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Cemetery Inscriptions from
3109 Mt. Troy Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(Reserve Twp., Allegheny County)

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PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS, ONLY TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS. If you desire official information about this cemetery please contract:
Ridgelawn Cemetery, 3109 Mount Troy Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15212-1103 -- (412) 321-6820.


Note: "Our" section identifications below to not conform to this cemetery's layout. We elected to name the sections numerically for the sake of posting in an orderly fashion. Within some sections we have numbered, there are references to "alphabetical areas" which are the true areas of this cemetery.


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LAST UPDATE: December 7, 2003

3109 Mt. Troy Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212
Reserve Township, Allegheny County
Tombstone inscriptions
Recorded & Copyrighted by Janice Cooper,, June, 2000

Section One, (far left side of the road):

Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
BARCHFELD, David E., Sep. 30, 1933-Feb. 18, 1953, Seaman US Coast Guard, Enl. Nov. 3, 1952, Died in Service.
BAYER, Augusta, 1887-1961, Mother (same stone as Frank J.)
BAYER, Frank J., 1885-1960, Father (same stone as Augusta)
BLIND, Conrad J., Oct. 26, 1844-Dec. 13, 1928, Father, BLIND (large monument)
BLIND, Elizabeth M., Aug. 8, 1841-Jan. 22, 1923, Mother, BLIND (large monument)
BOETTGER, Carl G., Feb. 22, 1847-Jan. 16, 1901, Our Father, (Veteran)
BOETTGER, Johana, 1823-1883 (GAUSS stone)
BONACKER, Christina, 1842-1918, Mother (in HAERICH plot)
BORN, Bessie M., Sep. 24, 1890-Aug. 26, 1910, Daughter
BORN, Emma L., Nov. 29, 1903-Nov. 11, 1943, Daughter
BORN, Oscar A., Mar. 14, 1892-Sep. 27, 1964, Son
BORN, Susan A., Apr. 25, 1869-Mar. 5, 1953, Mother
BORN, W.C. (flat marker in ground)
BORN, William C., Oct. 29, 1862-Jan. 25, 1905, Father
CHRISTMAN (large stone, no names or dates)
CRONENWETH, Catherine A., May 7, 1832-Sep. 24, 1892, Mother
CRONENWETH, Jacob, Mar. 22, 1828-Mar. 2, 1870, Father
CRONENWETH, Margaret D., 1859-1940, Wife of Phillip H. FORNOF
CRONENWETH, Sophia, Sep. 8, 1856-Jul. 27, 1894, Daughter
EBER (large stone, no dates)
EBERT, Carrie 1885-1918, Mother
FABIG (flat stone marker by road)
FABIG, Augusta, Jun. 5, 1850-Jun. 14, 1931, Mother
FABIG, Frieda B.C., Mar. 7, 1890-Mar. 3, 1899
FABIG, Leonard C., Oct. 7, 1845-Jul. 27, 1911, Father
FESKORN, Mina, 1832-1908, Mother
FESKORN, W. (flat stone marker in ground)
FESKORN, William, 1837-1896, Father
FESKORN, William, 1876-1918, Son
FLECK (a very large monument, which stands between KRAUSE, STRAUB & NACHAND)
FORNOF, Herbert J., 1884-1943
FORNOF, Phillip H., 1850-1923, Father
FORNOF, Stella C., 1877-1947, Wife of A. David WINDHORST
GALLAGHER, Thomas, Apr. 22, 1872-Nov. 22, 1898, Husband
GAUSS, Anna, died Oct. 1879 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Bertha, died 1885 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Caroline, died Oct. 1879 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Charles, died Oct. 1879 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Christian, died Oct. 1879 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Christian, Feb. 5, 1845-Nov. 28, 1898 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Emilie, died Oct. 1879 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, John, died 1885 (on monument stone)
GAUSS, Mary, died Oct. 1879 (on monument stone)
GREB (tall monument)
GREB, Charles Sr., 1834-1904, Father
GREB, Elizabeth, 1835-1907, Mother
GREB, William, 1860-1895, Son
HAERICH, Fred Wm., 1866-1934, Father (same stone as Helen)
HAERICH, Helen, 1872-1952, Mother (same stone as Fred Wm.)
HAERICH, Martha, 1909-1913, Daughter
HAERICH, William, May 13, 1897-Jan. 2, 1929, 1st Cl. Pvt. Motor Trans. Corps, Enl. Jan. 19, 1918, Disc. Apr. 23, 1919.
HAUGH (or HAUCH), Kath., died Feb. 2, 1884, aged ?? years, Our Mother, (badly worn stone), (HAUGH stone is very close to NUSSNER stones, perhaps same plot)
HOEGEL, Frank C., Jan. 28, 1876-Feb. 4, 1903, My Husband
HOEGEL, William F., Aug. 22, 1900-Feb. 12, 1980, 2nd Lt. US Army, WWII
HOFFMAN, Carl, Jan. 31, 1835-Mar. 3, 1915, Father
HOFFMAN, Grace E., 1914-1966, Mother
HOFFMAN, Henry A., Jan. 9, 1861-Jul. 20, 1893
HOFFMAN, Maria, Jan. 27, 1830-Aug. 13, 1904, Mother
HOFFMAN, Ralph W., Jul. 22, 1910-Dec. 5, 1980, PFC. US Army, WWII
HOFFMAN, Rose P., Feb. 14, 1912-Dec. 15, 1991
JOHNSTON, Alma HAERICH, 1906-1933, Daughter
JOHNSTON, Mildred H., 1925-1962
JONES, Clarence W., 1888-1925
JORDAN, Elizabeth, 1866-1937, Mother (same stone as Peter)
JORDAN, Peter, 1862-1931, Father (same stone as Elizabeth)
JORDAN, Ronald H., 1895-1901, Son of P.& E. JORDAN
JORDAN, Roy W., 1888-1894, Son of P.& E. JORDAN
KISS, Alexander, 1869-1923, Father
KISS, Gizela, 1879-1958, Mother
KISSNER, Edward, (no dates)
KISSNER, Elsie, 1885-1977 (same stone as Ida LOHREY)
KRAUSE, Albert L., Sep. 17, 1899-Jul. 10, 1900
KRAUSE, Albert, Oct. 2, 1851-Oct. 14, 1914, Father
KRAUSE, Helen A., Sep. 29, 1908-Oct. 18, 1909
LOHREY, Ida, 1884-1950 (same stone as Elsie KISSNER)
MALL, Elizabeth M., Jan. 7, 1839-Nov. 30, 1908, Mother
MALL, Michael, Sep. 15, 1840-Aug. 30, 1905, Father, (Veteran, GAR, 1861-65)
MEINHARDT, WYNN, FAETT, STADLINGER (a large stone, no dates)
MEYER, Anna E.D., 1879-1914, Sister
MEYER, E. August, 1840-1920, Father
MEYER, Elizabeth, 1857-1922, Wife (same stone as William F.)
MEYER, Louisa C., 1852-1899, Mother
MEYER, W.F. (flat marker in ground)
MEYER, William F., 1856-1936, Husband (same stone as Elizabeth)
MINZENBERG, Harry, 1894-1918, Husband (small stone in front of him says "Rest in Peace")
NACHAND, Karoline, Nov. 22, 1818-Feb. 14, 1902, (NACHAND stones are located between two KRAUSE stones)
NACHAND, Peter, Sep. 8, 1818-Apr. 15, 1877, (NACHAND stones are located between two KRAUSE stones)
NEILL, Annie, 1891-1911, Sister
NEILL, Frank, 1882-1918, Brother
NEILL, James B., 1894-1918, Brother
NEILL, Robert, 1851-1909, Father
NUSSNER, Eberhart, 1862-1865 (same stone as Magdalena H.)
NUSSNER, John, Nov. 8, 1828-May 29, 1903, Father
NUSSNER, Karolina, May 19, 1832-Mar. 15, 1911, Mother
NUSSNER, Magdalena H., 1864-1865 (same stone as Eberhart)
PFEIFFER (large monument)
PFEIFFER, Christina, Feb. 19, 1836-May 11, 1893, Cebor'ne MULLER (on monument)
PFEIFFER, Daniel, May 8, 1836-Nov. 4, 1902 (on monument)
PFEIFFER, Ludwig G., Nov. 3, 1882-Nov. 24, 1888 (a small stone in front reads "Son"), (also 2 stones with script "P" monogram, Mother & Father, no dates or names)
PLIENINGER, Anna M., Sep. 2, 1808-oct. 5, 1882, Mother
PLIENINGER, David, Oct. 25, 1809-Apr. 11, 1892, Father
ROTTENSPERGER, Augusta, 1844-1910
ROTTENSPERGER, Gustav, 1876-1938, Father (same stone as Katherine)
ROTTENSPERGER, Katherine, 1882-1983, Mother (same stone as Gustav)
SAND, Wm. (top part of stone is missing, no dates)
SCHILLER, Rudolph, Apr. 6, 1874-Jun. 27, 1934, born Erfurt, Germany, (SMITH & SCHILLER are side-by-side, matching stones)
SCHINDEL, Dorothy, Jan. 24, 1832-oct. 6, 1913
SCHINDEL, Johan G., Jan. 21, 1830-Aug. 31, 1896
SCHULZ, Friedricka, 1871-1944, Mother (same stone as Paul)
SCHULZ, Paul, 1867-1939, Father (same stone as Friedricka)
SCHWAB, Helen, 1903-1952, Mother
SCHWAB, William P., 1901-1988, Father
SITTERLE, Anna, 1873-1947, Mother (same stone as George)
SITTERLE, George, 1868-1956, Father (same stone as Anna)
SMITH, Anna M., Apr. 24, 1878-Mar. 24, 1938, (SMITH & SCHILLER are side-by-side, matching stones)
SMITH, Friederika J., 1864-1951, Mother
SMITH, Peter N., 1855-1915, Father ("Fireman's Memorial" on top of stone)
STEPHAN, John, Jan. 12, 1865-Nov. 11, 1890
STORCK, Anna, Mar. 20, 1891-Jul. 7, 1905, Daughter
STORCK, Christina A., Jan. 14, 1850-Jul. 13, 1937, Mother
STORCK, Frieda, 1884-1905, Wife of Charles A. BEATTY
STORCK, Valentine, Nov. 22, 1854-May 15, 1901, Father
STRAUB, Margretha, Feb. 16, 1824-Jul. 29, 1900, GEB. NACHAND, (directly beside STRAUB is an old large stone, fallen face down)
SUTTER, Charles M., Nov. 13, 1919-Nov. 4, 1996, US Marine Corps, WWII
TECKMEYER, Elsie STORCK, Jan. 28, 1887-Dec. 8, 1977
THASE (large monument)
THASE, Charles F., 1877-(no date)
THASE, Ferne STEWART, 1887-1924
VOGEL, Esther F., 1897-1972, Mother
WAGNER, Caroline M., 1890-1968 (same stone as John F.)
WAGNER, Elsie, 1888-1917, Wife
WAGNER, John F., 1884-1947 (same stone as Caroline M.)
WAGNER, Louis, 1853-1926, Father
WAGNER, Magdalena, 1857-1919, Mother
WALTER, Donald F., Sr., Oct. 12, 1911-Feb. 6, 1973, PA, SKD3, US Navy, WWII, (WALTER stone is in HAERICH plot)
WECKESSER, Anna C., 1869-1928, Mother
WECKESSER, Henry, 1865-1936, Father
WECKESSER, Viola, 1892-1892, Daughter
WEY (large stone, no dates)
WEY, Emil F., 1879-1953, Father
WINDHORST, A. David, 1877-1965
WOESSNER, Elizabeth S., 1881-1916, Mother
WOESSNER, John M., 1876-1941, Father
ZOLLAR, Clara, 1889-1896, Daughter

(RIDGELAWN CEMETERY, lowest part continuing off the far left side, it is
either Section S or C. I've seen markers indicating both. We'll call
it Section Two.)

Section Two:
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ASHBAUGH, Arlene V., 1932-1989, Mom
BAER, Clarence Ted, 1898-1963
BERNARDI, Benjamin, Nov. 6, 1874-Jan. 2, 1941
BERNARDI, Birdie, Dec. 27, 1872-Aug. 5, 1951
BICKERT (flat marble ground marker)
BICKERT, May, Jan. 28, 1885-Jun. 6, 1926
CORDES, Christine M., (no dates)
CORDES, Ernest J., 1910-1984
CRONENWETH, Marcellus, 1890-1935, Father (Veteran) (Lot 24)
CRONENWETH, Mathilda B., 1868-1941, Wife (Lot 24)
CRONENWETH, Ruth F., 1922-1931, Daughter (Lot 24)
CRONENWETH, William J., 1861-1928, Husband (Lot 24)
CSUY, Anna, 1902-1987
FRANKOS, Leona M., (no dates), Mother
GILBERT, William B., 1919-1955, Father
GILBERT, William E., May 29, 1944-Nov. 23, 1998, Father
GOEBEL, Herman W., 1907-1966, Father (same stone as Hilda I.)
GOEBEL, Hilda I., 1912-1979, Mother (same stone as Herman W.)
GOEBEL, Johanna K., 1888-1930, Mother
GOEBEL, Paul, 1873-1945, Father
GOLOB, Charles D., Apr. 22, 1949-Jun. 16, 1981, SN US Navy, Vietnam
GRAY, Ronald J., Dec. 19, 1957-Jun. 2, 1973, Son
GUBISH, Beatrice A., (no dates), Mother (same stone as Joseph L.)
GUBISH, Joseph L., 1916-1992, Father (Veteran WWII) (same stone as Beatrice A.)
GUENTHER, Stella, 1892-1976, Sister
HOFFMAN, John E., 1923-1995, BNG2, US Navy, WWII & Korea
HOFFMANN, Dorothy, 1921-1937, Daughter
HOFFMANN, John H., 1895-1985, Pap
HOFFMANN, John L, 1874-1959 (same stone as Sarah A.)
HOFFMANN, Mamie, 1897-1982, Mother
HOFFMANN, Sarah A., 1870-1957 (same stone as John L.)
HUMMEL, Anna FOERTSCH, 1900-1988, Wife (same stone as Chas. L.)
HUMMEL, Charles L., 1890-1938, Husband (same stone as Anna Hummel Foertsch)
JACKSON, Robert C., 1868-1950 (same stone as Mollie Jackson WISE)
KAISER, Joseph, 1876-1943, Father (same stone as Mary)
KAISER, Mary, 1881-1938, Mother (same stone as Joseph)
KAYSER, Fred W., 1892-1926, Brother
KILLMEYER, Maverna H., 1911-1982, Wife
KILLMEYER, William C., 1911-1970, Husband
KIRKBAUM, Charles, 1881-1966, Father (same stone as Louise, Wilbert & Edward)
KIRKBAUM, Edward C., 1920-1980, Son (same stone as Charles, Louise & Wilbert)
KIRKBAUM, Louise, 1881-1963, Mother (same stone as Charles, Wilbert & Edward)
KIRKBAUM, Wilbert, 1904-1934, Son (same stone as Charles, Louisa & Edward)
KRUSE, Albert B., Dec. 31, 1886-Nov. 21, 1968, Pvt. 315th AM TN US Army, Enl. June 1, 1918, Disc. June 16, 1919.
KRUSE, Frederick A., Jul. 2, 1894-May 13, 1960, Cpl. Co. G 7th Infantry, Enl. Oct. 6, 1917, Disc. Aug. 27, 1919
KRUSE, Gladys, Apr. 11, 1911-Dec. 21, 1996 (home-made marker)
LEETHER, Elsie L., 1885-1953
LEETHER, William A., 1878-1946
LIPPERT, Ella M., 1895-1973, Mother (same stone as Raymond M.)
LIPPERT, Raymond M., 1888-1961, Father (same stone as Ella M.)
MADDER, Albert L., 1892-1978, Father (WWI veteran)
MADDER, Hazel GUENTHER, 1895-1973, Mother
MADDER, Jean L., 1927-1999, Daughter
MADDER, Louise Weyman, 1862-1937, Mother
MADDER, Mary L., 1883-1972, Daughter
MADDER, Minnie H., 1889-1963, Daughter
MADER, John H., 1885-1942, Husband
MAHLER, Barbara E., 1895-1979, Mother (same stone as Henry M.)
MAHLER, Edward, 1923-1940, ("Wm. Sirlin Service" at bottom of marker)
MAHLER, Henry M., 1896-1965, Father (same stone as Barbara E.)
MAHLER, Jacob, (no dates)
MAHLER, Milton, (no dates)
MANN, Rita M., 1920-1998, Mother (same stone as Walter M.)
MANN, Walter M. Sr., 1915-1984, Father (same stone as Rita M.)
McCARTHY, Carl J., (no dates), Father (same stone as Evelyn A.)
McCARTHY, Evelyn A., Apr. 4, 1929-Jan. 5, 1999, Mother (same stone as Carl J.)
McELVENNY, Elizabeth, (no dates), Wife (same stone as Linden), (a small grave marked with a rock & flowers behind McELVENNY, no inscription)
McELVENNY, Linden, Nov. 30, 1868-Oct. 14, 1931, Husband (same stone as Eliz.)
MRAZEK, Henry E., 1916-1929, Son
MRAZEK, John J., 1877-1937, Father (same stone as Rosalie)
MRAZEK, Lydia, 1907-1945, Daughter
MRAZEK, Rosalie, 1882-1937, Mother (same stone as John J.)
PAUL, Marjorie Elaine, 1937-1946
PENCO, Anthony, 1922-1975, Husband
PENCO, Ida E., 1919-1974, Wife
PIKE, Gordon Weir, 1906-1971
PROM, Fred C., 1884-1929, Father
PROM, Frieda, 1885-1976, Mother
RANK, Clara M., 1904-1981, Wife (same stone as Wm. J.)
RANK, William J., 1897-1974, Husband (same stone as Clara M.)
READER, Charles J., 1890-1969, Father
READER, Margaret R., 1894-1981, Mother
READER, Viola, 1930-1945
REMY, Anna Martha, 1865-1936, Mother
REMY, Lillian, 1905-1976, Mother (same stone as Nicholas H.)
REMY, Nicholas H., 1901-1951, Father (same stone as Lillian)
REUKAUF, John W., 1879-1935
ROOT, Harry, 1881-1949, Father (same stone as Katherine)
ROOT, Joseph J., 1912-1978, Husband
ROOT, Katherine 1886-1973
ROOT, Katherine, 1882-1935, Mother (same stone as Harry)
ROOT, Margaret M., (no dates), Wife
ROUSER, Elmer A., Dec. 17, 1906-Sep. 25, 1976, Father (same stone as Lillian C.)
ROUSER, Lillian C., Nov. 16, 1908-Jan. 31, 1971, Mother (same stone as Elmer A.)
SCHLACHTER, Irma, 1916-1987, Mother, (Korean War veteran grave next to SCHLACHTER, no stone, but flag marker states 1950-1955)
SCHNEIDER, Charles A., 1862-1932, Father (same stone as Philomena)
SCHNEIDER, Charles L., 1889-1976, Father (same stone as Gizella M.)
SCHNEIDER, Eleanor A., 1893-1972 (same stone as Walter F.)
SCHNEIDER, Gizella M., 1889-1956, Mother (same stone as Charles L.)
SCHNEIDER, Philomena, 1859-1927, Mother (same stone as Charles A.)
SCHNEIDER, Walter F., 1893-1955 (same stone as Eleanor A.)
SCHREIBER, Dorothy M., 1924-1952, Daughter
SCHREIBER, Frank C., 1893-1949, Father (Veteran) (same stone as Katherine)
SCHREIBER, Katherine, 1894-1961, Mother (same stone as Frank C.)
SCHWEITZER, Charles, 1889-1939 (same stone as Pauline)
SCHWEITZER, Pauline, 1893-1977 (same stone as Charles)
SINGER, Bertha L., nee VOGEL, 1897-1944
SINS, Helen A., 1924-1998 (same stone as Nelson R.)
SINS, Nelson R., 1916-1978 (same stone as Helen A.)
SINS, Nelson R., Oct. 17, 1916-Aug. 26, 1978, Tec. 5 US Army, (bronze marker)
STORCH, Alice G., 1902-1953
STORCH, Ernest E., 1903-1997
THOMAS, Lawrence M., Sep. 26, 1907-Oct. 10, 1984 (same stone as Martha L.)
THOMAS, Martha L., Mar. 10, 1908-Apr. 22, 1985 (same stone as Lawrence M.)
UNGLAUB, Katherine, 1871-1950, Mother
URLACHER, Norman J., Nov. 1, 1927-Oct. 1, 1971, PA. Pfc. Army Air Forces, WWII
VOGEL, Carl H., Jan. 23, 1896-Oct. 20, 1985, Pvt. US Army, WWI
VOGEL, Eleanor, 1903-1981, Mother
VOGEL, Sophia, 1911-1926
WINDISCH, Amelia, Mar. 4, 1915-May 13, 1989, age 74 (temporary marker)
WINKLER, Emil M., 1905-1987, Husband
WINKLER, Loretta A., 1919-1966, Wife (same stone as Virginia A.)
WINKLER, Virginia A., 1912-1942, Wife (same stone as Loretta A.)
WISE, Mollie JACKSON, 1869-1946 (same stone as Robert C. JACKSON)
WOESSNER, Andrew G., 1913-1973, Father (same stone as Bernice)
WOESSNER, Bernice, 1913-1970, Mother (same stone as Andrew G.)
WOESSNER, Christina, 1883-1957, Mother
WOESSNER, Mathew, May 20, 1883-May 31, 1943, Pvt. CAS DET 17th INF, Enl. Jan. 21, 1902, Disc. Jan. 30, 1905.
YOUNG, Christian, 1872-1941
YOUNG, Margaret, 1874-1949

Section Three (Section E?) of Ridgelawn, A Lower Center Section.

Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ANTON, Christina, 1876-1928 (Sec. E. Lot 104)
BACHMYER, Elisabeth, May 5, 1848-May 21, 1918 (same stone as Freidrich W.)
BACHMYER, Freidrich W., Jul. 7, 1839-Aug. 27, 1898 (same stone as Elisabeth)
BECKER, Henry, Sep. 14, 1815-Jan. 2, 1889, Father
BECKER, Margaret, Aug. 11, 1818-Mar. 11, 1880, Mother
BETZOLD, Kate, May 9, 1848-Dec. 25, 1907 (same plot as WEIER)
BLUMHAGE (large monument, Sec. E, 11? & 120)
BLUMHAGE, Dora, Apr. 15, 1802-Dec. 1, 1872 (on monument)
BLUMHAGE, Elisabeth KLEIN, 1842-Aug. 17, 1920
BLUMHAGE, Georgine, Aug. 11, 1858-Dec. 1870 (on monument)
BLUMHAGE, H., Jan. 22, 1832-Jun. 11, 1901
BLUMHAGE, Henry L., Jun. 23, 1853-May 23, 1859 (on monument)
BLUMHAGE, John Henry, May 7, 1876-Sep. 1, 1877 (on monument)
BLUMHAGE, Ludwig, Feb. 28, 1806-Sep. 14, 1865, Father (on monument)
BLUMHAGE, Mary A., Sep. 13, 1862-Nov. 21, 1863 (on monument)
BLUMHAGE, Soffie, Mar. 25, 1832-Feb. 16, 1893, Wife of Henry BLUMHAGE
BOXDOERFER / HEURICH (flat ground marker)
BROOKS, Conrad, 1868-1925, Husband
BROOKS, Elizabeth, 1874-1938, Wife
CASSUBE, Alma A., Mar. 25, 1887-Jul. 19, 1903, Daughter
CASSUBE, Augusta, Apr. 13, 1850-Sep. 9, 1928, Mother
CASSUBE, Herman A., Jan. 19, 1878-Jul. 7, 1901, Son
CASSUBE, Stella A., Feb. 8, 1890-Mar. 3, 1890, "Our Baby"
CASSUBE, Wilhelm, Feb. 14, 1841-Sep. 30, 1919, Father
COLLMAN, Walter C., Aug. 21, 1891-Nov. 13, 1962, Musician C. C, 320th INF., Enl. Oct. 3, 1917, Disc, Jun. 7, 1919
DETZEL (large monument, Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Bertha, 1850-1910, "Our Mother", (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Birdie, 1879-1881 "Child of Christ & Birdie DETZEL" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Christ, 184-1884 "Child of Christ & Birdie DETZEL" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Christ, 1849-1934, "Our Father", (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Ida M., 1881-1950 (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, John J., May 21, 1872-Oct. 26, 1894, "Our Son" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Joseph C., 1873-1924 (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Kattie, 1886-1886 "Child of Christ & Birdie DETZEL" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Lizzie, 1877-1881 "Child of Christ & Birdie DETZEL" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Lottie L., 1883-1929 (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Minnie, 1878-1879 "Child of Christ & Birdie DETZEL" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DETZEL, Stella, 1887-1888 "Child of Christ & Birdie DETZEL" (Sec. E, Lot 104)
DUMMETT, Hugh A., 1860-1928, Father (same stone as Lillian R.)
DUMMETT, Lillian R., 1860-1922, Mother (same stone as Hugh A.)
EIDEMUELLER, Caroline, 1879-1927
EIDEMUELLER, John, 1873-1952
ERB, Herbert C., 1902-1951, Father
FALTER (monument located between the MENTEL plots)
FALTER, Elisabetha, Jul. 26, 1824-Jan. 23, 1892 (on monument with Henry & Henry)
FALTER, Henry, Aug. 1, 1827-Nov. 10, 1890 (on monument with Henry & Elisabetha)
FALTER, Henry, Dec. 11, 1855-Oct. 15, 1891 (on monument with Henry & Elisabetha)
FORNOF (?), Mary E., Oct. 26, 1872-May 2, 188?, (worn, also another name & date above this which is unreadable, death date could be Jan. 24, 1886)
FORNOF, Mary E., 1826-1904
FRITZ, Christian, Nov. 22, 1822-Mar. 28, 1887, Father (Sec. E, Lot 106)
FRITZ, Margaretha K., Jun. 10, 1873-May 24, 1889, Sister (Sec. E, Lot 106)
FRITZ, Rosina, Mar. 1, 1829-Jul. 31, 1910, Mother (Sec. E, Lot 106)
GARDNER, Anna M., May 23, 1876-Nov. 5, 1968, Mother (same stone as Wm. R.)
GARDNER, William R., Oct. 13, 1879-May 2, 1943, Father (same stone as Anna M.)
GEYER (?), Florence, aged ? years, (same stone as Emma J. LEIPOLD)
GEYER, Matthew, 1866-1939, "In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband, Elsie M. Geyer"
GRAFF, Joseph W., 1868-1950, Father (same stone as Sophia M., same plot as BROOKS)
GRAFF, Sophia M., 1868-1944, Mother (same stone as Joseph W., same plot as BROOKS)
GRATER, Fred, 1872-1935
GRATER, Jacob, Jan. 26, 1838-Jan. 25, 1904, Father (same stone as Regina)
GRATER, Regina, Dec. 18, 1848-Sep. 14, 1904, Mother (same stone as Jacob)
GREINER, Frederick W., 1869-1946, Father
GREINER, Marie R., 1878-1928, Mother
GROSSKOPF, Carolina W., 1863-1916, Mother (same stone as Emil, Ida & Ernest)
GROSSKOPF, Caroline W., 1854-1926, Mother (same stone as Gustave A.)
GROSSKOPF, Charlotte Wilhelmine, Jul. 16, 1824-Jan. 3, 1892, "GEB. CASSUBE" (same stone as Christian Friedrich)
GROSSKOPF, Christian Friedrich, Apr. 5, 1818-Aug. 25, 1895 (same stone as Charlotte Wilhelmine)
GROSSKOPF, Emil A., 1905-1906, Son (same stone as Ida, Carolina & Ernest)
GROSSKOPF, Ernest A., 1858-1940, Father (same stone as Emil, Ida & Carolina)
GROSSKOPF, Gustave A., 1851-1928, Father (same stone as Caroline W.)
GROSSKOPF, Ida M., 1890-1893, Daughter (same stone as Emil, Carolina & Ernest)
GROSSKOPF, Karl Friedrich, Mar. 13, 1879-May 3, 1890
HAAG, Katherine, 1885-1971, Aunt
HAAG, Louis, 1880-1948
HANNA, Charles R., Jul. 11, 1860-Oct. 9, 1920, Father
HANNA, Martha M., Dec. 8, 1906-Mar. 6, 1928, Daughter
HANNA, Sophia C., Apr. 24, 1873-Mar. 2, 1921, Mother
HEFTY, Catherine, 1866-1940, Mother (same stone as Thomas)
HEFTY, Thomas, 1863-1945, Father (same stone as Catherine)
HEINRICHS, Johanna, 1849-1914, Sister
HEURICH, Elizabeth, Aug. 31, 1890-Feb. 8, 1963, Mother
HEURICH, Frank J., Mar. 20, 1885-Jul. 30, 1955, Father
HOFFMANN, Christina B., 1845-1890 (same stone as Henry A., Henry C., Wm. H., Edith M. HOFFMANN and Ella L. IDE)
HOFFMANN, Edith M., 1875-1942 (same stone as Henry A., Henry C., Wm. H., Christina B. HOFFMANN and Ella L. IDE)
HOFFMANN, Henry A., 1872-1949 (Masonic symbol)(same stone as Henry C., Wm. H., Christina B., Edith M. HOFFMANN and Ella L. IDE)
HOFFMANN, Henry C., 1845-1899 (same stone as Henry A., Wm. H., Christina B., Edith M. HOFFMAN and Ella L. IDE)
HOFFMANN, William H., 1880-1890 (same stone as Henry C., Henry A., Christina B., Edith M. HOFMANN and Ella L. IDE)
HORN, Anna, 1853-1919, Wife
HORN, August, 1845-1930, Husband
IBE, F. (large monument)
IBE, Caroline, Jul. 4, 1849-May 6, 1890, "GEBORN GRUN"
IBE, Fred, Jun. 14, 1844-Oct. 12, 1915 (on monument)
IBE, Karl, Apr. 13, 1875-Dec. 4, 1878
IBE, Katherine C., Jul. 23, 1864-Jun. 26, 1915
IBE, Luise, May 22, 1898-Sep. 26, 1900
IDE, Ella L., 1878-1925 (same stone as Henry C., Henry A., Wm. H., Christian B. & Edith M., HOFFMANN)
KISSALT, Dorathea M., 1873-1934, Mother
KISSALT, John L., 1890-1892, "Darling"
KISSALT, John, Mar. 13, 1860-Nov. 17, 1908, Husband
KISSALT, Katherine, Mar. 31, 1864-Nov. 3, 1891, Wife
KORNEKE, Jacob Dimmel, Jun. 15, 1862-Nov. 24, 1913 (same stone as Marie A. WRIGHT, Clara STRAUB, Katherine, August Jr.& August Sr., KORNEKE)
KORNEKE, August, Jr., Aug. 24, 1890-Jun. 7, 1964 (same stone as Marie A. WRIGHT, Clara STRAUB, Jacob Dimmel, Katherine & August, Sr., KORNEKE)
KORNEKE, August, Sr., Sep. 18, 1863-Feb. 1, 1942 (same stone as Marie A. WRIGHT, Clara STRAUB, Jacob Dimmel, Katherine & August, Jr., KOENEKE)
KORNEKE, Katherine, Nov. 14, 1863-Sep. 24, 1937 (same stone as Jacob Dimmel, Katherine, August Jr. & August Sr., KORNEKE, Clara STRAUB)
LEIPOLD, Emma J., 1869-1923, Wife of Matthew GEYER (same stone as Florence Geyer(?) )
LEWICKE, Anna Mae, nee MENTEL, 1915-1966, Mother (daughter of Elmer G.W. & Amelia E. MENTEL)
LIPPERT, Peter, Aug. 16, 1828-Jul. 18, 1901, Father
MACKELL, Annie, 1877-1916 (same plot as Nicholas SCHIRMER, and Katherine & James ROBERTS, matching stones)
MENTEL, Amelia E., Feb. 12, 1892-Sep. 4, 1976 (same stone as husband, Elmer G.W.)
MENTEL, Anna K., Sep. 24, 1821-Oct. 20, 1882, Mother
MENTEL, Charles H., 1883-1958, Son
MENTEL, Conrad G., 1857-1939, Husband
MENTEL, Elizabeth, 1858-1923, Mother
MENTEL, Elmer C., 1885-1902, Son
MENTEL, Elmer G.W., Jun. 4, 1892-Feb. 4, 1986 (same stone as his wife, Amelia E.)
MENTEL, Geo. W., Dec. 2, 1858-Jun. 30, 1904, Father
MENTEL, Harvey C., 1883-1891, Son
MENTEL, Henry, Nov. 22, 1818-Nov. 21, 1894, Father
MENTEL, Ida M., Jan. 21, 1888-Jul. 14, 1888 (same stone as Olver E.)
MENTEL, Mary E., 1857-1929, Wife
MENTEL, Olver E., June. 18, 1895-Jun. 5, 1901 (same stone as Ida M.)
MEYER, Alice M., 1886-1975, Mother
MEYER, Charles W., 1887-1943, Father
MEYER, Richard C., Sep. 24, 1919-Oct. 17, 1984, S. Sgt. US Army, WWII (Veteran)
MOERSCH, Bertha I., July 18, 1961, Daughter
MOERSCH, Ida M., April 12, 1948, Mother
OTT, Caroline, 1862-1928, Mother
OTT, Caroline, 1884-1891, "children" (same stone as George)
OTT, George, 1886-1891, "children" (same stone as Caroline)
OTT, N. (flat ground marker)
OTTE (large monument stone)
OTTE, Christian H., Sr., Feb. 20, 1823-Nov. 1, 1885, Father
OTTE, John F., Mar. 9, 1857-Dec. 23, 1941, Husband
OTTE, Marie W., Dec. 14, 1823-Jan. 3, 1904, Mother
OTTE, Susan D., Feb. 1, 1859-Mar. 6, 1932, Wife
PEOPLES, Henry, 1842-1916, CO. B, 9 Reg. Of Inf. P.R.G., Vol., Father (veteran), (same stone as Katherine)
PEOPLES, Katherine, 1844-1929, Mother (same stone as Henry)
REITZEL, Rose K., 1858-1899, Mother (in KISSALT plot)
RENZIEHAUSEN (large monument)
RENZIEHAUSEN, Henry August, Mar. 12, 1812-Nov. 15, 1899, Father
RENZIEHAUSEN, Henry, died July 20, 1931, Son
RENZIEHAUSEN, Wilhelmina C., Jul 10, 1821-Nov. 17, 1899, Mother
RICHTER, Jacob, 1838-1891, Father (Veteran), (same stone as Margaret M.)
RICHTER, Margaret M., 1840-1917, Mother (same stone as Jacob)
ROBERTS, James, 1855-1927 (same plot as Katherine ROBERTS, Nicholas SCHIRMER, & Annie MACKELL, matching stones)
ROBERTS, Katherine, 1871-1930 (same plot as Nicholas SCHIRMER & Annie MACKELL, matching stones)
RUDOLPH, Cath., 1837-1917, Mother
RUDOLPH, Christ, 1824-1904, Father
SCHAEFER, W.F., "Our Pastor", Hebr. 13:7, (large monuments, no dates)
SCHAER, Mary Elizabeth, 1858-1930, Wife
SCHAER, Nicholas, 1847-1935, Husband
SCHIRMER, Nicholas, 1863-1905 (same plot as Katherine & James ROBERTS and Annie MACKELL, matching stones)
SCHMIDT, Karl H., Mar. 1, 1839-Jan. 30, 1890, Father
SCHMIDT, Sofie L., Feb. 2, 1846-Jan. 19, 1910, Mother
SCHULTHEIS, Elizabeth, 1859-1929, Mother
SCHULTHEIS, George, 1859-1936, Father
SCHULTHEIS, John, 1830-1892, Father
SCHULTHEIS, Katharina, 1837-1915, Mother
SEIF, Friedolin, 1875-1937, Husband
SEIF, George F., 1900-1923, Son
SEIF, Lucy Ida, 1881-1971, Wife
SEMLER, Friedricke C., 1830-1899, Mother, (stone base, headstone missing, next to SEMLER)
SEMLER, Gottlieb D., 1828-1896, Father, (stone base, headstone missing, next to SEMLER)
SOMMER (large monument)
SOMMER, Katharina L., Nov. 27, 1847-Aug. 25, 1910 (same stone as Philipp)
SOMMER, PH. (flat marble ground marker)
SOMMER, Philipp, Apr. 19, 1846-Feb. 24, 1922 (same stone as Katharina L.)
STAIGER, Julius P., 1879-1933, Father
STAIGER, Mary M., 1879-1969, Mother
STAIGER, Susanna, Jan. 14, 1856-May 16, 1918, Mother, (same stone as Wm. J.)
STAIGER, William H., Oct. 24, 1883-Mar. 31, 1890
STAIGER, William J., Aug. 24, 1854-Aug. 22, 1930, Father (same stone as Susanna)
STAUFFER, Augusta E., Jun. 23, 1902-July 8, 1902, "Our Baby"
STEIGERWALD, Magdalena, Jun. 3, 1863-Nov. 11, 1955, Mother (same stone as Theodore)(old, unreadable stone next to STEIGERWALD)
STEIGERWALD, Theodore, Dec. 13, 1859-Sep. 29, 1934, Father (same stone as Magdalena)(old, unreadable stone next to STEIGERWALD)
STRAUB, Clara, Oct. 21, 1895-Dec. 15, 1925 (same stone as Jacob Dimmel, Katherine, August Jr. & August Sr., KORNEKE)
STUERTZ, Katherine, Apr. 28, 1878-Oct. 26, 1978, Daughter (Sec. E, Lot 106)
STUMPF, Friedericka, 1870-1921, Niece (Sec. E, Lot 106)
STURTZ, Adolf H.F., Oct. 6, 1872-Dec. 27, 1893, Son (Sec. E, Lot 106)
STURTZ, Conrad, Mar. 31, 1842-Mar. 25, 1929, Father (Sec. E, Lot 106)
STURTZ, Elisabeth M., Oct. 4, 1850-Jul. 7, 1900 (Sec. E, Lot 106)
STURTZ, Georg Leonhart, Sep 21, 1875-Jul 13, 1884 (Sec. E, Lot 106)
STURTZ, Wilhelmina J., Jul. 4, 1856-Nov. 20, 1914, Dottin (Sec. E, Lot 106)
THASE (large monument, no dates)
THOMAS, Anna M., 1884-1947, Wife
VOLZ (large monument, Sec. E, No. 80)
VOLZ, Charles E., 1886-1888 (same stone as Elmer J.)
VOLZ, Elisabeth M., 1861-1896, "GEB. SAUL"
VOLZ, Elisabeth, 1854-1880, "GEB. SPALT"
VOLZ, Elmer J., 1888-1889 (same stone as Charles E.)
WAHL, Charles G., 1866-1925, Father (same stone as Emma)
WAHL, Emma, 1869-1955, Mother (same stone as Charles G.)
WAHL, Friedericka, 1828-1884, Mother (same stone as Jacob G.)
WAHL, George J. (no dates, same stone as Wm. F. & Mary)
WAHL, Jacob G., 1829-1905, Father (same stone as Friedericka)
WAHL, Mary (no dates, same stone as George J. & Wm. F.)
WAHL, William F. (no dates, same stone as George J. & Mary)
WEIER, Amelia K., Feb. 6, 1868-Dec. 25, 1892
WEIER, Christoph, Dec. 17, 1827-Aug. 17, 1890
WEIER, John, 1805-1858 (same stone as Katharina)
WEIER, Katharina, 1800-1862 (same stone as John)
WEIER, Margaretha, Feb. 6, 1855-Feb. 3, 1874
WEIER, Mary K., Feb. 10, 1834-Nov. 22, 1898
WEYMAN, Alma A., 1904-1946, Daughter
WEYMAN, Anna L., 1869-1948, Mother
WEYMAN, Ernest H., 1870-1933, Father
WRIGHT, Marie A., Jul. 13, 1899-Aug. 23, 1964 (same stone as Clara STRAUB, Katherine, August Jr. & August Sr., KORNEKE)

(Section H & part of Section E), an Upper Center Area.

Section Four
The following is on one stone:

Leonhard - Elizabeth - Kath. VOEGELI
1840.1893.1839.1925 - 1875.1913
FATHER . MOTHER - Rhea - Kathryn

This is how I interpret the info, but I'm guessing:
VOEGELI, Leonhard, 1840-1893, Father
VOEGELI, Elizabeth,nee HOFFMAN, 1839-1925, Mother
VOEGELI, Kath., 1875-1913, Daughter
SMITH, Kathryn, nee VOEGELI
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ALBERT, Alvina, 1847-1923, Mother
ALBERT, J. (flat ground marker)
ALBERT, Julius, 1847-1899, Father
ALBERTH, Elizabeth HEUBACH, 1862-1928, Mother (same plot as SCHOLL & SCHLEIDEN)
ALBERTH, Helen, 1905-1927 (same plot as SCHOLL, HEUBACH & SCHLEIDEN)
ALBERTH, Reinhold, 1860-1889, Father (same plot as SCHOLL, SCHLEIDEN & HEUBACH)
AMMON, Albert W., Oct. 13, 1904-Jun. 28, 1973, Father
AMMON, Evelyn H., Apr. 17, 1906-Nov. 17, 1962, Mother
ANDERSON, Albert P., 1882-1932, Husband
ANDERSON, Barbara WITTENAUER, 1883-1979
ANDRES, A. (flat ground marker)
ARBOGAST, Albert A., Jun. 24, 1891-Jan. 30, 1958, Sgt. Btry. D, 32nd F.A., Enl. Jul. 25, 1918, Disc. Dec. 19, 1918, (one unmarked grave near ARBOGAST)
ARBOGAST, Elisabeth, Aug. 4, 1861-Aug. 13, 1930, Mother
ARBOGAST, Gottfried, Oct. 24, 1861-May 10, 1924, Father
BADER (large monument, Circle 131-138)
BADER, Jacob, Jul. 2, 1840-Jan. 16, 1874, Brother (same stone as Katharina)
BADER, John, Jan. 5, 1845-Oct. 26, 1920, Maier (?) or Faier (?) (worn)
BADER, Katharina, May 13, 1851-Jul. 7, 1885, Sister (same stone as Jacob)
BADER, Rosine, nee DUERR, Jul. 6, 1840-Mar. 30, 1896, Mother
BASSELMAN, ??????, (the rest is unreadable)
BASSELMAN, H. (flat ground marker)
BASSELMAN, Henry, May 27, 1858-Jan. 16, 1920
BASSELMAN, Mabel, Oct. 2, 1895-Apr. 28, 1921
BASSELMAN, Minnie, nee ALBES, died 1893
BASSELMANN, F.W., Jun. 19, 1852-Nov. 23, 1895, Brother
BECKERT, Caroline, 1859-1947
BECKERT, Christian F., 1862-1930, Father, (fallen stone between Christian BECKERT & Lena BECKERT)
BECKERT, Eliza M., 1862-1920 (also bronze marker in ground)
BECKERT, Eva, Oct. 10, 1834-Jun. 18, 1915
BECKERT, George, Jul. 23, 1832-May 26, 1909
BECKERT, Hanson J., 1867-1950
BECKERT, Henry, 1840-1915, Member of Co. A, 1st West VA. Vol. Lt. Artillery 1861-65, (veteran)
BECKERT, Lena, 1876-1927, (one flat ground marker, unreadable), (a base without a stone near BECKERT)
BECKERT, Magdalena, 1839-1904, Mother, Wife of Henry BECKERT
BECKERT, Philip, 1856-1925
BECKERT?, Amelia, 1875-1959, Aunt (same stone as H.KEPHART & BITTNER)
BECKERT?, Margaret, 1873-1957, Aunt (same stone as H.KEPHART & BITTNER)
BENDER, Anna KUNZE, 1870-1957, Mother
BENDER, Erna, 1896-1997, Daughter
BENDER, George, 1894-1895, Son
BENDER, Henry, 1867-1899, Father
BERTGES, John F., Oct. 7, 1870-May 10, 1911, Son
BITTNER-BECKERT (large stone bears the following 5 names, I'm not positive of the surnames, because of the way the stone reads)
BITTNER?, Daniel G., 1898-1957, Husband (same stone as H.KEPHART & BECKERT)
BITTNER?, Eva K., no dates, Wife (same stone as H.KEPHART & BECKERT)
BLATZ, Henri, died 1890, "Family Friend" (on GLEICH stone)
BOEHM, Pauline K., Sep. 11, 1871-Jul. 16, 1908, Daughter
BOETTCHER, Anna O., 1861-1940, Mother (same stone as Wm. C.)
BOETTCHER, William C., 1858-1937, Father (same stone as Anna O.)
BOETTGER, Amelia, 1885-1887, Daughter (same stone as August W.)
BOETTGER, August C., Jan. 24, 1888-Jan. 11, 1953, Son
BOETTGER, August W., Apr. 6, 1857-Oct. 11, 1887, Father (same stone as Amelia)
BOETTGER, Caroline P., Nov. 12, 1884-Nov. 6, 1952, Daughter
BOETTGER, Pauline R., Dec. 6, 1861-Feb. 5, 1936, Mother
BORGER, George J., May 21, 1830-Sep. 25, 1901, Father
BORGER, Margaret, Oct. 20, 1835-Jan. 6, 1915, Mother
BOUL, Joseph V., 1849-1925, Father (same stone as Rose S., same plot as Magdalena SCHULTZ)
BOUL, Rose S., 1852-1936, Mother (same stone as Joseph V., same plot as Magdalena SCHULTZ)
BRINKMAN, Louise S., 1886-1977 (in KAISER plot)
BROGLIE, Adam, 1880-1934, Husband (same stone as Emma)
BROGLIE, Barbara E., 1856-1924, Mother
BROGLIE, Bernard S., 1853-1950, Father
BROGLIE, Emma, 1880-1959, Wife (same stone as Adam)
BUCK, Albert F., 1905-1963, Father (same stone as Grace E.)
BUCK, Grace E., 1907-1993, Mother (same stone as Albert F.)
BUEMTE, Charlotte, Jan. 15, 1830-Jan. 19, 1902 (same stone as William)
BUENTE, Louis C., 1869-1931
BUENTE, William, Jan. 30, 1827-Mar. 9, 1889 (same stone as Charlotte)
BURDON, Babetta RIESS, 1855-19??
BURGER, Charles A.,Jr., 1906-1907, Son
BURGER, Eleanora, 1879-1955, Mother (same stone as Henry J. & Rosella B. HOOD)
BURGER, Ethel, 1913-1922, Daughter
BURGER, George, 1888-1916, Son
BURGER, Grace, 1891-1923, Wife
BURGER, Henry J., 1882-1911, Father (same stone as Eleanora & Rosella B. HOOD)
BURGER, John A. (flat ground marker)
BURGER, John A., 1853-1891, Father
BURGER, John A., 1879-1901, Son
BURGER, Kathrine, 1855-1925, Mother
BURGER, Kathrine, 1885-1902, Daughter
BURGER, Mary E., 1884-1920, Wife
BURKS, Clara E., 1884-1972, Wife (same stone as William E.)
BURKS, William E., 1867-1961, Husband (same stone as Clara E.)
CALLAGHAN, Elizabeth A., no dates, Daughter (same stone as Elsie J., & in GNODTKE plot)
CALLAGHAN, Elsie J., 1895-1952, Mother (same stone as Elizabeth A., & in GNODTKE plot)
CAPEK, Edward J., Nov. 6, 1913-Feb. 17, 1985, S. Sgt. US Army, WW II
CAPEK, Martha T., May 24, 1919-Dec. 17, 1962, Mother
CARSON, Edward, no dates, (same stone as Andrew MEININGER, Amelia REISER, Herman & Emma CARSON)
CARSON, Emma, no dates, (same stone as Andrew MEININGER, Amelia REISER, Herman & Edward CARSON)
CARSON, Herman, no dates, (same stone as Andrew MEININGER, Amelia REISER, Edward & Emma CARSON)
CLAUS, Addie CARR, Nov. 11, 1887-Dec. 30, 1924, Wife
CLAUS, Albert, Aug. 19, 1891-Jun. 12, 1896, Son
CLAUS, John F., Jun. 15, 1844-Feb. 3, 1908, Father
CLAUS, Margaretha, Oct. 4, 1850-Dec. 8, 1902, Mother
CONAWAY, Edith M., Sep. 28, 1899-Oct. 7, 1994, Wife
CONAWAY, Hugh A., Apr. 14, 1899-Jun. 20, 1957, Pvt. HQ. TRP. 5th Cav., Enl. May 1, 1918, Disc. Mar. 15, 1919 (veteran)
COX, Emma Louise, nee YESSEL, Jan. 16, 1889-Aug. 22, 1988, Mother
CREDE, Caroline C., 1864-1952, Mother
CREDE, Emilie P., Aug. 30, 1890-Jun. 16, 1918
CREDE, Frederick A., 1861-1943, Father (same stone as Caroline C.)
CRONENWETH, Paul E., Nov. 22, 1945-Nov. 30, 1945
DACH, Estelle, Oct. 24, 1906-Nov. 16, 1925, Daughter
DACH, Margaret, Oct. 15, 1902-Oct. 27, 1919, Daughter
DAVIES, Norma MAIER, 1900-1939, Mother (in MAIER plot)
DEMAREZ, Augusta, Feb. 7, 18380May 7, 1903, Mother (in STREIB plot)
DEMAREZ, Bertha A., Feb. 16, 1878-Aug. 14, 1895, Sister (in STREIB plot)
DIETER, Emilie E., no dates (same stone as George J.) (in NIEDT plot)
DIETER, George J., 1893-1969 (same stone as Emilie E.)(in NIEDT plot)
DINCH (large monument, Lots 54, 55)
DINCH, Fredrick A., Jun. 5, 1818-Jun. 19, 1917, Father
DINCH, Margaret M., Oct. 26, 1825-Feb. 10, 1897, Mother
DINCH, Thomas, Dec. 28, 1852-Oct. 28, 1925
