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St. Agnes Cemetery, Est. 1867
(a/k/a St. Cecilia Cemetery; Bull Run Cemetery; & Thompson Run Cemetery)
622 Saint Agnes Lane
West Mifflin, PA 15122-2925
(Allegheny County)
(412) 466-2655

(Unless otherwise indicated -- 
Contributed by Mary Martin Fey,, (Plum Borough)

(Reproduced with permission, Fr. Polak, November, 2001)

Contributed by Mary Martin Fey

The cemetery next to the St. Agnes R.C. Church, in the Bull Run area of West Mifflin, is referred to as the 'St. Agnes Cemetery' and also the
'Bull Run Cemetery'. However - in the old Church records of burial (1873 - 1877) this same cemetery is named St. Cecilia.

Extracts from the St. Agnes Church 125th Anniversary Booklet (reproduced with permission), 1867-1992:

At First, A Mission
In 1867 there were a sizeable number of German Catholic Families living in an area called Mifflin Township which came into being in 1787. This
township covered a large geographic area and included a number of small communities such as Hays, West Homestead, Munhall, Whitaker, Duquesne, Dravosburg, and Lincoln Place. As these communities grew, they began in 1880 to cecede from the township, each annexing and claiming a certain territory, and each becoming a Borough, a City or a part of the City of Pittsburgh. What remained of Mifflin Township, now geographically shaped like an hour-glass, was incorporat4ed and became the Borough of West Mifflin on January 3rd, 1944.

But getting back to 1867. The Catholic families living in Mifflin Township in an area known as Thompson Run and/or Bull Run, from the names of two creeks that drained the area, had no parish of their own. They belonged to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, which was established in 1843, and were
ministered to spiritually by the priests of St. Peter Parish in McKeesport, which had been established in 1846. The first permanent pastor of St.
Peter's was Father Nicholas Haeres who was appointed on November 5, 1848. In addition to ministering to his little flock of German Catholics in
McKeesport, he also traveled to several Missions along the Monongahela River, such as Elizabeth, PA, and here in Thompson Run.

Acquisition of Land
In the same year that the Church was dedicated the rectory was also built. The property for the church and the rectory had been purchased from
William Stone and his wife on August 12, 1863, when the parish was just a vision. It was the first of many parcels of land acquired over the years
which are now the unified property of St. Agnes parish. A second parcel of land was bought from Mary Stein on March 7, 1870.

St. Agnes Cemetery
The land for St. Agnes Cemetery was included in the purchase of the original property. [The first death of the new parish and burial in its cemetery is
recorded by Fr. Schmitt as follows: "In the year of Our Lord 1867 Maria Bost died on the 13th day of October having received the sacraments of the
Church and was buried in the cemetery of St. Cecelia." For reasons not recorded anywhere, the parish cemetery went under the name of "St. Cecelia" from 1867 until 1889, and from then on it is referred to in parish records as "St. Agnes Cemetery". All available lots in the cemetery were sold when this parish celebrated its 100th anniversary. Burials continue here for those who have lots, but parishioners now go to neighboring cemeteries to purchase new lots. The parish continues to maintain the cemetery through a perpetual care fund for which an annual appeal is made.

You can find more about the St. Agnes Church at:

Directions from McKeesport/Glassport area:
Cross the Dravosburg Bridge - continue straight to the first traffic light - (top of the hill near the old Bettis Airport/Westinghouse Bettis
plant). At this traffic light - turn right - (Yahoo say's this is Bettis Rd. which becomes Homestead/Duquesne Rd). Turn right onto St. Agnes Lane.

Directions from Pittsburgh:
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Inscriptions below found on grave markers in the cemetery that adjoins St. Agnes R.C. Church, West Mifflin.

