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Subject:   Re: [ALL] Spinnenweber - Urexweiler, Germany
Date:      Thu, 29 Nov 2001 18:39:31 -0600

Larry & Jean Sullivan,
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Not my family, but thought someone could use this information. (Actually, do
have a Spinnenweber or two somewhere on the outer branches of my family

Joh. Spinnenweber, coal miner, son of Johann Spinnenweber and Anna
Margaretha Fuchs, married Margaretha Gros, daughter of Adam Gros and
Magdalena Derrenbacher, on 1/31/1826 in Urexweiler.
Children: (all born in Urexweiler)
Magdalena, b:10/23/1826
Johann, b:4/30/1829
Nikolaus, b: 4/14/1831
Margaretha, b:5/12/1833 immigrated to Amer. 2/29/1856
Jakob, b:9/19/1835 immigrated to Amer. 2/29/1856
Nikolaus, b:3/101838
Michel, b:9/7/1841, d:12/2/1842 in Urex.
Katharina, b:l/5/1844

Philipp Spinnenweber, pig farmer, son of Johann Spinnenweber and Margarethe
Fuchs, married Eva Recktenwald, daughter of Michel Recktenwald and Maria
Schu, on 2/24/1824 in Urexweiler.
Children: (all born in Urexweiler)
Katharina, b:9/25/824, m: Peter Schafer on 12/7/1847
Johann, b: 4/26/1826
Peter, b:12/16/1827, d: 3/27/1840 in Urex.
Nikolaus, b:5/5/1830
Elisabeth, b:2/5/1832, m: Joh. Recktenwald on 11/27/1857
Johann Philipp, b:12/25/1833, d: 3/14/1840 in Urex.
Anna Maria, b:9/9/1835, m: Nikolaus Schwarz on 2/4/1862

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