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Page 154.





Bert. Goldsmith, San Jose, executes our Surety Bonds.

41 South First St.








Superior Court--

Department One: J. R. Welch.

Law and Motion Day--Friday. B. G. Taylor, Reporter.

Department Two; M. H. Hyland.

Probate Day--Friday.

Law and Motion Day--Monday. H. A. Blanchards, Reporter.

Department Three; J. E. Richards.

Law and Motion Day--Friday. A. H. Mitchener, Reporter.

District Attorney--A. W. Free.

Assistant--C. C. Coolidge.

Deputies--J. P. Sex, Herbert S. Bridges.

Clerk--Henry A. Pfister.

Auditor--W. F. Parker.

Recorder--D. J. Flannery.

Sheriff--A. B. Langford.

Tax Collector--Wm. A. January.

Assessor--Lewis A. Spitzer.

Treasurer--E. Conant.

Superintendent of Schools--D. T. Bateman.

Public Administrator and Coroner--B. E. Keil.

Surveyor--J. G. McMillan.


Supervisors--A. L. Hubbard, (Chairman), San Jose; H. S. Hersman, Gilroy; H. M. Ayer, Milpitas; John Bell, Santa Clara; F. E. Mitchell, Cupertino.




Township, Name of Justice.

Milpitas, E. E. Topham.

Mayfield, C. Van Buren.

Mountain View, F. P. Beverly.

Alviso, H. Hollister.

Saratoga, Martin Kane.

Palo Alto, S. W. Charles.

Morgan Hill, T. H. Miller.

Gilroy, H. Willey.

Almaden, S. F. Carter.

Redwood, B. W. Pearce.

Santa Clara, C. W. Thompson.

Santa Clara, J. F. Glendenning.

San Jose, T. J. Wallace.

San Jose, F. B. Brown.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

H. J. Costigan, Milpitas.

J. K. Albee, Mayfield.

F. McComb, Mountain View.

J. L. Mayne, Alviso.

E. C. Stomper, Saratoga.

J. H. Grider, Palo Alto.

L. Patron, Morgan Hill.

John White, Gilroy.

Jas. Chegwin, Almaden.

M. F. Blank, Los Gatos.

M. Hite, Santa Clara.

J. J. Tomey.

M. F. Marshall, San Jose.

J. M. Shannon, San Jose.





Depositions carefully attended to




Rooms 52-53 Auzerais Building, SAN JOSE, CAL.








Aggeler, W. T., Deputy County Clerk, Court House.

Albertson, L. A., San Jose.

Anderson, J., First Nat. Bank Bldg.

Archer, Lawrence, Archer Bldg.

Archer, L. B., Archer Bldg.

Bailey, W. C., 24 W. Santa Clara St.

Beasly, W. A. (Beasly & Fry), 97 S. First St.

Beggs, Will M., Knox Blk.

Bell, R. R., Los Gatos.

Benson, Frank H., Justice of the Peace, Rea Bldg.

Biddle, Julian H., Auzerais Bldg., also Chronicle Bldg., S. F.

Bird, C. T., Spring Bldg.

Black, J. C., Knox Blk.

Blanchard, H. A., Auzerais Bldg.

Bloomingdale, F. H. (Rogers, Bloomingdale & Free), Auzerais Bldg.

Bohnett, L. D., Bank of S. J. Bldg.

Bowden, Nicholas, Knox Blk.

Bowden, William A., Paul Blk.

Bridges, Herbert S., Deputy District Attorney, Court House.

Brown, F. B. (Brown & Lewis), Porter Bldg.

Burke, J. P., Auzerais Bldg.

Burnett, D. M. (Wilcox & Burnett), Safe Deposit Bldg.

Burns, R. V., Mountain View.

Caldwell, A. A., Rea Bldg.

Campbell, James H., Knox Blk.

Carothers, E. D., Garden City B. Bldg.

Cavallaro, C. D., Auzerais Bldg.



Page 155.



S. H. Cheda, President, Phone Blue 441, John L. Greer, Sec. and Mgr.



Capital stock, $50,000; Incorporated Mar. 25, 1905.


