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Superior Judges—Department One, Frank F. Oster; Department Two, B. F. Bledsoe.

Law and Motion Day—Monday.

Probate Day—Monday.

Trial Calendar Day—Monday.

District Attorney—H. L. Dickson.

Clerk—Chas. Post.

Auditor—W. D. Wagner.

Recorder—J. F. Johnson, Jr.

Sheriff—John C. Ralphs.

Tax Collector—L. A. Desmond.

Assessor—H. B. Wilson.

Treasurer—H. D. Sibley.

Superintendent of Schools—A. S. McPherron.

Public Administrator—H. D. Blakeslee.

Coroner—C. D. Van Wie.

Surveyor—M. L. Cook.

Official Court Reporters—Jos. E. Rich, I. Benjamin.

Supervisors—E. W. Reid (Chairman), Ioamaso; J. B. Glover, Redlands; J. H. West, Needles; Samuel Pine, Chino; A. P. Nelson.




Township, Name of Justice.

Victor, H. J. Martin.

Vanderbilt, T. H. Sawyer.

Barstow, L. C. Currier.

Belleville, T. S. Van Dyke.

Chino, B. T. Hoag.

Colton, J. B. Hanna.

Cucamonga, W. C. Belden.

Dale, I. B. Reed.

Hesperia, Ben Kinney.

Highland, J. Kimman.

Mission, S. V. Horton.

Needles, L. V. Root.

Ontario, James Pollack.

Rialto, J. B. Knoblaugh.

Redlands, C. T. Gifford.

San Bernardino, C. L. Thomas.

Upland, C. R. Crane.

Ludlow, F. G. Shaves.

Silver Lake, O. J. Fisk.

Yermo, G. B. Snell.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

A. P. Preciado, Victor.


J. L. Stuchberry, Barstow.

J. S. Williams, Daggett.

W. J. Tebo, Chino.

M. A. Bagley, Colton.

Wm. Rupp, Cucamonga.

—, Dale.

A. C. Edson, Hesperia.

Chas. Longmire, Highland.

J. D. Hetblack, Bryn Mawr.

J. L. Medlin, Needles.

W. N. Hardy, Ontario.

J. F. Harmon, Rialto.

J. A. Rivera, Redlands.

W. D. F. Allen, San Bernardino.

T. F. Sawyer, Uplands.

D. M. Spittler, Ludlow.


John Hoyne, Yermo.








Allen, Halsey W., Redlands.

Allison, C. L., San Bernardino.

Bledsoe, R. E., San Bernardino.

Brown, John Jr., San Bernardino.

Byrne, W. E. (Dickson & Byrne), San Bernardino.

Campbell, E. C., Redlands.

Carr, Wm. J., Hart.

Chapman, C. E., Redlands.

Chase, H. H., San Bernardino.

Conner, H., San Bernardino.

Curtis, J. W., San Bernardino.

Curtis, W. J., San Bernardino.

Curtis & Curtis (W. J. Curtis, J. W. Curtis), San Bernardino.

Daley, F. B., San Bernardino.

Damron, C. N., San Bernardino.

Dickson, H. L. (Dickson & Byrne), District Attorney, San Bernardino.

Dickson & Byrne (H. L. Dickson, W. E. Byrne), San Bernardino.

Duckworth, T. W., San Bernardino.

Ely, H. B., Redlands.

Foster, A. M., Redlands.

Goodcell, Henry, San Bernardino.

Goodcell, R. B., San Bernardino.

Goodcell & Goodcell (Henry Goodcell, R. B. Goodcell), San Bernardino.

Gregg, F. W., San Bernardino.

Haskell, C. C., San Bernardino.

Hert, M. O., City Attorney, Colton.

Jolliffe, E. H., Ontario.

Katz, E. E., San Bernardino.

Lanchebray, C. H., San Bernardino.

Leonard, F. A. (Leonard & Surr), San Bernardino.

Leonard & Surr (F. A. Leonard, Howard Surr), San Bernardino.

Light, J. E. (Mack & Light), San Bernardino.

Mack, J. L., San Bernardino.

Mack & Light (J. L. Mack, J. E. Light), San Bernardino.

Morris, C. B., San Bernardino.

Myers, R. Holthy, Redlands.

Oster, F. F., Superior Judge, San Bernardino.

Parke, T. E., Ontario.

Pollock, J. R., Ontario.

Sprecher, L. M., San Bernardino.

Stephenson, J. W., San Bernardino.

Surr, Howard (Leonard & Surr), San Bernardino.

