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I could never duplicate what's already been written about this family, and rather than creating a long, list of names, dates and places, I suggest you read the book A Baird Family Reunion - History and Genealogy of Some Descendants of John Baird (ca 1675-ca 1783). History by William D. Baird (1922-2006) Dallas, TX; Genealogy by Mrs. Jacqueline L. Baird Nashville, TN. Most of the information about my early Baird ancestors came from it. It includes many wonderful letters written by the Bairds and quite a lot of interesting facts. Or, you can get some details from my World Connect database (link at bottom of page). I’m showing the list of ancestors here, down to my Grandmother, Carrie Adella Baird. In the short narratives, I begin with the 4th generation, my 4th great-grandfather, Alexander with more information.

John Baird (cir. 1675 Scotland – bef. 1738 VA) m. cir. 1701 to Margaret Rookings

I.  Rook Baird (cir. 1702 VA – unk) m. cir.  1702 VA to Elizabeth Heath

    A. Benjamin Baird (cir. 1720 VA. – cir. 1782, NC) m. cir. 1743, VA to  Sarah Batte 

	1. Alexander Baird (1748 VA – cir. 1810 NC) m. cir. 1770, VA to Elizabeth Jennings

	    a. Wilson Baird (cir. 1781 NC – cir. 1819 NC)  m. cir. 1805 NC to Sarah Bostick

	       (1) James Baird (cir. 1810 NC – 1883 TN)  m. cir. 1828 TN to Caroline Hill

		   (a)  William Lycurgus Baird, (1840 TN-1910 TX) m. cir. 1868 to Ellen Amanda Baird

			[1] Carrie Adella Baird (1880 TX–1971 NM) m. 1898 to John Edwin White.

4th Generation


Alexander Baird was born about 1748 in Virginia, perhaps Surry County. He married about 1770 in Mecklenburg Co., VA to Elizabeth Jennings (ca. 1753 VA - aft. 1816, South Union, Logan Co., KY). She was the daughter of John and Lydia Batts Jennings. Alexander migrated from Virginia to Richmond County, NC. He and his sons founded Baird's Mill at Mountain Creek, a tributary of the Pee Dee River. They were living in Montgomery Co., NC in the 1790 and 1800 census.

Alexander MAY have died shortly after 1800 in North Carolina. However, according to the early research of Minerva Baird of Montgomery, Alabama, Alexander took up with another (unnamed) woman and had 2 more children by her. In 1904, Minerva received a letter from Dan W. Baird (a grandson of Alexander) of Nashville, TN and she left a notarized affidavit dated June 1928 attesting to it. Some researchers have disregarded this letter, and, indeed there appear to be some inaccuracies in it, but I believe it is possible that the story of two other children could be true. The two children named Bartholomew (Bat) Baird, b. ca. 1801 and Nancy (Baird) Simon did exist, and there is an "Alexdr Beard", over 45, living in Moore County, NC in 1810 with a woman and 2 children. Whether this is the same Alexander or not, is up for debate (and further research).

Elizabeth traveled with her sons to Tennessee. She died in South Union, Logan Co., KY after 1816. Alexander and Elizabeth had the following sons:

