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Last Update: April 13, 2011
Section H
Recorded & Contributed by Janice Cooper

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
BAINES, Wilbur J., Apr 8, 1896-Sep 28, 1953, PA. Sgt. 303 Repair Unit M.T.C., WW I veteran
GACHES, Geo. McL., Apr 8, 1926, Co. A. 42nd Inf. Veteran
GENSKE, Ernest, 1875-1949
McCAULEY, Annie, 1868-1944
McCAULEY, Margaret, 1837-1926, Mother
NOHA, Louis, died May 30, 1953 [near MELLENKAMP]
SCHERYCH, Antonia, 1883-1925, Mother
SCHERYCH, Elizabeth, 1892-1935, Mother
SCHERYCH, Thomas, 1880-1937, Father
SCHLEID, August, 1841-1922, Father, same stone as Mina
SCHLEID, Edith, 1875-1922, Sister
SCHLEID, Mary B., 1880-1969
SCHLEID, Mina, 1850-1887, Mother, same stone as August
SCHLEID, Theodore, 1871-1951
SERYCH, Julia, 1879-1963, Mother,same stone as Vincent
SERYCH, Vincent, 1878-1948, Father, same stone as Julia
SHERYCH, Charles W., Jul 16, 1907-Feb 19, 1982, Tec 3 US Army, WW II veteran
USSHER, Abbie L., 1879-1972, Mother, same stone as John C.
USSHER, John C., 1874-1950, Father, same stone as Abbie L.
YUNDT, Daniel J., 1880-1921, Husband
YUNDT, George, 1855-1900, Father
YUNDT, Harry J., 1889-1931, Father
YUNDT, Magdalene, 1853-1917, Mother
YUNDT, Margaret A., 1877-1921, Wife
YUNDT, Margaret B., 1888-1962, Mother

Section R
Recorded & Contributed by Janice Cooper

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
BOLEKY, Jennifer, no dates, on ROBERTS monument
BROOKS, Robert R., Jan 28, 1916, Troup F
BROOKS, Walter D., Oct 6, 1890-Oct 8, 1932, Pvt. Btry. B 315th F.A., Enl. Sep 23, 1917, Disc. Jun 10, 1919
COOK, Frank B., no dates, on ROBERTS monument
COOK, Isabella, no dates, on ROBERTS monument
COOK, Samuel B., no dates, on ROBERTS monument
COPPES, Betty, no dates, Mother, same stone as Grant E.
COPPES, Grant E., Aug 6, 1971, Father, same stone as Betty
COPPES, Henry, 1851-1914, Father
COPPES, Malinda, 1855-1912, Wife of Henry
COPPES, Regina, 1877-1959, Wife of Alexander J. GILL
CRAWFORD, May, 1914-1918 [near GORDON & WILLIAMS stones]
CULVEYHOUSE, Laura, no dates, on ROBERTS monument
CULVEYHOUSE, William D., Jan 3, 1889-Sep 9, 1953, Base Hospital QMC, Enl. Aug 5, 1918, Disc. Jul 16, 1919
CULVEYHOUSE, William D., no dates, on ROBERTS monument
DAWSON, Anna M., 1870-1961, Mother, same stone as Wm. H. & children
DAWSON, Anna May, 1903-1947, Daughter, same stone as Anna M., Wm. H., Wm. R. & Margaret M.
DAWSON, Margaret M., 1908-1966, Daughter, same stone as Anna M., Wm. H. & others
DAWSON, William H., 1860-1911, Father, same stone as Anna M. & children
DAWSON, William R., 1905-1966, Son, same stone as Anna M., Anna May, Wm. H. & Margaret M.
EMHOFF, Elizabeth, 1857-1917, same stone as Monroe EMHOFF
EMHOFF, Monroe, 1856-1925, same stone as Elizabeth
FRYE, Emma, no dates, on ROBERTS monument
GILL, Alexander J., 1873-1923, Husband of Regina GILL
GORDON, Lee A., 1895-1918, Brother
HEATH, Earl R., no dates, on ROBERTS monument
HEYL, Luther M., 1866-1909, Husband of Ida M. HEYL
INSKIPT, Ella, 1901-1983
McCORD, Archie S., 1876-1938, Father
McCORD, Ida B., 1875-1961, Mother
MURPHY, Gene G., Oct 1, 1894-Mar 27, 1970, Mother
ROBERTS, Cora B., no dates, on ROBERTS monument
ROBERTS, Thomas C., no dates, on ROBERTS monument
SMITH, Allie, 1872-1905, same stone as Judson, Retta & Rena
SMITH, David, 1890-1965, Son, same stone as Emma & Margaret
SMITH, Edna W., 1895-1924, Mother
SMITH, Elizabeth R., 1846-1931, Mother, same stone as John P.
SMITH, Emma, 1890-1970, Wife, same stone as David & Margaret
SMITH, John P., 1851-1927, Father, same stone as Elizabeth R.
SMITH, Joseph, Jan 19, 1888-Feb 18, 1929, Pvt. C. B 57th Engrs., Enl. May 17, 1918, Disc. Aug 2, 1919
SMITH, Judson C., 1851-1912, same stone as Retta, Allie & Rena
SMITH, Margaret, 1870-1959, Mother, same stone as David & Emma
SMITH, Rena, 1874-1915, same stone as Judson, Retta & Allie
SMITH, Retta A., 1851-1925, same stone as Judson, Allie & Rena
WILLIAMS, Anna M., 1866-1921, Mother

Section S
Recorded & Contributed by Janice Cooper

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
BRAUN, Adolph E., 1869-1960, Father, same stone as Caroline & Amelia K.
BRAUN, Amelia K., 1874-1959, Mother, same stone as Caroline C. KNIPLING & Adolph E. BRAUN
BRAUN, Caroline C., nee KNIPLING, 1877-1948, same stone as Amelia K. & Adolph E.
HERRCHEN, John M., 1893-1928, Husband
HOLMIG, Gustav H., 1859-1924, Father, same stone as Josephine C.
HOLMIG, Josephine C., 1859-1924(?), Mother, same stone as Gustav
HOSACK, Alexander, 1922, same stone as Charles, Jennie & Homer
HOSACK, Charles, 1934, Father, same stone as Jennie, Alex. & Homer
HOSACK, Homer, 1956, same stone as Charles, Jennie & Alexander
HOSACK, Jennie, 1947, Mother, same stone as Charles, Alex. & Homer
KELLER, James M., 1913-1913, Son of J.M. KELLER, "Baby"
KNIPLING, Caroline C. [see BRAUN]
RENFER, Bertha E., 1894-1990, Sister, same stone as William O.
RENFER, Henrietta, 1891-1926, Mother
RENFER, John H., 1859-1931, Father
RENFER, John Kruse, 1904-1949
RENFER, Paulena, 1860-1918, Mother
RENFER, Walter J., 1890-1944, Father
RENFER, William O., 1897-1969, Brother, same stone as Bertha E.
SCHOCK, Lucy, 1861-1928, Mother
ULRICH, Robert E., Oct 8, 1909-Oct 17, 1993, Sgt. US Army, WW II veteran

