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J. F. Zane, Eureka, executes our Surety Bonds.









Superior JudgesG. W. Hunter, E. W. Wilson.

District AttorneyOtto C. Gregor.

ClerkGeo. W. Cousins.

AuditorT. W. Richmond.

RecorderT. H. Howatt.

SheriffJ. W. Ferrill.

Tax CollectorJ. M. Melendy.

AssessorChas. F. Roberts.

Superintendent of SchoolsGeorge Underwood.

Public Administrator and CoronerDr. T. R. Petch.

SurveyorG. W. Conners.

Official Court ReporterW. K. Strong.

SupervisorsGeorge Hindley (Chairman), Ferndale; J. S. Brown, Eureka; S. F. Pine, Eureka; G. W. Williams, Fortuna; Hector McLeod, Arcata.



Township, Name of Justice.

Van Duzen, Geo. A. Burgess.

Briceland, W. E. Cole.

Eureka, J. W. Ryan.

Eureka, E. Walling.

Hydesville, L. Jones.

Klamath, H. B. Waterman.

Mad River, J. E. Merriam.

Mattole, Geo. A. Cummings.

Orleans, Wm. Babel.

Pacific, James Smith.

Rohnerville, H. P. Monroe.

South Fork, Chas. Swithenbank.

Table Bluff, D. H. Sowash.

Union, I. A. Beers.

Trinidad, T. T. Tighe

Bucksport, E. L. Fitzgerald.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

E. M. Durnford, Blocksburg.

Wm. Luke, Briceland.

R. A. Redman, Eureka.

J. A. Prentice, Eureka.

Lloyd Crown, Rio Dell.

T. A. Bett, China Flat.

J. C. Greenwood, Blue Lake.

E. J. Etter, Petrolia.

Harry Ferris, Orleans.

C. F. Rackliff, Ferndale.

J. C. Greer, Rohnerville.

Ebe Parker, Fortuna.

F. H. Bertsch, Garberville.

John L. Mitchell, Loleta.

E. M. Durnford, Arcata.

Harry Barnes, Trinidad.

J. A. Snyder, Kneeland.







Blackburn, A. W., Ferndale.

Burchard, G. H., Arcata.

Burnell, J. S., Eureka.

Burnell, L. M., Eureka.

Cairnes, E. E., Eureka.

Campbell, E. P., Eureka.

Clyborne, W. F. (Weaver & Clyborne),

Connick, C. H. (Gregor & Connick)

Coonan, J. F. (Coonan & Kehoe), Eureka.

Cooper, E. C., City Attorney, (Cooper & Rolley).

Cooper & Rolley, Eureka.

Cutler, F. A. (Gillett & Cutler), Eureka.

Cutten, C. P. (Selvage & Cutten), Eureka.

DeCarli, M. C., Ferndale.

Dickson, W. E., Eureka.

Duff, W. L., Eureka.

Ford, H. L., Eureka.

Frost, E. M., Eureka.

Gillett, J. N. (Gillett & Cutler), Eureka.

Gregor, O. C., Dist. Atty. (Gregor & Connick), Eureka.

Hadley, W. T. S., Eureka.

Hanna, A. W., Eureka.

Haynes, J. P., Eureka.

Hill, A. W., Eureka.

Hunter, G. W., Superior Judge, Eureka.

Johnson, Edwin H., Eureka.

Kehoe, W. E. (Coonan & Kehoe), Eureka.

Mahan & Mahan (J. P. Mahan, L. E. Mahan), Eureka.

Melendy, J. M., Eureka.

Monroe, A. J., Eureka.

Monroe, H. P., Fortuna.

Murray, G. D., Eureka.

Puter, L. F., Eureka.

Quinn, J. F., Eureka.

Rolley, G. T. (Cooper & Rolley), Eureka.

Ryan, Edward J., Eureka.

Ryan, P. H., Eureka.

Selvage, T. H. (Cutten & Selvage), Eureka.

Sevier, Denver, Eureka.

Stafford, C. G., Eureka.

Way, A. W., Eureka.

