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Superior Judge—F. E. Densmore.

Law and Motion Day—Saturday.

Probate Day—Saturday.

Trial Calendar Day—Saturday.

District Attorney—Lyman Evans.

Clerk—A. B. Pilch.

Auditor—Geo. H. Brown.

Recorder—I. S. Logan.

Sheriff—F. P. Wilson.

Tax Collector—O. J. Palmer.

Assessor—W. F. Montague.

Treasurer—D. G. Mitchell.

Superintendent of Schools—Raymond Cree.

Public Administrator—M. S. Bowman.

Coroner—C. S. Dickson.

Surveyor—G. M. Pearson.

Official Court Reporter—S. D. Pelton.


Supervisors—J. T. Hammer(Chairman), Corona; E. W. Holmes, Riverside; Harry Bantz, Riverside; A. T. Kimbell, Perris; John Shaver, San Jacinto.




Township, Name of Justice.

Indio, H. E. Gard.

San Gorgonia, C. H. Ingelow.

Beaumont, Wm. Watson.

Riverside, F. G. Hall.

Riverside, T. B. Stephenson.

Temescal, U. S. Cummins.

West Riverside, J. A. Packard.

Morena, Alex Dallas.

Perris, C. Vermason.

Diamond, Wm. Haslam.

Hemet, F. M. Charlton.

Palo Verde, J. Henry Hickey.

San Jacinto, F. M. Salle.

Elsinore, Geo. E. Bennet.

Murietta, M. M. Montege.

Murietta, —.

Union, J. L. Haas.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

C. E. Estele, Cochelle.

B. B. de Creoecoeus, Banning.

J. N. Lovern, Beaumont.

W. W. Squires, Riverside.

John Baird, Riverside.

W. D. Lyman, Corona.

Hugh O. Higgins, West Riverside.

W. S. Conley, Armada.

F. Beatty, Perris.

A. F. Rice, Winchester.

E. C. Warner, Hemet.

—, Palo Verde.

C. E. Chambers, San Jacinto.

W. P. Haworth, Elsinore.

—, Murietta.

Albert Bank, Temecula.

J. O. Pingree, Highgrove.








Adair, A. A. (Purington & Adair), Riverside.

Best, Raymond C., Riverside.

Carnahan, H. L. (Collier, Carnahan & Craig), Riverside.

Clayton, J. M., Hemet.

Collier, Wm. (Collier, Carnahan & Criag), Riverside.

Collier, Carnahan & Craig(Wm. Collier, H. L. Carnahan, — Craig), Riverside.

Densmore, F. E., Superior Judge, Riverside.

Estudillo, Miguel, Riverside.

Evans, L., District Attorney, Riverside.

Freeman, G. R., Corona.

French, G. A., Riverside.

Gill, L., Riverside.

Gray, Chas. R., Riverside.

Hall, F. G., Riverside.

Harger, K. D., Riverside.

Hibbard, H. C., Riverside.

Irving, W. G., Riverside.

McFarland, C. L., Riverside.

Myers, P. N., Hemet.

Nightingale, T. S., Riverside.

North, John G., Riverside.

Purington, W. A. (Purington & Adair), Riverside.

Purington & Adair (W. A. Purington & A. A. Adair), Riverside.

Porteous, T. T., Riverside.

Potter, Harvey, Riverside.

Randall, Wm. G., Corona.

Stephenson, T. B., Justice of the Peace, Riverside.








Banning State Bank—(Incorporated July 30, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. J. M. Westerfield, President; Directors, C. O. Barker, C. D. Hamilton, J. C. King, C. S. Holcomb, S. J. Castleman, J. M. Westerfield.



Citizens' Bank—(Incorporated November 17, 1890). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. W. F. Botsford, President; C. A. Kinney, Cashier; Directors, W. F. Botsford, C. A. Kinney, G. Brown, F. Scoville, A. C. Wood.



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(A Corporation; Capital Stock $62,000)

Complete Property Indices, Mining Abstracts a Specialty, Exclusive Agents

of the Title Insurance and Title Co. of Los Angeles in the issuance

of Policies of TITLE INSURANCE in Riverside County.





