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The ancestry of Victorine De Neve

Here follows a short resumť of the De Neve family of Victorine De Neve, the wife of Charles Louis De Bock.  Charles and Victorine were the parents of Irma Victorina De Bock who was the wife of Emiel NoŽ.

Our sources for this information are the estate reckonings of the RijksArchief (State Archives) of Ghent for Lembeke and Evergem and the StadsArchief (City Archives) of Eeklo.

We are most grateful to Mr. Marijn Claeys who did the research and granted us the right to publish the results of his work.

1. Segher De Neve.
The only thing we know about him is that he had a son called Marten2.
2. Marten De Neve,
son of Segher1, born about 1626, deceased after 1664.  He married Anna Dobbelaere before 1648.  She died after 30 March 1655.
They had at least 3 children:
- Segher (see 3 below)
- Joannes who married Martina Standaert.
- Maria, about 1670 she married Jooris Acke.  Jooris died at Evergem on 25 March 1678.  On 19 June 1686 at Evergem Maria married Joannes Mestdagh.
3. Segher De Neve,
born at Evergem on 24 February 1653, the son of Marten2.  He died there on 9 December 1715.
He married Magdalena Taets.  She was born around 1650 at Sleidinge, the daughter of Geert Taets and Joanna Vandersluys.  She died at Evergem around 1678.
He married again at Ertvelde around 1678 with Joanna Dhaenens.  She was born there about 1655 and died at Evergem on 29 March 1680.
Segher and Joanna Dhaenens had one son:
- Andries De Neve, born at Sleidinge about 1679.  Around 1710 he married Georgia van Eenaeme. He died there on 6 November 1714.  Georgia married again and her bridegroom now was Jooris Dierickx.  She died after 1715.
Segher married a third time after the death of Joanna.  The bride now was Judoca Dhondt who was born in Ertvelde on 18 August 1656, the daughter of Lieven Dhondt and Catharina Verhoochstraete.
Segher and Judoca had 9 children:
- Joannes, born before 1690.  He first married Elisabeth Van Damme who died in Evergem in 1736.
He then married Joanna Monnaerts, the daughter of Martinus Monnaerts.
Joannes died in the Schoonstraat at Evergem 1747.
- Anna, born before 1695 and deceased after 1715.  She married Petrus Cornelis.
- Maria, born before 1695 and deceased after 1715.  She married Lucas Everaert.
- Christophora, born before 1695 and deceased after 1715.  She married Joannes Vereecken.
- Petronella, born before 1695 and deceased after 1715.
- Christoforus, born about 1697.  (see 4 below)
- Joanna, born about 1701 and deceased after 1715.
- Jacobus, born about 1704 and deceased after 1715.
- Judoca.  She was married first to Jan Martens, then to Jan Bauwens and then to Pieter Verheye.  Pieter was born at Eeklo on 20 August 1694.  He died there on 13 July 1762.  He was the son of Jan Verheye and Joanna Bral. He was the widower of Petronella de Craene who was baptized at Eeklo on 25 March 1700, the daughter of Pieter de Craene and Joanna Adriana Pynckel. Petronella died at Eeklo on 27 November 1756.
Nine months after the death of Pieter, Judoca married for the fourth time on 13 April 1763.  The name of her new husband was Cornelius Dhaese.
Mr. Patrick L.E. Deroover had a superb award winning website, hof-ter-poorte.
With his permission we lifted from that website the following information:
Cornelius Dhaese was born on 14 January 1734 in St. Laureins and died there on 2 March 1799.
He was a groom (one who takes care of horses) and a farmer.
His parents were Joseph Dhaese (1703-1749) and Guilielma Danckers (Ü1737).
His brothers and sister were Livina (1726-1796), Joannes (1729-1758), Jacobus (1731-1794), Cornelius (1734-1799) and Petrus (1737-1737).
As we said above he was first married in Eeklo on 13 April 1763 to Judoca De Neve.