  • James Baird born cir. 1770. There has been a lot of speculation about this James Baird. Some have thought that he married Jemima Sloss, but it appears more likely that it was his son, James who married her. Very little is known about this James although, it is said that he went to Texas early.
  • John Baird (cir. 1771 Richmond Co., NC - 13 Sep. 1851, Gibson Co., TN). He married first to Nancy unknown. They had 5 children together between 1800 and 1819 and she died shortly thereafter. He then married about 1823 to Sarah Bostick Baird, the widow of his brother Wilson. They had two children together. John first migrated to Wilson Co., TN then later to Gibson Co., TN.
  • Thomas Baird (1 Jan 1773 Richmond Co., NC - 23 May 1856 Robertson Co., TN) Thomas married about 1796 to Jemima Robinson Hill (ca. 1772 NC - bef. 1826, Robertson Co., TN), the widow of John Hill. Jemima was the daughter of Charles Robinson and Keziah Powell of Richmond Co., NC. Jemima had two sons from her prior marriage, John and William Hill (probably the father of Caroline Hill, discussed below). Thomas and Jemima migrated first to Logan Co., KY, then later to Robertson Co., TN. They had 3 children together. She died before 1826 and Thomas married Jemima Henley, a neighbor.
  • Miles Baird (3 Mar 1774, Richmond Co., NC - 20 May 1841 Simpson Co., KY). Miles married 1st on 5 June 1800 in Montgomery Co., NC to Mary Rush (16 Feb 1771, NC - 27 Aug. 1837, Simpson Co., KY), daughter of William Rush and Abigail Terrill. They had 10 children. They migrated about 1806 to Wilson Co., TN, and by 1813 to Simpson Co., KY (part of old Logan Co., KY). He married 2nd after 1837 to her sister, Rebecca Rush Frizell (Mar. 1787, NC - 7 Jan. 1872 Simpson Co., KY), widow of Robert Frizell. Miles is buried in the Baird Family Cem., 7 miles out Russellville Road, Simpson Co., KY. Rebecca is buried in Carter Cem., Simpson Co., KY.
  • William Baird (ca. 1780, Richmond Co., NC - 21 Dec. 1852, Baird's Mill, Wilson Co., TN). Married 1st on 13 Mar 1804, Richmond Co., NC to Elizabeth Bostick (ca. 1785 NC - ca. 1824 Wilson Co., TN), sister to Sarah Bostick who married his brothers, Wilson and later John. Migrated early 1800's to Wilson Co., TN. Married 2nd on 8 Sept. 1825 to Lucinda Bennett (ca. 1806, NC - ca. 1866, Wilson Co., TN). Had at least 17 children between his 2 wives. His will was contested and the proceedings went on for a number of years.
  • Wilson Baird See below
  • Seldon Baird (10 Mar., 1791 Montgomery Co., NC - 6 Oct. 1861, Wilson Co., TN). Married 16 Apr. 1812 in Anson Co., NC to Sarah Billingsley (10 Mar., 1795 Charleston Co., MD - 27 Apr. 1875, Wilson Co., TN). She was the daughter of John Billingsley and Charity Ford. They settled on Sinking Creek, Wilson Co., TN about 1819. It is about 8 miles south of Lebanon, TN (very near Baird's Mill). They later moved about 4 miles away. He and his son operated a steam saw and grist mill. Also was a distiller and had many slaves.
  • David Baird See discussion at bottom of this page.
  • Some accounts also show a Charles Baird who died young.
    5th Generation

    WILSON BAIRD and SARAH BOSTICK of Richmond Co., NC

    Wilson Baird was born about 1781, the son of Alexander Baird and Elizabeth Jennings Baird. He married about 1805 in Richmond Co., NC to Sarah Bostick, daughter of the Revolutionary War Soldier, James Bostick and his wife, Comfort Love Bostick also of Richmond County, NC. Sarah was born about 1786. In May, 1817, James Bostick gave Wilson 251 acres of land. Wilson died soon after this gift was made. Click here to see the
    translated Will of Wilson Baird.

    Sarah soon married again to Wilson's brother John and they removed to Wilson County, TN. Sarah already had four children and John had two. They had two more children after they married. John Baird died 13 Sept. 1851 and Sarah died 5 Sept. 1871. Both were buried on their property, a one-acre plot called the Old Baird Cemetery in Gibson Co., TN. That cemetery was eventually destroyed during land development and some of the stones were moved to the Oakwood Cem. in Milan, TN, but Sarah's stone was lost. You can read about this at findagrave . This is a translation of the Wilson Baird Family Bible Records.

    6th Generation

    of Gibson County, TN

    James Baird (some folks claim his middle name was Monroe, but I believe there is no evidence of this) was born about 1810 in Richmond Co., VA, the son of Wilson Baird and Sarah Bostick Baird. James' father, Wilson, died when he was about 9 years old, but his mother, Sarah, remarried to his Uncle John Baird who already had children, and thus, James grew up in a large family in Wilson County, TN. It is unknown exactly where and how he met his wife Caroline Hill, but I have some thoughts about it that can be found in this discussion about the
    Hill family history. Caroline, born 13 Aug. 1815 per the Hill Family Bible Records, was the daughter of William Hill and Jane Cole Hill.

