FORTADO has been given a final decree of divorce from Mabel L.  FORTADO. Annie TIBBETTS has been granted an interlocutory decree of divorce from William TIBBETTS on the ground of adultery.


Evidence Showed They Took Ore From Bonded Mine To Show To Possible Buyers Of Property QUINCY (Plumas Co.), August 4 - Dr. W.J. HANEY and J.H. MORAN, of Los Angeles, and Michael SERE, of this county, who were arrested at Johnsville last Sunday by Deputy Sheriff Frank DELAHUNTY on charges of grand larceny - the alleged theft of rich ore from a quartz mine near the Bunker Hill - were discharged from custody last evening, after a preliminary hearing that lasted three days.

The evidence clearly showed that the ore was taken in good faith, to be shown to prospective investors.

The arrest of the men caused a sensation in this county. It is said that HANEY, MORAN and SERE contemplate bringing action against the Sheriff for his alleged refusal to take them before a Justice’s Court either here or at Johnsonville, so they could be released on bail.

Dr. HANEY secured an option on the quartz mine from H.W HEWITT, who also represented this brother owners. The foreman of the Bunker Hill later learned that HANEY and associates had taken away a lot of ore, and he at once sent word to the owners. The arrest followed. The whole affair appears to have been caused by a mistake.

Life With Husband Became Unbearable

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 4 - Made timid by the constant abuse of the man who at the altar promised to love, honor and cherish her, Mrs. Lulu RUSSELL, of Oroville, who was formerly Miss SCHELLINGER, of this city, came here with her parents yesterday on the particular mission of opening divorce proceedings against her husband, James T. RUSSELL. She placed her case in the hands of Attorney M.T. BRITTAN, who filed the papers in the action to-day.

The RUSSELLS were married at Biggs, Butte County, two years ago and have since resided at Oroville. According to Mrs. RUSSELL, life with her husband she can no longer endure on account of his abusive conduct and constant threats to injure her or take her life. When she informed him of the object of her visit to Marysville he warned her that he would kill her if she carried out her plans.

He followed her to her attorney’s office here and held out inducements to influence her to return to him, but the young woman was in great fear all the time he was in her presence, and timidly turned down his offers. The ground mentioned in the complaint was extreme cruelty.  RUSSELL’s reputation here is anything but enviable. About five years ago he served a term in the County Jail on conviction of assault. The police have since kept such a close watch on him that he gave Marysville a wide berth.


Six Passengers By Lucky Chance Had Left Vehicle In Order To Lighten It, Just Before Accident DELTA (Shasta Co.), August 4 - Six passengers traveling from Trinity Center to this place by stage had a narrow escape from serious injury, and perhaps death, Thursday near the summit of the divide. By good luck, however, they left the vehicle before the accident occurred in order to lighten the work of the horses.

A heavy freight wagon, loaded to the guards, was met as the summit was about reached, in a narrow part of the road, from one side of which a steep grade stretches down the mountain. Finding, after several efforts to pass, that the work was more difficult than he had thought the driver asked the passengers to leave the stage. He then skirted along the outside edge of the road, and all was going well until one of the leaders slipped and fell.  Unable to resist his struggles, the other horses followed him over the grade, taking with them the vehicle and the driver. The passengers expected to see man and animals dashed to death, but fortunately logs and heavy brush so impeded progress down the mountain that the falling mass was stopped sixty feet from the road.

In some strange manner the driver escaped serious injury, and the horses were not much hurt. Bud had the stageload of passengers been cooped up in the vehicle the probabilities are that the accident would have had a different ending.

Submitted by Betty Loose




The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Wednesday, August 8, 1906

Page 7

Killed by Breaking of Big Pipe Line

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 8 - While at work in a pit beneath a new pipe line leading to the powerhouse at Hammon, Daniel R. CLARK, an employe of the Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields Company, was instantly killed last evening about 5 o’clock.

A portion of the pipe line broke just above CLARK, forcing the head-gate out and throwing an immense quantity of rocks and sand with great force onto him. One of the largest rocks struck CLARK in the head, killing him instantly.

The remains were dug from the mass of debris and CLARK was found lying face downward in a quantity of sand and water, showing that if any life was left after the rock struck him he must have drowned.  Deceased was 50 years of age, a former resident of Oregon House, in this county, and a married man. He leaves a wife and a baby a few months old.  Coroner KELLY has brought the remains to this city and will hold an inquest.

Failed to Report Robbery in Time

CHICO (Butte Co.) August 8 - The local police have been notified that a robbery occurred Sunday night at the home of Dr. D.W. WESLEY, at the corner of Second and Chestnut Streets, $75 in coin and several articles of small value being taken.

The money was taken from a trunk belonging to a Diamond Match Company employe, who was in charge of the house during the absence of Dr. WESLEY and family. Entrance was gained to the room through a window, and as many valuable articles were left untouched, it is evident that the thief was frightened away before his search was completed.

Owing to the delay in notifying the police of the robbery little can be done towards apprehending the looter.

Government Issues Check For One Cent

WEAVERVILLE (Trinity Co.), August 8 - John W. SHUFORD, now a resident of this place, is the proud possessor of as small a draft as was ever issued by the United Stated Treasury. It is a check for one cent, and it is said that only two others of that small denomination were ever drawn. Certainly none could be drawn for a smaller amount.

Mr. SHUFORD was Postmaster at Dedrick, in this county, until six months ago, when he resigned and forwarded to the Post Office Department the amount that was its due according to his final statement. The officials in Washington discovered an error of one cent in SHUFORD’s favor, and sent him a draft for that amount.

Mr. SHUFORD is very proud of the check for the diminutive amount, and would not part with it for a thousand times its face value.

Good Baby Country

ALTURAS (Modoc Co.), August 8 - The birth of five babies here last week, within two days, recalls the interesting fact that last February, during one week, there were fourteen children born in Alturas and immediate vicinity.  Of that number thirteen were boys. The recent output is the first large number born since that time. Infants seem to thrive well here. So far as known there have been no applications to President Roosevelt from this section for recognition in race preservation.


Climbs From Back To Front Seat Of Rig And Grabs Reins of Runaway Team After Husband Is Hurt SUSANVILLE (Lassen Co.), August 8 - H.D. BURROUGHS, District Attorney of Lassen County, had his leg fractured in a mix-up with a runaway team on Antelope Grade, five miles north of here, on Monday.  BURROUGHS, accompanied by his wife and family, and Professor George BARTON and wife, left here that morning for a camping trip to Eagle lake, and on going up Antelope Grade stopped to water the team at a trough which is located on one of the most dangerous portions of the grade. Both men alighted from the rig to loosen the bridle checks.

While the horses were drinking, one of them rubbed his bridle off, and becoming frightened, started to run. BURROUGHS in attempting to stop them, was knocked down and the wagon ran over him, fracturing his leg.  Mrs. BURROUGHS, who was in the back seat, climbed over to the front seat, reached out and grabbed the loose reins, succeeding in keeping the team on the grade until all the occupants of the vehicle had jumped out.  The team ran nearly a quarter of a mile before Mrs. BURROUGHS could persuade her 6-year-old daughter Forrest to jump out, and then, seeing it was a useless task to try and stop the horses, she, too, jumped from the rig just as it was turning over. The wagon was completely demolished, but all of the party escaped injury except Mr. BURROUGHS.  Mrs. BURROUGHS is receiving some well-earned praise form her friends for the pluck and cool-headedness that she displayed. If it had not been for her, those in the wagon would, in all probability, have been seriously injured, if not killed. Mrs. BURROUGHS is the daughter of the late Attorney E.V. SPENCER, of this place.