This company has complete Property and Name Indexes of Santa Clara County,

and therefore has the best possible facilities for making reliable Abstracts and Certificates of Title.

Prices reasonable.


Rooms 36 and 37, Knox Block, SAN JOSE, CAL.



Charles, S. W., Palo Alto.

Clark, Charles, Theatre Bldg.

Cooley, W. R., Mountain View.

Coolidge, C. C., Chief Deputy District Attorney, Auzerais Bldg.

Corbin, E. L., Archer Bldg.

Crawford, E. D., Gilroy, also Theatre Bldg.

Crothers, Charles F., Auzerais Bldg.

Davison, Charles W., San Jose.

Dorn, Arthur L., Knox Blk.

Dougherty & Dougherty (H. I. and T. R.), Knox Blk.

Dreischmeyer, F. L., First National Bank Bldg.

Dusing, H. F., Knox Blk.

Estes, Frederick R., Knox Blk.

Estes, G. K., Morgan Hill.

Fitzgerald, John P., Rea Bldg.

Fitzgerald, Walter G., Gilroy.

Foley, A. B., Knox Blk.

Free, Arthur M., District Attorney (Rogers, Bloomingdale & Free), Auzerais Bldg.

French, Henry, French Bldg.

Fry, H. Ray (Beasly & Fry), 97 S. First St.

Gabriel, Henry A., Smout Bldg.

Gondring, J. M., San Jose.

Gosbey, P. F., Porter Bldg.

Hambly, F. J., Safe Deposit Bldg.

Hardinge, H. A., Los Gatos, also Knox Blk.

Hardy, W. B., Knox Blk.

Hatch, George F., Rea Bldg.

Hatch, Jackson, Rea Bldg.

Herrington, B. A., Theatre Bldg.

Herrington, C. H., Theatre Bldg.

Hyland, M. H., Superior Judge, Porter Bldg.

James, William F., Bank of S. J. Bldg.

Jarman, A. H. Auzerais Bldg.

Johnson, Wm. M., Ryland Bldg.

Johnson, W. A., City Attorney, Santa Clara, Knox Blk.

Jones, Herbert C., over First National Bank.

Karns, W. A. (Karns & Whitehurst), Ryland Bldg.

Kennedy, Karl F., Auzerais Bldg.

Kennedy, W. C., Auzerais Bldg.

Koppel, I. L., Ryland Bldg.

Leib, S. F., Farmers' Union Bldg.

Lewis, De Lancey (Brown & Lewis), Porter Bldg.

Lorigan, C. M., Farmers' Union Bldg.

Lorigan, Wm. G., Justice Supreme Court, San Francisco.

Maloy, J. L., Rea Bldg.

Malcolm, N. E., Palo Alto.

McComas, H. W., Safe Deposit Bldg.

McComish, R. C., Knox Blk.

McGinnis, J. S., Porter Bldg.

Montgomery, Louis, Rea Bldg.

Moore, H. C., Theatre Bldg.

Moore, J. H., Theatre Bldg.

O'Neal, Louis, Bank of S. J. Bldg.

O'Neil, R. K., Court House.

Partridge, H. L., Rea Bldg.

Pearce, B. W., Los Gatos.

Peckham, J. B., Ryland Bldg.

Petree, L. E. Safe Deposit Bldg.

Quilty, C. W., Safe Deposit Bldg.

Rea, E. M., Rea Bldg.

Rhodes, A. L., Superior Judge, Rea Bldg.

Rhodes, E. L., Theater Bldg.

Richards, J. E., Court House.

Richardson, O. D., Bank of S. J. Bldg.

Robertson, A. C., Los Gatos.

Robertson, R. F., Auzerais Bldg., also Los Gatos.

Rodgers, Walter, Palo Alto.




General Civil Practice, Probate Matters

State and Federal Courts, Notary Public




Special attention to business of out-of-town

Attorneys and Clients.


References - Any Bradstreet office. San Francisco, Hon. Chas. W. Slack, and Dinkelspiel & Slesinger, Attorneys; Los Angeles, S. P. Mulford, Attorney; Sacramento, Wm. E. Kleinsorge Attorney; San Jose, any bank or county officer.





