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Superior JudgeN. D. Arnot.

Law and Motion DayFriday.

Probation DaysFriday and Saturday.

Trial Calendar DayFriday.

District AttorneyGeo. H. Thompson.

Clerk and AuditorTed C. Atwood.

RecorderChas. E. Marsh.

Sheriff and Tax CollectorGilbert Cook.

AssessorJ. Fred Owen.

Superior JudgeN. D. Arnot.

Law and Motion DayFriday.

Probation DaysFriday and Saturday.

Trial Calendar DayFriday.

District AttorneyGeo. H. Thompson.

Clerk and AuditorTed C. Atwood.

RecorderChas. E. Marsh.

Sheriff and Tax CollectorGilbert Cook.

AssessorJ. Fred Owen.

TreasurerGeo. E. Pierce.

Superintendent of SchoolsS. B. Wilson.

Public Administrator and CoronerC. P. Winchell.

SurveyorJohn A. Smith.


SupervisorsS. D. Diehl(Chairman), Pilot Hill; Marshall Hughes, Placerville; J. M. Jones, Placerville; E. W. Smith, Placerville; Geo. H. Heuser, Georgetown.




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Township, Name of Justice.

Placerville, F. N. Spencer.

Diamond Springs, D. J. Knighton.

Mud Springs, V. Arrasmith.

Mountain, Samuel Odlin.

White Oak, Thos. Dormody.

Georgetown, Isaac Peaslee

Greenwood, F. A. Schulmire.

Cosumnes, J. Kohlert.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

W. H. Davey, Placerville.

Jos. Chapman, Diamond Springs.

I. H. Dugan, El Dorado.

G. Williamson, Rescue.

Geo. P. Miller, Georgetown.

C. A. Rasmussen, Lotus.

Edgar Maylone, Fairplay.






Arnot, N. D., Superior Judge, Placerville.

Bennett, M. P., Placerville.

Bray, Wm. F., Placerville.

Burgess, Wm. C., Placerville.

Darlington, Abe., Placerville.

Howard, Clarke, Placerville.

Irwin Fred, Placerville.

Miller, J. P. G., Placerville.

Peters, C. E., Placerville.

Swisler, Chas. A., Placerville.

Thompson, G. H., District Attorney, Placerville.

Witmer, E. W., Placerville.





Alderson Banking Co.(Incorporated July 2, 1903). Capital stock, $30,000; paid in coin, $30,000; President, Mrs. Agnes Alderson; Vice-President, Percy C. Alderson; Cashier, William Bland; Directors, Mrs. Agnes Alderson, Percy C. Alderson, Thomas E. Alderson, William Bland, Alice A. Bland, Mrs. Fred Gee, Agnes A. Alderson.


A. Mierson Banking Co.(Incorporated July 1, 1902). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Max Mierson; Vice-President and Cashier, B. Mierson; Directors, B Mierson, Max Mierson, Sol. H. Mierson, Jas. A. Mierson, Millie Mierson.








Superior Judges

H. Z. Austin, Department One.

Geo. E. Church, Department Two.


Law and Motion Day

Monday, 10 A. M., Department One.

Monday, 2 P. M., Department Two.


Probate Day

Monday, 10 A. M., Department One.

Monday, 2 P. M., Department Two.


Trial Calendar DayFirst Monday of month.

District AttorneyDenver S. Church.

DeputiesM. F. McCormick and Henry Hanson.

ClerkW. O. Miles.

AuditorH. E. Barnum.

RecorderR. N. Barstow.

SheriffR. D. Chittenden.

Tax CollectorA. B. Smith.

AssessorG. P. Cummings.

TreasurerJ. R. Hickman.

Superintendent of SchoolsG. W. Lindsay.

Public AdministratorGeo. R. Andrews.

CoronerW. A. Bean.

SurveyorScott McKay.

Official Court Reporters

J. W. Gearhart, Department One.

W. S. Johnson, Department Two.

SupervisorsThomas Martin(Chairman), Selma; Geo. W. Beall, Fresno; J. B. Johnson, Fresno; Chris Jorgensen, Fresno; W. D. Mitchell, Sanger.