    James and Caroline married about 1828, probably in Robertson County, TN, where William Hill was raised. They have not been located in the 1840 census, but they are found on the 1850 Wilson County, TN census and thereafter, until 1880, in Gibson County, TN. A letter from Pauline Baird to her parents, Monroe and Sarah Baird, proves they were in Wilson County until after 1858. James left his will written 1874 and probated in 1883. Here can be seen an abstract of James Baird's will. Caroline probably predeceased him, as she is not listed in the estate settlement papers.

    James and Caroline Baird were land owners in China Grove, Gibson County, TN, near Salem Methodist Church. Family history states that they were buried at Salem. According to the Church History as written in "Good Times, Good People, Goodluck", by Linda (Bobo) Davis, pp. 164-165, 1992, Gibson County, TN, the first Salem Methodist Church was built here in 1860. It was torn down and rebuilt in 1910. Since family history states that the Church was built over the graves of James and Caroline, perhaps this happened in 1910. (Thanks to Maryann Arnold for this information). Sixteen children have been attributed to them, although, in her letter of 1858, Pauline wrote they had 14 (2 deceased), saying, "That's a mighty heap, ain't it?" We know they had one more child after this letter.

    The children of James and Caroline (Hill) Baird are believed to have been:

  • Wilson Baird (1830, Wilson Co., TN - 16 Nov 1885 Gibson Co., TN). He married on 23 Aug. 1851 in Wilson Co., TN to Cynthia Gollithan (1831 TN - 28 Sep 1896 Gibson Co., TN). Both are buried in Patterson Cem., Gibson Co., TN.
  • Jane Baird (ca. 1831 - cir. 1842),
  • Sarah Jemima Baird (24 Jun 1833 Wilson Co., TN - 23 Jan 1893 Denton Co., TX) married 24 Jun 1852 in Gibson Co., TN to her cousin, Dr. Harries James Monroe Baird (7 Feb 1822 - 19 Oct 1891), son of David Baird and Winnifred Sloss Baird. They moved to Texas before 1850.
  • Landosa M. Baird (cir. 1835 Wilson Co., TN - unknown) married E. Fletcher (per her father's will)
  • James Monroe Baird (ca. 1836 Wilson Co., TN - unknown date Cape Girardeau Co., MO) married 8 Jun 1858 in Gibson Co., TN to Julia Franklin Martin (7 Sep 1838 TN - unknown). Served CSA, Civil War. Died at Veteran's Home. and is buried there in Cape Girardeau Co. Julia is buried in Cribbs Camp Ground Cem. in an unmarked grave, Gibson Co., TN.
  • Miles Baird (ca. 1837 Wilson Co., TN - unknown).
  • Robert Baird (ca. 1838 Wilson Co., TN - unknown) married Mattie Stout; may have lived in Texas.
  • William Lycurgus Baird see below
  • Elvira Jane Baird(29 Dec. 1841, Wilson Co., TN - 13 Dec 1908, Gibson Co., TN) married 27 Jan 1858 in Gibson County, TN to Lemuel Harvey Couch (17 Mar. 1834, NC - 1 Apr. 1913, Gibson Co., TN). Both are buried in Salem Methodist Church Cem., Gibson Co., TN.
  • Drucilla/Drewcila A. Baird(1844 Wilson Co., TN - 1899 Stephens Co., OK) married 24 Nov 1860 in Gibson Co., TN to Dr. John Wesley Smith (30 Sep. 1836 - 4 Apr. 1914, AR). She is buried in Duncan, Stephens Co., OK. He is buried in Hickory Plains, Prairie Co., AR. They had 7 children, one of whom was Hattie M. (Smith) Lamb. There is an interesting story of her life at
  • Thomas Seldon Baird(1845 Wilson Co., TN - 11 Jun 1902 Gibson Co., TN), buried in Salem Bapt. Church Cem., Gibson Co., TN. He married 1st on 16 Oct. 1867 in Wilson Co., TN to Julia A. Thorn (1 Dec 1844 TN - 26 Apr 1880 Gibson Co., TN) and married 2nd on 11 Jan 1871 in Gibson Co., TN to Missouri Ann Abbott Barton (17 Feb 1849 Gibson Co., TN - 2 Oct 1920 Gibson Co., TN). Both wives are buried near him.
  • Cessan Baird(ca. 1848, Wilson Co., TN - unknown)
  • Medicus Franklin Baird(ca. 1850, Wilson Co., TN - unknown)
  • Daniel Gould Baird(ca. 1851, Wilson Co., TN - unknown) married about 1870, TN to Texaner T. Cain. He was probably named after his mother's brother, Daniel Gould. Named in his father's will. The story was told that he killed Abner Evins, a druggist in Dyer, TN in the late 1860's by striking him with an axe after being asked to pay a debt. Some said it was an accident and that the axe flew off of the handle. The story says he changed his name to Banks, moved to Texas and became a Baptist preacher. He may have later settled in Marietta, OK, but he seems to be listed in the 1870 Gibson Co., TN census, so it is unclear what parts (if any) of the story are true.
  • Meredith Phillip Gentry Baird(ca. 1853, Wilson Co., TN - 3 Apr. 1900, Fulton Co., KY) married on 30 Sep. 1875, Gibson Co., TN to Mary Margaret Skiles (Jan 1857, TN - 31 Aug. 1910, Fulton Co., KY). He was said to have been a good singer (with his brother George). He became an ordained Baptist minister and was a circuit rider and died prematurely from exposure. Buried in Fairview Cem., Fulton Co., KY.
  • George W. Baird(ca. 1859, Gibson Co., TN - ca. 1909) married about 1892 to Mattie Harper (1872 - unknown). Lived in Fulton Co., KY. Said to have been a good singer (with his brother Meredith Phillip Gentry). He inherited the home place at China Grove according to his father's will.
  • 7th Generation