Swing, Ralph E., San Bernardino.

Tisdale, W. M., Redlands.

Truesdell, Chas. E., Redlands.

Waters, Byron, San Bernardino.

Willis, H. M., San Bernardino.





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Office, Rooms 20-21, County Court House

Phones, Home 666, Sunset Main 139.


County Probation Officer, Humane Officer of San Bernardino County.


Residence 337½ D Street, Phones, Home 774, Sunset Black 191.







Chino State Bank—(Incorporated July 6, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, L. Vredenburgh; Vice-President, John T. Schroeder; Cashier, P. R. Ruth; Directors, L. Vredenburgh, John T. Schroeder, Edwin Rhodes, O. J. Newman, Geo. Weimar, P. R. Ruth, S. Pine.



Colton Savings Bank—(Incorporated March 18, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. J. B. Coulston, President; L. C. Newcomer, Cashier; Directors, J. B. Coulson, L. C. Newcomer, G. B. Caster, O. L. Emery, J. A. Champion, F. H. Pritchard, F. R. Warnick, D. W. Willits, F. B. Hathaway, C. M. Grisinger, N. H. Cool.


First National Bank of Colton—President, E. D. Roberts; Vice-President, S. M. Goddard; Cashier, C. W. Curtis; Directors, E. D. Roberts, Howard B. Smith, W. W. Wilcox, Jennie E. Davis.



First National Bank—President, C. F. Thorpe; Vice-President, O. H. Stanton; Cashier, G. C. Bushnell.



First Bank of Highland—President, Herbert W. Johnstone; Vice-President, L. A. Desmond; Cashier, M. C. Taylor; Directors, W. C. Patterson, L. C. Waite, K. C. Wells, Wm. B. Brookings, Alexis E. Frye, R. A. Boyd, M. M. Randall, L. A. Desmond, Herbert W. Johnstone.



Bank of Needles—(Private Bank). President, Geo. E. Butler.



Citizens Bank—President, J. P. Robertson; Vice-President, W. J. Clark; Cashier, G. B. Harding; Assistant Cashier, N. A. Cavanagh.


First National Bank—President, George Chaffey; Vice-Presidents, D. R. Crawford, A. M. Chaffey; Cashier, J. F. Fredendall; Directors, Geo. Chaffey, D. R. Crawford, W. F. Botsford, N. W. Stowell, W. G. Kerckhoff, A. M. Chaffey, H. E. Swan.



Savings Bank of Redlands—(Incorporated June 19, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $25,000. F. P. Morrison, President; S. R. Hemmingway, Secretary; Directors, F. P. Morrison, J. P. Fisk, H. Fisher, E. S. Graham, C. L. Partridge, H. H. Garsten.


Union Savings Bank of Redlands—(Incorporated April 1, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. K. C. Wells, President; B. W. Cave, Cashier; Directors, C. C. Ames, B. W. Cave, K. H. Field, H. H. Ford, H. P. D. Kingsbury, W. C. Hargrave, C. J. Curtis, M. J. Phinney, K. C. Wells, E. M. Lyon, J. E. Payton.



Bank of San Bernardino—(Private Bank). Capital stock, $50.000; paid in coin, $50,000. Manager, O. Newburg; Cashier, C. M. Mylers.



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H. H. Ham, President, J. L. Mack, Secretary.

The only safe way to deal in realty is to have a certificate of title issued by a responsible company.

This company was established in 1875.

440 Court Street, SAN BERNARDINO, CAL.



California State Bank—(Incorporated August 2, 1901). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, J. L. Oakey; Vice-President, H. H. Ham; Cashier, W. S. Boggs; Directors, J. L. Oakey, H. H. Ham, W. S. Boggs, Dr. J. N. Baylis, Harry Gray, Dr. W. H. Stiles, J. R. McKinley.


Farmers Exchange National Bank—President, John Anderson; Vice-President, James Fleming; Cashier, S. F. Zombro; Assistant Cashier, John Andreson, Jr.; Directors, John Andreson, Richard Stewart, James Fleming, S. F. Zombro, A. L. Drew, C. A. Burcham, Richard Gird.


San Bernardino County Savings Bank—(Incorporated April 27, 1903). Capital stock, $55,000; paid in coin, $55,000. E. D. Roberts, President; J. H. Wilson, Cashier; Directors, E. D. Roberts, W. S. Hooper, A. M. Harn, G. W. Parsons, A. G. Demoran, Jr., W. J. Curtis, H. E. Harris, S. Marshall, T. A. Blakley, J. B. Gill, H. B. Smith.