Section U
Recorded & Contributed by Janice Cooper

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
BREHM, Albert, 1860-1932, Father
DILLIOT, Fred J., 1891-1920, Brother
DILLIOT, Louis R., 1897-1921, Brother
DORST, Charles H., 1854-1923, Father
DORST, Emma M., 1855-1927, Mother
FLECK, Bertha B., 1858-1931, Mother
FLECK, Charlotte K., 1887-1959, Daughter
FLECK, Frederick E., 1858-1912, Father
KUNZ, Clifford R., 1911-1987, same stone as Robert, Jean & Edna
KUNZ, Edna REINHART, 1887-1956, same stone as Robert J.
KUNZ, Jean H., 1917-1993
KUNZ, Robert J., 1885-1920, same stone as Clifford, Jean KUNZ & Edna REINHART
LIETING, Agnes, 1879-1923, Mother
LIETING, William, 1873-1946
LIGHTNER, A. Elizabeth, 1882-1951, same stone as Rachel & Wm.
LIGHTNER, Rachel, 1846-1925, Mother, same stone as Wm. & A. Elizabeth
LIGHTNER, William K., 1854-1922, Father, same stone as Rachel & A. Elizabeth
MACKINTOSH, George P., d. Jan 27, 1922
MEYER, Barbara, 1858-1927, Mother
MEYER, Henry, 1857-1935, Father
MEYER, Mary Jean, d. Jun 7, 1927 [with DORST]
MURRAY, Alfred J., 1886-1925, Husband
MURRAY, Bella H., 1855-1922, Mother, same stone as Bella Mae
MURRAY, Bella Mae, 1915-1924, Daughter, same stone as Bella H.
MURRAY, Lillian K., 1889-1966, Wife
PATERSON, Letitia, 1862-1920
PATERSON, William, 1881-1936
PATERSON, William, Jr., 1887-1915
REYNOLDS, Ella A., 1858-1994, Mother
REYNOLDS, Eva M., Dec 13, 1884-Feb 2, 1920
REYNOLDS, John F., 1855-1993, Father
REYNOLDS, Maude E., Apr 18, 1883-Sep 18, 1954
SCHELLER, David, 1849-1919, same stone as Julia A.
SCHELLER, Julia A., 1864-1933, same stone as David
SICKEL, Charles A., 1876-1922, same stone as Laura & Charles G.
SICKEL, Charles G., 1857-1909, same stone as Laura & Charles A.
SICKEL, Laura J., 1878-1946, same stone as Charles A. & Charles G.
WISSE, Emilie, 1873-1949, Mother
WISSE, Karl, 1874-1924, Father


Section V

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
Milliken, Elizabeth Jane (David), Oct 31, 1877 / Nov 5, 1969, Sect. V-37 A-1, (MM)
Milliken, Henrietta Emma, Jul 20, 1902 / Oct 30, 1912, Sect. V-37 A-5, (MM)
Milliken, James Eugene, Feb 7, 1876 / Dec 31, 1944, Sect. V-37 A-2, (MM)
Milliken, James Walter, May 25, 1907 / Jun 13, 1910, Sect. V-37 A-4, (MM)

Section W
Recorded & Contributed by Janice Cooper

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
BARCLAY, Andrew, 1877-1923
BARCLAY, Bessie B. BENNETT, 1867-1910, same stone as Mina H. & Andrew
BARCLAY, Mina H., 1880-1918, same stone as Bessie & Andrew
BARTON, Adam, Nov 27, 1828-Dec 28, 1907, same stone as Fred E.
BARTON, Fred E., Jun 13, 1867-Oct 3, 1894
Berger, Adolph G.; 1863; 1928; h/o Lavina R.; Immigrated from Germany, 1890; Same stone as Lavina R., (photo), (RH)
Berger, Anna Ida; 26 July 1896; 4 May 1972; w/o William G., (photo), (RH)
Berger, Lavina R.; 1862; 1935; nee Beck, w/o Adolph G; Same stone as Adolph G., (photo), (RH)
Berger, William G.; 2 July 1891; 10 February 1955; s/o Adolph G. and Lavina R., Husband of Anna I., (photo), (RH)
BIEHLER, Elizabeth B., 1885-1940
BLAND, Seraphine, Jun 6, 1840-Feb 27, 1923 [another matching stone is next to her, toppled over, unreadable]
BROWN, Annie, 1871-1920, same stone as Leo, Leo Jr., George & Catherine
BROWN, Catherine, 1909-1909, same stone as George, Annie, Leo
BROWN, George, 1901- [no death date], same stone as Leo, Catherine & Annie
BROWN, Leo, 1868-1947, same stone as Annie, George, Catherine & Leo, Jr.
BROWN, Leo, Jr., 1911-1911, same stone as Leo, Annie, George & Catherine
DILL, Eliza [ see WINEMAN]
FORREST, Charles B., 1822-1907, Father
Heinsch, Augusta R.; 21 August 1933; 26 January 1938; d/o Robert F. and Mary D.; Lamb on headstone with “Our Darling”, (photo), (RH)
Heinsch, Mary D.; 19 June 1894; 24 September 1970; nee Berger, d/o Adolph G. and Lavina R.; w/o Robert F.; m/o Augusta R., (photo), (RH)
Heinsch, Robert F.; 22 July 1890; 17 January 1937; Immigrated from Germany, 1911; h/o Mary D. and f/o Augusta R., (photo), (RH)
HILL, Arthur C., Aug 29, 1871-May 9, 1944, Father, same stone as Bertha & Edna M.
HILL, Bertha, Sep 24, 1900-Mar 21, 1906, Daughter, same stone as Arthur & Edna
HILL, Edna M., Jul 2, 1880-Jn 14, 1959, Mother, same stone as Arthur & Bertha
LAMPERT, Flora E., 1860-1936, same stone as Theodore
LAMPERT, Theodore, 1860-1928, same stone as Flora E.
MANN, Helen [see WINEMAN]
McGEARY, no names or dates
MILLIKEN, John Roy, Feb 25, 1893 - Dec 6, 1965, h/o Mary, s/o Minnie, (MM)
MILLIKEN, Mary Evaline (Reed), Feb 6, 1893 - Oct 6, 1969, w/o John Roy, (MM)
MILLIKEN, Minnie, March 1, 1870 - April 11, 1914, m/o John Roy, (MM)
MONKS, Clifford J., Feb 25, 1879-Nov 22, 1918
NEASHAM, Anna, 1830-1909, Mother
NEASHAM, James, 1863-1912
NEASHAM, Robert, 1835-1918
OSBORN, James M., 1847-1909, Father, same stone as Zella & Millie
OSBORN, Millie, no dates, Daughter, same stone as James M. & Zella
OSBORN, Zella, 1846-1933, Mother, same stone as James M. & Millie
RAPP, Alma Mae, no dates, Daughter
RAPP, Margaret M., 1891-1971, Mother, same stone as W. Earl & Alma Mae
RAPP, W. Earl, 1892-1972, Father, same stone as Mgt. & Alma Mae
TAYLOR, Nancy M., 1839-1910, Mother
WEIR, Archie, died Mar 23, 1917, aged 73
WEIR, Dennis, died Feb 1, 1920, aged 70
WINEMAN, Achsan E., Sep 27, 1858-Jan 1946
WINEMAN, Eliza DILL, 1886-1935, Mother
WINEMAN, Helen MANN, 1887-1962, Wife
WINEMAN, John R., 1883-1967, Father
WINEMAN, Thomas N., Apr 17, 1847-May 28, 1913
WRIGHT, Caroline, 1853-1909, same stone as Richard
WRIGHT, Richard, 1844-1920, same stone as Caroline

Section X
Recorded & Contributed by Janice Cooper

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
GUINEA, Elsie K., 1883-1967, same stone as George W.
GUINEA, George W, 1873-1932, same stone as Elsie K.
HENDRY, Alexander J. Jr., Jan 1, 1924 / Sept. 5, 1967, h/o Mary, Father, Pennsylvania TEC5 BTRY C 2 FLD ARTY BN WWII, (photo), (GH)
HENDRY, Alexander J. Sr., April 7, 1899 / Mar. 10, 1965, PFC BTRY B 82ND FA, Enlisted May 19, 1917, Discharged Sept. 24, 1919, (photo), (GH)
HENDRY, Mary, March 16, 1905 / July 12, 1960, w/o Alexander J. Jr., Mother, (photo), (GH)
NUNGESSER, Anna, Feb 26, 1862-May 6, 1936, Mother
NUNGESSER, Edward A., 1891-1933, Husband
NUNGESSER, Estella M., 1891-1922, Wife
NUNGESSER, Otto J., 1884-1908
NUNGESSER, Otto, Jun 5, 1854-Apr 16, 1912, Husband


