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Superior JudgeL. T. Price.

Law and Motion DayAny judicial day.

Probate DayAny judicial day.

Trial Calendar DayAny judicial day.

(No Dist. Atty. at present).

Clerk, Auditor and RecorderFrank Smith.

Sheriff and Tax CollectorCharles A. Grover.

AssessorJ. E. Mayo.

TreasurerW. C. Musser.

Superintendent of SchoolsMrs. E. A. Grover.

Coroner and Public AdministratorW. W. Harvey.

(No Surveyor).

SupervisorsErnest Scossa, Chairman, Woodfords; C. W. Barrett, Markleeville; John Ellis, Markleeville; Wm. Bennett, Woodfords; H. D. Bruns, Fredericksburg.

Justice of the PeaceFred. Dunlap, Markleeville.

(No Constables).






Mrs. M. E. Fortenrose, Jackson, executes our Surety Bonds.









Superior JudgeR. C. Rust.

Law and Motion DaySaturday.

Probate DaySaturday.

Trial Calendar DayMonday.

District AttorneyC. P. Vicini.

Clerk and AuditorJ. R. Huberty.

RecorderD. A. Patterson.

Sheriff and Tax CollectorU. S. Gregory.

AssessorC. E. Jarvis.

TreasurerG. A. Gritton.

Superintendent of SchoolsW. H. Greenhaigh.

Public AdministratorH. E. Potter.

SurveyorWilliam Brown.

Official Court ReporterW. H. Willis.

SupervisorsW. M. Amick(Chairman), Ione; John Strohm, Jackson; D. A. Franser, Sutter Creek; A. Grillo, Volcano; L. Burke, Plymouth.






Township, Name of Justice.

Jackson, Alfred Goldner.

Ione, T. H. Gartlin.

Volcano, A. W. Robinson.

Sutter Creek, W. L. Rose.

Plymouth, John Blower.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

A. J. Laverone, Jackson.

J. E. Kelley, Ione.

T. C. McKenzie, Volcano.

T. S. Tuttle, Sutter Creek.

N. E. Wheeler, Plymouth.




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Bole, Robert C., Jackson.

Caldwell, J. W., Jackson.

*Davis, John F., Jackson.

*McGee, Wm. J., Jackson

Rust, R. C., Superior Judge, Jackson.

Spagnoli, D. B., Jackson.

Snyder, Wm. G., Jackson.

Vicini, C. P., District Attorney, Jackson.

*Also San Francisco.





J. W. Surface & Son (Private Bank). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000.



Sutter Creek State BankSuspended.



Bank of Amador CountyPresident, Julius Chichizola; Vice-President, A. Ginocchio; Cashier, C. L. Culbert; Directors, B. F. Taylor, C. R. Downs, V. Brignoie, Wm. J. McGee, August Grillo, W. F. Detert, Julius Chichizola, A. Ginocchio and C. L. Culbert.










Superior JudgeJohn C. Gray.

Law and Motion DayFirst Monday in each month.

Trial Calendar DayFirst Monday in each month.

District AttorneyLon Bond.

ClerkH. T. Batchelder.

Chief DeputyC. F. Belding.

Auditor and RecorderJ. A. Tyler.

SheriffJames M. Chubbuck.

Tax CollectorS. S. Simon.

AssessorA. E. Morton.

TreasurerR. S. Kitrick.

Superintendent of SchoolsMrs. M. Abrahams.

Public Administrator and CoronerSolomon Pettit.

SurveyorM. C. Polk.

Official Court ReporterD. C. McCallum.

SupervisorsW. D. Rutherford (Chairman), Bangor; Edward Wilson, Pentz; C. E. Porter, Central House; L. C. Shirley, Chico; C. H. Brown, Gridley.






Township, Name of Justice.

Ophir, L. H. Faulkner.

Honcut, J. V. Parks.

Chico, J. M. Coffman.

Chico, L. T. Allen.

Wyandotte, Don B. Robb.

Oro, J. B. Price.

Concow, Jas. H. Anderson.

Gridley, Robert Hill.

Hamilton, F. J. Spencer.

Nelson, A. A. Rutland.

, J. A. Nunneley.

Oregon, W. McAnarian

, G. B. Rogers.

, Fred Dorrett.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

F. Tobin, Oroville.

J. S. Copiantz, Honcut.

J. Y. Carroll, Chico.

J. L. Barnes, Chico.

C. E. Robinson, Bangor.

Joe Payton, Forbestown.

J. C. Evans, Concow.

J. L. Porter, Gridley.

J. S. Shilling, Nelson.

G. C. Ricketts, Durham.

Wm. Johnson, Cherokee.

C. K. Buchanan, Magalia.

Chas. Bedwell, West Branch.







