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Yeomen Death Claims, March 1, 1919.

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From the Golden State.

      As installing work in California was done as flu conditions would allow, nothing has been reported, so here goes the account as well as I can give it.

      Arbor Vita 5022 and Poinsetta 1735 in Los Angeles were jointly installed by Supreme Overseer Etha K. Johnson assisted by Sisters Sherbondy and Cosgrove on October 10th. Poinsetta Homestead honored their Honorable Foreman, Leon Crooker, and Sister Reed, who first called upon the County Clerk, then the minister who made them man and wife, by giving an oyster supper on January 17th, at which the newly weds were guests of honor, and presenting them with a full set of fine table linen.

      October 28th Sisters Johnson and Sherbondy journeyed to Pomona and installed officers for Homestead 1222 of that city. This was one fine meeting at which the installing officer was presented with a silver souvenir spoon.

      Pasadena No. 2131 was next in line and Sister Johnson assisted by Sister McAdams performed the ceremony most beautifully. At this meeting Brother Charles Cook was introduced as deputy for the Homestead. Much progress is expected under this experienced and hard-working Archer.

      California Pacific Homestead No. 2124 and Woodbine No. 2059 were jointly and publicly installed on December 13th by Sister Johnson assisted by Sisters Louise Setrill, Carrie Parks and the California Pacific guard team. The presentation of a Past Foreman's pin to outgoing Foreman Morris Ferguson and Rowena pin to outgoing Lady Rowena Sister Littleton, and honors to Sister Johnson, with the splendid program made this an evening long to be remembered.

      Hawthorne No. 5646, installed January 11th with the help of Mrs. Johnson assisted by Sister McAdams. Not only is this Homestead made up of the right kind of members, but it is fortunate enough to have one of the most energetic deputies in the person of Bro. O. E. Williams.

      Florence Homestead No. 5306 was publicly installed by Sister Johnson on February 5th. This is a new Homestead and has been quiet but Oscar Williams is now taking charge as deputy, and we may expect a great increase in members from this time on.

      Tropico No. 3989 opened a big campaign with a public meeting on January 24th.

      Morgan Hill No. 872 is on the map with a big bunch of applicants. Brothers Spofford and Van Siclen will see that that Homestead team has plenty of degree work to do.

      On January 24th I attended a wonderful meeting at California Pacific No. 2124, Lady Rowena Sister McCluskey presiding. The meeting consisted of a varied entertainment of high order and dancing. More than 300 people were present.

      Anaheim No. 2150 held open house after a short business meeting on February 3rd. During the meeting a number of applications were voted on and arrangements made for the lady team to put on the degree work in Whittier early in March.

      Rhadamanthus will be exemplified in Los Angeles during June and in San Francisco a couple of weeks later, so now the war cry is, every member get a member, or rather, three members, and earn a Meritorious Service button thereby becoming eligible to join Rhadamanthus, which we are told puts Charley Chaplin and even Fatty Arbuckle in the shade for genuine fun. Ask your Deputy or Correspondent about this. W. J. ELLIOTT, State Manager California, 215 Ochsner Bldg., Sacramento, Calif.



      The March number of The SHIELD would be incomplete without an account of the doings of our genial State Manager, Brother W. J. Elliott. Seemingly, he caught the matrimonial disease from Grand Foreman Frink and General Attorney John Denison, symptoms of which appeared during his several visits to Los Angeles. These symptoms having developed until just before his visit to our city on January 24th he was married on January 21st in Fresno, Calif., to Alta B. McSmith. The Homesteads got together and tendered the newly wedded couple a great reception in the hall of California Pacific Homestead. Something over 350 people were present to greet the State Manager and his lovely wife. On behalf of the different Homesteads, Hon. Foreman Robert G. Loucks presented the couple with a complete set of table linen. They were also the recipients of many expressions of good will from those present. A fine program, including dancing, was indulged in till a late hour. May many years of happiness be in store for Bro. and Sister Elliott is the wish of all of our members. ETHA K. JOHNSON, District Manager.




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THE YEOMAN SHIELD. Published Monthly by the Brotherhood of American Yeomen, at the Castle, Fifth and Park Streets.