Section Z

Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other

Borland, James, b. 1818 / d. Jan 12,1891, h/o Margaret (Barr), (photo-marker moved), (CD)
Borland, John A., b. 1847 / d. 1928, h/o Martha, s/o James & Margaret, (photo), (CD)
Borland, Margaret Barr, b. Mar 20, 1820 - Boalsburg, Centre Co, PA / d. May 18, 1904, w/o James, (photo-marker moved), (CD)
Borland, Martha, b. Sept 20, 1841 / d. Feb 20, 1912, w/o John A., (photo), (CD)

Recorded &Contributed by Janice Cooper & Jacqueline Turk,
, 2003
Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
ALBL, Carl, d. Apr 13, 1961, Husband, same stone as Martin, Lena, Minnie
ALBL, Lena, d. Feb 9, 1948, Mother, same stone as Martin, Carl, Minnie
ALBL, Martin, d. Mar 31, 1952, Father
ALBL, Minnie M., d. Aug 20, 1992, Wife, same stone as Martin, Lina Carl
ALLEN, David M., Sr., 1891-1961, Husband & Father
ALUKONIS, Stanley, 1890-1946, same stone as Veronuka
ALUKONIS, Veronuka, 1897-1980, same stone as Stanley
ANDERSON, Elizabeth J., 1862-19__, Mother [unfinished date]
ANDERSON, William J., 1849-1917 [next to Eliz. J & Wm. J., Jr.]
ANDERSON, William J., Jr., 1880-1928, Son [next to Eliz. & Wm. J.]
ARMSTRONG, Gary Edward, Apr 22, 1958-May 7, 1958, same stone as Ronald Charles
ARMSTRONG, Harry, 1887-1954
ARMSTRONG, Harry, Sep 27, 1923-Mar 6, 1979, US Navy WW II
ARMSTRONG, Ronald Charles, Mar 31, 1957-Apr 7, 1957, same stone as Gary Edward
ASCHE, Edward, 1870-1930, Father
ASCHE, Mathilda, 1877-1967, Mother
BACH, Bobby, Aug 6, 1952-Aug 8, 1953, Our Baby
BACH, John, 18677-1939, Father [next to Katherine]
BACH, Katherine, 1867-1943, Mother [next to John]
BACH, William OUTLY, no dates, other side of stone reads Helen HESS GOLD
BAINES [a marble ground marker]
BAINES, John W., 1881-1935, Husband, [Masonic symbol on stone]
BAKER, Bertha D., 1880-1965, Mother, same stone as Thomas W.
BAKER, Sarah Ann, May 28, 1867-Feb 19, 1925, Mother
BAKER, Thomas W., 1867-1940, Father, same stone as Bertha D.
BALL, Esther P., 1875-1951, Daughter [same plot as Martha J. BOYLE and Mattie DODSON]
BALLENTINE, Mary, 1868-1928, Mother
BANAR, Daisy P., 1867-1937, Mother
BARRON, Leroy, May 29, 1950-Aug 4, 1950
BASSETT, Ella S., 1861-1928, Mother
BASSETT, Thomas S., 1857-1919
BAZZONE, Mary C., 1912-1945, same stone as Sarah COLAROSSI
BERAN, Alois, 1855-1921, Father, same stone as Karolina
BERAN, Charles A., 1890-1956, Husband
BERAN, Emil, 1886-1947, Father, same stone as Mary
BERAN, Karolina, 1869-1921, Mother, same stone as Alois
BERAN, Mary, 1889-1957, Mother, same stone as Emil
BERAN, Ralph, 1895-1958, Father
BERNY, Charles A., 1865-1936, Father, same stone as Katherine R.
BERNY, Katherine R., 1873-1959, Mother, same stone as Katherine R., Dau.
BERNY, Katherine R., 1904-1933(?), Daughter, same stone as Katherine R. & Charles A.
BERSTER, Audrey M., 1919-1930, Daughter
BERSTER, Catherine R., 1889-1969, Mother, same stone as Henry E.
BERSTER, Henry E., 1888-1977, Father, same stone as Catherine R.
BERSTER, Kathryn, 1922-1923(?)
BLACK, Blanche M., 1869-1918, Mother
BLACK, Emma, 1888-1971, Mother
BLACK, Wm. James, 1900-1939, Son
BLACK, Wm. John, 1866-1944, Father
BLAIR, Margaret S., 1880-1943, Mother
BLAKELY, Kathryn S., 1896-1949
BLANER, Joseph, Mar 15, 1895-Jul 8, 1948, Father
BOEHM, Conrad, 1862-1941, same stone as Philomena
BOEHM, Carl T., 1906-1978, same stone as Mildred E.
BOEHM, Mildred E., no dates, same stone as Carl T.
BOEHM, Philomena, 1869-1943, same stone as Conrad
BOEHM, William, 1875-1919, Father
BOWMAN, Jacob Victor, 1854-1930, same stone as Pauline ERATH
BOWMAN, Pauline, nee ERATH, 1864-1932, same stone as Jacob Victor BOWMAN
BOYLE, Martha J., 1852-1950, Mother [same plot as Esther P. BALL & Mattie DODSON]
BRAGHINI, Innocente, 1876-1944, Father, same stone as Lugia
BRAGHINI, Lugia Susena, 1882-1939, Mother, same stone as Innocente
BREITENBACH, Anna, 1853-1917
BREITENBACH, Katherine, 1855-1921
BREITENBACH, Michael, 1857-1916
BREITENBACH, Peter, 1852-1914
BRETZ, Anthony, Jun 15, 1926, Co N 100 PA. Vol, broken off its base
BRIGGS, Adrian J., 1893-1980, same stone as Marie F. & O'MALLEY twins
BRIGGS, Arthur J., 1860-1940, same stone as Mary E.
BRIGGS, Marie F., 1897-1940, same stone as Adrian J. & O'MALLEY twins
BRIGGS, Mary E., 1863-1942, same stone as Arthur J.
BRINKMAN, Andrew, Feb 4 1872 Racine, Wisconsin / Aug 29 1925 N. Braddock, son of Henry Brinkman, 2nd spouse to Matilda Diederich, (Source:
BRINKMAN, Matilda ("Tillie"/"Lillie") Crider Didrich/Diederich, 11 Aug 1876 / Jan 26 1923, dtr of Wm H. Crider and Ella Smith, 1st spouse--Frank Diederich Jr buried @ Mt Royal, (Source:
BRITTNER, Frank W., Mar 20, 1886-Apr 14, 1967, Father
BRITTNER, Minnie C., May 18, 1892-Dec 10, 1956, Mother
BRITTNER, William R., Apr 21, 1931-Dec 28, 1952, Son
BROWN, Arch B., 1840-1922
BRUCKMAN, Helen D., 1880-1946
BRUNNER, Emma G., 1894-1921
BRUNO, Beatrice Didrich/Diedrich Winterhalter, 2 Aug 1898 / Oct 18 1980, dtr of Matilda Crider & Frank Diedrich Jr, (Source:
BUTTERWECK, Amelia, 1853-1928, Wife of John R. SCHAEFER
CAFFREY, Charles F., Dec 7, 1872-Feb 21, 1948, Father, same stone as Mgt. A.
CAFFREY, Margaret A., Dec 16, 1870-Dec 4, 1925, Mother, same stone as Charles F.
CAMPBELL, Thomas S., 1886-1930, Father
CARDELLA, Anthony, 1879-1952, Father, same stone as Frances
CARDELLA, Frances, 1877-1969, Mother, same stone as Anthony
CATLEY, Amos, 1854-1882, same stone as Rebecca
CATLEY, Benjimin, 1835-1909 [note the spelling of first name]
CATLEY, Rebecca, 1837-1884, same stone as Amos
CEJKA, Albert, 1880-1949, Father, same stone as Mary