Posted: April 23, 2002 Last Update: December 8, 2012

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links, etc.)
ABRAHAM, MARGARET J., 1860-1918, (CF)
ALBRECHT, ANTHONY M., Aug. 20, 1917 to Jan. 4, 1998, (CF)
ALBRECHT, MARY E., May 21, 1916 to June 12, 2002
ANDOLINA, EDNA, 1888-1973, (CF)
ANDRES, CHARLES J., 1915-1964, (CF)
ANDRES, MARY A., 1891-1957 MOTHER, (CF)
ANDRES, MARY R., 1899-1983 MOM, (CF)
ANDRES, NICHOLAS J., 1891-1971 PAP, (CF)
ANDRES, RAYMOND N., Sept. 2, 1918 to Feb. 11, 1960, (CF)
ANDRES, THERESA E., 1918-1977, (CF)
ANDRESS, JOHN, 1875-1907, (CF)
ASSON, ERNEST, Mar. 5, 1910 to May 18, 1985, (CF)
ASSON, MARIE, Nov. 29, 1913 to Aug. 11, 1996, (CF)
AUGUSTIN, PAUL MICHAEL, June 9, 1896 to Feb. 12, 1933, (CF)
BARNES, Mary A., 1875-1955, Mother, s/s Robert W., (photo), (CF)
BARNES, Robert W., 1878-1941, Father, s/s Mary A., (photo), (CF)
BEISTEL, Anna E., 1910-1959, Mother, s/s Barron F., (photo), (CF)
BEISTEL, Barron F., 1904-1959, Father, s/s Anna E., (photo), (CF)
BICHLER, Anna, 1843 - 1915, Mother, (photo), (CF)
BICHLER, Nicholas J., 1831 - 1906, Father, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Aloysius J., 1909 - 1961, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Annie, 1874-1940, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Barbara, 1834 - 1885, Mother, s/s Thomas, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Charles, 1896 - 1979, Son, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Margarettha, 1846-1894, w/o N. Blank, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Mary, 1875 - 1947, Mother, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Nicholas, 1864-1939, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Nicholas, 1865-1963, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Paul, 1865 - 1889, Son, s/s Thomas & Barbara, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Sylvester J., 1907 - 1970, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Thomas, 1831-1881, Father, s/s Barbara, (photo), (CF)
BLANK, Thomas, 1875-1940, Father, (photo), (CF)
BODNER, Charles T., 1889-1942, Father, s/s Ella, (photo), (CF)
BODNER, Ella, 1894-1980, Mother, s/s Charles T., (photo), (CF)
BOEHM, Charles Francis, 1858-1924, Father, (photo), (CF)
BOEHM, Henry, Apr. 16, 1825 / Sept. 16, 1918, (photo), (CF)
BOEHM, Herman J., Dec. 6, 1889 / Oct. 31,1956, PVT. CO. A 315TH ENGRS. 90TH DIV. Enl. May 26, 1918, Disc. June 24, 1919, (photo), (CF)
BOEHM, Mary, Jan. 2, 1827 / Mar. 9, 1912, (photo), (CF)
BOHM, Christoph, Okt 26, 1853 / Okt 21, 1880, (photo), (CF)
BOST, Albert M., 1912-1988, (photo), (CF)
BOST, Catherine M., 1884-1941, Mother, s/s Jacob A., (photo), (CF)
BOST, Emma K., 1886-1963, s/s Peter S., (photo), (CF)
BOST, Heinrich, Born: 10-23-1827 Died: 10-2-1886, (photo), (CF)
BOST, Jacob A., 1877-1966, Father, s/s Catherine M., (photo), (CF)
BOST, John, 1839-1886, s/s Philomena, (photo), (CF)
BOST, John L., 1909-1968, s/s Mary & John R., (photo), (CF)
BOST, John R., 1940-2010, Son, s/s John & Mary, (photo), (CF)
BOST, Mary, 1911-1998, Mother, s/s John L. & John R., (photo), (CF)
BOST, Mary K. WEIS, May 21, 1876 / Sept. 5, 1963, s/s Matt F., (photo), (CF)
BOST, Matt F., Dec. 9, 1872 / May 30, 1940, s/s Mary K. Weis, (photo), (CF)
BOST, Paulina M., 1873-1947, s/s William F., (photo), (CF)
BOST, Peter S. 1879-1937, s/s Emma K., (photo), (CF)
BOST, Philomena, 1840-1906, s/s John, (photo), (CF)
BOST, William F., 1871-1939, s/s Paulina M., (photo), (CF)
BOVARD, Melissa Cochran, 1820-1895, (photo), (CF)
BOYER, Jacob, 27 Sep 1856-14 May 1939, (JGW), (photo), (CF)
BOYER, Susanna Buchleitner, 16 Nov 1860-5 Nov 1944, (JGW), (photo), (CF)
BOYLE, Margaret Adeline, 1887-1928, Mother, (photo), (CF)
BOYLE, Woods Elias, 1894-1975, Father, (photo), (CF)
BROGAN, Donald R., 1948-1964, Son, (photo), (CF)
BROGAN, James W., 1946-1996, Son, (photo), (CF)
BRYER, Bertha Christine (Shipe), b December 17, 1888 d April 17, 1980, (SC), (photo), (CF)
BUCHLEITNER, Elizabeth Kremmel, 2 June 1894-27 May 1946 (w/o William), (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, Frances, 29 Jan 1896-8 Feb 2000 (w/o Peter Buchleitner), (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, Hilda Kundman, 12 Sep 1927-20 Oct 1997 (w/o Richard), (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, Peter Edward, 9 Feb 1889-25 Dec 1949 (b/o William Joseph Buchleitner), Pvt BTRY D 314th FA Enlisted 30 Apr 1918 Discharged 7 June 1919, (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, Richard Norman, 24 Aug 1931-29 Nov 1976 (s/o William and Elizabeth), CPL US Army Korea, (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, Robert John, 10 Dec 1954-2 Jan 1955 (infant s/o Robert and Rebecca Buchleitner), (buried on top of their Grandmother Elizabeth), (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, Robert William, 12 Nov 1964-16 Mar 1965 (infant s/o Robert and Rebecca Buchleitner), (buried on top of their Grandmother Elizabeth), (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BUCHLEITNER, WILLIAM J., Oct. 20, 1925 to March 22, 1980, (CF)
BUCHLEITNER, William Joseph, 16 Feb 1891-12 Nov 1971, (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW)
