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Yeomen Death Claims, April 1, 1919.

Oakland, California.

Friday evening February 28th Oakland Homestead 839 celebrated the 22nd  birthday of Yeomanry with a banquet, with Supreme Director C. L. Vrooman and State Manager W. J. Elliott as special guest of honor.  Over 100 enthusiastic archers were in attendance and for real Yeoman spirit this gathering will long be remembered as the greatest meeting of Yeomanry in Oakland.  Lady Rowena Willett, formerly of Mo., Supreme Director Vrooman's old stamping ground, quite surprised our Supreme Director with a touch of the "show me" hospitality and we feel fortunate in having many of our Supreme Director’s old friends as members of our Homestead.  The committee in charge of a banquet are deserving of much praise for the fine evening's banquet and entertainment given the members.


We have just added another page to the many of Yeoman chivalry.  We have wrought reality from dreams and have placed the family of one of our deceased members in her home made possible by Yeoman protection.  Eight little ones and a happy mother left dependent by a father, a victim of the flu, are singing praises for Yeomanry, and a happy mother breathes easier in the thought that she was by a kind Providence placed under the protecting folds of Yeomanry.


Oakland Homestead 839 has looked well after the interests of its afflicted members during the "flu" epidemic and now that we have regained our equilibrium, watch us grow.--C. P. Klinkner, Foreman.


***Note: No Death Claims for April 1, 1919 issue.


Yeomen Death Claims, May 1, 1919.

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GEORGE N. FRINK, Grand Foreman.

C. E. STALLCOP, Grand Master of Ceremonies.

W. E. DAVY, Chief Correspondent.

MARK T. McKEE, Grand Master of Accounts.

DR. CHAS. F. SMITH, Chief Medical Director.

H. C. EVANS, Editor Shield.

JOHN D. DENISON, General Attorney.

MRS. LUCY JACKSON, Chief Sentinel.

ETHA K. JOHNSON, Chief Overseer.

CHARLOTTE S. RAWLINGS, Supreme Chaplain.



W. R. SHIRLEY, Chairman, Oklahoma.

J. H. MURPHY, Minnesota.

S. E. WILSON, South Dakota.

C. L. VROOMAN, Missouri.

H. W. PITKIN, Iowa.









GEO. W. NORMAN, Minnesota.





Proceedings of the Board.

February, 1919.


      Pursuant to adjournment the Board of Directors, Brotherhood of America Yeomen, convened at the Supreme Office, Des Moines, Iowa, February 18, 1919, continuing in session four days, the following being present: W. R. Shirley, S. E. Wilson, H. W. Pitkin, J. H. Murphy, and Secretary W. E. Davy; Chairman Shirley presiding.

      The minutes of the proceeding meeting were read, and approved.

      The following claims were allowed:


Death Claims in Amount of $1,000.

