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Yeoman Shield, January 1, 1919.

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Certificates Limited by "Flu."


      As a precautionary measure, due entirely to the epidemic of Spanish Influenza, our Board of Directors at its December meeting passed a resolution requesting the Medical Department to withhold approval of all protection in excess of $2,000.00 asked for by any applicant.

      This affects but a small portion of the applications received at the Supreme Office and will work a hardship on no one. We feel confident that our field workers will recognize the wisdom of this action and cheerfully acquiesce in making it effective.

      With the passing of the epidemic this restriction will be promptly removed by the Board.


The Influenza Epidemic.


      As we go to press with this number of the Shield there are indications that the epidemic of Spanish Influenza is abating. For many weeks our country has battled with varying success against this unusually fatal disease.

      Life insurance corporations have never been called upon to stand a more severe test and there has never been a time when these agencies of practical help have more fully demonstrated their worth as an essential element in the home life of the nation.

      The Fraternal Societies have been called upon to an extent heretofore unheard of and upon every hand are evidences of the splendid efforts put forth to allay suffering and care for the unfortunate ones of the fold. They have demonstrated their ability to measure up to the demands of an extreme situation and in all their ministering there has been the warmth of heart and willingness of hand which is peculiar to those who have learned to respond to the teachings of brotherly love.

      Aside from the sunshine carried into the sick rooms and the consoling words and acts which mean so much to the bereaved, the cash benefits disbursed have reached almost unbelievable figures.

      In our own Society the death losses caused by this epidemic may amount to a million and a half of dollars before the list shall have been completed.

      It would seem quite unnecessary to suggest at such a time that membership in the Brotherhood of American Yeomen is to be highly prized and that those who now enjoy that blessing could confer no greater favor on friend or neighbor than to induce them to join with us in our glorious service to humanity.



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Proceedings of the Board.

November, 1918.


      Pursuant to adjournment the Board of Directors, Brotherhood of American Yeomen, convened at the Supreme Office, Des Moines, Iowa, November 7th, continuing in session three days, the following being present: W. R. Shirley, S. E. Wilson, H. W. Pitkin, C. L. Vrooman, J. H. Murphy and Secretary W. E. Davy; Chairman Shirley presiding.

      The minutes of the October meeting were read, and on motion, approved.

      The following claims were examined, and allowed.


Death Claims.

Wilmer L. Maybee, Minneapolis, Minn., $2,000.

Ricker M. Keller, Minneapolis, Minn., 1,000.

Henrietta J. Hagan, Milan, Mo., 2,000.

Thomas L. England, Bethany, Mo., 1,000.

John Ahlers, Fairmont, Minn., 1,000.

Georgia May Johnson, Wooster, Ohio., 1,000.

Madge Schwieder, Steelville, Mo., 1,000.

John D. Dunn, St. Joseph, Mo., 1,000.

Matilda C. Hussmann, St. Louis, Mo., 1,000.

Mary Collins, St. Paul, Minn., 1,000.

William H. Mason, Estancia, New Mex., 1,000.

William B. Taylor, Ridgeway, Mo., 2,000.

Ella V. Furman, Yakima, Wash., 1,000.

Sarah I. Shaffer, Hawkeye, Iowa., 1,000.

Hazel K. Abernathy, Sac City, Iowa., 1,000.

Alice Love, Cross Roads, Ark., 1,000.

L. Roy Collins, St. Paul, Minn., 1,000.

Oscar E. Garrett, Murray, Iowa., 2,000.

N. Elliott Smith, Fayette, Mo., 1,000.

Herbert B. Carter, Parnell, Iowa., 2,000.

Sarah A. Starratt, Tabor, Iowa., 1,000.

Mary McNicholas, Scranton, Pa., 500.

Elizabeth, C. Eggers, Steelville, Mo., 1,000.

Friend S. Peck, Graceton, Minn., 1,000.

Henry E. Gibbs, Waterloo, Iowa., 1,000.

Rosco DeBelli, Akron, Ohio., 2,000.

John E. Hendershot, Canton, Ohio., 2,000.