Page 156.





George F. Plyer, Manager


The only first-class Agency in Santa Clara County.

Attachments, Garnishments and Ejectments

Money to Loan on Personal Security

Bonds Furnished and Estates Settled

Legal Matters of Every Description Attended to.

Mercantile Reports Furnished Free to Subscribers of the "Merchant's Guide."


Office, 24 North First St., Residence, 654 Minor Ave.

Phone, Brown 1721, Phone, Red 3012.



Rogers, Wm. H. (Rogers, Bloomingdale & Free), Auzerais Bldg.

Rosenthal, E. M., Rea Bldg.

Russell, J. H., Theatre Bldg.

Scarborough, W. K., Knox Blk.

Scheller, V. A., Ryland Bldg.

Schilling, F. A., Deputy County Clerk, Court House.

Sex, James P., Asst. District Attorney, .

Smith, George D., Theatre Bldg.

Sullivan, John W., Ryland Bldg.

Syer, R. R., Auzerais Bldg.

Taylor, B. G., Farmers' Union Bldg.

Thomas, F. L., Asst. Dist. Attorney, Auzerais Bldg.

Tompkins, S. G., over First National Bank.

Tuttle, Hiram D., Auzerais Bldg.

Veuve, W. P., Rea Bldg.

Waldorf, G. W., Rea Bldg.

Welch, J. R., Superior Judge, Porter Bldg.

Whitehurst, George A. (Karns & Whitehurst), Ryland Bldg.

Wilcox, Edwin A., Auzerais Bldg.

Wilcox, H. E. (Wilcox & Burnett), Safe Deposit Bldg.

Witten, C. L., Safe Deposit Bldg.

Wooster, C. B., Auzerais Bldg.

Wretman, Niles E., Garden City Bank Bldg.

Wright, C. D., 217 First St.

Wright, R. M., 217 First St.

Yoell, John H., Auzerais Bldg.








Bank of Campbell--(Incorporated June 5, 1871). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $68,000. President, H. Hecker; Cashier, W. R. Pyle; Directors, R. Eschenburg, H. Hecker, M. Casey, C. A. Willson, H. R. Chesbro.


Gilroy Savings and Loan Bank.--(Incorporated January 10, 1906). Capital stock, $27,200; paid in coin, $13,600. H. Hecker, President; W. R. Pyle, Cashier; Directors, H. Hecker, R. Eschenburg, C. R. Willson, M. Casey, H. R. Chesbro.



Bank of Los Gatos.--(Incorporated November 9, 1883). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, %50,000. President, John W. Lyndon; Vice-President, F. F. Watkins; Cashier, S. D. Balch; Directors, John W. Lyndon, F. F. Watkins, S. D. Balch, J. J. Stanfield, J. A. Case.



Mayfield Bank and Trust Company.--(Incorporated December 3, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Alex. Peers; Vice-President, Marshall Black; Cashier, C. S. Crary; Directors, A. Peers, M. Black, J. P. Pond, J. Hutchinson, L. Distel, A. B. Clark, G. Parkinson, K. H. Lest, J. J. Morris.



Bank of Morgan Hill.--(Incorporated October 14, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. E. J. Votaw, President; M. C. Votaw, Cashier; Directors, E. J. Votaw, A. S. Votaw, G. R. Lynch, J. R. Holly, C. B. Mason, F. B. Bussing, G. G. Garrett.



Bank of Mountain View.--(Incorporated June 31, 1900). Capital stock $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, C. Jesse Titus; Vice-President, C. H. Wilson; Cashier, Walter A. Clark; Directors, C. Jesse Titus, George Swall, A. H. Robinson, R. W. Constello, E. J. Zimmer, C. H. Wilson, Walter A. Clark.


Farmers and Merchants State Bank.--(Incorporated September 16, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. S. Mockbee; Vice-President, J. Wellheimer; Cashier, Wilbur L. Camp; Directors, J. S. Mockbee, J. Wellheimer, G. Swall, M. Farrell, T. J. Costello, W. M. Lewis, C. O. Gates, W. P. Wright, N. H. McCorkle, G. Jagels, H. A. Rengatorff.