He married a second time in Eeklo, on 6 February 1773, to Barbara Theresia Lambrecht (?-1794).
Cornelius and Barbara had 11 children:
Joannes Franciscus (1774-), Maria Francisca (1774-1774), Petronilla Theresia (1775-), Maria Catharina (1776-1778), Francisca (1777-1816), Anna Maria (1779-1779), Petrus (1780-1783), Joanna (1781-1781), Joannes Baptistus (1782), NN (1783-1783) and Petrus (1783-1783).
4. Christoforus De Neve,
son of Segher3
born about 1697.  Died at Evergem on 4 December 1779.
He married Josine Criel, born about 1700, the daughter of Gillis Criel and Agnes de Prince.  She died on 1 January 1738.
Christoforus and Josine had 2 children:
- Karel, born at Evergem about 1725. (See 5 below.)
- Joanna, born at Evergem.  Died at Lembeke on 10 July 1786.
She was first married to Livinus Engels and then to Livinus de Vriend, born at Lembeke, the son of Joannes de Vriend.
5. Karel De Neve,
son of Christoforus4
born at Evergem about 1725, died there on 30 December 1800.
He married Ludovica Mussche at Evergem on 25 July 1772.  She was born about 1748 and died at Evergem on 20 April 1812.  She was the daughter of Livinus Mussche and Livina de Vos.
Karel and Ludovica had one son Jacobus Franciscus who was born at Evergem on 14 September 1778.  (See 6 below.)
6. Jacobus Franciscus De Neve,
son of Karel5
born at Evergem on 14 September 1778, died at Assenede on 23 October 1844.
He married at Ertvelde on 21 February 1802 with Carolina Petronella de Gheselle.  She was born at Ertvelde on 12 October 1777, the daughter of Jan Francies de Gheselle and Maria Anna Cardon.  She died at Assenede on 5 May 1838.
Jacobus and Carolina had 2 children:
- Jacobus Bernardus, born at Assenede on 22 January 1819. (See 7 below.)
- Francisca.  In 1838 she married Eugenius Joannes Pieters, son of Joannes Pieters and Joanna Petronella Schelstraete.
7. Jacobus Bernardus De Neve,
son of Jacobus Franciscus6
He was born at Assenede on 22 January 1819 and died there on 24 April 1904.
He married at Boekhoute on 30 September 1844 with Sophie Pieters. She was born there on 3 October 1821, the daughter of Joannes Baptiste Pieters and Sophia Josepha Braet.  She died at Assenede on 31 March 1854.
Jacobus Bernardus and Sophie had one daughter, Victorine, born at Assenede on 3 July 1849. (See 8a below.)
After the death of Sophie Jacobus Bernardus remarried.  His new bride was Francisca De Decker.
Here you can find Jacobus Bernardus' funeral card.
Jacobus also had a son Petrus.  More about him under 8b.
8a. Victorine De Neve,
daughter of Jacobus Bernardus7
born at Assenede on 2 July 1849, died at Watervliet on 30 August 1927.
She married at Assenede on 29 October 1879.  The bridegroom was Charles Louis De Bock.  He was born at Boekhoute on 6 May 1852, the son of Pieter Bernard De Bock and Sophia Juliana van Kerckvoorde.  He died at Watervliet on 4 November 1940.
Victorine and Charles Louis had 5 children.  Their first was a daughter, Irma Victorine Melanie De Bock. (See 9 below.)
The tombstone of Victorine De Neve and her husband Charles De Bock.

See here for a copy of Victorine's funeral card.
8b. Petrus De Neve
He had a daughter Elvire De Neve.
Elvire was born in Watervliet on 30 November 1892.
She got married to Arthur De Bock.  She died in Boekhoute on 2 May 1967.
Read here about her husband and their children.
9. Irma Victorine Melanie De Bock,
daughter of Charles Louis De Bock and Victorine De Neve8.
born at Watervliet on 8 August 1880 and died there on 6 July 1950.
She married at Watervliet on 27 April 1904 with Emiel NoŽ.  He was born in Kluizen on 11 July 1877 the son of August NoŽ and Justine De Decker.  He died at Watervliet on 4 November 1955.

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