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W. G. Thompson, Napa, executes our Surety Bonds.










Superior JudgeH. C. Gesford.

Law and Motion DayMonday.

Probate DayMonday.

Trial Calendar DayMonday.

District AttorneyFrank M. Silva.

ClerkN. W. Collins.

Auditor and RecorderH. L. Gunn.

SheriffD. A. Dunlap.

Tax CollectorF. G. Easterby.

AssessorRobt. Corlett.

TreasurerWm. Trubody.

Superintendent of SchoolsMiss Lena Jackson.

Public Administrator and CoronerC. C. Treadway.

SurveyorO. H. Buckman.

Official Court ReporterH. B. Whiton.


SupervisorsJasper Partrick(Chairman), Napa; B. Bruck, Calistoga; A. J. Raney, Capelle; W. F. Alexander, Napa; J. L. Webber, Yountville.





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T. N. Mount, President, Phone Black 72, E. J. Drussel, Mgr.








Township, Name of Justice.

Napa, G. W. Gildersleeve.

Napa, N. F. Coombs.

St. Helena, J. G. Johnson.

Knox, G. W. McCullis.

Hot Springs, Frank Ashton.

Yountville, E. C. Starkey.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Geo. W. Allen, Napa.

Geo. D. Secord, Napa.

R. M. Cook, St. Helena.

J. J. Meager, Monticello.

D. E. Power, Calistoga.

Wm. Jackson, Yountville.







Bell, Theo. A., Napa and San Francisco.

Bell, Ed. S., Napa.

Billings, M. E., Calistoga.

Coombs, Frank L., Napa.

Gesford, Henry C., Superior Judge, Napa.

Hull, A. J., Napa.

Johnston, F. E., Napa.

Johnston, Harry L., Napa.

Johnston, Leslie E., Napa.

King, Percival S., Napa.

Palmer, Jas. M., Jr., Napa.

Rutherford, Wallace T., City Attorney, Napa.

Silva, F. M., District Attorney, Napa.

Trower, Chas. E., Napa.

Webber, E. L., Napa.

York, John T., Napa.







Bank of Calistoga.(Incorporated July 15, 1904). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. H. H. Brown, President; E. L. Armstrong, Cashier; Directors, H. H. Brown, J. R. Rutherford, E. Light, W. Spiers, C. M. Hoover.


First National BankPresident, H. H. Brown; Vice-President, Wm. Spiers; Cashier, G. S. Cutler; Assistant Cashier, Elbert L. Armstrong; Directors, H. H. Brown, G. S. Cutler, R. H. Walsh, J. Grimm, Wm. Spiers, C. M. Hoover, Elbert L. Armstrong.



Bank of Napa(Incorporated September 14, 1871). Capital stock, $175,000; paid in coin, $175,000. President, S. M. Chapman; Cashier, Henry Brown; Directors, Amos Lester, Robt. P. Lamdin, Levi Chapman, C. A. Derby, L. J. Norton, W. D. Mansfield, F. W. Williams, James Mason, J. W. Miller, Henry Brown, S. M. Chapman, H. H. Sawyer, P. S. King, Sarah E. Lester, A. W. Robinson, Carrie S. Lester, Nina C. Deweese.


Jas. H. Goodman & Co. Bank(Incorporated July 1, 1889). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, H. M. Meacham; Vice-President, J. C. Noyes; Cashier, E. W. Churchill; Directors, H. M. Meacham, E. Z. Hennessey, M. A. Churchill, E. W. Churchill, E. E. Stone, M. W. Churchill.


Napa Savings Bank(Incorporated March 4, 1903). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, D. S. Kyser; Vice-President, E. L. Bickford; Cashier, Hensley S. Davis; Directors, E. L. Bickford, H. S. Davis, D. A. Dunlap, H. P. Goodman, A. J. Hull, D. S. Kyser, J. A. McClelland, H. C. Melone, Dr. B. Shurtleff.


The First National Bank of Napa(Incorporated July 1, 1907). Capital stock, $50,000; surplus, $25,000. President, H. P. Goodman; Vice-President, J. A. McClelland; Cashier, E. L. Bickford; Assistant Cashier, C. A. Kather; Directors, H. P. Goodman, E. L. Bickford, D. S. Kyser, J. A. McClelland, H. A. Crawford, D. A. Dunlap, Chas. E. Trower.



Savings Bank of St. Helena(Incorporated January 2, 1892). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $10,000. President, Edwin Angwin; Vice-President, John C. Money; Cashier, F. L. Alexander; Directors, Edwin Angwin, John C. Money, J. Rutherford, D. O. Hunt, W. D. Money.


