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Baekelandt Brothers

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Unknown *
August Baekelandt (my  great-grandfather) (2nd from Left?)
Jules Baekelandt (3rd from Left?)
Valere Constant Baekelandt (far right) **

Can you help with this picture?

Unknown * Gentleman on the Left - It's unclear who the fourth one is. It's either another brother whose name no one knows or their father, Edmond Baekelandt. I think the left-most gentleman looks older and could be the father but none of us are certain.

Unknown ** WWI Uniform - Gentleman on the far Right. Is it Belgian on American? Which branch of service?

Thanks in Advance,
Sue Allen (nee Soens) at
Surnames: Soens, Polakowski, Czerniak, Wodaszak, Verschaeve, Baekelandt, Vanparijs


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