Mabel T. Elliott, Bloomington, Ill., 2,000.

John W. Parks, Chillicothe, Ill., 2,000.

Lloyd L. Harris, Shenandoah, Iowa., 1,000.

Martha C. Thompson, Omaha, Neb., 1,000.

Adelbert D. Clark, Charles City, Iowa., 1,000.

Mathew Roberts, Iowa Falls, Iowa., 2,000.

Andrew J. Finley, Elsberry, Mo., 1,000.

Henry Grashoff, Aurelia, Iowa., 900.

Mary A. Paul, Cedar Falls, Iowa., 900.

Lola M. Woodruff, St. Joseph, Mo., 1,000.

Wm. B. Schmidt, Waterloo, Iowa., 1,000.

Cleveland L. Coffey, Des Moines, Iowa., 1,000.

Joe Wesmewski, Chicago, Ill., 1,000.

Oliver W. Patten, Norwalk, Iowa., 1,000.

Edward M. Cowie, Sheldon, Iowa., 1,000.

Lucy Charlton, Lohrville, Iowa., 2,000.

Jessie B. Seward, Ottawa, Ill., 1,000.

Frances V. Allen, Van Wert, Iowa., 1,000.

Winslow B. Mulford, Rock Falls, Ill., 2,000.

Joe Kramosz, Chicago, Ill., 1,000.

Dennis J. Sullivan, Kansis City, Mo., 1,000.

James T. Beatty, Lucas, Iowa., 1,000.

Samuel A. Morrison, Carthage, Texas., 2,000.

James E. L. Holinean, Little Rock, Ark., 1,000.

Jennie F. Bolin, Gladesprings, Texas., 1,000.

William E. Dunkle, Wooster, Ohio., 1,000.

Claude M. Booth, Des Moines, Iowa., 1,000.

Earl Jay Orr, Rugby, N. D., 1,000.

Bert A. Talley, LaCrosse, Wis., 1,000.

Jane Carmody, Denver, Colo., 1,000.

Frank J. Erhart, Milwaukee, Wis., 1,000.

James W. Adair, Jr., Elk City, Okla., 2,000.

Zula Lynn, Clovis, N. M., 2,000.

Jesse Wolford, Portal, N. D., 2,000.

Herschel H. Kernell, Tulsa, Okla., 1,000.

Mack C. Herrod, Tulsa, Okla., 2,000.

Nan Anderson, Leadville, Colo., 2,000.

Harry L. Hallet, Mound Valley, Kan., 1,000.

Hedve K. Smith, Hutchinson, Kan., 1,000.

John F. Thompson, Pueblo, Colo., 500.

Orville E. Beams, Detroit, Mich., 1,000.

John F. Lehna, Wahpeton, N. D., 3,000.

Arthur Krier, Vona, Colo., 1,000.

Samuel L. Herman, Dallas, Texas.

Jared E. Peters, Tyrone, Okla., 2,000.

Margaret A. Thompson, Leadville, Colo., 2,000.

Mary L. Baker, Pauls Valley, Okla., 1,000.

Johnie C. Carter, Pauls Valley, Okla., 2,000.

John W. Sands, Wooster, Ohio., 2,000.

Mary A. Cole, Kansas City, Kan., 500.

John F. Hanuse, So. Omaha, Neb., 2,000.

Clark Wood, Ft. Smith, Ark., 1,000.

L. Otto Keasler, Hughes Springs, Tex., 2,000.

Elmore H. Cox, Cleveland, Ohio., 1,000.

Clem Bardon, Wooster, Ohio, 1,000.

Geo. Younglas, Elyria, Ohio, 1,000.

Bertha L. Lehmann, Fairmont, Minn., 2,000.

Louis J. Wilmotte, Gladstone, Mich., 1,000.

William E. Timmerman, Duluth, Minn., 2,000.

Howard B. Granger, Tekonsha, Mich., 1,000.

Lillian F. Poppler, Frazee, Minn., 1,000.

Lillian L. Green, Goldfield, Iowa., 2,000.

John E. Jenson, Minnesota, Minn., 1,000.