The Bank of St. Helena(Incorporated August 9, 1882). Capital stock, $75,000; paid in coin, $75,000. President, H. J. Lewilling; Vice-President, C. E. Davis; Cashier, Frank Pellet; Directors, H. J. Lewelling, C. E. Davis, W. W. Lyman, W. S. Keyes, Mrs. H. E. Weinberger, Wm. J. Dawson, J. Frandsen, G. S. Conner, W. W. Lyman.



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The Carver National BankPresident, D. O. Hunt; Vice-President, G. L. Pratt; Cashier, Leo H. Martin; Directors, D. O. Hunt, G. L. Pratt, John C. Money, Edwin Angwin, F. L. Alexander.







Superior JudgeF. T. Nilon.

Law and Motion DayMonday.

Probate DayMonday.

Trial Calendar DayFirst Monday of each month.

District AttorneyGeo. L. Jones.

Clerk and AuditorGeo. Coughlin.

RecorderF. A. Gourley.

SheriffH. R. Walker.

Tax Collector and TreasurerF. W. Taylor.

AssessorH. C. Schroeder.

Superintendent of SchoolsJ. G. O'Neill.

Public AdministratorFrank Kendrick.

CoronerA. L. Gill.

SurveyorF. M. Miller.


SupervisorsS. L. Weeks(Chairman), Rough and Ready; C. J. Miller, Grass Valley; N. W. Bennett, Nevada City; J. Fay, Truckee; P. H. Brophy, North Columbia.



Township, Name of Justice.

Nevada, E. F. Hook.

Grass Valley, J. T. Hennessy.

Grass Valley, John Mulroy.

Washington, J. B. Lithgow.

Bloomfield, J. McKinley.

Bridgeport, J. Brophy.

Rough and Ready, C. C. Bitner.

Meadow Lake, I. F. Harvey.

Meadow Lake, Chas. W. Long.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

J. G. Neagle, Nevada City.

T. R. Edwards, Grass Valley.

C. C. Townsend, Grass Valley.

E. A. Brunson, Washington.

A. F. Schumpt, North Bloomfield.

, North San Juan.

, Spencerville.

, Truckee.

, Truckee.








Arbogast, F. L., Nevada City.

Buckley, G. D., Nevada City.

Dibble, S. T., Grass Valley.

Finnegan, Geo. B., Nevada City.

Ford, T. S., Nevada City.

Hennessy, J. T., Grass Valley.

Jones, Geo. L., District Attorney, Grass Valley.

Kitts, C. W., Grass Valley.

Larue, L. P., Grass Valley.

Lindley, I. C., Nevada City.

McGlashan, C. F.(McGlashan & McGlashan), Truckee, also Loyalton, Sierra County.

McGlashan, J. L.,(McGlashan & McGlashan), Truckee, also Loyalton, Sierra County.

McGlashan & McGlashan(C. F. McGlashan, J. L. McGlashan), Truckee.

Moody, H. L., Truckee.

Mulroy, John, Justice of the Peace, Grass Valley.

Nilon, F. T., Superior Judge, Nevada City.

Porter, F. B., Truckee.

Rutherford, F. M., Truckee.

Searls, Fred, Nevada City.

Simonds, P. F., Nevada City.

Sleep, W. A., Grass Valley.

Walling, J. M., Nevada City.







Nevada County Bank(Incorporated September 26, 1900). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, E. J. Rector; Vice-President, W. H. Martin; Cashier, A. H. Mooser; Directors, E. J. Rector, B. S. Rector, W. H. Martin, Geo. Starr, H. Brunner, Orville Root, A. Gill, E. K. Smart.



Agency Nevada County Bank(Incorporated September 26, 1903). President, E. J. Rector; Vice-President, W. H. Martin; Cashier, E. M. Rector; Directors, E. J. Rector, W. H. Martin, Henry Brunner, B. S. Rector, Geo. Starr, John Martin, O. H. Root, A. Gill, E. K. Smart.


The Citizens Bank(Incorporated September 19, 1876). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $100.000. President, Jno. T. Morgan; Vice-President, Lord Housman; Cashier, D. E. Morgan; Directors, Jno. T. Morgan, W. D. Vinton, Fred Searls, Lord Housman, J. M. Thomas, D. E. Morgan, D. E. Matteson.



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Certificates of Title and Abstract Work in all of its Branches. Special Attention to Orders from Outside Points.










Superior JudgeZ. B. West.

