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Jeanne Novak and Joseph Laefer

Norm's Paternal Side of the Family 

Laufer/Levine & Arbeitman Branches

 Norm's Maternal Side of the Family

   Markman/Freiberg & Novak Branches


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 Joseph Laefer and Jeanne Novak

their children




Marvin Rakow

Anita, Gary, Michele


Helene Blattstein (see Helene's branch)

See level 0

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 Norman Laefer





Norman Phyllis Laefer

Norman Jeanne Laefer

Norman Laefer

Jeanne Norman Joseph Laefer

Phyllis Rakow

 Norman Laefer

Jeanne Joe Laefer

Phyllis Rakow Norman Laefer

Phyllis Rakow Gussie Novak

Norman Laefer Phyllis Rakow

Jeanne Laefer Harold Levine Esther School Al Flossie Winnick

Jeanne Joe Laefer Al Flossie Winnick

Joe Laefer Phyllis Rakow

Rebecca Levine Phyllis Marvin Rakow Joseph Laefer

Joseph Norman Laefer

Jeanne Norman Joseph Laefer

Phyllis Anita Marvin Rakow

Rebecca Levine Phyllis Rakow

Phyllis Rakow Joseph Laefer

Norman Laefer Phyllis Marvin Rakow Jeanne Joseph Laefer

Jeanne Laefer Phyllis Rakow Joseph Laefer

Rebecca Levine Jeanne Laefer Flossie Winnick Anna Levine Lena Greenzang?

Max Abe Hisler Alex Harold Wittner Felix Braun Miltie Manny Rosenthal / Joe Laefer Manny Markman

Jeanne Laefer Phyllis Rakow Joseph Laefer

Harold Levine Jeanne Laefer Anna Levine Al & Flossie Winnick Rebecca & Charles Levine

Shelly Auerbach Fred & Barbara Kreitzberg Norman Laefer / ? ? Alan Rakow Maxine Leano

Jay Shanman Dave Stein Howard Gabler Norman Laefer Bob Bermowitz Marvin Rakow

Fred Barbara Kreitzberg Phyllis Marvin Rakow / Anita Eve Irving Rakow Aaron Sylvia Gabler Dan Ann Auerbach

Harold ? Miriam, Carol Steckman Charles Rebecca Joe Laefer, Arthur Steckman Jeanne Laefer Anna Irving Esther School Frieda Steckman

Helene Norm Laefer Faye Charles Brownstein Frieda Steckman Francis Levin Ricki Irving Esther School Renee Harold Levine Sylvia Rittman


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