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The NORIN/NOREN et al DNA Project has been established to determine which lines, or families, are related to each other, and therefore had a common ancestor.

Scientific advances and discoveries now make it possible to test males for genealogy purposes, to determine if they are related to each other. Scientists have discovered that a very small portion of the Y chromosome of a male is passed from father to son, unchanged, except for an occasional mutation every 500 generations. By testing this very small portion, it can be determined if the males had a common ancestor, and are therefore related.

The test only works on direct male descendants, since the Y chromosome is passed from father to son. To participate in the Norin/Noren/ DNA Project you must be a direct descent male. That means that your father was a Norin/Noren or variant, his father was a Norin/Norin or variant, and so forth. If any of the males in your direct line were adopted, this would break the chain.

The Norin/Noren et al DNA Project will tell us who is related to whom, and should provide us with clues to help us in our genealogy research, especially for those with brick walls. By testing those with the surname in Sweden today, we also hope to uncover information regarding the origin of the surname. At least one male participant is needed from each line, or family tree.

Participating in the project is quick, easy, and painless. A kit is mailed to you, and you brush the inside of your cheek to provide some cells. The lab at the University of Arizona tests the sample.

The result of the DNA test is a string of 12 numbers. By comparing these 12 numbers to other participant's results, we can determine who is related to whom. When the 12 numbers match between participants, the individuals are related and had a common ancestor.

The participants whose 12 number score match and are therefore related, may want to then work together and share their genealogical research in order to determine where and when their common ancestor lived and who he was.

If participants scores do not match, then they will then know that their Norin/Norenlines are unrelated and they don't share a common ancestor. This is also valuable information because people often spend effort trying to find a connection to an ancestor to whom they are not related. . Although it's more fun to find that your DNA score matches the scores some one who has already trace their ancestry back to a well documented ancestor, a negative result will make it clear that you don't need to research that line.

We know that many of the Norins/ Norens came from Sweden and more currently live there than in America. Over the last 200-300 years the various Norin/Noren families have lost contact with their relatives and the paper trail is often missing that would help us find our ancestors. DNA test results are helping to put us back in contact with each other. It might be within the realm of possibility that we may discover that all Norins/Norens are descended from the same common ancestor.

We are very excited about this project, and hope that you decide to participate. We are part of the new frontier of using science in genealogy. We need participants, and encourage you to sign up today. There is a lab fee for participants. The lab fee is $99 for the 12 marker test or $169 for 25 markers. It is recomended that participants initially sign up for 12 markers and, if there is a match then pay for the additional ones Some families share the cost among several members thus reducing the burden on any one person

Some benefits of participating are:

1. You determine the genetic profile of your family line.
2. You may identify your ancestry when traditional documentary genealogical methods have not done so.
3. Your results may provide clues as to where you should focus your traditional genealogical research.
4.You may be able to validate that your traditional genealogical work is accurate.
5. If you live in Europe you may be able to identify cousins in the U.S that you didn't know you had.
6. You will be joining a fraternity of pioneering genealogy by DNA pioneers

Preliminary Findings:

handsNorin/Noren Surname DNA Project.

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If you have any questions, or to sign up to participate, please contact:

Bill Norin


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