      Allen, Anna, Raton, N. M.; Amos, Emily, St. Louis, Mo.; Allums, V. J., Mitchell, Texas; Ansley, G. A., Kansas City, Mo.; Allen, E. L., Gig Harbor, Wash.; Andy, Mike, Bay City, Mich.; Ansell, F. C., Galahad, Alta; Allen, Theo., Queen City, Texas; Anderson, Viola, Hot Springs, S. D.; Altig, R. E., Des Moines, Iowa; Ashby, Lemuel, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Bishop, Merle, Muskogee, Okla.; Bang, A. O., Culver, Minn.; Buberg, F., St. Paul, Minn.; Benson L. G., Minneapolis, Minn.; Blad, O. T., Minneapolis, Minn.; Brown, H. D., Akron, Ohio; Bolton, Hannah D., Prosser, Wash.; Butler, John, Council Bluffs, Iowa; Brewer, G. V., Ranger, Texas; Bennett, B. A., Rudd, Iowa; Beckline, Ida N., Vermillion, S. D.; Briggs, Georgia A., Elysian Fields, Texas; Baker, A. L., Muscatine, Iowa; Bowen, Edna B., Glencoe, Okla.; Bratcher, W. D., Ft. Worth, Texas; Bower, C. E., Arlington, Iowa; Booker, Margaret L., Springfield, Mo.; Beaudry, Gertrude, Escanaba, Mich.; Berggren, John F., Larimore, N. D.; Bohn, Hattie A., Wahpeton, N. D.; Benson, C. A., Grand Junction, Iowa; Dipper, J. L., Decatur, Ill.; Brown, J. A., Argo, Texas; Ballou, A. E., Audubon, Iowa; Chandler, W. T., Sarcoxie, Mo.; Carlson, F. S., Lindstrom, Minn.; Cooper, Neal, Clarence, Mo.; Cloak, John, So. Bellingham, Wash.; Chitwood, Ophelia O., Belview, N. M.; Cockle, C. M., Flint, Mich.; Carey, Fannie, Kansas City, Mo.; Connell, Mildred C., Seattle, Wash.; Cooper, F. J., Albion, Mich.; Conery, Ruby, Harvey, N. D.; Collier, Alice M., Doland, S. D.; Clark, Herbert, Basin, Wyo.; Caya, Mabel, Lynxville, Wis.; Churchill, Olive, Scotts Bluff, Neb.; Cooley, Walter, St. Joseph, Mo.; Dorgeloos, Jacob, Lakeland, Minn.; Duck, V. A., Cameron, N. M.; Donovan, Blanche H., Bartlesville, Okla.; Dingman, R. A., Harvey, N. D.; Duane, Alice M., Coupeville, Wash.; Davis, Mary M., Shickley, Neb.; Degrandgagnage, Martin, Escanaba, Mich.; Dawson, H. R., Bay City, Mich.; Deal, Clara C., Seneca, S. D.; Derrick, Merle I., Walla Walla, Wash.; Dilworth, Della M., Salem, Mo.; Dipper, J. L., Decatur, Ill.; Erickson, E., Luverne, Minn.; Effinger, B. J., St. Paul, Minn.; Ebright, Bertha, Redfield, S. D.; Everett, Don, Scotts Bluff, Neb.; Eppard, Glenn, Wick, Iowa; Foutch, O. E., Knox City, Mo.; Frye, Wm. H., Lawton, Okla.; Fountain, R. G., Weatherford, Okla.; Fausett, Lona, Bakersfield, Calif;  Fryer, Gladys A., Kansas City, Mo.; Feuerhelm, W. J., Beaver Creek, Minn.; Fawcett, F. M., Woodward, Okla; Fly, Fanny M., Rocky Ford, Colo.; Farr, G. E., Leonard, Mo.; Fitch, Mary P. C., Newberg, Ore.; Fonville, R. R., Tacoma, Wash.; Grounlund, Axel, Garfield, Minn.; Golden, W. A., Waurika, Okla.; Goell, Mary A., Troy, Kan.; Goss, E. J., Mason City, Iowa; Gentry, J. S., Sparks, Okla.; Greenslade, W. J., Kaufman, Texas; Grun, John, Menominee, Mich.; Goodson, Pearl, Sulphur Springs, Texas; Gray, J. L., Dayton, Ohio; Gesme, Christena, Mt. Horeb, Wis.; Grant, G. T., Winnipeg, Man.; Garette, J. D., Macon, Mo.; Haygood, C. B., Walnut Springs, Texas; Hoover, Anna S., Butler, Mo.; Hubbard, R. F., Kaufman, Texas; Henderson, R. J., Oakland, Calif.; Harris, Jas. A., Blossom, Texas; Homan, Vincent, Omaha, Neb.; Haswood, A. W., Wahpeton, N. D.; Herter, D. J., Marshalltown, Iowa; Hazlewood, Thomas, Hazelton, Iowa; Henry, Sylvia, Ranger, Texas; Hartman, C. R., Bowbells, N. D.; Hillman, Bessie