Weaver, J. H. G., (Weaver & Clyborne), Eureka.

Wheeler, C. M., Eureka.

Wilson, W. E., Superior Judge, Eureka.




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The Bank of Arcata(Incorporated Aug. 11, 1886). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, Thomas Barr; Vice-President, O. H. Spring; Cashier, Wesley W. Stone; Directors, O. H. Spring, Sylvester Myers, J. P. Anderson, Thomas Barr, J. C. Bull, H. W. Jackson and W. W. Stone.



Bank  of Eureka(Incorporated Oct. 4, 1889). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, C. P. Soule; Cashier, G. A. Blecker; Directors, C. P. Soule, Wm. Carson, Wm. S. Clark, Alex Connick, L. T. Kinsey, A. Berding, and A. A. Curtis.


Humboldt County Bank(Incorporated Feb. 27, 1873). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $200,000. President, F. W. Georgeson; Cashier, H. W. Leach; Directors, Wm. H. Crocker, Jas. P. Mahan, H. H. Buhne, N. Bullock, H. W. McClellan, W. H. Loheide, H. W. Leach and F. W. Georgeson.


Savings Bank of Humboldt County(Incorporated Oct. 4, 1889). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, L. T. Kinsey; Vice-President, C. P. Soule; Cashier, G. A. Belcher; Directors, Wm. Carson, W. S. Clark, C. P. Soule, A. A. Curtis, L. J. Kinsey, A. Connick and A. Berding.


The First National Bank of EurekaPresident, A. B. Hammond; Vice-President, S. I. Allard; Cashier, H. F. Charters; Asst. Cashier, Guy L. Roberts; Directors, A. B. Hammond, Geo. Langford, S. I. Allard, S. G. Murphy, E. H. Vance, G. W. Fenwick and C. G. Taylor.


Home Savings Bank(Incorporated Oct. 21, 1889). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, F. W. Georgeson; Cashier, H. W. Leach; Directors, W. H. Crocker, H. W. Leach, H. H. Buhne, E. A. Leach, F. W. Georgeson.



Ferndale Bank(Incorporated Feb. 17, 1893). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $35,000. President, A. Putnam; Vice-President, E. P. Nissen; Cashier, F. N. Rasmussen; Directors, A. Putnam, E. P. Nissen, W. N. Russ, J. A. Shaw, P. Calanchini, J. H. Ring, F. G. Williams, J. Rasmussen and P. J. Petersen.



Bank of Fortuna(Incorporated March 5, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, E. W. Haight; Vice-President, F. P. Newell; Cashier, A. H. Smith; Directors, W. P. McIntyre, F. P. Newell, C. W. Kramer, H. A. Hansen, R. R. Smith, E. W. Haight, F. A. Leach, I. H. Van Duzer and M. C. Hansen.








Superior JudgeFranklin J. Cole.

Law and Motion DayFriday.

Probate DayFriday.

Trial Calendar DayLast Friday of each month.

District AttorneyJohn M. Eshleman.

ClerkD. S. Elder.

AuditorJ. C. McClelland.

RecorderJohn B. Baker.

SheriffMobley Meadows.

Tax CollectorE. G. Wright.

AssessorFred Fuller.

TreasurerPaul Brown.

Superintendent of SchoolsJ. E. Carr.

Public AdministratorE. E. Forester.

CoronerJ. F. Mitchell.

SupervisorsF. S. Webster(Chairman), Third District; R. H. Clark, Second District; S. McHarg, First District; G. R. Wade, Third District; P. N. Ferguson, Fourth District.



Township, Name of Justice.

Calexico, W. F. McCollum.

El Centro, J. F. Tout.

Holtville, Sam Webb.

Imperial, Clark Bradshaw.

Brawley, P. F. Nice.

Hanlon, W. A. Earhart.

Silsbee, H. J. Wilson.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

A. E. Eslow, Calexico.

W. O. Hamilton, El Centro.

M. P. Harris, Holtville.

M. A. Moore, Imperial.

J. W. Martin, Brawley.

, Hanlon.

, Silsbee.








Brown, C. L., El Centro.