San Bernardino National Bank—Capital stock, $100,000; surplus and undivided profits, $160,000. President, E. D. Roberts; Vice-President, H. E. Harris; Cashier, W. S. Hooper; Directors, H. P. Stow, I. R. Brunn, H. B. Smith, J. E. Davis.


Savings Bank of San Bernardino—(Incorporated December 2, 1899). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $10,000. John Anderson, President; John Anderson, Jr., Cashier; Directors, R. Gird, J. Anderson, J. Fleming, R. Stewart, A. L. Drew, F. C. Drew, J. Anderson, Jr., B. L. Burcham, C. A. Burcham.



Citizens' Savings Bank—(Incorporated May 11, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Chas. E. Harwood; Cashier, M. F. Palmer; Directors, Chas. E. Harwood, A. P. Harwood, W. T. Peake, W. H. Craig, M. F. Palmer.




Sunset 601




17 Keating Block.










Superior Judges—E. S. Torrance, N. H. Conklin.

Law and Motion Day—Friday, 10 A. M.

Probate Day—Dept. One, Friday, 2 p. m.; Dept. Two, Friday, 10 a. m.

District Attorney—Lewis R. Kirby.

Clerk—Wm. H. Francis.

Auditor—H. M. Cherry.

Recorder—H. Ferry.

Sheriff—F. M. Jennings.

Tax Collector—A. F. Cornell.

Assessor—M. M. Moulton.

Treasurer—J. F. Schwartz.

Superintendent of Schools—Hugh J. Baldwin.

Public Administrator—P. J. Layne.

Coroner—Dr. A. Morgan.

Surveyor—A. F. Crowell.

Official Court Reporter—Fred H. Robinson.

Supervisors—Wm. Justice (Chairman), Escondido; John Griffin, Oceanside; J. A. Jasper, Silsbee; Jas. H. Cassidy, San Diego; H. M. Cherry, San Diego.




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Twenty Years' Experience, Best of References.


Largest and Best

FRANK A. HYATT, General Manager.


Carefully and Promptly Attended to

Room 26 and 27, Lawyers Block, SAN DIEGO, CAL.





Township, Name of Justice.

Alpine, T. M. Abbee.

San Diego, M. B. Anderson.

San Diego, M. H. Thorpe.

Spring Valley, D. C. Maxwell.

Bear Valley, Samuel T. Allen.

Bonsall, Oliver S. Howard.

Calexico, Jas. B. Hoffman.

Coronado, Geo. Holmes.

Del Mar, Wm. Nieman.

Encinitas, Otto Lienhard.

El Cajon, T. H. C. Tallant.

El Center, E. G. Haueses.

Escondido, J. L. Van Derveer.

Fallbrook, A. M. Bell.

Hanlon, S. Webb.

Imperial, H. N. Dyke.

Mesa Grande, C. Paine.

Julian, W. H. Price.

Lakeside, J. H. Burch.

National, T. R. Palmer.

Oak Grove, —.

Otay, W. H. Holderness.

Poway, Adams Chapin.

Picacho, J. L. Carr.

Pala, J. A. Giddens.

Palomar, W. C. Fink.

Ramona, J. F. Kelley.

San Luis Rey, J. L. Nugent.

Hanlon, Geo. A. Trumbo.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

A. L. McNutt, Alpine.

Geo. Cooly, San Diego.

H. J. Place, San Diego.

H. Clay, Jamul.

J. W. Reed, Valley Center.

Robt. Milne, Bonsall.

Morey McAlmond, Calexico.

J. L. Cameron, Coronado.

J. M. Bludworth, Del Mar.

C. Culver, Encinitas.

N. S. Cam, El Cajon.

W. O. Hamilton, El Center.

J. W. Jobes, Escondido.

W. S. Fleshman, Fallbrook.

M. P. Harris, Hanlon.

J. D. Meadows, Imperial.

H. H. Cleland, Mesa Grande.

F. E. Poller, Julian.

D. Stephens, Lakeside.

Jerry O'Connell, National City.

J. T. Schultz, Otay.

—, Otay.

—, Poway.

W. C. Horan, Piccaho.

Geo. Reid, Pala.

—, Nellie.

W. E. Woodward, Ramona.

S. Marron, Oceanside.

M. C. Reisenger, Mesa Grande.

—, Hanlon.










Anderson, M. B., City Justice of the Peace, San Diego.

Andrews, C. N. (Crane & Andrews), Keating Bldg.

