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Some History of Virginia Counties

Counties formerly in Virginia
Kentucky Counties Formerly in VA * West Virginia Counties Formerly in VA


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Prior to 1784 the commonwealth of Virginia consisted of a vast territory extending West from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River, and North from the North Carolina line to the Great Lakes.

With the start of the Civil War in 1861, fifty (50) of Virginia's Western counties voted to remain in the Union. West Virginia became a state. on June 23, 1863.

Illinois County was named for the Illini, a confederacy of woodland tribes. The French changed the name, which means "the men," to Illinois. Illinois County was Created in Dec. 1778 after George Rogers Clark had captured several British posts on the Mississippi River within Virginia's boundaries. The county included all of that territory between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers that now constitutes the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as a small part of Minnesota. The General Assembly continued the county's existence until January 5, 1782. On March 1, 1784, the Illinois Territory was ceded to Congress and ceased to be part of the commonwealth of Virginia.

Yohogania County (EXTINCT), meaning (stream flowing), was created in 1776, when the District of West Augusta was divided into three new counties: Monongalia, Ohio and Yohogania. Within nine (9) years, almost all of Yohogania, and much of Ohio and Monongalia Counties, became part of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The remaining portions of Ohio and Monongalia Counties in 1863 became part of the new state of West Virginia. Yohogania remained a Virginia County until the October1785 session of the General Assembly. At that time, the assembly recognized that, since the Western boundary of Pennsylvania had been extended, and had taken in most of Yohogania, the area left was too small to remain a separate county. So the rest of Yohogania was added to Ohio County.

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Kentucky Counties Formerly in Virginia


West Virginia Counties Formerly in Virginia


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