Died While on Way to Hospital

CHICO (Butte Co.), August 8 - David TORBETT, a recent arrival in Butte County from Oklahoma, died suddenly last evening on Shippee’s ranch, east of Nelson, while en route to a station on the Northern Electric Company’s line, that he might take a car to the County hospital to receive treatment. His wife was with hm at the time.

TORBETT arrived near Nelson lately from Oklahoma with a herd of horses, and was accompanied by his wife and three little children, who were camped near the above place. As his health was steadily failing, TORBETT determined to enter the County Hospital and was on the way when death overtook him.  Coroner PETTIT was notified of the death. Deputy Coroner BARNES departed for the scene and had the body brought to Chico on an electric car last evening.

Deceased was a native of Ireland and aged 34 years. He leaves a wife, three children and a sister, Mrs. VANDENBURG, of Seattle.


Man Who Denied Story Of Wife Desertion Suddenly Departs In Company With His Female Companions NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), August 8 - It is claimed that George B. DUNLAP, Superintendent of the Isis Mine at Washington, accompanied by two women, one of whim has passed as his wife and the other as his sister, have taken their leave of this part of the country.

As Bee readers will remember, a Mrs. DUNLAP wrote some weeks ago from Parkersburg, West Virginia, making inquiries as to the whereabouts of her husband, who had deserted her and was supposed to be in this county with two women, one of whom was formerly his stenographer, a Miss OVERLY. When DUNLAP was interviewed in regard to the query he denied that he was the man wanted, said it was a second cousin, and that he had never been in West Virginia.  Later, when he was identified by means of a photograph that had been forwarded, he admitted that he was the man in question, but that he had obtained a divorce from the Parkersburg woman and married the woman with whom he was living. He also vilified the Parkersburg woman.  Now the latter has sent correspondence and clippings from newspapers which would indicate that DUNLAP heartlessly deserted her and fled with the two women, to neither of which is he married.

DUNLAP has gone away with the women, and on his departure stated that he would take them to San Francisco and then return to the Isis Mine. In the meantime it is probable that the wife back in Parkersburg, West Virginia, if her story is true, as it seems to be, will take some sort of proceeding against him.

In Parkersburg, DUNLAP was the general agent for the B. & O. Railroad, and when he departed, it is claimed in the newspaper clippings that have reached here, he left several friends to mourn the loss of large amounts of borrowed money.

Treblicox Hanging 

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), August 8 - William ALLEN, father of Mrs. W.J.  TREBLICOX, who was murdered about eighteen months ago by her husband, accompanied by John RODDA and James GOSCH who married sisters of the murdered woman, left this morning for San Quentin where William TREBLICOX, the murderer, is to be hanged on Thursday. The trio made especial application to the Warden of the State’s prison at San Quentin for permits to witness the execution.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Friday, August 10, 1906

page 1


Auburn Murderer Gives Up Idea of Starving Himself to Death Adolph WEBER, convicted of the murder of his mother, and sentenced to be hanged on September 12, has concluded to let the law take its course and die on the gallows. When WEBER was taken to the State prison at Folsom from Auburn several weeks ago, he was in such poor health that it was feared he would not live until the date for the execution. He was very weak physically from his long confinement in the County Jail at Auburn and it was thought he would try to starve himself to death and cheat the gallows.

Health Improves

Since he has been at Folsom, however, he has begun to pick up. His health has improved to such an extent that the prison authorities have no doubt he will live to pay the death penalty.

In speaking of WEBER’s health, in conversation with a Bee reporter, Warden Archibald YELL said:

“WEBER seems to be slowly improving since he has been at the prison. He eats well and sleeps well, and his general health is better than it was when he arrived here. He is under the doctor’s care, and eats what is prescribed for him. He is able to digest a chop, a piece of toast and food of that kind.

“He looks better than he did a couple of weeks ago, and there is no question but that we will be able to keep him alive unless he chokes himself to death by shoving a blanket down his throat some time when he thinks the guard is not watching him. He is closely guarded, however, and there is little danger of his ending his life. He is in the condemned cell. He is behaving himself well, and gives little or no trouble.”

Atrocious Crime

The crime for which WEBER is to die was one of the most atrocious in the history of the State. He was accused of murdering his father, mother, sister and brother in Auburn in November, 1904. He afterward set fire to the house in an endeavor to hide the crime. He was tried upon the charge of murdering his mother, and convicted upon a strong chain of circumstantial evidence.  WEBER’s case has attracted widespread attention.


OAKLAND, August 10 - Scores of married women and spinsters living on both sides of the bay are in daily dread that love letters they wrote to Jack MAHON, who was shot by Mrs. Lola REED here early in the week, will involve them in a public scandal. MAHON’s women victims were included in all social ranks. One of them is a well-known artist employed in San Francisco, who wrote to him under the pseudonym of “Red.” Among the bulky package of letters found in MAHON’s apartments and now in possession of Chief WILSON are several from “Red.” There is also a facile pen and ink sketch of the dead man made by this woman. Here is one of her letters:

The Arlington, Santa Barbara -

Dear Jack Satan: I hope you are susceptible to absent treatment. If you are you ought to be black and blue. I wish I had her, the Vampire, whoever she is, to whom you are paying court. However, it is not for me to care, nor do I. I did most awfully, but the worm will turn, i.e., if it is a reciprocity worm. I just write this to cheer you on life’s journey. Hope you will be able to redeem all your pink tickets, and eat three squares a day. I like to write to you because you can’t talk back with your ready criticism.  Yes, I am going to address this to the Hotel Ascot, and I am going to write every day or so. Well, if you don’t like it, why don’t you own up to your right name? No, dear, don’t write, I beg of you. Letters tire me so.


It was “Red” also who sent to MACON the rescript of Kipling’s “Vampire” that he was so fond of quoting:

A fool there was, and he made his prayer.

(Even as you and I)

To a rag and a bone and a bank of hair

(We called her the woman who didn’t care)

But the fool, he called her his lady fair

(Even as you and I)

Other letters received by MAHON from women show how he used his peculiar influence over women, mention of money enclosures being made to them as a regular accompaniment of there admiration for “Jack”.



The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Friday, August 10, 1906

Page 7


Treblicox Did Not Want His Grave Amid Home Scenes To Remind People Of The Crime He Committed GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), August 10 - If the body of William J. TREBLICOX, hanged yesterday at San Quentin Prison for wife murder, as told in last night’s Bee, is buried here it will be against the wishes he expressed shortly before he paid the death penalty. It was the desire of TREBLICOX that he be buried at San Quentin.

If his body should be brought here and interred, he said, strangers in passing through the cemetery would ask who lay beneath the mound, and would naturally be informed that it was the man who was hanged for the murder of his wife. This stain on the family name, he said, he wished removed as far as possible.

Up to the very last his friends hoped against hope that the condemned man might be reprieved by the Governor, but when the fated hour drew near they recognized that Executive clemency was not to be extended.  TREBLICOX shot his wife in this city over a year ago and seriously wounded her cousin, Charles ALLEN, as The Bee has several times related in detail.

McVicker Must Serve Sentence

NAPA (Napa Co.), August 10 - D. McVICKER, charged with selling liquor too near the Veterans’ Home at Yountville, must serve his four months in jail, despite his petition to the Governor. Ever since the Superior Court refused to grant hin a new trial McVICKER has been busy getting the prominent citizens of this county to sign a petition for a commutation of sentence and had succeeded in getting nearly every one’s name. The petition was forwarded to the Governor, but as he has not been at Sacramento for some days he has not acted on it. A bench warrant was issued yesterday and McVICKER was brought here and locked up.