Law and Motion DayFriday.

Trial Calendar DayNone.

District AttorneyS. M. Davis.

ClerkW. B. Williams.

AuditorC. D. Lester.

RecorderGeo. Peters.

SheriffTheo. Lacy.

Tax CollectorJ. C. Lamb.

AssessorW. M. Scott.

TreasurerJ. C. Joplin.

Superintendent of SchoolsR. P. Mitchell.

Public Administrator and CoronerGeo. Smith.

SurveyorC. R. Schenck.

SupervisorsD. A. McMullan(Chairman), Orange; J. Fulsom, Garden Grove; D. S. Linebarger, Fullerton; H. E. Smith, Santa Ana; U. C. Holdeman, Tustin.




Township, Name of Justice.

Santa Ana, Ed. Smithwick.

Anahiem, J. Howard.

San Juan, J. Landell.

Westminister, A. H. Burlingame.

Orange, J. A. Pfeiffer.

Fullerton, C. K. Ford.

Los Alamitos, W. McAllen.

Yorba, A. Lemke.

Huntington Beach, J. W. Shirley.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Sid Smithwick, Santa Ana.

M. H. Litten, Anaheim.

I. D. Jaynes, Buna Park.

, Westminister.

H. A. Miller, Orange.

Chas. Young, Fullerton.

M. Smith, Los Alamitos.

E. Bayha, Yorba.

E. L. Vincent, Huntington Beach.









Ames, H. G., Santa Ana.

Anderson, John N., Santa Ana.

Bell, J. Howard, Santa Ana.

Billingsley, Ray, Santa Ana.

Bishop, Clyde, Santa Ana.

Chynoweth, H. W., Anaheim.

Daniel, F. O., Santa Ana.

Davis, Samuel M., District Attorney, Santa Ana.

Forgy, H. J.(Scarborough & Forgy), Santa Ana.

Head, H. C., Santa Ana.

Heathman, W. F., City Attorney, Santa Ana.

Keech, E. E., Santa Ana.

Kingston, C. A., Santa Ana.

Langley, E. T., Santa Ana.

Marks, E. J., City Attorney, Fullerton.

Melrose, Richard, Anaheim.

Montgomery, Victor, Santa Ana.

Scarborough, Jas. G.(Scarborough & Forgy), Santa Ana.

Scarborough & Forgy(Jas. G. Scarborough, H. J. Forgy), Santa Ana.

Tipton, W. S., Anaheim.

Towner, J. W., Santa Ana.

West, L. A., Santa Ana.

West, Z. B., Superior Judge, Santa Ana.

Williams, R. Y., Santa Ana.







American Savings Bank of Anaheim(Incorporated May 8, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. Frank Shanley, President; John Hartung, Cashier; Directors, F. Shanley, F. Baum, J. Hartung, C. Federman, A. Nagel, H. A. Johnston, F. H. Houck, Wm. McLauchlin, B. Danser.


German-American Bank of Anaheim(Incorporated October 30, 1905). Capital stock, $30,000; paid in coin, $30,000. A. Thomas, President; C. A. Boege, Cashier; Directors, A. Thomas, C. A. Boege, J. Helmsen, E. Barr, W. McLauchlin, T. Carroll, Dr. J. L. Beebe, A. Nagel, W. A. Bonynge.


First National BankPresident, W. F. Botsford; Vice-President, John Hartung; Cashier, O. Zeus; Directors, W. F. Botsford, John Hartung, Frank Shanley, A. S. Bradford, P. Weisel, Sr.


First National BankPresident, B. G. Balcom; Vice-President, A. Barrows; Cashier, E. E. Balcom; Directors, B. G. Balcom, A. Barrows, E. E. Balcom, Jacob Stern, A. McDermont, Erwin Barr.



Page 105.


Farmers and Merchants Bank.(Incorporated September 24, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. C. C. Chapman, President; F. H. Daley, Cashier; Directors, C. C. Chapman, E. K. Benchley, D. J. Bastanchury, P. Nicholas, J. C. Braly, F. Pierrotti, S. Kreamer.


Fullerton Savings Bank(Incorporated June 14, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. B. G. Balcom, President; E. E. Balcom, Cashier; Directors, B. G. Balcom, A. Barrows, E. E. Balcom, W. Besser, A. McDermott.



Bank of Huntington Park(Incorporated November 24, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. T. E. Newlin, President; A. E. Walter, Cashier; Directors, T. E. Newlin, A. L. Burbank, T. H. Oxman, J. H. C. Wilson, A. E. Walters.