A., Blackwell, Okla.; Holst, A. H., Sacramento, Calif.; Heaton, H. E., Morrison, Okla.; Hess, Pearl E., Cando, N. D.; Hamm, D. R., Fredericksburg, Iowa; Heinmiller, W. J., Ionia, Iowa; Heebrink, Edw., Baldwin, Wis.; Hill, Amy R., Fargo, N. D.; Huseth, Lena H., McLeod, N. D.; Hochhaus, Herman, Lansing, Iowa; Hinkle, M. C., Elyria, Ohio; Heminger, E. A., Denbigh, N. D.; Inwood, J. C., Nevada, Mo.; Julyan, H. I., Clovis, N. M.; Johnson, Hallie, Webb, Texas; Jorgenson, Alb., Owatonna, Minn.; Johnson, Genevieve, Salina, Kan.; Johnston, Lenah E., Cashion, Okla.; Jowers, Maude L., Ironton, Texas; Jones, Hassie V., Omaha, Texas; Kelly, R. J., Prosser, Wash.; Jos. Kaivisto, Chrisholm, Minn.; Signe Kinman, San Francisco, Calif.; Kirkland, Elmore A., Freeport, Iowa; Knapp, C. H., Bay City, Mich.; Koch, Wm. F., Detroit, Mich.; Klein, Walburg, Oregon City, Ore.; Kingsley, J. E., Des Moines, Iowa; King, Thos., Des Moines, Iowa; Keesee, Rosie L., Cleburne, Texas; Knowles, G. S., Halfray, Mo.; Lawson, J. U., Argonia, Kan.; Lillie, Lydia B., Mankato, Minn.; Larson, D. H., Montevideo, Minn.; Larson, E. R., Fairmont, Minn.; Leech, Estella E., Dakota City, Neb.; Lyons, N. E., Winnipeg, Man.; Long, Laura B., Custer, Okla.; Long, Stella L., Kansas City, Mo.; Ledlow, G. N., Snyder, Texas; Little, C. D., Washington, Iowa; Lewis, A. W., Des Moines, Iowa; Meredith, Jessie, Millican, Texas; Mason, D. O., Bois D'Arc, Mo.; McCracken, F. N., Newton, Iowa; Murphy, Margaret, Hurley, S. D.; McLaughlin, D. E., Darby, Mont.; Morafka, John, Minneapolis, Minn.; Moore, Lou A., Fredonia, Kan.; Mason, O. G., Des Moines, Iowa; Martin, Miles H., Fergus Falls, Minn.; Miles, R. A., Winona, Minn.; Mastenbrook, Julia, Kasson, Minn.; Moen, Ruth S., Tacoma, Wash.; McLaughlin, Mamie M., Salt Lake City, Utah; McMillen, R. C., Santa Rosa, Mo.; McLain, Jennie M., Burlington Junction, Mo.; Mekkelson, Holger, Watertown, S. D.; Mapes, Bertha A., Dungeness, Wash.; Miller, Fae, Yakima, Wash.; McDaniel, Lula J., Stephenville, Texas; Moriarty, Bertha, Faith, S. D.; Meltvedt, K. R., Paullina, Iowa; Murray, G. Z., Wetonka, S. D.; Moffat, Dr. C. C., Prosser, Wash.; Meyer, G. H., Churches Ferry, N. D.; Morton, J. T., Page, N. D.; Mosher, Bessie L., Solon Springs, Wis.; McCartney, David, Fifield, Wis.; Milks, Jennie P., Des Moines, Iowa; Mesick, E. L., Scotts Bluff, Neb.; Murphy, Hattie W., Ada, Okla; Maiaze, W. R., Bethany, Mo.; Moser, R. W., Elgin, Ill.; Massengale, Bessie V., Malvern, Iowa; Matonowsky, Victoria, Minneapolis, Minn.; Neubauer, Aura I., Des Moines, Iowa; New, Clarence, Rushford, Minn.; Neff, Allen, Viburnum, Mo.; Nybo, Reinert, Red Wing, Minn.; Niemi, Jennie, Astoria, Ore.; Olson, E. A., Watertown, S. D.; Orr, J. A., Bozeman, Mont.; O'Leary, J. H., Vallejo, Calif.;  Ouradnick, F. W., Owatonna, Minn.; Otis, Virginia, Los Angeles, Calif.; Olson, O. T., Pine Island, Minn.; Olds, Pearl E., Sacramento, Calif.; Peters, G. W., Ottumwa, Iowa; Payne, C. E., Viburnum, Mo.; Pederson, J. A., Seattle, Wash.; Prickett, Nettie, Hutchison, Kan.; Payne, Lillian W., Hams Prairie, Mo.; Petoski, Antoinette, LaCrosse, Wis.; Peterson, Gustie, Larimore, N. D.; Powell, Thomas, Stonebank, Wis.; Pogreba, P. L., Minneapolis, Minn.; Palmer, T. J., McAllister, Okla.; Peterson, Anna, Curtis, Neb.; Pearson, Fred, Aberdeen, S. D.; Potter, Wm. H., Paullina, Iowa; Reesor, D., Kansas City, Mo.; Rolls, Annie