CEJKA, Mary, 1884-1965, Mother, same stone as Albert
CHACKE, Emma, 1875-1924, Wife [with ERHARDT]
CHLUP, Elizabeth A., 1880-1961, Mother
CHLUP, Emily A., 1912-1982, Daughter
CHRISTMYER, Carrie, Nov 3, 1859-Oct 29, 1927 [in Samuel WAITNEIGHT plot]
CLARKE, Naomi W., 1889-1960, Wife of J. Franklin MILLER
COLAROSSI, Sarah, 1907-1999, "Aunt Sarah", same stone as Mary C. BAZZONE
COLE, Ora J., no dates, worn, "Watchtower Bible & Tract Society" at top of monument, same stone as John PERRY & 3 other unreadable names
COLVILLE, Emma M., 1868-1921, same stone as James H.
COLVILLE, James H., 1867-1914, same stone as Emma M.
CONLEY, Hazel M., 1893-1979, Mother, same stone as Margaret A.
CONLEY, Margaret A., 1910-1961, Daughter-in-Law, same stone as Hazel M.
CONNOR, Jennie S., 1850-1924, Mother
COOLEY, Albert B. (Cap), 1899-1991, Brother
COOLEY, Emily S., 1868-1957, Mother
COOLEY, Ruth S., 1896-1991, Sister
COOLEY, Wils L., Sr. , 1867-1954, Father
CORNELIUS, Margaret WEISS, 1910-1988, Mother [next to Conrad & Emma WEISS]
Costello, Walter F., Jun 15, 1950-Nov 23, 1950
CRAIG, Anna M., 1894-1964, Mother, same stone as William J.
CRAIG, William J., 1888-1949, Father, same stone as Anna M.
CROFFORD, Lucille, (no dates), same stone as FORBES
CROFFORD, Robert, Sr., (no dates), same stone as FORBES
CROYLE, Harmon G., Jan 4, 1883-Aug 18, 1911, Son
DAVIDSON, Andrew, 1851-1908, Father, same stone as Margaret
DAVIDSON, Charles, 1876-1943, Son
DAVIDSON, Margaret, 1854-1920, Mother, same stone as Andrew
DAVIS, Elizabeth [see RUSSELL]
DAVIS, Gertrude H., 1886-1928, same stone as Joseph, Grace
DAVIS, Grace, 1864-1923, same stone as Joseph, Gertrude
DAVIS, Joseph L., 1863-1916, same stone as Grace, Gertrude & Eliz.
DAYTON, Alma V., 1906-1959, Mother, same stone as Lee, Sr.
DAYTON, Lee, Sr., 1875-1961, Father, same stone as Alma V.
DeVENNY, Thomas S., 1842-1916 [same plot as Charles & Stella HAGY]
DODSON, Mattie, 1881-1967 [same plot as Esther P. BALL & Martha J. BOYLE]
DOLLMAN, John G., 1866-1940, Father
DOLLMAN, Louisa C., 1864-1942, Mother
DONAGHY, Agnes, 1867-1958, Mother, same stone as James
DONAGHY, James, 1865-1931, Father, same stone as Agnes
DONAGHY, Mary C., 1843-1908 [same plot as James & Agnes DONAGHY]
DRAKE, Clark J., 1868-1931
DUFF, Leslie W., Dec 7, 1872-Apr 2, 1924, same stone as Sarah D. McCAMANT
DUFFY, Louise, 1905-1960, same stone as Helen MATHEWS
DUNN, A. Nora DOERR, 1895-1986, Mother, same stone as Thomas, Bridget & Catherine
DUNN, Bridget, 1872-1950, Mother, same stone as Thomas, Catherine & A. Nora
DUNN, Catherine R., 1897-1984, Daughter, same stone as Thomas, A. Nora & Bridget
DUNN, Thomas, 1870-1943, Father, same stone as A. Nora DOERR, Bridget & Catherine R. DUNN
EBERHART, Marguerite [see MIDGLEY]
ECKARD, Theresa [see ZINKORN]
ECKENRODE, Faber L., 1898-1952, Father, same stone as Norma M.
ECKENRODE, Norma M., 1895-1949, Mother, same stone as Faber L. ECKENRODE
EDMUNDSON, Clara M., 1877-1910, same stone as John F. EDMUNDSON & Phebe RANDOLPH
EDMUNDSON, John F., 1835-1913, same stone as Clara M. & Phebe
EDMUNDSON, Phebe, nee RANDOLPH, 1839-1915, same stone as Clara M. & John F. EDMUNDSON
EPPIHIMER, Margaret, 1924-1929, Daughter, same stone as Raymond
EPPIHIMER, Raymond, 1903-1929, Father, same stone as Margaret
ERHARDT, George F., 1866-1946, Father, same stone as Margaret
ERHARDT, George J. (alias Harry STEWART), Dec 6, 1898-Jun 11, 1931, Pvt. Dev. Bn. Camp McClellan, Enlisted Feb 6, 1918, Discharged Feb 21, 1919
ERHARDT, Harry F., 1901-1943, Son, Husband of Catherine O'HANLON
ERHARDT, Kathryn G., 1901-1980, Mother, same stone as Walter E., Father
ERHARDT, Margaret, 1868-1956, Mother, same stone as George F.
ERHARDT, Walter E., 1901-1970, Father, same stone as Kathryn G.
ERHARDT, Walter E., 1901-1970, Husband
FAIR, Elizabeth, May 23, 1873-Dec 30, 1965, same stone as Samuel
FAIR, Samuel, Jul 4, 1864-Dec 7, 1908, same stone as Elizabeth
FAUBEL, Howard, 1879-1918, Father
FAUBEL, Mary, 1857-1921, Mother
FAUBEL, Peter, 1850-1916, Father
FEHR, Charles C., 1870-1928
FEHR, Ella P., 1868-1961
FEHR, Robert H., 1882-1953
FEHR, Sophia C., 1844-1915, Mother
FERRARI, August, 1905-1969, Father, same stone as Regeria, Fiorentino & Ida G.
FERRARI, Fiorentino, 1877-1946, Father, same stone as Ida G., August & Regeria
FERRARI, Ida G., 1882-1944, Mother, same stone as Fiorentino, August & Regeria
FERRARI, Regeria, 1917-1997, Mother, same stone as August, Fiorentino & Ida G.
FETTE, Mary, 1855-1935, Mother
FETTE, Minnie, 1891-1919, "My Daughter"
FICK, Leonard H., Apr 28, 1917-Nov 27, 1980, US Army, WW II veteran
FICK, Leonard, 1888-1920
FISCHER, Gizella, 1886-1962, Mother
FISHER, Raymond, 1907-1961, Father
FORBES, Clarence M., 1873-1933, same stone as Louisa FORBES & Robert & Lucille CROFFORD
FORBES, Louisa, 1874-1944, same stone as Clarence M. FORBES & Robt. & Lucille CROFFORD
FRANK, Anthony, 1862-1948, Father, same stone as Elizabeth
FRANK, Elizabeth, 1874-1936, Mother, same stone as Anthony
FREYLER, Elisabeth [see GORICAN]
FRICANO, Francesca, 1866-1956, Mother, same stone as Pietro
FRICANO, Pietro, 1885-1949, Brother, same stone as Francesca
FUCHS, Anton, 1870-1961, Father, same stone as Theresa
FUCHS, Theresa, 1875-1944, Mother, same stone as Anton
FUELLENWARTH, Fredrick, 1881-1933, Father, same stone as Fredrick, Robert & Carl
FUELLENWARTH, Fredrick, Robert & Carl, no dates, same stone as Fredrick (father)
GAMP, Albina, 1896-1930, Mother
GARVER, Joseph F., 1882-1944, Father
GARVER, Nettie SMITH, 1883-1922
GERMANN, Edward, 1898-1993, Husband, same stone as Elsie E.
