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This page is organized using the Ahnentafel system.

Generation 5

16. Thomas Balis, Jr., born 18 Jul 1803 in NY, died 1863 in (Noble) OH. He was the son of Thomas Balis, Sr. and Susannah Jane Wickham. He married Samantha Merry.

17. Samantha Merry, born 1808 in NY. She was the daughter of Ambrose Merry and Margaret Wickham.

Children of Thomas and Samantha (Merry) Balis:

    i. Mary Ann Balis
    ii. Margaret Balis
    iii. Lucinda Balis
    iv. Cyrus Balis
    v. James Balis
    vi. Rufus Balis

18. Hollis James, born 1793 in Palermo (Lincoln) ME, died 1846 in (Noble) OH. He was the son of John James and Sarah Hutchins. He married Sarah Ann Lowe 20 Oct 1816 in (Guernsey) OH.

19. Sarah Ann Lowe, born 31 Jul 1794 in Culpeper (Culpeper) VA. She was the daughter of James Lowe and Rosanna Hanback.

Children of Hollis and Sarah (Lowe) James:

    i. Augustus James
    ii. Alfred James
    iii. Martha M. James
    iv. Dennis James
    v. Hollis James, Jr.
    vi. Sarah Jane James
    vii. Thomas Jefferson James
    viii. Mary James
    ix. William James
    x. Theodore James
    xi. John W. James
    xii. Susannah James
    xiii. Hannah James
    xiv. Lemuel James
    xv. Perry James
    xvi.Daniel James

20. Samuel Melvin, born 25 Jun 1827 in Union Twp. (Madison) OH, died 21 Jan 1857 in Union Twp. (Madison) OH. He was the son of Bartholomew Melvin and Elizabeth Adair. He married Martha J. Cooper 17 Mar 1853 in (Franklin) OH.

21. Martha J. Cooper, born ca. 1835 in OH, died ca. 1855 in Union Twp. (Madison) OH. She was the daughter of Elijah Cooper.

Children of Samuel and Martha (Cooper) Melvin:

    i. Arthur Smith Melvin
    ii. Joshua Samuel Melvin
    iii. Winfield S. Melvin

22. Edwin Fisher, born ca. 1814 in NY, died 15 May 1874 in Dudley Twp. (Hardin) OH. He married Rachel Banning 27 Oct 1841 in (Hardin) OH.

23. Rachel Banning, born 27 Mar 1822 in Mt. Vernon (Knox) OH. She was the daughter of Jacob Murphy Banning and Sophia Zimmerman.

Children of Edwin and Rachel (Banning) Fisher:

    i. Edwin Fisher
    ii. Ray Fisher
    iii. Banning Fisher
    iv. Sallie Fisher
    v. Alfred Fisher
    vi. Clara Fisher
    vii. George Fisher
    viii. Blucher Fisher

24. Almon Dominy, born 04 Nov 1817 in (Madison) OH, died 03 Dec 1882 in (Delaware) OH. He was the son of Jeremiah Dominy and Abigail Norton. He married Rachel Cook ca. 1835.

25. Rachel Cook, born 16 Sep 1818, died 27 Sep 1865 in (Union) OH. She was the daughter of David Cook.

Children of Almon and Rachel (Cook) Dominy:

    i. Louisa Jane Dominy
    ii. Keziah Dominy
    iii. David Cook Dominy
    iv. Catherine Dominy
    v. Samantha L. Dominy
    vi. Amos Dominy
    vii. Electa Dominy
    viii. Harriet Dominy

26. Ackley Curtis, born ca. 1821 in NY. He married Mary Rogers.

27. Mary Rogers, born ca. 1826 in VT.

Children of Ackley and Mary (Rogers) Curtis:

    i. Mary Curtis

28. William Arewine, born in NJ.

29. Amy Straight, born ca. 1813 in NJ, died between 1880-1900 in Liberty Twp. (Delaware) OH.

Children of William and Amy (Straight) Arewine:

    i. William Arewine
    ii. Calvin Arewine
    iii. Amy E. Arewine
    iv. Raney Arewine
    v. Mary Arewine