BURGER, HELENA WISE, Nov. 14, 1880 to July 1, 1955, WIFE, (CF)
BURGER, JOHN, 1850-1931, FATHER, (CF)
BURGER, JOSEPH, 1852-1885, (CF)
BURGER, MARY, 1859-1904, MOTHER, (CF)
BURGER, WILBERT J., May 24, 1881 to March 13, 1951, HUSBAND, (CF)
BURGMAN, CHARLES, 1915-2009, (CF)
BURGMAN, RITA, 1916-1993, (CF)
BUSCH, PETER 1858-1915, (CF)
BUTLER, JAMES C., 1900-1949, FATHER, (CF)
BUTLER, JOHN F., 1902-1904, SON, (CF)
BUTLER, JOHN J., 1869-1939, FATHER, (CF)
BUTLER, MARY A., 1868-1953, MOTHER, (CF)
BUTLER, MYRA C., 1905-1972, MOTHER, (CF)
BUTLER, WILLIAM P., 1939-1940, SON, (CF)
CAREY, JOHN SR., 1837-1929, FATHER, (CF)
CASPARY, Catherine J., 1861-19?4, Mother, s/s Jacob H, (photo), (CF)
CASPARY, Jacob H., 1858-1957, Father, s/s Catherine J., (photo), (CF)
CHUBA, ANNA, 1895-1940, MOTHER, (CF)
CHUBA, JOHN, 1893-1967, FATHER, (CF)
CHUBA, JOSEPH, (no dates), SON, (CF)
CLOSKEY, FRANCIS, 1905-2000, (CF)
CLOSKEY, MARY, 1889-1975, (CF)
COCHRAN, H.B., Jan. 13, 1891 / May 16, 1890, (photo), (CF)
COMO, Jennifer Lynne, Jun 29, 1961 / Aug 15., 198?, US Army, (photo), (CF)
CONLEY, JOSEPH L., 1914-1995, (CF)
CONLEY, MARGARET V., Dec. 30, 1891 to Dec. 25, 1967, (CF)
CONLEY, NETTIE, (no dates), (CF)
CONLEY, THOMAS J., Mar. 30, 1887 to Jan. 9, 1975, (CF)
DAERR, Annie, Born: 7-24-1865 Died: 2-17-1887 (Buried with Zewe's)
DAERR, Gertrude, Born: 9-5-1822 Died: 7-25-1863 (Buried with Zewe's)
DAERR, John, Died: 6-15-1914 Age-69yrs.
DAERR, Susanna, Died: 10-23-1907 Age-62yrs. ?mo.8days
DECKER, Christine [BICHLER], 1794 - 1888 [Mother of Magdalena, Katharini/Catherine, & Anne DECKER], (photo), (CF)
DENNE, JACOB, 1863-1930, FATHER, (CF)
ELLIS, DONALD L., Mar. 1, 1903 to Oct. 26, 1989, (CF)
ELLIS, HAZEL E., (no dates), (CF)
ESEK, AGNES NASTA, Nov. 17, 1919 to Dec. 31, 1959 MOTHER, (CF)
ESEK, MATTHEW J., 1919-1980 FATHER, (CF)
FAULKNER, M. NETTIE, Jan. 28, 1885 to Jan. 17, 1979, (CF)
FEY, Anna [DECKER], 1824 - 1909, His Wife, Mother, (photo), (CF)
FEY, J. Peter, 1824- 1906, Father [Jean Pierre], (photo), (CF)
FEY, Jacob, Born Mar. 12, 1858, Died Sept. 4, 1877 [son of Nicholas and Magdalena - same monument]], (photo), (CF)
FEY, Magdalena [DECKER], Born July 31, 1819, Died Jan. 22, 1904
FEY, Mary E. 1855 - 1873
FEY, Nicholas, born Sept. 13, 1815, Died May 18, 1895
FISHER, ARTHUR S., 1904-1991, FATHER, (CF)
FISHER, GEORGE C., Feb. 5, 1908 to Oct. 25, 1980, (CF)
FISHER, JOHN M., 1881-1949, FATHER, (CF)
FISHER, JOHN P., Nov. 14, 1910 to May 26, 1985
FISHER, JULIA S., Feb. 12, 1909 to Jan. 14, 1990, (CF)
FLADING, ANNA T., 1868-1952, MOTHER, (CF)
FLADING, HARRY G., 1895-1956, (CF)
FLADING, LORETTA, 1907-1913, (CF)
FLAHERTY, Alice M., Mar. 5, 1921 / Dec. 30, 2000, (photo), (CF)
FLAHERTY, Arthur, Dec 26 1918 / Jan 24, 1989, TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II, (photo), (CF)
FLAUS, Anna, 1833-1922, s/s Nichlas, (photo), (CF)
FLAUS, Nichlas, 1827-1910, s/s Anna, (photo), (CF)
FLECK, Veronica, 1897 - 1897, (photo), (CF)
GALVIN, Eleanor C., 1925 - 1980, (photo), (CF)
GALVIN, Harry J., 1893 - 1954, s/s Mary T., (photo), (CF)
GALVIN, Joseph H., 1916 - 1969, (photo), (CF)
GALVIN, Mary T., 1892 - 1985, s/s Harry J., (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Anna P., 1887-1918, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, George N., 1894-1918, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Jacob, 1849-1923, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Jacob, 1891-1929, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, John, 1891-1963, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, John A., 1882-1949, Husband, s/s Lillian, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Lillian, 1883-19??, Wife, s/s John A., (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Mary, 1855-1916, His Wife, Mother, s/s Peter, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Mary, 1888-1975, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Mary K., 1850-1925, His Wife, Family marker, (photo), (CF)
GESSNER, Peter, 1846-1894, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (CF)
GILCH, Andrew W., June 5, 1892 / Oct. 17, 1954, (photo), (CF)
GILCH, Andy, 1862-1929, Father, s/s Catharina & Thresea, (photo), (photo2),(CF)
GILCH, Catharina, 1866-1926, Mother, s/s Andy & Thresea, (photo), (photo2), (CF)
GILCH, Herman F., , Jan. 3, 1889 / July 10, 1961, PFC CO. D 109TH INF. Enl. Feb. 26, 1918, Disc. May 30, 1919, (photo), (CF)
GILCH, Thresea, 1825-1893, Grandma, s/s Andy & Catharina, (photo), (photo2), (CF)
GILCH, Theresa A., July 10, 1887 / March 18, 1967, (photo), (CF)
GILMORE, Charles J., 1884-1948, Father, s/s Ellen Mc., (photo), (CF)
GILMORE, Ellen, 1859-1935, Mother, s/s William G., grandchildren, Regina, Leo & J. Bernard, (photo), (CF)
GILMORE, Ellen Mc., 1892-1932, Mother, s/s Charles J., (photo), (CF)
GILMORE, William G., 1895-1916, Son, s/s Ellen, (photo), (CF)
GOTTE, Eva, Geb. 1823 / Gest. 1895, (photo), (CF)
GOTTSCHALL, Rev. Peter, June 24, 1881 / May 26, 1953, (photo), (CF)
GRAHAM, George Wesley, Sr., 10 Mar 1920-7 Feb 1968, Pvt. 3594th OM HV. TRK. CO. AUS Enlisted 21 Mar 1944 Discharged 9 Dec 1946, (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW), (photo), (CF)