Escaped Prisoner Caught by Officer

NAPA (Napa Co.), August 10 - Angelo BOSSEHESARI, accused of having robbed his fellow employe at the Napa Junction cement works, who escaped from Deputy Sheriff DALY on Tuesday, was captured a mile south of Napa yesterday after a brief struggle.

DALY came upon BOSSEHESARI this afternoon near the cemetery and called upon the fugitive to halt. BOSSCHESARI started to run, but a couple of shots from DALY’s pistol brought him to a stop. As the officer drew forth the handcuffs the prisoner grappled with his captor, but was quickly overpowered.


After Waiting Four Days And Perjuring Himself At Inquest, Fear Forces Telling Of The Truth CHICO (Butte Co.), August 10 - A startling sensation was sprung at the West Branch Mills yesterday morning when the mystery surrounding the death of Harry HOYT, the popular employe of the Sierra Lumber Company’s mills, who was shot to death last Sunday by Benjamin CRABBE, of Chico, confessing that he fired the fatal shot at HOYT, he (CRABBE) mistaking him for a brown bear, and by J.D. FINNICUM confessing to being an accomplice in concealing the truth.

Unable to endure the suspicions of their fellow-workmen and hide the terrible truth within their breasts longer, Benjamin CRABBE and J.D.  FINNICUM appeared before Superintendent F.M. THATCHER yesterday morning and confessed their responsibilities for the death of HOYT, after having taken part in the search for the body and after standing a searching examination by Coroner LENNON during the inquest Wednesday.  According to their story, they were hunting in the neighborhood of the Nine-Mile Spring Sunday, when they saw an object having the appearance of a brown bear, moving in the brush. CRABBE fired once, and, when the object fell, went to the place with FINNICUM and found he had killed HOYT.  Naturally they were terribly frightened, and on making sure that HOYT was dead, left the body to the depredations of the wild animals and returned to West Branch, where they did not have the courage to tell the terrible truth.  On arriving at the mill they engaged in the search for the missing HOYT, being careful, however, to not go near the place where the corpse lay. Later during the three-hour inquest, held in the West Branch school-house by Coroner LENNON, of Tehama County, they were the principal witnesses, as it was known that they had been hunting in the neighborhood where the accident occurred. To the searching questions of the Coroner they perjured themselves by steadfastly declaring that they did not know the cause of HOYT’s death.  They, however, appeared nervous and considerably agitated, and circumstances and the suspicions of the men pointed them out as the guilty parties.  Coroner LENNON held out until midnight in hope of securing a confession, but as none was forthcoming the jury brought in a verdict of death resulting from a gunshot wound inflicted by some unknown person. Before leaving Coroner LENNON advised that action be taken by friends towards securing a confession, and after four days of agony in harboring the awful truth, they confessed.

Upon receiving the confessions Superintendent THATCHER did not spread the news until CRABBE and FURMANN were on their way by flume to Chico, fearing that the incensed men would handle them roughly. This proved a wise precaution as summary action was advocated by the men.  On arriving here CRABBE and FINNICUM proposed going to Red Bluff to report to the Sheriff there. CRABBE has relatives here. FINNICUM was formerly a local bartender.

The fact that CRABBE and FINNICUM let four days elapse before they revealed the truth, and that they in the meantime engaged in the search for the missing party and then perjured themselves at the inquest, are the things that have aroused local people against the guilty ones.

Recover Rig

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 10 - Acting on advices from Constable HINDMAN, of Chico, the police of this city, at an early hour this morning recovered a stolen team and buggy at the Pavilion Stable. They are now looking for lineman named LEE, who is named by the Chico authorities as the thief. LEE arrived here with the outfit at noon yesterday and has not been seen by the stablekeeper since.

LEE is described as about 25 or 30 years of age, very dark complexion, weighs 160 or 165 and carries lineman’s tools in a belt about his waist; hight 5 feet 8 inches.

Died on Street

VALLEJO (Solano Co.), August 10 - Hiram BAGAN, who was a bugler in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War, died here this morning. He had been at the Yountville Home, where he received treatment for consumption. He went into a drug store here this morning and procured some medicine. He then stepped upon sidewalk and had a severe hemorrhage, from which he died. He was about 40 years of age.

Threatened Suicide

TRUCKEE (Nevada Co.), August 10 - Harry BEAM, a well-known resident of Truckee, threatened to commit suicide by taking carbolic acid. The drug, however, was taken away from him before he succeeded in drinking any of it.  He declared he would get more and end his life, and as he has not yet been seen, it is believed he may have carried out his threat.


Van Fleet for Judge - There is talk of former Supreme Justice VAN FLEET contesting with Judge COOPER for the third place on the Appellate bench of the San Francisco District. Judge COOPER is the Democratic member of the Court.

A Veteran’s Suicide - Robert GILLIS, a veteran of the Civil War, 84 years of age, because he was despondent from the life attending old age, went out to Golden Gate Park yesterday morning and shot himself through the heart.

Springs Valley Assessment - The Spring Valley Water Company Directors decided yesterday to make an assessment of $3 per share on the 280,000 shares of stock of the corporation. By this means the Company will get into its treasury $840,000 in cash, $200,000 of which will be used to pay matured interest on bonds and $640,000 for rehabilitation work in the burned district.

A Victim of Gas - Little 3-year-old Keils HERSEY is dead in Alameda as a result of inhaling illuminating gas and his 6-year-old brother, Bart, together with the mother of the children, Mrs. W.D. HERSEY, who sought to end her own life Wednesday night with carbon monoxide and take her boys with her into the hereafter, lie unconscious and moribund at the family residence.

Will t Be Contested - The will of the late Theodore KEARNEY of Fresno, who bequested to the University of California for the department of agriculture his entire estate, amounting to $1,000,000 us ti be contested by Dennis KEARNEY, of sand-lot fame, who claims to be a cousin. The contest is that the law forbids the bequest to charity of more than one-third of an estate of which there are heirs.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Saturday Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

August 11, 1906

Page 7


Licenses To Wed Issued And Decrees Of Separation Granted In Superior California Counties MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 11 - A Butte County couple caused the only entry made in the Yuba County marriage license record this week. The parties to the wedding, which was solemnized here, were Ben SINCERBAN and Mrs. Ruby E LANE, both of whom claim Chico as their home.  In the divorce suit of Wm. J. PETERS vs. Emma C. PETERS, the interlocutory decree has been made by Judge McDANIEL. The custody of their minor daughter was awarded to the father.

T.E. MARCH, of Pleasant grove, through Attorney CARLIN, has instituted divorce proceedings against his wife, Mary F. MARCH, on the grounds of desertion.


REDDING (Shasta Co.), August 11 - Marriage licenses were issued this week to the following couples: N. Rockwell BARNES, aged 60, of Redding, and Mrs.  Loraine EVERSON, aged 63, of Durfor, Or.; Fred EVERETT, of Dunsmuir, and Adelia DITTMEIER, of Oak, Idaho; William KING, aged 57, and Mrs. Elisa J.  ARMSTRONG, aged 42, both of Baird; Ignatius W. MILLER, aged 26, and Linnie GRAFFORD, aged 25, both of Woodland.


WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), August 11 - The County Clerk issued the following marriage license last week: John RENZ, of Sacramento and Miss Inez McGRIFF, of Woodland.


OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 11 - Two marriage licenses were issued in the Clerk’s office during the past week: Clark M. HEINRICH and Lillie E.  LETTERMAN, both of Chico, and David D. JONES and Lena FAULKNER, both of Oroville.

Melvilla TABER was granted a divorce from A.C. TABER on the ground of desertion.

