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Below you will find five generations of our family. Click on a surname to discover more...

Rienesl Pöschko Rienesl Jaksch Stürzl Sicko Raab Kulhan Nießler Lohwasser Fladerer Pöhner Wiesner Reim Knaut Schneider

Franz Rienesl

Katharina Rienesl

Johann Stürzl

Theresia Raab

Heinrich Nießler

Maria Fladerer

Rudolf Wiesner

Josefine Knaut

Johann (Hans) Rienesl

Marie Stürzl

Oswald Nießler

Marianne Wiesner

Franz Rienesl

Margot Nießler


Laura and Alex Rienesl

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Location Maps:
Egerland (Northern Czech Republic)
South Bohemia (Southern Czech Republic)




September 17, 2011