Entered at the Des Moines Post Office, Des Moines, Iowa, as Second-Class Matter.

Accepted for Mailing at Special Rate of Postage Provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, Authorized on July 1, 1918.


Proceedings of Board.

JANUARY, 1919.


      Pursuant to adjournment the Board of Directors, Brotherhood of American Yeomen, convened at the Supreme Office, Des Moines, Iowa, January 7, 1919, continuing in session three days, the following being present. W. R. Shirley, S. E. Wilson, H. W. Pitkin, C. L. Vrooman and Secretary W. E. Davy, Chairman Shirley presiding.

      The minutes of the December, 1918, meeting were read and on motion, approved.

      The following claims were allowed:

Death Claims in Amount of $1,000.

      Anderson, E. E., Vermillion, S. D.; Allen, J. G., Lenox, Iowa; Amsler, Irene E., Kansas City, Mo.; Arden, Eskel, Robbin, Minn.; Abbott, Mary E., Atkin, Ark; Akerstrom, Sena A., Duluth, Minn.; Bennett, M. E., Blossom, Texas; Bell, Bessie L., Homer, Iowa; Boyd, Richard S., Kansas City, Mo.; Baumstork, Chas. L., Amarillo, Tex.; Ball, Rose E., Ottumwa, Iowa; Benson, Robt. F., Puyallup, Wash.; Beck, W. F. M., Enid, Okla.; Bartlett, Hattie, Kansas City, Mo.; Beck, Geoergia M., Joplin, Mo.; Bardonche, Peter, Green Bay, Wis.; Bakkin, Geo. H., Minneapolis, Minn.; Burke, Randolph, Wagner, Okla.; Betz, A. E., St. Paul, Minn.; Bennett, Eva M., Kirksville, Mo.; Bowling, Mattie S., Buckner, Mo.; Banko, Frank, Minneapolis, Minn.; Brown, Carrie G., Tulsa, Okla.; Blue, John B., St. Louis, Mo.; Bassett, Grace E., Salina, Kan.; Bassett, Anna M., Salina, Kan.; Bresson, Julia B., Omaha, Neb.; Bryan, Wm. L., Scottsbluff, Neb.; Butler, B. F., Grand Rapids, Mich.; Bowden, Wm. H., Bay City, Mich.; Bakamyer, Hazel, Schaller, Iowa; Blesi, Fred, Sullivan, Mo.; Bonen, Ben, Stambaugh, Mich.; Bowman, Mary, Wahpeton, N. D.; Clinton, Agnes G., Sherman, Tex.; Courtney, Lizzie W., Haskell, Tex.; Carter, Opal, Kansas City, Mo.; Chenowith, Se-- V., E. St. Louis, Ill.; Calkins, Grant, Jr., Sheridan, Mo.; Chesrown, Ida A., Salt Lake City, Utah; Clason, Gilbert, Akeley, Minn.; Coryell, Wallace B., Denver, Colo.; Campbell, Leslie J., Iola, Kan.; Colburn, Eugene W., West Union, Iowa; Cross, Margaret, Kansas City, Mo.; Carmichael, Henriette, Dwyer, Wyo.; Carlos, Roy L., Flagstaff, Ariz.; Dahl, Mollie E., Gallatin, Mo.; Detwiler, L. E., Carthage, Mo.; Dycus, Richard H., Altamont, Ill.; Dora, Rosella, Muscatine, Iowa; Duval, Delima, Escanaba, Mich.; Dute, Homer