Mrs. Eva M. GULICK, of Gridley, has filed a suit for divorce from John F.  GULICK. The couple were married at Yuba City in 1894 and have five children, of whom the mother asks the custody. Failure to provide and cruelty are the charges alleged. Mrs. GULICK claims her husband pulled her out of bed by the hair, struck her with a hatchet handle, slapped her face, and cursed her roundly. GULICK is employed at the Gridley cannery and is earning over $100 per month, the complaint alleges, and the wife asks that she be granted alimony.


SUSANVILLE (Lassen Co.), August 11 - The County Clerk has issued the following marriage licenses during the past week: Arad WAY, age 25, and Jna Louelle McMURPHY, aged 20, both of Janesville; Frank V. WOOD, age 25, and Maude E. WINCHESTER, age 19, both of Susanville; Frank SUMMERS, age 23, of Johnstonville, and Eva DIXON, age 18, of Standish.


YUBA CITY (Sutter Co.), August 1 - T.E. MARCH, of Pleasant Grove, through his attorney, W.H. CARLIN, has commenced divorce proceedings in the Superior Court here against his wife, Mary F. MARCH, on the ground of desertion.

Was Hit Harder Than He Anticipated

BODIE (Mono Co.), August 11 - J. STOCK, the lessee of the Occidental Hotel, who was found gagged and bound and unconscious in a room of that hotel Monday morning and whose safe had been robbed of nearly $500, confessed last night and the whole matter is now known. STOCK’s time had expired at the hotel and his finances were in bad shape. He borrowed $350 from the Bodie Bank and placed this with what money he had on hand in the care of a local merchant. He then had his white cook tie him up and hit him over the head with a club. The blow was harder than intended and nearly fractured his skull. He has been attached and will make an assignment of al this belongings to his creditors.

Died at Lodi

LODI (San Joaquin Co.), August 11 - William L. TAYLER died yesterday at the home of his sister, Mrs. F.O. HALE, in Lodi, after an illness of typhoid fever. He contracted the disease at Goldfield, where he was foreman of a stamp mill, and had been ill for over a week when he reached Lodi. Medical assistance was at once summoned, but proved powerless to stay the progress of the malady. He was 30 years of age, and a native of Michigan.

Badly Injured

LAKEVIEW (Oregon), August 11 - The Harvey ranch at Summer Lake, some 50 miles north of here, witnessed another serious accident to-day. While raising a derrick at the stacking yards in the hay field, in some unaccountable manner after being partially raised the derrick fell with a crash, catching one EUGENE, a French laborer, beneath it, breaking one arm, several ribs and it is feared he is hurt seriously internally.

Temperance Women Choose Officers

VALLEJO (Solano Co.), August 11 - The Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Solano County closed its nineteenth annual Convention in this city last evening with one of the largest audiences in the record of the three days’ gathering which had assembled to hear County President Mrs. E.D. BIGGS, of Benicia, make an earnest appeal for the extension of suffrage to the women of the Nation.

The election of officers, to-day, resulted in the following being chosen:

Mrs. E.D. BIGGS, of Benicia, President; Mrs. M. MALLETT, of Vallejo, Vice President at Large; Mrs. Grace STEWART of Fairfield, First Vice President;

Mrs. Mary DILLAS, of Fairfield, Second Vice-President; Mrs. M. DUHIG, of Vallejo, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. C.A. HUTTON, of Vallejo, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Hannah WRIGHT, of Benicia, Treasurer; Mrs. Mattie MOSHER, of Benicia, Auditor.

The honor of the selection of the officer who would be given a life membership in the Union fell to Mrs. Hannah WRIGHT, of Benicia.

Western Nevada State News


Mrs. Jack McCormick, Of Sacramento, And George Winters, of Reno, Preparing To Fight Father’s Will RENO (Nev.), August 11 - Mrs. Jack McCORMICK, of Sacramento, and George D.  WINTERS, of Reno, children of the late Theodore WINTERS, a wealthy Nevada ranch and stockman who died a few days ago, leaving an immense estate, are preparing to bring suit to set aside deeds executed by WINTERS two years ago ignoring them in the division of his property. When the apportionment of the WINTERS property was made it was left wholly to Mrs. Nettie M. GREGORY and Nevada WINTERS, daughters, and two sons, Archie and Lewis WINTERS.  On account of a violent domestic estrangement WINTERS became turned against Mrs. McCORMICK and George D. WINTERS. One paragraph of the deeds executed in September, 1904, reads: “George D. WINTERS and Mrs. C. McCORMICK are purposely omitted and it is the full intent of the party of the first part (Theodore WINTERS) that they shall have no interest and shall have or take no part of share in the inheritance.”

WINTERS, who was well known all over Nevada and California as a breeder of fast racing stock, having done more than any other one man to increase the (rest of article cut off).

Mrs. Corey Leaves Reno For the Coast

RENO (Nev.), August 11 - The departure of the COREYs from Reno, accompanied by the sale of their high-power auto and the closing of their rented home on the Truckee River has painfully shocked some of the good people of the city, who imagined that the wife of the steel magnate was to become a fixture in the town and an ornament to society. Yesterday Mrs. COREY and her son Alan left for the Coast, and this morning Miss Addie COREY, sister of the divorced husband, took her departure. They were accompanied by their servants, and it is hardly believed that they will ever again pay Reno a visit in spite of their testimony in the divorce trial to the effect that they expected to always live in Nevada.

Their hasty departure recalls that of Dr. BRUGUIRE, who came to Nevada from San Francisco, hung out his sign, spent six months at Newport, and then returned in time to testify in his divorce trial that he was a legal resident of Nevada, and the henpecked husband of a jealous wife. He got his divorce, his attorneys got their money, and within a week BRUGUIRE was back in San Francisco talking abut getting married again.  So far as known, he never practiced his profession on any one while in Reno, which he has coldly abandoned.

Reno people are awaiting the next sensation.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Monday, August 13, 1906

Page 6



Says Latter Will Return To Manage Property and That The Woman He Lives With Is His Wife Beyond Doubt NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), August 13 - Another chapter is added to the troubles to George B. DUNLAP, Superintendent of the Isis Mining and Milling Company, of Washington, by the issuance of a letter from Barclay ALLEN, foreman of the mine. DUNLAP’s domestic affairs, the allegations of wife desertion and elopement with another, are well known to Bee readers, as the charges and DUNLAP’s denials have appeared in full in this paper.  DUNLAP left Washington, this county, a few days ago in company with the woman who he claims is his wife, and another whom he has introduced as her sister. Back in Parkersburg, Va., is a woman who claims that DUNLAP deserted to elope with his stenographer, a Miss OVERMAN. One of the women of his present household is known as Miss OVERMAN. DUNLAP left Washington very quietly and announced that he was going to San Francisco to make a home for his wife and her sister, after which he would return to the Isis. Since then creditors have grown uneasy. Says Foreman ALLEN, in part, in a letter which The Bee correspondent read last night:

“Since the publication of an article regarding the former life and family relations of Superintendent G.B. DUNLAP, of the Isis Mining and Milling Company here, there seems to exist with the people of the district no little fear and indignation as to the question of his returning to Washington and satisfying claims of the business fraternity against the mining company.

“Superintendent G.B. DUNLAP left here with the express purpose to accompany and locate his folks in San Francisco. Being familiar with his business affairs as his foreman here, I know for a fact and positive certainty that he intends to return and attend to his mining business.  Furthermore, I desire to state that the report and rumor afloat to the effect that Mr. DUNLAP departed with ill intentions is absurd and wholly uncalled for. The Isis Mining Company is well able to meet its financial obligations, and there is no need of any creditor entertaining any undue feeling on this score.