Cole, F. J., Superior Judge, El Centro.

Conklin, M. W., El Centro.

Cox, W. E., El Centro.

Eshleman, J. M., District Attorney, El Centro.

McNamara, T. M., El Centro.

Rapp, J. V., El Centro.

Smith, Ansel, El Centro.

Swing, Phil D., El Centro.

Brodner, R. O., Imperial.

Brewer, H. W., Imperial.

Dyke, H. N., Imperial.

Farr, F. C., Imperial.

Kline, Frank, Imperial.

McPherrin, R., Imperial.

Shaw, G. H. P., Imperial.

Willard, S. E., Heber.





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Imperial Valley Bank(Incorporated March 3, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, H. F. Holt; Cashier, Wm. T. Dunn; Directors, W. F. Holt, W. T. Dunn, R. D. McPherson, T. Vencill, R. Gardner.



First State Bank of Calexico(Incorporated March 28, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. W. F. Holt, President; J. A. Morrison, Cashier; Directors, W. T. Dunn, W. F. Holt, J. A. Morrison, J. T. Vencill, R. Gardner, R. McPherrin, O. K. Thomas.



Valley State Bank(Incorporated November 9, 1905). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. W. F. Holt, President; True Vencill, Cashier; Directors, W. F. Holt, J. S. Brown, D. H. Chaplin, Thos. Beach, R. H. Ingram, Ira Alten, True Vencill.



Imperial City Bank(Incorporated February, 1907). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. G. A. Parkyns, President; B. H. Cooke, Cashier; Directors, F. C. Pavlin, G. J. Denis, G. A. Parkyns, J. R. Stevenson, R. H. Burton, B. H. Cooke, A. J. Waters.







Superior JudgeWalter A. Lamar.

District AttorneyWm. D. Dehy.

SheriffGeo. W. Naylor.

Clerk, Auditor and RecorderW. L. Hunter.

Tax CollectorJ. E. Shepherd.

AssessorW. W. Yandell.

Superintendent of SchoolsMrs. M. A. Clark.

Public Administrator and CoronerH. H. Robinson.

SurveyorA. M. Strong.


SupervisorsJas. Jones(Chairman), Bigpine; N. J. Cooley, Bishop; W. P. Yaney, Bishop; E. H. Edwards, Lonepine; Silas H. Reynolds, Darwin.




Township, Name of Justice.

1st., J. H. Shannon.

2d, W. H. Uhlmeyer.

3d, A. V. Davidson.

4th, J. C. Anton.

5th, H. A. Babcock.

4th, Court No. 2, T. G. Thisse.

5th, Court No. 2, L. R. Williams.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

A. E. Scott, Bishop.

Frank Logan, Bigpine.

C. H. Johnson, Independence.

R. Dias, Lonepine.

Geo. Moss, Ballarat.

H. J. Seller, Skidoo.

, Greenwater.







Dehy, Wm. D., District Attorney, Independence.

Lamar, Walter A., Superior Judge, Independence.

Forbes, P. W., Independence.

Yandell, Ben. H., Independence.

Scherrer, Frank C., Independence.

Clark, Wm. J., Independence.

Hall, Leicester C., Bishop.

Smith, White, Bishop.

Vermilyea, S. E., Bishop.








Agency Inyo County Bank(Private Bank). Cashier, A. D. Schiveley.



Inyo County Bank(Private Bank). Cashier, M. Q. Watterson; Assistant Cashier, W. W. Watterson.








Superior Judges—J. W. Mahon, Department One, Paul W. Bennett, Department Two.

Law & Motion Day—Dept. 1, Monday, 10 A.M., Dept. 2, Monday, 2 P.M.

Probate DayDept. One, 10 A. M., Dept. Two, 2 P. M.

District AttorneyJ. W. P. Laird.

ClerkI. L. Miller.

AuditorS. A. Woody.

RecorderChas. A. Lee.

SheriffJ. W. Kelly.

Tax CollectorC. E. Day.

AssessorJ. M. Jameson.

TreasurerJeremiah Shields.

Superintendent of SchoolsR. L. Stockton.