DUERR, Jakob, Nov. 12, 1851-Apr. 5, 1891, Brother
EBER, Anna Irene, 1913-1934, Wife
EBER, John Sr., 1874-1934, Father
EBER, Katherine, nee ZEHR, 1874-1957, Mother
EBERLE (flat ground marker)
EBERLE, Elizabeth, 1822-1905, Mother
EBERLE, Martha, no dates, Wife of Hilbert Preston SCHREMP (same stone as Hilbert Preston SCHREMP)
EBERLE, Mary E., 1856-1876 (same stone as Philip)
EBERLE, Philip, 1820-1885, Father, 1st W.VA. Co. A.L.A.,(vet, flag marker states GAR, 1861-1865) (same stone as Mary E.)
EHLERS, Clara Marie, Aug. 21, 1898-Nov. 29, 1972 (in BASSELMAN plot)
EHLERS, Henry, 1848-1907, Father (same stone as Sophia) (in ZOLLER plot)
EHLERS, Sophia, 1861-1930, Mother (same stone as Henry) (in ZOLLER plot)
ELLERMAN, Anna E., Jan. 3, 1890-Dec. 9, 1960, Daughter
ELLERMAN, Edward F., Jul. 18, 1900-Mar. 7, 1979, Son (same stone as Fred J.) (vet?)
ELLERMAN, Fred J., 1857-1902, Son (same stone as Edward F.) (vet?)
ENDRES, Emma, Oct. 22, 1874-Jan. 8, 1895
ENDRES, John, Feb. 23, 1864-Dec. 18, 1899, Husband
ENDRES, Katherine, 1839-1923, Mother
ENDRES, Katie, May 12, 1872-Jan. 25, 1895
ENDRES, Louis, Jan. 22, 1857-Mar. 12, 1897
ENDRES, Sophia, Jan. 3, 1877-Jan. 7, 1940, Sister
ENDRES, Thomas, 1837-1913, Father
ENDRES, William, Aug. 6, 1869-Oct. 16, 1952, Brother
ESENWEIN, Elisabeth, nee ENDRES, Oct. 21, 1864-Nov. 2, 1896 (in ENDRES plot)
ESENWEIN, Emma E., Feb. 4, 1896-Jun. 24, 1896 (in ENDRES plot)
FINLEY, Mary EBERLE, 1892-1939
FISHER, Richard B., 1895-1929 (veteran & Masonic symbol)
FORMHALS, Elmer, 1883-1954, Son
FORMHALS, Ethel, 1892-1964, Wife of Wilbert FORMHALS)
FORMHALS, Henrietta, 1847-1896, Mother
FORMHALS, Peter, 1854-1932, Father
FORMHALS, Wilbert, Jul. 9, 1890-May 12, 1958, Sgt. Co.C, 315th MG. BN., Enl. Sep. 20, 1917, Disc. Dec. 22, 1917 (Vet)
FRIESS, Anna, Dec. 7, 1846-Feb. 17, 1904
FRIESS, Nickolaus, Oct. 11, 1842-Sep. 18, 1895
FRITZ, Edith, Jul. 17, 1896-Sep. 14, 1911
FRITZ, Elizabeth, Feb. 23, 1867-Dec. 1, 1947, Wife
FRITZ, Jacob, Nov. 7, 1864-Mar. 14, 1897, Husband
GEIB, Christian, 1827-1876, Father (Vet)
GEIB, Christina, 1829-1906, Mother
GEIB, Margaret, 1828-1901, Grandma
GEIER, George D., Apr. 23, 1898-Dec. 30, 1960, Father
GEIER, Loretta M., Jan. 9, 1899-May 2, 1979, Mother
GENTER, Gladys M., 1913-1916, Daughter
GENTER, Sophia A., 1881-1962, Mother
GENTER, William H. Jr., 1917-1977, Brother
GENTER, William, 1877-1956, Father (Vet WWI)
GERMANN, Margaret, 1875-1946, Sister
GLEICH, Elizabeth M., 1846-1895, Wife (same stone as John G.,, Eliz. R., May M. & Henri BLATZ)
GLEICH, Elizabeth R., 1866-1945, Mother (same stone as John G., Eliz. M., May M. & Henri BLATZ)
GLEICH, John G., 1846-1904, Father (same stone as Eliz.M., Eliz. R., May M. & Henri BLATZ)
GLEICH, May M., no dates, Daughter (same stone as Eliz. M.,John G., Eliz. M., & Henri BLATZ)
GNODTKE (flat ground marker)
GNODTKE, August, 1863-1904, Grandfather (same stone as Elizabeth)
GNODTKE, Elizabeth, 1863-1943, Grandmother (same stone as August)
GREHSLER, William, Sep. 1898-Jul. 1899 (same stone as F.M. Christine YESSEL)
GRIMPE, August, Nov. 14, 1847-Jan. 27, 1900, Father
GRIMPE, Helena, Jun. 14, 1859-May 6, 1930, Mother
GUENTHER, Johann Gottlieb, Apr. 2, 1809-Oct. 26, 1894
GUENTHER, Karolina, Nov. 16, 1817-Dec. 8, 1900
GUNTHER, C. (flat marble marker by stones)
GUNTHER, P. (flat ground marker)
HAAG, Christian, 1871-1891
HAAG, Henry, 1876-1918
HAAG, John, 1870-1933
HAAG, Sophia, 1851-1901
HARMS, Henry, 1863-1940, Father (same stone as Mary)
HARMS, Mary, 1863-1929, Mother (same stone as Henry)
HARRISON, Elenor C., nee HOCHSTUHL, 1893-1923
HAUG, Anna M., 1861-1917, Mother
HAUG, Gottlieb, Sep. 27, 1861-Jul. 29, 1941, Father
HECTOR, Charles R., 1882-1950, Brother
HECTOR, Frederick, 1847-1916, Father
HECTOR, Mary S., 1876-1927, "Our Mary"
HECTOR, Sophia D., 1852-1926, Mother
HEIDE, Anna L., Jul. 20, 1868-Aug. 1, 1941, Mother
HEIDE, Elmer E., 1893-1975 (same stone as Flora L.)
HEIDE, Flora L., 1895-1973 (same stone as Elmer E.)
HEIDE, Florence L., Feb. 1, 1892-Jun. 1, 1959, Daughter
HEIM, Charles H., d: Nov. 2, 1986 (double stone, other side is blank)
HELMICH, Dina S., 1830-1895, Grandmother (in WESTERMANN plot)
HEUBACH, Minnie, 1883-1896 (same stone as Lillian SCHLEIDEN, same plot as SCHOLL & ALBERTH)
HOCHSTUHL, Elizabeth, 1858-1942, Mother (same stone as Michael)
HOCHSTUHL, M., Sec. H, Lot 65 (flat ground marker)
HOCHSTUHL, Michael, 1858-1934, Father (same stone as Elizabeth)
HOEGEL, Conrad, Feb. 23, 1839-Feb. 17, 1912, Father (Odd Fellows symbol)
HOEGEL, George H., 1879-1934
HOEGEL, Maria, Jan. 23, 1839-Jan. 14, 1900, Mother
HOFFMANN, Leonard, 1841-1917, Father
HOFFMANN, Mary, 1851-1931, Mother
HOOD, Rosella B., 1905-1980, Daughter
IDE, Anna, Aug. 14, 1877-Aug. 21, 1964, Mother
IDE, Edward J., Aug. 11, 1877-Aug. 19, 1956, Husband
IDE, Tillie C., Mar. 24, 1876-Feb. 5, 1963, Wife
IVARSON, Ruth W., 1910-1979 (same stone as John H. WEAVER)
JOHNG - GLEICH (fancy letters carved in stone, large flat ground marker, in GLEICH plot)
KAHN, Anna STROJE, 1885-1927, Mother
KAISER, Elsie K., 1890-1952
KAISER, John W., Aug. 24, 1882-Jan. 26, 1895
KAISER, Peter, 1857-1902
KAISER, Sophia, 1860-1900
KAMMERSELL, Anna Katharina, Jan. 4, 1869-Oct. 23, 1892, (two stone bases, stones missing near KAMMERSELL plot area)
KAMMERSELL, Fred, 1878-1939, Father
KEPHART, Annie, nee BECKERT, Oct. 10, 1870-Dec. 23, 1905, (small unreadable stone next to Annie BECKERT KEPHART)
KEPHART, Harry P., 1867-1959, Father (same stone as BITTNER-BECKERT)
KERN, William, 1842-1922, Father
KESTNER, Anna _?__, Aug. ??, 18??-Jan. 21, 189? (old & worn), (small very worn stone between SNYDER & KESTNER plots reads "Willie", the rest is unreadable)
KESTNER, Elmer C., Oct. 22, 1887-Jul. 10, 1950
KESTNER, Louis, Mar. 17, 1861-Nov. 9, 1892
KIENZLE, Fred C., Jul. 21, 1873-Aug. 18, 1896
KOEHN (monument)
KOEHN, And., Feb. 5, 1840-Jul. 23, 1891
KOERNER, Edna A., 1888-1911
KOERNER, Frederick C., 1855-1901 (Odd Fellows symbol)
KOERNER, Marie E., 1898-1909
KOERNER, Mathilda K., 1859-1912
KRAPP, Conrad J., 1871-1931, Father
KRAPP, Emma E., 1875-1965, Mother
KRAPP, Emma Eliza, 1905-1997
KRAPP, George W., 1900-1968, Son
KRAPP, Marie, Oct. 13, 1845-Feb. 13, 1922, Mother
KRAPP, Peter, Sep. 14, 1840-Jan. 9, 1902, Father
KUNZE, Otto, 1863-1889 (stone toppled)
LAPISH, Lillian TODD, 1898-1983, Daughter (in BENDER plot)
LERACH, Alice A., 1897-1903
LERACH, Charles E., 1891-1908, Son
LERACH, Charles W., 1864-1907, Father
LERACH, Emma L., 1868-1942, Mother
LERACH, Harry G., 1894-1896
LEWANDOVSKI, J., SEC. H, (flat marble marker)
LEWANDOVSKI, Joseph, Mar. 4, 1843-Jul. 17, 1912, Father
LEWANDOVSKI, Rosina, Sep. 17, 1842-Apr. 17, 1923, Mother
LICKERT, William C., 1895-1936, Husband
LOUDEN, Carrie ZEHR, May 18, 1883-Jun. 6, 1961, Mother (same stone as Leland A.)
LOUDEN, John E., Mar. 16, 1915-Dec. 30, 1944, S/Sgt. Co. E, 101st Inf. 26th Div., Enl. Feb. 24, 1943, Killed in Action, WW II Veteran
LOUDEN, Leland A., Jan. 7, 1872-Nov. 8, 1962, Father (same stone as Carrie)
MAIER, Alexander, 1874-1954, Father (Masonic symbol, same stone as Wilhelmina)
MAIER, Anna M., 1876-1954, Mother (same stone as Edward A.)
MAIER, Edward A., 1880-1917, Father (same stone as Anna M.)
MAIER, Jacob Jr., 1871-1945 (same stone as Mathilda H.), (one unmarked grave with flowers in the MAIER plot
MAIER, Jacob, Aug. 8, 1840-Sep. 1, 1895, Father
MAIER, Louisa, Aug. 18, 1848-Oct. 31, 1902, Mother
MAIER, Mathilda H., 1868-1962 (same stone as Jacob Jr.)
MAIER, Wilhelmina, 1874-1936, Mother (same stone as Alexander)
MARLOFF, Harry G., 1874-1957
MARLOFF, Lydia, 1874-1934
MARSHALL, Harry, 1866-1929, Father, (a toppled stone is nearby MARSHALL)
MARSHALL, Mary, 1862-1948, Mother
MARTENS, Annie S., 1880-1962
MARTENS, Ida L., 1886-1894
MARTENS, John, 1852-1922, Father (same stone as Mary)
MARTENS, Mary, 1852-1930, Mother (same stone as John)
MARTENS, Mathilda, 1881-1936, Mother
MARTENS, Robert, 1917-1930, Son
MARTENS, William, 1881-1950, Father
MATSCHERZ, Margaret, 1906-1976 (same stone as William, in SCHAFFER plot)
MATSCHERZ, William, 1896-1964 (same stone as Margaret, in SCHAFFER plot)
McKENNEY, Clara E., 1902-1979, Mother (in GENTER plot)
McKENNEY, David F., 1931-1977, Husband & Son (Korean War Veteran, in GENTER plot)
MEIER, Dietrich H.H., Jun. 1, 1827-Jan. 14, 1899
MEIER, Marie M., Aug. 9, 1822-Nov. 27, 1898
MEININGER, Andrew, no dates, (same stone as Amelia REISER, Herman, Edward & Emma CARSON)
MIHALLO, Francis, died Nov. 4, 1944, Son
MIHALLO, William R., Feb. 3, 1947-Feb. 23, 1948, Son
MILL, Carolina, 1870-1947 (same stone as Charles)
MILL, Charles, 1866-1932 (same stone as Carolina)
MILLER (flat ground marker)
MILLER, Anna E., 1837-1914, Mother
MILLER, George A., 1873-1945, Son
MILLER, John A., 1838-1904, Father
MILLER, Katherine, 1881-1954, Daughter
MUELLER, Phillipena, 1848-1920, Mother
MUELLER, William G., 1848-1927, Father
MUNZ, Anna, 1883-1969 (same stone as Lena)
MUNZ, Jacob F, 1851-1895, Father (same stone as Katherine KRAMER)
MUNZ, Jacob F., 1884-1957 (bronze marker)
MUNZ, Katherine KRAMER, 1858-1928, Mother (same stone as Jacob F.)
MUNZ, Lena, 1888-1975 (same stone as Anna)
MUTZIG & VAUPEL (flat ground marker)
MUTZIG, Anna WARNOCK, no dates (in VAUPEL plot)
MUTZIG, Frederica, 1872-1956 (same stone as Laura, in VAUPEL plot)
MUTZIG, Laura, 1862-1954 (same stone as Frederica, in VAUPEL plot)
NAUMAN, Clara O., 1885-1942 (same stone as David)
NAUMAN, David, 1885-1978 (same stone as Clara O.)
NIEDT, Emilie, 1867-1920, Mother (same stone as George)(in DIETER plot)
NIEDT, George, 1864-1941, Father (same stone as Emilie)(in DIETER plot)
NUSSKERN, Elizabeth K., Aug. 3, 1872-Nov. 11, 1917, Mother, (two unmarked graves next to NUSSKERN)
NUSSKERN, Martin, Nov. 20, 1860-Feb. 12, 1936, Father, (two unmarked graves next to NUSSKERN)
NYE, Lydia, nee PFAU, 1883-1918, Daughter
O'LEARY, Anthony A., 1907-1935, Husband
OEHMLER, Ann M. FREISS, 1887-1939
ONDRICEK, Frank, Oct. 4, 1896-Jun. 8, 1932, Pvt. Co. C 32nd Mach. Gun Bn. Enl. Sep. 2, 1918, Disc. Jan. 22, 1919 (vet)
ONDRICK, F.J. (flat marble marker)
OSTERRITTER, Clara E., 1868-1940, Mother (same stone as John H.)
OSTERRITTER, John H., 1864-1935, Father (same stone as Clara E.)
OTTE, C.H. Jr., May 23, 1851-Feb. 24, 1895, Father (inscription - "Ruhe Sanft in Deiner Kruft Bis Dich Der Herr Einst Wieder Ruft")
OVERBECK (monument)
OVERBECK, Henry (flate ground marker)
PFAU, Heinrich, Mar. 25, 1843-Mar. 5, 1899
PFAU, Henry, Sep. 14, 1874-Jan. 22, 1912, Son
PFAU, Lydia S., Jul. 27, 1850-Nov. 7, 1930, Mother
POPE, Joseph, 1886-1904
POPP, Augusta, 1850-19??, Mother
POPP, John, 1852-1926, Father
RAWIE, (unreadable, death date could possibly be Apr. 25, 1903(?), A veteran, flag marker states GAR, 1861-1865)
RAWIE, Emma M., 1846-1928, Mother
RAWIE, George W., 1888-1907, Son
RAWIE, John C., 1876-1895, Son
REHORST, Caroline D., Mar. 4, 1872-Feb. 10, 1954, Mother (same stone as Gustave F.W.)
REHORST, G. (flat ground marker)
REHORST, Gustave F.W., Apr. 4, 1875-Jul. 14, 1911, Father (same stone as Caroline D.)
REHORST, Walter E., 1900-1903, Son
REINEL, Louisa W., nee BOETTCHER, 1866-1919
REINEL, Walter D., 1919-1937, "Waddy"
REISER, Amelia, no dates, (same stone as Andrew MEININGER, Herman, Edward & Emma CARSON)
RICHTER, Amelia M., Nov. 10, 1889-Apr. 3, 1940, Wife of Elmer C. KESTNER (same stone as Anna G. SNYDER)
RIESS, John G., 1850-1895
RODGERS, Peter, 1857-1894, Father (bronze marker)
RODGERS, Samuel, 1884-1916, Son (bronze marker)
ROESENER, Anna K., 1900-1978
ROESENER, Emil W. (flat marble ground marker, Sec. H, Lot 67)
SAUERS, Anna Marie, 1886-1971, Mother (same stone as Sebastian)
SAUERS, Sebastian, 1885-1942, Father (same stone as Anna Maria)
SAUL, Augusta, 1861-1917 (same stone as John)
SAUL, John, 1853-1909 (same stone as Augusta)
SCHAFER, C.H., Sec.E, Lot 20 (flat ground marker)
SCHAFER, Christian, 1859-1928, Father (same stone as Dorothea & Paul)
SCHAFER, Dorothea, 1862-1931, Mother (same stone as Christian & Paul)
SCHAFER, Paul, 1893-1918, Son (same stone as Dorothea & Christian)
SCHAFFER, Edward J., Jun. 18, 1868-Jan. 15, 1906, Son
SCHAFFER, Eliza, Feb. 8, 1846-Apr. 6, 1919, Mother
SCHAFFER, Harry L., May 1, 1870-jan. 1, 1901, Son
SCHAFFER, John L., Jun. 7, 1843-Jun. 10, 1924, Father
SCHAFFER, John Louis, Sec. E, No. 45 (large monument)
SCHEIBLE, Fred. W., Feb. 11, 1875-Nov. 24, 1935, Father
SCHEIBLE, J., Sec. H, Lot 47 (flat ground marker)
SCHEIBLE, Jacob, Oct. 26, 1846-Nov. 9, 1915, Father
SCHEIBLE, Louisa, Aug. 3, 1848-Apr. 14, 1929, Mother
SCHEIDEMANN (flat ground marker)
SCHEIDEMANN, C. Frederich, 1884-1931, Son
SCHEIDEMANN, Christian F., Sep. 29, 1863-Feb. 20, 1907, Father
SCHEIDEMANN, Emma W., 1885-1933
SCHEIDEMANN, Marie W., Oct. 12, 1857-Mar. 24, 1944, Mother
SCHLEIDEN, Lillian, 1921-1922 (same stone as Minnie HEUBACH, same plot as John SCHOLL, Sr., & ALBERTH)
SCHMALE, Christine, 1878-1933, Wife of Asa E. SCOTT
SCHMIDT, Anna Barbara, Jul. 25, 1817-Aug. 7, 1892
SCHMIDT, George H., 1906-1987, Husband
SCHMIDT, George, Jul. 10, 1872-Aug. 10, 1900, Father
SCHMIDT, Marie A., 1915-1979, Wife
SCHMITT, Nikolaus, Dec. 22, 1865-May 27,1905
SCHOLL, John Sr., 1830-1889 (in same plot as HEUBACH, SCHLEIDEN & ALBERTH)
SCHREMP, Hilbert P. Jr., 1927-1934, "Sonny"
SCHREMP, Hilbert Preston, 1895-1951 (same stone as Martha EBERLE SCHREMP)
SCHROEDEL, Helene Virginia, Jul. 1, 1894-Jan. 31, 1966 (same stone as Roy H.)
SCHROEDEL, Johann, 1824-1877, Father
SCHROEDEL, Katherine, 1840-1889, Mother
SCHROEDEL, Roy Harrison, Jul. 31, 1892-Jun. 12, 1956 (same stone as Helene V.)
SCHULTHEIS, Catherine A., 1864-1947 (same stone as John, Rosina, Wilhelmina, John F. & George W.W.)
SCHULTHEIS, George W.W., 1875-1895 (same stone as John, John F., Rosina, Catherine & Wilhelmina )
SCHULTHEIS, John F., 1870-1922 (same stone as John, Rosina, Catherine, Wilhelmina & George)
SCHULTHEIS, John, 1829-1901 (same stone as Rosina, Catherine, Wilhelmina, John F. & George W.W.)
SCHULTHEIS, Rosina B., 1836-1908 (same stone as John, Catherine, Wilhelmina, John F. & George W.W.)
SCHULTHEIS, Wilhelmina A.R., 1879-19?? (same stone as Rosina, Catherine, John F. & George W.W.)
SCHULTZ, Magdalena, Mar. 17, 1824-Mar. 8, 1901, Mother (in BOUL plot)
SCHWARTZ, W. (flat marker, Sec. H, Lots 86-92)
SCHWARZ, August Theo., 1867-1911, Father
SCHWARZ, Rosa, 1862-1915, Mother
SCOTT, Mary K., 1922-1975, Daughter
SEIRING, August, 1837-1902, Father
SHAFFER, Augusta G., Dec. 30, 1891-Aug. 30, 1892, "Our Darling"(in SCHAFFER plot)
SHAFFER, Harry Lewis, Jr., Apr. 29, 1892-Aug. 14, 1892, "Our Darling" (in SCHAFFER plot)
SNYDER, Anna G., Sep. 27, 1860-Mar. 23, 1930, Wife of Louis KESTNER (same stone as Amelia M. RICHTER)
STAPEL, Charles J., 1848-1925, Father (same stone as Louise)
STAPEL, Louise, 1851-1912, Mother
STIDLE, J. (flat ground marker nearby RIESS)
STILGENBAUER, Elisabetha, Aug. 1, 1828-Nov. 9, 1897, Mother
STIRM, Albert G., Dec. 3, 1875-Jan. 30, 1899, Son
STIRM, Emilie ENGEL, June. 21, 1901-Jun. 20, 1989, Mother (same plot as BOETTGER and AMMON)
STIRM, Harry W., May 30, 1877-May 2, 1906, Son
STIRM, Hugo, Sep. 2, 1897-May 9, 1973, Father (same plot as BOETTGER and AMMON)
STIRM, Maria, Mar. 9, 1841-Jan. 9, 1887, Mother
STREIB, August, Jan 20, 1870-Mar. 15, 1892, Brother
STREIB, George F.M., 1863-1935, Husband (same stone as Wilhelmine)
STREIB, Wilhelmine, 1857-1933, Wife (same stone as George F.M.)
STROJE, Flora, 1891-1893, Sister
STROJE, Flora, Feb. 20, 1891-Jul. 17, 1893, age 2 years, 4 mo., 28 days (same stone as Otto D. & Mary A.)
STROJE, Franklin B., 1894-1953, Father
STROJE, Mary A., Feb. 25, 1821-Mar. 25, 1891, Mother, age 70 yrs., 1 mo. (same stone as Otto D. & Flora)
STROJE, Mary BERRES, 1897-1930, Mother
STROJE, Otto D., Jan. 25, 1889-Apr. 28, 1891, Brother, age 2 years, 3 mo. (same stone as Mary A. & Flora)
STUBERT, Barbara, 1853-1945, Mother (same stone as Ferdinand)
STUBERT, Ferdinand, 1848-1920, Father (same stone as Barbara)
SUDHOP, A.S., Dec. 15, 1856-Jun. 22, 1898 (in MEIER plot)
SULLIVAN, Lillian ONDRICK, Dec. 23, 1903-Oct. 3, 1979, Mother
TAFT, Lena P., Jul. 10, 1872-Mar. 11, 1904, Wife of Wm. F. DINCH
TAIT, Gertrude S., 1882-1965, Mother
TAIT, Helen G., 1900-1906, Daughter
THOMSON, Magdalena, d: Apr. 1, 1911
THOMSON, Peter C., d: Nov. 13, 1888 (?)(worn, almost unreadable)
TILLES, Albert J.,Jr., 1907-1925 (in HOEGEL plot)
TINNEMEYER, Edna M., 1904-1906 (same stone as Eliz. M., in KOERNER plot)
TINNEMEYER, Elizabeth M., 1882-1907 (same stone as Edna M.,in KOERNER plot)
UNRATH, George A., 1868-1919, Father (same stone as Philomena)
UNRATH, Philomena, 1873-1953, Mother (same stone as George A.)
VAUGHT, Anna M., 1864-1939
VAUGHT, Anna PROLS, 1892-1914
VAUGHT, Mary FINLEY, 1898-1924
VAUPEL, August, 1873-1914, Father
VAUPEL, Christina, 1845-1916, Mother
VAUPEL, Elsie E., 1896-1950, Daughter
VAUPEL, Gottfried, 1848-1919, Father
VAUPEL, Minnie STECK, 1875-1955, Mother
VAUPEL, Peter, Aug. 18, 1875-Mar. 15, 1946
VIDT, ECKHARDT C., 1903-1926, Son (same stone as Louisa E., in SCHAFFER plot)
VIDT, Louisa E., 1881-1940, Mother (same stone as Eckhardt C., in SCHAFFER plot)
VIDT, Martha H., Mar. 3, 1910-Dec. 25, 1919 (in SCHAFFER plot)
VIERECKEL, Allen P., Aug. 29, 1898-Feb. 23, 1973, PA, Pvt. US ARMY, WW I,
VULAKOVIC, Joseph R., Oct. 13, 1917-Feb. 3, 1991, T. Sgt. US Marine Corps, World War II (bronze)
WEAVER, Barbara L., Mar. 12, 1951-Apr. 28, 1951
WEAVER, Clarence M., 1882-1958
WEAVER, Emma, 1885-1921
WEAVER, John H., 1887-1968 (same stone as Ruth W. IVARSON)
WEAVER, Minnie, 1883-1978
WELLER, Frederick, 1875-1951, Father (same stone as Mary)
WELLER, George C., 1880-1899
WELLER, Gottlieb, 1843-1897
WELLER, Mary, 1881-1965, Mother (same stone as Frederick)
WENZEL, Fred (flat ground marker), (small stone, very worn, birthdate could be Mar. 22, 1885(?), deathdate could be Sep. 24, 1892(?), (another small, very worn stone next to it is unreadable, except for the word "Fred")
WERTZ, William A., 1907-1914 (a fallen stone, next to GEIB)
WESTERMANN, Anna L., 1887-1891, Daughter
WESTERMANN, Dina S., 1884-1899, Daughter
WESTERMANN, Sophia, 1860-1936, Mother
WESTERMANN, W. (flat ground marker)
WESTERMANN, William, 1858-1924, Father
WHLERS, William W., Apr. 23, 1895-May 9, 1947, Sgt. Q.M. Corps, Enl. July 15, 1918, Disc. Sep. 13, 1919 (vet)
WINDHORST, Albert F., Jan. 20, 1895-May 19, 1989, Cpl. US ARMY, WWI (vet.)
WISE, Emma MILL, 1892-1918, Daughter (in MILL plot)
WOLTER, Frank E., May 5, 1889-Apr. 25, 1967 (vet)
WYSSEIER, Amelia, 1876-1953, Daughter
WYSSEIER, John F., Jan. 4, 1844-Apr. 2, 1905, Father
WYSSEIER, Martina, Jul. 16, 1848-Feb. 24, 1892, Mother
YESSEL, A. Christine, 1882-1904
YESSEL, Anna Eva, 1853-1930, Mother
YESSEL, F.M. Christine, Oct. 1904-Aug. 1905 (same stone as Wm. GREHSLER)
YESSEL, Fred (flat ground marker)
YESSEL, Frederick W., 1850-1922, Father
ZECHER, Chas. O., Feb. 25, 1888-Dec. 20, 1892, Brother
ZECHER, Elizabeth, 1840-1918, Mother
ZECHER, Kathryn, Nov. 12, 1891-Jun. 30, 1960, Mother
ZECHER, Philip, Sep. 27, 1889-Feb. 9, 1961, Father (Masonic symbol)
ZECHER, Sec. E, Lot 52-54 (flat ground marker)
ZEHR, Christ, Dec. 28, 1872-Dec. 3, 1909, Husband
ZEHR, Katherine, 1852-1929, Mother (bronze marker)
ZEHR, Samuel, 1841-1902, Father (bronze marker)
ZEHR, Samuel, 1876-1895, Son (bronze marker)
ZELLER, J.G. (flat ground marker, also 2 unmarked graves, just flowers)
ZIESCHE (monument)
ZIESCHE, Anna, Jul. 4, 1823-Oct. 16, 1901, Mother (same stone as John C.)
ZIESCHE, John C., Jan. 23, 1813-Aug. 25, 1890, Father (same stone as Anna)
ZINK, Emilie, 1833-1912, Mother (in STROJE plot)
ZOLLER, Clara Elizabeth, 1923-1937, Daughter (in EHLERS plot)
ZOLLER, Elizabeth Mary, 1900-1951, Mother (in EHLERS plot)
??????, (an unmarked grave with flowers in the space between BOEM and MEININGER graves)
??????, Elizabeth, 1851-1914, Mother, (no surnames, located between MAIER & STUBERT plots)
??????, Emma E., 1891-1902, Sister, (no surnames, located between MAIER & STUBERT plots)
??????, Rosa E., 1883-1912, Sister, (no surnames, located between MAIER & STUBERT plots)
??????, William, 1944-1902, Father, (no surnames, located between MAIER & STUBERT plots)