A., Amherst, Ohio; Decatur, D. R., Winnepeg, Man.; Dill, Wm. F., Anoka, Minn.; Duffy, Chas. L., Vail, Iowa; David, Jesse W., Darlington, Mo.; Essig, C. D., Nevada, Mo.; Eisold, Wm., Wausau, Wis.; Erickson, Inga M., Minneapolis, Minn.; Frankl, Joe, Woodstock, Minn.; Farnham, Arthur R., Chaffee, N. D.; Field, J. O., Sentinel Butte, N. D.; Guernsey, Chester A., Minneapolis, Minn.; Grathwohl, Kate, Fairmont, Minn.; Gayden, Winnie S., Belle Fourche, S. D.; Guenther, Minnie, Hartley, Iowa; Gruberski, Mary, St. Paul, Minn.; Galbath, Maude E., Edmond, Okla.; Green, Seth, Pryor, Okla.; Ganschon, Anna, La Junta, Colo.; Gregg Karl, Ottawa, Ill.; Gordacre, Edith, San Jose, Calif.; Gront, Ed. N., Butler, Mo.; Groves, Ira B., Benton, Iowa; German, Curt H., Benton, Iowa; Henderson, Ella, Wooster, Ohio; Hanna, C. U., Harrisburg, S. D.; Hetzler, Harley, Dayton, Ohio; Haller, Ida, Mancos, Colo.; Holmes, Sarah A., Granite City, Ill.; Helmer, Cuoth, Louise A., Granite City, Ill.; Holmbeck, Daniel, Beaver Creek, Minn.; Hancock, Earnest L., Springfield, Mo.; Hansley, Estelle T., Kansas City, Mo.; Harman, Myrtle L., Tulia, Texas; Healy, Edw. D., Fargo, N. D., Holloway, M. G., Willow Springs, Mo.; Henning, James S., Elkton, Colo.; Huff, Earl J., Lane, Kan.; Harrington, Katie, Council Bluffs, Iowa; Heskith, W., Rolla, N. D.; Harl, Perry G., Winigan, Mo.; Johnson, D. J., Seattle, Wash.; Johnson, A. J., Omaha, Neb.; Jackson, Laura E., Lime Springs, Iowa; Kansky, George W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Kearn, T. J., Twin Bridges, Mont.; King, Fred W., Springfield, S. D.; Klein, George, Denver, Colo.; Klein, James, Seneca, S. D., Koch, Joseph F., Cape Gerardeau, Mo.; Koenig, A. J., Forbes, N. D.; Lindsey, J. M., Durant, Okla.; Large, J. R., Kansas City, Mo.; Larson, Fred, Ashton, S. D.; Luckhurst, Roy, Canistota, S. D.; Louck, Lee Roy, Indianola, Iowa; Luck, Mary, Minneapolis, Minn.; Lantz, Lee, Mason City, Iowa; Leppien, Joseph, Sagman, Mich.; Leckington, Lee Roy, Waterloo, Iowa; Loesel, J., Caledonia; Minn.; Moyer, O. J., Idaho Falls, Idaho; Miller, Wm. G., Morrisville, Mo.; Meyer, Ella, St. Louis, Missouri; Moore, Margaret, Mason City, Iowa; Madden, Allene A., Polo, Mo.; Mosher, Daisy F., Eagle Grove, Iowa; Moody, John T., Havre, Mont.; Manson, Ellen, Tacoma, Wash.; Mariner, George E. LaCrosse, Wis.; McCanley, Loretta B., Escanaba, Mich.; McCavett, J.D., Rock Falls, Ill.; Mills, Mary, Macks