D., Nacona, Texas; Risch, A. A., Hawley, Minn.; Rose, L G., Forest City, Minn.; Roberts, Minnie E., Lucas, Iowa; Ryker, G. E., Aurora, Mo.; Rochau, H. I. N., Beaver Creek, Minn.; Ranson, Dan, Tremonton, Utah; Richardson, W. E., Lake City, Iowa; Rowlett, E. C., Norfolk, Neb.; Rufenbarger, Robt., Streator, Ill.; Richard, Minnie M., Woodward, Okla.; Rose, Saml., Chicago, Ill.; Reames, Lenora J., West Plaine, Mo.; Ripley, W. A., Streator, Ill.; Haines, Lois, A. B., Ida Grove, Iowa; Smith, W. H., Sedro Woolley, Wash.; Seekins, E. E., Whitewood, S. D.; Sapp, V. B., Tekoa, Wash.; Smith, W. R., Kaufman, Tex.; Stell, K. M., Cunningham, Texas; Simpson, Gray, Tatum, Texas; Silva, J. J., San Leandro, Calif.; Smirl, R. J., New Raymer, Colo.; Swan, T. H., Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Sullivan, A. J., Denver, Colo.; Slauter, Fred, Shenandoah, Iowa; Schroeder, Odala, Preston, Iowa; Smith, J. W., Cook, Neb.; Shepherd, T. J., Albany, Mo.; Schweinfurth, Katherine, St. Paul, Minn.; Stewart, J. M., Lebanon, Ore.; Shaw, Elizabeth, Sioux City, Iowa; Slezak, G. J., Kansas City, Mo.; Silvey, Guy, Ephrata, Wash.; Smith, J. W., Des Moines, Iowa; Spaulding, Rosa M., Wenatchee, Wash.; Sullivan, Agnes, Hibbing, Minn.; Smith, Bertha U., Lincoln, Minn.; Segerdahl, P. W., Denver, Colo.; Sartor, W. D., Terrell, Texas; Sadusky, John, Staples, Minn.; Simonson, D. B., Pasadena, Calif.; Schrader, F. E., Rudd, Iowa; Smith, C. W., Chico, Calif.; Schwartz, Adam, Mandan, N. D.; Schwartz, Wendelin, Mandan, N. D.; Sappington, Bessie J., Hillsboro, Ore; Stottenberg, John, Garretson, S. D.; Shaughinessy, Tom, Aromas, Calif.; Spanier, Nick, Portland, Ore.; Scott, Martha A., Dickinson, N. D.; Sitton, H. A., Weatherford, Okla; Spencer, S. F., Stillwater, Okla.; Slanter, Lena L., Shenandoah, Iowa; Tovey, T. D., Mondamin, Iowa; Triplett, Maude E., Salem, Mo.; Throp, G. C., Cleveland, Ohio; Taff, C. A., Des Moines, Iowa; Thayer, T. M., Herman, Minn.; Trudeau, Emilie, St. Paul, Minn.; Tamblyn, Ethel V., Ely, Nev.; Tucker, Maud M., Osage, Iowa; Thomas, Sarah E., Des Moines, Iowa; Troxelly, G. C., Coupeville, Wash.; Truckey, R. A., Nahma, Mich.; Terry, J. E., Selkirk, Man.; Teull, J. E., St. Louis, Mo.; Taylor, J. M., Speer, Texas; Treat, W. E., Fargo, N. D.; Twomby, A. H., Alpha, Iowa; Tainer, Carol L., Viroqua, Wis.; Underwood, J. T., Havana, Ark.; Underwood, Hannah R., Grand Junction, Iowa; Vollrath, Karl, Neche, N. D.; Voss, Emmett, Tacoma, Wash.; Weatherley, Ollie, Afton, Okla.; Wild, Hattie G., Cripple Creek, Colo.; Williams, H. P., Darlington, Mo.; Weaver, Ethel, Ottawa, Kan.; West, John E., Southwest City, Mo.; Walquest, N. A., Rock Valley, Iowa; Weddle, Mary E., Cainesville, Mo.; Williams, C. A., Pueblo, Colo.; Wallace, D. M., Palestine, Texas; Whipple, E. G., Glenwood, Iowa; Wackenhut, Pauline, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Walker, Allie L., Dallas, Texas; Wall, R. C., Houston, Mo.; Wifely, J. H., Cando, N. D.; Walker, A. A., Casselton, N. D.; Wood, Frances P., Tucumcari, N. M.; Worley, H. P., Pocatello, Idaho; Waskoski, John, Shawnee, Okla; West, S. E., Rota, Texas; Wilder, Julia E., Mandan, N. D.; Wright, G. C., LaCrosse, Wis.; Webb, S. Martha, Ardmore, Okla.; Yusk, C. W., Owatonna, Minn.; Yarbrough, Carrie T., Lindale, Texas; Younker, W. H., Parkersburg, Iowa; Yadon, A. I., Bozeman, Mont.; Zinsmeeter, Knoxville, Ia.