30. David Rader, born 16 Feb 1802 in VA, died 27 Oct 1881 in (Delaware) OH. He married Rachel Custer 30 Dec 1824.

31. Rachel Custer, born 1804 in Va, died 14 Sep 1889. She was the daughter of Joseph Custer and Sarah Rader.

Children of David and Rachel (Custer) Rader:

    i. Anna Rader
    ii. Henry Rader
    iii. Catherine Rader
    iv. Sarah Rader
    v. Mary Margaret Rader
    vi. Nicholas Rader
    vii. Elizabeth Jane Rader
    viii. John Rader

Generation 6

32. Thomas Balis, Sr., born 26 Jun 1769 in (Dutchess) NY, died 1843. He was the son of Joseph Bayles, Jr. He married Susannah Jane Wickham 1793 in NY.

33. Susannah Jane Wickham, born 07 Nov 1772 in NY. She was the daughter of William Wickham and Catherine.

Children of Thomas and Susannah (Wickham) Balis:

    i. Mary Balis
    ii. Sarah Balis
    iii. Margaret Balis
    iv. Susannah Balis
    v. Keziah Balis
    vi. Thomas Balis, Jr.
    vii. Lucinda Balis
    viii. Almira Balis
    x. Shelinda Balis

34. Ambrose Merry, born 1770 in (Ostego) NY, died 05 Sep 1865 in Center Twp. (Noble) OH. He was the son of Ebenezer Merry and Elizabeth Hunt. He married Margaret Wickham.

35. Margaret Wickham, born 1769 in NY, died 21 Mar 1878 in (Monroe) OH. She was the daughter of William Wickham and Catherine.

Children of Ambrose and Margaret (Wickham) Merry:

    i. Rouse Merry
    ii. Benson Merry
    iii. Rufus Merry
    iv. Samantha Merry
    v. Miranda J. Merry
    vi. Amanda Merry
    vii. Mary Merry
    viii. Hannah Merry
    x. Carleton Merry

36. John James, born 02 Jan 1774 in (Lincoln) ME. He married Sarah Hutchins 02 Jan 1794.

37. Sarah Hutchins, born 1774 in Great Pond Settlement (Lincoln) ME. She was the daughter of Hollis Hutchins and Elizabeth Boynton.

Children of John and Sarah (Hutchins) James:

    i. Hollis James

38. James Lowe, born 05 Jan 1755 in Kirk, Scotland, died 1814 in Olive Twp. (Morgan) OH. He was the son of John Lowe. He married Rosanna Hanback 22 Jan 1796 in (Fauquier) VA.

39. Rosanna Hanback, born 1776 in Culpeper (Culpeper) VA, died 1850. She was the daughter of John Hanback and Mary Huffman.

Notes for James Lowe:
James was a soldier in the Revolutionary war after which he went from Virginia in 1806 to live in Ohio. He and Rosanna were already married. James served 3 years under President Washington as a clerk . He was also a private in the 13th Virginia Regiment in September 1777. He also served under Capt. John Gibson at Fort Pritt in the 13th Virginia Regiment. He and his wife were one of the first settlers in the Sharon, Ohio area. Also enlisted as a private in the 1st Maryland Regiment under Col. John H. Stone in 1778. Above information from Lois Blake.

This information from Lowe Family History (AGIR): First settler in area, was attacked by a fit while crossing the creek, fell in and drowned, summer of 1814.

According to The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume 43, page 206: James Lowe, (1755-1835), enlisted as a private in the first Maryland regiment under Col. John H. Stone 1778 for three years.

Children of James and Rosanna (Hanback) Lowe:

    i. Sarah Ann Lowe
    ii. Benedict Lowe
    iii. John Lowe
    iv. Ann Lowe
    v. Jemima Lowe
    vi. Methodis Lowe
    vii. Robert Lowe
    viii. James Lowe
    x. Hannah Lowe
    xi. Rosanna Lowe
    xii. Mary Lowe

40. Bartholomew S. Melvin, born 03 Oct 1796 in (Washington) TN, died 10 Mar 1856 in Union Twp. (Madison) OH. He was the son of John Jefferson Melvin, Sr. and Jane Barnes. He married Elizabeth Adair 01 Aug 1826 in London (Madison) OH.

