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(Family Tree Level 1)

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Molly Shapiro annd Sam Blattstein

Helene's Paternal Side of the Family 

Blattstein & Lindenbaum Branches  

 Helene's Maternal Side of the Family

   Shapiro & Lesner/Lovitz/Rosenfeld Branches 

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Sam and Molly Blattstein

their children




Ann Glasgall

Diana Lugo

Rosemarie Burgos



Norman Laefer (see Norman's branch)

See level 0

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Alan Blattstein

Sam Blattstein Helene Laefer Molly Blattstein

Molly Blattstein Helene Laefer

Helene Laefer Sam Blattstein


Alan Sam Blattstein David Shapiro


Eva Alan Blattstein


Helene Laefer


Helene Laefer

Louie Lillie Smoller Molly Sam Blattstein Gertie Shapiro

Helene Laefer Joel Blattstein Arlene Weimer Marty Smoller


Sam Lily Manny Blattstein / Molly Eva Bea Blattstein Louie Smoller Ruchel Yoni/Izzy Bella Lipson


Molly Sam Blattstein

Gertie Seymour Shapiro Isrella Seymour Taxon Sol Shirley Gumenick Molly Sam Blattstein Rosalyn Jack Gumenick


Seymour Shapiro Molly Blattstein Katz Fannie Lesner Sam Blattstein David Anna Shapiro Isrella Taxon

Mac Anne Blattstein Lily Louie Smoller Manny Blattstein / Ted Smoller Abraham Molly Sam Eva Blattstein Marty Smoller


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