“I have known Mr. and Mrs. DUNLAP for some time. He is a gentleman, and she is a perfect lady. Will say further that I know she is his lawful wife, and I challenge any citizen of Nevada County to say otherwise in my presence.”


Attorney Davis Buys In Old Glory, The Property Used By Notorious Schemer, In Floating Stock OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 13 - On Saturday last Attorney E.B. DAVIS, of San Francisco, acting for the stockholders of the Sunset Mining Company, redeemed the Old Glory Mine from Sheriff’s sale, and it is believed the mine is to be pumped out and prospected.

The mine is situated in Morris Ravine, just across the Feather River from this city, and is famous as the mine which the notorious George W. RUMBLE used as the basis of his operations in his extensive mining frauds. On its pretended richness he sold $243,000 worth of stock in four months, agreeing to pay 2 per cent monthly dividends.

For three months he paid the dividends, and then wired the principal stockholders that the mine had closed down owing to a strike. At the same time he paid off the men and asked them to sign a “pay-roll,” which was really a lien on the property. These liens were filed, but afterward withdrawn.

E.B. DAVIS, who redeemed the mine on Saturday, assisted in prosecuting RUMBLE for the fraudulent use of the United States mails, for which he was sentenced to eighteen months in San Quentin.

The mine was sold at Sheriff’s sale to satisfy a claim of $2500 brought by L. HARDYNGE.



Lennon, Of Tehama, Administered Oaths In Butte, And Crabbe and Finnicum May Escape Perjury Charge CHICO (Butte Co.), August 13  - Regarding the arrest of Benjamin CRABBE and J.D. FINNICUM, the two young men who confessed being responsible for the death of Harry HOYT, on a charge of perjury, the alleged perjury having been committed during the inquest, a discussion has arisen in local legal circles as to whether the charge can be pressed.

It will be remembered that the accident occurred at Nine-Mile Spring, just over the line in Tehama County. For convenience, Coroner LENNON, of Tehama County, held the inquest at West Branch, in Butte County, and it is therefore held that the Coroner had no authority to administer an oath, and that any statements made are not binding.

The general sentiment locally is that the boys have been punished enough for their indecision in reporting the accident. The reverse sentiment appears to hold, however, in Tehama County.


RED BLUFF (Tehama Co.), August 13 - Acting District Attorney Charles A.  GARTER declares with some heat that there is no disposition on the part of that office to prosecute the charge of perjury against the two young men, Benjamin F. CRABBE and James D. FINNICUM, who are alleged to have fired the shot which caused the sad tragedy near the West Branch sawmill of the Sierra Lumber Company a week ago yesterday. He stated that the only disposition is to secure a full and fair investigation into the facts surrounding this fatality and to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the shooting was entirely an accident.

Mrs. CRABBE, the mother of the young man who is said to have mistaken Harry HOYT for a bear, and his brother, J. Hammond CRABBE, who is now a reporter on a Woodland newspaper, reached here yesterday and are doing all in their power to extricate the young man from his difficulties. It is barely possible that another inquest will be held, and then both the young hunters will tell the whole truth without reservation. It has been suggested that a Justice of the Peace should accompany the District Attorney to the scene of the accident and make a thorough investigation, which should forever set at rest all question as to how young HOYT came to his death.


Chester Holmes, 14 Years Old, Accidentally Shot While Attempting To Carry Rifle From Boat CHICO (Butte Co.), August 13 - Chester HOLMES, the 14-year-old son of R.T.  HOLMES, a farmer residing four miles north of Chico, was almost instantly killed yesterday afternoon by the accidental discharge of a rifle while out fishing three miles west of Cana.

HOLMES left for Cana yesterday morning in company with his brother and two boy friends from Chico. After fishing for some time a boat on a lagoon of the Sacramento River, near the DYCUS place, the boys decided to go ashore.  Young HOLMES was engaged in taking a 32-caliber rifle from the boat when in some manner it was discharged. The bullet entered the left breast of the unfortunate young man, and he died almost instantly, before the eyes of his horrified companions.

A physician was rushed to the scene by automobile from Chico, but the young man was dead long before he arrived.

Deputy Coroner J.L. BARNES was notified, and, on investigating the case, permitted the body to be brought to the family home.  A mother, father, two sisters and three brothers mourn the loss.

Violently Insane

CHICO (Butte Co.), August 13 - John PHILLIPS, first baseman on the Rose City colored baseball team, became violently insane here late Saturday afternoon, while engaged in sprinkling the lawn at the Nightingale Sanitarium. It took the combined efforts of three police officers to remove him to the City Jail.

When first noticed PHILLIPS was butting his head against the trees and falling over the fence. After he was placed in an express wagon to be taken to the City Prison, he continued yelling at the top of his voice: “I am King of the world! I am King of the world!” Continued heavy drinking is the cause of his insanity.

Fell From Train

CHICO (Butte Co.), August 13 - Victor SWANSON was seriously injured near Durham Saturday by falling from the Oregon express and receiving two long gashes on his scalp and a bad bruise on his leg. SWANSON was unable to walk, and lay along the track some time before he was found. He was unable to explain his fall, other than it was an accident. The injured man was taken to the County Infirmary for treatment.

Fell Into Shaft

GOLDFIELD (Nev.), August 13 - News has reached here from Palmetto to the effect that Postmaster HART of that place was severely hurt by falling eighty feet down a mine shaft. In some stranger manner, however, he was not killed, the force of his fall probably being broken by striking the timbers as he went down. He was picked up still conscious with a broken leg and a body covered with painful contusions.

25 Years in Prison

REDDING (Shasta Co.), August 13 - Frank WILLIAMS, “Indian Pike”, who was serving a life sentence in San Quentin for murder committed in Shasta County, returned to Redding Saturday evening, having been released on parole after spending twenty-five years behind the bars. He says he has been made a good Indian and he looks it. His home is on McCloud River.


REDDING (Shasta Co.), August 13 - Joseph H. ISAACS, manager of the Shasta County Democratic Register, and Miss Fannie M. STOWE, of Stella, were married in Redding Saturday afternoon, Rev. Edwin PALMER officiating. Mr.  and Mrs. ISAACS went up the canyon to spend a week and will return to this city to make their permanent home.

Referee Belcher

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 13 - Attorney Richard BELCHER, of this city, has received notice of his reappointment as Referee in Bankruptcy for Yuba, Colusa, Sutter, Glenn, Nevada, Placer, Butte, Tehama, Sierra, Lassen, Plumas, Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou and Modoc Counties.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Wednesday, August 15, 1906

Page 6


Alleged Wife Writes Letter For Publication And Says Woman, Companion of Husband Will Regret Conduct NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), August 15 - Another chapter is added to the elopement case of George B. DUNLAP by the receipt of a letter from his alleged wife at Sisterville, Virginia.

It is claimed here that DUNLAP and the two women who accompany him are now in Sacramento at one of the hotels. DUNLAP’s marital troubles have been related at length in The Bee and are familiar to all its readers. He left the Isis Mine, this county, on August 6th. He is Superintendent of the mine.  The letter received yesterday from the woman in Sisterville, Virginia, is at once pathetic and convincing. She asks that it be published as she fears that it might never reach her alleged husband if sent direct to him. Every sentence breathes of undying love and a great pity for the man. It could hardly be written by any other than one who loved him beyond everything and still loves him dearly. It says in part, as to the divorce issue:

“You say you were divorced many years ago. I have in my possession a legal document from a Court in San Francisco, where you applied in 1904 for a divorce, and in June 1905. The case was dismissed without prejudice. I know you have no divorce from me.