Bond, Lon. District Attorney, Chico.

Duncan, Wm. E. Jr., Oroville.

Egger, L. F., Chico.

Faulkner, L., Chico.

Gardner, Geo. E., Asst. Dist. Atty., Oroville.

Gray, Carleton, Oroville.

Gray, John C., Superior Judge, Oroville.

Henshaw, Park, Chico.

Jones, Albert F., Oroville.

Jones, Geo. F., Oroville.

Kennedy, Guy R., Chico.

Le Rossignol, Geo., Oroville.

Long, R. C., Gridley.

Lott, C. F., Oroville.

Lusk, Franklin C., Chico.

Mann, S. J., Chico.

McGee, John M., Oroville.

Sexton, Warren, Oroville.

Stilson, C. L., Chico.

White, Richard, Chico.






Sacramento Valley Bank(Incorporated Dec. 16, 1891). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $60,000. Vice-President, W. M. Smith; Cashier, John M. Brough; Assistant Cashier, J. H. Brough.



Bank of Butte County(Incorporated Jan. 5, 1873). Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $250,000. President, F. C. Lusk; Cashier, J. R. Robinson; Directors, N. D. Rideout, F. C. Lusk, Geo. C. Perkins, Edward Harkness, J. R. Robinson and H. S. Moir.


Bank of Chico(Incorporated Dec. 26, 1872). Capital stock, $175,000; paid in coin, $175,000. President, H. W. Heath; Vice-President, Park Henshaw; Cashier, Thos. N. Crew; Directors, H. W. Heath, Park Henshaw, Thos. N. Crew, Thos. E. Haven, Wm. N. Copeland and F. B. Gorvell.


Butte County Savings Bank(Incorporated Aug. 14, 1905). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $58,000. President, N. D. Rideout; Vice-President, J. R. Robinson; Cashier, E. T. Williamson; Directors, N. D. Rideout, F. C. Lusk, J. R. Robinson, Ed. Harkness, B. Cussick, C. C. Royce, J. B. Robinson.



Gridley Agency, The Rideout BankManager, E. E. Briggs.



Bank of Rideout, Smith & Co.(Incorporated May 31, 1888). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $200,000. President, N. D. Rideout; Vice-President, C. S. Brooks; Cashier, L. L. Green; Directors, N. D. Rideout, C. S. Brooks, L. L. Green, Jas. C. Gray, M. Reyman, A. F. Jones and H. P. Stow.


First National Bank of OrovilleCapital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, S. C. Lillis; Cashier, W. W. Gingles; Asst. Cashier, C. W. Putnam; Directors, S. C. Lillis, J. M. Ward, E. Tucker, N. Goldstein and W. W. Gingles.



The Stirling City Bank(Incorporated Sept. 23, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, F. M. Clough; Vice-President, A. F. Jones; Cashier, W. S. Stoddard; Directors, F. M. Clough, A. F. Jones, J. B. Robinson, W. P. Lynch, F. G. Somner and W. S. Stoddard.






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Superior JudgeA. I. McSorley.

Law and Motion DayMonday

Probate DayMonday.

Trial Calendar DayFirst Monday each month.

District AttorneyJames Keith.

Clerk, Auditor and RecorderA. W. Poe.

SheriffJoshua Jones.

Tax CollectorLouis Cademarteri.

AssessorWm. M. Nuner, Jr.

TreasurerW. H. Steffler.

Superintendent of SchoolsFrank C. Wells.

Public Administrator and CoronerJos. R. Prince.

SurveyorW. S. Coulter.

SupervisorsC. M. Burleson(Chairman), Mokelumne Hill; John F. Scieffard, San Andreas; D. E. Roberts, Murphys; W. N. Garland, Angels Camp; J. F. Tower, Felix.





Township, Name of Justice.

San Andreas, C. F. Walter.

Mokelumne, E. E. Bruce.

West Point, Chris Sorenson.

Murphys, J. M. Sheperd.

Angels, C. H. McClory.

Jenny Lind, W. A. Marsh

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

H. F. Zuringe, San Andreas.

C. L. Ratto, Mokelumne Hill.

A. Schoerer, Murphys.

John Cosgrave, Angels Camp.

Frank Pickard, Campo Seco.

Geo. A. Smith, West Point.






Barry, A., Angels Camp.

Dower, W. A., San Andreas.

Hancock, John, San Andreas.

McSorley, A. I., Superior Judge, San Andreas.


Reed, Ira Hill, San Andreas.

Snyder, J. P., San Andreas.

Solinsky, F. J., (Solinsky & Wehe)

Wehe, F. R., (Solinsky & Wehe),

…..San Andreas, also San Francisco.