Consolidated Bank of Elsinore—(Incorporated August 1, 1887). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, S. A. Stewart; Vice-President, J. T. Kuhns; Cashier, J. A. Crane; Directors, G. Chaffey, J. A. Crane, S. H. Herrick, S. A. Stewart, C. D. Pool.



Bank of Hemet—(Incorporated May 12, 1899). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, W. F. Whittier; Vice-President, P. N. Myers; Cashier, J. H. Scales; Directors, W. F. Whittier, W. J. Weatherly, P. N. Myers, H. E. Bothin.


Farmers and Merchants Bank—(Incorporated May 5, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. T. E. Rickard, President; S. W. Leffingwell, Cashier; Directors, T. E. Rickard, J. E. Blackshaw, S. W. Leffingwell, H. R. Link, D. W. Amos, C. McDiarmid, I. B. Gibbel, W. C. Goodhue, S. F. Daniels, N. Eastick, W. W. Phelps.



Citizens Bank—(Incorporated January 27, 1903). Capital stock, $150,000; paid in coin, $150,000. President, S. H. Herrick; Vice-President, Chas. H. Low; Cashier, W. B. Clancy; Directors, J. A. Allen, D. P. Chapman, W. B. Clancy, S. C. Evans, W. G. Fraser, S. H. Herrick, J. F. Humphreys, C. H. Low, G. Rouse, B. F. Rockhold, C. Van Zwaluwenburg.


First National Bank— Capital stock, $300,000; President, George Frost; Cashier, Stanley J. Castleman; Directors, George Frost, E. S. Moulton, C. L. McFarland, W. A. Purington, L. C. Waite, J. S. Castleman, J. A. Simms, Stanley J. Castleman.


Riverside Savings Bank and Trust Co.—(Incorporated September 10, 1890). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $200,000. J. A. Simms, President; C. O. Evans, Secretary; Directors, J. A. Simms, S. J. Castleman, W. A. Purrington, L. C. Waite, J. G. Baird, C. B. Bayley, C. O. Evans.


Security Savings Bank of Riverside—(Incorporated June 5, 1907). Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $50,000. S. H. Herrick, President; Wm. T. Dinsmore, Cashier; Directors, S. H. Chapman, W. B. Clancy, S. C. Evans, W. G. Fraser, J. F. Humphreys, C. H. Low, G. Rouse, B. F. Rockhold, C. Van Swalenburg.





Tennyson-Fenton Realty Co., Sacramento, executes our Surety Bonds.

Bee Building.










Superior Court—

  Department One

    J. W. Hughes, Judge

    Joseph E. Pipher, Reporter.

Law, Motion and Probate Day—Friday, 10 a. m.

Trial Calendar Day—Last Friday of each odd numbered month.

  Department Two

    Peter J. Shields, Judge.

    E. F. Duden, Reporter.

    Iran Conran, Clerk.

Law, Motion and Probate Day—Friday, 1:30 p. m.

Trial Calendar Day—Last Friday of each even numbered month.

  Department Three

    C. N. Post, Judge.

    W. E. Doan, Reporter.

    E. F. Plund, Clerk.

Law and Motion Day—Saturday 10 a. m.

Trial Calendar Day—Last Law day of each month.

District Attorney—E. S. Wachhorst.

Assistant—J. R. Hughes.

Clerk—Wm. B. Hamilton.

Chief Deputy—M. J. Sullivan.

Auditor—L. P. Williams.

Recorder—Chas. A. Root.

Sheriff—David Reese.

Tax Collector—C. E. Trainor.

Assessor—Thos. H. Berkey.

Treasurer—M. J. Curtis.

Superintendent of Schools—Mrs. M. R. O'Neill.

Public Administrator—D. McDougall.

Coroner—W. F. Gormley.

Surveyor—C. M. Phinney.


First District—David Ahern, 1616 H. St. Sacramento.

Second District—Howard K. Johnson, 316 Q. St. Sacramento.

Third District—C. W. McKillip, 1218 17th St., Sacramento.

Fourth District—Jas. H. Donnelly (Chairman), Folsom.

Fifth District—L. C. Thisby, Elk Grove.



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Township, Name of Justice.

Sacramento, J. C. March.

Sacramento, R. M. Clarken.

