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This page contains links to viewable documents, and to downloadable documents that contain current family history research. Please see the copyright info at the bottom of the page before downloading.

Each entry has a title, a summary, a date of publication or when it was last updated, and links to the material in various formats. Each entry also has its bookmark noted, to help authors making links to it from other web pages.

Viewable Archives

These are links to surnames lists. Form the surnames your can see the family page, by clicking the name.

Blaisdell Ancestry

This family file contains mostly Danish and English surnames, as well as a few Norwegian. Their are quite a few surnames in this list.

Last updated: March 2, 2002
Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     Blaisdell

Dupre Ancestry

This file is so large and contains surnames from mostly French-Canadian, and English ancestry. The entire tree has over 5000 individuals, and is continuing to grow. This tree also contains the oldest dates of about 100 AD, on the English side.

Last updated: February 20, 2002

Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     Dupre

Norton Ancestry

This tree is also quite large, and contains mostly English surnames, as well as Polish surnames. 

Last updated: May 2001

Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     Norton

Schaber Ancestry

This tree contains mostly French surnames,  and a few German surnames.

Last updated: May 2001

Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     Schaber
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Documents Available for Download

Instructions for download are as follows: Click under the name of the format* you wish to download. A download window will pop up. Select "Save Program to Disk." Select where you wish to save this file to in the drop down menu. Select Save. After it is downloaded, you can open it using the appropriate program for the extension. *(i.e. For .GED you need a program that reads it, most family history programs do this. For .txt or .rtf you need to use a notebook or word processing program, such as Notebook or Word Pad)

Blaisdell Reports

RFT Format: Entire Blaisdell Ancestry (298KB)
  Danish Ancestry (33.04KB)
  English Ancestry (314.81KB)
GED Format: Blaisdell Family Tree (274KB)
Last updated: March 2, 2002

Distribution: Internal
Formats:*     RFT GED
Bookmark:     BlaisdellDnl

Dupre Reports

RFT Format: Entire Dupre Ancestry (4275KB)
  French-Canadian Ancestry (1351.70KB)
  English Ancestry (3474.69KB)
GED Format: Dupre Ancestry (2919KB)
Last updated: February 20, 2002

Formats:*     RFT GED
Bookmark:     DupreDnl

Norton Reports

RFT Format: Norton Ancestry (491KB)
GED Format: Norton Ancestry (443KB)
Last updated: May 2001

Formats:*     RFT GED
Bookmark:     NortonDnl

Schaber Reports

RFT Format: Schaber Ancestry (75KB)
GED Format: Schaber Ancestry (37KB)
Last updated: May 2001

Formats:*     RFT GED
Bookmark:     SchaberDnl
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* Please note that all materials on this site are the property of Sheilla Norton (copyrightę 2001) and can be copied by private persons for the purposes of their own private research only. All other businesses and/or corporations must receive written permission from Sheilla Norton to download and use this information on their sites or for their businesses. Under no circumstances will this information be allowed to be redistributed, or reproduced for the purposes or sale or profit.)



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