GRAHAM, Lawrence James, 22 Apr 1957-29 Jan 1986 (s/o George and Irene Buchleitner Graham), (Sec. 2 left, Lot 18A), (JGW), (photo), (CF)
GREAVES, Margaret T., Jan. 24, 1917 / Jan. 6, 1951, (photo), (CF)
GREAVES, Walter R., Dec. 15, 1913 / Jan. 2, 1995, PFC USA WWII, (photo), (CF)
HADDAD, Justin C., Nov. 1, 1982 / May 24, 2008, CPL US ARMY IRAQ, Meritorious Service Medal, (photo), (CF)
HARTIG, Josephine F. Singer, 1893-1967, (photo), (CF)
HASENOHRL, Anna, 1843-1910, (photo), (CF)
HAUSER, Catherine C., 1885-1953, Mother, (photo), (CF)
HAUSER, Jacob, 1854-1889, Father, s/s John C., (photo), (CF)
HAUSER, John C., 1881-1952, Son, s/s Jacob, (photo), (CF)
HESS, Anna, 1880-1938 (Mother), (photo), (CF)
HESS, Anthony P., 1871-1949, Father, s/s Margaret A. & Joseph A., (photo), (CF)
HESS, Eva, 1887-1907, (photo), (CF)
HESS, John, 1875-1950 (Father), (photo), (CF)
HESS, John, 1898-1937 (Son), (photo), (CF)
HESS, Joseph A., 1898-1974, Son, s/s Anthony P. & Margaret A., (photo), (CF)
HESS, Margaret A., 1872-1967, Mother, s/s Anthony P. & Joseph A., (photo), (CF)
HESS, Mary, 1838-1913, Mother, s/s Valintine, (photo), (CF)
HESS, Valintine, 1835-1916, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (CF)
HINERMAN, Frank, 1849-1911, (photo), (CF)
HINERMAN, Frank, 1874-1942, Father, (photo), (CF)
HINERMAN, Nellie, 1889-19?2, (photo), (CF)
HOF, Hilda, 1894-1979, (photo), (CF)
HOF, Pauline, 1851-1929, Mother, s/s Robert, (photo), (CF)
HOF, Robert, 1847-1898, Father, s/s Pauline, (photo), (CF)
HOFF, John, Father, (no dates), (photo), (CF)
HOFF, Julia, Mother, (no dates), (photo), (CF)
HOFF, Robert, (no dates), (photo), (CF)
HOLLIS, Stella, 1911-1931, Mother, (photo), (CF)
HOPE, John B., 1871-1899, (photo), (CF)
HORNFECK, Alvina M, (photo), (CF)
HORNFECK, Charles, (photo), (CF)
HORNFECK, John W., Mar. 1, 1871 / Nov. 30, 1955, Father, (photo), (CF)
HORNFECK, Josephine, April 19, 1880 / June 13, 1956, Mother, (photo), (CF)
HORNYAK, Edward A., 1925-1982, s/s Eleanor B., (photo), (CF)
HORNYAK, Eleanor B., 1931-1995, s/s Edward A., (photo), (CF)
HORNYAK, Jimmy, Feb. 10, 1967 / June 13, 1974, Our Beloved Son, (photo), (CF)
HUGO, Mary J., 1887-1973, (photo), (CF)
HUGO, Cary M., 1855-1881, (photo), (CF)
HUGO, Cecelia M., 1913-2006, (photo), (CF)
HUGO, Lawrence R., 1881-1966, (photo), (CF)
JOHNSON, Agnes C., June 30, 1904 / Jan. 4, 1967, (photo), (CF)
JOHNSON, Agnes E., 1895-1931, Mother, (photo), (CF)
JOHNSON, James M., Apr. 28, 1963 / Jan. 9, 1983, Beloved Son & Brother, (photo), (CF)
JOHNSON, Paul F., Oct. 5, 1904 / May 15, 1944, Father, (photo), (CF)
JOHNSON, Paul W., May 7, 1928 / May 15, 1944, Son, (photo), (CF)
JONES, Elton, 1900-1961, s/s Gertrude M., (photo), (CF)
JONES, Gertrude M., 1902-1974, s/s Elton, (photo), (CF)
JUDY, REGIS FOSTER, SR., Dec. 24, 1925 to Sept. 19, 2001, (CF)
KETCH, JOHN P., 1876-1953, FATHER, (CF)
KETCH, LOUISE H., 1877-1957, MOTHER, (CF)
KIRSCH, ALBERTA L., May 28, 1920 to July 6, 1999, (CF)
KIRSCH, EDWARD H., April 7, 1918 to July 28, 2001, (CF)
KIRSCH, JULIA, 1891-1989, (CF)
KIRSCH, MINNIE H., 18??-1911, (CF)
KIRSCH, PETER, 1890-1943, (CF)
KIRTZ, John W., 1875-1954
KOEHLER, EMMA M., 1896-1986, MOTHER, (CF)
KOEHLER, FRANK, 1864-1947, (CF)
KOEHLER, JUANITA E., 1913-2006, WIFE, (CF)
KOEHLER, SABINA, 1873-1961, (CF)
LAMMEL, CLARA M., Oct. 24, 1866 to May 4, 1917, (CF)
LITTLE, JASON C., 1916-1959, FATHER, (CF)
LUFT, RITA BARK, 1889-1963, (CF)
MANNS, ALBERT P., 1910-1951, FATHER, (CF)
MANNS, CHARLES, 1860-1943
MANNS, CHARLES A., 1881-1939
MANNS, ELIZABETH 1903-1997 (bottom right), (CF)
MANNS, J. JOS., 1893-1974
MANNS, John, 1883-1954, Father, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, L. CHARLES, 1920-1938, (CF)
MANNS, Leonard L., Dec. 17, 1924 / June 15, 1944, PVT HQ CO 3RD BN 141ST INF., Enl. June 11, 1943, KIA, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, Lucius, 1856-1937, s/s Wilhelmina & Regis, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, Marie, Oct. 13, 1900 / Feb. 26, 1994, s/s Nicholas, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, MARY B., 1894-1977
MANNS, Nicholas, Feb. 18, 1898 / Apr. 3, 1984, s/s Marie, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, Peter, 1894-1980, s/s Sophia, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, RAYMOND, 1916-1940, SON, (CF)
MANNS, Raymond N., 1918-1942, Son, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, Regis, d: 1907, s/s Wilhelmina & Regis, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, Sophia, 1895-1988, s/s Peter, (photo), (CF)
MANNS, Wilhelmina, 1860-1928, Wife, s/s Lucius & Regis, (photo), (CF)
MASON, Lillian E., 1900-1932, Mother, (photo), (CF)
MASSUNG, George, March 7, 1861 / July 22, 1908, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Ann Veronica, (no dates), s/s Jacob, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Casper, 1821 - 1910, s/s Katharini, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Catherine [SCHULTE], 1859 - 1931, Mother