San Joaquin, Jos. Polhemus.

Sutter, G. A. Thomas.

Sutter, J. A. Reed.

Brighton, C. L. Pugh.

Granite, J. B. Leonard.

Mississippi, W. H. Oaks.

Center, H. Dewey.

American, H. H. Thomas.

Lee, E. B. Heath.

Cosumnes, John Atwater.

Franklin, A. Runyon.

Georgiana, P. G. de Beck.

Dry Creek, S. T. Merrill.

Alabama, S. Carr.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

T. D. Haggerty, Sacramento.

J. W. Doherty, Sacramento.

H. Hauskins, Elk Grove.

J. S. Boggess, Oak Park.

Ed. Brady, Oak Park.

Abraham Duncan, Perkins.

Peter Donnelly, Folsom.

T. P. McEldowney, Fair Oaks.

H. I. Atwood, Del Paso.

Michael Judge, Sacramento R. D.

Chas. Bidlent, Cosumnes.

Lee Parker, Cosumnes.

W. B. Calloway, Franklin.

Cordon Dye, Courtland.

T. F. Gann, Galt.

A. A. Smith, Clay Station.








Anderson, W. A., 401 J.

Aram, Eugene, 1007 7th.

Atkinson, F. F., 405 J.

Baker, C. W., 601 K.

Bauer, John J., 429 J.

Beckwith, Chas. M., Ochaner Bldg.

Bidard, C. H. S., Bryte Bldg.

Bliss, Chas., Bryte Bldg.

Bradford, Hugh B., Bryte Bldg.

Brown, J. Frank, Bryte Bldg.

Busick, Charles O., 426½ J.

Butler, J. W. S., 328 J.

Christianson, T. H., Stoll Bldg.

Clarken, R. M., Justice of Peace, 616 I.

Copeland, Jas. L., Bryte Bldg.

Cornell, Joseph D., 1007 9th.

Daly, J. S., 1007 7th.

De Ligne, A. A., Sacramento B. Bldg.

Devlin, Robt. T., (Devlin & Devlin), 328 J.

Devlin, W. H. (Devlin & Devlin), 328 J.

Devlin & Devlin (Robt. T. Devlin & W. H. Devlin) 328 J.

Donnelly, D. L., Stoll Bldg.

Dore, P. C., Capital Bk. Bldg.

Driver, B. F., 401 J.

Driver, Philip S., 401 J.

Dunn, Chauncey H., 610 K.

Elliott, C. A. (Hinkson & Elliott), 405½ J.

George, Wilbur F., 401 J.

Gett, W. A., 426½ J.

Glenn, M. C. (Glenn & Waring), 401 J.

Glenn & Waring (M. C. Glenn, R. A. Waring), 401 J.

Greene, J. T. (Greene & Smith), Stoll Bldg.

Greene & Smith (J. T. Greene, A. D. Smith), Stoll Bldg.

Harris, C. B., 1014A 7th.

Hart, E. C., Justice Appellate Ct., 3d Dist.,

Hart, S. R., 916½ 7th.

Hatfield, L. T., 203 J.

Hatfield, V. L., 203 J.

Hatfield, Wm. H., 203 J.

Henderson, J. J., —.

Hinkson, Add. C. (Hinkson & Elliot), 405½ J.

Hinkson & Elliott (Add C. Hinkson, C. A. Elliott), 405½ J.

Hinsdale, Lester J., 401 J.

Holl, S. Solon, Gerber Bldg.

Hopkins, O. G., Stoll Bldg.

Howard, B. F., Bryte Bldg.

Howe, S. Luke (Howe & Howe), 426½ J.

Howe, Wm. S. (Howe & Howe) 426½ J.

Hughes, J. R., Bryte Bldg.

Hughes, Joseph W., Superior Judge.

Inman, J. M., Bryte Bldg.

Johnson, Grove L, Bryte Bldg.

Jones, Chas. T., 607 J.

Jones, J. Charles, Attorney General's Office.

Jones, S. H., Sac. Bank Bldg.





606 I. Street, Sacramento, Cal.




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Of all departments of the State Government including Supreme Court records; also records of the U. S. Land Office.


at reasonable rates.