(Section E) (a lower part of Sec. E), we will call it:

Section Five.
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ALLEN, John C., 1922-1944, Son
ANDRIST, Elizabeth, May 27, 1851-Feb. 19, 1904
BALSAMO, Charles, 1903-1961, Husband (same stone as Marie W. HOLTGRAVER & Ida BALSAMO)
BALSAMO, Ida E., 1906-1971, Wife (same stone as Marie W. HOLTGRAVER & Charles BALSAMO)
BEATTY, John M., 1912-1975 (Veteran, same stone as Ruth J.)
BEATTY, Ruth J., 1913-1984 (same stone as John M.)
BECK, Katharina, 1866-1899, Mother
BEITLER, Anna M., 1879-1956, Mother
BEITLER, Jacob P., Nov. 1, 1878-Nov. 12, 1909, Husband
BEITLER, John M., 1876-1923, Father
BEITLER, Margaret, 1853-1939, Mother
BEITLER, Marie HUNTER, 1906-1948, Wife
BLUME, Maria, 1858-1918
BLUME, Otto, 1855-1939
BLUMENSCHEIN, Anna, Jul. 7, 1866-Mar. 24, 1905, Wife (same stone as George, Also a stone reading "Mother", no dates, in BLUMENSCHEIN plot)
BLUMENSCHEIN, Elizabeth, 1866-1931, Mother (same stone as Henry)
BLUMENSCHEIN, George, b. Apr. 18, 1863, no death date, (same stone as Anna)
BLUMENSCHEIN, George, Dec. 28, 1853-May 18, 1905
BLUMENSCHEIN, Henry, 1865-1942, Father (same stone as Elizabeth)
BLUMENSCHEIN, Margaret, 1856-1952, Mother
BRETHAUER, Albert C., 1867-1954 (same stone as Elisabeth)
BRETHAUER, Andrew, 1840-1917
BRETHAUER, Christina, 1842-1917
BRETHAUER, Elisabeth, 1875-1925 (same stone as Albert C.)
BRETHAUER, Franklin C., 1897-1979 (same stone as Frieda S.)
BRETHAUER, Frieda S., 1897-1974 (same stone as Franklin C.)
BRETHAUER, William L., Apr. 6, 1875-Jan. 1, 1899
BRITTNER, Isabella, 1886-1920, Mother (same stone as Hazel SCHULTZ)
BROWN, Albert A., 1893-1969, Father (same stone as Lovina M.)
BROWN, Lovina M., 1896-1985, Mother (same stone as Albert A.)
CARYLL, Dorothy K., Mar. 18, 1916-Mar 1, 1998, Mother (in GROETZINGER plot)
CUNNINGHAM, Annie M., 1882-1956, Mother
CUNNINGHAM, Frank J., 1874-1952, Father
DALTON(?), Frederick, Oct. 17, 192? , Co. E, 18th PEN?? (Veteran, very worn stone next to Emma W. DALTON)
DALTON, Emma W., 1867-1927
DAUM, Anna, nee BLUMENSCHEIN, 1866-1940, Mother
DAUM, Philip, 1864-1905, Father
DAUM, Walter, 1888-1951, Brother
DAUM, Wilbert, 1893-1912, Brother
DELLER, Betty Ann, 1922-1987, Mother, "Grandmother of Eight"
DITTRICH, James N., 1927-1943, Son
DITTRICH, Margaret M., 1899-1979, Wife
DITTRICH, Margy M., 1934-1935, "Baby"
DITTRICH, Nicholas J., 1900-1950, Husband
DOELFEL, Henry W., 1894-1956, Son
DOELFEL, John, 1866-1941 (same stone as Katherine)
DOELFEL, Katherine, 1868-1919, Mother (same stone as John)
DORFIELD, Alma MARX, 1867-1959, Wife (in MARX plot)
DOSS(?), Joseph (flat ground marker)
ELLIOTT, Emma I., jan. 2, 1870-Oct. 24, 1938 (in KENNEWEG Plot)
ELLIOTT, Robert H., Feb. 22, 1869-May 15, 1940 (in KENNEWEG plot)
ENGEL, Amelia, 1855-1923, Mother
ENGEL, Gustav F., Sep. 27, 1843-Oct. 2, 1891
ENGEL, William F., 1885-1929, Brother (Veteran)
FALCK, Charles K., 1864-1935, Father (same stone as Elizabeth)
FALCK, Doris, Apr. 17, 1929-Jan. 11, 1996, Wife & Mother (bronze marker)
FALCK, Elizabeth, 1862-1949, Mother (same stone as Charles K.)
FALCK, F.L. (flat ground marker)
FALCK, Raymond C., Dec. 22, 1924-Oct. 19, 1969, PA sk3 US Navy, WWII Veteran
FIELDING, Amos, Feb. 9, 1844-Jan.12, 1920, Father (same stone as Kitty H.)
FIELDING, Kitty HUY, Apr. 14, 1856-Mar. 16, 1918, Mother (same stone as Amos)
FULTON, Anna, 1899-1974 (same stone as Warren)
FULTON, Warren, 1897-1974 (same stone as Anna)
GEIB, C.H. (flat ground marker)
GEIB, Catherine, 1858-1938, Mother
GEIB, Christian, (dates unreadable, fallen stone)
GEIB, Elizabeth, 1860-1912
GEIB, John (flat ground marker)
GEIB, John Sr., 1861-1927
GELTENBOTH, Caspar, 1854-1912, Father
GELTENBOTH, Catherine, 1858-1940, Mother
GELTENBOTH, Elizabeth, 1879-1911, Daughter
GELTZ, John G., 1870-1957, Father (same stone as Manora S.)
GELTZ, Manora S., 1874-1933, Mother (same stone as John G.)
GERBEL, Jacob, 1856-1934, Brother
GIESEL, Mary, May 1, 1828-Jul. 8, 1906, Mother
GIESEL, William, Sep. 3, 1861-Nov. 17, 1906, Brother
GIESEL, William, Sep. 6, 1828-Jul. 3, 1900, Father
GOSSIN, Saul, 1862-1913, Father
GOSSIN, Simon, 1870-1950
GRAHAM, Annie M., nee KENNEWEG, 1866-1903
GROETZINGER, Betty Lou, Dec. 31, 1932-Dec. 14, 1998, Daughter
GROETZINGER, Catherine, Oct. 17, 1888-Mar. 22, 1979, Mother
GROETZINGER, Harry F., Jun. 14, 1929-Aug. 11, 1994, Father
GROETZINGER, Harry F., Mar. 21, 1888-Dec. 8, 1962, Father
GUTBROD, Anna J., 1892-1962, Daughter
GUTBROD, Bernhard, 1862-1924, Father
GUTBROD, John C., 1888-1949, Son
GUTBROD, Katherine, 1863-1927, Mother
GUTBROD, Wm. B., Jan. 29, 1896-Jan. 28, 1901, Son
HABBERT, George H., 1882-1913, Brother
HABBERT, Henry B., 1841-1902, Father
HABBERT, Henry W. Jr., 1875-1918, Brother
HABBERT, Mary, nee THUENER, 1850-1918, Mother
HARMS, Anna M., 1863-1956, Mother
HARMS, Elmer W., 1882-1929, Father
HARMS, Emma A., 1882-1946, Mother
HARMS, Fleurette W., 1935-1938, Daughter
HARMS, Margaret M., Oct. 14, 1911-Mar. 5, 1985, Mother (same stone as Torrence)
HARMS, Torrence H., Dec. 12, 1909-May 8, 1985, Father (same stone as Margaret M.)
HEINRICHS, Louis A., Jul. 7, 1853-Apr. 1, 1898
HERRON, Elmer, 1863-1908, Son
HERRON, Emma, 1856-19__, Mother
HERSCHFELD, Ernest, Jan. 23, 1889-Nov. 13, 1927, Sgt. CO. C 16th Inf., Enl. Nov. 15, 1910, Disc. Jul. 17, 1920 (Vet., bronze marker, Also spelled HIRSCHFELD)
HEUER, Caroline, Feb. 3, 1837-Sep. 26, 1903, Mother
HEYL (flat ground marker)
HEYL, Adam, 1829-1899, Grandfather
HEYL, Lewis, 1852-1932, Father (same stone as Sarah)
HEYL, Sarah, 1857-1932, Mother (same stone as Lewis)
HILLENGASS, Anna Christina, Mar. 28, 1843-Jan. 23, 1903, Mother
HILLENGASS, Leopold, Nov. 24, 1849-Aug. 25, 1924, Father
HIRSCHFELD, Augusta, 1860-1934, Mother (same stone as Ernest)
HIRSCHFELD, Ernest H., 1889-1927, Son (Veteran)
HIRSCHFELD, Ernest, 1860-1942, Father (same stone as Augusta)
HOLL, Catherine, 1872-1940, Mother (same stone as Wm. B.)
HOLL, Walter, Jan. 10, 1895-Mar. 10, 1896
HOLL, William B., 1861-1931, Father (same stone as Catherine)
HOLTGRAVER, Harry W., 1874-1951, Husband (same stone as Johanna & Henry W.)
HOLTGRAVER, Henry W., 1847-1905, Father (same stone as Johanna & Harry W.)
HOLTGRAVER, Henry W., May 13, 1898-Dec. 24, 1937, Pvt. CO. A 10th MG BN Enl. Apr. 25, 1917, Disc. Jan. 31, 1914
HOLTGRAVER, Johanna, 1851-1932, Mother (same stone as Henry W. & Harry W.)
HOLTGRAVER, Marie W., 1894-1981, Wife (same stone as Ida & Charles BALSAMO)
HOLTGRAVER, Sarah SENN, 1904-1969
IHRIG, Charles, Aug. 5, 1875-Jul. 19, 1897
IHRIG, Charlotte, 1844-1926, Mother (same stone as Karl)
IHRIG, Eugene E., 1885-1952, Husband
IHRIG, Eva, 1889-1968, Wife
IHRIG, Karl J., 1841-1915, Father (same stone as Charlotte)
IHRIG, Lewis H., Dec. 25, 1867-Jun. 29, 1900
IHRIG, Peter, Oct. 7, 1838-May 28, 1911
IHRIG, Phoebe C., Mar. 27, 1872-Jun. 6, 1956
JOHNS, Fredric S., 1939-1956, Son (in SWANSON plot)
JOHNS, Trevor, 1899-1975, Father (in SWANSON plot), one unmarked grave with flowers next to Trevor JOHNS
KAISER, Andrew William, Sep. 17, 1963-Oct. 18, 1967 (small, unreadable homemade stone next to Andrew KAISER, could possibly be Lillian(??),1906-1927(?) )
KAISER, Walter S., 1917-1922 (in BEITLER plot)
KALINA, Joseph, 1863-1928, Father
KALINA, Mary STEPHAN, 1871-1909, Mother
KALMEYER, Minnie, 1834-1913, Mother
KARL, Bertha, 1864-1926, Mother
KARL, Frederick W., 1856-1926, Father
KARL, Robert W., 1882-1925
KENNEWEG, Alexander, 1869-1869 (same stone as Dora, Sophia, Frederick, Dora & Carrie)
KENNEWEG, Caroline, Dec. 10, 1837-May 13, 1925
KENNEWEG, Carrie, 1881-1881 (same stone as Dora, Sophia, Frederick, Alexander & Dora)
KENNEWEG, Dora, 1802-1877 (same stone as Dora, Sophia, Frederick, Alexander, Dora & Carrie)
KENNEWEG, Dora, 1831-1854 (same stone as Sophia, Frederick, Alexander, Dora & Carrie)
KENNEWEG, Elmer L., Feb. 6, 1906-Oct. 2, 1948 (Veteran), Lt.Col.387th AA AW. BN., Enl. Dec. 5, 1940, Discharged Dec. 21, 1945
KENNEWEG, Elmer, Aug. 26, 1879-May 31, 1953
KENNEWEG, Estella L., 1878-1913
KENNEWEG, Frederick, 1796-1864 (same stone as Dora, Sophia, Alexander, Dora & Carrie)
KENNEWEG, George V., 1901-1904
KENNEWEG, Lula E., Jan. 11, 1880-Dec. 27, 1954
KENNEWEG, Sophia, 1856-1857 (same stone as Dora, Fred., Alex., Dora & Carrie)
KENNEWEG, Victor, Mar. 8, 1873-Aug. 27, 1927
KENNEWEG, William, Sr., Jul. 25, 1822-Aug. 13, 1894
KERKAN, Walter Herbert Jr., Dec. 29, 1938-Feb. 13, 1970, Spec. 4 Co. C, 48th Medical BN. AUS, Enlisted Jan. 18, 1962, Discharged Dec. 31, 1967 (Veteran)
KLEEBER, Ellen L., 1893-1921
KLEEBER, F.J., Lot 191, Sec. E (flat ground marker)
KOEHLER, Catherine, 1866-1923, Mother
KOHLER, Fred, 1868-1945, Father (same stone as Hannah & Lena H.)
KOHLER, Hannah, 1872-1937, Mother (same stone as Fred & Lena H.)
KOHLER, Lena HUEY, 1890-1924, Daughter (same stone as Fred & Hannah)
KORNEKE, Arvella, Apr. 27, 1903-Dec. 27, 1967, Wife
KORNEKE, William, Mar. 7, 1892-Sep. 3, 1956, Husband, WWI Vet. (same stone as Arvella)
KRAMER, Charles H.F., 1870-1942, Father (same stone as Mary M. & Marie M.)
KRAMER, Marie M., 103-1917, Daughter
KRAMER, Mary M., 1877-1952, Mother (same stone as Charles H.F. & Marie M.)
KRAPP, Augusta E., 1865-1939
KRAPP, Edwin C., 1908-1978
KRAPP, John E., 1892-1969, Father
KRAPP, John G., 1866-1928
KRAPP, Marie C., 1892-1986, Mother
KRAUS, Elmer A., 1923-1974, Brother (Veteran)
KRAUS, Elmer A., Sep. 20, 1922-Jun 5, 1974, Pvt. US Army (Vietnam Veteran) (notice different birth years)
KRAUS, Frieda, 1888-1954, Mother (same stone as George F.)
KRAUS, George F., 1882-1952, Father (same stone as Frieda)
KRAUS, William F., 1926-1936, Son
KURTZ, Albert, Nov. 17, 1887-Jul. 28, 1913
KURTZ, Karl C., Apr. 23, 1878-Jan. 7, 1902
KURTZ, Katherine, 1850-1918, Mother (same stone as Wm.)
KURTZ, William, 1847-1921, Father (same stone as Katherine)
LANGHURST, no dates
LEIBOLD, Christina, Apr. 6, 1848-Apr. 26, 1894
LEIPOLDT, August J., 1871-1908, Husband
LEIPOLDT, Charlotte, 1873-1958
LINTLEMAN, O. Arnold, 1895-1938, Husband
LIPPERT, Bonnie E., 1962-1991 (same stone as Thomas A.)
LIPPERT, Ellsworth H., 1894-1957, Father
LIPPERT, Ellsworth R., 1915-1993, Father (Veteran)
LIPPERT, Ernestine, 1850-1931, Mother (same stone as Henry)
LIPPERT, Freda L., 1890-1919, Wife
LIPPERT, H. (flat ground marker)
LIPPERT, Henry, 1848-1904, Father (Veteran, same stone as Ernestine)
LIPPERT, Marion J., Jan. 23, 1942-Mar. 30, 1983, Mother
LIPPERT, Thomas A., no dates (same stone as Bonnie E.)
LORISCH, Gertrude, 1844-1924, Mother
LORISCH, John G. Jr., Jan. 17, 1876-Nov. 8, 1915
LORISCH, John G., Aug. 18, 1836-Mar. 2, 1899
MAEGES, Emma, 1866-1944, Mother (same stone as John)
MAEGES, John, 1861-1906, Father (same stone as Emma)
MAIERHOFER, W.F., Lot 203, Sec. E (flat ground marker)
MANK, Stella E., 1902-1959, Mother
MARX (large monument, no dates)
MARX, Gertrude, 1899-1902
MARX, John, 1866-1915, Husband
MASER, Karl, Jun. 6, 1822-Jun. 26, 1905 (same stone as Margaretha)
MASER, Margaretha, Dec. 9, 1824-Apr. 28, 1902 (same stone as Karl)
MASSIE, Katherine KRAPP, 1895-1983
McELVENNY, Samuel, Feb. 2, 1832-Jan. 28, 1902, Father
McELVENNY, Susan, Mar. 17, 1832-Mar. 15, 1901, Mother
MEISENBURG, Edna, nee MARX, 1894-1918 (in MARX plot)
MEISENBURG, Gertrude, 1915-1916 (in MARX plot)
MEISTER (flat ground marker)
MEISTER, Elmer, 1905-1976 (same stone as Freda)
MEISTER, Freda, 1905-1973 (same stone as Elmer)
METZ, Frank A., 1839-1880, Father
METZ, Mary E., 1840-1908, Mother
METZ, Mary E., 1864-1952, Daughter
METZ, Ottilie C., 1866-1881, Daughter
METZGER, Mathilda FOERTSCH, no dates, Mother
MEYER, Bertha, Feb. 8, 1948-Jul. 3, 1927, Mother
MEYER, George, Mar. 17, 1847-Feb. 6, 1898, Father
MEYER, Oliver R., Aug. 19, 1881-Oct. 29, 1906 (in KURTZ plot)
MICHELBACH, M., no dates
MOLTER, Anna, 1882-1975 (in GELTENBOTH plot)
MOLTER, August, 1873-1940 (in GELTENBOTH plot)
MORRISON, Denise Ann, Jun. 16, 1959-Jun. 17, 1977
MORRISON, Jim, 7/25/57 - 10/12/76, Son (Veteran)
MOSER, Louis, 1859-1926, Father (same stone as Susanna)
MOSER, Susanna, 1859-1938, Mother (same stone as Louis)
NEIBAUER, Emma P., Feb. 15, 1899-Apr. 10, 1988, Grandma & Great Grandma
NIEBEL, Louis P., 1890-1969, Father (in KRAPP plot)
NIEBEL, Marie K., 1894-1947, Mother (in KRAPP plot)
NUSSKERN, George M., Apr. 4, 1892-Apr. 10, 1961, 1st Sgt. Inf. Repl. Troops, US Army, Enl. Apr. 27, 1918, Disc. Nov. 23, 1918 (WWI Veteran)
OELSCHLAEGER, John Henry, Jan. 23, 1816-Feb. 23, 1894 (same monument stone as Maria Margaretha)
OELSCHLAEGER, Maria Margaretha, Jan. 1, 1813-Mar. 14, 1871 (same monument stone as John H.)
ORTH, Anna C., Sep. 4, 1889-Oct, 23, 1890
ORTH, Emelie L., Aug. 8, 1887-Dec. 4, 1886
ORTH, Emma S., 1879-1900
ORTH, Ernest, 1856-1922, Father
ORTH, Ernestine L., 1878-1946
ORTH, Louisa, 1857-1928, Mother
OTT, Nicholas, no dates, Corpl. CO. G, 83 PA Inf. (Veteran, flag marker says GAR 1861-1865, stone badly worn)
PAUL, Lawrence J., Jun. 28, 1896-Mar. 20, 1943, Pvt. MAR CORPS, Enl. Apr. 21, 1918, Disc. Mar. 31, 1919 (Vet.)
PAUL, Stella M., 1895-1943
PEIFER, M., BEITLER, M. (flat ground marker)
PREISENDORFER, George, 1864-1938, Father
PREISENDORFER, Rose, 1868-1928, Mother
RABOLD, Frank M., 1930-1934, "Our Darling"
RABOLD, Helen, 1901-1923, Mother
RIESTER, Adam D., 1878-1938, Father (Masonic symbol)
RIESTER, Estella T., 1876-1940, Mother
RIESTER, Marian, 1901-1929, Wife of Edgar V. SCHAEFFER
RIHS, Elmer A., Oct. 4, 1894-Mar. 26, 1931, Corp. 16th Co. 4th BN. 153rd DEP. BGD., Enlisted Jul. 29, 1918, Discharged Jan. 16, 1919 (Veteran)
RINN, John, 1849-1904
RINN, Mary K., 1851-1926
RITTMANN, Henry, 1859-1936
RITTMANN, Margaret, 1858-1937
ROTHFUSS, Anna M., Jul. 17, 1847-Dec. 18, 1906, Mother
ROTHFUSS, Charles J., 1874-1948, Father
ROTHFUSS, Christian, Oct. 30, 1848-Apr. 12, 1904, Father
ROTHFUSS, Ethel I., 1905-1979, Daughter
ROTHFUSS, Nora J., 1878-1928, Mother
ROTHFUSS, William F., 1878-1931, Husband
ROTZLER, Elizabeth, 1861-1898, Mother (same stone as Fred)
ROTZLER, Fred, 1861-1946, Father (same stone as Elizabeth)
SCHANZENBACH, Christian (no dates)
SCHANZENBACH, Christian, 1808-1869
SCHANZENBACH, Christian, Aug. 12, 1838-Jan. 11, 1892
SCHANZENBACH, Kathrina (no dates)
SCHANZENBACH, Kathrina F., Nov. 15, 1837-Feb. 1, 1907
SCHIRMER, Johanna, 1844-1931, Mother
SCHLEGEL, Alfred A., 1914-1984 (same stone as Bertha A.)
SCHLEGEL, Bertha A., 1925-1977 (same stone as Alfred A.)
SCHOBER (stone fallen down, unreadable)
SCHOBER, George C., Nov. 28, 1891-Jun. 23, 1932, Serg. CO. K 320th INF., Enl. Oct. 3, 1917, Disc. Jun. 6, 1919 (WWI Vet.)
SCHOBER, Marie STEEB, 1864-1923, Mother (same stone as Wm. J.)
SCHOBER, William J., 1867-1902, Father (same stone as Marie S.)
SCHULTZ, Hazel, 1913-1934, Sister (same stone as Isabella BRITTNER)
SCHULZ, Emma, 1837-1930, Mother (in MARX plot)
SCHULZ, Karl, 1836-1925, Father (in MARX plot)
SCOTT, Pauline, May 30, 1879-Feb. 29, 1912 (in IHRIG plot)
SHIRING, Anna S., 1874-1925, Wife
SHIRING, Mary E.M., 1846-1928, Mother
SHIRING, Petter C., Aug. 25, 1869-Dec. 15, 1905, Son (Petter is correct spelling)
SIMENDINGER, Amanda, no dates, Daughter (same stone as Henry, Elizabeth & Stella)
SIMENDINGER, Barbara M., 1874-1956 (same stone as Harry O.)
SIMENDINGER, E., Sec. E-Lot 24 (flat ground marker)
SIMENDINGER, Elizabeth, no dates, Mother (same stone as Henry, Amanda & Stella)
SIMENDINGER, Harry O., 1872-1924 (same stone as Barbara M.)
SIMENDINGER, Henry, no dates, Father (same stone as Elizabeth, Amanda & Stella)
SIMENDINGER, Howard, 1899-1966, Brother
SIMENDINGER, Stella, no dates, Daughter (same stone as Henry, Elizabeth & Amanda)
SPECHT, Richard W., Apr. 23, 1958-Nov. 15, 1993 (same stone as Tamara A.) "Married Sep. 19, 1980"
SPECHT, Tamara A., no date (same stone as Richard W.)"Married Sep. 19, 1980"
STEINMARK, G. Edgar, Apr. 19, 1887-Apr. 24, 1984
STEINMARK, Harry F., Apr. 19, 1884-Dec. 24, 1900
STEINMARK, John G., 1861-1950, Father (same stone as Sophia A.)
STEINMARK, Sophia A., 1862-1940, Mother (same stone as John G.)
STEPHAN, Sep. 16, 1856-May 12, 1891, Father
SUESS monument, no dates
SUESS, Charles F., Jun. 13, 1914-Jan. 12, 1965 (WWII Vet.)Pfc. 81st ABN. AA BN. AUS, Enl. Sep. 18, 1943, Disc. Dec. 31, 1945
SUESS, Fred R., 1880-1922 (Masonic symbol)
SUESS, Fred, Jul. 14, 1855-Jun. 7, 1901, Father
SUESS, Sec. E, Lot 211 (flat ground marker)
SWANSON, Selma L., 1893-1965, Mother
SWANSON, William A., 1884-1943, Father
TIDERMAN, Axel F., 1875-1941, Father (same stone as Clara M.)
TIDERMAN, Clara M., 1877-1947, Mother (same stone as Axel F.)
TRAUTNER, Marie, 1883-1926, Mother (unmarked grave next to Marie TRAUTNER)
TRUDEL, Barbara S., 1871-1959 (same stone as Louis)
TRUDEL, George L., 1896-1902, Son
TRUDEL, Louis J., 1907-1991, Son
TRUDEL, Louis, 1870-1951 (same stone as Barbara S.)
TURK, Amelia, 1880-1948, Mother
VETTER, Edward J., 1881-1968
VETTER, Geo. (flat ground marker)
VETTER, George, 1858-1904 (same stone as Sophia)
VETTER, Sophia, 1858-1938 (same stone as George)
VIDT, Eckhardt, died Apr. 9, 1892, aged 63 years (same monument stone as Katie & Elizabeth)
VIDT, Elizabeth, died Oct. 27, 1888, aged 21 years (same monument stone as Katie & Eckhardt)
VIDT, Katie, died Jan. 31, 1890, aged 26 yrs., Wife of Wm. RIGBY (same monument stone as Elizabeth & Eckhardt)
WAECHTER, Catherine, 1860-1917, Mother
WAECHTER, J. Sr., Sec. E, Lot 213 (flat ground marker)
WAECHTER, Jacob, 1858-1924, Father
WAECHTER, Mathilda, 1898-1901, Daughter
WALL (two large stones, no dates)
WALL, Annie BECKER, 1885-1912, Mother
WALL, Catherine, nee KOLB, 1848-1921, Mother (lot 181)
WALL, Christian F., 1876-1932, Father (Masonic symbol)
WALL, Christian, Mar. 12, 1839-Jul. 24, 1888, Father
WALL, Frederick, 1903-1904, Son
WALL, John, 1875-1941, Father (Masonic symbol)
WALL, Sophia GRATER, 1875-1953, Mother
WALL, William F., 1906-1907, Son
WALTER (flat ground marker)
WEIMANN, Barbara, 1865-1944, Mother (same stone as Rudolph W.)
WEIMANN, Henry P., Nov. 7, 1895-Mr. 6, 1914
WEIMANN, Rudolph W., 1864-1918, Father (same stone as Barbara)
WEST, Sarah, no dates, Mother
WINTER, Charles H.F., 1889-1951, Father
WINTER, Clara L, 1890-1985, Mother
WOESSNER, Eduard, May 31, 1882-Feb. 23, 1908
YETTER, Anna E., 1849-1941, Mother (same stone as J. Konrad)
YETTER, Bernhard, Jan. 2, 1887-Jan. 18, 1892
YETTER, Carl, 1888-1935, Son (Veteran)
YETTER, Catherine, May 23, 1888-Apr. 9, 1972
YETTER, Ehrenreich, 1854-1931, Father (same stone as Judith)
YETTER, J. Konrad, 1849-1909, Father (same stone as Anna E.)
YETTER, John M., 1878-1961, Son
YETTER, Judith, 1857-1913, Mother (same stone as Ehrenreich)
YETTER, Wilhelm, 1886-1922, Son
ZELLER, Pauline ROTHFUSS, 1879-1966
ZIEG, Carlina G. (flat ground marker)
ZIEG, Phillip W., Oct. 12, 1869-Mar. 15, 1959, Father (Veteran, GAR 1861-65 flag marker)

RIDGELAWN CEMETERY, the very lowest part of Section F. We'll call it
Section Six. Tombstone inscriptions recorded by JACQUELINE TURK and
JANICE COOPER,, July 2000.

Section 6
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ANDRIST, William, 1902-1929 (one fallen stone beside ANDRIST)