Mayme F. Cunningham, Madison, Wis., 1,000.

Fred L. McNaughton, Staples, Minn., 500.

John Peter Kumbo, Calumet, Mich., 2,000.

Geo. H. Pigott, Leonard, N. D., 1,000.

Clarence C. Cheadle, Oxford, Wis., 1,000.

John W. Caroer, Salem, Ore., 2,000.

Mary Ann Fletcher, Englevale, N. D., 1,000.

James S. Cole, Lisbon, N. D., 2,000.

Jake Baierl, So. Pekin, Ill., 2,000.

Lewis M. Kelley, Welling, Okla., 1,000.

Frank Wetzel, LeCrescent, Minn., 1,000.

Clifford M. Harrison, Hillsboro, Wis., 2,000.

Warren M. Kinney, Des Moines, Iowa, 387.50

Aaron J. Brunson, Bonner Springs, Kan., 1,000.

Alice M. Holmes, Two Harbors, Minn., 500.

James L. Cassidy, Sligo, Mo., 2,000.

Howard H. Miller, Buffalo, N. Y., 2,000.

Mary Ellen Freng, LaCrosse, Wis., 1,000.

Gertrude K. Berry, Los Angeles, Calif., 1,000.

Ben F. Littlejohn, Liberal, Mo., 1,000.

Hugh B. Reynolds, Escanaba, Mich., 1,000.

William L. Allen, Des Moines, Iowa., 1,000.

Alpha Daley, Luverne, Minn., 1,000.

William L. Allen, Des Moines, Iowa., $1,000.

Alpha Daley, Luverne, Minn., 1,000.

William Borchert, Mapleton, Minn., 1,000.

Lewis D. Frank, St. Joseph, Mo., 1,000.

Henry A. Brooks, St. Paul, Minn., 2,000.

John A. Hamilton, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 3,000.

Alexander G. Dumas, Fargo, N. D., 1,000.

Raymond A. Wright, Youngstown, Ohio., 1,000.

Clyde S. Horton, Fennimore, Wis., 2,000.

Pete S. Johnson, Caspertown, N. D., 2,000.

Ella F. Owens, Camas, Wash., 1,000.

Emma Hermie Green, Escanaba, Mich., 2,000.

William A. Cook, Couer d'Alene, Idaho., 500.

William F. Harte, Menominee, Mich., 2,000.

Axel Gylfe, Alhambra, Calif., 1,000.

Edon Moulder, Linn Creek, Mo., 2,000.

Robt. A. Joyce, Leadville, Colo., 2,000.



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Proceedings of the Board.



Walter C. Park, Gazette, Mo., $2,000.

John McIntyre, Butte, Mont., 1,000.

Hubert E. Carr, Aberdeen, Wash., 2,000.

Grant Bruner, Lead, S. D., 1,000.

Arthur Dahl, Galesville, Wis., 1,000.

Elizabeth LaBrue, Albuquerque, N. M., 1,000.

Emory D. Cloud, Clark, S. D., 1,000.

Norinda L. Roseboom, Moscow, Idaho., 1,000.

John Tomlinson, San Bruno, Calif., 1,000.

Wilber H. Dowis, Sheridan, Mo., 1,000.

Albert F. Varner, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Henry O. Krolle, Fargo, N. D., 2,000.

Fred E. Darling, Rapid River, Mich., 1,000.

Carrie James, Snohomish, Wash., 1,000.

Wesley Graves, Livermore, Iowa., 500.

Annie J. Toomey, Wadena, Iowa., 1,000.

Anna May Sharp, Marble Rock, Iowa., 1,000.

Clara E. Lane, Charles City, Iowa., 1,000.

William M. Meacham, Ivy, Iowa., 3,000.

H. Harris Ford, Storm Lake, Iowa., 2,000.

Charlie O. Hoffman, Brayton, Iowa., 1,000.

Edith E. Lewis, Alpha, Iowa., 1,000.

Dumont P. Snelling, Pasadena, Calif. 1,000.

Odend Hogstrom, Sioux City, Iowa., 2,000.