MISS W. B. ROSS, Public Stenographer, Stoll Bldg., SACRAMENTO




Kleinsorge, W. E. (Kleinsorge & McKisick), Stoll Bldg.

Kleinsorge & McKisick (W. E. Kleinsorge, R. T. McKisick), Stoll Bldg.

Lawrence, F. Leo., 1007 7th.

Larue, H. M., Jr., Bee Bldg.

Latta, W. A., 405 J.

Madsen, A. J., 614 I.

March, J. C., City Police Judge, City Hall.

McCurdy, Arthur H., 426½ J.

McKisick, R. T. (Kleinsorge & McKisick), Stoll Bldg.

McLaughlin, C. E. (White, Miller & McLaughlin), Stoll Bldg.

Miller, Arthur E. (White, Miller & McLaughlin), Stoll Bldg.

Needham, I., Stoll Bldg.

O'Brien, F. J., Bryte Bldg.

Phipps, W. T., Bryte Bldg.

Platnauer, R., Bryte Bldg.

Post, Chas. N., Superior Judge, Bryte Bldg.

Prewett, J. O., Bryte Bldg.

Renfro, W. F., 703½ J.

Reynolds, A. B., 606 I.

Ross, Henry C., 328 J.

Seymore, A. M., Bryte Bldg.

Shelley, L. M., 231 J.

Shields, Peter J., Superior Judge

Shinn, A. G., 301 J.

Shinn, A. L., 301 J.

Shinn, C. L., 301 J.

Shinn, R. L., 301 J.

Smith, A. D. (Greene & Smith), Stoll Bldg.

Soule, E. G., Stoll Bldg.

Sowell, Ernest, Stoll Bldg.

Starr, H., Sacramento

Tabor, Ben P. (Tabor & Tabor), Bryte Bldg; also Auburn.

Tabor, A. R., (Tabor & Tabor), Bryte Bldg; also Auburn.

Wachorst, Eugene S., Gerber Bldg.

Wahrhaftig, M. S., 407 J.

Wharton, Z. F., 426½ J.

White, Clinton L. (White, Miller & McLaughlin), Stoll Bldg.

White, Miller & McLaughlin (C. L. White, A. E. Miller, C. E. McLaughlin), Stoll Bldg.

Yell, Archibald, Bryte Bldg.



Sunset Main 658



Expert Typewriting and Multigraphing









J. H. Burnham—(Private Bank). Capital paid in coin, $25,000.



California National Bank—(Incorporated 1882). Capital stock, $1,250,000; paid in coin, $1,250,000. G. W. Gerber, President; F. W. Kiesel, Cashier; Directors, W. E. Gerber, C. W. Clarke, G. W. Peltier, F. W. Kiesel, Alden Anderson, F. J. Kiesel, Jos. Steffens, A. Heilborn, Peter Bohl.


Capital Banking and Trust Co.—(Incorporated December 28, 1893). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin $50,000. A. Anderson, President; W. W. Bassett, Cashier; Directors, A. Anderson, G. H. Peltier, F. J. Keisel, F. W. Keisel, W. A. Curtis.


Farmers and Mechanics' Savings Bank—(Incorporated March 4, 1902). J Street, cor. Fourth. Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $200,000. P. B. Green, President; J. W. Lindner, Cashier; Directors, B. U. Steinman, P. B. Green, R. T. Devilin, G. A. Smith, W. Land, A. H. Marten, W. E. J. Baughman.


Goethe Bank—(Incorporated September 20, 1890). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. H. J. Goethe, President; H. T. Goethe, Cashier; Directors, H. J. Goethe, C. M. Goethe, L. M. Goethe, H. T. Goethe, W. R. Cluness.


Japanese Bank of Sacramento—(Incorporated November 22, 1906). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $28,100; J. Koike, President; N. Imajo, Cashier; Directors, J. Kioke, E. Toki, O. Hine, N. Imajo, G. Tawara.



Page 111.



H. M. LaRue, Jr., John R. LaRue.





People's Savings Bank—(Incorporated May 23, 1879). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $266,500. Wm. Beckman, President; A. G. Folger, Cashier; Directors, Wm. Beckman, J. L. Huntoon, J. J. Keegan, G. W. Lorenz, A. G. Folger.