ARRAS, Louis J., Jan. 27, 1887-May 3, 1951, Pvt. Hq. Co. 319th Inf. Enl. Apr. 29, 1918, Disc. Jun. 13, 1919 (Veteran)
BAER, Charles, 1885-1932, Son
BAER, Harry, 1879-1943, Son
BAER, Mary, 1857-1945, Mother (same stone as Harry & Charles)
BAER, Raymond, Jan. 13, 1895-Aug. 29, 1950, Pvt. 342nd Remount SQ, US Army, Enl. Jul. 23, 1918, Disc. Jul. 12, 1919, Veteran)
BARCHFELD, Clifton C., Dec. 31, 1904-May 16, 1977
BARCHFELD, Emil, no dates (same stone as George GLOECKLER, Jr & Sr., & Katherine GLOECKLER)
BECK, Amelia MERGENTHALER, 1859-1939
BECK, Bertha, Jul. 28, 1850-Jan. 22, 1900, Wife of Charles BECK
BECK, Charles, 1844-1907, My Husband
BECK, John, 1853-1895, Father (same stone as Louise)
BECK, Louise, 1857-1928, Mother (same stone as John)
BERGMAN (large stone, no names/dates)
BOERINGER, Eliz., Jan. 26, 1856-May 4, 1917
BOERINGER, Elmer H.C., 1889-1912, "Woodmen of the World Memorial"
BOERINGER, Jos., Sep. 23, 1853-Nov. 21, 1896
BOLES, Antonetta V., Jun. 13, 1901-Nov. 24, 1974, Mother (same stone as Chester A.)
BOLES, Chester A., Jul. 29, 1902-Mar. 2, 1987, Father (same stone as Antonetta V.)
BOLLGE, F. (flat ground marker)
BRANDT, C. (flat ground marker)
BRAUN, Anna M., Feb. 25, 1856-Nov. 10, 1913, Mother
BRAUN, Henry, Feb. 26, 1855-oct. 8, 1895, Father (Veteran)
BRILL, Louis, Feb. 18, 1862-Feb. 18, 1934, Father (off its base, plain cement Cross next to it)
BROWN, Mae, 1896-1974, Mother
CASSEY, John L., 1889-1950, Son of Samuel P. CASSEY
COBUN, Charles E., 1885-1953
COBUN, Ethel A., 1894-1992
COOKSON, Helen YUNDT, 1892-1914, Daughter (in YUNDT plot)
DAU, Malte, 1860-1920, Father
DAVIS, Sylvester J., 1924-1927, "Buddy"
DEBES, Earl W., Jul. 8, 1919-Dec. 31, 1967, TEC. 5 Co. F 8th Inf., Enl. Sep. 7, 1944, Disc. Jun. 30, 1946 (Veteran)
DICE, William F., 1862-1953, Father
DICKEL, George, 1871-1949, Father (same stone as Minnie)
DICKEL, Minnie, 1875-1939, Mother (same stone as George)
DIETRICH, Edward, 1882-1943 (two unmarked graves next to Edw. DIETRICH)
DREESEN, Frieda M., 1898-1923
DREHER, Karl (flat ground marker)
EBERT, Chas. P., Co. G, 19th US Inf. (WWII Veteran)
EIFFLER, Anna R., 1878-1948
EIFFLER, Carine S., 1906-1911
EIFFLER, Carl E. "Dutch", 1914-1986
EIFFLER, Louise C., 1876-1959
EIFFLER, Wilbert J., 1904-1905
EISENBACH, Cliford G.A., Jan. 18, 1897-Jan. 4, 1898
EISENBACH, Georg A., Dec. 11, 1869-Aug. 27, 1898, "Allegheny Council No. 112 Jr. O.U.A.M." "My HUSBAND' flat marker in front of large stone.
ENGELBRECHT, Carl W., died Apr. (the rest is unreadable)
ENGELBRECHT, H., 1897-1905
ENGELBRECHT, Maria, (the rest is unreadable, and another stone next to it is completely unreadable)
ERTZBERGER, Barbara, 1832-1905
FALCK, Elmer C., Jun. 2, 1893-Sep. 3, 1899, Son
FALCK, Frederick J., Aug. 7, 1900-May 2, 1901
FALCK, Jacob, 1850-1931, Father (same stone as Margaret)
FALCK, Margaret, 1854-1925, Mother (same stone as Jacob)
FALCK, Oliver D., Mar. 2, 1902-Mar. 3, 1903
FALCK, Oscar, 1889-1952, Husband
FESKORN, Freeman, no dates, Son (same stone as Henrietta BAER FESKORN)
FESKORN, Henrietta BAER, 1881-1906 (same stone as her son, Freeman FESKORN)
FISHEL, (the rest is unreadable)
FORNOF, Adam, 1842-1919, Father (same stone as Mary)
FORNOF, Charles E., Jun. 25, 1899-May 5, 1973, Husband (small cement cross Beside FORNOF)
FORNOF, Eva E., Jan. 29, 1844-Apr. 19, 1899, Mother
FORNOF, Marie, Jun. 19, 1900-Mar. 22, 1968, Wife
FORNOF, Mary, 1851-1924, Mother (same stone as Adam)
FRASCH, Geo. J., unreadable, (Veteran, flag marker indicates GAR 1861-1865)
FRASCH, George J., 1830-1909, Grandfather (same stone as George L., Liset, Katie & Margretta M.)
FRASCH, George L., 1866-1917, Father (same stone as Liset, Katie, Margretta & George J.)
FRASCH, Katie E., 1872-1941, Mother (same stone as George L., Liset, Margrettra, & George J.)
FRASCH, Liset, 1831-1902, Grandmother (same stone as George L., Katie, Margretta & George J.
FRASCH, Margretta M., 1893-1899, Daughter (same stone as George L., Liset, Katie & George J.)
FREISS, Elmer J., 1898-1969, Father
FREUND, Charles H., 1874-1929, Son
FREUND, Christina, nee WEIDMAN, Jun. 13, 1832-Feb. 23, 1902
FREUND, John, Apr. 7, 183? - Nov. 12, 1895, Corporal, Co. L, 5 Reg. (Veteran)
FUCHS, Richard Joseph, Sep. 27, 1935-Aug. 9, 1939, Son
FURRER, Caroline, 1860-1909
FURRER, Clements, 1853-1914
GAUSS, Henry (flat ground marker)
GEISS, Maria, 1850-1918 (stone has fallen off its base)
GEISS, Nicklaus, 1841-1916, Father (stone has fallen off its base)
GERST, Louis, Jun. 1, 1855-Aug. 29, 1903
GETZ, Elmer W., Dec. 19, 1903-Nov. 17, 1956 (Veteran)
GETZ, Harry G., 1881-1936, Father (same stone as Regina E.)
GETZ, Regina E., 1878-1956, Mother (same stone as Harry G.)
GEYER, Arthur R., 1897-1900, (same stone as Paul C., Clara M., Katherina K., Friederika E. & George F.)
GEYER, Clara W., 1887-1888 (same stone as Paul C., Katherina K., Friederika E., George F. & Arthur R.)
GEYER, Friederika E., 1888-1891 (same stone as Paul C., Clara W., Katherina K., George F. & Arthur R.)
GEYER, George F., 1862-1942 (same stone as Paul C., Clara W., Katherina K., Friederika E. & Arthur R.)
GEYER, Katherina K., 1864-1937 (same stone as Paul C., Clara W., Friederika E., George F. & Arthur R.)
GEYER, Paul C., 1893-1930 (same stone as Clara W., Katherina K., Friederika E., George F. & Arthur R.)
GIERSCHER, Katherine, 1876-1935, Mother
GLOECKLER, Emil G., no dates, Brother
GLOECKLER, George Jr., no dates, (same stone as George Sr., Katherine & Emil BARCHFELD)
GLOECKLER, George Sr.,no dates, Father (same stone as George Jr., Katherine & Emil BARCHFELD)
GLOECKLER, Katherine, no dates, Mother (same stone as George Sr., George Jr. & Emil BARCHFELD)
GRABER, Elisabeth, Nov. 11, 1831-Dec. 19, 1913
GRABER, Samuel, May 27, 1824-Jan. 16, 1900
GRAHAM, "Lil Charlie", June 28, 1960, "Infant Son of Joseph & Nancy GRAHAM"
GRAY, Dolores M., Jan. 10, 1919-Jan. 22, 1992, Wife & Mother
GRAY, Thomas A., Oct. 7, 1938-Aug. 15, 1979, US Army, Veteran
GRISER - KAMPAS (monument)
GROSS, Frank F.H., Jun. 3, 1860-Feb. 23, 1929, 2nd Lieut. Co. E 18th Inf., Enl. May 13, 1898, Disc. Oct. 22, 1893 (Veteran)
GROSSHAUBT, J. (flat ground marker)
GROSSKINSKY (monument)
GROSSKINSKY, Charles, Apr. 9, 1916-Mar. 4, 1970, Pvt. Casual Det. Sta. Com. AUS, Enl. Nov. 14, 1942, Disc. Feb. 15, 1943 (Veteran)
GROSSKINSKY, Fred, 1881-1942, Father
GROSSKINSKY, Stella, 1889-1919, Mother
GRUNDER, Henry B., Feb. 27, 1875-Oct. 1, 1902
GUDILO, Kath. KLEEB, Mar. 30, 1860-Dec. 10, 1935, Mother
HANEY, John G., 1860-1929, Husband
HANEY, Mary A., 1870-1922, Wife
HAYS, Jerome A., 1899-1973, Husband
HERMANN, J. (flat ground marker)
HESS, Charles, Jan. 31, 1886-Jul. 5, 1896
HESS, Harry, Jul. 24, 1884-Jul. 6, 1891
HOFFMAN, Edward, 1879-1934, Husband
HORN, Carl A.W., 1844-1892, Father (same stone as Henrietta W., also a fallen stone near HORN)
HORN, Henrietta W., 1847-1907, Mother (same stone as Carl A.W.)
HOUSTON, Anna, 1872-1926, Wife
HUMMEL, Wilhelm, Jul. 17, 1862-Sep. 29, 1883(?) (worn, also another worn stone in front of HUMMEL)
J.W.K., no dates (small black marble stone)
JOHNSON, Mary, 1849-1915 ( 3 fallen stones by JOHNSON & WEINMAN)
KAPPEL, Adam, Mar. 8, 1858-Feb. 8, 1900, Father
KAPPEL, J. Earl, 1917-1924, Son
KAPPEL, John A., 1887-1964, Husband (same stone as Mary M.)
KAPPEL, John, Aug. 2, 1860-Aug. 27, 1906, Father
KAPPEL, Katherine H., Feb. 18, 1898-Dec. 11, 1991
KAPPEL, Margaretha , Sep. 1, 1862-Dec. 18, 1935, Mother
KAPPEL, Mary M., 1889-1982, Wife (same stone as John A.)
KAPPEL, Mary, Jan. 2, 1864-May 25, 1906, Mother
KAPPELER, Elizabeth, Feb. 18, 1853-May 10, 1910 (in GRABER plot)
KEILLOR, Ida W., 1878-1955, Mother (same stone as Thomas)
KEILLOR, Thomas, 1876-1953, Father (same stone as Ida W.)
KENNEWEG, Anna Barbara, Dec. 25, 1831-Mar. 22, 1907
KENNEWEG, Christian, May 1, 1827-Jul. 10, 1890
KEPHART, Edward W., 1859-1927
KEPHART, Edward W., 1896-1920 (Veteran)
KERN, Anna (no dates, same stone as Michael, Irvin, Myrtle, Lawrence & Hilda)
KERN, Hilda (no dates, same stone as Michael, Irvin, Myrtle, Anna & Lawrence)
KERN, Irvin (no dates, same stone as Michael, Myrtle, Anna, Lawrence & Hilda)
KERN, Lawrence (no dates, same stone as Michael, Irvin, Myrtle, Anna & Hilda)
KERN, Michael (no dates, same stone as Irvin, Myrtle, Anna, Lawrence & Hilda)
KERN, Myrtle (no dates, same stone as Michael, Irvin, Anna, Lawrence & Hilda)
KESSNER, Elizabeth A., 1873-1950
KIESLING, Eberhardt, 1838-1893
KIESLING, Elizabeth, 1844-1919
KIMMEL, John A., Oct. 4, 1890-Apr. 5, 1915
KIMMEL, John S., 1867-1933, Father (same stone as Sophia E.)
KIMMEL, Katherine, 1870-1898, Daughter
KIMMEL, Sophia E., 1880-1966, Mother (same stone as John S.)
KITSCH, Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, no dates
KLAGES, Albert, died Mar. 9, 1920, Father
KLAGES, Emil, died Dec. 28, 1900, Son
KLAGES, Emma, died Feb. 18, 1973, Daughter
KLAGES, Henry, Apr. 3, 1952, Son (same stone as William)
KLAGES, Louisa, died Sep. 5, 1923, Mother
KLAGES, Mathilda, died May 10, 1981, Daughter
KLAGES, William, Dec. 31, 1955, Son (same stone as Henry)
KLARNER, Hattie, 1874-1949
KLEEB, Henry, Jun. 28, 1883-May 10, 1903 (same stone as Karl H.)
KLEEB, John A., Apr. 8, 1855-Apr. 13, 1905, Father
KLEEB, Karl H., Apr. 20, 1885-Jul. 28, 1885 (same stone as Henry)
KLEEBAUER, Christina, 1854-1944, Mother (same stone as J. Martin)
KLEEBAUER, Fred M., 1881-1916, Father
KLEEBAUER, J. Martin, 1857-1895, Father (same stone as Christina)
KLEIN, Fred, Feb. 17, 1853-Sep. 27, 1897
KLIMEK, Carol C. SWICK, Apr. 29, 1943-Jun. 26, 1990
KLOSKY, Michael, Dec. 11, 1882-Aug. 17, 1939, Father (2 cement crosses beside KLOSKY, no dates or names)
KNIPPE, Norman J., 1907-1974, Father
KOHLER, Andy, 1873-1951 (same stone as Katherine)
KOHLER, Anna, 1836-1924, Mother
KOHLER, Katherine, 1867-1950 (same stone as Andy)
KRAMER, Marie, 1846-1919, Mother
KRUEGER, Christian, Jun. 5, 1816-Feb. 13, 1898
KRUEGER, Johanna KLEESE, Aug. 9, 1819-Aug. 4, 1894
KRUSE, Father, 1853-1926 (same stone as "Mother" KRUSE)
KRUSE, Mother, 1854-1926 (same stone as "Father" KRUSE)
LEICHER, Audrey Lee, Nov. 7, 1941-Apr. 3, 1942, "Infant Son & Daughter" (same stone as BABY LEICHER)
LEICHER, Baby, Jan. 24, 1978, "Infant Son"
LEICHER, Baby, Nov. 23, 1970, "Infant Son & Daughter" (same stone as Audrey Lee)
LEICHER, Cora M., Aug. 1909-May 1935, Mother
LESEMAN, Charles A., Jan. 4, 1876-Sep. 29, 1944, Husband
LeVAN, Dr. George L., 1881-1936, Father
LINTELMAN, no dates
LOCHMANN, Elisabeth, 1822-1910 (in NEWHOUSE plot)
MANN, Bertha, 1876-1938, Wife of Gottlieb, Mother of Marie G., William, Leona, Evelyn, Paul, Charles. (home-made marker)
MARTIN, Joseph, Jul. 10, 1889-Jul. 5, 1950, Pfc. Co. C 320th Inf., Enl. Oct. 3, 1917, Disc. Jun. 9, 1919 (Veteran)
MAURER, John J., 1849-1918, Father
McCUTCHEON (fallen stone)
McCUTCHEON, Margaret R., 1910-1991
MEIER, Joseph A., 1882-1976
MEIER, Martin, Apr. 22, 1838-Jul. 4, 1891, Father (same stone as Rosa)
MEIER, Rosa, Sep. 12, 1847-Jul. 29, 1898, Mother (same stone as Martin)
MENTEL, Margareta, Feb. 19, 1907-Apr. 24, 1911 (in OBELDOBEL plot)
MENTEL, William A., Jun. 25, 1871-Mar. 14, 1910, Husband (in OBELDOBEL plot)
MENZIAN, 1858-1904
MENZIAN, Elmer, 1907-1908
MERGENTHALER, Albert G., 1851-1899, My Husband
MEYER, John, Jun. 24, 1849-Oct. 27, 1894
MEYER, Nicholis, Jan. 4, 1858(?)-Feb. 2, 189? (worn)
MEYERROSE (flat ground marker)
MEYERROSE, Ella M., 1887-1917, Daughter (same stone as Louisa M., Henry C. & Harry J.)
MEYERROSE, Harry J., 1889-1967, Son (same stone as Ella M., Louisa M. & Henry C.)
MEYERROSE, Henry C., 1853-1924, Father (same stone as Ella M., Louisa M. & Harry J.)
MEYERROSE, Louisa M., 1860-1920, Mother (same stone as Ella M., Henry C. & Harry J.)
MIEDANNER, Leo, Apr. 18, 1878-Jul. 8, 1946, Father
MIEDANNER, Louisa, 1871-1956, Mother
MILLER, Andrew, 1898-1963, Uncle
MILLER, Andrew, Feb. 18, 1870-Sep. 12, 1906, Son
MILLER, Andrew, Jan. 16, 1838-Aug. 17, 1925, Father
MILLER, Anna, 1836-1902, Mother
MILLER, Bernhard, 1825-1889, Father
MILLER, Emma, Nov. 7, 1883-Oct. 10, 1901
MILLER, George, Apr. 28, 1875-May 28, 1910, Son
MILLER, Margaretha, Mar. 22, 1844-May 23, 1897, Mother
MULLER, Maria, Nov. 3, 1869-Jun. 10, 1947, Mother
NAGLICH, Joseph, Oct. 9, 1890-Jul. 2, 1960
NECHTERN(?), Karl Anton, May 3, 185? - Feb. 23, 1892 (worn)
NEUHEUSER, John, Feb. 19, 1870-Mar. 7, 1905, Husband (in KLEEB plot)
NEWHOUSE, Anna Clara, 1881-1930 (same stone as Charles E., Anna C., Carl, Robt. H. & Ellen Y. YOUNG)
NEWHOUSE, Carl, 1837-1904 (same stone as Charles. E., Anna C., Robt. H. & Ellen Y. YOUNG)
NEWHOUSE, Charles E. 1870-1934 (same stone as Anna C., Carl, Robert H. & Ellen Y. YOUNG)
NEWHOUSE, Robert H., 1920-1922 (same stone as Chas. E., Anna C., Carl & Ellen Y. YOUNG)
OBELDOBEL, Henrietta K., Mar. 3, 1867-Sep. 14, 1892
OBELDOBEL, Katharina, Sep. 22, 1822-Apr. 8, 1888
OBELDOBEL, M., Lot 166-177, Sec. F (flat ground marker)
OBELDOBEL, Magdalena, Sep. 24, 1842-Jul. 15, 1932, Mother
OBELDOBEL, Michael, Sep. 29, 1843-Apr. 16, 1915, Father
OTTE, Fred William, 1869-1874, Son (same stone as John Henry)
OTTE, John Henry, 1867-1869, Son (same stone as Fred Wm.)
OTTE, Maria Sophia, Sep. 7, 1842-Feb. 29, 1908, Mother, Wife of Henry OTTE
PARRIS, Florence GERST, 1898-1972, Mother
PFEIFER, Robert M., Oct. 31, 1903-Feb. 21, 1905 (in OBELDOBEL plot)
POHL, Edward F., 1938-1940, Son
RAMLOW, Frederick, 1839-1905, Father (same stone as Johanna)
RAMLOW, Johanna, 1841-1917, Mother (same stone as Frederick)
REMLINGER, Jacob, May 25, 1875-Dec. 7, 1955
REMY, John 1860-1922, Father
RIETHMILLER, Sylvia, 1873-1904, Mother
RITTER, born 18?? (the rest is unreadable)(next to RITTER is a double stone, very worn, "born 1887, died 18??")
RITTER, Casper, 1879-1945, Father
RITTER, Johann G., Feb. 6, 1834-Aug. 4, 1905
RODGERS, Della COWAN, 1876-1960, Mother
ROHM, Anna, 1888-1889, "Our Baby" (there is a stone missing off its base next to ROHN)
ROHM, Caroline, Nov. 3, 1857-Feb. 17, 1914, Mother
ROHM, Wenzel, Apr. 7, 1845-Nov. 18, 1902, Father
ROTH, Herman, Jul. 16, 1886-Jan. 15, 1928, Pvt. CO. C 318th Inf., Enl. Mar. 30, 1918, Disc. Jun. 4, 1919 (bronze marker, Veteran, in ROHM plot)
RUDOLPH, Florence E., nee DRAKE, 1856-1925 (same stone as Louie F. & Wm. Randall)
RUDOLPH, Louie F., 1863-1939 (same stone as Florence E. & Wm. Randall)
RUDOLPH, Wm. Randall, 1883-1917 (same stone as Louie F. & Florence E.)
RUEFLEY, Louise, 1871-1948 (in FURRER plot)
RUMMEL, George B., Oct. 12, 1889-May 2, 1932, Pvt. B & C School Camp Lee VA. Enl. Jun. 26, 1918, Disc. Feb. 28, 1919 (Veteran)
RUSH, Charles, 1873-1935 (same stone as George F.)
RUSH, George F., 1916-1920 (same stone as Charles)
SALINSKI, Anton A., May 2, 1878-Mar. 23, 1971, "Grandpap"
SCHANBACHER, John, Jul. 17, 1839-Aug. 31, 1909 "Gatte"
SCHANBACHER, Paulina, Mar. 5, 1847-Apr. 12, 1928 "Gattin"
SCHLATER, Elizabeth, 1885-1911, Daughter
SCHLATER, Frank, 1858-1903, Father
SCHLATER, Frank, Sep. 1889-Apr. 1952
SCHLATER, Katherine, 1856-1937, Mother
SCHLATER, Marie S., 1878-1907, Daughter
SCHLICHENMAIER, Caroline, Jan. 27, 1840-Feb. 7, 1912, Mother
SCHLICHENMAIER, Johann C., Feb. 2, 1837-Jan. 25, 1901, Father
SCHLICK, Harry, Jul. 16, 1889-Nov. 12, 1943, Enl. Apr. 2, 1918, Disc. Jun. 6, 1918, Pvt. Co. L 318th Inf. (Veteran)
SCHLICK, Marie, 1926-1990, Wife
SCHLICK, Norman L., no dates, husband
SCHLICK, Sandra June, died 1950, "Our Baby"
SCHMIDT, C., Family (large stone, no dates)
SCHORR, Emil, b. Feb. 12, 1853 (?), d. Mar. 15, ????, Lot 186, (Source: Claire Schorr,
SCHORR, Emil (child) (unreadable), Lot 186, (Source: Claire Schorr,
SCHORR, Catherine, no dates, Mother/Wife, Lot 186, (Source: Claire Schorr,
SCHORR, Kate (child) (unreadable), Lot 186, (Source: Claire Schorr,
SCHUESSLER, Conrad, 1875-1930, Husband
SCHWARTZ, Anna, 1859-1919 (off its base)
SCHWARTZ, Edward H., Feb. 20, 1895-Nov. 5, 1950, Pvt. 1st Bn. 155th D.B. TR. CR., Enl. May 25, 1918, Disc. Dec. 30, 1918 (Veteran)
SCHWARTZ, F. Herman, 1839-1902, Father
SHELLABY, Lydia, no dates (same stone as William)
SHELLABY, Theodore E., Jan. 28, 1887-Sep. 18, 1960, Pvt. 5th Co. 155th DR, Enl. Jul. 23, 1918, Disc. Feb. 25, 1919 (Veteran)
SHELLABY, William, no dates (same stone as Lydia)
SHIRING, Harvey, 1900-1960
SILVERIZE, Harry, Oct. 29, 1882-Oct. 6, 1973, PA, Tec. 5, US Army, Veteran WWII
SIMON, Abraham G., 1880-1936, Father
SINNAMOND (large monument)
SINNAMOND, C.L., Dec. 22, 1897-Mar. 17, 1898
SINNAMOND, Luther (flat ground marker)
SOINI, Augusta, 1895-1971, Wife
SPINNENHIRN, Albert, 1905-1982
SPINNENHIRN, Emma, Apr. 12, 1903-May 11, 1967
STAHLBERG, Heinrich, Aug. 10, 1843-Feb. 12, 1895
STAUB, John, Jan. 8, 1851-Feb. 9, 1932, Father
STAUB, Margaret, Mar. 25, 1855-Sep. 21, 1906, Mother
STAUFFER, Emma, Feb. 1, 1872-May 24, 1920
STAUFFER, William, May 23, 1874-Jun. 21, 1909, Husband
STAUFFER, Wm., Lot 121 1/2 (flat ground marker)
SWARTZ, Dorathea, Sep. 5, 1862-Oct. 10, 1899 (a Veteran's grave is nearby SWARTZ, with only a flagmarker stating GAR 1861-1865)
SWICK, Coletta B., 1916-1979, Mother (same stone as Henry J.)
SWICK, Henry J., 1912-1977, Father (same stone as Coletta B.)
SWICK, Jacob, 1886-1929, Father
SWICK, Winifred, 1893-1972, Mother
TAU, Wilhelmina, 1838-1911 (in WAGNER plot)
THURN, Christiana, 1857-1942, Mother (same stone as George J.)
THURN, George J., 1861-1942, Father (same stone as Christiana)
UNRATH, Fred, 1866-1926 (one small worn stone, one off its base, & 2 small Stones, buried nearby UNRATH plot)
VON MOSS, Elizabeth, Sept. 1835-Dec. 25, 1914, Mother, Lot 186, (Source: Claire Schorr,
VON MOSS, Luet. Jho., 1823 - 1869 (dates not there), Lot 186, ?5th P.A. Inf. or ?7th P.A. Inf., (Source: Claire Schorr,
WAGNER, Adam, Apr. 27, 1870-Jul. 2, 1938, Husband
WAGNER, Augusta TAU, Jul. 26, 1873-Jan. 20, 1968, Wife
WAGNER, Katharina, Apr. 12, 1865 (in Fornof plot)
WASSUM, Annie, 1867-1939, Mother (same stone as August)
WASSUM, August, 1873-1946, Father (same stone as Annie)
WEBER, Florence C., 1905-1948 (same stone as Louis C.)
WEBER, James Raymond, Feb. 15, 1897-Jan. 16, 1965, Seaman 2/C US Navy, Enl. May 15, 1918, Disc. Jan. 23, 1919 (Veteran)
WEBER, Katherine, 1862-1943, Mother (same stone as Louis)
WEBER, Louis C., 1897-1952 (same stone as Florence C.)
WEBER, Louis, 1858-1912, Father (same stone as Katherine)
WEBER, Louis, Sec. F, Lot 149 (flat ground marker)
WEINMAN, Rose, Jun. 7, 1860-Apr. 29, 1929, Mother
WERNER, Edward, Sec. F, Lot 209 (flat ground marker)
WIGHT, George E., 1895-1918 (Veteran, flag marker says GAR, 1861-1865)
WILSON, Irene L., 1893-1963, Mother
WINTER, Mathilda, 1867-1944, Mother (same stone as William)
WINTER, William, 1865-1921, Father (same stone as Mathilda)
YOUNG, Ellen Y., 1916-1995 (same stone as Chas., Anna, Carl & Robt. NEWHOUSE)
YUNDT, Anna C., 1870-1946, Mother
YUNDT, Bernice, 1895-1903, Daughter
YUNDT, Jacob, 1859-1930, Father
ZEITLER, Margareta, 1869-1941
ZIMMER, G. (flat ground marker)
ZIMMER, Geo. J., Aug. 5, 1887-Mar. 1, 1889
ZIMMER, Lillien D., Mar. 2, 1893-Jul. 31, 1900
ZIMMER, Rosina L., Sep. 7, 1899-Aug. 12, 1906
ZWICK, Christina, Dec. 23, 1841-Jun. 25, 1899, Mother
ZWICK, John, Oct. 1837-Nov. 1911, Grandfather