GERMANN, Elsie E., 1901-1984, Wife, same stone as Edward
GERST, Richard N., Dec 31, 1917-Sep 1, 1979, Husband, Tec 5 US Army
GEYER, John W., 1876-1941, Husband
GEYER, Rose C., 1889-1961, Wife
GFROER, Mary Estella, 1878-1929, Mother, same stone as Peter
GFROER, Mary Estella, 1878-1929, Mother, same stone as Peter E.
GFROER, Peter E., 1872-1964, Father, same stone as Mary Estella
GFROER, Peter, 1872-1964, Father
GIBSON, Adorie, 1871-1945
GIBSON, Adorie, 1871-1945, same stone as Margaret
GIBSON, Margaret 1876-1928 [with Adorie GIBSON]
GIBSON, Margaret, 1876-1928, same stone as Adorie
GNIPP, Paul, 1884-1945, Father, same stone as Susan
GNIPP, Susan, 1887-1964, Mother, same stone as Paul
GOLD, Helen HESS, no dates, other side of stone reads BACH, William OUTLY
GORICAN, Elisabeth, nee FREYLER, 1902-1954, Mother
GOW, Elmer Knott, 1864-1934, (is his surname GOW?)
GOW, Florence Sacher BATTLES, 1891-1933, Sister (is her surname GOW?)
GRAF, Eugene, 1875-1940, Father, same stone as Mary
GRAF, Mary, 1883-1960, Mother, same stone as Eugene
GREGG, Elizabeth, 1904-1946, Daughter, same stone as Elspeth, Joseph & Shadrach
GREGG, Elspeth, 1871-1939, Mother, same stone as Elizabeth, Shadrach & Joseph
GREGG, Joseph, Mar 23, 1899-Dec 31, 1917, Son, "Born in Airdrie, Scotland", same stone as Elspeth, Elizabeth & Shadrach
GREGG, Shadrach, 1859-1953, Father, same stone as Elspeth, Elizabeth & Joseph
GRIPPS, William, 1891-1932, Father
GRUBER, Dorothy V., 1922-1975
GUARINO, Grazia, 1862-1947, Mother
GUIBERT, Elizabeth, nee ZINKORN, 1859-1935, Mother
HABER, Caroline, 1879-1926, Mother
HAGMAIER, Edgar J., 1895-1978, Father, same stone as Tresa S.
HAGMAIER, Tresa S., 1898-1983, Mother, same stone as Edgar J.
HAGUE, Samuel, 1875-1929, Father
HAGY, Charles, 1862-1942, same plot as Stella HAGY & Thomas S. DeVENNY
HAGY, Stella E., 1872-1959, same plot as Charles HAGY & Thomas S. DeVENNY
HAJECKI, Frank, 1878-1955, Father, same stone as Mathilda
HAJECKI, Mathilda, 1880-1948, Mother, same stone as Frank
HALL, Ben K., Jan 30, 1921-Apr 19, 1957, same stone as Joy L. ANDERSON & Russell ORTMAN
HALL, Joy L. ANDERSON, no dates, Wife of Ben K. HALL,same stone as Ben K. HALL & Russell ORTMAN
HALLER, Harry H., 1881-1955, Father, same stone as Sophia UTTENWEILER
HALLER, Sophia, nee UTTENWEILER, 1884-1961, Mother, same stone as Harry H. HALLER
HALLEWELL, Ellen B., 1882-1944, Daughter [ with Mary & Andrew LOVE]
HALLEWELL, Ellen B., 1882-1944, Daughter [in Robert LOVE plot]
HAMMER, Anna, nee GERBIG, Oct 18, 1896-Aug 8, 1927
HARDING, Lulu F., 1882-1915, Mother
HARIGAN, Daniel F., 1878-1946, same stone as Daniel F.
HARIGAN, Elizabeth C., 1886-unfinished date
HARTMANN, Peter, Sep 30, 1863-Dec 21, 1943
HARTZELL, Ella, 1861-1919, Mother
HATTERER, Fred, no dates, same stone as Martha
HATTERER, Martha, 1915-1989, same stone as Fred
HEISER, Henry, 1859-1927
HEISER, Henry, 1859-1927 [very worn]
HELT, Edward, Oct 12, 1891-Jan 19, 1964, Cpl. Co. G 30th Inf., Enlisted Sep 21, 1917, Discharged Aug 28, 1919
HELT, Helen, Jan 31, 1905-Sep 4, 1963
HERDT - WASHBURN [a marble ground marker]
HERDT, Albert W., 1920-19;87, Father, same stone as Kathryn A.
HERDT, Kathryn A., 1914-1979, Mother, same stone as Albert W
HIBLER, Clarence, family monument, no dates
HILKE, Effie M., 1892-1940, Mother, same stone as Harry
HILKE, Harry, 1886-unfinished date, Father, same stone as Effie M.
HILL, Daniel, 1845-1902(?), same stone as Justina, George W. & Frederick D. HILL
HILL, Frederick D., 1871-1929, same stone as Daniel, Justina & George W. HILL
HILL, George W., 1880-1909, same stone as Daniel, Justina & Frederick D.
HILL, Justina, 1849-1924, same stone as Daniel, George W. & Frederick D.
HLAVSA, Anton, 1881-1935, Husband & Father
HLAVSA, Antonia, 1855-1929, same stone as Emanuel
HLAVSA, Emanuel, 1852-1916, same stone as Antonia
HLAVSA, Mary, d. 1962
HOPKINS, Lena VOLLENDER, 1896-1922, same stone as Roy S. & Roy A. VOLLENDER
HORN, Amelia S., 1880-1930
HUPPERT, Florence, 1880-1950, Mother, same stone as John B.
HUPPERT, John B., 1880-1933, Father, same stone as Florence
JACKSON, Ada May, Jul 11, 1905-Mar 21, 1995, same stone as Ada R. & Henry
JACKSON, Ada R., 1878-1957, Mother, same stone as Henry & Ada May
JACKSON, Anna A., Sep 2, 1907-Feb 16, 1994, Wife, same stone as Joseph
JACKSON, Helen, 1889-1955, Mother
JACKSON, Henry, 1879-1956, Father, same stone as Ada R. & Ada May
JACKSON, Joseph, Feb 16, 1907-Feb 20, 1977, Husband, same stone as Anna A.
JACKSON, Joseph, Feb 16, 1907-Feb 20, 1977, Pvt. UJS Army WW II [veteran's marker]
JENSEN, Lori Ann, Mar 24, 1968-Mar 25, 1968
JOHNSTON, Ernest E., 1875-19(unfinished date), same stone as Nellie
JOHNSTON, Nellie, 1870-1925, same stone as Ernest E.
JOHNSTON, Rosa A., 1869-1931, Wife, [with Ernest E. & Nellie JOHNSTON]
JONES, Adda F., 1882-1954, Mother, same stone as Oliver A. JONES
JONES, Oliver A., 1878-1966, Father, same stone as Adda F. JONES [Masonic symbol on stone]
JORDAN, Clara H., 1881-1958, same stone as Robert H., James C. & M. Victoria
JORDAN, James C., 1884-1986, same stone as Robert H., M. Victoria & Clara H.
JORDAN, M. Victoria, 1854-1912, same stone as Robert H., James C. & Clara H.
JORDAN, Robert H., 1849-1925, same stone as James C., M. Victoria & Clara H.
KALISH, Edward B., 1899-1968, Father
KALISH, Katherine M., 1904-1957, Mother
KANNAKA, William, 1846-1928, Father
KAPPLER, Julius G., 1902-1983, same stone as Mary Jane
KAPPLER, Mary Jane, 1909-1986, same stone as Julius G.
KARTHAUSER, John N., 1860-1937, Father, same stone as Martha