Sacramento Bank—(Incorporated July 28, 1875). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $400,000. Philip Scheld, President; J. M. Henderson, Jr., Cashier; Directors, P. Scheld, Alex Gordon, J. M. Henderson, Jr., M. E. Ross Roan, P. L. Lykens.


Fort Sutter National Bank—Capital stock, $200,000; surplus and undivided profits, $10,000. President, Geo. J. Bryte; Cashier, A. L. Darrow; Directors, Geo. J. Bryte, E. A. Nicolaus, A. L. Darrow, W. O. Bowers, F. H. Krebs, F. J. Ruhstaller, H. A. Mohr, E. L. Southworth, M. A. Nurse.


National Bank of D. O. Mills & Co.—President, C. F. Dillman; Vice-President, F. B. Anderson; Cashier, F. H. Pierce; Directors, P. C. Drescher, D. O. Mills, F. B. Anderson, H. Weinstock, W. R. Pentz, Edgar Mills, C. F. Dillman.




Wm. Higby, Hollister, executes our Surety Bonds.










Superior Judge—M. T Dooling.

Law, Motion and Probate Day—Monday.

Trial Calendar Day—Monday.

District Attorney—H. W. Scott.

Clerk, Auditor and Recorder—Elmer Dowdy.

Sheriff and Tax Collector—J. J. Croxon.

Assessor—G. W. McConnell

Treasurer—John Welch.

Superintendent of Schools—J. H. Garner.

Public Administrator and Coroner—W. W. Black.

Surveyor—A. M. McCray.

Official Court Reporter—A. D. Shaw.

Supervisors—Wm. Butts, (Chairman), Pine Rock; A. H. Fredson, Tres Pinos; W. S. Prescott, San Juan; L. M. Ladd, Hollister; Dan'l McCloskey, Hollister.




Township, Name of Justice.

Hollister, Gilmore Agnew.

San Juan, E. F. Pearce.

Tres Pinos, L. Thornton.

Panoche, G. W. Clark.

San Benito, John Hain.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

W. W. McDonald, Hollister.

E. Zanetta, San Juan.

L. E. Thornton, Tres Pinos.

H. De Campos, Panoche.

J. A. Stone, Cook.







Agnew, Gilmore, Hollister.

Briggs, N. C. (Briggs & Hudner), Hollister.

Briggs & Hudner (N. C. Briggs, John L. Hudner), Hollister.

Cunning, A. M., Hollister.

Donovan, T. H., Hollister.

Dooling, M. T., Superior Judge, Hollister.

Hudner, John L. (Briggs & Hudner), Hollister.

Jean, G. W., Hollister.

Jefferson, L. W., Hollister.

Moore, G. H., San Juan.

Pence, Omar M., Hollister.

Scott, H. W., District Attorney, Hollister.







Bank of Hollister—(Incorporated October 1, 1873). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $250,000; President, T. S. Hawkins; Vice-President, N. C. Briggs; Cashier, T. W. Hawkins; Directors, T. S. Hawkins, U. Wood, N. C. Briggs, R. Eschenburg, R. P. Lathrop, T. W. Hawkins.


Farmers and Merchants Bank.—(Incorporated November 3, 1891). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, Wm. Palmtag; Vice-President, Thos. H. Slaven; Cashier, C. H. Wagner; Directors, W. Palmtag, T. H. Siavin, C. H. Wagner, C. J. Cox, C. F. Leege, M. Rosenberg, N. T. Jansen.




Depositions Taken, Established Aug. 9, 1904.



Attorney at Law, Notary Public.




Hollister Savings Bank—(Incorporated February 11, 1892). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. Wm. Palmtag, President; C. C. Wagner, Secretary; Directors, W. Palmtag, T. H. Slaven, C. H. Wagner, C. J. Cox, N. T. Jensen, C. F. Leeg, M. Rosenberg.


Savings and Loan Bank of San Benito County—Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $50,000. T. S. Hawkins, President; T. W. Hawkins, Cashier; Directors, T. S. Hawkins, Uriah Wood, N. C. Briggs, R. Eschenburg, R. P. Lathrop, T. W. Hawkins.







Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

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