Page 157.



First National Bank.--President, C. E. Childs; Vice-President, F. E. Booth; Cashier, Eli King; Assistant Cashier, C. E. Jordan; Directors, C. E. Childs, F. E. Booth, Geo. P. Gamble, Joseph D. Radford, Sylvester Strong.


The Bank of Palo Alto.--(Incorporated October 18, 1892). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $40,000. President, Geo. R. Parkinson; Vice-President, Joseph Hutchinson; Cashier, C. S. Downing; Directors, Geo. R. Parkinson, Jos. Hutchinson, Chas. D. Marx, D. L. Sloan, C. S. Downing.



Bank of James A. Costa & Co.--Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Mary E. Costa; Cashier, Jas. A. Costa.


Commercial & Savings Bank.--(Incorporated May 8, 1874). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $150,000. President, L. Lion; Vice-President, G. Lion; Cashier, Chas. W. Knox; Directors, E. Turel, L. Lion, G. Nelson, Wm. Osterman, J. W. Rea, G. Lion, H. E. Williams, G. W. Rutherford, I. Steinhart, W. R. Chesbro.


Garden City Bank & Trust Co.--(Incorporated June 26, 1893). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $250,000. President, S. B. Hunkins; Vice-President, J. W. Blauer; Cashier, A. B. Post; Directors, S. B. Hunkins, J. W. Blauer, S. F. Cooper, C. D. Blaney, T. S. Montgomery, J. L. Stull, A. McDonald, J. J. Miller, W. G. Alexander, A. E. Wilder, G. E. Gneft.


Security Savings Bank.--(Incorporated June 23, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. (Officers and Directors same as Security State Bank).


Security State Bank.--(Incorporated June 23, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, W. S. Richards; Vice-Presidents, Henry Booksin, Henry Curtner; Cashier, Wilbur J. Edwards; Directors, Frank Stock, De Lancey Lewis, W. M. Ginty, Henry Booksin, A. H. Marten, F. M. Stern, T. Kirk, A. C. Darby, Henry Curtner, W. S. Richards.


Bank of San Jose.--(Incorporated January 31, 1868). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, Wm. Knox Beans; Vice-President, John P. Burke; Cashier, Wm. V. Dinsmore; Directors, A. Eaton, J. R. Lewis, H. D. Tuttle, W. K. Beans, C. B. Beans, R. Lowe, W. V. Dinsmore.


First National Bank.--(Established 1874). Capital stock, $300,000; surplus $100,000; undivided profits, $200,000. President, W. S. Clayton; Vice-President, S. F. Leib; Cashier, Paul Furst; Assistant Cashier, D. T. Bryant; Directors, W. C. Andrews, J. D. Phelan, V. Koch, J. D. Grant, A. K. Whitton, S. F. Lieb, W. S. Clayton, J. W. Chase, J. D. Radford.


San Jose Safe Deposit Bank.--(Incorporated April 29, 1885). Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, E. McLaughlin; Vice-President, John F. Brooke; Assistant Cashier, Richard McCarthy; Directors, E. McLaughlin, J. F. Brooks, M. P. O'Connor, J. E. Auzerais, H. E. Wilcox, J. Gillon, S. E. Smith.



Santa Clara Valley Bank.--(Incorporated May 31, 1893). Capital stock, $60,000; paid in coin, $60,000. President, ; Cashier, E. F. Jordan; Directors, H. E. Losse, G. E. Hamilton, A. V. Fatjo, I. E. Pomeroy, E. L. Fellows, Albert Harris, S. P. Sanders.




Makinney & Dake, Santa Cruz, execute our Surety Bonds.

22--24 Cooper St.











Superior Judge, Lucas F. Smith.

Law and Motion Day--Monday and Friday.

Probate Day--Monday and Friday.

District Attorney--Benj. K. Knight.

Clerk--Harvey H. Miller.

Auditor--Willett Ware.

Recorder--Harry C. Cooper.

Sheriff--H. V. Trafton.

Tax Collector--J. F. Helms.