C. J. Card, Des Moines, Iowa., 900.

Bernice L. Elliott, Rockford, Ill., 1,000.

Geo. W. McNaught, Glidden, Iowa., 2,000.

Leonard R. Moser, Decatur, Ill., 2,000.

Merle Esslinger, Alden, Iowa., 1,000.

Chas. E. Conrad, Storm Lake, Iowa., 1,000.

Martha Payne, Wayland, Iowa., 1,000.

Renwick A. Cone, Omaha, Neb., 1,000.

Wm. C. Bentley, Las Animaas, Colo., 1,000.

Wm. J. Campbell, Salida, Colo., 2,000.

Sadie I. Langdale, Rapid City, S. D., 1,000.

Delia Jennings, Leadville, Colo., 1,000.

Bert E. Summers, Stansberry, Mo., 1,000.

Michael A. Benbennick, Bremerton, Wash., 2,000.

Frank A. Speenburg, Denver, Colo., 1,000.

Herbert W. Elliott, Phoenix, Ariz., 1,000.

Carl E. Gutafson, Mt. Vernon, Wash., 1,000.

Wm. E. Gibson, Vancoucer, Wash., 1,000.

John L. Briggs, Boise, Idaho., 1,000.

Clint W. Raser, Portland, Ore., 2,000.

Henry C. Gehrke, Denver, Colo., 2,000.

Jessie E. Sumner, Denver, Colo., 1,000.

Lina Jensen, Cedar Rapids, Iowa., 900.

Sarah C. Morris, Montrose, Colo., 1,000.

Josephine Pankhurst, Los Angeles, Calif., 2,000.

Henry A. Gilmanur, Vallejo, Calif., 1,000.

Amy C. Pierce, Victor, Colo., 1,000.

Mary Haddock, No. Bend, Ore., 500.

Phoebe M. Gilmer, Glenwood Springs, Colo., 1,000.

Wm. E. Maass, Norfolk, Neb., 1,000.

Walter E. Roedel, McCook, Neb., 2,000.

Della A. Scoville, Oakland, Calif., 1,000.

Loranzo D. Bowlin, Rising Star, Texas, 1,000.

Mattie M. Howell, Wichita, Kansas, 1,000.

Doretta E. Knight, Douglas, Ariz., 1,000.

Parmenious M. Staggers, Gason, Texas, 1,000.

Harry A. Morey, Okla. City, Okla., 1,000.

John B. Laden, Ripley, Texas, 1,000.

Joseph O. Gray, Tioga, Texas, 2,000.

G. W. Wallace, Des Moines, Iowa, 2,000.

Maude I. Henley, Sipe Springs, Texas, 1,000.

Clyde E. Gosney, Enid, Okla., 1,000.

LeRoy R. Thornton, Green River, Utah., 2,000.

Willie D. Shaffer, Carlton, Texas, 1,000.

Thomas W. Roberts, Whitewright, Tex., 1,000.

Hazel L. S. Sherman, Dallas, Texas., 1,000.

Joseph C. Barber, Ripley, Texas, 1,000.

Virginia V. Cludas, Elk City, Okla., 1,000.

Chas. S. Wilderson, Roff, Okla., 1,000.

Owen C. Northrup, Braman, Okla., 1,000.

Oscar Waybourn, Colbert, Okla., 1,000.

Edw. B. Sims, Collinsville, Okla., 1,000.

Park L. Payn, Oklahoma City, Okla., 2,000.

Oscar J. Bridges, Kinsley, Kan., 3,000.

Wm. A. Denison, Shawnee, Okla., 1,000.

William Howe, Mt. Ayr, Iowa., 1,000.

Winnie G. Brown, Deloit, Iowa., 1,000.

Anna Kimble, Ft. Scott, Kan., 500.

Geo. King, Gardner, Kan., 1,000.

Esther E. Beck, Springfield, Mo., 1,000.

Karl Feige, Jr., Cleburne, Texas., 1,000.

Bessie L. Beavers, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1,000.

Emma M. Walls, Dallas, Texas, 1,000.