First National Bank.President, S. Townsend; Vice-Presidents, H. S. Hazeltine, C. P. Webster; Cashier, J. F. Heartwell; assistant Cashier, C. L. Heartwell; Directors, D. M. Cate, W. T. Newland, A. M. Goodhue, J. B. Heartwell, H. S. Hazeltine, C. P. Webster, J. F. Heartwell, J. F. Corbett, S. Townsend.


Savings Bank of Huntington Beach.(Incorporated July 1, 1905). Capital stock, $30,000; paid in coin, $30,000. President, W. T. Newland; Vice-President, J. F. Corbett; Cashier, S. L. Blodget; Directors, W. T. Newland, J. F. Corbett, J. B. Heartwell, D. M. Cate, J. M. Cain, H. S. Hazeltine, J. F. Heartwell, S. W. Price, S. Townsend, R. Conneges.



Bank of Orange(Incorporated November 15, 1886). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Wm. H. Burnham; Vice-President, Henry Dierker; Cashier, J. R. Porter; Directors, Wm. H. Burnham, Henry Dieker, D. C. Pixley, F. L. Ainsworth, K. E. Watson, N. T. Edwards, P. W. Ehlen.


Orange Savings Bank(Incorporated March 16, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. D. C. Pixley, President; J. R. Porter, Cashier; Directors, D. C. Pixley, W. H. Burnham, F. L. Ainsworth, P. W. Ehlen, H. Dierker.


Security Savings Bank of Orange(Incorporated December 26, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. W. D. Granger, President; F. M. Mellor, Cashier; Directors, W. D. Granger, J. F. Spotts, D. F. Campbell, F. Gerken, S. Bennett, T. E. Robertson, F. H. Mellor.



Commercial Bank of Santa Ana(Incorporated April 22, 1882). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, N. Palmer; Vice-President, D. Halladay; Cashier, G. J. Mosbaugh; Directors, N. Palmer, D. Halladay, W. H. Burnham, J. O. Burbank, G. J. Mosbaugh.


First National BankPresident, M. M. Crookshank; Vice-President, Joseph Yoch; Cashier, C. S. Crookshank; Assistant Cashier, D. H. Thomas; Directors, D. M. Dorman, C. E. French, Jospeh Yoch, John McFadden, Geo. W. Ford, Geo. W. Minter, Dr. C. D. Ball, A. Getty, M. M. Crookshank.


Orange County Savings BankPresident, Carey R. Smith; Cashier, E. B. Burns; Directors, J. W. Towner, Carey R. Smith; C. E. French, G. W. Minter, L. J. Jackson.


The Santa Ana Savings Bank(Incorporated March 25, 1902). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. Vice-President, Joseph Yoch; Cashier, C. S. Crookshank; Directors, D. M. Dorman, C. E. French, Joseph Yoch, John McFadden, Geo. W. Ford, Geo. W. Minter, Dr. C. D. Ball, M. M. Crookshank.









Superior JudgeJ. E. Prewett.

Law and Motion DayEvery Monday, 1:30 p. m.

Probate DayEvery Monday, 1:30 p. m.

Trial Calendar DayFirst Monday of each month, 10 a.m.

County ClerkMarshall Z. Lowell.

District AttorneyChas. A. Tuttle.

Auditor and RecorderIvan H. Parker.

SheriffGeo. McAulay.

Assessor and Tax CollectorG. E. Mitchell.

TreasurerH. F. Albee.

Superintendent of SchoolsC. N. Shane.

Coroner and Public AdministratorJ. G. Bisbee.

SurveyorR. G. Evenden.

Court ReporterA. B. Reading.

SupervisorsEd. E. Hill(Chairman), Lincoln; Jas. J. Brennan, Loomis; A. S. Waldo, Auburn; Wm. Kilgo, Colfax; G. H. Bisbee, Forest Hill.




Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, H. C. Clark.

No. 2, Chas. A. Reed.

No. 3, B. F. Gwynn.

No. 4, A. E. Perry.

No. 5, G. W. Snyder.

No. 6, H. L. Van Erman.

No. 7, W. S. Macy.

No. 9, W. J. Laird.

No. 10, T. B. Harper.

No. 11, J. U. Haley.

No. 12, Jacob Kuenzly.

No. 13, F. W. Midgley.

No. 14, W. W. Fippins.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

O. L. Legault, Roseville.

R. E. Lozano, Ophir.

F. H. Dependener, Auburn.

J. L. Waggoner, Dutch Flat.

Jas. Ward, Forest Hill.