41. Elizabeth Adair, born 13 Jul 1806 in London (Madison) OH, died 21 Mar 1890 in LaRue (Marion) OH. She was the daughter of John Adair, Jr. and Jane Ross.

Children of Bartholomew and Elizabeth (Adair) Melvin:

    i. Samuel J. Melvin
    ii. Jane Barnes Melvin
    iii. William Melvin
    iv. Nancy Melvin
    v. Margaret Melvin
    vi. Charles Melvin
    vii. Mary Ann Melvin
    viii. John J. Melvin
    ix. Augustus Lewis Melvin
    x. Minerva Eliza Melvin
    xi. Joseph Melvin
    xii. Benjamin Melvin

46. Jacob Murphy Banning, born 22 Jun 1794 in Connelsville PA, died 20 Feb 1835 in Mt. Vernon (Knox) OH. He was the son of James Mansfield Anthony Banning and Sarah Murphy. He married Sophia Zimmerman 10 May 1818 in Mt. Vernon (Knox) OH.

47. Sophia Zimmerman, born 12 Jul 1798 in Hagerstown MD, died 22 Jan 1883 in Mt. Vernon (Knox) OH. She was the daughter of Gottlieb Zimmerman and Eva Hahn.

Children of Jacob and Sophia (Zimmerman) Banning:

    i. Louise Ann Banning
    ii. Nancy Moore Banning
    iii. Anthony Banning
    iv. Rachel Banning
    v. Maria Coloric Banning
    vi. Raymond Banning
    vii. George Banning
    viii. Ben Franklin Banning
    ix. Norton Sheldon Banning
    x. Blucher Banning
    xi. Sophia Eva Banning
    xii. Jacob Murphy Banning, Jr.

48. Jeremiah Dominy, born 22 Aug 1789, died 31 Jan 1865. He was the son of Henry Dominy and Elizabeth Dayton. He married Abigail Norton 1810.

49. Abigail Norton, born 19 Aug 1794, died 16 Sep 1830. She was the daughter of James Alexander Norton and Delany Howe.

Children of Jeremiah and Abigail (Norton) Dominy:

    i. Deltune Dominy
    ii. James Dominy
    iii. Henry Dominy
    iv. Elizabeth Dominy
    v. Alvin H. Dominy
    vi. Almond Dominy
    vii. Ezra Dominy
    viii. Nancy R. Dominy
    ix. Silas G. Dominy
    x. John T. Dominy
    xi. Keziah Dominy
    xii. Abigail Dominy

62. Joseph Custer. He was the son of Jacob Custer and Catherine Cutner. He married Sarah Rader.

63. Sarah Rader.

Children of Joseph and Sarah (Rader) Custer:

    i. Rachel Custer
    ii. Peter Custer
    iii. John Custer
    iv. Jacob Custer
    v. Louisa Custer

Generation 7

64. Joseph Bayles, Jr.

Children of Joseph Bayles, Jr.:

    i. Thomas Balis, Sr.

66. William Wickham, born 1735 in (Ulster) NY, died 19 Feb 1839 in (Noble) OH. He married Catherine.

67. Catherine.

Notes for William Wickham: William Wickham William Wickham served as a private in Capt. Isaiah Vail's company, New York militia, Col. James McClaughey's Ulster County regiment. He was born in Ulster County, N. Y.; died in Monroe County, Ohio.

Children of William and Catherine Wickham:

    i. Benjamin Wickham
    ii. John Wickham
    iii. James Wickham
    iv. Bismarck Wickham
    v. Margaret Wickham
    vi. Susannah Wickham
    vii.Hannah Wickham

68. Ebenezer Merry, born 09 Mar 1744 in Kent (Litchfield) CT, died in Nassau (Renselaur) NY. He was the son of John Merry, Jr. and Sarah Small. He married Elizabeth Hunt 01 Nov 1770 in Amenia (Dutchess) NY.