Accident Claims.

Silas S. Wilmot, Lewiston, Minn., $200.

Thos. Tennison, Houston, Minn., 25.

Sarah E. Jones, Mandan, N. D., 500.

Clement L. Stonebraker, Defiance, Ohio, 200.

Oscar Larson, Kerkhaven, Minn., 100.

Robt. C. Wilson, Nekoosa, Wis., 25.

John E. Collins, Silex, Mo., 75.

Mary Fonville, Belle, Mo., 100.

Helen Schoen, St. Paul, Minn., 75.

Nels Lund, Minneapolis, Minn., 75.

Steve Salay, St. Paul, Minn., 25.

Jennie E. Eitel, Brookings, S. D., 300.

Meri Garay, Minneapolis, Minn., 100.

Knut O. Rank, Harvey, N. D., 200.

Peter Asel, Los Angeles, Calif., 25.

Oly N. Olson, So. Omaha, Neb., 200.

Frank G. Gonsalas, San Leandro, Calif., 50.

Alice M. Ormond, San Leandro, Calif., 25.

Anvil Wingfield, San Jacinto, Calif., 100.

Ellis M. Clark, Clark, S. D., 200.

Elmira Miniger, Everett, Wash., 50.

Samuel C. Foster, Des Moines, Iowa., 100.

Mary M. Green, Akron, Ohio, 25.

James B. Decker, Berlin, Mich., 97.50.

Chas. Yelkey, Jr., Freemont, Neb., 50.

Gustave A. Behn, Detroit, Mich., 50.

Claude C. Shipley, Marion, Ind., 200.

Theodore F. McCranner, Madison, Wis., 100.

George F. Anderson, Omaha, Neb., 100.

George Emery, Burr Oak, Iowa, 100.

James M. Devine, LaCrosse, Wis., 300.

Chas. O. Bowdle, Derby, Iowa, 25.

Ernest W. Holcomb, Minneapolis, Minn., 100.

Hugh J. Hughes, Garvin, Minn., 300.

Louis C. Hoxie, Sterling, Colo., 700.

Wm. I. Davenport, Rocky Ford, Colo., 150.

Thos. Bates, Lake Nebagamon, Wis., 100.

Harvey S. Froman, Mattawan, Mich., 25.

James A. Baljo, Oxford, Wis., 100.

Sarah C. Burnley, Stanberry, Mo., 300.

Edw. A. Brouillard, Charles City, Iowa, 40.

W. T. Deaburn, Corydon, Iowa, 100.

Nellie Coleman, Mound City, Kan., 12.50.

Lennie L. Hopkins, Ft. Worth, Texas, 100.

Frank L. Skull, Oklahoma City, Okla., 100.

Wm. T. Bridges, Slocum, Texas, 100.

John W. Wernex, Atherton, Mo., 100.

Isaac N. Curry, Red Oak, Texas, 25.

Dave Sinner, Blackwell, Okla., 25.

Wm. A. Morrow, Princeton, Texas, 25.



Auxiliary Death Claims.

Ora E. Mayberry, Bonne Terre, Mo., $100.

Ira E. Trease, Shelton, Wash., 100.

Anna Marie Weber, Cleveland, Ohio, 100.

Lydia A. Everling, Elwood, Ind., 50.

John B. Bill, Hadlock, Wash., 100.


Surgical Benefit Claims.

Raymond Nels Carlson, Minneapolis, Minn., $125.

Cecil O. Hunn, Charles City, Iowa., 100.

Fern O. Breckon, Lansing, Mich., 100.

Total Disability Claims.

T. A. Wright, Canon City, Colo., $500.

Old Age Disability Claims.

Oliver B. Reynolds, Villisca, Iowa, $1,000.

Orin L. Cromwell, Rockford, Iowa, 2,000.

Chas. C. Loomis, Des Moines, Iowa, 2,000.

Amelia Arndt, Charles City, Iowa, 900.

John H. Hill, Elkader, Iowa, 1,000.

Herman F. Gaunitz, Lansing, Iowa, 1,000.

