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Helene Blattstein and Norman Laefer

 Norm's Side of the Family 

Laefer/Levine, Arbeitman, Markman/Freiberg, Novak Branches

This branch contains descendants of

Laufer, Przytycka, Arbaytman, Najberg, Greenzang, Shapiro, Levine, Lassman, Schneider, Arbeitman, Laefer, Radomski, Freiberg, Markman, Novak, Nowik

   Helene's Side of the Family 

Blattstein, Lindenbaum, Shapiro, Lesner/Lovitz/Rosenfeld Branches

This branch contains descendants of

Blattstein, Lindenbaum, Shapiro, Lesner, Lovitz, Rosenfeld, Yurfest

 Our Family


Norman Debra Jay and Helene Laefer

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