Assessor--Wm. Horton.

Treasurer--W. H. Bias.

Superintendent of Schools--C. S. Price.

Public Administrator and Coroner--S. C. Rodgers.

Surveyor--Ed. D. Perry.

Official Court Reporter--W. H. Williamson.

Supervisors--J. A. Linscott (Chairman), Watsonville; Jacob Hartman, Boulder Creek; H. J. Kinsley, Santa Cruz; A. W. Wyman, Soquel; R. S. Miller, Santa Cruz.






Page 158.



ED MARTIN, Attorney at Law and Notary Public

Referee in Bankruptcy.




Abstracts, Certificates of Title, Conveyancing, Depositions, Probate Matters, General Agents, Collections.

Rooms 5 and 6, Leonard Bldg., Cooper Street, SANTA CRUZ, CAL.





Township, Name of Justice.

Watsonville, A. B. Hawkins.

Soquel, W. E. Wheaton.

Branciforte, Roger Conant.

Santa Cruz, H. J. Blas.

Santa Cruz, Chas. Craighill.

Felton, H. Stein.

Boulder Creek, I. Hartman.

Aptos, J. E. Doyle.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

J. H. Corr, Watsonville.

L. Sandberg, Watsonville.

L. H. Rawson, Soquel.

T. H. Carney, Santa Cruz.

F. H. Moore, Santa Cruz.

Roger Conant, Santa Cruz.

W. H. Glass, Felton.

O. T. Ladd, Boulder Creek.

E. Sawyer, Aptos.







Aydelotte, W. M., Santa Cruz.

Blas, H. J., Santa Cruz.

Burke, Geo. P., Watsonville.

Cassin, C. M. (Cassin & Lucas), Santa Cruz.

Clark, David C., Santa Cruz.

Croop, W. B. (Wanzer & Croop), Santa Cruz.

Dickerman, Albert, Watsonville.

Gaffey, T. J., Watsonville.

Gardner, W. M., Santa Cruz.

Hall, Jas. A., Watsonville.

Houck, C. C. (Houck & McPherson), Santa Cruz.

Jeter, W. T. (Jeter & Makinney), Santa Cruz.

Johnson, E. C. (Rittenhouse & Johnson), Santa Cruz.

Knight, B. K., District Attorney, Santa Cruz.

Leonard, J. H., Santa Cruz.

Logan, J. H., Santa Cruz.

Lucas, H. C. (Cassin & Lucas), Santa Cruz.

Maguire, Lindsay & Wyckoff, Watsonville, also San Francisco.

Maher, D. F., Watsonville.

Makinney, H. E. (Jeter & Makinney), Santa Cruz.

Martin, Ed., Santa Cruz.

McPherson, Duncan, Jr. (Houck & McPherson), Santa Cruz.

Netherton, W. P. (Netherton & Torchiana), Santa Cruz.

Rich, W. H., Boulder Creek.

Osborn, H. R., Santa Cruz.

Rittenhouse, J. L. (Rittenhouse & Johnson), Santa Cruz.

Sans, A. W., Police Judge, Watsonville.

Sheehy, P. G., Watsonville.

Skirm, Joseph H., Santa Cruz.

Smith, Lucas F., Superior Judge, Santa Cruz.

Stanley, Geo. F., Santa Cruz.

Story, W. D., Santa Cruz.

Torchiana, H. A. Van C. (Netherton & Torchiana), Santa Cruz.

Wanzer, J. O. (Wanzer & Croop), Santa Cruz.

Wyckoff & Gardner (H. C. Wyckoff and J. E. Gardner), Watsonville.

Younger, C. B., Jr., Santa Cruz.









First National Bank.--Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, F. D. Baldwin; Vice-President, F. A. Hihn; Cashier, T. G. McCreary; Assistant Cashier, Ed. Daubenbis; Directors, F. A. Hihn, F. O. Hihn, C. D. Hinkle, F. K. Roberts, T. W. Kelby, D. W. Johnston.