KARTHAUSER, Martha, 1864-1919, Mother, same stone as John N.
KAUFFMAN, Ronald, Jun 2, 1952, Our Darling
KEENER, Ellen M., 1848-1914
KEENER, S.B., 1859-1929
KELIN, Donald A., 1922-1923, Son [with NEWTON graves]
KELLER, Christina, 1851-1913, same stone as David H.
KELLER, David H., 1911-1913, same stone as Christina
KIM, Young Won, Jan 10, 1991, "In God's Hands"
KIVLAN,Barbara Lee, Dec 1954-Jan 14, 1955
KNIGHT, Helen, 1903-1976, Mother
KOCHER, Mary A., 1886-1966, Mother, same stone as May & Walter
KOCHER, May J., 1908-1926, same stone as Walter & Mary A.
KOCHER, Walter J., 1884-1970, Father, same stone as May & Mary
KOPAS, George P., 1928-1934
KOSATKA, Bessie, 1900-1961, Mother
KOSATKA, Frank V., 1924-1959, Son
KOSATKA, Frank, Sr., 1893-1983
KRALL, Anna M., 1900-1973, same stone as Arlie M.
KRALL, Arlie M., 1895-1980, same stone as Anna M.
KRALL, Elizabeth A., no dates, same stone as William F.
KRALL, William F., 1931-1985, same stone as Elizabeth A.
KRASNY, Robert, 1889-1969, Father
KRAUSE, Jean, [see NIZNIK]
KRESS, Charles A., 1938-1961, Husband
KRON, Anna Mary, 1906-1972, Mother & Grandmother
KRUMMERT, Helen, 1883-1972, Mother, same stone as Robert A.
KRUMMERT, Robert A., , same stone as Helen
KUHN, Sarah, born 1881, died 1909
LAMPO, Carmella, 1882-1943, Mother, same stone as Paul
LAMPO, Paul, 1885-1950, Father, same stone as Carmella
LAUTENSCHLAGER, Bertha, 1869-1957, Mother, same stone as Henry
LAUTENSCHLAGER, Henry, 1866-1933, Father, same stone as Bertha
LAWRENCE, Charles R., 1854-1926, Father, same stone as Clara A.
LAWRENCE, Clara A., 1864-1929, Mother, same stone as Charles R.
LINDEN, Timmy, Aug 19, 1972, Our Baby
LIPPERT, "Baby Girl, Mar 15, 1982, same stone as Baby Girl NEES
LOEFFERT, Roy C., Sr., 1914-2001
LOGAN, Jane, Dec 25, 1887-Nov 11, 1966,Sister
LOHR, Carrie M., 1874-1940, Mother, same stone as Charles
LOHR, Charles, 1876-1965, Father, same stone as Carrie M.
LOVE, Andrew W., d. Aug 28, 1963 [with Robert & Mary LOVE and Ellen B. HALLEWELL]
LOVE, Andrew W., died Aug 28, 1963
LOVE, Mary, 1851-1910
LOVE, Mary, 1851-1910, Mother
LOVE, Robert, 1853-1909
LOVE, Robert, 1853-1909, Father
LYNCH, James M., Oct 31, 1977, Beloved Son and Brother [a child]
LYNCHE, Mabel, 1880-1967 [in WAITNEIGHT plot]
MACKALL, Sandra Lee, Oct 1953-Nov 1953, "Our Darling"
MAIER, Catherine, Mar 4, 1860-Jul 2, 1916, Mother
MAIER, Christian, Mar 31, 1849-Dec 14, 1928, Father
MAIER, Emma C., Oct 6, 1893-Sep 11, 1925, Daughter
MANN, Arabella, no dates, age 86, I.B.S.A. at top of monument, same stone as Mary J. WHITEHOUSE & Charles T. RUSSELL
MANUEL, Iva ROMANIN, 1924-1988, Mother
MASON, Edward, 1863-1936, Father [next to Susan A.]
MASON, Susan A., 1859-1919, Mother [next to Edward]
MATHEWS, Helen, 1912-1969, same stone as Louis DUFFY
McCAMANT, Sarah D., Oct 13, 1872-Jun 16, 1934, Wife of Leslie W. DUFF
McCANDLESS, William S., 1916-1969
McCANDLESS, Yvonne Anne, Oct 26, 1948-Mar 17, 1950, Daughter
McCONVILLE, William, May 28, 1928-Jul 3, 1965, Husband
McGOWAN, "Baby",Jul 30, 1964, Our Son
McKINNEY, Earl F., 1890-1922, Husband
MEADOWS, Cecil, 1916-1961, Father
MENTEL, Elizabeth, 1875-1956, Mother [with BRIGGS]
MIDGLEY, Harry St. John, (M.D.), 11 Jul 1879 / 2 Oct 1967,
same stone as his wife, Marguerite EBERHART, (C)
MIDGLEY, Marguerite EBERHART, d: Apr 24, 1942, Wife, same stone as her husband, Harry St. John
MILLER, J. Franklin, 1880-1959, Husband, same stone as Naomi W. CLARKE
Milliken, Glenn Fisher, Mar 19, 1886 / Jan 20, 1956, section unknown, (MM)
MIRABEL, Marian, 1906-1949, Mother
MOON, Bessie O., 1877-1960 [next to D. Willard MOON]
MOON, D. Willard, 1876-1948 [next to Bessie O.]
MOONEY, Amelia SUPE, 1870-1931, Mother, same stone as Wm. Wiley MOONEY
MOONEY, William Wiley, 1863-1939, Father, same stone as Amelia SUPE
MOORE, Charles, 1853-1923, same stone as Isabelle
MOORE, Isabelle, 1856-1950, same stone as Charles
MORIARTY, Anna K., 1878-1953
MORRILL, Henry L., 1857-1934, same stone as Mary A. RICHEY, his wife
MORRILL, Mary A., nee RICHEY, 1855-1914, same stone as Henry L.
MOTCHMAN, no dates, a marble inground marker [in the WAITNEIGHT plot, located between Samuel and Margaret C.]
MOUL, George R., Feb 9, 1865-Feb 7, 1964, Husband, same stone as Mary E.
MOUL, Mary E., May 10, 1873-Jan 10, 1940, Wife, same stone as George R.
MUELLER, Frank, 1852-19[unfinished date], with Ida S.
MUELLER, Ida S., 1859-1914, with Frank
MULNIX, Mary A., 1849-1934, same stone as William H.
MULNIX, William H., 1849-1921, same stone as Mary A.
MURRAY, William, 1888-1947, Father
MYERS, Donna Marie LAGANIA, 1960-1985
MYLTON, Charles, Jan 1, 1893-Sep 26, 1998, Father
MYLTON, Mary E., Aug 9, 1914-Sep 14, 1986, Wife
MYNERT, Jeremiah, 1891-1902, Son
NAUMANN, Edward A., 1885-1952, Father
NAUMANN, William, 1869-1954, Father
NEES, "Baby Girl", Nov 6, 1980, same stone as Baby Girl LIPPERT
NEWTON, Edna W., 1882-1966, Wife
NEWTON, Emma C., 1861-1910, Mother
NEWTON, Lewis C., 1881-1968, Husband
NEWTON, Lewis W., 1854-1921, Father
NICKLAS, Alyce, unreadable dates, Wife, same stone as G. Earl
NICKLAS, G. Earl, 1910-1939, Husband, same stone as Alyce
NICKLAUS, Ernst, Nov 13, 1876-Jul 1, 1939, Father
NICKLAUS, Marie, Apr 15, 1878-Sep 15, 1956, Mother
NICKLAUS, Stelle F., Jul 13, 1914-Jan 20, 1970, Daughter
NIEMEIER, Harry C., 1895-1959, Father
NIEMEIER, Leona, 1895-1984, Mother
NIZNIK, Jean, nee KRAUSE, 1919-1986, same stone as Michael
NIZNIK, Michael, 1917-1980, same stone as Jean KRAUSE
NIZNIK, Michael, Mar 4, 1917-Sep 3, 1980, PFC Army WW II [bronze]
NORRIS, Kate KIEFER, no dates, "Mother of Ira K. NORRIS"