“I pray the Lord may save your soul, and I pity with all my heart such a woman as the one who has taken my place at your side and who calls you her husband. Some days her conscience will burn her like fire and she will call aloud to her God for help and forgiveness.”

DUNLAP is accused by the Sisterville woman, who formerly resided at Parkersville, Virginia, of deserting her to elope with his stenographer, a Miss OVERLY. DUNLAP, while at the Isis, was accompanied by two women, one of whom he introduced as his wife and the other as his sister-in-law, Miss OVERLY. When asked to explain the Virginia matter he first stated that his second cousin was the man, but later changed the story somewhat by stating that he had long been divorced from the woman who now accuses him of desertion.


Discovered Near Where Three Counties Meet, But Within Trinity, Making Third In About A Month WEAVERVILLE (Trinity Co.), August 15 - For the third time within little more than a month Coroner RYAN has been called upon to hold an inquest on a human skeleton. He received word by mail Sunday that a skeleton had been found hanging to a tree in Hopkins Hollow, which, singularly, is near the corner of Trinity, Mendocino and Tehama Counties.

A Red Bluff dispatch to The Bee one day last week mentioned that a skeleton had been found hanging to a tree in the Yolabola Mountains. It was not then known to which county the human bones belonged, but it has since been definitely decided that they were found in Trinity County and Coroner RYAN was accordingly notified.

The information coming to the Coroner is not very definite, but he left Weaverville yesterday to try to find the skeleton, which is wholly devoid of flesh, and hold an inquest or make an investigation, at least, in accordance with the law.

As fully told in The Bee at the time, a human skeleton was found near Hayfork on July 8th. That was identified as being all that was left of Turner PALMER. The Bee has also told of the finding of a human skeleton near Hyampom, on July 21st. This proved to be the remains of William VIENAS. So the skeleton found in Hopkins Hollow last week is the third discovered in Trinity County in a month.


Pike Patten Meets Death In Plumas At Hands Of Watchman Who Claims He Was Fired Upon First LOYALTON (Sierra Co.), August 15 - Pike PATTEN was shot and instantly killed Monday night on a ranch just over the line from here in Plumas County, toward Beckwith.

The particulars that have come here are meager. It seems that when William McNEIR’s barn and hay were burned last Saturday night, PATTEN was suspected of having set the fire. About a year ago a shack belonging to him burned, and although his neighbors turned out to help put out the fire and save his property, PATTEN claimed that they set the fire and swore vengeance.  He had been heard since, within a few days, to renew the threats against the neighbors, it is said. A case was being made out against him and he was to be remanded for examination Tuesday, the day before he was shot, on a charge of burning the barn Saturday.

When the McNEIR brothers, George EDE, MARBLE brothers and other ranchers heard of PATTEN’s threats against their property and of the burning of the McNEIR barn, a man named HUNTINGTON, better known as “Swift-water Bill,” was set to watch PATTEN. It is said that PATTEN was seen by HUNTINGTON to start a fire against a hay stack, and when called upon to desist he fired at HUNTINGTON. HUNTINGTON returned fire and killed PATTEN. As the tragedy occurred outside the county the authorities here are not engaged on the case.

PATTEN was about 60 years old and he had a mean disposition. He probably was mentally unbalanced.


Campers Discover Deep Opening On St. John Never Before Heard Of, And Credit It To Earthquake WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), August 15 - While on a trip to St. John Mountain, in the Coast Range, last week, a party of campers discovered a hole in the mountain side that no one remembers having seen in that vicinity before.  It is about 9x16 feet across, and seems to have an unlimited depth.  Mammoth rocks were rolled into it and the party could hear them striking the sides for at least eight seconds, but they could never hear them strike bottom. The discovery was made on one of the southeast spurs of the mountain near a ravine, in a very dangerous place for travelers up the mountain.  For weeks past stories have come from that section concerning terrible noises that were heard by stockmen, and many sheepherders took their flocks from the vicinity, fearing that a volcano was threatening. Those who made the latest discovery think that this cavern may have something to do with the subterranean noises, and also believe that it is one of the results of the earthquake. They noticed changes in Eel River which strengthens this belief.

Two Weddings

WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), August 15 - Two weddings were solemnized at the Byrne Hotel in this city yesterday afternoon. While not a double event, the ceremonies were performed in the same room, and only a few minutes apart.  Rev. L.F. SHEARER officiated at both weddings. The first couple to be united were Frank MEFFORD, of this city, and Miss Effie WATSON, of Honcut. The second couple were C.A. ORENGO and Miss Pearl GOODNOW, both of Capay Valley.

Kirkpatrick Scored by Referee Belcher

WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), August 15 - Richard BELCHER, referee in Bankruptcy for this district, has recommended to District Judge DE HAVEN that Frank KIRKPATRICK, of Orland, be denied his discharge as a bankrupt. Last Fall, when KIRKPATRICK was sued by a local mercantile firm, he filed his petition in bankruptcy, and the hearing was held before Referee BELCHER.  He found that the bankrupt “wilfully, knowingly and with intent to defraud his creditors, omitted from his schedule forty head of cattle of which he was the legal owner; that he fraudulently concealed from the trustee of the estate the said forty head of cattle, and that he made false oath wilfully, knowingly and fraudulently by verifying and filing his schedule with the said forty head of cattle omitted therefrom.”

The cattle in question were attached by the creditor who sued, and KIRKPATRICK made affidavit that they were not his property.

Submitted by Betty Loose




The Evening Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

Thursday, August 16, 1906

Page 6


Wilson Says He and Burton Will Not Be Made Scapegoats For Others as Guilty OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 16 - Late last evening Constable T.P. REILLY was arrested by Sheriff CHUBBUCK on a felony charge preferred by District Attorney SEXTON. The arrest was a complete surprise to REILLY, who did not expect any action until the Grand Jury met.

The warrant of arrest charges REILLY “with receiving and collecting money for his own use to aid, exempt or otherwise assist a person from arrest and conviction for a violation of Section 330 of the Penal Code of the State, a felony.” The Section referred to prohibits gambling.  REILLY asked that bail be fixed at once, and the Justice placed that amount at $1000, Thomas TUHEY and Charles REILLY qualifying on the bond.  There no doubt will be several other arrests made when the Grand Jury meets, Judge GRAY having called that body to assemble here on next Tuesday morning to investigate the charges of graft by the police force.  City Marshal WILSON denounces Officers CURRAN and RIPPEY as liars and perjurers because they testified before the Trustees that they did not know where the money came from that was being divided up by the Marshal every Saturday night. Officer TOLAND was the only man on the force who did not get his “divvy,” the Marshal says.

WILSON declares he is ready to take the consequences of his act, but says he and BURTON will not be made scapegoats for the whole force.  The women who appeared as witnesses before the Board of Trustees on Monday evening are leaving town as rapidly as they can without causing comment, evidently fearing they will be made to suffer in some way for their confession.

The investigation has started ugly rumors of graft in cases of men arrested on petty larceny charges. It is alleged money has been held out and a specific instance is cited where Constable REILLY retained $30 out of $50 taken from two short-change men, and credited them with but $20 on the books. When they protested REILLY admitted having the amount but claimed that it was merely an error.


Four Freight Cars Jump The Track, Bringing Death To Peter Beck And Injury To Five Companions AUBURN (Placer Co.), August 16 - Peter BECK, of Watsonville, was killed and five men with whom he was traveling were injured, one of them very seriously, in a freight train wreck last night just west of Newcastle.  The injured men are John WELLENDORTH, James BECK, Charles DUBOIS, Ray O’NEIL and Charles HUBER. HUBER’s right leg was crushed, and this morning it was found necessary to amputate it. He has a sister living at Chippewa Falls, Wis., and word has been sent to her of his plight.  What caused the accident is not known here. Four cars were derailed, and in going over they carried several telegraph poles with them, putting wires out of business until early this morning.

