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Robert Stevenson Leckie, Assessor of Alameda county, was born in Dunbarton, Scotland, February 23, 1854, a son of William and Margery (Stevenson) Leckie.


Mr. Leckie, the subject of this sketch, arrived in New York city July 21, 1867.After remaining East about three years he came to California, and has resided in Alameda county ever since.From his arrival here until 1878 he was employed by A. G. Lawrie, searcher of records.Besides learning his business thoroughly, he gave his spare moments to the study of real-estate law and related topics.In 1878 he was appointed chief deputy by J. M. Dillon, City Assessor of Oakland, with whom he remained until 1886.He then filled a like position in the County Assessorís office one year, when he resigned and went into the business of record searching on his own account, April 1, 1889.W. G. Hawkett became a partner, but the firm of Leckie & Hawkett sold out their business October 2, 1890, to Joseph Lyons and F. L. Krause.


Mr. Leckie was nominated by the county convention of the Republican party for the office of County Assessor September 16, 1890, was elected in November by a plurality of 4,127, and entered on the discharge of his duties in January, 1891, and sold his business of searching records.He is considered specially well adapted to fill the office County Assessor, being familiar with real-estate values throughout the city and county, his whole career since his arrival in Oakland being an admirable preparation for the efficient discharge of its duties.He is at once alert, expeditious and careful, and has commanded the confidence of the community by his thoroughness as a searcher of records.


He was married in Hartford, Connecticut, December 23, 1877, to Miss Annie R. Purves, a daughter of John Purves, of that city.


Transcribed by Donna L. Becker 

Source: "The Bay of San Francisco," Vol. 2, page 101, Lewis Publishing Co, 1892.

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