MAYER, Christina, 1862-1948, Mother, s/s John P., (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Jacob Leddrue, May 14, 1917 / June 14, 1986, s/s Ann, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Jacob S., 1885 - 1956, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, John P., 1855-1936, Father, s/s Christina, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Katharini [DECKER], 1829 - 1903, s/s Casper, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Mary, 1890 - 1975, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Mildred C., 1913-1930, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Peter, 1853 - 1942, Father
MAYER, Theodore V., 1898-1961, Brother, (photo), (CF)
MAYER, Vernon E., Oct. 9, 1920 / June 9, 1949, T/SGT 370TH AAF BASE UNIT, Eng. Sept. 25, 1942, Disc. Sept. 18, 1945, (photo), (CF)
McCLOSKEY, Charles, 1877-1945, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (CF)
McCLOSKEY, Elizabeth, 1882-1969, Mother, s/s Charles, (photo), (CF)
McCLOSKEY, Mae H., 1905-1980, Mother, s/s Vincent J., (photo), (CF)
McCLOSKEY, Vincent J., 1903-1973, Father, s/s Mae H., (photo), (CF)
McCLUSKEY, GRACE M., 1901-1979, (CF)
McCLUSKEY, LOUIS J., 1902-1969, (CF)
McCULLOUGH, CATHERINE M., Oct. 4, 1906 to Dec. 23, 1993, MOM, (CF)
McCULLOUGH, JAMES B., Dec. 31, 1906 to Feb. 21, 1994, DAD, (CF)
McCULLOUGH, JOHN J., SP4 US ARMY, Feb. 26, 1937 to Mar. 15, 2010, (CF)
McCULLOUGH, WILLIAM E., May 22, 1944 to April 8, 2002, (CF)
McELHINNY, Anna, 1870-1964, Mother, s/s Charles J., (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, Charles J., 1860-1941, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, DAVID, (monument/no dates), (CF)
McELHINNY, John B., 1858-1952, Father, s/s Martha M., (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, JULIA A., (monument/no dates), (CF)
McELHINNY, Margaret M., Dec. 1, 1874 / Mar. 11, 1963, s/s Perry O., (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, Martha M., 1868-1930, Mother, s/s John B., (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, Perry O., Nov. 17, 1870 / Mar. 3, 1946, s/s Margaret M., (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, Philomena A., 1878-1965, Mother, (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, Samuel, 1868-1935, Father, (photo), (CF)
McELHINNY, WM. A., (monument/no dates), (CF)
McELHINNY, ZERNIAH, (monument/no dates), (CF)
McGOWAN, Agnes, Mar. 4, 1924 / Oct. 3, 1984, s/s Mercedes, (photo), (CF)
McGOWAN, AGNES G., 1883-1965, MOTHER, (CF)
McGOWAN, ANNA L., 1887-1967, MOTHER, (CF)
McGOWAN, J. FRANK, 1880-1945, FATHER, (CF)
McGOWAN, Mercedes, Sept. 11, 1919 / July 21, 2001, s/s Agnes, (photo), (CF)
McGOWAN, Sarah, 1912-1988, Daughter, (photo), (CF)
McGOWAN, Theodore, 1906-1932, Son, (photo), (CF)
McGOWAN, Thomas Woodrow, Jan. 24, 1917 / Jan 8, 1994, CAPT. US MERCHANT MARINE WWII, (photo), (CF)
McGOWAN, Vincent E., 1872-1936, Father, (photo), (CF)
McGOWAN, Vincent J., 1907-1929, Son, (photo), (CF)
MERRITT, GEORGE B., 1871-1925, (CF)
MERRITT, JOHN B., 1880-1931, (CF)
MERRITT, MARGARET, 1879-1919, (CF)
MERRITT, MARY ELLEN, 1871-1939, (CF)
MERRITT, RITA JANE, 1917-1922, (CF)
MERRITT, WILLIAM A., 1902-1955, (CF)
MILLER, Katherine, 1862-1916
NAU, Joseph B., 1895-1950, Father, (photo), (CF)
NEEL, Elizabeth, 1863-1950, Mother, s/s Lawrence, (photo), (CF)
NEEL, Lawrence, 1859-1936, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (CF)
NEEL, Victor T., 1907-1969, Son, (photo), (CF)
NEMCHICK, Agnes, Dec. 16, 1924 / May 2, 1957, s/s Andrew, (photo), (CF)
NEMCHICK, Andrew, Nov. 11, 1905 / Jan. 9, 1990, s/s Agnes, (photo), (CF)
NOLL, Andrew N., 1899-1984, Father, s/s Catherine M., (photo), (CF)
NOLL, ANNA, 1863-1932 MOTHER, (CF)
NOLL, Catherine M., 1895-1946, Mother, s/s Andrew N., (photo), (CF)
NOLL, Catherine, 1871-1942, Mother, s/s James, (photo), (CF)
NOLL, Charles, 1921-1922, (photo), (CF)
NOLL, Elizabeth, 1869 - 1909, Mother, (photo), (CF)
NOLL, James, 1865-1945, Father, s/s Catherine, (photo), (CF)
NOLL, John J., Dec. 23, 1902 / Oct. 20, 1986, s/s Rosella A., (photo), (CF)
NOLL, JOSEPH, 1856-1926 FATHER, (CF)
NOLL, Rosella A., Oct. 17, 1908 / Oct. 11, 1989, s/s John J., (photo), (CF)
OBRINGER, Gilbert, 1930 - 1956, Husband and Father
OHM, Andrew, Sept. 30, 18?? / Jan. 23, 1956?, (photo), (CF)
ODENDALL, CATHERINE G., 1871 to 19??, (CF)
ODENDALL, GUSTAVE F., 1863-1923, (CF)
ODENDALL, ?????, 1911-1989., (CF)
O’DONNELL, JOHN J., 1881-1956 FATHER, (CF)
O’DONNELL, JOHN J. JR., (no dates), SON, (CF)
OHM, ANDREW L., Sept. 30, 1893 to Jan. 12, 1956, HUSBAND, (CF)
OHM, Anna F., 1857-1939, Mother, (photo), (CF)
OHM, HERMAN J., 1901-1972 FATHER, (CF)
OHM, Jacob V., 1867-1928, Father, (photo), (CF)
OHM, JOHN 1872-1942 HUSBAND, (CF)
OHM, MARIE A., 1904-1960 MOTHER, (CF)
OHM, Mary E., ????-????, ANDREW L., (photo), (CF)
O'TOOLE, Francis P., 1916-1953, Father, (photo), (CF)
PAHULY, FRANCES, 1988-2006, (CF)
PASKERT, BERNARD G., 1939-1997, (CF)
PASKERT, GEORGE J., 1887-1942, (CF)
PASKERT, ILA V., June 27, 1905 to Feb. 8, 1985, (CF)
PASKERT, MARION M., (no dates), (CF)
PASKERT, PETER H., 1889-1984, (CF)
PFEISTER, AMELIA E., 1887-1969, WIFE, (CF)
POULOS, JEFFREY, (no dates), (CF)
POULOS, MARCIA, (no dates), (CF)
POULOS, PAUL, Oct. 24, 1931 to Nov. 19, 2008
RAIBLE, Frances, 1862-1890, Mother, (photo), (CF)