Creek, Mo.; McBride, Isaac Newton, Osceola, Iowa; Mason, May G., Bremerton, Wash.; Macomber, Joseph H., Greentop, Mo.; Mahoney, Michael L. Oakes, N.D.; Maggilo, Geel, Webster City, Iowa; Moore, Claude B. Sheldon, Iowa; McCullah, H. E., Aurora, Mo.; Newmarch, Etta Mac, Potomac, Mich.; Nowak, Stanley, Chicago Ill.; Noble, Charles L., Bigeon, Minn.; Ostermueller, Louis  Kansas City, Kan.; Olson, Oscar C., Red Wing, Minn.; Peddycord, Laura, Monroe, Wash.; Philpott, Bertha Etta, Kansas City, Mo.; Perry, Jay H., Upton, Wyo.; Parsons, Bazley, Sweetwater, Texas.; Porter, J. A., Enon, Texas; Phinney, Bert E., Hartley, Iowa; Palmer, T. J., McAlester, Okla.; Peterson, Anna W., E. St. Louis, Ill.; Porter, Fred L., Lake Benton, Minn.; Robush, Katie C., Cripple Creek, Colo.; Raley, Mabel F., Kansas City, Mo.; Rouse, Bert, Liberal, Mo.; Rantoner, Emil, Lead, S. D.; Rapp, Wm. W., Ottumwa, Iowa; Rollstia, Minnie F., Boulder, Colo.; Ross, Elsa M., Davenport, Iowa; Roche, Wm. E., Elma, Iowa; Serl, Leroy L., Iola, Kan.; Sullivan, Grace F., Dillard, Mo.; Smith, J. F., Des Moines, Iowa; Sheerer, Leila M., New Castle, Colo.; Salisbury, Wm. E., Breckenridge, Mo.; Stuckey, F. P., Salina, Kan.; Senate, Nettie M., Paola, Kan.; Smith, Amanda J., Des Moines, Iowa; Stodgel, A. L., Ft. Scott, Kan.; Stout, Earl W., Des Moines, Iowa; Shaw, Wm. H., Kansas City, Mo.; Strack, Chas. H., Kansas City, Mo.; Schuknecht, Parker, S. D.; Sharp, Hanna R., Moulton, Iowa; Stone, Hancel S., Elwood, Indiana; Schryoer, Eliz. G., Fargo, N. D.; Sterbuck, Mary, Minneapolis, Minn.; Sandoval, Francisquita, Sante Fe, New Mex.; Smith, Dott, Blackburn, Okla.; Savins, Lucy, Omaha, Neb.; Statler, Wialom W., Monona, Iowa; Stone, G. J., Spirit Lake, Iowa; Singleton, Lewis, Collinsville, Okla.; Soflin, Mary F., Omaha, Neb.; St. Gemme, R. J., Desloge, Mo.; Scott, Lloyd D., Eden Valley, Minn.; Seifert, Erna, Misland, S. D.; Thompson, J. H., Altoona, Kan.; Tebben A. A., Woodstock, Minn.; Thayer, A. S., Lynch, Neb.; Uthmann, Emma W., Spring Bluff, Mo.; Williams, Cecelia M., Corning, Calif.; White, Blanche C., Cogswell, N. D.; West, Sallie, Dixon, Mo.; Wrubleski, Alvina, International Falls, Minn.; Wright, Worthy Walter, Des Moines, Iowa; Wallberg, Anna K., Warroad, Minn.; Woodward, Fred M., Tucumcari, N. M.; Williamson, Leonard J., Keota, Okla.; Williams, Sylvester, Stillwater, Okla.; Welch, Jessie C., Shamrock, Okla.; Winder, Addie, Ft. Worth, Texas; Williams, Maude M., West Bend, Iowa.