O'MALLEY Twins, Jan 27, 1982, same stone as Marie & Adrian J. BRIGGS
ORMISTON, William, 1860-1942, Husband
ORTMAN, Russell, Nov 2, 1913-Jan 11, 1985, same stone as Joy L. ANDERSON & Ben K. HALL
PABST, Reinhold, d. Jul 6, 1909, Father
PAPENDICK, Albert, 1882-1950, Father, same stone as Emma
PAPENDICK, Emma, 1895-1938, Mother, same stone as Albert
PARSHALL, Anna, 1874-1923, same stone as George
PARSHALL, George, 1871-19__, same stone as Anna
PEHL, Martin C., 1881-1922, Father
PERRY, John, no dates, worn,"Watchtower Bible & Tract Society" at top of monument, same stone as Ora J. COLE & 3 other unreadable names
PLCH, Emilie, 1878-1944, same stone as John
PLCH, John, 1874-1928, same stone as Emilie
PLEVA, Frank, Jun 5, 1855-Jun 1, 1917, Father
PLEVA, Fred, May 26, 1882-Oct 11, 1928, Husband
POUNDS, Elizabeth A., 1908-1994, same stone as Maxwell C.
POUNDS, Maxwell C., 1908-1992, same stone as Elizabeth A.
PUKANIC, George, 1894-1959, Uncle
QUINN, Christopher, Apr 26, 1966-Apr 29, 1966
QUINN, Christopher, Apr 26, 1966-Apr 29, 1966
RAGAN, Anna, 1893-1974, Mother, same stone as George
RAGAN, George, 1889-1947, Father, same stone as Anna
REED, Alexander, 1884-1956, Father, same stone as Stella M.
REED, Stella M., 1885-1943, Mother, same stone as Alexander
RICHARDS, Elizabeth, 1879-1955, Wife
RICHARDS, Ellis L., 1880-1919, Husband
RIFFLE, Mary, Feb 16, 1920-Dec 3, 1976, Mother
RIGBY, Margaret R., nee ROHM, 1892-1922, Wife
RILEY, Mary, 1874-1936, same stone as Patrick
RILEY, Patrick, 1864-unfinished date, Father, same stone as Mary
RINCHIUSO, Giacomina, 1879-1947, Mother, same stone as Vincenzo
RINCHIUSO, Vincenzo, 1868-1957, Father, same stone as Giacomina RINCHIUSO
RIPPERGER, Hannah M., Feb 2, 1960, same stone as John A.
RIPPERGER, John A., Sep 29, 1979, Husband, same stone as Hannah M.
ROBBINS, Mother and Father [stone mostly underground]
ROBINSON, Sarah Jane, 1869-1921, a broken stone
ROEDER, Christian J., 1876-1948, Father, same stone as Sadie F.
ROEDER, Sadie F., 1885-1977, Mother, same stone as Christian J.
ROHM [a ground marker]
ROHM, Appolonia [see SEYBOLD]
ROHM, Catherine, 1852-1915, Mother, same stone as Theodore
ROHM, Margaret R. [see RIGBY]
ROHM, Theodore, 1852-1916, Father, same stone as Catherine
ROMANIN, Alba A., 1902-1989, "Mother & Noni"
ROMANIN, Caterina, 1899-1930, Mother, same stone as Lazzaro
ROMANIN, Hugo L., 1898-1953, Father
ROMANIN, Lazzaro, 1886-1930, Father, same stone as Caterina
RORISON, Edward S., Oct 28, 1891-Dec 20, 1941, Corp 10th Co. Rep. & Tng. TR, Enlisted May 30, 1917, Discharged Jan 6, 1919, veteran
RORISON, Margaret "Maggie", Nov 11, 1891-Dec 1, 1977
RUSSELL, Charles T., Feb 16, 1852-Oct 31, 1916, "Pastor RUSSELL, The Laddicean Messenger"
RUSSELL, Charles T., no dates, age 64, "Dead With Christ" and I.B.S.A. at top of monument, same stone as Arabella MANN & Mary J. WHITEHOUSE
RUSSELL, Elizabeth DAVIS, 1883-1951
SAMUEL, Anna, 1899-1947, Mother, same stone as Frank
SAMUEL, Frank, 1898-1990, Father, same stone as Anna
SAVILLE, Caroline, 1853-1939, Mother
SAVILLE, Florence A., 1888-1964, Daughter
SAVILLE, Jerry, 1860-1916, Father
SAVILLE, Lydia, 1865-1956, Mother
SAVILLE, Thomas, 1855-1920, Father
SCAIFE, Mary E., 1869-1957, Wife, same stone as Thomas
SCAIFE, Thomas, 1871-1947, Husband, same stone as Mary E.
SCHADE, Fred, 1877-1931
SCHAEFER, Emilie L., 1875-1949, Mother [with Henry & Ruth]
SCHAEFER, Henry H., 1876-1943, Father [with Emilie & Ruth]
SCHAEFER, John R., 1852-1926, same stone as wife, Amelia BUTTERWECK
SCHAFFER, Martha I., 1860-1927, Mother
SCHEER, Christian, 1860-1927, "Robert Blakely"
SCHEER, Mary, 1854-1924, "Mary Alice BLAKELY"
SHELLABY, George W., 1860-1935, Father
SCHELLMAN, Charles, 1919-1958, Son, same stone as Margaret
SCHELLMAN, Margaret, 1886-1976, Mother, same stone as Charles, her son
SCHIDO, Louisa, Oct 8, 1852-Apr 7, 1920, Mother, same stone as Robert
SCHIDO, Robert, Apr 28, 1850-Nov 1, 1923, Father, same stone as Louisa
SCHLEY, Elizabeth, nee PEEBLES, 1878-1950, Mother
SCHLEY, Royal Bancroft, 1865-1932, Father
SCHLEY, Russell, 1912-1981, Son
SCHMAUDER, Louis, 1870-1929, Father
SCHMID, Mary L., 1858- 1922, Wife
SCHMIDT, Gustav, 1863-1932, Father
SCHMIDT, Margaret, dates unreadable, Mother, stone is partially buried
SCHOPPER, John, 1890-1950, Husband
SCHOPPER, Myrtle L., 1895-1991, Wife
SCHROEDER, Adam C., 1885-1953, Husband,same stone as Bertha L.
SCHROEDER, Bertha L., 1895-1940, Wife, same stone as Adam C.
SCHUELER, Charles C., Aug 31, 1925-Feb 16, 2000, S1 US Navy, WW II veteran
SCHUME, Fred T., 1890-1967, Husband [see also TSCHUME]
SCHUME, May L., 1900-1946, Wife [see also TSHCUME]
SCHUSTER, Doris E., 1929-1972, Mother
SCHWAB, Edward C., 1899-1993, Husband
SCHWAB, Marie C., 1901-1922, Wife
SCIGLIANO, Anna, 1882-1964, Mother, same stone as Antonio
SCIGLIANO, Antonio, 1880-1947, Father, same stone as Anna
SENG, Dorothy, May 27, 1914-Feb 15, 1997, Mother & Grandmother
SEYBOLD, Appolonia, nee ROHM, Feb 20, 1858-Mar 18, 1932, Mother
SEYBOLD, Mamie, nee GAUDIG, Dec 22, 1878-Nov 14, 1915, Wife
SEYBOLD, William, Sep 29, 1830-Apr 4, 1914, Father
SHAFFER, Dean Carrie, 1865-1965, Wife, same stone as Samuel
SHAFFER, Samuel, 1867-1955, Husband, same stone as Dean Carrie SHAFFER
SHANER, Nelson L., 1906-1970, Husband, same stone as Rose E.
SHANER, Rose E., 1920-1972, Wife, same stone as Nelson L.
SHOUB, Cleason(?) or Gleason(?) J., 1894-1948, same stone as Hazel A.
SHOUB, Hazel A., 1896-1983, same stone as Cleason SHOUB
SIGMUND, Fredrick J., 1897-1948, Son