Calaveras County Bank(Incorporated April 3, 1900). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, John Raggio; Vice-President, Warren Rose; Cashier, D. Muscio; Directors, John Raggio, Henry Brunner, Warren Rose, F. J. Solinsky, Walter Tryon, J. A. Peirano, H. S. Blood and J. Lagomarsino.




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Superior JudgeH. M. Alberry.

Law and Motion DayMonday.

Probate Day—Monday.

District Attorney—Seth Mellington.

Clerk and Recorder—W. J. King.

Auditor—A. F. Sutton.

Sheriff—C. D. Stanton.

Tax Collector—G. F. Scott.

Assessor—J. L. Swank.

Treasurer—R. E. Blevins.

Superintendent of Schools—Miss Lillie L. Laugenour.

Public Administrator and Coroner—J. D. McNary.

Surveyor—Chas. de St. Maurice.

Supervisors—A. Ahif(Chairman), Colusa; J. F. Campbell, Maxwell; W. A. Vann, Sycamore; J. E. Rathbun, Williams; T. D. Cain, College City.






Township, Name of Justice.

Colusa, John B. Moore.

Williams, J. P. Ashley.

Arbuckle, J. H. White.

Maxwell, J. A. Constable.

Grand Island, J. M. Dixon.

Stonyford, G. T. McGahan.

Princeton, D. H. Thompson.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

J. H. Hannah, Colusa.

R. B. Fury, Williams.

G. H. Leverett, Arbuckle.

J. K. Prinne, Maxwell.

R. B. Hard, Grimes.

J. W. Milisaps, Stonyford.

T. E. Davies, Princeton.






Albery, H. M., Superior Judge, Colusa.

Arnold, Phil. B., see Brown & Arnold.

Brown, U. W., see Brown & Arnold.

Brown & Arnold, Colusa.

Goad, J. W. (Goad & Millington)

Goad & Millington, Colusa.

Millington, Seth, (Goad & Millington).

Moore, John B., Justice of the Peace, Colusa.

Rutledge, Thomas, Colusa.

Weyand, Ernest, Colusa.

Zumwait, I. G., Colusa.




Colusa County Bank(Incorporated Sept. 15, 1870). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $500,000. President, B. H. Burton; Cashier, T. Harrington; Directors, B. H. Burton, J. H. Jewett, M. J. Boggs, J. W. Goad, and T. Harrington.


Farmers and Merchants Bank of Colusa County(Incorporated Feb. 3, 1902). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, U. W. Brown; Vice-President, Fredriech Monsen; Cashier, H. F. Osgood; Directors, Friedriech Monsen, U. W. Brown, Geo. P. Ahlf, J. J. O'Rourke, Maurice V. Samuels and W. H. Hubbard.



Bank of Williams(Incorporated June 17, 1892). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, H. C. Stovall; Cashier, J. M. Stovall; Directors, H. C. Stovall, J. M. Stovall, Mrs. M. E. Stovall, Mrs. E. A. Brim, August Schaad.








Superior JudgeWm. S. Wells.

Law and Motion DayMonday.

Probate DayMonday.

Trial Calendar DaySecond Monday each month.

District AttorneyH. V. Alvarado.

ClerkJ. E. Rodgers.

AuditorA. J. Soto.

RecorderA. E. Dunkel.

SheriffR. R. Veale.

Tax CollectorG. E. Searcy.

AssessorH. T. Jones.

TreasurerL. N. Buttner.

Superintendent of SchoolsW. H. Hanlon.

Public AdministratorM. W. Joost.

CoronerC. L. Abbott.

Official Court Reporter—Miss Mia Nason.

Supervisors—J. H. Trythall(Chairman). Antioch; C. J. Rihn, Rodeo; Ralph Harrison, Danville; Vincen Hook, Concord; W. J. Buchanan, Black Diamond.







Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, C. H. Hayden.

No. 2, J. P. Casey.

No. 3, Wm. H. Hough.

No. 4, A. E. Clark.

No. 5, J. J. Burke.

No. 6, Jas. Fitzgerald

No. 7,

No. 8, A. C. Hartley.

No. 9, A. W. Collis.

No. 10, E. B. Masterson.

No. 11, J. V. Enloe.

No. 12, M. W. O'Neill.

No. 13, Gus L. Goethals.

No. 14, J. F. Carey.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

C. H. Palmer, Martinez.

Jas. Ahern, Port Costa.

E. C. Palmer, Walnut Creek.

Geo. Groom, Danville.

John Ott, Concord.

W. J. McDermott, Black Diamond.

E. B. Whelehan, Antioch.

G. H. Shafer, Brentwood.

J. E. Bouquet, San Pablo.

John Collins, Pinole.