RIDGELAWN CEMETERY tombstone transcriptions, SECTION I, or Section Seven,
transcribed August 2000, by JANICE COOPER,

Section 7
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ALBERTH, Herbert, 1930-1930, "Darling"
ALOYI, Katie, 1890-1946, Mother (same stone as Paul) (one unreadable stone next to ALOYI)
ALOYI, Paul, 1881-1947, Father (same stone as Katie)
ARNOLD, Bessie M., 1901-1988, Mother (same stone as Henry C.)
ARNOLD, H. Charles, 1921-1929, Son
ARNOLD, Henry C., 1897-1977, Father (same stone as Bessie M.)
ASHBAUGH, Harriet, died 1940 (same stone as Mary & Peter)
ASHBAUGH, Mary, died 1945 (same stone as Peter & Harriet)
ASHBAUGH, Peter, died 1925 (same stone as Mary & Harriet)
BAER, Sec. I, Lot 37 (flat ground marker)
BAMBACH, Magdaline, 1877-1953, Mother
BARKER, Catherine, 1881-1971, Mother (same stone as Walter C.)
BARKER, Mildred E., 1908-1941, Daughter
BARKER, Walter C., 1879-1932, Father (same stone as Catherine)
BAUER, Charles C., 1862-1923, Father (same stone as Cora A.)
BAUER, Cora A., Mother (same stone as Charles C.)
BEDORF, Marie KESSLER, died 1939
BENTZ, George C., 1883-1935, Father (same stone as Minnie J., in SMALSTIG plot)
BENTZ, Jacob, 1865-1927, Father
BENTZ, Minnie J., 1889-1962, Mother (same stone as George C., in SMALSTIG plot)
BERGER, Mary, 1886-1924, Mother
BERNARDI, Alvina, 1882-1938, Mother (same stone as Joseph
BERNARDI, Barbara Ann, Mar. 2, 1952, Baby Daughter
BERNARDI, Joseph F., 1906-1959, Father (same stone as Margaret)
BERNARDI, Joseph, 1873-1961, Father (Veteran, same stone as Alvina)
BERNARDI, Louise, 1854-1940, Mother (same stone as Roman)
BERNARDI, Margaret, 1909-1988 Mother (same stone as Joseph F.)
BERNARDI, Romans, 1850-1926, Father (same stone as Louise)
BICKEL, Christoph, 1872-1925, Father
BICKEL, Wilhelmina, 1863-1949, Mother
BIGGS, Shriver, 1888-1946
BLANK, Jacob, Sep. 25, 1912, Father (same stone as Rosine)
BLANK, Rosine, May 3, 1933, Mother (same stone as Jacob)
BLASEK, August, 1851-1928, Father (same stone as Louisa)
BLASEK, Harry H., 1893-1917, C.O., Batt.F. 139 F.A., Camp Shelby, Miss. (Vet)
BLASEK, Louisa, 1863-1932, Mother (same stone as August)
BLUMENSCHEIN, Charles R., 1888-1922, Husband
BLUMENSCHEIN, Chester W., May 11, 1918-Sep. 25, 1992 (same stone as Dorothy)
BLUMENSCHEIN, Dorothy, no dates (same stone as Chester W.)
BLUMENSCHEIN, Ida M., 1891-1978, Wife
BOETTGER, Albert E., Apr. 5, 1888-Feb. 15, 1958, Cpl. Arty. Park. US Army, Enl. Aug. 9, 1918, Disc. Jul. 3, 1919 (Vet)
BOETTGER, Margaret, 1848-1918, Mother
BOHN, Emma M., Mar. 16, 1906-May 5, 1985, Wife (same stone as Walter F., in HUEGEL plot)
BOHN, Walter F., Feb. 27, 1901-Mar. 24, 1969, Husband (same stone as Emma M., in HUEGEL plot)
BRETHAUER, 1885-1954
BRETHAUER, Amelia A., 1879-1958, Mother
BRETHAUER, Anna N., 1878-1964, Mother
BRETHAUER, Edward A., Sr., 1877-1958, Father
BRETHAUER, Elizabeth, 1857-1939, Mother
BRETHAUER, Frederick C., 1892-1923, Son
BRETHAUER, Hildegard, 1898-1970, "His Wife" (same stone as Henry & Eliz. DIETRICH & Frederick HELLMUND)
BRETHAUER, John F., 1879-1957, Father
BRETHAUER, L.W., Sec. I, Lot 11 (flat ground marker)
BRETHAUER, Louis W., 1851-1925, Father
BRUNNER, Helen EYLES, 1900-1990, Mother
CHRISTENER, Frank, Oct. 22, 1874-Sep. 5, 1936, Husband & Father
CREAGH, John W., 1852-1917, Father (same stone as Kate C.)
CREAGH, Kate C., 1858-1928, Mother (same stone as John W.)
CUNNINGHAM, Carl J., 1933-1936, Son (in MOEDINGER plot)
DAUM, Adam, 1861-1932, Father
DAUM, Agatha, 1856-1925, Mother
DAUM, Ernest, 1887-1929
DAUM, George, 1883-1941
DAVIS, Ida HOFMANN, nee KENNEWEG, 1875-1955, Wife
DETISCH, Ida M., 1893-1934, Mother
DIETRICH, Elizabeth B., 1869-1955, "His Wife" (same stone as Henry F., Frederick HELLMUND & Hildegard BRETHAUER)
DIETRICH, Henry F., 1862-1920 (same stone as Eliz. B., Frederick HELLMUND & Hildegard BRETHAUER)
DINTER, Viola M., Oct. 5, 1905-Jul. 9, 1980, Mother
DOBSON, Charles E., Sep. 24, 1921-Jun. 6, 1976, US Army, WWII Veteran
DOBSON, Harris S., Sep. 13, 1895-May 21, 1981, US Army, WWI Veteran
DOERFLER, Nettie B., 1894-1987, Wife (same stone as Wm. F.)
DOERFLER, William F., 1889-1972, Husband (Veteran, same stone as Nettie B.)
DOERFLER, William F., Jun. 6, 1889-Jul. 3, 1972, PA. Pvt. 7 ORD. GUARD, WWI Vet.
DUNKER, Frederick William, 1850-1919, Father (same stone as Mary W.)
DUNKER, Mary W., 1852-1918, Mother (same stone as Frederick Wm.)
DUSEK, Charles A., 1911-1970, Husband
DUSEK, Loretta S., no dates, Wife
EARLIN, Elmer G., Mar. 31, 1895-Sep. 9, 1952, Pvt. 11th Co. 3rd TNG.BN., Enl. Aug. 30, 1918, Disc. Jan. 6, 1919 (Vet)
EARLIN, Elsie R., Aug. 14, 1894-Jun. 30, 1983, Wife & Mother
EARLIN, Grace H., May 23, 1923-Mar. 26, 1989, Daughter
ECKERT, Anita H.B., 1894-1981, Daughter
ECKERT, Carl A., 1892-1918, Son (Veteran)
ECKERT, Charles, 1860-1929, Father
ECKERT, Elizabeth H., 1905-1959, Daughter
ECKERT, Hannah ROEDER, 1864-1951, Mother
ECKERT, John, 1870-1917, Husband
ECKERT, Margaret M., 1905-1990, Daughter
ECKERT, Martha, 1902-1993, Daughter
ECKERT, Otto J., 1896-1975, Son (Veteran)
ERB, Henry Sec. I, Lot 18 (flat marble ground marker)
ERTZBERGER, Elmer A., May 22, 1891-Dec. 2, 1955, Pvt. Co. E 319th Inf. , Enl. Apr. 5, 1918, Disc. Jun. 13, 1919 (Vet)
EYLES (flat marble ground marker)
EYLES, Albert P., 1897-1951, Father
FARRIER, Bertha M., 1898-1921, "Wife of J.W. SPECHT"
FARRIER, Caroline, 1877-1940, Mother
FARRIER, L.B. & J.W. SPECHT (flat ground marker)
FARRIER, Levi B., died 1961 "Erected by Friends"
FARRIER, Wilbert S., 1921-1985, Husband & Father (Veteran)
FENTON, James, 1865-????, Father (Veteran)
FENTON, Josephine, 1868-1948, Mother
FORNOF, Emma M., 1887-1962, Mother
FRANK, John F., 1905-1971, Father (same stone as Philomena)
FRANK, Philomena, 1910-1977, Mother (same stone as John F.)
FREISS, Louisa DUNKER, 1874-1954
FREISS, Marie B., 1903-1948, Wife
FREISS, Roy W., Feb. 14, 1896-Feb. 3, 1935, Pvt. 257th Co. 130th BN.M.P.CO., Enl. Aug. 30, 1918, Disc. Jul. 12, 1935 (Vet)
FREY, Charlotte, 1881-1918 (same stone as Joseph)
FREY, Joseph, 1880-1937 (same stone as Charlotte)
GEASA, Frances REDMOND, died 1928
GEYER, Anna M., 1879-1967, Mother
GEYER, Eugene J., 1877-1959, Father
GLASSER, Caroline, 1856-1949, Aunt
GRAB, Jacob, Dec. 29, 1857-Jul. 31, 1914 (same stone as Rosina)
GRAB, Rosina, Frb. 2, 1849-Mar. 16, 1913 (same stone as Jacob)
GRAD, Jacob, Dec. 29, 1857-Jul. 31, 1914, Father (same stone as Rosina)
GRAD, Rosina, Feb. 2, 1849-Mar. 16, 1913, Mother (same stone as Jacob)
GRENZ, Carolina, 1859-1927, Wife
GRENZ, John I., 1866-1931
GROETSCH, Barbara, 1859-1945 (same stone as Lorenz)
GROETSCH, Lorenz, 1864-1929 (same stone as Barbara)
GROSHAUPT, August, 1871-1958, Father (Veteran)
GROSHAUPT, Mathilda, 1893-1915, Daughter
GROSHAUPT, Rosalia, 1876-1959, Mother
GROSS, Emma, 1860-1928, Mother
GROSS, Louisa E., 1896-1936, "Wife of Walter M. WILCOX"
GROSS, Paul, 1853-1933, Father
GRUNER, Adolph V., 1880-1970 (same stone as Katherine)
GRUNER, Katherine, 1894- 1993 (same stone as Adolph V.)
HABBERT, F. (flat ground marker)
HARMANY, Lillian Jean, Aug. 7, 1918-May 13, 1992
HARMANY, William B., Sep. 13, 1912-Jul. 11, 1999
HECKLER, Emma B., Sep. 6, 1892-Dec. 1, 1988, Mother
HECKLER, William (flat marble ground marker)
HECKLER, William (flat marble ground marker)
HECKLER, William, Apr. 27, 1888-Jan. 6, 1977, Father (also 2 unmarked graves in Lot 77)
HELCH, Anna A., 1897-1993, Mother (same stone as John H.)
HELCH, John H., 1893-1978, Father (same stone as Anna A.)
HELLMUND, Frederick, 1860-1927 (same stone as Henry & Elizabeth B. DIETRICH & Hildegard BRETHAUER)
HERCHENROETHE, Margaret, no dates (same stone as Jacob Sr. & Eliz. & Clara M)
HERCHENROETHER, Jacob, Sr., no dates (same stone as Margaret, Eliz. & Clara MALL)
HERON, Emma H., 1880-1953 (same stone as Walter E. & Ruth M.)
HERON, Ruth M., 1907-1990 (same stone as Emma H. & Walter E.)
HERON, Walter E., 1905-1959 (same stone as Emma H. & Ruth M.)
HERPICH, Charles G., 1880-1918, Father
HERPICH, Lillie E., 1880-1948, Mother
HEUBACH, Allen, 1922-1922, "Darling"
HEUSLER, C. (flat marble ground marker)
HEUSLER, Conrad, 1859-1937, Father
HEUSLER, Mary, 1867-1918, Mother
HOERNER, Elizabeth R., 1901-1991, Mother
HOERNER, Louis J., 1901-1984, Father
HOERNER, Warren L., Nov. 15, 1924-Dec. 7, 1924, Son
HOFFMANN, Adam, 1865-1924, Father
HOFFMANN, Amalia M., 1895-1917, Daughter
HOFFMANN, John G., 1893-1915, Son
HOFFMANN, Julia E., 1900-1921, Daughter
HOFFMANN, Katherine, 1869-1942, Mother
HOFFMANN, Mamie, 1904-1959, Wife
HOFFMANN, Olga M., 1897-1916, Daughter
HOFMANN, Carl A., 1881-1937, Husband (in KENNEWEG plot)
HORNER, Elizabeth, 1869-1928, Mother (in LeGRAND plot)
HORNER, John A., 1879-1955, Father (in LeGRAND plot)
HUEGEL, Karoline, 1833-1916, Grandmother
HUEGEL, Lillian, Aug. 30, 1912-Aug. 17, 1986, Daughter
HUEGEL, Pauline W., 1871-1943, Mother
HUEGEL, Peter, 1861-1930, Father
JAECKE, Frederick M., 1906-1968, Father
JAECKE, Wm. (flat marble ground marker)
KAMPAS, Charles C., 1866-1927, Father
KAMPAS, Daniel, Jr. , 1927-1934, Son
KAMPAS, Mamie, 1895-1967, Wife
KAMPAS, Mitilda E., 1870-1935, Mother
KAMPAS, Pearl, 1911-1985, Wife
KAMPAS, Phillip A., 1897-1930, Husband (Masonic symbol)
KENNEWEG, Anna K., nee ZELLMAN, 1854-1932, Mother
KENNEWEG, William F., 1851-1936, Father
KIESCHNER (flat ground marker)
KILIAN, John, 1887-1922, Father
KILIAN, Stella, 1891-1969, Mother
KING, B. Elizabeth, nee KENNEWEG, 1873-1968, Daughter
KIRSCHNER, George, Jul. 4, 1875-Nov. 25, 1918, Father
KIRSCHNER, Hannah, Aug. 20, 1874-Feb. 20, 1944, Mother
KIRSCHNER, Wm. Irwin, Oct. 1, 1900-Sep. 7, 1942, Son
KLAGES, Elizabeth A., 1873-1927, Wife (same stone as John)
KLAGES, John, 1865-1931, Husband (same stone as Elizabeth A.)
KLAGES, Marie Elizabeth, 1868-1940, Mother
KLAGES, May Frances, 1891-1966, Daughter
KLEESBIES, Sec. I, Lot 72 (flat ground marker)
KLEIN, Ervin, 1904-1967, Father (same stone as Genevie M.)
KLEIN, Genevie M., 1912-1976, Mother (same stone as Ervin)
KLINE, Joseph E., 1904-1978, Father
KLINE, Pearl H., nee STUVER, 1904-1994, Mother
KNOEPFLE, Anna, Dec. 16, 1868-Oct. 21, 1960, Mother (unreadable stone except for "George" in KNOEPFLE plot)
KNOEPFLE, Florence, 1894-1983, Mother (same stone as Henry O.)
KNOEPFLE, Henry O., 1890-1964, Father (same stone as Florence)
KNUTH, Charles J., Sep. 18, 1879-Mar. 27, 1957
KNUTH, Charles J., Sep. 18, 1879-Mar. 27, 1957, Father
KNUTH, Marie T., Aug. 16, 1907-Oct. 15, 1979, Daughter
KNUTH, Marie T., Aug. 16, 1907-Oct. 15, 1979, Daughter
KOCH, Freda P., 1890-19__, Daughter (date not filled in)
KOFMEHL, Frank, 1859-1947, Father (same stone as Louisa, Lot 109)
KOFMEHL, Louisa, 1861-1913, Mother (same stone as Frank, Lot 109)
KRAMER, Christian, 1857-1939 (fallen over, in SUPER plot)
KRAMER, Elizabeth, 1856-1928, Mother (in SUPER plot)
KREPLEY, George, Dec. 1, 1885-May 13, 1956, PA. EZ US Navy (Veteran)
KURTZ, Kathryn M., 1897-1978, Mother
LAWALL, John Jacob, 1867-1923
LeGRAND, August R., 1894-1982, Father
LeGRAND, Betty Ruth, 1921-1929, Daughter
LeGRAND, Elizabeth J., 1904-1952, Mother
LILLICH, John H., Nov. 26, 1884-Aug. 5, 1962, Father
LLOYD, Edward, Sep. 11, 1893-May 7, 1968, Veteran Youngstown Police Force (in WACKER plot)
LLOYD, Marie W., Apr. 16, 1906-Oct. 18, 1981 (in WACKER plot)
LOESCH, large monument and 2 flat ground markers
LOESCH, Mariam E., 1917-1922
LOESCH, Mary E., 1897-1986
LOESCH, Peter J., 1894-1932
LUDWIG, Alice R., no dates (same stone as Herbert F.)
LUDWIG, Amelia, 1878-1930, Mother
LUDWIG, Diderich G., 1884-1966, Father
LUDWIG, Herbert F., 1912-1979 (same stone as Alice R.)
LUDWIG, Shirley, 1934-1935, Daughter
LUDWIG, Snowden A., 1885-1927, Mother
LUDWIG, William C., 1876-1959, Father
LUNZ, Charles H., 1860-1922, Father (same stone as Frieda)
LUNZ, Frieda, 1865-1939, Mother (same stone as Charles H.)
LUTHER(?), Oscar, no dates (Veteran)
LUTHER, Adolph, 1856-1921, Father (& one unreadable grave)
LUTHER, Adolph, 1856-1921, Father (small unreadable next to it)
LUTHER, Marie, 1852-1916, Mother
LUTHER, Marie, 1852-1916, Mother
LUTHER, Otto H., Feb. 28, 1910-Mar. 4, 1954, Pfc. Co. A 211th AAF.B.U., Enl. Aug. 21, 1942, Disc. Oct. 3, 1945 (Veteran)
LUTHER, Otto H., Sr., Mar. 18, 1885-Feb. 25, 1947, Father (Veteran)
MALL, Clara (same stone as Elizabeth)
MALL, Elizabeth, no dates (same stone as Clara & Jacob & Mgt. HERCHENROETHER)
MANN, Betty Lou, 1933-1988, Mother (same stone as Wm. T.)
MANN, William T., 1929-1991, Father (same stone as Betty Lou)
MARTY, Emma, 1884-1938, Mother (same stone as John)
MARTY, Ernest, 1908-1923, Son
MARTY, Henry "Duke", 1904-1959, Father
MARTY, John, 1867-1931, Father (same stone as Emma)
MARTY, Otto M., Jun. 26, 1901-Apr. 29, 1944, Pvt. CO. B 319th Inf., Enl. Sep. 22, 1942, Disc. Jun. 3, 1943 (Vet)
McMAHON, no dates
McMAHON, Robert A., 1955-1997, Son (same stone as Teresa & Robert C.)
McMAHON, Robert C., 1925-1991, Father (same stone as Teresa & Robert A.)
McMAHON, Teresa M., no dates (same stone as Robert C. & Robert A.)
MEINHARDT, Adam H., 1861-1920
MEINHARDT, John D., Feb. 24, 1894-Jan. 10, 1962, PA Pvt. Co. D 115 MG BN, WWI Vet.
MEINHARDT, Maria E., 1866-1954
MERZ, Philip, Sec. I, Lot 160 (flat ground marker)
MEYER, Albert E., 1903-1970, Father
MEYER, Thelma E., 1904-1996, Mother
MILLER, Dorothy M., 1890-1925, Mother
MILLER, Dorothy, 1860-1925, Mother
MILLER, Herman F., 1903-1947, Father
MILLER, Theresa L., 1904-1981, Mother
MINZENBERG, Agnes WEBER, 1892-1930 (in WEBER plot)
MOEDINGER, Carl F., 1916-1917, Son
MOEDINGER, Charles F., 1889-1973, Father
MOEDINGER, Elleanora, 1891-1950, Mother
MOEDINGER, William R., 1918-1960, Son
MOLNAR, Abel A., 1885-1972, Father
MOLNAR, Magdalena, 1881-1968, Mother
MOLNAR, Susie Mathilda, unreadable dates, worn
MOORE, Elizabeth, Dec. 19, 1896-Nov. 16, 1975, Mother
MOORE, William, Oct. 5, 1890-Jan. 14, 1959, Cpl. Co. A 210th ENGRS., Enlisted Jul. 31, 1918, Discharged Mar. 6, 1919 (Veteran)
MORAN, Lillian M., 1903-1926, Daughter (in PARKER plot)
MUELLER, John, 1875-1934, Father
MUELLER, Mary G., 1884-1924, Mother
NAGEL, Dorothy M., 1887-1967, Mother (same stone as Theodore J.)
NAGEL, Theodore J., 1883-1982, Father (same stone as Dorothy M.)
NETHER, Ethel, 1882-1953, (same stone as Joseph)
NETHER, Eunice K., 1916-1971
NETHER, Joseph, 1882-1965, (same stone as Ethel)
NETHER, Raymond N., 1920-1996
NEUBERGER, (no dates or names)
NILL, F., Lot 133, Sec. I (flat ground marker)
NILL, Frederika P., 1856-1932, Mother
NILL, J. Jacob, 1856-1894, "Father & Children"
NILL, John J., 1892-1920, Son (Veteran)
NOLTE, Hannah, 1894-1976, Mother & Grandma
NOLTE, Minnie, 1856-1920, Wife
NOLTE, W.H., Sec. I, Lot 33 (flat ground marker)
NOLTE, William, 1891-1978, Dad & Grandpap
OTT, George J., 1898-1963 (in STEINHILBER plot)
PARKER, Charles G., 1899-1926, Husband
PARKER, Dorothy M., 1905-1924, Daughter
PARKER, Irene M., 1905-1925, Daughter
PARKER, Lena, 1876-1948, Wife
PAUL, Irene I., 1904-1977, Daughter
PAUL, Joseph, 1854-1921, Father
PAUL, Wilhelmina, 1873-1953, Mother
PEASNER, Martha, Jan. 6, 1898-Oct. 2, 1964, Mother
PEASNER, Robert, May 29, 1901-Jan. 9, 1962, Father
PFUND, Mary E., 1889-1945, Mother (in YOUNGINGER plot)
PFUND, Robert W., 1883-1963, Father
PODANY, Anna 1855-1919 (same stone as Joseph, born 1845)
PODANY, Edward, 1898-1985 (same stone as Victoria E.)
PODANY, Elizabeth , 1895-1966 (same stone as Joseph)
PODANY, Joseph, 1845-1924 (same stone as Anna)
PODANY, Joseph, 1893-1984 (same stone as Eliz.)
PODANY, Victoria E., 1900-1974 (same stone as Edward)
PRACHT, Carolina G., 1860-1912, Mother
PRACHT, Eleanor, 1902-1948, Mother
PRACHT, George J., 1863-1934, Father
PRACHT, Harry C., 1898-1984, Father
PRANTL, Frieda HUEGEL, Aug. 5, 1902-Jan. 20, 1981, Wife
PRANTL, Henry, Jan. 25, 1902-Oct. 14, 1969, Husband
RAPP, Ernstine, 1848-1922, Mother (same stone as George Sr.)
RAPP, George, Sr., 1842-1917, Father (same stone as Ernstine)
REEG, Barbara, 1859-1942, Mother
REEG, L. (flat marble ground marker)
REEG, Leonhard, 1851-1922, Father
REEG, Peter, 1882-1918, Husband
REINARD, Henry W., Nov. 2, 1878-Jun. 17, 1951
REIS, Barbara, 1836-1916, Grandmother
REIS, Elizabeth, 1877-1931, Mother
REIS, John, 1870-1941, Father
RICKER, Gottlob, 1865-1921, Husband
RIDDLE, Hilda M., 1899-1920 (in MEINHARDT plot)
RIEMENSCHNEIDER, Caroline, 1882-1946, Mother
RIEMENSCHNEIDER, Elmer K., 1904-1914, Son
RIEMENSCHNEIDER, henry E., 1880-1943, Father
RIETHMILLER, Anna M., 1892-1967 (same stone as Elmer F.)
RIETHMILLER, Elmer F., 1893-1980 (same stone as Anna M.)
RIETHMILLER, Theodore J., May 11, 1890-Sep. 1, 1917, Yeoman 1st Cl. US Navy, Enl. Feb. 13, 1909, Disc.: died in Service)
RITZMAN, George W., 1888-1922
ROMICK, Henry, Sep. 4, 1900-Jun. 8, 1952, Father (same stone as Minnie W.)
ROMICK, Minnie W., Apr. 19, 1908-Jan. 9, 1951, Mother (same stone as Henry)
ROTH, Bertha C., 1888-1967, Mother (same stone as William M.)
ROTH, Dorothy G., 1918-1918, "Baby"
ROTH, William M., 1889-1963, Father (same stone as Bertha C.)
SCHAEFER, Charles A., 1897-1959, Father
SCHAEFER, Christina, Aug. 24, 1870-Mar. 15, 1950, Mother
SCHAEFER, Henry, 1887-1953, Son
SCHAEFER, Henry, 1887-1953, Son
SCHAEFER, Marie K., 1859-1933, Mother
SCHAEFER, Marie K., 1859-1933, Mother
SCHAEFER, William, Oct. 16, 1867-Feb. 20, 1930, Father
SCHAEUBLE, Marie, Aug. 7, 1850-Jul. 15, 1934, Mother (in SEILER plot)
SCHAEUBLE, Meinrad, 1848-1913, Father (in SEILER plot)
SCHAFFER, Alvina M., 1882-1971, Mother (same stone as John L.)
SCHAFFER, Edward, 1896-1971, Husband (Veteran, same stone as Emma A.)
SCHAFFER, Edward, Aug. 24, 1896-May 31, 1977, PA, Pvt. 4 Prov. Recruit Co, WWI Veteran
SCHAFFER, Emma A., 1895-1975, Wife (same stone as Edward)
SCHAFFER, John L., 1879-1923, Father
SCHAFFER, John L., Sec. I, Lot 60 (flat ground marker)
SCHEIDEMAN, Baby Louise, Mar. 11, 1918, Niece (same stone as Louis BLANK)
SCHEIDEMAN, Louise BLANK, Jun. 9, 1917, Sister (same stone as Baby Louise)
SCHLAFHAUSER, Carolena, 1894-1970, Mother (same stone as George)
SCHLAFHAUSER, George, 1901-1965, Father (same stone as Carolena)
SCHMITT, Fred C., 1891-1954
SCHMITT, Margaret E., 1893-1986
SCHOMBURGER, Lawrence M., Feb. 11, 1893-Dec. 18, 1950, Sgt. QMC., Enlisted Aug. 11, 1915, Discharged Jun. 4, 1920 (Veteran)
SCHOMBURGER, Lawrence, Jr., 7-23-15
SCHULTHEIS, Sophia E., 1896-1921, Wife
SCHWEITZER, Magdalene, 1845-1920, Grandmother
SEIDEL, Anna, 1889-1982, Daughter
SEIDEL, Father, no dates
SEIDEL, J. (flat marble ground marker)
SEIDEL, John, Jr., Dec. 22, 1896-Oct. 24, 1948, Corp. HQ. ENGRS., Enl. Sep. 2, 1918, Disc. Jan. 24, 1919
SEIDEL, large stone, no dates
SEIDEL, Margaret, 1904-1974, Daughter
SEIDEL, Mother, no dates
SEIDEL??, MARIE-RUTH (in SEIDEL plot. Could possibly be two females)
SEILER, Arthur G., 1906-1976, Husband
SEILER, Fridoline, 1846-1914, Mother
SEILER, George, Sr., 1855-1920, Father
SEILER, Mary S., 1911-1975, Wife
SIEG, August F., Sec. I (flat ground marker)
SILZLE, Mary, 1859-1928, Mother (same stone as Mathias)
SILZLE, Mathias, 1858-1910, Father (same stone as Mary)
SMALSTIG, Elizabeth, 1883-1965, Mother (same stone as Fred C. who was born in 1884)
SMALSTIG, Fred C., 1856-1928, Father
SMALSTIG, Fred C., 1884-1952, Father (same stone as Elizabeth)
SMALSTIG, Henry R., June 15, 1917 "aged 5 days"
SMALSTIG, Herbert R., 1912-1914, Son
SMALSTIG, Mary 1859-1917, Mother
SMALSTIG. Ernest, 1870-1919
SMITH, Her???, (small unreadable veteran's stone, could possibly be Herman SMITH)
SOMERHOLTER, Albert, no dates (in LUTHER plot)
SOMERHOLTER, Rosa, no dates (in LUTHER plot)
SPECHT, John William, Jr., Nov. 5, 1895-Jan. 16, 1930, Sergt. Adj. Genl's. Dept., Enl. Jul. 24, 1916, Disc. Jun. 16, 1919 (Vet)
SPILL, Virginia A., no dates, Wife (same stone as Walter P.)
SPILL, Walter P., 1905-1985, Husband (same stone as Virginia A.)
STEBLER, Irene B., Dec. 16, 1897-Jan. 2, 1941, Mother
STEBLER, Jacob, 1870-1946, Father
STEBLER, Mary, 1872-1942, Mother
STEBLER, Valentine A., 1892-1913, Son
STEINHILBER, Albert B., 1877-1938
STEINHILBER, Anna B., 1856-1925
STEINHILBER, Anna M., 1884-1918
STEINHILBER, Carl, Jan. 1, 1853-Sep. 26, 1915, Father
STEPHAN, Dorthea, 1858-1931, Wife
STEPHAN, P./ RIEMENSCHNEIDER (flat ground marker)
STEPHAN, Philip, 1857-1923, Husband
STONER, Ella Edna, 1905-1967, Mother (same stone as Michael)
STONER, Michael, 1897-1988, Father (same stone as Ella Edna)
STRAUB, Helen SCHAFFER, 1911-1969, Daughter
STREINER, Esther J., 1896-1942, Mother
STREINER, Fred, 1865-1933, Father
STREINER, Harry C., 1897-1942, Father
STUBERT, Lena, 1888-1926, Wife (in THIEROFF plot)
STUVER, Frank L. 1879-1951, Husband
STUVER, Gertrude M., nee KENNEWEG, 1882-1925
SUPER, Harvey C., 1875-1941, Father
SUPER, Lot 56, Sec. I (flat marble ground marker)
SUPER, Minnie, 1879-1959, Mother
TAYLOR, Lawwrence O., Feb. 15, 1887-May 18, 1942, Pvt. Co. L 51st Inf., Enl. May 2, 1918, Disc. Jun. 15, 1919 (Vet)
THIEROFF, Henry G., 1854-1933, Father (same stone as Johanna B.)
THIEROFF, Johanna B., 1854-1920, Mother (veteran's grave next to it, no marker, just a flag)
THOMPSON, Minnie, 1882-1971, Mother
THOMPSON, Ollie, 1873-1931, Father
TRAUTMAN, Harry, 1873-1925, Father (Veteran)
TRAUTMAN, Mary, 1875-1926 (an unmarked grave beside Mary & Harry TRAUTMAN)
TRIMBLE, Charlotte MARTY, 1905-1977, Mother
TRISKA, Amelia, no dates, Daughter (same stone as Frank, Mary, Rose, Anna & Matilda)
TRISKA, Anna, no dates, Mother, (same stone as Frank, Mary, Rose, Amelia & Matilda)
TRISKA, Frank, no dates, Father (same stone as Mary, Rose, Anna, Amelia & Matilda)
TRISKA, Mary, no dates, Daughter (same stone as Frank, Rose, Anna, Amelia & Matilda)
TRISKA, Matilda, no dates, Daughter (same stone as Frank, Mary, Rose, Anna & Amelia)
TRISKA, Rose, no dates, Daughter (same stone as Frank, Mary, Anna, Amelia & Matilda)
URLACHER, Caroline BIGGS, 1891-1980, Wife
URLACHER, Joseph, Jan. 19, 1887-Nov. 3, 1961, Pfc. Co. K 320th Inf., Enl. Oct. 3, 1917, Disc. Jun. 8, 1919 (Vet)
VanDUSEN, John W., 1900-1966, Father (same stone as Mathilda)
VanDUSEN, Mathilda C., 1906-1977, Mother (same stone as John W.)
VIGHL, Alma Louise, Dec. 12, 1913-Nov. 4, 1919, Daughter
VOGEL, C. Elisabeth, 1880-1921, Sister (small buried stone next to her)
VOIGT, Harry, 1907-1962, Son
VOIGT, Henry J., 1884-1951 (same stone as M. Theresa)
VOIGT, John G., 1854-1920, Father
VOIGT, M. Theresa, 1885-1954 (same stone as Henry J.)
VOIGT, Rosina, 1854-1930, Mother
VONHOF, Emma, 1876-1927, Daughter (in SEILER plot)
WACKER, Agnes S., Sep. 13, 1912-May 6, 1975 (Eastern Star symbol)
WACKER, Emma, Nov. 21, 1884-Apr. 12, 1922
WACKER, Frank, Feb. 19, 1884-Apr. 7, 1965
WACKER, Wilbert J., May 24, 1907-Feb. 13, 1973 (Masonic symbol)
WAGENER, Bernard, 1865-1934, Father
WAGENER, Henrietta, 1860-1954, Mother
WAGNER, Albert, Sec. I, Lot 101 (flat ground marker)
WARD, Elrose M., no dates (same stone as John P., in BLUMENSCHEIN plot)
WARD, John P., no dates (same stone as Elrose M., in BLUMENSCHEIN plot)
WARNEKE, Henry, 1844-1923 (same stone as Pauline)
WARNEKE, Pauline, 1853-1922 (same stone as Henry)
WARSOW, Fred, 1868-1918, Father (same stone as Minnie)
WARSOW, Minnie, 1872-1947, Mother (same stone as Fred)
WEBER, Augusta, 1866-1935, Mother (same stone as Phillip, born 1859)
WEBER, Phillip, 1859-1912, Father (same stone as Augusta)
WEBER, Phillip, 1892-1918, Husband (Veteran)
WEISMANTLE, Bertie, 1875-1927, Mother
WEISMANTLE, Charles R., 1913-1918, Son
WEISMANTLE, John G., 1892-1967, Father
WEISMANTLE, John, 1868-1948, Father
WEISMANTLE, Philip, Oct. 19, 1894-Oct. 14, 1932, Pvt. 13th Co. 4th Bn. 153rd Depot Bgd., Enlisted Jul. 23, 1913, Discharged Feb. 20, 1919 (Veteran)
WEISMANTLE, Sec. I, Lot 106 (flat ground marker)
WEISS, Anna C., 1886-1949, Mother (same stone as Elmer A.)
WEISS, Elizabeth, 1855-1919, Mother
WEISS, Elmer A., 1885-1923, Father (same stone as Anna C.)
WERTH, Stella GEIB SCHOMBURGER, Aug. 16, 1899-Nov. 1, 1986
WERTZ, Caroline, Oct. 22, 1874-Sep. 21, 1941, Mother
WERTZ, George D., 1870-1946, Father
WERTZ, George, Jan. 23, 1895-Dec. 1, 1958, Watertender US Navy, Enl. May 21, 1915, Disc. May 20, 1920 (Veteran)
WERTZ, Stella J., Apr. 27, 1898-Apr. 1, 1940, Wife
WICKTORIN, Elizabeth, 1871-1930
WICKTORIN, Frank, 1867-1949
WILCOX, Emma L., 1899-1950, Daughter
WILSON, Lois A., 1925-1938, "Daughter of W.M. & L.E. WILCOX"
YOUNGINGER, Edna A., 1903-1960, Daughter
YOUNGINGER, Eliza S., 1869-1944, Mother (same stone as John)
YOUNGINGER, John, 1863-1939, Father (same stone as Eliza S.)
ZOELLER, Anna, 1881-1963, Wife
ZOELLER, Joseph V., 1876-1918, Husband
ZUMSTEG - KOCH (flat marble ground marker)
ZUMSTEG, Adam, 1854-1923, Father (same stone as Rose)
ZUMSTEG, Rose, 1857-1923, Mother (same stone as Adam)


Section Eight, the very top part of the cemetery, near the circle.
Tombstone inscriptions
by Jacqueline S. TURK and JANICE F. COOPER,
October 2000 & August 2001

Section 8 ========================================================================== Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other ========================================================================== ABEL, Irma BUENING, 1924-1984, Mother
AINSWORTH, Margaret McGATH, 1881-1963 (in SCHINDEL plot)
ALLEN, Stella, 1915-1973, Mother, same stone as Jack
ALLEN, Jack, 1905-1979, Father, same stone as Stella
ALOYI, Joyce B., no dates, Mother (same stone as Paul Jr.)
ALOYI, Paul, Jr., 1921-1999, Father & Veteran
AMBROSE, Edward J., no dates, Father, same stone as Ann C.
AMBROSE, Ann C., 1940-1982, Mother, same stone as Edward J.
ANDREA, Christopher P., 1880-1937 (same stone as Louisa)
ANDREA, Louisa, 1875-1951 (same stone as Christopher P.)
APEL, Anna, 1895-1970, Mother
APEL, Charles Earl, Aug. 8, 1895-Dec. 30, 1962, Veteran
APEL, Robert C., Mar. 16, 1920-Dec. 20, 1942, Died in Service
APPEL, Henry F., 1884-1933, Husband (same stone as Magdalena)
APPEL, Magdalena, 1885-1965, Wife (same stone as Henry F.)
ARBOGAST, Betty J., Nov. 23, 1924-Aug. 20, 1997, Beloved Mother (same stone as Robert F.)
ARBOGAST, Robert F., Oct. 10, 1924-May 12, 1991, Beloved Father (same stone as Betty J.)
ARBOGAST, Robert F., same dates, bronze Veteran marker
ARMSTRONG, Esther R., no dates, Daughter (in ROESER plot)
ARNOLD, Henry C., 1868-1945, Father (same stone as Margaret)
ARNOLD, Margaret, 1874-1952, Mother (same stone as Henry C.)
ARRAS, Bertha O., 1906-1961, Mother
ARRAS, Russell P., Aug. 12, 1906-Nov. 15, 1966, Veteran
ASHBAUGH, Alexander, 1918-1994
ASHBAUGH, Claire E., no date
ASHBAUGH, Clarence, 1897-?
ASHBAUGH, Gertrude, 1914-1956
ASHBAUGH, Lila, 1904-1933
ATKINS, Myra Jane, 1876-1959, DAMIE, same plot as Pearl M. OURS
BAER, Elizabeth, 1883-1957, Mother
BAER, Gilbert, 1902-1980
BAER, Mary S., 1901-1987 (same stone as Oliver)
BAER, Oliver H., 1900-1992 (same stone as Mary S.)
BALDWIN, Colin, Nov. 1, 1899-Jan. 30, 1992, Father (same stone as Mildred)
BALDWIN, Mildred C., Aug. 23, 1902-Nov. 6, 1961, Mother (same stone as Colin)
BAUER, Elmer, 1926-1992, Father, same stone as Shirley
BAUER, Elmer J., Apr. 23, 1924-Mar. 10, 1967, Pfc. 175th Inf. Regt. 29th Inf. Div., Enlisted May 18, 1943, Discharged Jan. 18, 1946
BAUER, Henry, 1944-1984