Public Administrator and CoronerW. A. McGinn.

SurveyorM. W. Buffington.

Official Court ReporterW. A. Howell, Dept. 1; J. E. Laird, Dept. 2.

Supervisors—First District, N. P. Peterson.

Second District, L. F. Brite.

Third District, A. J. Woody.

Fourth District, Frank H. Corsett.

Fifth District, H. A. Jastro(Chairman).






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Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, Robt. Palmer.

No. 2, Chas. Heath.

No. 3, A. W. Marion.

No. 4, W. B. Timmons.

No. 5, C. E. Kitchen.

No. 6, J. C. Black.

No. 7, J. Miller.

No. 9, W. Morrison.

No. 10, H. Coleman.

No. 11, E. B. Maginnis.

No. 12, W. W. Gunn.

No. 13, G. F. Kinkaid.

No. 14, E. M. Dearborn.

No. 15, Geo. Squires.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Robt. Hight, Kernville.

R. D. Williamson, Tehachapi.

G. F. Stroble, Kern.

R. M. Johnson, Delano.

T. Matthews, Famosa.

D. B. Newell, Bakersfield.

J. W. Brown, Annette.

C. T. Frazier, Glennville.

J. H. Read, Mojave.

D. E. Thompson, Randsburg.

E. J. Olds, Pylema.

W. F. Hubbard, McKittrick.

A. E. Godon, Parris.

John Ripey, Caliente.







Allen, T. F., Bakersfield.

Beaizley, Wm. B.(Claflin & Beaizley), Bakersfield.

Bennett, Paul W., Superior Judge, Bakersfield.

Borton, F. E., Bakersfield.

Brundage, B., Bakersfield.

Claflin, C. L.(Claflin & Beaizley), Bakersfield.

Dorsey, J. R., Bakersfield.

Emmons, E. J., Bakersfield.

Flournoy, George, Bakersfield.

Foster, E. L., Bakersfield.

Irwin, Rowen, Bakersfield.

Kaye, Wm. W., Bakersfield.

Mahon, J. W., Superior Judge, Bakersfield.

Packard, H. L., Bakersfield.

Piatz, Matthew S., City Atty., Bakersfield.

Rousseau, E., Bakersfield.

Sears, Chas. N., Bakersfield.

Scott, Thos., Bakersfield.

Whittaker, Geo. E., Bakersfield.





Hamer I. Tupman, President and Manager, T. E. Klipstein, Secretary.



Capital, $100,000

Complete Abstract System of Land, Water and Mining Titles.










Bank of Bakersfield(Incorporated September 30, 1890). Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $125,000. S. W. Wible, President; S. L. Mack, Cashier; Directors, S. W. Wible, S. L. Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keith, L. Guggenheim.


First National BankWm. S. Tevis, President; E. D. Buss, Cashier; Directors, Wm. S. Tevis, C. E. Worden, H. A. Jastro, D. Buckhalter, F. S. Rice, E. D. Buss, C. Brower.


Kern Valley Bank(Incorporated February 24, 1884). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. C. L. Conner, President; R. McDonald, Cashier; Directors, C. L. Conner, R. McDonald, L. J. Carver, P. L. Jewett, H. A. Blodget.


Producers Savings Bank(Incorporated March 17, 1892). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. Wm. S. Tevis, President; E. W. Robinson, Cashier; Directors, W. S. Tevis, C. E. Worden, F. S. Rice, H. A. Jastro, G. J. Planz, W. H. McKittrick, F. W. Robinson.


First Bank of Kern(Incorporated March 1, 1901). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $30,000. G. J. Planz, President; A. S. Crites, Cashier; Directors, G. J. Planz, A. S. Crites, L. P. St. Clair, F. M. Noriega, W. B. Robb, M. J. Avila, J. Curran.


Bank of Tehachapi(Incorporated October 11, 1892). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $25,000. D. Hirshfield, President; A. Aucker, Cashier; Directors, A. Aucker, P. Marx, D. Hirshfield, L. Harris, H. Harris.



Page 74.






Superior JudgeJ. G. Covert.