RENO, Mary Salman, 1882-1925, Daughter, (photo), (CF)
RICHARDS, Margaret B., 1896-1960, Mother, s/s Peter, (photo), (CF)
RICHARDS, Pauline R., 1905-1985, Mom, s/s Raymond W., (photo), (CF)
RICHARDS, Peter, 1888-1958, Father, s/s Margaret B., (photo), (CF)
RICHARDS, Raymond W., 1896-1986, Dad, s/s Pauline R., (photo), (CF)
ROBISON, Arthur B., May 24, 1894 / Aug. 3, 1918, CPL 5TH M P DIV, Enl. June 6, 1917, Disc. July 25, 1919, (photo), (CF)
ROSENBUSCH, Conrad, 1872-1947, Father, (photo), (CF)
ROSENBUSCH, Louise, 1872-1914, Mother, (photo), (CF)
ROSSNER, Elizabeth, 1862-1946, Mother, s/s George J., (photo), (CF)
ROSSNER, George J., 1859-1931, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (CF)
ROWELL, Barbara J. (no dates), Mother, s/s William E., (photo), (CF)
ROWELL, William E., 1931-1978, Father, s/s Barbara J., (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Anna, 1874-1956, Mother, s/s Nicholas & Lawrence, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Florian J., 1900-1957, Husband & Father, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Frank J., 1907-1973, s/s Mercedes, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Lawrence, 1902-1903, Son, s/s Nicholas & Anna, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Ludwig L., Dec. 10, 1909/Sept. 30, 1951, PFC 1339TH ENGR CONST BN AUS, Enl. June 17, 1942, Disc. Dec. 6, 1945, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Ludwig N., 1909-1951, Son, s/s William, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, Mercedes, 1911-2001, s/s Frank J., (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, NICHOLAS, 1865-1943, (CF)
RUFFING, Nicholas, 1876-1962, Father, s/s Anna & Lawrence, (photo), (CF)
RUFFING, William, 1929-1939, Grandson, s/s Ludwig N., (photo), (CF)
RUHE, Anna, 1831 - 1911, Mother, s/s William, (photo), (CF)
RUHE, Elizabeth, 1871-1880, Sister, (photo), (CF)
RUHE, Ella, 1900-1959, (photo), (CF)
RUHE, Mary, 1866-1908, Mother, (photo), (CF)
RUHE, William, 1822 - 1877, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (CF)
RUHE, William, 1860-1910, Father, (photo), (CF)
RUSCAK, Dorothy H., (no dates), s/s Frank J., (photo), (CF)
RUSCAK, Frank J., 1917-1987, s/s Dorothy H., (photo), (CF)
RUSHE, Alphonsus, Jan. 6, 1879 / Jan. 7, 1896, Son of J & B Rushe, (photo), (CF)
RUTKOWSKE, Mike, Nov. 9, 1885 / March 6, 1951, Beloved Husband & Father, (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Delphine, 1932-????, s/s Dolores, Leo & Philomena, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Dolores, 1929-????, s/s Delphine, Leo & Philomena, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Edward, 1911-1928, Son, s/s Rose & Elizabeth, (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Edward J., 1911-1928 (Son), (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Elizabeth, 1902-1963, Daughter, s/s Rose & Edward, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Elizabeth, d.1916, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, George Hess, d.1906, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Henry Jr., d.1904, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS)
SCHAFF, Henry Sr., d.1893, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Henry, 1876-1956, s/s Mary Waulk, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Leo, 1905-1994, s/s Philomena, Delphine & Dolores, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Leonard P., 1920-1991 (Husband), s/s Nicholas, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Magdelena, 1851-1929 (His Wife), s/s Nicholas Sr., (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Margaret Hess, d.1905, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS)
SCHAFF, Martin Demmer, d.1898, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS)
SCHAFF, Mary Waulk, 1880-1903, s/s Henry, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Mary, 1874-1969, (CS)
SCHAFF, Mary, Sept 8, 1879 / July 29, 1975, (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Michael, d.1907, (SCHAFF Family Marker), (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Nicholas Sr., 1849-1923, s/s Magdelena, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Nicholas, 1877-1966 (Father), s/s Leonard P., (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Philomena, 1906-1992, s/s Leo, Delphine & Dolores, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHAFF, Rose, 1880-1960 (Mother), s/s Elizabeth & Edward, (CS), (photo), (CF)
SCHARDING, Eva C., July 2, 1924 / Apr 11, 2008, w/o Donald, (photo), (CF)
SCHMITT, Augusta Maria, 1834-1898
SCHMITT, Peter, 1829-1902, (photo), (CF)
SCHEIDELER, August, July 1, 1840 / Sept 1, 1900, (photo), (CF)
SCHEIDELER, Herman, 1845 - 1917, s/s Katharina, (photo), (CF)
SCHEIDELER, Katharina, 1859 - 1905, his wife, s/s Herman, (photo), (CF)
SCHEIDLER, August, 1840 - 1900, (photo), (CF)
SCHEIDLER, Nicholas, 1881 - 1944, (photo), (CF)
SCHEIDLER, Philomena, 1846 - 1930, (photo), (CF)
SCHNEIDER, Anna Maria, 1828 - 1891, Mother, s/s Peter, (photo), (CF)
SCHNEIDER, Peter, 1821 - 1903, Father, s/s Anna Maria, (photo), (CF)
SCHORR, Elizabeth, 1871-1924, Mother, family stone, (photo), (CF)
SCHORR, George, 1875-1945, Father, family stone, (photo), (CF)
Schorr, George A., b: 1909 d: 1976 - U.S. Army WWII, (photo), (SC)
SCHORR, John, 1906-1921, family stone, (photo), (CF)
Schorr, Katherine, b: 1853 d: 1917, (photo), (SC)
SCHORR, Marcella, 1904-1913, family stone, (photo), (CF)
SCHUCHERT, John J., 1873-1951, Father, s/s Magdalen M., (photo), (CF)
SCHUCHERT, Magdalen M., 1879-1973, Mother, s/s John J., (photo), (CF)
SCHUCHERT, WM., 1901-1962, (MANNS plot), (CF)
SCHULTE, Katherine, Aug. 24, 1829 / June 11, 1906, (photo), (CF)
SCHULTE, Martin, Feb. 14, 1823 / April 6, 1891, (photo), (CF)
SCHULTZ, Elizabeth, 1829-1917, s/s Johaan & Nikolaus, (photo), (CF)
SCHULTZ, Johaan, 1828-1882, s/s Elizabeth & Nikolaus, (photo), (CF)
SCHULTZ, Nikolaus, 1865-1885, s/s Johaan & Elizabeth, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Albert, 1885-1966, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Anna, 8-1851 / 8-1872
SCHWEITZER, Anna (Freund), 1900-1983, Mother, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Anna Margaret, 1913-2005, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Barbara, 1851-1936, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Carl J., Oct. 19, 1893 / April 16, 1947, CORP CO D 320TH INF., Enl. March 30, 1918, Disc. June 7, 1919, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Catherine, 1856-1907, wife of Jacob, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Emma, 1881-1936, daughter, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Frank, 1842-1910, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Frank, 1872-1945, Brother, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Frank S., 1885-1966, Father, s/s Mary S., (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, John F.-1877-1974
SCHWEITZER, John, 1843-1921
SCHWEITZER, Joseph, 1876-1952, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Mathais, 1848-1917, Father, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Matilda, 1887-1982, daughter, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Mary C., 1883-1945
SCHWEITZER, Mary S., 1886-1968, Mother, s/s Frank S., (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Peter Anthony, 1893-1966, Father, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Peter J., 1879-1966, Father, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Ralph A., 1920-1983, TEC 4 USA WWII, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Richard, 1919-1943
SCHWEITZER, Rosalia C. (Weis), 1894-1923, Mother, (photo), (CF)
SCHWEITZER, Sophie F., 1892-1941, Mother,, (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Albert John, b December 10, 1890 d January 21, 1972 (h/o Jennie Bertha), (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Albert Walter, b July 1, 1927 d June 8, 2005 (h/o Eleanor), (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, George J., b 1878 d January 3, 1957, (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Eleanor Helen (Kostelnik), b January 15, 1928 d September 13, 2007 (w/o Albert), (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Helen M. (Graham), b 1883 d September 18, 1963 (w/o Peter J. Jr.), (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Jacob J., b July, 1885 d May 29, 1966, (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Jennie B. (Ahlberg), b April 10, 1896 d January 31, 1951 (w/o Albert John), (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Peter J. Jr., b April, 1882 d October 16, 1971 (h/o Helen M.), (SC), (photo), (CF)
SHIPE, Stella M., b 1901 d January 8, 1982, (SC), (photo), (CF)
SIMON, Albert, 1836-3yrs. 3mo.
SIMON, John, 1864-1932, (photo), (CF)
SIMON, John, 7-1893 Age 54 years
SIMON, Mary, 1866-1928, (photo), (CF)
SIMON, Susanna, (NO DATES)
SLOSS, Charles E., 1876-1959, Father, (photo), (CF)
SLOSS, Mary T., 1874-1964, Mother, (photo), (CF)
SMITH, George J. 1849-1924, h/o Margaret M., (photo), (CF)
SMITH, Margaret M. His Wife-1852-1912, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Agnes, 1881-1896, s/s Katherine & Mercedes, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Cecelia C., 1893-1979, Mother, s/s Frank C., (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Christina, 1875-1908, Mother, s/s Jacob, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Emma, 1883-1898, s/s Frank J., (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Frank C., 1879-1960, Father, s/s Cecelia C., (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Frank J., 1848-1929, s/s Emma, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Jacob, 1872-1925, Father, s/s Christina, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Jacob W., 1906-1978, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Katherine, 1849-1895, Mother, s/s Mercedes, Agnes & Katherine, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Katherine, 1877-1896, s/s Mercedes, Katherine & Agnes, (photo), (CF)
SNYDER, Mercedes, 1875-1896, s/s Katherine, Agnes & Katherine, (photo), (CF)
STEIMER, Andrew, 1860-1915, s/s Peter & Mary, (photo), (CF)
STEIMER, Frank, 1902-1975, Husband & Father, (photo), (CF)
STEIMER, George, 1868-1948, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (CF)