Peter BECK and his companions were riding in a gondola car, and when it went over into a ditch were carried with it. BECK died in a little while.  With the exception of HUBER, the other men are not much injured. HUBER was caught under a portion of the car, it is understood, and in this way his leg was terribly crushed. The train crew escaped harm.  An inquest was held here to-day, nothing important being brought out beyond the published story.

Traffic on the railroad was delayed about four hours, men having been put to work at once to clear the track.


Loftus Brothers Stumble On Blue Bucket Find Which Appears Rich But Is In Region Of Little Water LAKEVIEW (Ore.), August 16 - The first to return from the new gold fields on Coyote Range, where a rush is under way, were VAN WHORTON and GENTRY. They took up claims and came in for supplies and material. They say the strike is near the head of what is known as Tippy Canyon in the vicinity of Snider Creek on the slope of Coyote Range. Very little water is to be found and no wood except sagebrush. They claim there are several springs that can be cleaned out and utilized by piping water to mines a mile or so distant.  Old timers bring forward the story that the district was known to early emigrants, fifty or sixty years ago, and called the Blue Bucket group. The first discoverer endeavored in after years to return to their find but the Indians were so savage, together with many other hardships, that the whites were driven out.

It now transpires that the LOFTUS brothers, after several months prospecting, have found this old Blue Bucket group.  VAN WHORTON and GENRTY are reliable men. They bring back word that the top formation is simply burned porphyritic grey looking stuff that no man would be guilty of picking up if seen under ordinary conditions in the roads and byways. Yet, for all that, it contains splotches of gold. As yet, no one has dug more than five feet deep on the veins. It appears to have blanketed the whole range in that section, and five miles further, on top of the Coyote Range, great dykes or croppings appear for miles. From this have been crumbled small pieces of porphyry as if blown out by a tremendous shaking up of mother earth.

The country has been visited by sheep herders to some extent for the past twenty years, but they had no idea of the wealth that was stored at their feet.


Two Friends Die Within Few Weeks Of Each Other In Much The Same Manner, And Without Warning REDDING (Shasta Co.), August 16 - There was a striking resemblance in the manner of the death of John EAGAN in Redding yesterday, who was found dead in the rear of Robert ALLEN’s place of business on California Street, as mentioned briefly in The Bee Wednesday, and that of William WREN, EAGAN’s lifelong friend and mining partner, who fell upon a sidewalk in this city three weeks ago and died within an hour. EAGAN and WREN were fast friends, and almost invariably worked in the same camp. Then WREN was foreman, EAGAN was sure of a job, and when EAGAN was foreman, WREN was sure to catch on.  EAGAN came to Redding to attend WREN’s funeral and never returned to the National Mine, where he was foreman. He wept like a child when the body of his old comrade was lowered into the grave.

It is no exaggeration to say that John, or “Jack,” EAGAN was the best known miner in Shasta County. He was nearly always foreman of the mine where he was employed. He had the knack of handling men, and understood mining thoroughly. He was idolized everywhere by the miners, not one of who was ever known to speak an unkind word of him.

EAGAN’s death was probably the result of strangulation, following a coughing spell. He was afflicted with asthma. He retired to the rear of Robert ALLEN’s business place and expired alone. The scratches on his face indicate that he had struggled probably to get his breath, and then passed away.

His parents, residing in Sweetland, Nevada County, have been notified of his death. Early this morning arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.


Cyrus R. Hill and Wife Still Hale and Hearty, Married Fifty Years Ago GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), August 16 - Few men have lived the eventful life of Cyrus R. HILL, who will celebrate, with his wife, his golden wedding anniversary in this city on August 21. Mr. HILL is one of the pioneer residents of Grass Valley, having located here in 1852, when the ground were the city now stands was a wilderness almost and crowded with goldseekers, who washed nearly every foot of ground in the town and took out big money.  Cyrus R. HILL was born in New York in 1828, his native place being Barre Center. He came to California in 1852, coming direct to this district, then in the heyday of its placer prosperity. He came by way of the isthmus, and shortly after leaving Greytown assisted in putting down a mutiny aboard the ship. The sailors were in an ugly mood, on short rations and ready to overpower their officers and take possession, when news of the affair leaked out. HILL, a big, muscular man, fearful of nothing, took an active hand in quelling the disturbance just as it was about to break forth.  For a time, he teamed and mined. Then he purchased a tract of land in the heart of Grass Valley in 1858. At that time there was but one acre of the property adapted to cultivation owing to the ravages of placer mining. By the end of 1858 he filled in and leveled four acres and planted fruit trees, many of which still bear largely. The remainder of the tract he prepared in the same manner, having in all fourteen acres. He set out the first berries in this vicinity, and was the first grower to ship fruit out of the county.  On August 21, 1856, Mr. HILL was married to Miss Caroline DOBBINS. Seven children were born, four of whom survive. There are also four grandchildren living. Mr. and Mrs. HILL still reside in their cozy old-fashioned home off Colfax Avenue, hale and hearty, respected highly by all who know them.


State Soldiers Whose Marksmanship Gains Them Right To Enter National Lists In Seagirt Contest WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), August 16 - The State National Guard shoot to qualify for the team to represent California at the National shoot at Seagirt, New Jersey, which was held near this city, closed yesterday. The scores were made at 200, 500, 600 and 800 yards, slow fire; 200 yards rapid fire, and skirmishes. The possible record was 475.

Following are the fifteen who qualified, together with the number of points made by each:

Private C.M. McKILLOP, Company C, Fifth Infantry, total score, 375; Private W.A. GULDNER, Company C, Fifth Infantry, 372; Lieutenant E.G. GRIFFIN, Company F, Second Infantry, 368; Sergeant W.L. RUTHERFORD, Company H, Second Infantry, 365; Sergeant S.C. SAULISBURY, Company A, Second Infantry, 364;

Private F.R. NEWLAND, Company B, Second Infantry, 353; Private W.A. EDDY, 352; Sergeant C.H. TURNER, Company F, Second Infantry, 334; Corporal A.E.  SHALLISH, Company M. Seventh Infantry, 329; Private E. BACKSTRAID, Company M, Seventh Infantry, 323; Artificer C.H. MANVILLE, Company B, Second Infantry, 322; Captain N. VANDERBILT, Company D, Fifth Infantry, 320;

Sergeant C.H. SANBORN, Company E, Fifth Infantry, 319; Sergeant C.A. RICE, Company A, Second Infantry, 313; Corporal C.E BARKER, Company H, Second Infantry, 317.

The eight men of the Second Regiment who qualified for the State shoot, have also qualified for the team to go East, they giving the Second Regiment a majority of representatives on the team. The team will practice until August 31st when they will start for the East.

Submitted by Betty Loose



The Saturday Bee

Sacramento, Cal.