    from Tennessee and Kentucky to Eastland, Hale and Taylor Counties, TX

    William Lycurgus Baird, my great-grandfather, was born 27 Feb 1840 in Wilson Co., TN. He was called W.L., Will or sometimes, Kurg. He served for the Union in the Civil War as a Sgt., Co. K, 8th KY Cav., enlisted 1862, and discharged 1865. I believe the war could have split his family, as at least one of his brothers fought for the South. After the war, he followed his cousin once-removed and good friend, Harries James Monroe Baird, to Texas. I often wonder how he was received in Texas, given the hostilities that were present after the war. I imagine it was difficult.

    The parents of his cousin (called Monroe) had moved to Lamar Co., Texas about 1845 and Monroe had married W.L.’s sister, Sarah Jemima, in 1852. After W.L. arrived in Texas, about 1868, he married Monroe’s sister Elander (or Ellen) Amanda Baird, making their children double cousins. Amanda was born 26 May, 1839 in Simpson Co., KY. Her parents were David Baird (James' great-uncle) and Winifred Sloss.

    By 1870, Monroe and family, plus W.L. and family were living in Denton County, TX. W.L. and Amanda must have moved to Wise County shortly after that, about 1874, because of Indian troubles. Wise County is where the remainder of their children and my Grandmother, Carrie Adella, were likely born. They had 5 children, Lila Sloss, Medicus Edgar, William Monroe, Charles Wesley, and Carrie Adella (called Della). This picture of Lila (left) and Della (right) was probably taken in Petersburg, TX. These two deeds were recorded in Wise County in 1878.

    According to the notes of Pearl Coleman, son Edgar told her they later moved to Brownwood, then Rising Star, and then to Pioneer, TX in 1881. By early 1898, all but the youngest two children were already married. I believe Della was visiting or living with her older sister, Lila in Petersburg, Texas. Then, in mid-1898, W.L. and Amanda took a trip to visit Lila also. During that visit, on 4 Jun 1898, Amanda died. Amanda was buried either at Plainview or Hale Center, TX. No record or marker has been found.

    By 1890, W.L. had remarried to a widow, Sarah Griffin of Coryell Co., TX, and was still living in Pioneer, Eastland County, TX. He is listed in the Veteran's census, Precincts 4 & 7, at Pioneer, which shows his civil war service. In Jim Wheat's "Postmasters & Post Offices of Texas, 1846 - 1930", he is listed as postmaster of Pioneer, 5 Jan. 1897. (His son, Medicus E. is also listed as postmaster 23 Aug 1894).