A. J. Newton, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 1,000.

Walter B. Carroll, Lebanon, Indiana, 1,000.

Joel G. Smith, Canistota, S. D., 1,000.

Albert G. Smith, Dexter, Iowa, 2,000.

Chas. B. Cummings, Stewartville, Minn., 2,000.

Geo. H. Ayers, Owatonna, Minn., 1,000.

Delanyon G. Pierce, Canby, Minn., 2,000.

John Norlin, Clarissa, Minn., 1,000.

David S. Kauble, Mt. Vernon, Wash., 1,000.

Isaac Davis, Fremont, Neb., 2,000.

Franklin Howenstein, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 2,000.

Catherine Zender, Austin, Minn., 1,000.


Juvenile Death Claim.

Herschel G. Kernell, Tulsa, Okla., $34.


Auxiliary Accident Claims.

Wm. S. Kerrigan, Shelton, Wash., $50.


Claims Reported On.

      The following claims having been personally investigated, were reported on with action by the Board as noted:


By Director S. E. WILSON;

      Wm. A. Mallory, Rock Rapids, Iowa; total disability; allowed in amount of 50% of claim.

      Geo. Keyes, Cobb, Wis.; accident; approved for $72.40 on compromise basis.

      Hattie E. Thomas, Britt, Iowa; total disability, $1,000; approved.

      Lettie A. Dumbauld, Omaha, Neb.; total disability, $500; approved on surrender of certificate for cancellation.

      Ira C. Kling, Des Moines, Iowa; total disability, $500; approved.


By Director H. W. PITKIN;

      Chris. Stickrod, Odebolt, Iowa. death; allowed on basis of 50% of face of certificate.

      Chas. A. Burk, Corydon, Iowa; death, $1,000; approved.

By Director C. L. VROOMAN;

      Ada S. Smith, St. Louis, Mo.; death, $1,000; approved.

      Maude E. Bell, Carlton, Texas; total disability, $500; approved.

      Leonard W. Bledsoe, Chareston, Texas; total disability, $500; approved.

      Glover E. McAllister, Columbia, Mo.; total disability, $500; approved, the certificate to be surrendered.

      James E. Boyd, Bangs, Texas; total disability, $500; approved.

      Joe P. Welch, Linden, Texas; death, $1,000; approved.

      C. W. Beardon, Cisco, Texas; accident, $25; approved.

      Paul E. Miller, St. Louis, Mo.; total disability, $1,000; approved.

      Rip S. Gibson, Benton, Ky.; death, $1,000; approved.


By Director J. H. MURPHY;

      Harry Dukarets, South Chicago, Ill.; death, $1,000; approved.


      Geo. W. Gann, Vernon, Texas; death; settlement in amount of $350, approved.

      Virgil T. Green, Ft. Worth, Texas; total disability; settlement in amount of $600, approved.


      Emma L. Humphrey, Muskogee, Okla.; death, $1,000; approved.

      Mathew Mck. Martin, Shawnee, Okla.; death, $1,000; approved.

      Edith Burroughs, Drumright, Okla.; death; approved on compromise basis of $300.

      Bessie M. Matlock, Shamrock, Okla.; death, $1,500; approved.

      Chester Crain, Mansfield, Mo.; accident, $75; approved.

      Irving J. Meigs, Woodward, Okla.; death; approved on a compromise basis of $450.

      Willie M. Colson, Lebanon, Okla.; total disability, $500; approved.

      Wm. B. Jennings, Muskogee, Okla.; total disability, $500; approved.

      Almira E. Bugg, West Plains, Mo.; total disability, $500; approved.

      John J. Moser, Arnett, Okla.; total disability, $1,000; approved.


      Charles Kawecki, Cleburne, Texas; death; recommendation for reconsideration concurred in, and claim approved in amount of $1,000.

      Chas. M. Vermillion, Edmond, Okla.; total disability; settlement in amount of $400 and surrender of certificate for cancellation, approved.

      Eva E. Orr, Dallas, Texas; death; approved in amount of 50% of face of certificate.


      Martha E. Cowden, Lincoln, Neb.; total disability, $500; approved.