City Savings Bank.--(Incorporated December 6, 1887). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $117,070. President, F. D. Baldwin; Vice-President, F. A. Hihn; Cashier, T. G. McCreary; Directors, F. A. Hihn, F. O. Hihn, C. D. Hinkle, F. K. Roberts, T. W. Kelly, D. W. Johnston.


Peoples Bank.--(Incorporated February, 11, 1892). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $82,950. President, Henry Willey; Vice-President, Duncan McPherson; Cashier, A. A. Morey; Directors, Henry Willey, Duncan McPherson, R. M. Hotaling, D. C. Clark, C. E. Lilly.


People's Savings Bank.--(Incorporated April 26, 1892). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $24,105. H. Willey, President; A. A. Morey, Cashier; Directors, H. Willey, D. McPherson, D. C. Clark, R. M. Hotaling, C. E. Lilly, F. R. Waiti, S. A. Palmer.


Santa Cruz Bank of Savings and Loan.--President, Wm. T. Jeter; Vice-President, H. F. Kron; Cashier, F. J. Hoffmann; Assistant Cashier, C. E. Fagen; Directors, Wm. T. Jeter, H. F. Kron, C. E. Fagen, W. H. Lamb, F. G. Menefee, H. E. Irish, J. R. True.



Page 159.


Bank of Santa Cruz County.--(Incorporated March 1, 1870). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Wm. T. Jeter; Vice-President, H. F. Kron; Cashier, F. J. Hoffman; Directors, Wm. T. Jeter, H. F. Kron, C. E. Fagen, W. H. Lamb, F. G. Menefee, H. E. Irish, J. R True.



Bank of Watsonville.--(Incorporated May 11, 1874). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. H. S. Fletcher, President; W. R. Radcliff, Cashier; Directors, G. M. Bockius, W. R. Radcliff, H. S. Fletcher, E. S. Bockius, W. C. Waters, C. H. Rodgers, L. W. Sanborn.


Pajaro Valley Bank.--(Incorporated May 24, 1888). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, Warren R. Porter; First Vice-President, N. A. Uren; Second Vice-President, Jas. Waters; Cashier, J. J. Morey; Directors, James Waters, N. A. Uren, Frank Mauk, C. F. Langley, J. J. Morey, L. B. Cox, Warren R. Porter, G. F. Skillman, J. E. Foster.


Watsonville Savings Bank.--(Incorporated December 9, 1890). Capital stock, $10,000; paid in coin, $10,000. H. S. Fletcher, President; W. R. Radcliff, Cashier; Directors, W. R. Radcliff, H. S. Fletcher, E. S. Bockus, L. W. Sanborn, H. E. Fletcher.








Superior Court

Department One; Charles M. Head.

Law and Motion Day--Saturday.

Reporter--F. I. Woodbury.

Department Two; Geo. W. Bush.

Law and Motion Day--Friday.

Reporter--F. J. Brownlee.

Probate Day--Saturday.

District Attorney--W. D. Tillotson.

Clerk and Auditor--S. N. Witherson.

Recorder--Abraham L. Webb.

Sheriff and Tax Collector--J. L. Montgomery.

Assessor--M. D. Lock.

Treasurer--L. M. Dennis.

Superintendent of Schools--Lulu E. White.

Public Administrator and Coroner--T. J. Houston.

Surveyor--Robert L. Reading.


Supervisors--Geo. N. Nutting (Chairman), Anderson; F. Hurst, Shasta; Wm. Franck, French Gulch; L. T. Houston, Redding; C. C. Bidwell, Cassel.





Township, Name of Justice.

Redding, Francis Carr.

French Gulch, Geo. W. Garwood.

Keswick, Geo. Hardey.

Anderson, H. K. Pettygrove.

Igo, W. J. Hammsus.

Millville, C. P. Dunham.

Shingletown, Geo. Annand.

Burney Valley, M. C. Dungan.

Buckeye, Geo. J. Boyle.

Delta, A. H. Bosworth.

Fall River, R. Brown.

Sacramento River, Harry Donnelly.

Harrison Gulch, W. B. Hammans.

Shasta, N. O. Cummins.

Round Mountain, Wm. Eilers.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

E. Schallock, Redding.

John Moran, French Gulch.