August 18, 1906

Page 6


Rumors Rife In Auburn That Attorneys For Prisoner Have Dug Up New Evidence Of Sensational Kind AUBURN (Placer Co.), August 18 - Various rumors have been in circulation here for the past few days regarding the WEBER case. There is an opinion that the prisoner will not be executed on September 12, and that a temporary reprieve will be granted. This will be done to allow the Governor to make a closed examination of the transcript of testimony. Others, however, do not believe in this report, and claim that executive clemency will not be extended even temporarily. WEBER’s attorneys have been working hard ever since the prisoner was re-sentenced, and have traveled over a wide range of country interviewing jurors and witnesses in the case.  Attorney TUTTLE made a trip to Salt lake City last week to see Juror SELFRIDGE, who is now a resident there, but it is not known whether he was successful or not in securing SELFRIDGE’s signature to the petition to commute the execution to life imprisonment. The defense has interviewed all the main witnesses of the case except Henry CARR, the San Francisco pawnbroker, who testified that he sold WEBER the pistol with which, it was proved, the WEBER family was killed. No trace can be found of this witness, although the attorneys have been searching San Francisco diligently for several weeks. No intimation has been given as to how many jurors have signed WEBER’s petition to the Governor, but from the tone and attitude of the attorneys, they have not met with the success they expected.  It was rumored here yesterday that a sensational disclosure would be made in the case in producing proofs that WEBER was not alone in the killing of his family, and that he had an accomplice. Just how this is to be done is not stated, but the officers are rather looking for something sensational on the defendant’s part, and anything now would not surprise them.



“Big Tex” Morton Died Last Night As Result Of Bullet Wound Inflicted Last Wednesday Morning PRINCETON (Colusa Co.), August 18 - S.R. MORTON, known up and down this section of the Sacramento River and in adjoining counties as “Big Tex” took a sudden turn for the worse and died at 9 o’clock last night as a result of the bullet wound in the neck inflicted by Dr. L.H. FRANCES Wednesday morning, as full told in the issue of The Bee that day.  The two men had words over a bill for professional services presented by the doctor. This was on Tuesday afternoon, and the quarrel ended by MORTON knocking Dr. FRANCES down half a dozen times. The doctor then secured a warrant for the saloonman’s arrest. The next morning, Wednesday, MORTON left his home and went to FRANCES’ office. He was warned by the doctor to stay out but not heeding was shot.

Dr. FRANCES at once gave himself up and was released on $1000 bonds. Many times this amount was offered him. From all reports he acted in self-defense, and the sympathy of the public is entirely with him. He will now be rearrested but will have no difficulty in giving bonds in any sum.  MORTON ran a saloon here and was a gambler. He has been in a number of scrapes, and recently at Colusa mixed things with “Bud” WELCH, a well-known saloonman of that town. This affair was soon to be tried in the Courts.

Pounded to Death by Mill Machinery

FLORISTON (Nevada Co.), August 18 - Mike DUBROVAS, the Austrian, who was accidentally killed in the mills of the Floriston Pulp and Paper Company, met with a horrible death. The man was working in one of the machine rooms when he became entangled in a belt running upon a high-speed pulley.  Instantly he was whirled several times around the pulley, his bones being crushed by coming in contact with the overhead structure. Finally his clothing became loosened, and he was hurled against a large revolving fly-wheel and by it was knocked across the room tot he floor. DUBROVAS was ** years of age, and formerly lived at Reno.


One Married At Woodland This Week and The Other Will Wed At Redding On November 1 Next MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 18 - This city furnished the bride for a Woodland wedding this week, and on November 1 will perform a like favor for Redding.

The first happy event referred to is the union of Miss Effie WATSON, of Marysville, and Frank MEFFORD, of Sacramento, at Yolo’s county seat. That of November 1 will be the wedding of Frank WATERBURY, of Napa, and Miss Clara MEYERS, of this place, at Shasta’s capital.

The engagement is announced of Claude GRAHAM, a well-known man of this city, and Miss Clara MOORE, of Colusa. The wedding will be held at the latter place September 10.

Clinton DE WITT has gone to Santa Ana at which place he will be married next Wednesday to Miss Bertha L. FOWLER.


REDDING (Shasta Co.), August 18 - Marriage licenses were issued during the week to two couples: Joseph N. ISAACS, aged 39, of Redding, and Fannie STOWE, aged 27, of Stella; William M. CAMPBELL, aged 22, and Arlita FEENEY, aged 19, both of Copper City.

Annie B. CHAPMAN received an absolute decree of divorce from Alonzo L.  CHAPMAN. Leland BECKEY has instituted an action for divorce from Grace BECKEY. The couple reside in Shingletown. Martha BRADSHAW, a resident of Kennett, has brought a divorce suit against Martin H. BRADSHAW.


YREKA, August 18 - The following marriage licenses were issued this month:

August 3, Michael WACKER, 39, and Rosa Eliza WALTERS, 27, both of Yreka;

August 6, John Lester MANN, 20, Quartz Valley and Eva Selena SARGENT, 16, Quartz Valley; August 9, Jerome B. AGER, 24, Ager, and Maud Jones, 18, Ager;

August 11, Thomas G. CROSBY, 25, Montague, and Tillie Josephine YOUNG, 18, Montague; August 14, Toney Silva DEAS, 7, (sic), Merced, and Annie Laura FAGUNDES 24, Rollin.


OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 18 - Among the marriage licenses issued the past week was one which the records show was given to the youngest couple a license was ever issued to in this county. The couple were Frank R. HARRIS, aged 17, and Marian WOOD, aged 17, both of Chico. Others issued were to Arne LUNDGREN, aged 22, and Lillian M. LINDGREN, aged 18, both of St. Johns; Jos.  FREITAS, aged 24, and Mary CUNHA, aged 15, both of Chico.


GRASS VALLEY, August 18 - The following marriages were solemnized in this

city during the past week: Henry CAMPBELL and Miss Agnes SMITH; Fillmore

FOLCK and Miss Lucille HAMMELL; Clarence E. CRASS and Miss Madge STEVENS. At

Nevada City Justice of the Peace COUGHLIN united William SHERMAN, of North Bloomfield, and Miss Clara HITCHCOCK, of Lake Vera. No divorce proceedings were instituted for this week.

Two Robberies

OROVILLE (Butte Co.), August 18 - The house of Charles JOHNSON, a resident of Dredgerville, was robbed Thursday night, the thief securing $35 in coin and a gold watch. The same night a quantity of wire was stolen from a dredger nearby and it is believed the same party committed the theft. No clue has been found to lead to the thief’s identity.

Lyons Caught

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), August 18 - James LYONS, the colored cook mentioned in The Bee several weeks ago as being wanted for the theft of Joshua REEVES’ watch and ring, was captured by Constable TYRELL in this city last night.  Petty larceny was the charge entered against the prisoner. LYONS was receiving free meals and lodgings at the REEVES house when he took the property.

Joseph Scott Dead

WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), August 18 - Joseph SCOTT, a well-known rancher, died at his ranch six miles north of Blacks yesterday morning. Neuralgia of the heart was the cause of his death.

Mr. SCOTT was a native of Sacramento, 42 years of age. He was married in that city to Miss Mary SALKELD about eight years ago. She, with a 9-months-old son, survives him. He had spent the past year in Woodland and returned to his ranch Monday to take care of his harvest.  Funeral services will be held from D.O. BEAN’s undertaking parlors in this city Sunday morning at 9:30 o’clock.

Breaks Contract

REDDING (Shasta Co.), August 18 - A. DOWNEY, who was elected in June to teach science in the High School, and accepted the position, has sent in his resignation because he has been offered a better salary in Santa Rosa. Of course our County Board of Education accepted the resignation, for there was nothing else to do. A contract is binding on a Board but not on a teacher, it seems.

Henry Lohman Dead

WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), August 18 - Henry LOHMAN died at his home in this city late yesterday afternoon of cancer, after a long illness. He was a native of Germany, 62 years of age. He came to this country in 1864, and to California in 1868. His wife and two sisters, who live in Washington, survive him.

Submitted by Betty Loose









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