69. Elizabeth Hunt, born in Amenia (Dutchess) NY.

Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Hunt) Merry:

    i. Ambrose H. Merry
    ii. William Merry
    iii. Chloe Ann Merry
    iv. Lydia Merry
    v. Richmond Merry

70. William Wickham, born 1735 in (Ulster) NY, died 19 Feb 1839 in (Noble) OH. He married Catherine.

71. Catherine.

Children of William and Catherine Wickham:

    i. Benjamin Wickham
    ii. John Wickham
    iii. James Wickham
    iv. Bismarck Wickham
    v. Margaret Wickham
    vi. Susannah Wickham
    vii.Hannah Wickham

74. Hollis Hutchins, born 12 Mar 1744 in Harvard (Worchestershire) MA, died 05 Aug 1822 in South Olive (Morgan) OH. He was the son of Joseph Hutchins and Sarah Boynton. He married Elizabeth Boynton 31 Dec 1767 in Wiscusset (Lincoln) ME.

75. Elizabeth Boynton, born 20 Oct 1746 in Pownalborough (Lincoln) ME, died 04 Mar 1837 in South Olive (Morgan) OH. She was the daughter of John Boynton and Martha Atwood.

Notes for Hollis Hutchins: Hollis Hutchins Hutchins, Hollis, Pownalborough.Private, Capt. Nathaniel Alexander's co., Col. Edward Wigglesworth's regt.; return of men who were in service Aug. 15, 1777; also, sameco. and regt.; return [year not given]; residence, Pownalborough; engaged for town of Newbury; mustered by Col. Sewall. [See Hollis Hutchinson.]
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (17 Vols.) Volume 8, page 580

Children of Hollis and Elizabeth (Boynton) Hutchins:

    i. Bartlett Hutchins
    ii. John Hutchins
    iii. Joseph Hutchins
    iv. Hollis Hutchins
    v. Sarah Hutchins
    vi. Daniel Hutchins
    vii.Abel Hutchins

76. John Lowe, born 1720 in Scotland, died 1791 in (Prince William) VA.

Children of John Lowe:

    i. James Lowe

78. John Hanback, born 1748 in (Culpeper) VA, died 1795 in (Shenandoah) VA. He was the son of Johann Jacob Heimbach and Mary Gertrude Young. He married Mary Huffman ca. 1774 in (Culpeper) VA.

79. Mary Huffman, born 04 Aug 1751 in (Orange) VA, died 1796 in (Champaign) OH. She was the daughter of Johannes Hofmann and Maria Sabina Folg.

Children of John and Mary (Huffman) Hanback:

    i. Rosanna Hanback
    ii. Susannah Hanback
    iii. John Hanback
    iv. Lewis Hanback

80. John Jefferson Melvin, Sr., born 1757 in (Berkeley) VA, died 17 Apr 1826 in (Madison) OH. He was the son of Thomas Melvin, Sr. and Elizabeth. He married Jane Barnes 02 Aug 1791 in (Berkeley) VA.

81. Jane Barnes, born 1759 in (Berkeley) VA, died 03 Nov 1828 in (Madison) OH. She was the daughter of Joseph Barnes.

Notes for John Jefferson Melvin, Sr.: From THE HISTORY OF MARION COUNTY, OHIO: "John Melvin came from Tennessee to Ohio in 1806 and settled in Madison County, one of the earliest settlers, and acquired 1400 acres of excellent land. He was the father of a very large family of children, some of whom moved to the West at an early period.
John was also a Charter Member of the Lower Glade Methodist Church in 1808, the first Church in Union Township, Madison Co., Ohio. This church was divided by mutual agreement in 1812 into the Upper Glade Methodist Church and the Lower Glade continued.
John is also listed in the first Tax Duplicate of Madison County prepared by the County in 1819."