Death Claims in Amount of $2,000.

      Abbott, Margaret E., Williston, N. D.; Blender, Henry, Okeene, Okla.; Baker, Cecil E., Kansas City, Mo.; Baker, Geo. S., Cainesville, Mo.; Briscoe, Mary F., Blackwell, Okla.; Blasing, Chas. R., Rugby, N. D.; Brinkman, Fred W., Kansas City, Mo.; Bradley, James F., Clare, Iowa; Bowman, Roy, Elkton, Colo.; Bassett, Oliver, Salina, Kansas; Brooks, Nettie E., Kansas City, Missouri; Brewer, Fred A., Manzanola, Colo.; Crawford, Rubie M., Shenandoah, Iowa; Collins, Alfred L., Salida, Colo.; Corcoran, Edw. J., Kansas City, Mo.; Coffey, John N., Zephyr, Texas; Casper, Geo. D., Des Moines, Iowa; Case, Elsie E., Aberdeen, S. D.; Coon, Thos. E., Linton, N. D.; Crabtree, E. E., Milan, Mo.; Dohm, Mary A., McGregor, Iowa; Erickson, E. O., San Francisco, Calif;  Fasting, Mina, La Crosse, Wis.; Folsom, Joseph, Amarilla, Texas; Fassett, Ales, Dunseith, N. D.; Gilbert, Jessie L., Ethel, Mo.; Gannon, James A., Kent, Wash.; Grant, Edw. S., Graffins, J. E., Bakersfield, Calif.; Griswold, L. W., Kirksville, Mo.; Huntley, J. C., Des Moines, Iowa; Hendrick, C. W., Viola Center, Iowa; Hyatt, A. R., Everett, Wash.; Ivers, Chas., Des Moines, Iowa; Jackson, John L., Pottsboro, Texas; Kermode, E. S., Leadville, Colo.; Kilby, S. L., Dungeness, Wash.; Lindberg, G. F., Red Wing, Minn.; Lovell, P. R., Logan, Iowa; Little, John W., Colorado Springs, Colo.; Lunney, Wm. J., Portland, Ore.; Lufels, A. F., Hartford, Wash.; Leesmann, J. A., Dixon, Mo.; McEwen, Harriett, Cortez, Colo.; Mercer, Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, Colo.; McPhee, Neil, Victor, Colo.; Myers, Della, San Diego, Calif.; Mitchell, A. L. G., Humeston, Iowa; McPhee, Daniel, Clancey, Mont.; Miller, George, Caster, Wyo.; Muto, Vincent, Racine, Wis.; Meyers, John A., Madison, Iowa; Miltenberger, Reed, Pocatello, Idaho; Moede, A. H., Fingal, N. D.; Nordell, Geo. F., Buckingham, Colo.; Oleson, Mentz, Albuquerque, N. M.; Olson, J. S., Cooperstown, N. D., Prather, E. C., Chariton, Iowa; Powers, Katie E., Leadville, Colo.; Pehrson, C. W., Ludington, Mich.; Ryan, H. N. Kansas City, Mo.; Rea, M. L., Fordville, N.D.; Reynolds, F. L., St. Paul Park, Minn.; Russell, H. P., Muskogee, Okla.; Rosenkrans, Floyd, Marble Rock, Iowa; Ridens, George W., Gooding, Idaho; Sampson, C. V., Albano, Mo.; Selley, S. B., Guthrie, Okla.; Sodergren, A. W., Alexandria, S.D.; Struck, C. G., Ortonville, Minn.; Centers, C. T., National City, Calif.; Starger, George, Leavenworth, Kan.; Silvers, H. W., Wayland, Mo.; Townsend, Fred, Albia, Iowa; Tiss, C. L., Corwith, Iowa; Tudor, Jennie A., Roxton, Texas; Terry, Perley F., Polo, Mo.; Tschida, W. J., Timmer, N.D.; Woolston, J. S., Sutherland, Iowa;

Wright, S. L., Auxvasse, Mo.; West, Carl, Colorado Springs, Colo.; White, J. R., Belle Plaine, Kan.; Wright, C. W., Callaway, Neb.; Welsch, Frank, St. Paul, Minn.; Yeager, H. C., Kansas City, Mo.


Death Claims in Miscellaneous Accounts.

Arnold, J. W., Beaver Creek, Minn., $1,975; Bahorick, Julia, Hammond, Indiana, $500; Beldin, C., Lincoln, Neb., $1,500; Blizzard, Amanda J., Derby, Iowa, $1,170; Dixon, Charles, Oelwein, Iowa, $750; Enger, Edward, Crosby, N. D., $1,950; Fuller, Tressie, Kalamazoo, Mich., $500; Fast, L. E., Lamar, Mo., $500; Green, Lawson, Edgely, N. D., $3,000; Getty, C. C., Carrington, N. D., $3,000' Hubbard, H. R., Belle Fourche, S. D., $1,000-A; $2,566-B; Hayward, James, Early, Iowa, $225; Hagan, E. E., Plaza, N. D., $3,000; Cramer, Lillian, Petaluma, Calif., $500; Jelinecki, Mary, So. Chicago, Ill., $500; Longbottom, Alfred, Hartley, Iowa, $975; Lohman, Martha E., Hunchinson, Kan., $950; Porter, Geo. M., Yakima, Wash., $3,000; Shipley, Emma, St. Louis, Mo., $500; Stone, Erma H., Elwood, Ind., $500; Stiles, Elizabeth A., Cambridge, Ohio, $500; Wick, S. M., Hitchcock, Okla., $1,500.