Township, Name of Justice.


1st, I. Myer.

2d, J. Caberly.

3d, Geo. W. Smith.

4th, W. R. Shannon.

5th, E. H. Tucker.

6th, W. H. Kerr.

7th, C. P. Walton.

8th, F. Mitcheltree

9th, F. D. Rosen.

10th, M. Phillips.

11th, C. R. Watson.

13th, A. G. Smith.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.


S. T. Dutcher, Dos Palos.

Chas. H. Clifford, Clovis.

W. H. Puleston, Fresno.

W. S. McSwain, Fresno.

C. E. Mason, Fowler.

J. L. Campbell, Selma.

E. L. Arnold, Coalinga.

S. O. Berren, Sanger.

F. A. Winnes, Reedley.

Geo. W. Boyle, Kingsburg.

Edward C. Swigart, Letcher.

J. J. Esrey, Lemoore.

C. E. Bridges, Pollasky.

John Studr, Laton.





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Collects Bad Debts

Our Motto: "No Collection, No Pay." Our Territory: San Joaquin

Valley. Our References: The Banks of Fresno.

S. W. NEAL, Supt., Office: 216 Forsyth Bldg., FRESNO, CAL.








Austin, H. Z., Superior Judge, Fresno.

Barbour, H. E., Fresno.

Barnard, C. R., (Barnard & Waters), Fresno.

Barnard & Waters, Fresno.

Bernhard, J. P., Fresno.

Brickley, Henry, Fresno.

Briggs, Herbert F., Police Judge, Fresno.

Burns, Jas. A., Fresno.

Carter, Stanton L., Fresno.

Cartwright, Geo. W. (Cartwright, Cashin & Conn), Fresno.

Cartwright, Cashin & Conn, (G. W. Cartwright, D. A. Cashin, W. S. Conn), Fresno.

Cashin, D. A., (Cartwright, Cashin & Conn), Fresno.

Church, D. S., District Attorney, Fresno.

Coldwell, N. C., Fresno.

Conn, W. A., (Cartwright, Cashin & Conn), Fresno.

Cook, F. E., Fresno.

Cory, L. L., Fresno.

Cosgrave, George, Fresno.

Cram, W. C., Fresno.

Crichton, W. D., Fresno.

Cureton, A. S., Sanger

Drew, A. M., Fresno.

Edwards, E. D., Fresno.

Emery, J. E., Reedley.

Everts, O. L., (Everts & Ewing), Fresno.

Ewing, D. S. (Everts & Ewing), Fresno.

Everts & Ewing, (O. L. Everts, D. S. Ewing), Fresno.

Foote, Wm. D., Fresno.

Freman, G. C., (Snow & Freman), Fresno.

Gallagher, Jas., Fresno.

Gallaher, M. G., Selma.

Good, W. B., Selma.

Graham, Geo. B., Fresno.

Harris, E. M., Fresno.

Harris, M. B., Fresno.

Harris, M. K., Fresno.

Hawes, Horace, Fresno.

Hayden, U. Grant, Fresno.

Hayhurst, L. B., Fresno.

Hely, Guy L. (with Everts & Ewing) Fresno.

Hill, Jas. E., Fresno.

Hinds, S. J., (Hinds & Ingersoll), Fresno.

Hinds & Ingersoll, (S. J. Hinds, T. D. Ingersoll), Fresno.

Huebner, F. C., Fresno.

Ingersoll, T. D., (Hinds & Ingersoll), Fresno.

Johnston & Jones, (H. M. Johnston, Geo. W. Jones), Fresno.

Jones, Geo. W., (Johnston & Jones), Fresno.

Kauke, Frank, Fresno.

Kittrell, John R., Fresno.

Kiette, Ernest, Fresno.

Laning, Frank, Fresno.

McCormick, M. F., Fresno.

Prince, Dante R., Fresno.

Richards, E. S., Selma.

Risley, E. W., Fresno.

Shepard, E. E., Selma.

Short, Frank H., Fresno.

Smith, Joel H., Selma.

Smith, Lewis H., Fresno.