J. A. Wills, Michigan Bluff.

Thos. Robinson, Iowa Hill.

H. C. Pockman, Rocklin.

Wm. Jones, Lincoln.

Felix Tessler, Tahoe City.

W. E. Smith, Colfax.

D. J. McGraw, Sheridan.

Geo. Colwell, Penryn.



Page 106.






Chamberlain, L. L., Auburn.

Dixon, A., Michigan Bluff.

Dore, P. C.(Dore & Johnson), Auburn.

Dore & Johnson(P. C. Dore, P. H. Johnson), Auburn.

Fulweiler, J. M., Auburn.

Hamilton, Geo. W., Auburn.

Johnson, P. H.(Dore & Johnson), Auburn.

Kinkaid, J. T., Auburn.

Laird, W. J., Rocklin.

Landis, J. B., Auburn.

Lardner, W. B., Auburn.

Lowell, A. C., Auburn.

Lukins, G. E., Auburn.

Meredith, J. D., Auburn.

Prewett, J. E., Superior Judge, Auburn.

Prewett, W. J., Auburn.

Raglan, (Tuttle & Raglan), Auburn.

Robinson, A. K., Auburn.

Slade, W. H., Auburn.

Sowden, W. P., Dutch Flat.

Tabor, A. R., Auburn.

Tabor, B. P., Auburn.

Tuttle, C. A.(Tuttle & Raglan), Auburn.

Tuttle & Raglan(C. A. Tuttle, Raglan), Auburn.

Tuttle, F. P., Auburn.

Wallace, L. E., Auburn.







Placer County Bank(Incorporated October 1, 1887). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. Vice-President, D. W. Lubeck; Cashier, Grant Cordrey; Directors, N. D. Rideout, D. W. Lubeck, T. J. Nichols, J. H. Neff, E. S. Birdsall.



W. & P. Nicholls BankCapital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. John Nicholls, Cashier.



The Bank of Auburn(Incorporated March 8, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. M. Francis; Cashier, E. S. Birdsall; Directors, Joseph Clegg, W. E. Freeman, W. J. Wilson, Jr., J. M. Francis, E. S. Birdsall, W. E. Gerber, H. T. Power.



Bank of Lincoln(Incorporated March 31, 1902). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Walter Jansen; Vice-President, A. Hemphill; Cashier, B. C. Musser; Directors, Walter Jansen, A. J. Gladding, A. Hemphill, John Haenny, B. C. Musser.



Bank of Newcastle(Private Bank).(Incorporated July 6, 1907). Capital stock, paid in coin, $18,000. President, John A. Chantry; Cashier, Jessie M. Chantry.








Superior JudgeJ. O. Moncur.

District AttorneyM. C. Kerr.

Clerk and AuditorH. P. McBeth.

RecorderW. M. Richards.

SheriffD. J. Robertson.

Tax CollectorL. P. Mort.

AssessorP. A. Young.

TreasurerJ. F. Spooner.

Superintendent of SchoolsMiss M. R. Arms.

Public Administrator and CoronerG. H. Bacher.

SurveyorWm. Watson.

Official Court RecorderH. P. Wormly.


SupervisorsJ. E. Pauly, Mohawk; E. Huskinson, Quincy; J. W. Webster, Beckwith; W. W. Hall, Greenville; W. M. Cleaveland(Chairman), Spanish Ranch.




Township, Name of Justice.

Seneca, E. H. Abbot.

Indian, W. W. Blood.

Plumas, W. P. McHagar.

Quartz, G. A. Maxwell.

Beckwith, A. J. Long.

Cliot, J. N. Place.

Clairville, J. W. Middleton.

Spanish Ranch, F. J. Brown.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

S. A. Thomas, Beckwith.

C. E. Thrall, Clio.

C. P. Moseley, Quincy.

S. P. Maxwell, Quincy.

W. C. Corbell, Greenville.

H. N. Brown, Spanish Ranch.




Page 107.




Boyle, J. A., Quincy.

Haun, D. L., Greenville.

Kellogg, W. W., Quincy.

Kerr, M. C., District Attorney, Quincy.

McLaughlin, J. D., Quincy.

Moncur, J. O., Superior Judge, Quincy.

Peter, L. N., Quincy.

Wolfe, H. B., Quincy.







Plumas County Bank(Incorporated September 2, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Clark J. Lee; Vice-President, E. Huskinson; Cashier, H. C. Flournoy; Directors, Clark J. Lee, W. J. Clinch, H. C. Flournoy, L. F. Spooner.




Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.