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George N. Frink, Grand Foreman

C. E. Stallcop, Grand Muster of Ceremonies

W. E. Davy, Chief Correspondent

Mark T. McKee, Grand Master of Accounts

Dr. Charles F. Smith, Chief Medical Director

H. C. Evans, Editor Shield

John D. Denison, General Attorney

Mrs. Lucy Jackson, Chief Sentinel

Etha. K. Johnson, Chief Overseer

Charlotte S. Rawlings, Supreme Chaplain



W. R. Shirley, Chairman, Okla.

J. H. Murphy, Minn.

S. E. Wilson, S.D.

C. L. Vrooman, Mo.

H. W. Pitkin, Iowa


Assistant Medical Director

Dr. O. G. Winters

Assistant General Attorney

A. H. Hoffmann

Supreme Auditing Committee

George W. Norman, Minn.

Amos E. Henely, Neb.

Wm. P. Chambers, Iowa



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Proceedings of the Board.

(continued from Page 2)



Accident Claims Approved.

      Blackburn, Susan A., Pueblo, Colo.; Bonney, J. G., Lamar, Mo.; Bourne, W. E., Lansford, N. D.; Boyd, C. T., Wichita Falls, Texas; Campbell, Hugh E., St. Louis, Ill.; Collier, F. J., Kansas City, Kansas; Coopet, Lorence, St. Paul, Minn.; Dougherty, Ada, Centerville, Iowa; Drake, A. J., Clyde, Mich.; Doyle, J. J., Seattle, Wash.; Dahlberg, G. A., Edmonton, Alta; Frahm, John, Bradish, Neb.; Foucault, Philip, Baraga, Mich.; Finch, L M., Hudson, S. D.; Finch, J. W., Cogswell, N. D.; Gleason, L. L., Kirksville, Mo.; Horton, C. E., Beumington, Okla.; Hampton, W. F., Kansas City, Mo.; Hall, Lydia, Garnett, Kansas; Huse, E. O., Port Orchard, Wash.; Hanshild, Beresford, S. D.; Hansen, A. L., Wenatchee, Wash.; Jaques, H. J., Galva, Iowa; Johnson, Ora M., Ponca City, Okla.; Krugh, H. D., Batavia, Iowa; McDevitt, John, Purcell, Okla.; Moe, Isaac, Enderlin, N. D.; McLachlin, Catherine, Omemee, N. D.; Ness, Sofus C., Brookings, S. D.; Rayner, Effie, Omaha, Neb.; Rorabaugh, Estelle, Kirksville, Mo.; Schamel, G. W., Decorah, Iowa; Swanson, A. G., Kirksville, Mo.; Williams, Catherine, Enderlin, N. D.


Old Age Disability Claims Approved.

      Behrman,  A. F., Des Moines, Iowa; Brown, Chas., Bozeman, Mont.; Christofferson, Hans, Postville, Iowa; Emmons, Agnes M., Clare, Iowa; Enger, Anton, Cooperstown, N. D.; Emmert, Mary A., Colfax, Iowa; Halligian, Thos., Bayard, Iowa; Horn, Sylvester, So. Bellingham, Wash.; Littlejohn, A., Bowesmont, N. D.; Meyers, Mary L., Des Moines, Iowa; Mayne, J. J., Mason City, Iowa; Pratt, T. F., Anoka, Minn.; Rockwood, H. A., Indianapolis, Ind.; Strayer, V. E., Fayette, Iowa; Wyatt, Sarah J., Derby, Iowa.


Surgical Benefit Claims Approved.

      Allen, Gertrude, Bartlesville, Okla; Arlington, Mary L., Des Moines, Iowa; Garbot, John, Minneapolis, Minn.; Meyers, Mary E., Lansing, Mich.


Total Disability Claims Approved.

      Doty, Lucina, Maquoketa, Iowa; Emmons, Agnes M., Clare, Iowa; Richardson, L. H., Sidney, Montana.


Auxiliary Death Claim Approved.

      Montonse, Clarence, Blaine, Washington.


Claims Reported On.

      The following claims having been personally investigated, were reported on, with action by the Board as noted:

By Director S. E. Wilson.

      Richard Gray, Chicago, Ill.; approved for 50% of certificate.

By Director H. W. Pitkin.