Snow, Alva E., (Snow & Freman), Fresno.

Snow & Freman, (A. E. Snow, G. C. Freman), Fresno.

St. John, S. C., Fresno.



Depositions, Mimeographing



Notary Public

Conveyance a Specialty

108 Land Company Bldg.

Phone Main 1326, FRESNO, CAL.



Strother, S. L., Fresno.

Sutherland, W. A., (Sutherland & Barbour), Fresno.

Sutherland & Barbour, (W. A. Sutherland, H. E. Barbour), Fresno.

Thompson, W. P., Fresno.

Tinnin, Wiley, J., Referee in Bankruptcy, Fresno.

Traber, J. O., Fresno.

Tupper, H. C., Fresno.

VanMeter, Edgar S., Fresno.

Wallace, Miles, Fresno.

Warlow, Geo. L., Fresno.

Waters, W. O., (Barnard & Waters) Fresno.

Webb, Jas. R., Fresno.

Welsh, H. H., Fresno.

Williams, A. C., Fresno.

Williams, E. A., Fresno.

Winne, D. T., Fresno



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Room 216, Land Company Building.

Telephone Main 929, FRESNO, CAL.









First State Bank(Incorporated July 20, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, R. Norrish; Cashier, O. I. Chamberlin; Directors, R. Norrish, O. I. Chamberlin, T. B. McKelvy, R. E. L. Good, L. W. Gibson.



Bank of Coalinga(Incorporated May 12, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, A. P. May; Cashier, H. C. Kerr; Directors, A. Kreyenhagen, A. P. May, H. C. Kerr, R. H. Smith, T. E. McCreary.



First National Bank President J. D. Patton; Cashier, J. F. Avenell; Directors, C. L. Walter, Thos. Aten, C. P. Avenell, M. Brady, W. A. Patton, J. R. Hickman, J. D. Hickman.


W. O. Miles, President, Jarvis Streeter, Secretary.


Complete Abstract System of all Land, Water, and Mining Titles in Fresno County

1156 J STREET, Phone Main 343, FRESNO, CAL.



Bank of Central California(Incorporated February 26, 1887). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $140,000. President, Louis Einstein; Vice-President, Robert Kennedy; Cashier, Leop. Gundelfinger; Directors, Albert Meyer, Max Frankenau, Louis Einstein, Robert Kennedy, Leop. Gundelfinger.


The Farmers National Bank of FresnoCapital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300.000. President, Alfred Kutner; Vice-President and Manager, E. E. Manheim; Cashier, Walter Shoemaker; Assistant Cashier, G. A. Middleton; Directors, Alfred Kutner, E. E. Manheim, C. S. Pierce, Louis Kutner, D. L. Sewman.


The First National Bank of FresnoPresident, O. J. Woodward; Vice-President, J. Vogel; Cashier, E. A. Walrond; Directors, William H. Crocker, W. J. Dickey, O. J. Woodward, J. Vogel, E. A. Walrond.


Fresno National BankCapital stock, $200,000. President, Thos. W. Patterson; Cashier, D. Brown, Jr.; Assistant Cashier, Am. S. Hays; Directors, Thos. W. Patterson, W. F. McVey, D. A. Reed, Frank H. Short, T. M. Hayden, L. H. Smith, D. Brown, Jr.


Peoples Savings Bank of Fresno(Incorporated December 10, 1890). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $20,000. President, Dr. Chester Rowell; Cashier, F. K. Prescott; Directors, Dr. Chester Rowell, F. K. Prescott, O. J. Woodward, C. S. Pierce, W. J. Dickey.


Union National Bank(Incorporated 1907). Capital stock, $150,000. President, W. O. Miles; Vice-President, C. R. Puckhaber; Cashier, W. R. Price; Directors, Rudolph Spreckels, A. B. Clark, A. Sachs, J. D. Collins, F. J. Dow, F. Rehorn, C. L. Walker, C. Jorgensen.



Kingsburg State BankPresident, D. S. Snodgrass; Vice-President, Levi Garrett; Cashier, A. T. Lindgren; Directors, D. S. Snodgrass, L. Garrett, M. Vincent, S. G. Johnson, Alfred Nelson.