BAUER, May B., 1895-1954, Mother, same stone as Samuel
BAUER, Samuel H., 1913-1957, Father, same stone as Sophie A.
BAUER, Samuel, 1880-1960, Father, same stone as May B.
BAUER, Shirley, no dates, Mother, same stone as Elmer
BAUER, Sophie A., 1912-1986, Mother, same stone as Samuel H.
BAUST, George, 1905-1964 (same stone as Theresa)
BAUST, John Henry, 1893-1968
BAUST, John H., 1918-1995
BAUST, John W., Aug 26, 1943-Feb 5, 2000
BAUST, Kenneth R., 1938-1982 (same stone as Nancy)
BAUST, Nancy L., no dates
BAUST, Theresa, 1904-1961 (same stone as George)
BECK, Blanche R., Aug. 13, 1963, Mother (same stone as Charles H.)
BECK, Charles H., Dec. 8, 1959, Father (same stone as Blanche)
BECK, Charles W., Apr. 18, 1914-Sep. 19, 1985, S. Sgt. US Army, WWII Veteran (service marker)
BECK, Charles W., Apr. 18, 1914-Sep. 19, 1985, WWII Veteran (same stone as Raymond G.)
BECK, Hedwig A., 1879-1958, Mother, same stone as John A.
BECK, John A., 1874-1957, Father, same stone as Hedwig A.
BECK, Raymond G., Feb. 12, 1916-Oct. 6, 1995 (same stone as Charles W.)
BECKFELD, Elizabeth M., 1885-1940 (same stone as Harry J.)
BECKFELD, Harry J., 1884-1944
BEDDOE, Margaret L., 1887-1970, Mother (same stone as Samuel T.)
BEDDOE, Samuel T., 1872-1942, Father (same stone as Mgt. L.)
BEITLER, Edward J., 1910-1996, WW II veteran, by Agnes S.
BEITLER, Agnes STRYCHALSKA, no dates, by Edward J.
BENNETT, Annie V., 1875-1954
BENNETT, James H., 1870-1947
BERNARDI, Albert G., 1903-1947, Son
BERNARDI, Amelia, 1882-1956, Mother
BERNARDI, Charles, 1893-1969, Husband, same stone as Emma
BERNARDI, Emma, 1901-1968, Wife, same stone as Charles
BERNARDI, Emma, 1917-1994, Wife (unmarked veteran's grave next to Emma. Flag marker says 1941-1945)
BERNARDI, George W., 1880-1956, Father
BERNARDI, George, no dates, Husband
BIERNSTEIN, Ida, Nov. 29, 1909-Oct. 19, 1943, Mother
BISHOP, Sofia, 1883-1944, Wife
BLUMENSCHEIN, Charles L., May 30, 1893-Sep 6, 1971, WW I Veteran
BLUMENSCHEIN, Louis G., Nov 19, 1888-Jul 16, 1956, Veteran
BLUMENSCHEIN, Walter J., Oct 9, 1895-Dec 25, 1955, Veteran
BOEH, Charles A., 1891-1968, Husband & veteran, same stone as Clara E.
BOEH, Clara E., 1887-1959, Wife, same stone as Charles A.
BOEHMER, Friedrich, 1861-1938, Father
BOEHMER, Augusta, 1864-1941
BOEHMER, Anna, 1864-1901, Mother
BOLES, "and their children" (on same stone as Michael & Louise BOLES)
BOLES, Louise, 1860-1937, Mother (same stone as Michael & children)
BOLES, Michael, 1855-1911, Father (same stone as Louise & children)
BONIKER, Harry R., 1921-1974, Father & Veteran
BONIKER, Harry, 1890-1971, Father
BONIKER, Margaret, 1860-1936, Mother
BONIKER, Phyllis V., 1923-1966, Mother
BORN, John J., 1894-1939, Father
BOSILJEVAC, Joseph A., 1926-1995, US Army, WW II veteran
BOTT, Mary N., lot 45, Section K, inground marker
BOYD, Dorene, 1925-1989, Mother
BRABEC, Edward, 1882-1967, Father, same stone as Mary
BRABEC, Mary, 1888-1957, Mother, same stone as Edward
BRENNAN, Dorothy E., no dates, same stone as James F.
BRENNAN, Edward C., 1899-1988, Husband
BRENNAN, James F., Mar 30, 1925-Mar 7, 1992, same stone as Dorothy E.
BRENNAN, Myrtle, 1895-1970, Wife
BRETHAUER, Andrew Roy, no dates
BRETHAUER, Catherine, 1895-1957, Mother
BRETHAUER, Dennis Howard, Jul. 31, 1943-Feb. 4, 1964
BRETHAUER, George, 1890-1962, Father
BRETHAUER, Gertrude Elsie, Mar. 4, 1912-Nov. 4, 1995
BRETHAUER, Robert Jay, May 6, 1941-Sep. 1, 1957
BROGLIE, Albert Paul, Nov. 8, 1915-Jun. 27, 1955, Husband
BROGLIE, Bertha, 1895-1949, Mother, same stone as Bernhard
BROGLIE, Bernhard, 1887-1937, Father, same stone as Bertha
BROGLIE, Elsie KOSSMAN, Oct. 4, 1903-Sep. 1983, Mother
BROSI, Amanda E., 1902-1966, Daughter
BROSI, Bernhard, 1877-1929, Father
BROSI, Bertha KLEIN, 1876-1952, Mother
BROSI, Charles J., 1867-1952, Father
BROSI, Mathilda E., 1875-1960, Mother
BUCHANAN, Shari Jean, Apr. 9, 1965-Sep. 14, 1987
BUCHER, Elrose E., 1912-1970, Mother
BUCHER, Ernestine L., 1890-1977, Mother, same stone as Theodore G.
BUCHER, Theodore G., 1883-1965, Father, same stone as Ernestine L.
BUENING, Irma POLZER, 1899-1974, Mother, same stone as Wm. Henry
BUENING, William Henry, 1894-1982, Father, same stone as Irma POLZER
BURGET, Agnes M., no dates, Mother
BURGET, Robert G., 1908-1967, Father, same stone as Agnes M.
BURKARTH, Francis, 1882-1963 (same stone as George)
BURKARTH, George, 1881-1962, Father (same stone as Francis)
BUSSE, Carl, 1905-1971, Father (same stone as Naomi)
BUSSE, Naomi, 1905-2000, Mother (same stone as Carl)
CAPOZZOLI, Cora, 1918-1996, Mother
CARTON, Lillian, 1905-1995, Mother
CERVENKA, Eunice O., 1905-1994, Mother, same stone as Frank L.
CERVENKA, Frank L., 1896-1985, Father, same stone as Eunice O.
CHAMBERLAIN, Albert, Feb 15, 1913-Mar 13, 1995, Enl. Sep 21, 1942, Disc. Oct 29, 1945
CHRIST, Anna V., no dates, same stone as George P.
CHRIST, George P., 1921-1997, veteran, same stone as Anna V.
CHRIST, George P., Feb 21, 1921-Dec 24, 1997, US Army, WW II, Korea, veteran
CLADY, Dolores H., 1912-1945, Mother
CLARK, Ruby, 1909-1971, Mother
CLARK, William E., 1901-1963, Father
CONFER, Flora C., 1884-1957, Mother
COOK, Earl J., no dates, "Our Darling" (next to Rose & Wm. R. COOK)
COOK, Helen M., 1922-1983, Wife, same stone as Raymond C.
COOK, Raymond C., 1917-2001, Husband, same stone as Helen M.
COOK, Rose, 1888-1942, Mother
COOK, William R. Sr., 1889-1977, Father
CREDE, Amelia E., 1897-1981, Mother
CREDE, Anna E., 1862-1933
CREDE, Charles W., 1887-1976, same stone as Stella
CREDE, Edna K., 1892-1946
CREDE, Emma R., 1900-1977, Mother
CREDE, George D., 1897-1990, Father
CREDE, George H., 1897-1928
CREDE, George R., 1921-1977, Son & veteran
CREDE, Henry Elmer, May 26, 1894-Jul. 6, 1971, Father & Veteran
CREDE, Stella M., 1895-1984, same stone as Charles W.
CREDE, Walter F. Jr., 1926-1941
CREDE, Walter F., 1891-1978
CRIM, George R., 1886-1964, Father
CRINER, Charles C., 1904-1981, Father, next to Clara A.
CRINER, Clara A., Mother, next to Charles C.
CROSSKINSKY, Philip C., 1971-1997, Son
CROWL, Alma Mae, Apr 13, 1923 (birth or death date?),"Twin Sister" (next to KEBLER & HIRSCHFELD)
CUMMINGS, Paul W., 1926-1979, same stone as Shirley L.
CUMMINGS, Shirley L., no dates, same stone as Paul W.
CUNNINGHAM, Eleanor M. MOEDINGER, no dates, Married Sep 8, 1932, same stone as James J. CUNNINGHAM
CUNNINGHAM, James J., 1911-1997, Married Sep 8, 1932, same stone as Eleanor M. MOEDINGER
DAUM, Adam, Fr., Sep. 9, 1892-Nov. 1, 1949 (Veteran)
DAUM, Ella M., 1900-1973, Mother
DEBES, Ella N., 1890-1976, Mother, same stone as William C.
DEBES, William C., 1887-1965, Father, same stone as Ella N.
DEEMS, Carl Irving, 1912-1963, Nephew
DEEMS, Edgar J., 1887-1958, Husband
DEEMS, Freda M., 1889-1980, Wife
DeMOSS, Arthur F., Jun. 1, 1920-May 10, 1974, Tec 4 US Army, Veteran (bronze)
DePREIST, Charles R., 1905-1936, Father & veteran
DERING, Horace A., Aug 4, 1922-Feb 16, 1990, US Army, WW II
DERLING, Horace A., 1922-1990, Dad, same stone as Jennie L.
DERLING, Jennie L, no dates, Mom, same stone as Horace A.
DIEGELMAN, Joseph B., 1888-1958, Father (same stone as Louise)
DIEGELMAN, Louise M., 1891-1981, Mother (same stone as Joseph)
DINGFELDER, Clara, 1878-1932
DINGFELDER, John, 1868-1931
DOBIS, Ruth E., 1916-1949, Aunt
DOERFLER, Henry A., July 6, 1891-Nov. 17, 1974, Father (same stone as Minnie & Henry)
DOERFLER, Henry P., Jun. 25, 1919-Jul. 10, 1964, Son (same stone as Henry A. & Minnie)
DOERFLER, Minnie PAUL, Jun. 23, 1891-Aug. 14, 1960, Mother (same stone as Henry A. & Henry P.)
DRAHER, Anna BOLES, 1874- no death date, Wife (same stone as Charles)
DRAHER, Charles F., 1877-1937, Husband (same stone as Anna BOLES)
DUMRAUF, Raymond B., no dates, Husband, same stone as Rosemary
DUMRAUF, Rosemary, 1916-1992, Wife, same stone as Raymond B.
DURIGON, Zena, 1902-1985, Mother
ECKHARDT, Mary A., 1885-1972, Mother, same stone as Walter J.
ECKHARDT, Walter J., 1886-1954, Father, same stone as Mary A.
EDMISTON, Charles R., Sep. 27, 1930-Dec. 25, 1954, Sgt. USMC (Veteran)
EDMISTON, Frank D., 1903-1978
EDMISTON, Leroy R., Jan. 31, 1909-Jun. 21, 1982, Dad (same stone as Nora E.)
EDMISTON, Nora E., Feb. 4, 1910-Dec. 24, 1949, Mom (same stone as Leroy R.)
EGGERS, Elmer H., 1903-1974, Husband & Veteran
EGGERS, Elmer H., Aug. 1, 1903-Feb. 7, 1974, Veteran, US Army, bronze
EGGERS, Esther E., 1913-1938, Daughter
EGGERS, Howard, Mar. 6, 1915-May 9, 1950, Father
EGGERS, John, 1879-1944, Father
EGGERS, Margaret L., 1911-1996, Wife
EGGERS, Mary, 1882-1971, Mother
EHNI, Robert C., Jun. 21, 1896-Feb. 7, 1950, Veteran
EIDEMUELLER, Anna, 1900-unfinished date, Mother, same stone as John G.
EIDEMUELLER, John G., 1902-1982, Father, same stone as Anna
ERB & MADARA monument stone
ERB, Edna A., 1901-1973, Mother (with KRAUSE & MADARA)
ERK, Louis E., Dec. 28, 1894-Jan. 4, 1963, Veteran
ERK, Mary, May 10, 1898-Jan. 18, 1990
ERNST, Anna C., 1877-1971, Mother
ERNST, Edward C., 1909-1970
ERNST, Edwin G., 1899-1972, Father (same stone as Esther M.)
ERNST, Esther M., 1898- no death date (same stone as Edwin G.)
ERNST, Fred, 1874-1941, Father
EVANS, Peter David, Apr. 20, 1943-Dec. 18, 1977, Son
EVANS, Peter, Feb. 7, 1918-Dec. 11, 1989, US Army, WWII, Veteran
EVANS, Virginia Emma, Jul. 31, 1919-Nov. 12, 1997, Mother
FABINA, Bertha A., no dates, Wife, same stone as Frank F.
FABINA, Frank F., 1915-1975, Husband & veteran, same stone as Bertha A.
FABINA, Frank F., 1915-1975, S Sgt. US Army, WW II veteran
FAFATA, Edna, 1900-1990, same stone as Howard J.
FAFATA, Francis J., died Oct 3, 1927, same stone as Walter E.
FAFATA, Howard J., 1900-1973, same stone as Edna
FAFATA, Walter E., died Apr 1, 1926, same stone as Frances J.
FAIR, Christena TEUFEL, 1865-1938
FAIR, James G., 1867-1951 (in TEUFEL plot)
FALCK, Emilie M., Sep. 16, 1895-Feb. 13, 1991
FALCK, Walter, Sep. 26, 1893-Mar. 22, 1958, (Veteran)
FALKNER, Carolyn J., Jun 29, 1949-Jan 29, 1984, Mother
FAULKNER, Helen M., 1916-1999, Mother, same stone as Wm. R.
FAULKNER, William R., 1915-1980, Father, same stone as Helen M.
FAULKNER, William Ralph, Aug 28, 1915-Jan 2, 1980, US Navy, WW II veteran
FELDER, George E., Jan 5, 1907-Oct 27, 1986, Maj. US Army, WW II veteran
FERRY, Bernard C., 1909-1971, Father & Veteran (same stone as Madeline M.)
FERRY, Bernard C., Jan. 25, 1909-Jun. 16, 1971, PA. Pvt. Co. A, 8 BN IRTC, WW II Veteran
FERRY, Madeline M., 1904-1969, Mother (same stone as Bernard C.)
FERTIG, Anna, nee FRIESS, 1865-1947, Mother
FERTIG, August, 1865-1942, Father
FERTIG, Eleanor Mathilda, 1899-1974, Daughter
FERTIG, Margaret Anna, 1891-1964, Daughter
FINLAY, Charles A., 1918-1991, "Dad", same stone as Maryellen
FINLAY, Charles A., dates unreadable
FINLAY, Maryellen, no dates, "Mom", same stone as Charles A.
FOERTSCH, Harry F., Apr 25, 1916-Jun 14, 1996, same stone as Mary L.
FOERTSCH, Harry F., 1891-1958, Father (same stone as Minnie A.)
FOERTSCH, Mary L., no dates, same stone as Harry F.
FOERTSCH, Minnie A., 1893-1948, Mother (same stone as Harry F.)
FOERTSCH, Raymond E., Jul. 18, 1927-Aug. 6, 1955, Veteran
FORNOF, Florence, 1890-1965, Mother
FORNOF, George, 1865-1962, Father
FRANZ, Irene, Apr 8, 1920-Oct 15, 1990, Mother
FRANZ, Mary M., no dates, Daughter, same stone as Minnie E.
FRANZ, Minnie E., 1895-1969, Mother, same stone as Mary M.
FREEMAN, Charles B., 1870-1942, Uncle (in KOEHLER plot)
FREY, Christina M., 1891-1971, Mother
FREY, Evelyn M., no dates, Daughter
FREY, John A., 1886-1973, Father
FRUSTACI, Frank R., 1916-1982, Pfc. US Army, WW II veteran
FUCHS, Janet R., no dates, Mother, same stone as Michael F.
FUCHS, Joseph E., 1909-1986, Father, same stone as Regina
FUCHS, Michael F. Jr., 1943-1987, Father, same stone as Janet R.
FUCHS, Regina M., 1913-2000, Mother, same stone as Joseph E.
GALLO, Dorothy A., Sep 21, 1924-Mar 7, 1993
GALLWITS, John C., 1875-1939, Father (same stone as Sophia)
GALLWITS, Lillian E. GUTZEIT FLEMING, May 16, 1901-Feb. 20, 2000
GALLWITS, Sophia D., 1873-1968, Mother (same stone as John C.)
GATH, Chester A., 1907-1968, Father, same stone as Frances H.
GATH, Frances H., no dates, Mother, same stone as Chester A.
GATH, Mayme R., 1877-1967 (same stone as Wm. R.)
GATH, William R., 1875-1977 (same stone as Mayme)
GEIGER, Edward L., 1877-1950, Father (same stone as Mary)
GEIGER, Mary, 1878-1970, Mother (same stone as Edward L.)
GEIGER, Norman H., 1921-1998, Father, same stone as Virginia J.
GEIGER, Virginia J., no dates, Mother, same stone as Norman H.
GERSTNER, Henry A., 1898-1944
GERSTNER, Pauline, 1897-1973
GEYER, Miriam V., Jun 23, 1908-Apr 5, 1984, Wife, same stone as William G.
GEYER, William G., Dec 12, 1905-Dec 22, 1957, Husband, same stone as Miriam V.
GIBSON, Alexander J., 1918-1994, Veteran US Army, bronze (in ASHBAUGH plot)
GIFT, Edward K., 1911-1996, Father
GIFT, LORRAINE M., 1922-1983, Mother
GOEBEL, Adam H., 1901-1973, Brother
GOETTMAN, Alice, 1912-1988, Mother (same stone as Herman)
GOETTMAN, Herman, 1902-1952, Father (same stone as Alice)
GOETTMANN, Helen B., no dates, Mother, same stone as Wm. G.
GOETTMANN, William G., 1915-1991, Father, same stone as Helen B.
GOETZ, Anton, 1856-1911, Father
GOETZ, Emily H., 1890-1959, Daughter
GOETZ, Helen, 1899-1994, Daughter
GOETZ, Karoline, 1863-1945, Mother
GOETZ, Mathilda L., 1893-1955, Daughter
GOTTRON, Elta E., 1890-1953, Mother
GOTTRON, John N., 1886-1946, Father
GRAY, Albert R., 1926-1998, Husband
GRAY, Elizabeth M., 1929-1986, Wife
GREEN, Ethel J., 1925-1996, Mother, same stone as Louis S.
GREEN, Keith L., Nov 29, 1954-Jun 17, 1991, Son (next to Louis & Ethel)
GREEN, Louis S., 1926-2001, Father, same stone as Ethel J.
GREINER, Harry, 1885-1955, Father (same stone as Marie)
GREINER, Marie, 1887-1949, Mother (same stone as Harry)
GREINER, Wilbert R. "Gabe", Sep 22, 1934-Dec 27, 1993, Sgt. US Army, Korea
GRINDLER, Anna, 1873-1943, same stone as Charles P.
GRINDLER, Charles P., 1869-1948, same stone as Anna
GRENZIG, Margaret M. BORN, 1895-1990
GRENZIG, William H., 1892-1966
GRIMPE, George A., 1881-1948
GRIMPE, Nellie L., 1886-1968
GROSSHAUPT, Clara, no dates, Wife (same stone as Fred C.)
GROSSHAUPT, Fred C., 1909-1977, Husband (same stone as Clara)
GSCHWEND, Irene M., no dates, Mother, same stone as Wm. A.
GSCHWEND, William A., 1923-1977, Father, same stone as Irene M.
GSCHWEND, William A., Feb 21, 1923-Apr 4, 1977, Pfc. US Army, WWII vet
GUTMANN, Grace A., Jul. 1, 1909-Aug. 25, 1986, Mother (in UPHIEL plot)
HAAF, Christian G., 1898-1977, Son
HAAG, Selma Irene, 1894-1977, Daughter
HAAG, Sophia GOELZ, 1867-1937, Mother
HAERICH, Edward, 1893-1964 (same stone as Emma)
HAERICH, Emma, 1895-1950 (same stone as Edward)
HAGUE, Edna J., 1902-1944, Wife (in RUMMEL plot)
HANNA, Dorothy R., Oct. 10, 1893-Dec. 1, 1982, Wife
HANNA, Earl Charles, Oct. 23, 1895-Feb. 21, 1969, Veteran
HARDING, Charles G., 1905-1985
HARDING, Marie J., no dates, by Chas.
HARMS, Hilda E., 1909-1989, Mother, same stone as Howard C.
HARMS, Howard C., 1907-1973, Father, same stone as Hilda E.
HARRIS, Frances A., Mar 6, 1908-Jan 18, 1986, Grandmother
HAUCK, Anna N., Jul. 8, 1915-Dec. 1, 1985, Wife (same stone as L. Wm.)
HAUCK, L. William, Jul. 27, 1897-Jan. 25, 1943, Husband (same stone as Anna N.)
HAUG, Edward C., 1888-1962
HAUG, Tekla C., 1897-1972
HAVERTY, Margaret, 195-1976, Mother
HAVERTY, William J., Jul 13, 1901-Oct 19, 1956, a veteran
HAWKINS, Hugh R., 1931-1991, Father & Korean veteran, same stone as Laura J.
HAWKINS, Laura J., 1935-1995, Mother, same stone as Hugh R.
HAYES, Joseph M., 1902-1938 (with SUELZLE)
HAYES, Lillian M., 1906-1993 (with SUELZLE)
HAYS, Francis, 1902-1972, Father
HAYS, Margaret E., 1904-1982, Mother
HEINL, Joseph, Aug 5, 1906-Nov 27, 1979, Father, same stone as Leona
HEINL, Leona F., Nov 17, 1908-Aug 11, 1967, Mother, same stone as Joseph
HEKELER, John R., Feb 1, 1914-Jan 29, 1983, same stone as Muriel
HEKELER, Muriel R., Jul 5, 1919-Feb 15, 1976, same stone as John R.
HELCH, Eleanor M., 1923-1984 (same stone as John E.)
HELCH, James R. "Skip", May 16, 1946-Dec. 10, 1992
HELCH, John E., 1919-1985, Veteran (same stone as Eleanor)
HELCH, John E., Sep. 13, 1919-Jul. 18, 1985 (Veteran marker)
HELD, Arthur C., 1890-1937, Father
HELD, Elizabeth T., 1893-1967, Mother
HELLER, Barbara L., 1867-1957, Mother
HERRMANN, Harry C., Mar 23, 1897-Nov 22, 1981, Pvt. US Marine Corps WW I vet
HEUCKEROTH, William, Dec. 16, 1889-Jan. 30, 1963, Veteran
HINKLE, Christina, d. Jan 30, 1931, Mother
HIRSCHFELD, Christine E., 1894-1969, Wife (next to Oscar)
HIRSCHFELD, Oscar, Oct 15, 1895-May 6, 1971, veteran
HOFFMAN, Albert C., 1907-1976 (same stone as Loretta M.)
HOFFMAN, Loretta M., no dates (same stone as Albert C.)
HOFFMAN, Robert G., Jan. 11, 1913-Aug. 9, 1962, Veteran
HOLLENBACH, Arthur, Feb 15, 1921-Dec 13, 1989, WW II veteran
HOLLENBACH, Iva C., 1894-1980, Mother, in LITTLE plot
HOLLENBACH, Juanita E., Sep 21, 1925-Mar 9, 1994
HOOGE, August J., 1891-1942 (same stone as Lena M.)
HOOGE, Lena M., 1896-1978 (same stone as August J.)
HORMUTH, Anna Margaret, 1907-1948, Daughter
HORMUTH, Charles, 1881-1934, Father
HORMUTH, Ida May, 1905-1971
HORMUTH, Mary May, nee KENNEWEG, 1884-1959, Mother
HORNE, August W., 1892-1973, Father, same stone as Hilda E.
HORNE, Hilda E., 1892-1950, Mother, same stone as August W.
HOSACK, Evelyn C., Mar 7, 1900-Jun 25, 1966
HOSACK, Harry L., May 26, 1892-Nov 8, 1965, US Navy veteran
HRABICK, Edward R., 1904-1957 (same stone Gertrude R.)
HRABICK, Gertrude R., 1903-1992 (same stone as Edward R.)
HUCKESTEIN, Christina C., 1891-1975, Mother, same stone as Leo A.
HUCKESTEIN, Leo A., 1890-1959, Father, same stone as Christina C.
HUGO, Gloria J., 1930-1988, same stone as Ralph V. Jr.
HUGO, Ralph V. Jr., no dates, same stone as Gloria J.
HUNTER, Edward G., 1908-1991, Father, same stone as Lillian H.
HUNTER, Lillian H., 1910-1975, Mother, same stone as Edward G.
HUY, Charles H., 1886-1954, Husband
HUY, Ruth K., 1904-1983, Mother, same stone as Sylvester A.
HUY, Sylvester A., 1902-1987, Father, same stone as Ruth K.
JOHNSON, Lydia, May 2, 1905-Jun. 23, 1993, Mother
JOHNSTON, Caroline, Jul. 23, 1909-Jul. 14, 1986
JOHNSTON, Charles H., Jun. 3, 1902-Jan. 29, 1963
KALISH, Richard C., 1933-1987, Father
KAMMLADE, Anna, 1904-1951, Wife
KAMMLADE, Charles J., 1906-1979, Husband
KAMMLADE, Charles W., 1869-1954, Father
KAMMLADE, Marie, no dates, Wife
KAMMLADE, Mary E., 1871-1965, Mother
KAMPAS, Edgar A. (BOZ), 1905-1978, Father, same stone as Hilda M.
KAMPAS, Hilda M., 1908-1985, Mother, same stone as Edgar A.
KAMPAS, Louis H., 1890-1963, same stone as Margaret H.
KAMPAS, Margaret H., 1896-1995, same stone as Louis H.
KANTZ, Dorothy I., 1918-1988, Mother, same stone as Frank W.
KANTZ, Frank W., 1915-1977, Father, same stone as Dorothy I.
KARCH, George A., Jul. 10, 1890-Dec. 19, 1933, Veteran
KARNER, no name or dates
KEBLER, Adolf, 1883-1971, Father
KEBLER, Ethel J., Apr 13, 1923-Feb 10, 1984, Wife, same stone as Reinhart A.
KEBLER, Olga, 1884-1963, Mother
KEBLER, Reinhart A., Feb 15, 1912-Nov 12, 1981, Husband & veteran, same stone as Ethel J.
KEBLER, Reinhart A., Feb 15, 1912-Nov 12, 1981, Tec 3 US Army WW II (bronze marker)
KEHRLI, Gottlieb, 1889-1967, Father
KEHRLI, Marie, 1891-1968, Mother
KEOWN, Rose, 1930-1964, Mother
KIEFFER, William J., born Oct 9, 1921-Interred Jan 17, 1945, WW II Veteran, Killed in Action
KINZEL, John M., 1954-1991, "Dad", same stone as Linda J.
KINZEL, Linda J., no dates, "Mom", same stone as John M.
KIPP, George Adam, Feb 15, 1869-Apr 10, 1949
KISSNER, Henrietta, Aug. 28, 1900-Nov. 26, 1989
KISSNER, Norman, Feb. 27, 1895-Jun. 12, 1954, Veteran
KLEINHAMPLE, Edward, 1886-1953 (same stone as Stella)
KLEINHAMPLE, Stella, 1885-1965 (same stone as Edward)
KLINE, Carrie E., 1880-1955, Mother
KLINGER, Antonia, 1886-1961, Mother, same stone as Walter
KLINGER, Walter, 1887-1973, Father, same stone as Antonia
KNIZE, Anna C., 1887-1968, Mother (same stone as Edward)
KNIZE, Edward, 1885-1959, Father (same stone as Anna C.)
KOEHLER, Catherine J., 1872-1941, Mother
KOEHLER, Dorothy H., 1908-1995, Mother (same stone as W. Wallace)
KOEHLER, W. Wallace, 1903-1955, Father (same stone as Dorothy H.)
KOHLER, Amelia, 1896-1969, Wife, same stone as Fred
KOHLER, Ann E., 1905-1978
KOHLER, Fred, no dates, Husband, same stone as Amelia
KOHLER, Marion E., 1904-1993
KOHLER, William L., 1901-1976
KORINIS, Lula F., 1894-1978, Mother
KORINIS, Peter N., 1885-1942, Father
KORINIS, Tony N., 1881-1936
KOSSMAN, Clifford Henry, 1929-1990, US Army, veteran
KOSSMAN, Dolores A., 1929-1998, Wife & Mother (next to Clifford H.)
KOSSMAN, Harry J., 1901-1943, Father (same stone as William)
KOSSMAN, Harry R., Nov 1956-Dec 1957
KOSSMAN, William, d. Nov. 12, 1949, Grandson (same stone as Harry J.)
KOTULA, Alfred, no dates, Husband, in KRAUSE plot
KOTULA, Laverne, 1933-1978, Wife, in KRAUSE plot
KRAMER, Alice L., Nov. 22, 1932-Nov. 5, 1999, Wife & Mother
KRAMER, Charles, 1909-1968, same stone as Elizabeth L.
KRAMER, Charles, Feb 5, 1909-Jan 10, 1968, a veteran
KRAMER, Elizabeth L., no dates, same stone as Charles
KRANCE, Harold T., 1914-1960, Father (same stone as Jane E.)
KRANCE, Jane E., no dates, Mother (same stone as Harold T.)
KRAPP, Fred, 1888-1964, Father (same stone as Rose)
KRAPP, John P., 1894-1985, Husband, same stone as Myrtle M.
KRAPP, Myrtle M., 1897-1970, Wife, same stone as John P.
KRAPP, Rose, 1890-1962, Mother (same stone as Fred)
KRAUSE, Albert W., 1875-1940, Father, by Katherine
KRAUSE, Katherine, 1875-1930, Mother, by Albert W.
KREISEL, Arthur R., 1914-1964, Father, same stone as Irene GARIANO
KREISEL, Irene GARIANO, 1919-1991, Mother, same stone as Arthur R.
KREMZELAK, Ludwig, 1875-1959, Husband
KREMZELAK, Sophie, 1884-1943
KUEHNER, Anna, 1892-1965
KUEHNER, Glyn L., 1921-1967, Mother
KUEHNER, William J., 1888-1954
KURT, Edith J., no dates, same stone as Eugene R.
KURTZ, Eugene R., 1933-1998, same stone as Edith J.
KURTZ, Eugene R., Nov 10, 1933-Jul 30, 1998, Sp. 4 US Army veteran
LACHE, Ernst, 1892-1982 (Masonic symbol)
LACHE, Wilhelmina, 1894-1962 (Eastern Star symbol)
LEE, Edna M., no dates, same stone as James F. & Shirley E.
LEE, James F., 1885-1956, same stone as Edna M. & Shirley E.
LEE, Shirley E., 1923-1930, same stone as James F. & Edna M.
LEICHER, Carl, Dec 18, 1904-May 18, 1995, Father, same stone as Hilda D.
LEICHER, Hilda D., no dates, Mother, same stone as Carl
LEIPCHACK, Alma T., 1930-1985, Mother
LENDEL, Emery R., 1908-1991, "Husband & friend" (in KRANCE plot)
LEONELLI, Joyce, 1929-1989, Mother, Wife, Musician, Teacher
LEWIS, Charles J., Sr., 1913-1986, Father
LIPPERT, Edward E., Dec. 2, 1909-Jan. 31, 1977, Veteran WWII, US Navy
LIPPERT, Edward H., 1880-1939, Father (same stone as Mary A.)
LIPPERT, Mary A., 1879-1963, Mother (same stone as Edward H.)
LIPPOLD, Mary M., "Mae", Jul 28, 1913-Sep 7, 1957
LITTLE, Anna B., 1871-1955, Mother
LITTLE, James C., 1873-1959, Father
LOWDEN, Anna G., 1913-1975, same stone as Thomas C.
LOWDEN, Thomas C., 1910-1982, same stone as Anna G.
LUDWIG, William J., Sep. 10, 1902-Aug. 31, 1962, WWII & Korea Veteran
MADARA & ERB, monument stone
MADARA, Jack C., 1921-1966, Son, same stone as Zaccur, Lillie & Melvin
MADARA, Lillie M., 1887-1969, Mother, same stone as Zaccur, Melvin & Jack
MADARA, Melvin J., 1909-1965, Son, WW II veteran, same stone as Zaccur, Lillie & Jack
MADARA, Zaccur P., 1882-1931, Father, same stone as Lillie, Melvin & Jack
MAEBIUS, George A., 1900-1995, Father (in BROSI plot)
MAEBIUS, Viola M., 1903-1969, Mother (in BROSI plot)
MAHLER, Jacob P., 1894-1971, Father, same stone as Louise
MAHLER, Jean A., no dates, Mother, same stone as Richard J.
MAHLER, Louise L., 1893-1977, Mother, same stone as Jacob
MAHLER, Richard J., 1925-1990, Father, same stone as Jean A.
MARSHALL, A. Dorothy, Aug. 27, 1893-Dec. 3, 1948, Mother
MARSHALL, Ann BENDER, 1909-1977, Wife
MARSHALL, Charles A., 1902-1979, Husband
MARSHALL, Helen B., 1900-1996, Wife
MARSHALL, Herbert A., Apr. 5, 1891-Feb. 13, 1971, Father
MARSHALL, Nancy, no dates, Wife, same stone as Thomas
MARSHALL, Robert F., 1892-1953, Husband
MARSHALL, Robert W., June 1, 1914-Jan. 11, 1973, Father & Veteran
MARSHALL, Thomas, Oct 25, 1927-Dec 17, 2000, Husband, same stone as Nancy
MARSHALL, William H., Sep. 2, 1920-Sep. 19, 1960, Husband & Veteran
MARTENS, Bessie, 1880-1949, Mother (same stone as Harry J.)
MARTENS, Harry Earl, 1909-1953, Husband (same stone as Jane B.)
MARTENS, Harry J., 1878-1949, Father (same stone as Bessie)
MARTIN, Anna C., 1915-1995, Wife, same stone as Robert K.
MARTIN, Robert K., 1919-1985, Husband, same stone as Anna C.
MARTY, Ann E., 1914-1991, same stone as Curtis A.
MARTY, Curtis A., 1913-1982, same stone as Ann E.
MATSCHERZ, Esther S., no dates, Wife, by Wm. A.
MATSCHERZ, William A., 1918-1977, Husband
MAURER, Anna L., Apr. 8, 1894-Sep. 20, 1981
MAURER, Ernestene, 1922-1991, Daughter (same stone as Charles C. TAYLOR, Jr.)
MAURER, John F., Jan. 13, 1921-Sep. 10, 1973, Veteran
MAURER, John G., Jun. 24, 1896-Apr. 11, 1962, Veteran
McCLOSKEY, William G., May 28, 1929-Jun. 29, 1996, Sgt., US Army, Korean War Veteran
McDERMOT, Concetta M., no dates (same stone as Wm. E.)
McDERMOT, William E., 1925-1997 (same stone as Concetta M.)
McGOWAN, Anna, 1888-1978, same stone as William
McGOWAN, George W., 1908-1970, Father
McGOWAN, James Lee, Mar. 28, 1932-Mar. 2, 1963
McGOWAN, John H., 1920-1990, Daddy
McGOWAN, John H., Apr 29, 1920-Feb 19, 1990, Pfc. US Army, WW II Vet,(bronze)
McGOWAN, Margaret R., 1921-1990, Mom, In God's Loving Care
McGOWAN, Mary Lynn, Apr. 8, 1953, Our Baby (in MENTEL plot)
McGOWAN, William, 1889-1960, same stone as Anna
MCKEE, Bertha M., 1890-1974 (same stone as Robert J.)
McKEE, George L., 1902-1984 (in GERSTNER plot)
McKEE, Robert J., 1882-1950 (same stone as Bertha)
MENOLD, Freda L., 1892-1968
MENOLD, Henrietta S., 1888-1972
MENTEL, Harry J., Feb. 29, 1880-Sep. 4, 1940, Father
MENTEL, Mary, Feb. 15, 1884-Oct. 19, 1951, Mother
MEREDITH, Emma WOODS, 1880-1966, Mother
MEREDITH, George W., 1903-1979, Father (same stone as Rose E.)
MEREDITH, Rose E., 1906-1989, Mother (same stone as George W.)
MEREDITH, William H., 1873-1942, Father
MEYER, Carl J., 1909-1985, Father
MEYER, Gregor A., 1906-1989 (same stone as Viola L.)
MEYER, Harry C., 1880-1952, Father
MEYER, Ida M., 1881-1935, Mother
MEYER, Jacob, Jul. 20, 1873-Jan. 9, 1946, Father
MEYER, Rose R., 1909-1976, Mother
MEYER, Viola L., 1907-2000 (same stone as Gregor A.)
MILLER, Anna, 1884-19 unfinished date, Wife, by George A.
MILLER, George A., 1872-1935, Husband, by Anna
MILLER, Peggy Ann, Jul. 21, 1956-Dec. 27, 1976
MILLER, Robert C., 1920-1994, Father, by Ruth E.
MILLER, Ruth E., no dates, Mother, by Robert C.
MILTENBERGER, Alfred W., 1899-1973, Father, same stone as Freda C.
MILTENBERGER, Freda C., 1900-1964, same stone as Alfred W.
MILTENBERGER, Mary, 1873-1963, Mother, same stone as William
MILTENBERGER, William, 1869-1956, Father, same stone as Mary
MINZENBERG, Bertha M., 1908-1999, Mother, same stone as Howard W.
MINZENBERG, Elizabeth T., 1915-1973
MINZENBERG, Howard W., 1907-1970, Father, same stone as Bertha M.
MINZENBERG, Howard W., Sep 17, 1907-Oct 3, 1970 PA 52 US NR, WW II veteran
MINZENBERG, Louisa M., Jun. 4, 1891-Feb. 18, 1978
MINZENBERG, Otto C., Dec. 29, 1891-May 21, 1943, Veteran
MINZENBERG, William Otto, Sep. 13, 1920-Jul. 5, 1944, died in service, veteran
MINZENBERG, William, 1918-1981, US Navy, WWII Veteran
MLINARCIK, John, no dates, Father, same stone as Ruth E.
MLINARCIK, Ruth E., 1912-1988, Mother, same stone as John
MONPERE, Helen P., 1893-1964, Mother (same stone as Henry M.)
MONPERE, Henry M., 1889-1941, Father (same stone as Helen P.)
MOSER, Charles F., 1889-1963
MOSER, Edna May, 1886-1973, Wife, same stone as Edward A. (in Edw. WEBER plot)
MOSER, Edward A., 1882-1956, Husband, same stone as Edna May (in Ed. WEBER plot)
MOSER, Elmer, 1896-1957
MOSER, Minnie S., 1888-1960
NABELEK, Helen M., 1925-1996, Mother
NABELEK, John E., 1915-1995 (Veteran)
NABELEK, John L., 1887-1957, Father
NABELEK, Marie H., 1889-1962, Mother
NASH, Aralia M., 1893-1973, same stone as Bernard N.
NASH, Bernard N., 1894-1966, same stone as Aralia M.
NAUMAN, Adam J., 1885-19__, Husband (same stone as Anna)
NAUMAN, Anna, 1882-1941, Wife (same stone as Adam J.)
NAUMANN, Elsie V., 1893-1932, Wife (next to FERTIG plot)
NEEBE, Henry, 1878-1946, Father
NEEBE, Mary A., 1878-1975, Mother
NEEBE, Ralph F., 1914-1986, Son
NEILL, Anna J., 1916-1946, Daughter
NEILL, Raymond J., 1912-1935, Son
NIEDT, Bertha, 1898-1945 (same stone as Christian)
NIEDT, Christian, 1894-1941 (same stone as Bertha)
NILL, Anna, 1884-1935, Mother
NILL, Charles J., 1885-1936, Father
NILL, Charles R., 1906-1938, son
OHLEGER, Catherine H., 1903-1968, Wife, same stone as Wm. S.
OHLEGER, William S., 1900-1973, Husband, same stone as Catherine H.
OLINGER, Augusta W., 1883-1961, Wife, same stone as William E.
OLINGER, Harry W., Oct 27, 1906-Dec 11, 1906, "Our Baby"(next to Wm. & Augusta)
OLINGER, William E., 1883-1966, Husband, same stone as Augusta
OMUNDSEN, Elizabeth Z., Jul 22, 1891-Apr 3, 1970
OMUNDSEN, R.A., marker
OMUNDSEN, Ralph, Jun 19, 1883-Jul 2, 1956, a Veteran
ORTH, George E., 1882-1953, Husband (same stone as Henrietta B.)
ORTH, Gertrude D., 1917-2000, Mother, same stone as Walter G.
ORTH, Henrietta B., 1883-1957, Wife (same stone as George E.)
ORTH, Walter G., 1911-1985, Father, same stone as Gertrude D.
OSWALD, Anna R., 1888-1970, Mother (same stone as Lula & Wm. G.)
OSWALD, Lula Mae, 1918-1955, Daughter (same stone as Anna R. & Wm. G.)
OSWALD, William G., 1889-1966, Father (same stone as Lula & Anna R.)
O'TOOLE, Claudia P., no dates, Wife, same stone as Patrick L.
O'TOOLE, Florence, 1907-1992, Daughter
O'TOOLE, Patrick L., 1915-2000, Husband, same stone as Claudia P.
OTTE, Bette L., 1931-1980, same stone as David F.
OTTE, David F., 1930-1984, same stone as Bette L.
OTTE, John F., Jr., 1924-1939, Son (same stone as Thelma R.)
OTTE, John F., Sr., 1878-1967, Father (same stone as Louise L.)
OTTE, Louise L., 1890-1993, Mother (same stone as John F., Sr.)
OTTE, Thelma R., 1926-1937, Daughter (same stone as John F., Jr.)
OURS, Margaret D., 1904-1977, Mother
OURS, Pearl Marie, 1904-1964, Mother, same plot as Myra J. ATKINS
OURS, Raleda E., 1928, Daughter
OURS, Ralph E., 1909-1979, Father
PAUL, Alfred P., 1898-1948, Husband
PAUL, Myrtle C., 1903-1981, Wife
PELCH, Jerry F., Oct. 5, 1910-Mar. 19, 1955, Father
PETSCHAT, Margaretha A., 1904-1998, Mother
PETSCHAT, Otto J., Jan. 1, 1899-Feb. 25, 1953, Veteran
PETTIGREW, David W., 1920-1972, Father & veteran
PFAU, Augusta, Mar. 27, 1881-Nov. 20, 1963
PHILLIPPS, Albert E., 1901-1967, Father, same stone as Margaret J.
PHILLIPPS, Leonard P., Nov 17, 1911-Dec 19, 1971, PA. CBM. US Navy WW II vet
PHILLIPPS, Margaret J., no dates, Mother, same stone as Albert E.
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 1893-1966, Mother, same stone as Ira Wm.
PHILLIPS, Ira William, 1885-1968, Father, same stone as Elizabeth WILLIAMS
PIEROTTI, Sylvia I., 1926-1991, Mom
PITTMAN, Anna FERTIG, 1895-1975, Mother, same stone as George Frank PITTMAN
PITTMAN, George Frank, 1900-1975, Father, same stone as Anna FERTIG
POSLIK, Charles W., 1908-1943, Father
POSTRECH, Anna C., 1886-1974, Mother, same stone as Gerhart G.
POSTRECH, Gerhart G., 1885-1948, Father, same stone as Anna C.
POSTRECH, James Edward, Nov 12, 1920-Jan 4, 2000, "Dad"
PRACHT, Marie T., 1903-1982, Sister
PRACHT, William C., 1895-1978, WWI Veteran, US Army
PRAGER, Helen, nee GERLINGER, 1902-1960, Wife
PRAGER, John G.,1901-1981, Husband
PRASKY, Barbara, may 1, 1893-May 2, 1978
PRASKY, Edward, Apr. 6, 1888-Dec. 8, 1962 (Veteran, US Army)
PRASKY, John, 1883-1973, Father (same stone as Mary C.)
PRASKY, Mary c., 1882-1976, Mother (same stone as John)
PRASKY, Roy E., 1907-1947, Son
PREISENDORFER, John, Sep 24, 1900-Aug 9, 1982
PREISENDORFER, Pearl, Oct 31, 1908-Oct 1, 1990
PSCHIRER, Emma KEBLER, 1908-1984, Mother
RABEL, Elsie L., Jun. 18, 1900 (in MINZENBERG plot)
RAMSEY, Leah K., Oct 2, 1933
RANK, Frank J., Apr 7, 1893-Mar 25, 1967, veteran
RANK, Louise M., May 19, 1889-Jul 9, 1986, Wife
REICHLE, Alma SCHMUCE, 1908-1982, Mother
REICHLE, Henry, 1876-1958, Father
REICHLE, Mollie, 1886-1945, Mother
REICHLE, Ralph C., 1910-1964, Father
REINEL, Henry W., 1916-1968, Son
REINEL, John Daniel, 1884-1957, Father
REINHART, Clara M., Jul 25, 1925-Dec 12, 1996, same stone as Richard J.
REINHART, Richard J., no dates, same stone as Clara M.
REINHART, Richard, 1961-1963, Our Son
REMY, Martha L., 1923-1978, Aunt
REMY, Minnie, 1899-1985, Mother
RHEAM, Henrietta A., 1898-1984, Mother, same stone as John L.
RHEAM, John L., 1892-1969, Father, same stone as Henrietta A.
RHEAM, John Lyall, Sep 14, 1892-Jun 6, 1969, PA, Pvt. Co. U 21 Engineers, WW I veteran,
RICCHIUTO, Garnet H., 1913-1985, Mother
RICHTER, Grace S., 1916-1990, same stone as Wm. C.
RICHTER, William C., 1909-1991, same stone as Grace S.
RICKABAUGH, Emma L., 1896-1980
RICKABAUGH, Ralph G., 1891-1955
RIESTER, Paul H., D.D.S., 1904-1941, Father
RIESTER, Ruth N., 1905-1976, Mother
ROESER, Anna B., 1887-1973, Mother
ROESER, Edward J., Aug. 3, 1909-Jun. 18, 1987, WWII Veteran
ROESER, Philip J., 1885-1942, Father
ROSENKEIMER, Arthur W., 1902-1975 (same stone as Mgt. GATH)
ROSENKEIMER, Margaret GATH, 1902-1991 (same stone as Arthur W.)
ROTHFUSS, Earl Howard, Sep 3, 1910-May 7, 1970
ROTHFUSS, Olive Elizabeth, May 1, 1916-May 14, 1981, next to Earl H.
ROTZLER, Flora, 1892-1974, Mother (same stone as son, George SCHWARTZ)
ROTZLER, Fred, 1901-1944, Husband
ROWDA, Adolph J., 1893-1982, Father, same stone as Amelia E.
ROWDA, Amelia E., 1897-1984, Mother, same stone as Adolph J.
RUCKEL, Gladys M., 1920-1998, same stone as Harry C.
RUCKEL, Harry C., 1916-1984, same stone as Gladys M.
RUEHL, Emilie F., nee HAUSSMANN, 1877-1950, Mother
RUEHL, Frederick, 1905-1973, Son
RUEHL, Paul R., 1876-1966, Father
RUMMEL, Gertrude, 1897-1991, Daughter
RUMMEL, William E., Feb. 27, 1900-Oct. 26, 1961, Veteran
RUMMEL, William, 1867-1932, Father
RUTH, Edward C., 1876-1935, Father
RUTH, Louisa S., 1879-1943, Mother
SAFTNER, Anna Marie, no dates, Mother, same stone as Siegfried J.
SAFTNER, Siegfried J., 1917-1996, Father, same stone as Anna Marie
SAFTNER, Siegfried J., May 12, 1917-Jun 26, 1996, US Army WW II veteran
SANDERS, Alice, Apr 13, 1909-Aug 28, 1977, same stone as Harry
SANDERS, Harry, no dates, same stone as Alice
SCHACH, Charles Anthony, Feb 25, 1953-Jun 2, 1993
SCHAEFER, Herbert D., 1893-1974, Father (same stone as Janet B.)
SCHAEFER, Janet B., 1894-1984, Mother (same stone as Herbert D.)
SCHAEFER, Robert C., Apr. 19, 1922-Jul. 19, 1944, Veteran, Killed in action
SCHAFFER, Fred C., 1900-1970, Husband, by Marie C.
SCHAFFER, Fred Jr., 1924-1984, Father & veteran of WW II, next to Fred & Marie
SCHAFFER, Frederick C., S. Sgt. US Air Force, WW II, Oct 13, 1924-Aug 27, 1984
SCHAFFER, Marie C., 1902-1975, Wife, by Fred C.
SCHAFFNER, Dorothy R., no dates, Mother, same stone as Gus J. Jr.
SCHAFFNER, Gus J. Jr., 1911-1978, Father & veteran, same stone as Dorothy R.
SCHAFFNER, Melinda ALLEN, Oct. 12, 1943-Jul. 8, 1997, Mother (same stone as Sarah Elizabeth, daughter)
SCHAEFFER, Nellie V. STEWART, 1923-1969, Daughter (next to Tim. & Harry STEWART)
SCHAFFNER, Sarah Elizabeth, May 9, 1968-Jun. 10, 1968, Daughter (same stone as Melinda ALLEN, mother)
SCHETTLER, Clara E., 1869-1951, Mother (same stone as George)
SCHETTLER, George, 1860-1942, Father (same stone as Clara)
SCHINDEL, Charles W. Sr., 1917-1976, Husband
SCHINDEL, Helen A., 1914-1931, Daughter
SCHINDEL, Joseph E., 1893-1957, same stone as Ruth A.
SCHINDEL, Ruth A., 1895-1980, same stone as Joseph E.
SCHLARMAN, Elsie E., 1903-1973, same stone as Wm. H.
SCHLARMAN, William H., 1910-1998, same stone as Elsie E.
SCHLESSMAN, Pauline D., 1909-1965, Mother
SCHMITT, Elizabeth, 1873-1946, Mother (same stone as John M.)
SCHMITT, John M., 1870-1937, Father (same stone as Eliz.)
SCHMITTLEIN, Albert S., 1903-1960, Father, same stone as Alma E.
SCHMITTLEIN, Alma E., 1893-1927, Mother, same stone as Albert S.
SCHNARRENBERGER, Gladys K., 1906-1985, Mother, same stone as Henry F.
SCHNARRENBERGER, Henry F., 1904-1960, Father, same stone as Gladys K.
SCHNEIDER, Helen F., 1898-1935, Wife
SCHNEIDER, Margaret E., no dates
SCHNEIDER, William H., 1894-1988
SCHOEPF, Fred W., 1901-1969, Father (same stone as Frieda A.)
SCHOEPF, Frieda A., 1901-1990, Mother (same stone as Fred W.)
SCHOLTZ, Carl W., 1911-1976, Married to Frieda A., May 29, 1947, same stone as Frieda A.
SCHOLTZ, Carl W., Oct 29, 1911-Feb 12, 1976, Pfc. US Army, WW II veteran
SCHOLTZ, Eleanora, 1886-1961 (same stone as John)
SCHOLTZ, Ella, 1915-1932, Daughter
SCHOLTZ, Frieda A., 1919-1973, Married to Carl W. May 29, 1947, same stone as Carl W.
SCHOLTZ, John, 1883-1945 (same stone as Eleanora)
SCHOLTZ, Olivia D., 1927-1981
SCHOLTZ, William E., 1923-2000, Father
SCHUSTER, Erna E., 1893-1956, Mother (same stone as Fred)
SCHUSTER, Fred H., 1891-1977, Father (same stone as Erna)
SCHWARTZ, Clara M., 1885-1971, Wife (same stone as William H.)
SCHWARTZ, George, 1912-1951, Son (same stone as mother, Flora ROTZLER)
SCHWARTZ, William H., 1885-1965, Husband (same stone as Clara M.)
SEABER, Bessie L., 1921-1964, Daughter
SEABER, Karoline K., 1885-1949, Mother
SEABER, Louis H., 1883-1970, Father
SEIBERT, Florence Louise, 1910-1971
SEIBERT, George S., Jun 17, 1875-Mar 11, 1943, Pvt. 66th Co. C.A., veteran
SEIG, Catherine A., 1908-1986, Mother
SEIG, Harry L., Nov. 25, 1910-Apr. 4, 1953, Father
SEILER, Alvin L., Dec. 31, 1919-Apr. 6, 1968, Veteran
SEILER, Dorothy E., May 19, 1919-Nov. 14, 1998, Mother
SEITZ, Dorothy H., 1918-1996, Mother, same stone as William A. Sr.
SEITZ, William A. Sr., 1918-1983, Father, same stone as Dorothy H.
SELINGER, Edward W., 1905-1992, Husband, same stone as Flora
SELINGER, Flora A., 1909-1979, Wife, same stone as Edward W.
SEMLER, Mary, 1870-1944, Mother (same stone as Paul & Stella)
SEMLER, Paul L., 1861-1938, Father (same stone as Mary & Stella)
SEMLER, Stella M., 1907-1973, Daughter (same stone as Paul & Mary)
SESKEY, Earl L., 1923-1997 (same stone as Maryellin)
SESKEY, Maryellin, no dates (same stone Earl L.)
SESKEY, Sylvia P., 1902-1987, Mother
SHAM, Lisa Lynn, Jul 15, 1962-Oct 15, 1991, "Daughter, Mother & Sister" (in BAUST plot)
SHIRING, Anna C., 1921-1992, Daughter
SHIRING, Catherine A., 1901-1975, Mother, same stone as Henry W.
SHIRING, Henry W., 1902-1973, Father, same stone as Catherine A.
SHOUP, Lois J., Nov. 28, 1926-Oct. 26, 1989, Mother
SIEGLEN, Emma L., 1886-1962, Mother (same stone as Michael J.)
SIEGLEN, Michael J., 1884-1962, Father (same stone as Emma L.)
SIGMUND, Alfred W., 1892-1983, Father (same stone as Anna M.)
SIGMUND, Anna M., 1897-1949, Mother (same stone as Alfred)
SMITH, Elizabeth EGGERS, no dates, Wife (same stone as John L.)
SMITH, John L., 1909-1984, Husband (Veteran)
SMITH, John L., Feb. 6, 1909-Jun. 24, 1984, Cpl. US Army, WW II Veteran (bronze)
SNEAL, Wilhelmina, 1884-1928, Mother
SNYDER, Charles E., 1890-1946, Father, same stone as Ida B.
SNYDER, Ida B., 1890-1972, Mother, same stone as Charles E.
SONNTAG, Emelia, 1863-1934, Mother
SONNTAG, Fred, 1868-1931, Father
SORRELLS, Margaret A., 1897-1953, Wife
SPEHAR, Velma O., 1901-1979, Wife, same stone as Victor J.
SPEHAR, Victor J., 1901-1996, Husband, same stone as Velma O.
SPIEGEL, Edna CHAMBERLAIN, Apr 27, 1922-Aug 13, 1997, (by Albert CHAMBERLAIN)
STAPEL, Clara, 1889-1969, Mother (same stone as Harry E.)
STAPEL, Harry E., 1883-1949, Father (same stone as Clara)
STEEB, Agatha, Jul. 15, 1868-Mar. 21, 1948, Mother
STEINBACH, Marie E., 1909-1994, Mother, same stone as Philip
STEINBACH, Philip, 1908-1981, Father, same stone as Marie E.
STEWART, George B., 1936-1993, Father, same stone as Terrence W.
STEWART, Harry B., 1920-1988, Father
STEWART, Laurie Beth, Dec 11, 1982-Dec 26, 1982, same stone as Philip K. Jr. & Ruth M.
STEWART, Mary F., 1898-1978, Mother, same stone as Philip K.
STEWART, Philip K., 1897-1955, Father, same stone as Mary F.
STEWART, Philip K. Jr., 1918-2000, Father, same stone as Ruth M. & Laurie Beth
STEWART, Ruth M., 1919-1970, Mother, same stone as Philip K. Jr. & Laurie Beth
STEWART, Terrence W., 1936-1984, Father, same stone as George B.
STEWART, Timothy H., Jan 2, 1941-Nov 3, 1994, Pvt. US Army, veteran
STIDLE, Mary, 1863-1951, Grandmother
STORCK, Emma F., 1891-1970, Wife (same stone as Walter C.)
STORCK, Stewart W., Sep. 7, 1917-Aug. 3, 1964, WW II & Korean War veteran
STORCK, Suzette Marie, 1951-1970
STORCK, Thelma F., Oct. 2, 1919-Aug. 26, 1993, Mother
STORCK, Walter C., 1889-1973, Husband (same stone as Emma F.)
STROH, Carl J., 1899-1965, Father
STROH, Carl R., 1927-1977, Son
STROH, Eda H., 1904-1985, Mother
STRYCHALSKI, Agnes, 1885-1976, Mother, same stone as Andrew
STRYCHALSKI, Andrew, 1886-1959, Father, same stone as Agnes
STUBERT, Frederick C., 1884-1963, Father (same stone as Louise A.)
STUBERT, Henry C., Feb. 7, 1887-May 7, 1965, WWI Veteran
STUBERT, Louise A., 1905-1982, Mother (same stone as Frederick C.)
STURM, Alma S., 1884-1962, Wife
STURM, George A., 1879-1945, Husband
STUVER, Charolette R., nee RUEHL, 1911-1988, Wife
STUVER, Chester F., 1919-1971, Father & veteran
STUVER, Edwin B., 1911-1961, Husband & WW II Veteran
STUVER, Jean R. nee THUNHORST, 1927-1969, Mother
SUELZLE, Esther E., no dates, Daughter
SUELZLE, John J., 1876-1957, Father, same stone as Mary C.
SUELZLE, Mary C., 1880-1958, Mother, same stone as John J.
SUNDAY, Bertha, 1901-1993, Mother, same stone as Charles
SUNDAY, Catherine M., 1922-1946, Wife (same stone as Emerson & Kenneth)
SUNDAY, Charles, 1897-1951, Father, same stone as Bertha
SUNDAY, Emerson C., no dates, Husband (same stone as Catherine & Kenneth)
SUNDAY, Kenneth, Oct. 5, 1946, Son (same stone as Catherine & Emerson)
SWAIN, Leroy J., no dates, Father, same stone as Marie C.
SWAIN, Marie C., 1915-1973, Mother, same stone as Leroy J.
SWEDISH, Reta A., no dates, Daughter, same stone as Rudolph & Ruth
SWEDISH, Rudolph, 1911-1991, Father, same stone as Ruth & Reta
SWEDISH, Ruth S., 1913-1995, Mother, same stone as Rudolph & Reta
SWICK, Clyde W., 1916-1964, Father, same stone as Mathilda & James C.
SWICK, James C., 1941-1995, Son, same stone as Mathilda & Clyde W.
SWICK, Mathilda, 1923-1985, Mother, same stone as Clyde W. & James C
TAYLOR, Charles C., Apr. 30, 1920-Jun. 6, 1995, US Army, WWII Veteran (bronze)
TAYLOR, Charles C., Jr., 1920-1995, Son (same stone as Ernestene MAURER)
TAYLOR, Clara M., 1894-1969, Mother (same stone as Dr. Carl C.)
TAYLOR, Dr. Carl C., 1898-1951, Father (same stone as Clara M.)
TESSMER, Margaret, 1893-1971, same stone as Walter G.
TESSMER, Walter G., 1895-1978, same stone as Margaret
TEUFEL, Gertrude GRATER, 1884-1964
TEUFEL, Harry, 1889-1910
THEIS, John, 1894-1957, same stone as Rose
THEIS, Rose, 1896-1954, same stone as John
THOMAS, Albert W., Feb. 5, 1919-Jun. 17, 1998, Father (same stone as Helen K.& WW I Veteran)
THOMAS, Catherine, Sep. 20, 1876-Apr. 20, 1947
Thomas, Charles E., Sep. 30, 1880-Jan. 21, 1951
THOMAS, Clarence E., 1893-1980, Father
THOMAS, Helen K., no dates, Mother (same stone as Albert W.)
THOMAS, Pauline A., 1892-1961, Mother
THOMPSON, Anna R., 1897-1984
THOMPSON, Ferree E., Jr., Jan. 11, 1922-Aug. 1, 1943, Veteran, US Navy, Killed in Action
THOMSON, Emma Jeanne, Nov. 5, 1930-May 30, 1944, Daughter
THOMSON, Laura M., Aug. 14, 1906-Apr. 25, 1974, Mother
THOMSON, Robert D., Mar. 1, 1901-Jul. 28, 1951, Father
TONDOLO, Jacob J., Jul 6, 1897-Mar 11, 1956, US Army Veteran, Enlisted Sep 5, 1913, Discharged Aug 19, 1919
TORTELLA, Thomas J., 1941-1986, Father
TROBENTAR, Emma, 1906-1962, Mother, same stone as Joseph
TROBENTAR, Joseph R., Sep 1, 1929-Sep 9, 1962, a veteran
TROBENTAR, Joseph, 1896-1959, Father, same stone as Emma
UHOR, Michael, Oct 1, 1912-Dec 29, 1954, Father
UPHIEL, Ida Mae, Jul. 21, 1906-Apr. 10, 1960, Wife
UPHIEL, Irene K., Dec. 27, 1917-Apr. 25, 1986, Sister
UPHIEL, William J., Aug. 29, 1902-Nov. 29, 1966, Husband
VAN KIRK, Gladys, 1910-1995, Mother (same stone as Gladys & Glenn)
VAN KIRK, Glenn, 1910-1986, Father (same stone as Gladys & Glenn)
VAN KIRK, Glenn, 1930-1964, Son & Veteran (same stone as Gladys & Glenn)
VISTEIN, Clara M., 1901-1947, Mother
VISTEIN, William A., 1897-1974, Father
VOGEL, Birdie R., 1889-1959 (same stone as Wm. H.)
VOGEL, William H., 1888-1954 (Masonic symbol, same stone as Birdie R.)
VOGT monument, no names or dates
VOGT, Conrad, 1863-1932, Father
VOGT, Elizabeth S., 1870-1933, Mother
VOLK, Catherine, 1885-1972, Wife
VOLK, George Hugo, Jun 23, 1895-Oct 3, 1956, a veteran
WAECHTER, Charles P., Jul 29, 1895-Apr 9, 1976, Father, a veteran, same stone as Freda C.
WAECHTER, Freda C., Jul 9, 1898-Apr 19, 1955, Mother, same stone as Charles P.
WAGNER, Ada HANNA, 1893-1946, Mother
WAGNER, Alice E., 1915-1956f, Daughter
WAGNER, Anna H., 1892-1969, Mother
WAGNER, Blanche, 1891-1979, Grandmother (same stone as Valentine)
WAGNER, Charles F., 1895-1970, Father
WAGNER, J. Richard, 1909-1996, Father
WAGNER, John G., 1883-1958, Father, same stone as Margaret S.
WAGNER, Leonard F., 1891-1938, Father (Masonic symbol)
WAGNER, Margaret R., 1870-1959, Aunt
WAGNER, Margaret S., 1882-1947, Mother, same stone as John G.
WAGNER, Rachel A., 1923-1978, Mother
WAGNER, Rose K., 1911-1950, Mother
WAGNER, Valentine, 1892-1964, Grandfather (same stone as Blanche)
WALDAU, Frieda BAER, Jun 29, 1891-Jan 1, 1973, same stone as Robert
WALDAU, Robert, Oct 3, 1891-Sep 17, 1987, same stone as Frieda BAER WALDAU
WALDSCHMIDT, Anna, 1870-1933, Mother
WALDSCHMIDT, Anna, 1912-1974, Mother (same stone as George H.)
WALDSCHMIDT, George H., 1908-1975, Father & WW II Veteran (same stone as Anna)
WALDSCHMIDT, George H., 1908-1975, US Navy, WW II Veteran (service marker)
WALDSCHMIDT, George W., 1891-1967, Father (same stone as Vera & Henry J.)
WALDSCHMIDT, Harry, 1887-1949 (same stone as Mathilda)
WALDSCHMIDT, Henry J., 1914-1975, Son & Veteran
WALDSCHMIDT, Mary, no dates, Mother, same stone as William C.
WALDSCHMIDT, Mathilda, 1887-1970 (same stone as Harry)
WALDSCHMIDT, Vera M., 1898-1976, Mother (same stone as Geo. & Henry J.)
WALDSCHMIDT, William C., Mar 12, 1936-Apr 30, 1998, Father, same stone as Mary
WALLACE, Byron J. Jr., "Buddy", May 21, 1920-Aug 4, 1994
WALLACE, Glen W., Sep. 14, 1931-Jan. 24, 1988, Vet. US Army, Korean War Veteran
WALLACE, Margaret, 1898-1975
WALLACE, Mary E. MOSER, 1886-1943, Mother
WALLACE, William, Jr., Apr. 26, 1893-Apr. 23, 1966, Veteran
WARSOW, Lillian A., 1897-1957, same stone as Walter
WARSOW, Walter, 1894-1972, same stone as Lillian A.
WASHINGTON, Harry M., 1882-1970, Father (same stone as Mabel B.)
WASHINGTON, Mabel B., 1888-1942, Mother (same stone as Harry M.)
WASIELEWSKI, Esther M., Feb. 12, 1920-Feb. 21, 1998 (same stone as Thomas)
WASIELEWSKI, Thomas F., Oct. 27, 1912-Jun. 22, 2000 (same stone as Esther)
WEBER, Edward A., 1863-1933, Father, same stone as Mary Ann
WEBER, George J., 1892-1980, Father, same stone as Marie s.
WEBER, Marie S., 1896-1970, Mother, same stone as George J.
WEBER, Mary Ann, 1867-1932, Mother, same stone as Edward A.
WEIBLINGER, Frederick, 1894-1971, Father, same stone as Frieda
WEIBLINGER, Frieda, 1899-1965, Mother, same stone as Frederick
WEIBLINGER, Louis, 1927-1994, Son, same stone as Robert
WEIBLINGER, Robert, 1924-1986, Son, same stone as Louis
WEINBRENNER, Walter R., 1926-1986, Pfc. US Army, Korea, veteran
WENGER, Elizabeth M., Mar 8, 1918-Apr 10, 1988
WENGER, Raymond C., Jan 12, 1912-Apr 5, 1988, same stone as Elizabeth M.
WERLING, Frieda C., 1893-1985 (same stone as Norman C.)
WERLING, Norman C., 1898-1951 (same stone as Frieda C.)
WETZEL, Dorothy W., Mar 13, 1898-Mar 1, 1977
WETZEL, Elmer S., 1889-1944, Father, same stone as Emma K.
WETZEL, Emma K., 1895-1940, Mother, same stone as Elmer S.
WIDANY, Clara CREDE, 1897-1969, Wife
WIDANY, Frederick C., 1891-1933, Husband & Veteran, Oddfellows symbol
WINESKIE, Elizabeth M., 1895-1945, Mother
WINTER, George H., Feb 25, 1888-Jul 17, 1955
WINTER, Howard W., 1909-1958, Father, same stone as Nellie
WINTER, Nellie, 1909-1993, Mother, same stone as Howard W.
WINTER, Susan, 1900-1959, Wife
WINTER, William, 1895-1963, Husband, a veteran
WYZKOSKI, Mae MADARA, 1926-1987, Beloved Wife and Mother, (daughter of Lillie M. & Zaccur P. MADARA)
YETTER, Elmer C., 1910-1966, Father, same stone as Gertrude H.
YETTER, Gertrude H., 1910-1993, Mother, same stone as Elmer C.
YOUNG, Ruth O., 1915-1943, Wife (in STORCK plot)
ZANG, Charles A., Sep 10, 1907-Oct 17, 1962, Father
ZANG, Lorraine A., Mar 27, 1935-Sep 23, 1955
ZARYBNICKY, Anna, 1899-1972, Mother, same stone as Anton
ZARYBNICKY, Anton, 1883-1958, Father, same stone as Anna
ZARYBNICKY, James J., 1928-1992, Father
ZARYBNICKY, Robert E., 1937-1990, Brother
ZEIGER, Adeline, 1895-1973, Mother, same stone as Frank
ZEIGER, Frank, 1881-1975, Father, same stone as Adeline
ZELLER, Clara PFAU, Sep. 6, 1878-Mar. 28, 1976, Mother
ZELLER, George J., 1901-1933, Son
ZIEG, Norma S., 1896-1985, Wife, same stone as Walter
ZIEG, Walter E., 1896-1960, Husband, same stone as Norma S.
ZIMMER, Albert P., Apr. 29, 1892-Mar. 16, 1958
ZIMMER, Hilda, July 26, 1896-Aug. 5, 1947
ZIMMERMAN, Charlotte A., 1887-1961 (same stone as Robert L.)
ZIMMERMAN, Robert L., 1864-1938 (same stone as Charlotte A.)

RIDGELAWN CEMETERY tombstone transcriptions, PAUPER SECTION, transcribed
November 2000, by JANICE COOPER,
(The PAUPER SECTION is a very hilly and overgrown section of the cemetery,
and it was almost impossible for me to reach a few of the stones; some
stones had fallen over. The stones listed herein are the only ones I
could reach to record.)

Paupers Section:
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
E.M.M., 1818(?) [badly worn & broken off]
GATTE, Georg Sill, 1879-1913
GOTTWALD, Robert, 1851-1918
KLEIN, Rosalia, Dec. 15, 1849-Mar. 1, 1904
KNOEPEL(?), Otto H., [worn & unreadable]
SCHAEFER. Ludwig, 1854-1898

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