    In 1900, Will and Sarah are living in Coryell County. As shown in this deed, they sold her property there in 1901, before moving to the south of Abilene around Moro, Taylor Co., TX where they continued to live until their death. W.L. died in 1910 at his son's house in Abilene (Taylor) TX and is buried in nearby Bradshaw, TX. For more information on his life, read this account of William Lycurgus Baird, written in 1980 by Beulah “Becky” (Baird) Reed.

    Lila married a part-time preacher of the Church of Christ, John Phillips. They moved to Petersburg, Hale County, TX. Of Lila Sloss Phillips, researcher Pearl Coleman wrote (about 1952):

    "She (cousin Lila) certainly does not look anywhere near her age of 83 and she is very active and agile. She says she can walk several miles. She is very quaint and has such old fashioned ideas and some narrow to my mind. Does not believe in picture shows. She has gone on this Hauser (or Housee) diet - no starches no sweets. She brought her black strap molasses and she eats yogurt all the time. While here she ate the raw yolks of eggs for supper and breakfast--said the whites did not agree with her--just raw with no salt pepper or anything. She does not know much of our grandfather Baird’s (i.e., Jas. Monroe) early life as she did not see the family after five years of age. When she was that old, her parents with herself and small brother Edward [Edgar] were driven out of Wise County by the Indians and they spent a year in a cabin on G.father Baird’s farm at Little Elm. She never saw your mother (i.e., Mollie) or my mother (Mattie) again but did see Aunt Delle, Sadie & G.mother & G.father Baird who all drove to see them one time. She has given the letters her mother kept thru the years to someone in the family--I don’t know who but she says someone who appreciates and will preserve them."

    Reference to Grandfather Baird would be to Pearl's grandfather Harries James Monroe Baird. (Lila's maternal grandfather David had died probably in Honey Grove, Fannin County, TX about 1866). The letters, I believe, were given to Rosa Baird, another early researcher. They were included in the book mentioned above.

    One family story tells us that W.L.'s son Charley shot a man in Abilene about 1914. There are conflicting reasons given, but one is that the man was stealing cattle. If anyone has more information about this event, I hope you will get in touch with me.

    8th Generation

    of Hale County, Texas

    Later in the year after her mother died, on 30 Oct. 1898, Della married John Edwin White, whose father, Edwin M. White, owned the general store and ran the post office in Petersburg. Read more about this family in the White Family Story.

    An Additional 5th Generation Family -- Parents of Ellen Amanda Baird

    of Simpson and Logan Counties, KY and Lamar County, TX

    David Baird was born 1 Mar 1794 in Richmond Co., NC. He also was a son (the youngest) of Alexander and Elizabeth Jennings Baird as shown above. David left North Carolina, probably with his older brother, Thomas about 1811, and settled first in Logan County, KY on the Gaspar River, near Auburn and South Union (Shaker Village). His mother lived near (or perhaps they lived together) until she died after 1816. He married on 22 Sept. 1814 in Warren County, KY to Winifred Sloss. She was born on 30 May 1797 . According to this
    Marriage Bond , she was the daughter of John and Agnes (Lockhart) Sloss. John Sloss was a very successful businessman in the area. Here, you can see the Bible Records for the David Baird family. David later owned land on the Red River and that area became a part of Simpson County, KY in 1819. The land on the Red River may have been a gift from his father-in-law. In 1823, he sold it to his brother Miles. Dr. Bill Baird, in his book, suggests that David was not particularly successful, that, in fact, the family was raised in poverty. David apparently attributed his lack of success to being the youngest son and "being spoiled". In spite of this, his sons appear to have been quite successful (there were two medical doctors among them).

    In about 1846, David and Winifred moved to Lamar County, TX to land that was a part of the Peter's Colony. However, they did not take advantage of the offer of free land until after it had expired (1840-1841). Presumably, this is because their intent was to build a grist mill and you need for people to be settled to be successful at that. Their son Monroe was the first to have gone to Texas to investigate, but he didn't return until several years later. As shown on this deed translation Lamar County in 1846, David paid $60 for his tract of land and lived out the rest of their lives there. The land (in Lamar County, but near the line with Fannin County) was located near Honey Grove which is itself in Fannin County. It is unknown if David actually constructed a mill there, but his son Wesley did construct one nearby. Winifred died about Dec. 1857 and David died 1864-1868, both probably in Lamar County, but no graves have been located.

