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Rowland Cemetery,
Off Church Road,
Rowland, Pike Co., Pennsylvania

Rowland Cemetery, is located in a remote area, off of Church Rd., in Rowland, Lackawaxen Tnshp., Pike Co., PA. The cemetery is about an acre in size.

Photographed in April, 2001.

Rte. 590E Approaching Rowland, PA via Rte. 590 East. Ahead, at the bottom of the hill, is John Roebling's Lackawaxen Suspension Bridge built ca 1898, at the place where the Lackawaxen River meets the Delaware River on the New York/Pennsylvania border.

Turn right onto and cross the suspension bridge, then turn east onto Kuhn Road which runs along the Lackawaxen River into Rowland.

Finding the Cemetery Going east, pass the general store in Rowland, continue up the hill, east on Kuhn Rd, to the split (Kuhn on the left, Church Road on right). Turn right, going up the hill on Church Road, bear to the right, and follow the road past the Bethel Lutheran Church. Continue up Church Road, crossing over the bridge/creek.

About 1/8 of a mile past the creek you will come to an unmarked dirt road on your right. There is a small wooden sign there but you have to look for it. Turn right onto this road which takes you into the cemetery. [Wet seasons, four-wheel drive vehicle recommended!]

A view, looking back down the hill. This is the hill you'll climb after you pass over the creek. I shot this on my way back, coming down the hill (creek goes under the road - see guard rails). The white line on the left is snow, not a highway. This is a very remote area.

Standing in the center of the cemetery, on the hill, this shot looks down to the entrance drive. You would have entered on the left. The drive encircles the cemetery.

From center hill, facing the rear right of the cemetery.

ANDERSON "Anderson; In my Father's house are many mansions; Andrew 1890 - 1968; Margaret 1896 - 1979". Located at back section.

ANDERSEN Anders S. Andersen, 1890 - 1979, and Hardis, b. 1896, no death date. This is at the lower rear of the cemetery.

Robinson's vault, on the top center hill of the cemetery.

From center top of cemetery, rear left corner, new section.

Thanks to Rootsweb for this free space. JF

ŠJoan Sholl Francis, 1999 - 2005. Email: