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Membership Listing 1891 (-1896?)
St. Peter's Evangelical & Reformed (German) Lutheran Church
East Liberty, PA

Transcription of microfilmed Membership List — January 1891—?
St. Peter’s Evangelical and Reformed German Lutheran Church, East End, Pittsburgh PA
University of Pittsburgh Archives: AIS Micro 77:20, Reel 1

[Notes prior to reading:

Names on pages 33-36 and first 5 names on page 37 are all in same handwriting; this probably
indicates that one person transcribed the names from the old church book (see “Abschrift”
below). Remainder of names evidently are signatures of new members after 1891; almost all
seem to be in different handwritings. Additional notes (“gestorben” “getreten” etc) following
the 1891 original names seem to have been added later.

Prior to these transcribed pages are pages headed “Constitution.”

The “slash” mark is used between possible deciphers of an unclear word: Hant/Haus, where
the word could be deciphered as “Hant” or “Haus”. The / is NOT part of the original document.

Bracketed Items [ ] are either notes on my transcription, my translation of the German or
my questioning my own transcription. They are not part of the original document.

Due to the difficulties of deciphering German Schrift, I do not guarantee the correctness of
any name or translation and recommend researchers going to the original document.

Please check Glossary and Symbol chart at bottom of transcription

Pages 33-37 plus the unnumbered page “40” read/photocopied by Carolyn J. M. Thomas [CJMT] -
August 2000; all other pages read/photocopied July 2003 at the Archives Service Center
of the University of Pittsburgh, 2nd Floor, 7500 Thomas Boulevard, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania 15260; telephone number: 412.244.7091. These pages were transcribed
December 2000 and August 2003, Santa Barbara, CA]

Seite 33. [Page 33]

Zur Urkunde dessen haben wir, die Glieder der Evangelisch Lutherischen St. Petri’s Gemeinde
von Pittsburg E. E. Pa heute den 1. Sonnstag 1891. in Jahre des Herrn diese Kirchenordnung
als unsere Regel und Richtschnur angenommen [?] und eigenhändig unterschrieben, und mit
unseren Kirchensiegel untersiegelt.

[We have taken and personally signed, and sealed our church seal to this document
(the Constitution on the preceding pages?), this church ritual as our rule and guiding
principal, the framework of the Evangelical Lutheran congregation of St. Peter’s of the
East End of Pittsburgh, PA - today, the first Sunday in the year of the Lord 1891.]

Abschrift der Unterschriften aus den alten Kirchenbuch.
[Copy of the Signatures out of the old Churchbook.]

David Haus. gestorben Georg Reuchold. gestorben
Heinrich Huber. gestorben 1894 Philip Spukert. gestorben
Heinrich Kempf. Christian Haus. gestorben
Yohann Albert. gestorben Christian Ziegler. gestorben
Heinrich Weber. gestorben Johann Reuhenbeitter. gestorben
Herrman Geidel. X aus getreten 1892 Heinrich Hiemnrich. gestorben 1895
Theodor Weiß. aus getreten X Johann Romingen. aus getreten
Andreas Boehm. gestorben Johannes Kempf. gestorben
Johann Fröhlich. gestorben Ludwig Leistner. ????? gezogen

Seite 34.

Johannes Pfeifer. fortgezogen. Friedrich Niedhammer. gestorben
Wilhelm Nieman. aus getreten Friedrich Dahlman. ????? ?????
Heinrich Schnierle, Jr. aus getreten Heinrich Schüler. gestorben
Heinrich Schnierle, Sr. aus getreten Ferdinand Zager.
Albert Lo??ell. + Wilhelm Sunderman.
John Speer. X + Heinrich Katzimmeÿer. gestorben
Theodor Pfabe. X + Heinrich Niemven. gestorben
Valentin Scherer. gestorben August Rashke. gestorben 1895
Theodor Hememan. fort. gezogen John Schüßler. gestorben
Wilhelm Hochstein. X + J. G. Kerbs. gestorben
Heinrich Schre??pf. gestorben Heinrich Borst. ausgetreten
Johann Bauer. X + Adolph Gonddel. zur auglischen [?]
John Wittmer. Georg Breh??. X +
Wilhelm Adams. Eduard Krebs.
Georg Bauer. X Karl. F. Wilharm. gestorben.
Albert Junge. Emil Henke.
John Bissell. 1894 aus getreten ??? X X Georg Widman. gestorben 1893
August Bauer. X Heinrich Reichhold. gestorben 1893
Friedrich R. Braun.

Seite 35.

Wilhelm Oetting. gestorben. Frank Killian. X
Heinrich Schüßler. Ausgetreten. Jakob Linn. [perhaps Lüm] X ausgetreten
Georg Grundtisch. Friedrich Klein. aus getreten
Jakob Maur. [perhaps Maue.] Lorenz Puchta.
X August W. Lindeman. Lehrer [?] resigniert 1892 Adam Vogtman. +:
Friedrich Bauer. Karl Wagner. aus getreten
Floreuin [?] Löffler. John N. Aushammer.
Georg Bauer. Adam Hinkel. fort.*
Georg Hoffman. Christian Juhl. gestorben
Karl W. Wieland. gestorben J. L. Strasser. X aus getreten
Wilhelm Klemz. X August Bussion. X ausgetreten
Friedrich Erhst. aus getreten Karl Scheid. gestorben
John Bauer. Peter Goeddel. gestorben
Heinrich Janke. Adam Delawie. + +
Wilhelm Kampke. [?] X + Friedrich Janke.
Wilhelm Schwartzkopf. Peter Schüßler. X fort.*
X Samuel Munsch. X + aus getreten 1898 Herrman Massalski. aus getreten
D. E. Simpson. fort.* Daniel Scheller. X ["hat" plus 3 other words]
Philipp Binder. [?] X + Wilhelm Scheller. X gestorben 1892
Joseph Jinning. 5/fort*

Seite 36.

John C. Thoma. X 1893 aus getreten August W. Weber. aus getreten
Karl Arndt. Herrman Gumto.
Wilhelm Doersam. [?] Christian Vebele. [?]
John Nanstiel. X 1893 aus getreten Johann H. Staas. fort.*
Heinrich Schrempf, Jr. H. A. Katzimmeÿer. X fort.*
Friedrich Gaab. +.. faus ?????? Richard Aikermann. fort*
Eduard Vicktor Flister. Georg Wendel. X fort.*
Gustav Schukhaus. fort.* Gottlieb Moeck. gestorben
Adam Moshauer. X fortgezogen Wilhelm Lederbuch. fort.*
August Schukhaus. fus ?????? Einma [?] S. W. Richter. 1893 gestorben
August Janke. Philipp M?elber.
Emil Abraham. X aus getreten Thimotheus Schweitzer. X fort.*
August Manke. John Kohlhegg.
Herrman Vilwock. X Jakob. Neuer. gestorben
Louis Wolf. Heinrich Franz. aus getreten
X August Lehman. X ?us gendi?? Friedrich Wittman.
Christoph Theodor Schobarth. fort.* Gottlieb A??ger. aus getreten 1893
John Nuhn. fort.* Franz. W. Huemma. [?] X aus getreten

Seite 37

Friedrich Nieman. fort.*
X Charles Thomson. gestorben 1893
X John Kuchenbecker Jr. aus getreten 1893
Johann Dapper. aus getreten
John Lehrian. [?] aus getreten

[These are the last of the transcribed names. The handwriting is different with each name
from here on. This makes deciphering the names more difficult (not being able to compare
letters from one name to another.) Some of these names have no period at the end of the
surname. If so, I have added the period to indicate the end of the name.]

Martin Reiber. aus getreten
Andräs N?dhammer. [perhaps Niedhammer.]
J G Hoffman.
Louis Baithel. aus getreten
Karl Koch. fort.*
Gottried Röeßler.
X Karl H. Reimann. X fort.*
John Heidish. X fort.*
John Jacob. 100 85 fort.*
William Kraiss. fortgegangen.
Ell.J.Neudörfer. [?] aus getreten 1893
Wilhelm Lobst. [?] [“fort.” written and then crossed out]
Johann Scheller. + gestorben
Georg Haus.

Seite 38.

Pretrk/Trelrh [?] Knanz/Knans [?] X Inling [?] Strret [sic] 117. fort.*
Peterson Affen Strid [sic] N 40 fort.*
Oscar Neubert/Steubert/Wirbert [?] 146 Carver St fortgezogen
Bartholomäus Vetter Mornigsit Roth [Morningside Road?]
George Humert X Frankstown Ave. fort.*
Louis Engel X 6374/6314 [If this is an address, I cannot read it!] fort.*
Gottfried Meyer X 160 Meyran ave fort.*

December 6. 1891.

Martin Sommerer 90 Winslow Street 110 [aus/zu ?] Deutschland
Johan Schulz X Orphan Str. 32 fort.*
John Greb jr. No. 1 King Street
Adolph Loheyde Jr X #412 Larimer Ave. E. E. fort.*

[undecipherable writing in-between last line and next]

Charles Fredrick Duft [X 620 or 1620] Lowell St. E. E. fort.*
Heinrich Puchta Eidelwood Street Nord Dallas E. E. gest???en
Henry Goeddel gestorben 1895 5818 Mignonette St. E. E.
Nicolaus Zimmerman fort* Collins Str [near ?] Hove St [?]
Johann Wunderlich [?] Dauphin Steet [sic] 19 ????

fort.* Andreas. Fuchs X Branata [?] Street fort.*
fort* Geo L Raehe/Rache/Roche [?] fort* Culver Str No 504 fort*

[unnumbered — page 39 ?]

Chas Schweitzer gestorben Rodman 6025
X Hermann Lenz Thomson St. [possibly gestorben 1893 ?]
Hermann Mauke/Mouke/Manke [?] fort.*
Albert Thomas Dairy St
Carl Vor?agel/Vorpagel/Vornagel [?] Dairy St
Wm. Hinkel X Winslow St fortge????
Friedrick Manke Dairy St
Carl [?] Backie/Booden [?] Anfan/Anfen [?] St gestorben

Juli den 3ten 1892

Cour July u Fräkston
August Heinrch Bermegger fort *
Winslow St. 150 August Plietz
Affenstreet Albert Abraham
Affenstreet Friedrich Abraham XX
Wilhelm Stäckling 100 Orphan Street
Thomas A. McAndrews X gestorben 6025 Rodman St fort.*
W J Metzger fort* 55 Frankstown Ave gestorben
Wm. E. Oetting X 177 Mayflower St fort.*
Julius Kowalewsky 5908/5928 [?] Haver [?] gestorben
Geo Reichenecker [?] 3801 Butler St. fort.* z??? ??glisch??? [?] Kirche
[transcriber’s guess: zur englischen Kirche: gone to the English Church?]

[unnumbered — page 40 ?]

Lorenz Wolf. Armourd St 523 [the ‘5’ may be a ‘3’; the street name may also be
Henry Beckor. Schristt 124
Wm. Motz . aus getreten Wilkinsburg Green St
G S Lehman. X Dairy St

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Juli 1. 1894

L Schafier/Schafer. Peatty St
William Staud . 654 Lenora st. fortgezogen
Johann Gumto. Rowen Ave December 3ten 1894
now 1895
George Gustav Oetting. aus getreten.

[There is a squiggly line which may indicate either “aus getreten” or “now 1895” holds
for the next five entries as well.]

J. Henry Shickert. [see notation directly above]
Ludwig Barthelmis. [?] [see notation directly above]
Georg Bieser/Bieses. [?] fort.* [see notation directly above]
Philip Hemins/Flemins. [?] fort.* [see notation directly above]
Fred Funk. fortgezogen. [see notation directly above]
Charles Adams.
A. F. Williams/Wilhann [?]. X aus getreten
Wilhelm Fischer.
[This may be the transcriber’s grandfather. On 25 July 1895 Hermann Wilhelm (Wm. H.)
Fischer and ‘daughter of the church’ Johanna Maria Bauer (born 16 May 1874, baptised at
St. Peter’s 12 July 1874, confirmed at St. Peter’s 3 Apr 1887) were married at St. Peter’s.
I believe that Grandfather signed this book, when he became a new member sometime around
that time.]

Burghard Weiss. fortgezogen
Philip F. Bender. fort.* 619 Lowell st.
Gustav Hagen/Hayen/Haejen. [?] Larimer No. 319 gestorben

[unnumbered — page 41 ?]

October den 4ten 1896

Franz Wilhelm Saivert/Sawert. St. Clair St.
Peter Ludebuehl. #630 Collins Ave. + gestorben
Henry Schmalz. fort.*
August Hauth.
C. W. Harvey. Frankstown Ave. fort.*
Herman Hobe. Beatty St.
Max. Krueger. Kincaid St.
Adolph Schulz fort.*
Jakob Guthoerlein/Grethoerlein/Grithastein [?] Station St.
Jakob Beck. — fort.*
Heinrich Mohrhof. — fortgezogen

July. 4th 1897.

Wm. Greb. #1 Beechwood Ave. fortgezogen
Arthur Hallwig — fortgezogen.
Edward Hans/Haus. Eva & Randolph st. fort.*
Jakob Beck Schade Av. fort.*
George Reichhold. 6027/6023 [?] Rodman Street
Otto Kall Park Ave. u. Dean Str. fort.*

[unnumbered — page 42 ?]

Josef Grollmusz. [looks like “Abrill 3te” April 3rd?]
Franz Wilhelm Sawert/Gawert/Saivert. [?]
Peter Ludebuehl. gestorben
August Hauth/Hareth/Haeth. [?]
C. W. Harvey.
Herman Hobe.
Max Krueger.
Adolph Schulz. 140.
Frank Greb. Beeckwood Ave. No. 1. [probably Beechwood]
Bernhard Müller Lincoln Ave 921.
+ G. Karl Barthel Carroll Str 4620 gestorb.
Colman Stark Lemington Ave. fort.*
fort.* Edward Zimmerman 6048 Hoererlen [?] St.
Victor Gräff
Fred D. King
Philip H. Greb.
Robert W. Fritsche Stanton & McCandless Ave aus getreten
Henry T. Weiss 219 Auburn St. Pgh. fort.*
Byron D. Maxwell 414 Larimer Ave fort.*

[unnumbered — page 43 ?]

Georg Markel 5904 Centre [?] Ave on End
Wm. H. Fisher Stanton Ave Opp Black St.
[This is the transcriber’s grandfather. On 25 July 1895 Hermann Wilhelm (Wm. H.) Fischer
and ‘daughter of the church’ Johanna Maria Bauer (born 16 May 1874, baptised at St. Peter’s
12 July 1874, confirmed at St. Peter’s 3 Apr 1887) were married at St. Peter’s. They lived
at one time on Stanton Ave in the Stanton Heights area of Pittsburgh.]
Gottlab Blatter
Ernst Baur
Constantin Jesse
Adolf Jesse
Otto Jesse
Herman [?] St Herer/Schurer? [?] gestorben.
Herman Fritsche
Jackob Hornung
Herman Hant
Richard Enar [?]
Theodorr [sic] Greb
William Schano aus getreten.
Herman A. Gumto Jr.
Frank A. Schulze 6446/6456 [?] Aurelis/Aurelia
[“aus getreten” written in and then lined out]
Henry Grusan/Grufan/Grupen [?] 415 North Euclid. +gestorben.
fort.* Edmond/Edward H. Gaumann 1410 Mustland/Mastland Ave.

[unnumbered — page 44 ?]

Henry Kruling/Krisling 5823 Baum St. ??
Wm P/L [?] Miller 626 Lowell St.
fort.* Otto H. Zurcher fort.* 304 Collins Ave.
Joseph Sigrist/Sigent [?] 334 Clarnce [Clarence?] St.
John F. Matter. 4639 Winthrop St.
Henry Greb Beechwood Blvd.
Julius Sadowsky fort.* 328 Meadow St. East End
August Kardell. [“127 Luna st E. E.” written in and lined out]
J Schulz 5130/5138 Rossettie Str}
Johan Schulz}

Paul Pfaff fort.* 6316 Station Str.
Wm Poirethel/Barthel [?] Rase/Rose St 7004/1004
Jakob Sugers/Seegers fort.* 5931 Penn Ave E. E.
Wm C. Behrenberg 5707 Hays st E. E.
Henry T/J. Halley/Holleg 237 - 42 Str fort.*
K. J. F. Wilharm 6022 Broad St.
C. J. Schickhaus 136 S. St. Clair St.
Hugo Diederichs 5640 Eva st.
Otto Bonitz 111 Collins Ave.

[unnumbered — page 45 ? — right side of pg 44]

102 225. Schuhlinhieber/Huhlinhirber [?]

Chas B. H. Greb.

[On 8th line, across from August Kardell -pg 44- is “610 Thompson St”; it may refer to
A. Kardell’s address.]

[unnumbered — page 46 ?]

Alvin E. Abrahan 5642 Eva Street
Rudolf Schaar fort.* 608 Rugley/Risgley Street
John Oesterle. 335 Hastings St.
John Baur Jr 6752 McPherson St.
Gustav Moslener 6338 Penn Av
Harry Moelber 5105 Penn Av
William C Haus 7042 Mt. Vernon St
George D. Haus 7042 Mt. Vernon St
Erich J. Gumto 785 W. Lemington Ave.
Ernest F. Baur Jr. 6601 Lyric St.
Paul Hohler/Kohler #941 Mellon St.
Edw. H. Bollenbacher 630 Thompson St.
George Feick 513/512 Sheridan
H. W. Buddemeyer/Baddemayer/Anddemeyer, Jr 5811 Pierce St City
A. E. Ortmann 1411 Wightman St.
Edw L. Williams 132 Julius St. E. E.
Henry S. Puchta #7015 Monticello St.
Albert Abraham Jr. 6357 Apple Ave.

[unnumbered — page 47 ?]

Albert A. Schwarzkopf 4807 Yew St. City
Jacob Kreiling 6314/6374 Aurelia
O/Q H. Schneider 6723 Alvill St.
Chas. J. Villwock 34 Orphan St.
Fred John Dittmar/Sittmar/Littmar 5113 Rosetta St.
Carl H. Thoma 3815 Penn Ave.
Richard S/V Krumm 5443 Black St.
Fred M. Krausse 508 Sheridan Av. E. E.
John Beck 428 Trensit Ally [sic] E. E.
W. A. Hopkins 417 W/N Millvale Ave.
Louis H. Braun 6615 Lyric St. E. E. Pgh
Harry John Puchta 7335 Kelly/Nelly St E.E. Pgh Pa
Earnest G. Cornelius/Comelius 5620 Mignonette. E. E.
Carl [?] Shingo 6425 Dean St E. E.
George Irwin Kemmerer 7 Shetland Ave.
Robert Weber

[unnumbered — page 48 ?]

J. Eugene Baur. 6601 Lyric St City
John Banker 6301 Dean St, City
Fred S Trager 5439 Kincaid St City
Kurt William Krausse 508 Sheridan Ave, City
August Wochele/Woelich [?] 538 Winfield St City
August C. Gerhardt 359 Omega St E. E.
Adolph Jungblath/uth 752 Portland Place E. E.
Albert Jungbluth/ath 752 Portland Place E. E.
George Bankes 59?? Bolton/Baltnis [?]
Herman Roehrig/Roeking 7019 Monticello St.
Mary E. Sullivan 606 Borland St.
Wilhelm Lippke/Sippke Melwood Avne 3708/3705
Herman Kieder 6363 [X’d out M] Shakespeare st E. E.
R K Eilers n. [?] 7 Mayflower Av.
Gottleib S Lehman 6404 D?ary St
Paul Bahnsen 623 Dunmore Str.
L/B??? ?? D/R/O??? ?? ?????
Louis Meyer 323 Omega St.

[unnumbered — page 49 ?]

Henry S. Vollmer 408 N Garhan St
Paul A Wilhelm 815 Amberson av E. E.
Harry Schweitzer 418 N. Beatty St. E. E.
Andrew Hummert 6636 Brainard St. E. E.
August Bourk/Boyik [?] Siltland/Liltland [?] ev [?] 132
Herman W. Klemz/Kleinz 6619 Lyric St.
John F. Braun 526 Paulson Ave E. E.
Edward L. Williams Rear 132 Julius St. E. E.
George J. Uebele 7421 Monticello st. Homewood Pa
Fred C. Baur, Jr 1035 N. Highland Ave
Richard G. Blotter 210 N. Fairmont St.
Louis Kimmich 5412 Broad St.
Rudolph T. Thon 7116 Joshua St. E. E.
Adam Wehrmann 5521 Broad St.
John F. Davis – 6428 Deary Street
Harry H. Little 140 Flaid/Flavel [?] St. E. E.
Mr & Mrs R. J. Schulz/Schatz – 1112 – Coal St. Wilkinsburg Pa
Byron A. Heck 5829 Alder St.
Jane/James Alonzo Hill 531 Conley [?] Av

[unnumbered — page 50 ?]

William G. Widmann 1367 Lincoln Ave Pgh Pa
Anna J. Gumto 1302 Sterrett St. Homewood. Pa
Mrs. Eugene Gall 28 Arbor Street Pgh. Pa
Mrs. Mr. H W Stambaugh 1371 Lincoln Ave Pgh Pa
Mrs. Joseph Volk 137 Winslow St. E. E.
Samuel F. Kraulh/Kranlk [?] 313 No Euclid Av E. E. Pittsburgh Pa
J. A. Wikert 167 Auburn St, City

[unnumbered — page 51?]

Elva S. Barcley 167 Auburn St. City
H. C. Lawrence 421 Fisk St. City
Anna G. Lawrence 421 Fisk St. City
Mrs Anna Russ 3516 Wakefield St Oakland City
Louis Kieffer 107 Lowell St City
Emma H. Balzer 113 Continental St. E. E.
Harry A. Balzer 113 Continental St. E. E.