      P. D. Switzer, St. Charles, Iowa, death, $1,000, approved; Florence C. Campbell, Sioux City, Iowa, death, $1,000, approved; Eliza D. Goodwin, Burt, Iowa, total disability, $500, approved; G. C. Bernard, Sioux City, Iowa, death, $1,000, approved.

By Director C. L. Vrooman.

      Edw. Sparks, Kansas City, Mo., death, $2,000, approved; J. B. Williams, Kansas City, Mo., death, $2,000, approved; Rachel Sipes, St. Joseph, Mo., total disability, $500, approved; Walter Cooley, St. Joseph, Mo., total disability, $500, approved; Iola F. Farrens, Maryville, Mo., death, approved on a compromise basis for $50, the certificate to be surrendered; Cleo P. Waller, Dillard, Mo., death, $1,000, approved; Almira W. Sharp, Stanberry, Mo., approved on basis of an accident claim for one-tenth of certificate; Anna E. Woods, Marietta, Okla., surgical benefit, $100, approved, the certificate to be surrendered.

By J. H. Campbell.

      Mabel G. Howard, Washburn, Wis., death, $1,000, approved; Rachel E. B. Mitchell, Alexandria, Minn., total disability, $500, approved; Ida Patter, Duluth, Minn., death, $1,000, approved.

By W. W. Bryant.

      Mary A. McCoy, Kansas City, Kansas, death, compromise settlement in amount of $395.72 was approved.

      Total disability claim of J. A. Hill, Winona, Mo., was approved for $500, the certificate to be surrendered.

      Report on business in the Medical Department was received, and placed on file.

      The Grand Foreman and Chief Correspondent were authorized to issue warrant on the mortuary fund in the Marius Sorenson death claim, in amount of $1,000, the same being made payable to C. K. Sorenson and Mats Sorenson.

      The Porter Norton death claim being rejected by the board of directors after investigation, under date of September 10, 1918, came up for re-hearing, and on motion, the action taken was reconsidered, and additional information being submitted, the board on motion, approved the claim for $2,000.

      After investigation the Samuel Mills claim was allowed as old age disability, in amount of $1,000.

      General Attorney John Denison reported on the Adam C. Martin death claim and the same was approved in amount of $764.95.

      The Chief Correspondent submitted statement to the board of directors, showing the funds in Form B, statutory rate certificate, below the amount necessary for the immediate payment of death claims, and on motion, the Grand Foreman and Chief Correspondent were instructed to make a transfer of $100,000.00 from the general fund of the society to the common benefit fund for the  purpose of paying claims.



      The following bills were examined and allowed:

Paper, $671.74; electros, $10.71; cashier's vouchers, Supreme Office, $52.91; coast office, $6.44; ice, $13.20; printing Shield drayage, $464.39; dues Iowa Fraternal Congress, $10.00; traveling expenses, Etha K. Johnson, $36.50; Geo. L. Bowman, $173.50; John D. Denison, $26.48; Geo. N. Frink, $49.35; R. W. Wyning, $73.81; ink, $135.42; paper drinking cups, $28.29; security envelopes, $58.65; composition, $94.82; drayage, $22.52; telegraph service, $48.41; Western Newspaper Union, supplies, $147.51; type, $13.57; J. H. Campbell, investigating claims, $113.23; legal expense, $25.00; Etha K. Johnson, services-expense, $17.00; coal, $151.33; Amos E. Henely, settling claims, $15.00; W. W. Bryant, postage, $8.56; express, $17.76; Des Moines Electric Company, service, $49.54; telephone service, $52.74; office supplies, $311.12; Thiel Detective Service Company, $8.40; advertising-subscription, $15.50; expense special auditors, $188.50; W. H. Reagan, investigating claims, $53.96; building up-keep, $26.95; supplies for re-sale, $838.88; expense board of directors, $623.43.

      Nothing further appearing the Board on motion adjourned to meet in regular session at the Supreme Office, February 18, 1919, at nine o'clock, A. M.


W. E. Davy




From December 10, 1918, to February 10, 1919

California—H. J. Anderson, Flossy King, Oscar Williams, John Coulder, Milo Dickerson and Robert Wallace.





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.




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