Laton State Bank(Incorporated April 13, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin,$25,000. President, J. C. Hancock; Cashier, C. A. Smith; Directors, W. E. G. Saunders, L. E. Harlan, H. L. Ward, J. C. Hancock, C. A. Smith, W. H. Kramling.



Reedley State Bank(Incorporated September 30, 1902). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. J. Eymann; Cashier, A. C. Eymann; Directors, G. C. Eymann, O. J. Woodward, J. J. Eymann, J. Fairweather.



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Sanger State BankPresident, D. S. Snodgrass; Vice-President, E. C. Southworth; Cashier, T. H. Christy; Assistant Cashier, M. J. McNew; Directors, D. S. Snodgrass, E. C. Southworth, W. M. Barr, T. H. Christy, T. E. Mellen.



Farmers Bank of Selma(Incorporated May 20, 1903). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, T. B. Matthews; Cashier, W. E. Street; Directors, T. B. Matthews, Jas. W. Ryce, J. A. Rodgers, Edw. Poulson, W. E. Street.


First National BankPresident, Marion Sides; Vice-President, C. Bachtold, Cashier, D. S. Snodgrass; Assistant Cashier, W. C. Freeland.


Selma Savings Bank(Incorporated June 22, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, D. S. Snodgrass; Vice-President, M. Vincent; Cashier, W. C. Freeland; Directors, D. S. Snodgrass, M. Vincent, L. D. Scott, M. Sides, C. Bachtold.




T. L. Knock, Willows, executes our Surety Bonds.









Superior JudgeWm. M. Finch.

Law and Motion DayMonday.

District AttorneyClaude F. Purkitt.

ClerkW. H. Sale.

Auditor and RecorderM. Golden.

Sheriff and Tax CollectorJ. A. Bailey.

AssessorW. H. Markham.

TreasurerL. J. Kiemmer.

Superintendent of SchoolsS. M. Chaney.

Public Administrator and CoronerJos. M. Reidy.

SurveyorThos. J. Knock.

Official Court ReporterEd. de St. Maurice.


SupervisorsDavid Brown,(Chairman), Orland; J. W. Albery, Butte City; Geo. C. Prentice, Willows; Asa M. Jackson, Germantown; S. W. Stanton, Willows.



Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, Reuben Howe.

No. 2, F. W. Sidener.

No. 3, J. S. West.

No. 4, L. P. Farnham.

No. 5, Wm. H. Gardner.

No. 6, F. M. Millsaps.

No. 7, A. F. Harder.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

C. D. Davidson,

John Thomas, Orland.

J. P. Lucas, Elk Creek.

N. T. Power, Willows.

J. A. Smallwood, Butte City.

J. M. Flood, Newville.

Ed. Rehse, Germantown.








Albery, K., Willows.

Belleu, W. T., Willows.

Clifton, R. L.(Clifton & Lathrop), Willows.

Clifton & Lathrop,(R. L. Clifton, C. J. Lathrop), Willows.

Donohoe, Chas. L., Willows.

Franham, L. P., Willows.

Finch, Wm. M., Superior Judge, Willows.

Freeman, Geo. R., Willows.

Freeman, Frank, Willows.

Gets, Ben F., Willows.

Lathrop, C. J., (Clifton & Lathrop), Willows.

Moody, Frank, Willows.

Parks, Geo. M., Willows.

Purkitt, Claude F., District Attorney, Willows.

Sale, W. T., Willows.

Zumwalt, A. J., Willows.





Bank of Orland(Incorporated March 29, 1887). Captial stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, F. S. Reager; Vice-President, S. W. Murdock; Cashier, W. E. Scearce; Directors, F. Freeman, S. W. Murdock, C. L. Donohoe, E. R. Murdock, W. E. Scearce.



Bank of Willows(Incorporated September 2, 1880). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, B. H. Burton; Vice-President, Milton French; Cashier, P. H. Green; Directors, B. H. Burton, M. French, J. H. Jewett, M. Hochmeimer, A. S. Tubbs, L. Harrington.




Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.