[unnumbered — page 52 ?]

W. F. Hise/Hiso 152 Carver St. E. E. Pgh
C. W. Taylor 6548 Rowan Ave. E. E. Pgh
Mrs E. H. Loeffler 319 S. Lang/Laug Ave E. E.
Mrs. Alma Hinchey/Hinckey 7138 Spencer St.
Mrs. S. D. Trager 5716 Margaretta St.
Mrs. H. Plogstert 169 Mayflower St.
Mrs. J. W. Plogstert 302 Paulson Ave.
Mr. J. W. Plogstert 302 Paulson Ave.
Mrs. Charles Wolff, Jr 213 Elysian Ave.
Mrs. W. C. Hise/Stise 213 Elysian Ave.
Mr. Jacob W. Fisher 7052 Verona Blvd
Jacob W. Balz 2 Shetland Ave
Mrs Jacob W Balz 2 Shetland Ave
Denis [?] Fassnacht Kingsley House Larimer Av
Helena Fassnachts 5535 H???????? Ave.
John Schoolmany/Schoolmanig [?] 525 Larimer Ave
Henriette Schoolmany/Schoolmanig [?] 525 Larimer Ave
Josephine Paul 1422 Wightman Str
Ilse Wollermann 1125 Mellon Str.
Mrs. A. Weinberg/Meinberg 6426 Howe St.

[unnumbered — page 53 ?]

Andreas Weinberg/Meinberg 6426 Howe Str E. E.
John Paulus 6327 Phillips Ave E. E. #284
W. E. Mueller 426 Rebecca Ave Wilkinsburg
Mrs. W. E. Mueller 426 Rebecca Ave. Wilkinsburg
Miss Matilda L. Fritz 120 N. Negley Ave.
Miss Helen M. Watson 149 Mayflower St. E. E.
August C. Schindler Jr. 7229 Kedron St.
Mrs. August C. Schindler Jr. 7229 Kedron St.
H. G. Dunlop 136 So. St. Clair St.
William V. Herrnen/Hennen 4783 Cypress St.
Geo. Schindler 5443 Posses [?] Ave
Chr Munz 1132/7132 Mt. Vernon Str
Frida Loercher 424 Emerson Street
Mrs. Louise E. Kohler
Mr. Ralph R. Kohler 6001 Bethel Place E. E. Pgh Pa
Ludwig Benner/Bemver/Bermer/Besmer 229 North Fairmont Str.
Enne Luickmann [?] 61? South Negley Ave
Miss Katherine Haas 5657 Bartlett St.
Fred Hackl 2514 Penn Ave
Richard Adel/OdelCedel/Cedd 341842 Fle????ins Pitts

[unnumbered — page 54 ?]

Christ Bayer 324 Mingo Street

Symbols in document, and CJMT’s description/comments

X =simple ‘X’ (diagonal criss/cross mark); sometimes used in records as a symbol
for married. There are many “X” markings in the later pages which may have no actual
meaning, but have been transcribed.

+ =(vertical/horizontal crossing) sometimes a ‘Cross’ is a symbol in records, meaning

+: =‘Cross’ with ‘apostrophe’ marks in both right hand quadrants; meaning is unknown.

+.. =‘Cross with two ‘apostrophe’ marks in lower right hand quadrant; meaning is unknown.

CJMT’s Transcription Glossary

ausgetreten=worn out;
[meaning unknown, but perhaps: resigned from the church or dropped membership?].
fortgegangen=went away
fortgezogen=moved away
fort.* = “fort.”=probably an abbreviation for either fortgegangen or fortgezogen;
CJMT’s asterisk* added.

CJMT’s transcription symbols, and miscellaneous

[?] =Accuracy of decipher of word immediately preceding is REALLY questioned.
? =stands in place of an undecipherable letter or digit

“E. E.” was the abbreviation often used for the “East End”, or the Pittsburgh area known
now as East Liberty. St. Peter’s church has been located in the “East End” for its entire
existence, since 1839: first on Sheridan Avenue, then on Frankstown Road, and in June 1889
to Collins Avenue at Station Street, where it remained for 106 years. In 1995 the now-small
congregation sold the Collins/Station facility and built a small chapel on the grounds of
St. Peter’s Cemetery on Lemington Ave, where Sunday services are still held. St. Peter’s
congregation has been a worshiping community on a continuous basis for 164 years. (2003)


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