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       __George Tyron Harding1
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	   |                         __Jan Janszen Van Kerk1
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	   |                   |    |__Mayke Gysberts1
	   |                   |
	   |               __Henry Van Kirk1
	   |              |    |
	   |              |    |__Alsey (__)1
	   |              |
	   |          __Henry Van Kirk, Jr.1
	   |         |    |
	   |         |    |__Dorothy Morgan1
	   |         |
	   |     __William Van Kirk1
	   |    |    |
	   |    |    |__(__)1
	   |    |
	   |__Charity Malvina Van Kirk1
		|__Deborah Watters1

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WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING, was born 2 November 1865 in Corsica (otherwise known as Blooming Grove), Ohio. He was educated at Ohio Central College, Iberia, Ohio, where he received his BSc in 1882. On 8 July 1891 at his and his bride's house on Mount Vernon Avenue, Marion, Ohio, he married as her second husband Florence Mabel Kling, the divorced wife of Henry De Wolfe, who was born 15 August 1860 in Marion, Ohio, a daughter of Amos H. Kling and Louisa Bouten. She died 21 November 1924 in Marion, Ohio, and was buried initially in Marion Cemetery. Both she and her husband were re-interred in the Hardin Mausoleum in Marion in 1927.
The professional career of Warren G. Harding:

     1882-1883  teacher at the White Schoolhouse, near Marion, Ohio.
     1883       employed by the Marion Mirror.
     1884       bought the Marion Star
     1886       Member of the Republican Co Committee.
     1890       Member of the Marion Board of Trade.
     1895       County Auditor for Marion
     1901-1904  Ohio State Senator where he was a Member of the Finance, the
		Ditches and Drains, the Medical Colleges and Universities,
		and the Privilege and Elections Committees.  He was also
		Chairman of the Public Printings Committee.
     1902       Republican Floor Leader.
     1904-1906  Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.
     1905       from January to May, President of the Tri-Metallic Mining,
		Refining, and Smelting Company.
     1909       Director of the Marion Lumber Company, the Marion County
		Telephone Company, and the Home Building Savings and Loan
		Company; President of Harding Publishing Company.
     1910       unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate for Ohio.
     1915-1921  United States Senator from Ohio.
     1921-1923  29th President of the United States.
		     Major Acts and Treaties during his administration:
		     Immigration quota act (1921)
		     Peace treaty (Austria) (1921)
		     Peace treaty (Germany) (1921)
		     Peace treaty (Hungary) (1921)
		     Four-Power Treaty (Pacific Islands) (1922)
		     Five-Power Treaty (naval armaments) (1922)
		     Nine-Powers Treaty (open-door policy for China) (1922)
		     Fordney-McComber Tariff Act (1922)

Honors awarded to Warren G. Harding:

Honorary LLD from Ohio Northen University, 1910
		  University of Alabama, 1921
Honorary Degree from Princeton in 1922

Warren G. Harding also was the author of the following works:

Rededicating America (published in 1920)
Our Common Country (published in 1921)

Warren G. Harding died 2 August 1923 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco
California, of heart failure.



Notes and Sources

   1.  Roberts, Gary Boyd, Ancestors of the American Presidents, First
       Authoritative Edition.  Santa Clarita:  Carl Boyer, 3rd, 1995.  67-69.


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