      Louis J. Adams, San Bruno, Calif; death; $1,000; approved.


      Report on business in the Medical Department was submitted and by order of the Chairman, placed on file.

      The Chief Correspondent reported on supplies purchased and disbursed and on motion, the same was placed on file.

      Action taken on the Byron T. Hinds accident claim at the September meeting was on motion, reconsidered and on motion, the claim was allowed in amount of $500.




The following bills were examined and allowed:

Office furniture and supplies, $613.64.

Advertising and subscription, 286.13.

Paper, 416.87.

Electros, 11.22.

Expense Special Auditors, 381.87.

Supplies for re-sale, 3,277.48.

Drayage, 21.05.

Building upkeep, 76.62.

Legal expense, 109.00.

Jas. L. Allen, investigating claims, 166.48.

Bond premium, 56.25.

Coal, 769.71.

Cashier's vouchers, Coast office, 43.14.

Cashier's vouchers, Supreme office, 42.47.

Ice, 114.58.

W. E. Davy, traveling expenses, 182.46.

DeMoulin Bros. & Co., supplies, 18.45.

F. M. Evans, traveling expenses, 4.78.

C. J. Hedlund, services, 91.50.

Harger & Blish, adjusting ediphones, supplies, 33.58.

Insurance Department (Mo.), certified copies of authority, 18.20.

Guido D. Janes, services, 8.00.

Towel service, 29.93.

Remington Typewriter Co., repairs, etc., 54.30.

Rapid Addressing Machine Co., stencils, 165.00.

Success Linotype Composition, services, 121.65.

C. E. Stallcop, traveling expenses, 78.06.

Mrs. C. S. Rawlings, traveling expenses, 73.64.

Security Envelope Co., supplies, 22.62.

United Service Bureau, card reports, 48.75.

Western Newspaper Union, supplies, 22.62.

Telegraph service, 52.90.

Dr. O. G. Winters, traveling expenses, 281.25.

Homestead Co., printing Shield, 469.63.

Copy Medical Directory, 10.00.

Globe Machinery Co., services, 71.90.

John D. Denison, expenses, 174.79.

Etha K. Johnson, traveling expenses, 47.74.

W. W. Bryant, traveling expenses, 248.34.

Geo. W. Norman, traveling expenses, 217.56.

J. H. Campbell, traveling expenses, 215.18.

Geo. N. Frink, traveling expenses, 109.38.

R. W. Ford, traveling expenses, 55.62.

Ward F. Senn, traveling expenses, 27.56.

Geo. F. Gordon, traveling expenses, 26.06.

J. H. Richard, traveling expenses,26.06.

Dr. J. D. Lyon, traveling expenses, 26.06.

Leonard Erickson, service, 11.00.

Iowa Telephone Co., service, 54.55.

Board of Directors' traveling-hotel expenses, 1,304.19.


      The Grand Foreman was authorized to make the payment from the general fund of the Society, of not to exceed $25, for each family found to be in needy circumstances, on account of the recent forest fires in Northern Minnesota, upon receipt of the report of the committee sent to investigate conditions in that part of the jurisdiction.

      On account of changed conditions in war matters since the last meeting of the Board of Directors, it was on motion, unanimously determined to strike from the resolution covering members of the Society engaged in military service, Clause B., which reads as follows:

      “No person within the draft age for military or naval service under the laws of the United States shall be written for a larger sum than $2,000 of protection until after the Proclamation of Peace."

      And from the resolution or waiver, covering all members of the Society who become engaged in war work, Section B, which reads as follows:

      "No person within the draft age for military or naval service under the laws of the United States shall be written for a larger sum than $2,000 of protection until after the Proclamation of Peace."

      The Grand Foreman and Chief Correspondent were authorized to transfer the sum of $300,000.00 from the reserve to the mortuary fund for the purpose of paying claims.

      Nothing further appearing the Board on motion, adjourned to meet in regular session at the Supreme Office, Des Moines, December 17, 1918, nine

o'clock a. m.


W. E. Davy, Secretary.




Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.




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