Law and Motion DayMonday, 10 A. M.

Probate DayMonday, 10 A. M.

Trial Calendar DayFirst Monday of month.

District AttorneyJ. L. C. Irwin.

ClerkFrancis Cunningham.

AuditorS. M. Rosenberger.

RecorderJ. W. Bowman.

SheriffW. V. Buckner.

Tax CollectorPeter VanValer.

AssessorGeorge W. Murray.

TreasurerL. C. Dunham.

Superintendent of SchoolsMrs. H. E. Davidson.

Public Administrator and CoronerJ. W. Denton.

SurveyorJohn B. Benedict.

SupervisorsG. E. Shore,(Chairman), Lemoore; W. S. Burr, Hanford; L. Y. Montgomery, Hanford; A. F. Smith, Hanford; J. E. Hall, Hanford.



Township, Name of Justice.

Lucerne, J. W. Ferguson.

Lucerne, J. M. Camp.

Leemore, E. W. Erlanger.

Armona, C. M. Smith.

Corcoran, C. W. Walker.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

G. E. Goodrich, Hanford.

H. M. Bernstein, Hanford.

E. Brothers, Lemoore.

A. B. Hornshell, Armona.

T. E. Craighill, Corcoran.







Brown, H. P., Hanford.

Cosper, E. T., Hanford.

Covert, J. G., Hanford.

Irwin, J. L. C., Dist. Atty., Hanford.

Jacobs, H. Scott, City Atty., Hanford.

McQuiddy, W. R., Hanford.

Miller, R. W., Hanford.

Phillips, Dixon L., Hanford.

Pryor, John F., Hanford.

Russell, J. C. C., Referee in Bankruptcy, Hanford.

Short, M. L., Hanford.

Walker, F. J., Lemoore.








Bank of Hanford(Incorporated April 11, 1887). Capital stock, $54,000; paid in coin, $54,000. President, S. C. Lillis; Cashier, J. O. Hickman; Directors, S. C. Lillis, T. O. Hickman, O. T. Griswold, S. Shannon and F. N. Isaac.


Farmers and Merchants National Bank(Incorporated April 11, 1887). Capital stock, $54,000; paid in coin, $54,000. President, C. M. Cross; Vice-President, J. H. Dopkins; Cashier, Judd Smith; Asst. Cashier, R. J. Downing; Directors, C. M. Cross, J. H. Dopkins, Judd Smith, M. H. Douglass, H. T. Hendricks, Herman Nathan and A. V. Taylor.


First National BankPresident, S. C. Lillis; Cashier, J. O. Hickman; Asst. Cashier, W. O. Pickerill.


Hanford National BankPresident, W. V. Buckner; Vice-President, John Ross; Cashier, H. E. Wright; Asst. Cashier, S. E. Railsback.


Hanford Savings BankCapital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, C. M. Cross; Vice-President, J. H. Dopkins; Cashier, Judd Smith; Directors, C. M. Cross, J. H. Dopkins, Judd Smith, M. H. Douglass, H. T. Hendricks, Herman Nathan, A. V. Taylor.


Peoples Savings BankPresident, N. P. Duncan; Vice-President, John Ross; Cashier, H. E. Wright; Asst. Cashier, S. E. Railsback.


The Old Bank(Incorporated Nov. 26, 1901). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, S. E. Biddle; Vice-President, P. McRae; Cashier, F. R. Hight; Directors, S. E. Biddle, P. McRae, Daniel Finn, Jos. Schuereger, J. U. Vaughn and Chas. Kreyenhagen.



Bank of Lemoore(Incorporated Dec. 28, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $60,000. President, S. C. Lillis; Vice-President, J. O. Hickman; Asst. Cashier, N. W. Sorrick; Directors, S. C. Lillis, J. O. Hickman, J. A. McCormick, G. E. Shore and G. Merz.





Crawford & Crawford, Lakeport, execute our Surety Bonds.









Superior JudgeMorton S. Sayre.

Law and Motion DayMonday.

Trial Calendar DayMonday.

District AttorneyC. W. Haycock.