Andrews, W. R., 403 Union Bldg.

Bancroft, Griffing, Bancroft Bldg.

Boone, L. L., Union Bldg.

Bowman, A. B., Keating Bldg.

Brooks, C. W., Pacific Bldg.

Capps, E. E., Conard Blk.

Carter, Cassius, Keating Bldg.

Cleveland, Daniel, Nesmith-Greeley Blk.

Comley, H. R., 920 Fifth Street.

Conklin, M. H., Superior Judge, Court House.

Connell, Stephen, Sefton Blk.

Connell, Geo., Hawley Blk.

Crane, H. S. (Crane & Andrews), Keating Blk.

Dadmun, L. E., Snyder Blk.

Daney, Eugene (Daney & Lewis), First Natl. Bank Bldg.

Doolittle, H. F., Lawyers Blk.

Ecker, W. H. C., Fourth St. cor. F.

Garland, A. O., San Diego.

Gulliford, H. S., Union Bldg.

Guy, W. R., Keating Blk.

Haines & Haines (A. and Chas. C.), Union Bldg.

Hammack, N. S., San Diego.

Hayes, J. C., Oceanside.

Hizar, J. C. (Mills & Hizar), Lawyers Blk.

Hodge, Frank, Keating Blk.

Hoff, G. F., Title Bldg.

Holcomb, Will H. (Holcomb, Riley & Hubbell), 941 Sixth St.

Hopkins, H. C., 16 Keating Blk.

Hubbell, E. E. (Holcomb, Riley & Hubbell), 941 Sixth St.

Johnston, John, Granger Bldg.

Jordan, A. D., Fifth and F. Streets.

Kendall, E. I., Union Bldg.

Kew, M., San Diego.

Kirby, Lewis R., District Attorney, Pacific Bldg.

Knoles, S. S., U. S. Commissioner, Fifth, cor. D. Street.

Lamme, E. H., Union Bldg.

Leovy, G. J., Granger Bldg.

Lewis, T. L. (Daney & Lewis), First Natl. Bank Bldg.

Lovett, E. S., Granger Bldg.

Luce, E. A. (Luce, Sloan & Luce), Keating Blk.

Luce, M. A. (Luce, Sloan & Luce), Keating Blk.

Mahoney, D. V., Fox Heller Bldg.

Mannix, J. B., Union Bldg.

McDonald, J. W., Pacific Bldg.

Mills, H. E. (Mills & Hizar), Lawyers Blk.

Morrison, Wm., Lawyer Blk.

Mossholder & Mossholder (W. J. and Mark), First Natl. Bank Bldg.

Mouser, A. C., Church Blk.

Neale, Herbert, San Diego.

Nootny, C. J., 920 Fifth Street.

O'Farrell, Fred, Lawyers Blk.

O'Keefe, Jas. E., Keating Blk.

Pirkey, Oval, San Diego.

Pritchard, Chas. P. (Wadham & Pritchard), Granger Blk.

Puterbaugh & Puterbaugh (Geo. and J. W.), City Hall.

Riall, Ernest, Fourth St., cor. F.

Riley, L. S. (Holcomb, Riley & Hubbell), 941 Sixth St.

Rippey, C. H., Conard Bldg.

Schoonover, Albert (Wright, Schoonover & Winnek), Keating Blk.

Sloan, W. A. (Luce, Sloan & Luce), Keating Blk.

Smith, Sam F., 1134 D Street.

Soto, J. M., Lawyers Blk.

Sprigg, Patterson, First Natl. Bank Bldg.

Stearns, F. W. (Stearns & Sweet), Union Bldg.

Sweet, A. H. (Stearns & Sweet), Union Bldg.

Thorpe, M. R., Justice of the Peace, San Diego.

Titus, Harry, Keating Blk.

Torrance, E. S., Superior Judge, Union Bldg.

Tucker, J. Z., 918 Fifth Street.

Utley, H. S., Court House.

Wadham, Jas. E. (Wadham & Pritchard), Granger Blk.

Walker, C. A., 920 Fifth Street.

Ward, M. L. (Ward & Wells), Granger Blk.

Waterous, T. C., Hawley Blk.

Wells, E. A. (Ward & Wells), Granger Blk.

Wheeler, J. S., Keating Blk.

Willard, F. P., Escondido.

Winnek, E. V. (Wright, Schoonover & Winnek), Keating Blk.

Wright, L. A. (Wright, Schoonover & Winnek), Keating Blk.

Wynn, C. H., Granger Blk.

Young, A. B., Bancroft Bldg.