Children of John and Jane (Barnes) Melvin:

    i. Thomas J. Melvin
    ii. Charles M. Melvin
    iii. Abigail Melvin
    iv. John Melvin
    v. Bartholomew S. Melvin
    vi. Joseph B. Melvin
    vii. Samuel Melvin
    viii. Jehu Jefferson Melvin

82. John Adair, Jr., born 1782 in Ireland, died 19 Jan 1859 in (Madison) OH. He was the son of John Adair, Sr. and Mary O'Donnell. He married Jane Ross in (Augusta) VA.

83. Jane Ross, born 05 Feb 1785 in VA, died 03 Jun 1837 in (Madison) OH.

Notes for John Adair, Jr. : This family owned a farm adjoining John Melvin in Madison County, OH (from Marion Co History).

Children of John and Jane (Ross) Adair:

    i. Elizabeth Adair
    ii. Anderson R. Adair
    iii. Josiah Adair
    iv. Julia Ann Adair
    v. Harvey A. Adair
    vi. Henry S. Adair
    vii. Nancy J. Adair
    viii. Preston C. Adair

92. James Mansfield Anthony Banning, born 13 May 1768 in Talbot MD, died 05 Feb 1844 in Mt. Vernon (Knox) OH. He was the son of Anthony Banning and Sarah Mansfield. He married Sarah Murphy 30 Jul 1791 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

93. Sarah Murphy, born 7 Dec 1766 in Ellicotts Mill, Maryland.

Children of James and Sarah (Murphy) Banning:

    i. Sarah B. Banning
    ii. Jacob Murphy Banning
    iii. Rachel Banning
    iv. James Smith Banning
    v. Elizabeth Banning
    vi. Mary B. Banning
    vii. Priscilla Banning
    viii. Anthony Banning, Jr.

94. Gottlieb Zimmerman, born 177,; died 22 Feb 1845 in Mt. Vernon (Knox) OH. He married Eva Hahn 17 Feb 1798 in Hagerstown, MD.

95. Eva Hahn, born ca. 1775.

Children of Gottlieb and Eva (Hahn) Zimmerman:

    i. Samuel Zimmerman
    ii. Eve Zimmerman
    iii. Sophia Eva Zimmerman
    iv. Mariah Zimmerman
    v. David C. Zimmerman
    vi. Samuel Zimmerman
    vii. Frederick J. Zimmerman

96. Henry Dominy, born 15 Dec 1746, died 23 Jan 1817. He was the son of Nathaniel Dominy III and Elizabeth Eyers. He married Elizabeth Dayton 04 Nov 1773.

97. Elizabeth Dayton, born 14 Jul 1752, died Sep 1834. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Dayton and Mary Conkling.

Notes for Henry Dominy:
Sergeant, age 29 years, height 6 feet, 1 inch,occupation Yoeman, Resident, East Hampton, Long Island, New York.ENLISTED, July 26, 1775. 1st Regiment, 12 Company, Suffolk County,Militia of Minute Men.

Children of Henry and Elizabeth (Dayton) Dominy:

    i. William Dominy
    ii. Henry S. Dominy
    iii. Phoebe Dominy
    iv. Elizabeth Dominy
    v. Ezra Dominy
    vi. Jeremiah Dominy
    vii. Mary Anne Dominy
    viii. Amy Nancy Dominy

98. James Alexander Norton, born 06 Jul 1766, died 23 Sep 1823 in (Madison) OH. He married Delany Howe 10 Apr 1788.

99. Delany Howe, born 26 Sep 1772 in (Litchfield) CT; died 09 Nov 1836. She was the daughter of John Howe and Chloe Rowlson.

Children of James and Delany (Howe) Norton:

    i. Abigail Norton
    ii. Chloe Norton
    iii. Sarepta Norton
    iv. Solomon Norton
    v. John H. Norton
    vi. Keziah Norton
    vii. Phebe Norton

124. Jacob Custer, born 1749, died 1833. He was the son of Arnold Custer and Bridget Strauder. He married Catherine Cutner.

125. Catherine Cutner, born 1754, died 1831.

Children of Jacob and Catherine (Cutner) Custer:

    i. Joseph Custer
    ii. Henry Custer

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