Death Claims in Amount of $2,000.

      Ashdown, Christena, Cummings, Iowa; Alred, Georgia L., Lampasas, Texas; Anderson, Alfred, Sharon, N. D.; Brooks, Irene, Shawnee, Okla.; Boyd, C. A., Eldorado, Okla.; Bowker, J. M., Elkton, Colo.; Beyer, J. C., Lead, S. D.; Bowen, C. R., Prairie City, Iowa; Benson, J. P., Leadville, Colo.; Biddle, Walter, Blue Earth, Minn.; Bartels, F. C., Stephenson, Mich.; Bruder, Fred, Detroit, Mich.; Baldwin, Sarah K., Northwood, Iowa; Beaudoion, Ovila, Neche, N. D.; Bruce, Mary E., Kellerton, Iowa; Brazee, Frank, Elyria, Ohio; Bright, R. E., Shenandoah, Iowa; Baker, Lyda M., Oklahoma City, Okla.; Erickson, E., Luverne, Minn; Everett, H. W., Avoca, Iowa; Enders, H. C., Bozeman, Mont.; Eminger, Carrie D., Elkton, Colo; Entriken, S. K., Portland, Ore.; Esgate, R. J., Couer d'Alene, Idaho; Fox, W. F., Morgan Hill, Calif.; Fischbeck, A., Ada, Okla.; Fitzsimmons, Mary, Leadville, Colo.; Fillbrandt, A. J., Waterville, Wash.; Forsyth, W. W., Wishek, N. D.; Friess, Isabelle, Fellon, N. D.; Ferguson, Sadie, Valley Junction, Iowa; Gline, F. J., Pomona, Calif.; George, E. H., Muscatine, Iowa; Giem, Clara S., Guthrie, Okla.; Good, John, Rolette, N. D.; Gastren, Emma C., Jewell, Iowa; Hoskinson, Alb., Garden City, Kan.; Haverland, A. H., Lakeville, Minn.; Hogle, R. K., Los Angeles, Calif.; Hinkson, Josiah, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Heinmiller, W. J., Ionia, Iowa; Hoffman, R. L., Carson, N. D.; Hendren, R. E., Bethany, Mo.; Holdren, G. D., Michigan, N. D.; Hartley, T. A., Warsaw, Ill.; Hills, J. T., Corning, Iowa; Hall, C. L., Guthrie Center, Iowa; Johnson, John, Wooster, O.; Jennings, B. May, Casper, Wyo.; Johnson, Frank, Mankato, Minn.; Johnson, H. W., Cambridge, Ohio; Jacobson, J. R., Guthrie, Okla.; Kibby, Anna C., Moorhead, Minn.; Kellogg, Agnes D., Arnolds Park, Iowa; Knudson, Peder, Sisseton, S. D.; King, Leta, Burnet, Texas; Kennedy, J. D., Gainesville, Texas; Kuhl, G. H., Lansford, N. D.; Koelling, W. J., Hutchinson, Kan.; Lindsay, G. L., Whitewright, Texas; Leach, J. H., Portland, Ore.; Lough, Robt., Alpena, Mich; Lewis, Ida, Egeland, N. D.; Morgan, T. B., Leavenworth, Texas; Martin, W. W., Kirksville, Mo.; Morris, D. C. W., Bland, Mo.; McEvelia, Sarah J., Leadville, Colo.; Mitchell, Clara E., Modesto, Calif.; Mills, H. R., Harvey, N. D.; May, C. L., Hitchcock, Okla.; Melland, T. I., Larimore, N. D.; Martinet, Emil, Dawson, N. D.; Marsden, O. E., Kilgore, Neb.; Moore, T. J., Shawn, N. D.; Markell, F. O., International Falls, Minn.; Metz, L., Dickinson, N. D.; McAtee, W. N., Kansas City, Mo.; Nelson, F. W., Sibley, Iowa; Newmarker, Ida C., Seattle, Wash.; Oden, G. H., Buffalo, S. D.; O'Hara, Don A., Partridge, Kan.; Petherma, J. F., Madison, S. D.; Palmer, H. S., Eau Claire, Wis.; Pippinger, Dora A., Sanborn, Iowa; Palmer, G. A., Parkersburg, Iowa; Pate, Ralph, Kansas City, Mo.; Rauch, F. J., St. Paul, Minn.; Rhodes, C. T., Kansas City, Mo.; Rogers, Lee, Jessup, Iowa; Rother, Paul, Beardsley, Minn.; Reinert, S. G., Colorado Falls, Mont.; Roberts, Winnie M., Des Moines, Iowa; Ressler, Katy, St. Anthony, N. D.; Risk, Alma, Jerome, Ariz.; Rich, Adeline S., Deadwood, S. D., Redd, Vinnie E., Linneus, Mo.; Rouse, O. M., Chicago, Ill.; Smith, J. L., Hitchcock, Okla.; Seekins, E. E., Whitewood, S. D.; Squires, D. D., Riverside, Calif.; Smart, Jennie H., Sewell, P. J., Ewell, Texas; Shoemaker, C. A., Sunset, Texas; Stewart, Maggie, Huron, S. D.; Sellers, J. A., Garden City, Kan.; Stockdale, C. A., Kansas City, Mo.; Smith, Martha E., Parker, S. D.; Senff, Ina B., Buffalo, Wyo.; Schmith, Mary A., Marion, N. D.; Stubbs, Geo. H., Michigan, N. D.; Skinner, Geo. W., Los Angeles, Calif.;  Smith, Geo. S., Denver, Colo.; Teaford, D. R., Savannah, Mo.; Tong, Ellen F., Wagoner, Okla.; Terlinden, J. P., Grand Meadows, Minn.; Tetrault, Hector, Tarsus, N. D.; Temple, R., Ontario, Calif.; Tysor, T. E., Seymour, Iowa; Underwood, J. T., Havana, Ark.; Uran, G. H., Detroit, Minn; Virden, R. M.; Connelsville, Mo.; Wise, Carl, Fulton, Mo.; White, Jerry, North English, Iowa; Wallace, Nina M., Palestine, Texas; Withorn, H. J., Monona, Iowa; Webster, Hattie C., Cogswell, N. D.; Williams, Florence V., Canon City, Colo.