    David and Winifred had 12 children from 1815 to 1845.

  • John Barnet Baird (3 Nov 1815 Logan Co., KY - 22 May 1882 Dallas, TX). He married on 11 Oct 1841 in Warren Co., KY to his cousin, Agnes Elizabeth Sloss (4 Oct 1821 Warren Co., Ky - 14 May 1897, Dallas, TX). She was the daughter of Thomas L. Sloss and Tabitha Ely Sloss. He attended Medical School at Louisville, KY. They are buried the Routh Cemetery, Collin County, TX.
  • Thomas Wesley Baird (30 Jun 1817 Simpson Co., KY - 1 Oct 1896, Dallas, TX) married 15 Sept 1841 in Auburn, Logan Co., KY to his cousin, Agnes Ann Sloss (ca. 1819 Woodburn, Warren Co., KY - died unknown date in Dallas, TX). She was the daughter of Joseph Sloss and Ann Hodge. They married in a double wedding with his sister, Elizabeth Agnes Baird. May have served 1864 in Civil War.
  • Elizabeth Agnes Baird (8 Dec 1819 Simpson Co., KY - 20 Apr 1904 Plainview, Hale Co., TX) married 15 Sep 1841 in Auburn, Logan Co., KY to Washington Boliver (ca. 1819 Knoxville, TN - 3 Jan 1892 Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX). He was a tailor. They moved to Texas in 1849, but returned to Kentucky in 1853. They later returned to Texax in 1873. Many of her letters were saved.
  • Harries James Monroe Baird (7 Feb 1822 Simpson Co., KY - 19 Oct 1891 Little Elm, Denton Co., TX). He married on 24 Jun 1852 in Gibson Co., TN to his 1st cousin once removed, Sarah Jemima Baird (24 Jun 1833 Wilson Co., TN - 23 Jan 1893 Pilot Point, Denton Co., TX). She was the daughter of James and Caroline (Hill) Baird, discussed above. He went by the name Monroe and was a medical doctor.
  • Charles Halliday Baird (5 Mar 1824 Simpson Co., KY - 29 Jan 1862 near Russellville, Logan Co., KY) married 27 Nov 1848 in Logan Co., KY to Lucinda Elizabeth "Betty" Nourse (2 Oct 1830 KY - Aft. 1895 KY). In 1853, they were living at a place called Elm Valley, KY. He died in an erysipelas epidemic.
  • William Fletcher Baird (18 Apr 1826 Simpson Co., KY - 25 Feb 1853 Lamar Co., TX). Unmarried. May have died in an epidemic.
  • Sarah Jemima Baird (23 May 1828 Simpson Co., KY - 26 Oct 1898 Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX) married about 1846 to Alexander McKee (22 Mar 1822 Carroll Co., TN - 19 Oct 1887 Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX).
  • Mary Ann Emeline Baird (24 Jan 1831 Simpson Co., KY - Mar 1853 Lamar Co., TX). Unmarried. May have died in some epidemic.
  • Winifred Pauline Baird(8 Oct 1833 Franklin, Simpson Co., KY - 28 Dec 1913, Franklin, Simpson Co., KY) married 7 Aug 1860 in KY to William Henry Stagner (ca. 1820, Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY - 13 Oct 1899 Auburn, Logan Co., KY). She is buried in the Auburn, KY Cemetery (Logan Co.).
  • Martha Jane Baird(16 Mar 1836 Simpson Co., KY - 1866 TX). She married 9 Sept. 1858 to J. Will Wilson.
  • Elander Amanda BairdSee above wife of William Lycurgus Baird
  • Elizabeth Adella Baird(25 Sep 1846 Lamar Co., TX - 29 Feb 1862 KY). She died in an erysipelis epidemic while visiting her brothers, Monroe and Charles.
  • To read some of the letters written by or to members of this family, go to the Baird Documents page (click on documents at the top of this page).

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