J. J. Fox, Crocket.

C. E. Chapman, Clayton.

A. J. LeGrande, Byron.





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CHAS. G. BACON, Capital Stock, $20,000


Formerly Manager of Sonora Abstract and Trust Co.


Martinez Abstract and Title Co.





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This process insures to our clients speed and accuracy.




P. O. Box No. 1, Phone RED 351.


Refer to any bank in Contra Costa County

Members of California Land Title Association.






Abbott, J. P., Antioch.

Alvarado, H. V. Dist. Atty., Martinez.

Chase, Eli R., Martinez.

Hartley, A. C., Antioch.

Jones, M. R., Martinez.

Latimer, R. H., Martinez.

Marks, C. H., Martinez.

McKenzie, A. B., Martinez.

Odell, C. A., Point Richmond.

Rodgers, J. E., County Clerk, Martinez.

Saffold, Ray S., Point Richmond.

Soto, A. J., County Auditor, Martinez.

Tinning, W. S., Martinez.

Tormey, L. F., Martinez.

Wells, Wm. S., Superior Judge, Martinez.

Windrem, L. D., Point Richmond.

Wyatt, J. O'B., Martinez.





Bank of Antioch—(Incorporated Sept. 12, 1891). Capital Stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, J. C. Rouse; Cashier, R. Harkinson; Directors, J. R. Baker, H. F. Beede, J. C. Rouse, C. M. Belshaw and R. Harkness.



Contra Costa County Bank—President, D. A. Bender; Vice-President, M. Cody; Cashier, G. Todaro; Directors, D. A. Bender, Andrea Sbarboro, C. A. Hooper, W. J. Buchanan, G. W. Hooper, G. Guaragnello and M. Cody.





Page 65.



The Bank of ConcordCapital paid in coin, $20,000. President, Horace N. Lyon; Vice-President, H. T. Lyon; Cashier, Melvin E. Lyon; Asst. Cashier, John Williams.


Iverson Banking Co.Capital paid in coin, $4,850. A. F. Horstman and Josias Iverson, Owners; G. F. Horstman, Cashier.



Bank of CrockettBranch of Bank of Pinole. See Report of Bank of Pinole.



Bank of MartinezPrivate(Incorporated Oct. 7, 1873). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, W. S. Tinning; Vice-President, J. M. Stow; Cashier, W. A. Hale; Directors, A. R. Coleman, B. Fernandez, W. A. Hale, J. M. Stow and W. S. Tinning.



Bank of Richmond(Incorporated April 17, 1902). Capital stock, $30,000; paid in coin, $30,000. President, Wm. Mintzer; Vice-President, W. F. Belding; Cashier, W. Stairley; Directors, W. Mintzer, W. F. Belding, J. H. Nicholl, J. J. Peres, H. Ells, E. M. Tilden and W. S. Stairley.



Bank of Pinole(Incorporated October 28, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $19,450. J. Bermingham, President; E. M. Downer, Cashier; Directors, J. Bermingham, E. M. Downer, L. Kavanaugh, P. Tormey, H. Boyson, S. R. Bermingham, W. A. Ray, J. B. Downer, L. E. Hart.





Superior JudgeJohn L. Childs.

District AttorneyChas. Moroseli.

ClerkWm. I. Murphy.

Auditor and RecorderNathan McVay.

SheriffA. J. Huffman.

Tax CollectorF. Crusius.

AssessorJ. N. McVay.

TreasurerD. W. Rice.

Superintendent of SchoolsAlida Lushman.

Surveyor—R. L. Cooper.

Supervisors—Andy Hamilton(Chairman); H. J. Franty, Crescent City; E. E. Commerford, Crescent City; A. Huffman and Geo. E. Tryon.



Township, Name of Justice.

Crescent City, James O'Connor.

Requa, John Laam

Smith River, Jas. Broking.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Jas. Hill, Jr., Crescent City.

K. Safford, Requa.

J. B. Hill, Smith River.






Childs, John L., Superior Judge, Crescent City.

Cooper, L. F., Crescent City.

Hersch, Edw. C., Crescent City.

Taft, F. W., Dist. Atty., Crescent City.







Del Norte County Bank(Incorporated March 12, 1900). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Jacob Marhoffer; Vice-President, Henry Westbrook; Cashier, T. B. Cutler; Directors, J. B. Endert, Fred Frantz, Jacob Marhoffer, Henry Westbrook and T. B. Cutler.


First National Bank(Incorporated June 5, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. E. A. Majors, President; M. E. Glucksman, Cashier; Directors, E. A. Majors, A. E. Blum, W. K. Cole, E. J. Randall, L. W. Brubeck, F. K. Hodapp, M. E. Glucksman, A. Pavollini.





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

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