Death Claims in Miscellaneous Amounts.

      Burnett, C. E., Ottumwa, Iowa; Butler, Melvira R., Alto, Texas; Beaty, Florence, Granbury, Texas; Bissell, J. O., Morrill, Neb.; Brott, C. R., Arlington, Wash.; Claessens, F. J., Nevis, Minn.; Clark, Ellen A., Leadville, Colo.; Cox, Myrtle P., Billings, Mont.; Crawford, J. S., Parnell, Mo.; Curtis, T. A., Lisbon, N. D.; Dull, Geo. H., Princeton, Mo.; Evans, Gertrude, Germania, Iowa; Engelke, Frank, Des Moines, Iowa; Fritz, Alexander, Minneapolis, Minn.; Frailey, G. A., E. St. Louis, Ill.; Gallagher, Thos., Des Moines, Iowa; Gamblin, O. B., Alba, Texas; Holder, A. F., Slaton, Texas; Haggarty, John, St. Louis, Mo.; Hamel, Adelaide M., Manistique, Mich.; Hampton, Ralph E., St. Louis, Ill.; Harter, Jennie I., Wheatland, Wyo.; Houston, D. J., Canon City, Colo.; Kelly, H. W., Cylinder, Iowa; Mead, T. H., Burrton, Kan.; McAdams, J. E., Ft. Worth, Texas; Macan, Eva, Devils Lake, N. D.; Northrup, J. W., Underwood, Minn.; Phelps, Silas N., Underwood, Minn.; Palis, Rachial, Elgin, Ill,; Quinn, Mollis, Leadville, Colo.; Redenbaugh, Dannie, Storm Lake, Iowa; Rusk, J. A., Jerome, Ariz.; Rogers, Chas., Rosewood, Texas; Sebastian, Joe, Pueblo, Colo.; Shomer, S. E., Olewein, Iowa; Simmons, Sarah J., Searcy, Arkansas; Saxon M. W., Topeka, Kan.; Sharp, W. A., Cameron, N. M.; Teuber, Alma M., Huron, S. D.; Turpen, Wm., Davis City; Waller, Tom, Mabank, Texas; Weger, T. D., Deer Park, Wash.; Warner, Suda G., Alliance, Ohio; Yust, C. W., Owatonna, Minn.


Accident Claims.

      Allumbaugh, R. M., Boise, Idaho; Aldridge, Katie, Ennis, Texas; Allard, O. J., Ft. Dodge, Iowa; Brooks, Ray, Loveland, Colo.; Boss, Mary J., Sioux City, Iowa; Cherry, Mary E., Murray, Iowa; Cameron, Roderick, Ollie, Mont.; Clifford, W. S., Waterloo, Iowa; Coe, Mary E., Kansas City, Mo.; Cornealey, Rosajane, S. Minneapolis, Minn.; Collins, C. C., Ada, Minn.; Cress, R. S., Mt. Pleasant, Texas; Cehen, Irma L. Sacramento, Calif.; Crowder, T. O., Clebrune, Texas; Cooke, C. P., Des Moines, Iowa; Dudley, J. H., Auxvasse, Mo.; Fryer, Julia, Cummings, Iowa; Frazier, W. M., Terrell, Texas; Fernbaugh, Gladys, M. Cogswell, N. D.; Guyer, F. L., Waterloo, Iowa; Gordon, Jennie A., Portland, Oregon; Gilmore, Stella M., Alexandria, Minn.; Grandy, C. A., Nora Springs, Iowa; Hamm, Emma A., Stuart, Iowa; Hansen, James, Boelus, Neb., Hidey, Dwight, Canton, Ohio; Howard, Wm. C., LaCrosse, Wis.; Hight, Emma, Ekalaka, Mont.; Harmer, F. E., Tower City, N.D.; Harnish, Alois J., Dorr, Mich.; Kimball, Mona E., Florence, Colo.; Kreger, Emil, Seattle, Wash.; King G. W., St. Louis, Mo.; Long, Otto, Kankakee, Ill.; Lundy, Andrew, Minneapolis, Minn.; Mallory, Ernest, Colby, Kan.; Mershon, W. H., Saskwa, Okla..; Mullican, T. B., McAllester, Okla.; Magnuson, Minnie A., Indianapolis, Ind.; Miller, G. W., LaCrosse, Wis.; Nading, W. J., Elkader, Iowa; Newell, Oral L., Nash, Okla.; Shaver, Isabella, Tulsa, Okla.; Sampson, Lolly M., Helena, Okla.; Steig, Lizzie, LaCrosse, Wis.; Tucker, F. A., Marshalltown, Iowa;  Tull, John D., Ridgeway, Mo.; Voltmer, C. H., Sigourney, Iowa; Woodward, F. D., Lansing, Mich.; Wolfe, Mabel G., Deadwood, S.D.; Williams, M. H., Grangeville, Idaho.


Old Age Disability Claims.