ClerkS. Mathews.

AuditorB. J. Turner.

RecorderJ. W. Beck.

SheriffGeo. W. Kemp.

Tax CollectorF. R. Farrier.

AssessorF. H. Merritt.




Page 75.


TreasurerP. T. Boone.

Superintendent of SchoolsHettie Irwin.

Public Administrator and Coroner—Mack Mathews.

Surveyor—D. F. McIntire.

Official Court Recorder—W. A. Maxwell.

Supervisors—C. W. Phillips, (Chairman), Upper Lake; J. M. Adamson, Lower Lake; R. E. Cheney, Middletown; Thomas Patten, Lakeport; L. Henderson, Kelseyville.



Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, H. Lindblom

No. 2, W. C. Goldsmith

No. 3, W. W. Greene

No. 4, J. J. Bruton

No. 5, C. F. Hathaway

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

D. L. Brooks, Middletown

J. R. Stanley, Lower Lake

Robert Bucknell, Kelseyville

R. J. Hammack, Lakeport

W. Piner, Upper Lake






Bond & Haycock, (T. B. Bond, C. W. Haycock), Lakeport.

Brewer, H. W., Dist. Atty., Lakeport.

Crawford & Crawford, (Woods Crawford, C. M. Crawford), Lakeport.

Hathaway, C. F., Justice of the Peace, Kelseyville.

Haycock, Chas. W., (Bond & Haycock), Lakeport.

Keeling, H. V., Lakeport.

McDougall & Witherspoon (S. C. McDougall, H. E. Witherspoon), Lakeport.

McIntire, D. F., Lakeport.

Rideout, W. L., Lakeport.

Sayre, Morton S., Superior Judge, Lakeport.

Witherspoon, H. E. (McDougall & Witherspoon), Lakeport.








Bank of Lake—(Incorporated March 10, 1874). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, M. S. Sayre; Cashier, W. E. Greene; Directors, M. S. Sayre, A. Levy, Jos. Levy, Fred A. Greene, L. J. Sherman and W. A. Lange.


Farmers Savings Bank—(Incorporated Dec. 14, 1874). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $99,295. President, J. W. Boggs; Cashier, David Williams; Directors, J. W. Boggs, J. W. Byrnes, L. H. Boggs, Guy W. Young, F. H. Boggs, C. M. Crawford and Dave Williams.









Superior Judge—F. A. Kelley.

Law and Motion Day—First Monday in month.

Trial and Calendar Day—

District Attorney—R. M. Rankin.

Clerk—Geo. E. Bassett.

Auditor and Recorder—W. W. Sharp.

Sheriff—C. E. Emerson.

Treasurer and Tax Collector—W. P. Hall.

Assessor—N. V. Wemple.

Superintendent of SchoolsW. B. Philliber.

Public Administrator and CoronerV. E. Perry.

SurveyorH. T. McKay.

Official Court Reporter(Laura A. Lowe, acting.)


SupervisorsS. S. Bass (Chairman), Janesville; J. N. Jones, Susanville; T. R. Doyle, Milford; W. D. Packwood, Bieber; W. C. Crockman, Madeline.



Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, James Branham.

No. 2, T. T. Gross.

No. 4, Peter Walsh.

No. 5, H. Montgomery.

No. 5, J. H. Williams.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Chas. Sherman, Susanville.

A. E. Torrey, Janesville.

C. M. Lamburth, Bieber.

D. A. Smith, Hayden Hill.

, Madeline.







H. D. Burroughs, Susanville.

W. M. Boardman, Susanville.

G. C. Julian, Susanville.

Pardee & Pardee, Susanville.

N. Bieber, Bieber.

R. M. Rankin, Susanville.

J. A. McGregor, Susanville.

G. S. Burroughs, Susanville.

F. A. Kelley, Judge, Susanville.





Bank of Lassen County(Incorporated Oct. 20, 1892). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Fred Hines; Vice-President, John Cahlan; Cashier, L. D. Hall; Directors, Fred Hines, L. D. Hall, C. B Clark, Jas. McDermott and John Cahlan.




Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.