STEIMER, Mary, Jan. 2, 1833 / Sept. 21, 1907, Wife, s/s Peter & Andrew, (photo), (CF)
STEIMER, Mary, 1869-1959, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (CF)
STEIMER, Peter, Oct. 30, 1823 / Dec. 14, 1882, s/s Mary & Andrew, (photo), (CF)
STEIN, Cathryn, 1856-1906, Mother, s/s Peter W., (photo), (CF)
STEIN, Elenora, 1843-1921, (photo), (CF)
STEIN, George, Sept. 13, 1861 / Jan. 8, 1951, Father, s/s Margaret, (photo), (CF)
STEIN, Jacob, 1819-1894, (photo), (CF)
STEIN, JOE, 1882-1918, (CF)
STEIN, Margaret, Oct. 15, 1865 / July 5, 1941, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (CF)
STEIN, PETER J., 1853-1927, (CF)
STEIN, Peter W., 1852-1923, Father, s/s Cathryn, (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Albert A., 1903-1988, Father, (CS), (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Baby Gretchen, 1962, (CS), s/s Joseph, Laura, Marie & Mary Schaff, (CS), (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Barbara E., 1869 - (blank), His Wife
STEINER, Barbara E., 1869-???? (His Wife), (CS)
STEINER, Dorothy C., 1909-1958, Mother, (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Grace M., 1913-1970, (CS), (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Helen G., 1902-1941 (Mother), (CS), (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Jeannette, 1904-1985, s/s Joseph N., (photo), (CF)
STEINER, John S.R. or SR., 1864 - 1924
STEINER, John Sr, 1864-1924, (CS)
STEINER, Joseph, 19 Mar 1875 / 9 Mar 1942, s/s Laura, Marie & Mary Schaff, (CS), (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Joseph N., 1899-1966, s/s Jeannette, (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Laura, 5 Oct 1920 / 16 Oct 2003, s/s Joseph, Marie & Mary Schaff, (CS), (photo), (CF)
STEINER, Marie, (no dates), (CS)
STEINER, Mary Schaff, b. 8 Sept 1879, d. 29 July 1974, (CS)
STEINER, Robert J., 1903-1981, Father, (photo), (CF)
STINE, Joe, 1882-1918, (photo), (CF)
STINE, John, 1826-1854, s/s Peter, (photo), (CF)
STINE, Peter, 1828-1900, s/s John, (photo), (CF)
STINE, Peter J., 1853-1927, (photo), (CF)
STINNER, Barbra, 1845-1903, Mother, s/s Peter, (photo), (CF)
STINNER, Gal J., 1922-2011, s/s Grace D., (photo), (CF)
STINNER, Grace D., 1924-2006, s/s Gal J., (photo), (CF)
STINNER, Leonard J., 1896-1984, (photo), (CF)
STINNER, Peter, 1835-1918, Father, s/s Barbra, (photo), (CF)
STINNER, STELLA A., 1896-1983, (MANNS Plot)
STOEHR, Johanna, 1868-1946, (photo), (CF)
STOEHR, PAUL, 1892-1980, (CF)
STOEHR, VICTOR, 1865-1945, (CF)
STRUTT, Lorraine, 1934-1994, s/s Raymond & Marion, (photo), (CF)
STRUTT, Marion, 1907-1993, s/s Raymond & Lorraine, (photo), (CF)
STRUTT, Raymond, 1908-1992, s/s Marion & Lorraine, (photo), (CF)
THOMAS, Carl J., 1915-1973, Father, s/s Genevieve, (photo), (CF)
THOMAS, Genevieve, 1915-1942, Mother, s/s Carl J., (photo), (CF)
THOMAS, Elizabeth M., 1906-1975, (photo), (CF)
THOMAS, William A., 1880-1956, Father, (photo), (CF)
TRIMMER, Kathleen, 1906-1968, Wife, s/s William, (photo), (CF)
TRIMMER, William, 1905-1981, Husband, s/s Kathleen, (photo), (CF)
TRAUD, Frederick, 1829-1888, s/s Homelitus & Joseph, (photo), (CF)
TRAUD, Homelitus, 1832-1923, s/s Frederick & Joseph, (photo), (CF)
TRAUD, Joseph, 1858-1925, s/s Frederick & Homelitus, (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, Agnes, 1885-1958 (Wife), (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, David Edward, March 29, 1942 / May 9, 1960, PENNSYLVANIA RCT HQ & HG CO TRP COMD, (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, Elizabeth, 1884-1885, s/s Josephine, (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, Francis, 1881-1942 (Wife), (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, John, 1881-1977, (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, Josephine, 1892-1895, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (CF)
WALDMAN, Nicholas, Sep 29, 1886 / Mar 3 1978, PVT USA WWI, (photo), (CF)
WALKER, Catharine, 1884-1903, Our Mother, w/o S. Walker, (photo), (CF)
WALKER, Frances Steiner, 1893-1978 (Mother), (CS), (photo), (CF)
WEBER, Bertha, 1872 - 1897, At Rest, Beloved Wife of P. M. WEBER, R.I.P.
WEIS, Anna Marie, 1850-1904, Mother, s/s Nicholas, (photo), (CF)
WEIS, Nicholas, 1884-1917, Father, s/s Anna Marie, (photo), (CF)
WEISKIRCHER, George, 1879-1902, His son, s/s Nickolas Jr. & Nickolas A., (photo), (CF)
WEISKIRCHER, Nickolas Jr., 1844-1880, s/s Nickolas A. & George, (photo), (CF)
WEISKIRCHER, Nickolas A., 1872-1901, His Son, s/s Nikolas Jr. & George, (photo), (CF)
WEISKIRCHER, Wm. F., 1870-1896, (photo), (CF)
WINCZNER, Anthony J., 1889-1956, Husband, s/s Catherine, (photo), (CF)
WINCZNER, Catherine, 1889-1955, Wife, s/s Anthony J., (photo), (CF)
WINCZNER, Violet, 1916-1919, (photo), (CF)
WOLL, Anna, 1870-1943, (photo), (CF)
WOLL, Jacob, 1827-1893, (photo), (CF)
WOLL, Susanna, 1826-1912, (photo), (CF)
WRIGHT, Edna M., Sept. 3, 1907 / Oct. 8, 1983, (photo), (CF)
YOUNKINS, Eliza, 1850-1946, (photo), (CF)
ZEWE, Elizabeth, 1851-1884, (photo), (CF)
ZEWE, Jacob, 1848-1904, (photo), (CF)
ZEWE, Margaret, 1860-1941
ZEWE, Peter, 1880-1903, (photo), (CF)
ZEWE, William, 1859-1922


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