      Abbitt, A. H., Lenox, Iowa; Brenner, C. H., Lewisburg, Iowa; Baldwin, D., Jamestown, N. D.; Briggs, C. T., Alpha, Iowa; Close, Virginia A., Waterloo, Iowa; Cook, J. T., Princeton, Mo.; Calvert, E. A., Perry, Okla.; Coulter, J. W., Allerton, Iowa; Dunbar, F. O., Lake Preston, S. D.; Dawson, R., Colfax, Iowa; Ehrman, Fred, Fargo, N. D.; Frane, Anna, Reedley, Calif; Freeman, J. F., Bozeman, Mont.; Foster, S. C., Des Moines, Iowa; Foran, Geo., Lamoure, N. D.; Gardner, J. Z., Des Moines, Iowa; Harris, S. L., Oakes, N. D.; Harper, Amanda C., Colfax, Wash.; Jaques, Melissa J., Allerton, Iowa; King, G. W., St. Louis, Mo.; Lawton, H. W., Britt, Iowa; Mallory, E., Colby, Kan.; McSwiggin, Ed., Wilton Junction, Iowa; Meisengahl, Nicholas, Centralia, Wash.; McLain, Elizabeth, Tipton, Iowa; Nading, Wm. J., Elkader, Iowa; Osborne, Emma A., Hunter, N. D.; O'Hara, Mary A., Neche, N. D.; Shonberg, N. A.; Clinton, Iowa; Sharp, Mary B., Tipton, Iowa; Scheffel, John, Nora Springs, Iowa; Sansom, H. S., Des Moines, Iowa; Staley, J. F., Bancroft, Iowa; Stockwell, Aurora M., Austin, Minn.; Woodcock, Elvira S., Mitchell, S. D.


Surgical Benefit Claims.

      Bednorz, Mary E., Minneapolis, Minn.; Carns, Bessie, Topeka, Kan.; Chambers, Myrtle A., Council Bluffs, Iowa; Greenwood, Elizabeth P., Lansing, Mich; Prentice, Cora J., Fargo, N. D.; Rodman, J. W., Edgeley, N. D.; Thomas, Frances, Bayfield, Wis.; Wehr, N. E., Youngstown, Ohio; Vannesa, Lettie S., Huntington, W. Va.


Maternity Benefit Claims.

      Aaseng, Edith E., Virginia, Minn; Bowman, Clara E., Lansing, Mich.; Marple, Alice M. Omaha, Neb.


Auxiliary Death Claims.

      Hulehan, G. E., Grey Cliff, Mont.; Pellett, Nina, Talley, N. D.; Shawver, M. F., Tonkawa, Okla.


Auxiliary Accident Claims.

      Cooper, Alonzo, Monticello, Ind.; Hall, H. M., Willcox, Arizona.



      The following claims were personally investigated, with action by the Board as noted:


By Director S. E. Wilson;

      Elbrige, Haskins, Marcas, Wash.; total disability, $500; approved.

      Lotta Martin, Butte, Mont.; total disability, $500; approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.

      Zena Bolton, Des Moines, Iowa; death; approved in amount of $1,000 on compromise.

      Thos. LaFrania, Centralia, Wash.; total disability, $450; approved, on condition that claim for loss of limb be waived, should same have to be amputated.

      E. C. Cornelius, Salem, Ore; death, $1,000; approved.

      Genevieve C. Murphy, Aberdeen, Wash.; death, $1,000; approved.

      C. W. Daggett, Astoria, Ore.; death $2,000; approved.

      A. H. Krueger, Seattle, Wash.; total disability, $1,000; approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.

      Viola G. Rist, Des Moines, Iowa; total disability, $1,000; approved.

      Bettie E. Wilton, Bellingham, Wash.; total disability, $1,000; approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.


By Director H. W. Pitkin.

      Mary A. Riley, Pueblo, Colo.; total disability, $500; approved.

      E. L. Doran, Kankakee, Ill.; Death, $2,000; approved.

      Bertha G. Flament, Fredonia, Kan.; death, $1,000; approved.

      Helen M. Beckwith, Kane, Pa.; surgical benefit, $125; approved.

      Jasper G. Nickell, Lucas, Iowa; total disability, $975; approved.

      Lora A. Carson, Tabor, Iowa; total disability, $500; approved.

      Chas. E. Bales, Redfield, Iowa; total disability, $500; approved.

      Wm. N. Turner, Clarinda, Iowa; death; approved in amount of $450 on a compromise basis.


By Director W. R. Shirley.

      Corbett Cotner, Ft. Worth, Texas; death; approved on basis of a compromise in amount of $363.70.


By Director C. L. Vrooman.

      A. W. Blackston, Kansas City, Mo.; total disability, $500;  approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.

      J. A. Bush, Salisbury, Mo.; total disability, $1,000; approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.

      A. E. Miller, Des Moines, Iowa; death; approved on basis of a compromise in amount of $175.

      Bertha Drennan, Mansfeld, Mo.; death, $1,000; approved.

      Chas. E. Wise, Darlington, Mo.; death.

      Minnie C. Hunt, Monte Vista, Colo.; death, $1,000; approved.

      Marie King, Kansas City, Mo.; surgical benefit; approved on a compromise basis for $75, the certificate to be surrendered.