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CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000.



841 Fifth St., San Diego, California








Escondido Savings Bank—(Incorporated March 28, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. A. W. Wohlford, President; E. E. Turrentine, Cashier; Directors, A. W. Wohlford, E. G. Logan, G. V. Thomas, J. H. Sampson, W. L. Ramey, Alex. Stewart, E. E. Turrentine.


First National Bank—President, Louis J. Wilde; Vice-President, Arthur B. Jones; Cashier, S. A. Reed; Directors, L. J. Wilde, S. A. Reed, Arthur B. Jones, A. W. Sickler, G. F. Merriam, W. H. Hubbard.



People’s State Bank—(Incorporated October 17, 1890). Capital stock, $44,000; paid in coin, $44,000. J. L. Sehon, President; B. J. Edmonds, Cashier; Directors, J. L. Sehon, B. J. Edmonds, E. M. Fly, F. P. Reed, W. S. Hill. J. E. Ervay.



Page 117.



Bank of Oceanside—(Incorporated April, 1887). Capital Stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. Geo. A. Lane, President; E. B. Johnson, Cashier; Directors, G. A. Lane, C. S. Libby, M. J. Shaw, Wm. Mead, E. S. Payne.



American National Bank—Capital stock, $100,000; surplus and undivided profits, $54,000. President, Louis J. Wilde; Cashier, C. L. Williams; Directors, L. J. Wilde, R. M. Powers, E. Strahiman, I. I. Irwin, C. L. Williams.


Bank of Commerce and Trust Co.—Capital stock, $500,000; surplus and profits, $109,860. President, J. Wangenheim; J. S. Hawley, Jr., Cashier; Directors, J. Wangenheim, G. W. Marston, F. Jennings, N. E. Barker, C. T. Hinds, M. Klauber, N. R. Titus, E. Grove, B. W. McKenzie, J. S. Hawley, Jr.


Blochman Banking Co.—Capital stock, $50,000. President, A. Blochman; Cashier, L. A. Blochman.


Citizens' Savings Bank—(Incorporated August 2, 1888). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Fred Jewell; Cashier, C. B. Whittelsey; Directors, M. H. Hellman, J. F. Jaeger, J. H. Gay, U. S. Grant, Jr., Edmond Mayer, Samuel Gordon Ingle, C. B. Whittelsey, Jos. H. O'Brien, I. I. Irwin, W. J. Bailey.


First National Bank—Capital stock, $150,000; surplus and undivided profits, $160,000. President, D. F. Garrettson; Cashier, F. J. Belcher, Jr.; Directors, D. F. Garretison, Simon Levi, J. E. Fishburn, E. W. Jackson, F. J. Belcher, Jr.


Merchants National Bank—Capital stock, $100,000; surplus and undivided profits, $163,784. President, Ralph Granger; Vice-President, F. R. Burnham; Cashier, W. R. Rogers; Directors, Ralph Granger, F. R. Burnham, A. H. Frost, W. G. Bradley, W. R. Rogers.


San Diego Savings Bank—(Incorporated April 15, 1889). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $100,000. J. W. Sefton, President; E. M. Barber, Cashier; Directors, J. W. Sefton, M. T. Gilmore, W. R. Rogers, M. F. Heller, A. H. Sweet, R. M. Powers, E. M. Barber.


Security Savings Bank & Trust Co.—(Incorporated May 20, 1905). Capital stock, $125,000; paid in coin, $125,000. Julius Wangenheim, President; J. S. Hawley, Jr., Cashier; Directors, J. Wangenheim, G. W. Marston, I. W. Hellman, C. T Hinde, L. M. Avery, B. W. McKenzie, F. S. Jennings, M. Klauber, E. Grove, N. R. Titus, J. S. Hawley, Jr.


Sixth Street Bank—(Incorporated October 10, 1888). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. D. H. Steele, President; F. H. Ollphant, Cashier; Directors, D. H. Steele, C. A. Johnson, F. H. Ollphant, J. A. Green, L. J. Murphy.


Southern Trust and Savings Bank—(Incorporated June 8, 1907). Capital stock, $102,300; paid in coin, $102,300. G. A. Davidson, President; E. O. Hodge, Cashier; Directors, G. A. Davidson, P. Morse, E. O. Hodge, H. Ingle, G. Hatterhoff, Jr., R. C. Allen, P. Martin, E. Chambers, T. A. Riordan, E. Fletcher, T. L. Dodge, J. E. Boal, J. E. Wadham, A. Levi, R. Hale.






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