J. J. Crum, Taylor.

E. Jones, Anderson.

Henry Stacher, Ono.

R. B. Richardson, Millville.

, Plateau.

J. Awbrey, Cassel.

F. Myers, Redding.

T. Foley, Kennett.

N. Johnson, Fall River Mills.

H. F. Williams, Winthrop.

L. Snively, Knob.

G. R. Lievsay, Shasta.

Henry Baker, Round Mountain.








Aram, W. P., Redding.

Barber, J. E., Redding.

Braynard, Chas. H., Redding.

Bush, Geo. W., Superior Judge, Redding.

Carr, Francis, Redding.

Chenoweth, O. M., Redding.

Donnelly, Harry, Winthrop.

Dozier, Thos. B. (Reid & Dozier), Redding.

Estep, J. G., Redding.

Head, Chas. M., Superior Judge, Redding.

Hertzinger & Hertzinger (W. F. Hertzinger and Chas. Hertzinger), Redding.

Isaacs, J. E., Redding.

Kimball, C. F., Redding.

Perry, Geo. O., Redding.

Primm, F. P., Redding.

Reid, D. G. (Reid & Dozier), Redding.

Shanahan, T. W. H., Redding.

Shattuck, W. W., Winthrop.

Tillotson, W. D., Redding.




Page 160.






Bank of Anderson.--(Incorporated March 31, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; Paid in coin, $25,000. M. E. Wilson, President; H. A. Irgens, Cashier; Directors, S. E. Hutchinson, Dr. Hoster, W. C. Barkuloo, L. S. Irgens, M. E. Wilson, S. G. Roycroft, H .A. Irgens.



Bank of Northern California.--(Incorporated April 23, 1888). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $88,000. President, E. Frisbie; Vice-President, E. Firth; Cashier, E. L. Bailey; Directors, E. Fridbie, E. Firth, E. L. Bailey, R. M. Saelten, N. B. Frisbie.


Bank of Shasta County.--(Incorporated April 1, 1884). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, C. C. Bush; Vice-President, A. W. Eiter; Cashier, C. C. Bush, Jr.; Assistant Cashier, B. L. Smith; Directors, C. C. Bush, A. W. Etter, L. McDonald, Fred Hurst, C. C. Bush, Jr.









Superior Judge--Stanley A. Smith.

Law and Motion Day--Monday.

Probate Day--Monday.

Trial Calendar Day--Monday.

District Attorney--W. I. Redding.

Clerk Auditor and Recorder--Henry E. Quigley.

Sheriff and Tax Collector--James McGregor.

Assessor--W. J. E. Copren.

Treasurer--T. J. McGrath.

Superintendent of Schools--Belle Alexander.

Public Administrator and Coroner--Archibald McDonald.

Surveyors--L. D. Davis, Geo. F. Taylor.

Official Court Reporter--None.


Supervisors--J. C. Brown, Table Rock; Wm. H. Shafer, Downieville; Charles Castagna, Sierra City; W. A. Schroeder, Loyalton; John F. Owens, Forest.




Township, Name of Justice.

Sierra No. 1, Bert Miller.

Sierra No. 2, C. Houston Smith.

No. 2, P. S. Morris.

No. 3, T. E. Winrod.

No. 4, S. R. Stephenson.

Constable, Postoffice.

Fred Brown, Sierra No. 1, Loyalton.

Albert E. Gould, No. 1, Forest.

A. M. Bixby, No. 2, Downieville.

R. H. Parker, Sierra No. 2, Sierraville.

Charles Dubourdieu, No. 4, Sierra City.







Deerwater, D. W., Sierra City.

Redding, W. I., District Attorney, (Wehe & Redding), Downieville.

Smith, Stanley A., Superior Judge, Downieville.

Wehe, F. R. (Wehe & Redding), Downieville.

Wehe & Redding (F. A. Wehe, W. I. Redding), Downieville.






Sierra Valley Bank.--(Incorporated September 1, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. D. A. Bender, President; J. J. Millar, Cashier; Directors, D. A. Bender, A. S. Nichols, G. H. Taylor, J. J. Millar, C. R. Counter.





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.