By Director J. H. Murphy.

      John Korecsi, St. Paul, Minn.; death; compromise settlement for $600; approved.

      John Heuer, Cochrane, Wis.; death; compromise settlement for $450 approved.

      Katherine Palch, Minneapolis, Minnesota; death; compromise in amount of $670.02; improved.


By Dr. O. G. Winters.

      Albert Karlen, Boyesville, Wis.; death, $2000; approved.

      Vera B. Jones, Minneapolis, Minnesota; surgical benefit, $100; approved.

      Elsie I Gilmore, Minneapolis, Minnesota; surgical benefit, $100; approved.

      John Bare, Des Moines, Iowa; total disability, $500; approved.

      Martin Vandenheavel, St. Paul, Minn; death; compromise in amount of $1,000; approved.


By John D. Denison

      H. A. Smith, Waterville, Wash; aux. death, $100; approved.


By W. W. Bryant

      E. C. Crew, Delphos, Kan; total disability, $1,000; approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.

      Wendelin Fischer, Bismarck, N. D.; death, $2,000; approved.

      Frank C. Malloy, Max, N. D; death, $1,000; approved.

      Henry Wolfe, Butte, Mont; death, $2,000; approved.


By Geo. W. Norman

      Mary J. Starnes, Palestine, Texas; death, $2,000; approved.

      G. M. Fennell, Ferris, Texas; death, $2,000; approved.

      S. R. Myers, Sulphur Springs, Texas; death, $1,000.

      Jim Jones, Rosewood, Texas; total disability, $1,000; approved, the certificate to be surrendered for cancellation.


By J. H. Campbell

      J. M. O. Sylvester, Lawton, Mich; death, $1,000; approved.

      Carl Cerwinsky, Canton, Ohio; death, $1,000; approved.

      Jessie M. Kellogg, Elyria, Ohio; death, $1,000; approved.


By James L. Allen

      Wm. A. Whitten, Hermosa Beach, Calif; death, $2,000; approved.

      H. T. Holverson, Alexandria, Minn; total disability, $1,000; approved.


The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors was fixed for March 31st, at the Supreme Office.


The Chief Correspondent submitted a written report on advertising in the Shield, for November and December, 1918, and January, 1919, and the same was by order of the Chairman, placed on file.


Report on business in the Medical Department was received, and by order of the Chairman, placed on file.


The General Attorney appeared before the Board and reported a judgment against the Society in the Sallie W. Markland death claim case, and the Chief Correspondent and Grand Foreman were authorized to issue warrant in payment of the same in amount of $3,000.


The contract made with the Des Moines National Bank, covering the sale of United States bonds and farm mortgages, in amount of $400,000.00; with a right to repurchase at the end of ninety days, six months, nine months or one year, was on motion, approved.


The Grand Foreman and Chief Correspondent were authorized to make transfer of $500,000.00 from the reserve fund of the Society to the mortuary fund, for the purpose of paying claims (the death rate of the Association having exceeded six to the one thousand members in good standing), in accordance with Section 33 of the laws of the Society.



The following bills were examined and allowed:

Express, $58.83; type, $35.01; steel files, $67.20; coal, $20.30; Burroughs Adding Machine, services, $49.76; paper, $750.36; electros, $83.90; cashier's vouchers, $59.43; Coast Office vouchers, $6.90; expense-service Supreme Auditing Committee: Geo. W. Norman, $132.76; W. P. Chambers, $128.60; A. E. Henely, $131.60; Ink, $15.70; traveling expenses (claim investigations, installations, etc.): W. E. Davy, $115.31; Geo. W. Norman, $262.49; Mrs. C. S. Rawlings, $144.55; C. E. Stallcop, $79.76; O. G. Winters, $79.76; O. G. Winters, $94.28; Frank F. Baylor, $5.76; J. H. Campbell, $273.58; W. W. Bryant, $460.86; A. H. Hoffman, $69.50; Mark T. McKee, $55.02; John D. Denison, $191.70; F. M. Evans, $6.40; R. C. Bailey, $10.22; r. w. Ford, $11.95; Geo. N. Frink, $47.12; office supplies, $213.77; supplies for re-sale, $1,990.16; building upkeep, $260.07; advertising-subscription, $802.21; expense Special Auditor, $391.15; legal expense, $351.86; medical exams, $12.00; Hooper-Holmes Bureau, $52.00; towel service, $20.02; Rapid Addressing Machine Co., supplies, $21.59; drayage, $36.27; composition, $89.54; plumbing, $210.85; Superior Fixture Co., $27.81; typewriters, $172.09; United Service Bureau, service, $86.98; telephone service, $50.20; telegraph service, $65.28; Board of Directors' traveling-hotel expenses, $1,646.90.


On motion the Board adjourned to meet in regular session at the Supreme Office, Des Moines, March 31, 1919.


W. E. Davy,






Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.




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