SIMANDL, Joseph, 1843-1919, Father [with BOUCHECK]
SIMANDL, Marie, 1848-1925, Mother
SIMPSON, John E., 1854-1931, same stone as Marietta
SIMPSON, Marietta, 1855-1923, same stone as John E.
SMITH, Alvin G., 1890-1918, Son [with Mary A. & Jacob D. SMITH]
SMITH, Bertwin E., 1884-1944, Father, same stone as Stella C.
SMITH, Emma, 1901-1965
SMITH, George A., 1875-1925, Husband, with Laird & Lenora SMITH
SMITH, Jacob D., 1863-1936, same stone as Mary A.
SMITH, Laird, 1865-1933, Father, same stone as Lenora
SMITH, Lenora, 1866-1923, Mother, same stone as Laird
SMITH, Mary A., 1863-1928, same stone as Jacob D.
SMITH, Minnie, 1884-1933, Wife
SMITH, Stella C., 1889-1948, Mother, same stone as Bertwin E.
SNIDER, Clara B. lee [see Stewart]
SNYDER, Elizabeth, 1875-1939
SPINDLER, Anna A., 1884-1926, Mother, same stone as George M.
SPINDLER, George M., 1872-1947, Father, same stone as Anna A.
SPRING, Carolyn, 1862-1943
SPRING, Samuel, 1861-1916, Father
STAFFORD, Inda F., 1870-1943, Mother
STAFFORD, Thomas H., 1867;-1916, Father
STANKARD or Stannard (?), Kenneth W., 1906-1907
STEINBERG, Louis, 1902-1955, Father, same stone as Virginia
STEINBERG, Virginia, 1910-1955, same stone as Louis
STEIOFF, Adam, 1859-1916, Father
STEIOFF, Agnes, 1875-1940, Mother
STEWART, Clara B. nee SNIDER, 1890-1940
STEWART, Clara B., nee SNIDER, 1890-1940
STEWART, Elizabeth, no dates, Sister, same stone as George B.
STEWART, George B., no dates, Brother, same stone as Elizabeth
STEWART, Harry [also see George J. ERHARDT]
STILLY, Mary E., 1828-1880, Aunt [next to Anna & John WINKELMANN]
SUMMERS, Alice S., 1881-1940, Mother
SUMMERS, Catherine, 1863-1932, Mother
SUMMERS, John Harry, Jan 22, 1914-Apr 8, 1969, Son, same stone as John Harry, Sr.
SUMMERS, John Harry, Sr., Jan 4, 1881-Jan 2, 1967, Father, same stone as John Harry
SUPE, Amelia [see MOONEY]
SYKES, Earl, 1897-1917
TAYLOR, Mary Jane, 1860-1913, Mother
THOMAS, Harry W., 1877-1948
THOMAS, Margaret, 1868-1943, same stone as Stanley
THOMAS, Stanley, 1877-1954, same stone as Margaret
THOMPSON, Elmer J., 1888-1943, Husband, same stone as Elsie M.
THOMPSON, Elsie M., 1890-1973, Wife, same stone as Elmer J.
THOMPSON, Sharon Lynn, Jun 29, 1948-Jul 3, 1948
TITUS, Walter W., Jr., Aug 3, 1941-Sep 9, 1941
TOPPER, George W., 1851-1916, same stone as Lovevene
TOPPER, Lovevene, 1855-1953, same stone as George W.
TORKLER, John W., 1887-1971, Father, same stone as Lydia R.
TORKLER, Lydia R., 1891-1958, Mother, same stone as John W.
TSCHUME, Fred S., 1854-1919, Father, same stone as Mary E. [see also SCHUME]
TSCHUME, Mary E., 1851-1927, Mother, same stone as Fred S. [see also SCHUME]
VOELKER, Lillian E., Nov 17, 1898-Dec 2, 1938, Mother
VOLLENDER, Roy A., Aug 15, 1917-Feb 25, 1918, same stone as Roy S. & Lena VOLLENDER HOPKINS
VOLLENDER, Roy S., 1893-1918, same stone as Roy A. and Lena VOLLENDER HOPKINS
VOSSLER, John A., 1885-1929, Husband
VOSSLER, John, 1851-1896, Father, same stone as Sarah
VOSSLER, Sarah, 1850-1925, Mother, same stone as John
WAITNEIGHT, Bessie, nee LAYTON, Mar 17, 1874-Jun 2, 1920
WAITNEIGHT, Lucie S., 1878-1966
WAITNEIGHT, Margaret C., Oct 6, 1850-May 22, 1923, Mother
WAITNEIGHT, Samuel S., Feb 221, 1846-Dec 26, 1915, Father
WAITNEIGHT, William W., Mar 1, 1878-May 14, 1944
WALKER, Ruth SCHAEFER, 1908-1955
WEAVER, M. [marble in-ground marker]
WEBER, Phillip, Sep 16, 1848-Dec 28, 1921
WEISS, Allen H., 1914-1980, same stone as Conrad & Emma B.
WEISS, Conrad, 1875-1957, same stone as Emma B. & Allen H. WEISS
WEISS, Emma B., 1876-1955, same stone as Conrad & Allen H.
WETZEL, James Charles, Mar 7, 1953-Feb 10, 1954
WHENICK, Elizabeth, 1855-1929, Mother
WHITEHOUSE, Mary J., no dates, age 61, I.B.S.A. at top on monument, same stone as Arabella MANN & Charles T. RUSSELL
WHITTEN, Ernest C., 1911-1941, Son
WHITTEN, Henry Lee, Feb 6, 1881-Feb 10, 1952, same stone as Sally
WHITTEN, Sally Jane, Jul 3, 1883-Feb 10, 1964, same stone as Henry Lee WHITTEN
WILHELM, Robert G., 1928-1986, PFC US Army, WW II veteran
WILHELM, Roberta K., no dates, Mother
WILLIAMSON, Helen B., 1875-1963, Mother [with Robert D.]
WILLIAMSON, Robert D., 1871-1917, Father, "Born in Aroersier, Scotland" [with Helen B.] [Masonic symbol on stone]
WILSON, Horace, 1878-1935, same stone as Lulu
WILSON, Lulu, 1878-1943, same stone as Horace
WINKELMANN, Anna M., nee STILLY, 1830-1877, Mother [next to John]
WINKELMANN, John, 1821-1905, Father
WINKLER, Charles, Jun 5, 1860-Jul 12, 1937
WINKLER, Herman S.C., 1918-1924, Son
WINKLER, Sophia, Apr 5, 1860-Sep 11, 1921, Wife of Charles
WINTERHALTER, Albert Jr, bur: 4/2/1919, age 1, s/o Albert M. & Beatrice, (Source:
WIRTH, Charles W., 1878-1925, Father
WIRTH, Gustave, 1850-1920, Father
WIRTH, Luise, 1847-1923, Mother
WORKMAN, Pamella, Jan 1, 1971-Apr 10, 1971, Our Angel
WOZNIAK, Mary, 1889-1946, Mother
WRIGHT, Wm. M., Oct 19, 1848-Apr 2, 1906
YOCHAM, George A., 1932-1992, Husband of Helen
YOHE, John Robison, Sep 26, 1875-Apr 8, 1921 [in WAITNEIGHT plot]
YOKEL, Anna, 1873-Feb 25, 1953, Mother
ZIEGENHEIN, Rachel, 1872-1946, Mother, same stone as Wm.
ZIEGENHEIN, William, 1869-1945, Father, same stoneas Rachel
ZINKORN, Carl F., Jan 16, 1886-Nov 8, 1952
ZINKORN, Elizabeth [see GUIBERT]
ZINKORN, Fred, 1887-1954, Husband
ZINKORN, Theresa, nee ECKARD, 1878-1942
ZRUST, Antonette, 1869-1966, Mother, same stone as Frank
ZRUST, Frank, 1875-1952, Father, same stone as Antonette

Additional Contributors' List

(C) = Clare,
(CD) = Carol Drum,
(GH) = Gregg Hendry,
(MM) = Mike Milliken,
(RH) =
Robert Heinsch,

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