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St. Peter Section
Tombstone Inscriptions
St. Mary's of the Assumption Cemetery
Pine Creek (Glenshaw), PA
(off Middle Road)

File Recorded, Copyrighted and Contributed 9/16/1999 by: Darlene Kaiser Putze, Etna, Pennsylvania,

Posted: Sept. 16, 1999 Last Update July 1, 2002
========================================================================== SURNAME, FIRST NAME, BORN, DIED, OTHER ========================================================================== Alder, Helen C., 4-5-1909/4-22-1996 Alder, Raymond, 10-21-1909/2-12-1978 Alward, David R., 1946/no date Husband Alward, Donald, 1950/1957 Cousin Alward, R., no date/no date With Malinda & Mary C. Schields/no dates Alward, Regis F., 1924/1984 Uncle Alward, Susan D., 1948/no date Wife Arenth, Anna Louise, 1882/1957 Arenth, Jacob Joseph, 1884/1959 Arenth, James J., 4-2-1914/10-2-1961 CPL Cannon Co. 167th Inf 10-3-1942 to 12-31-1945 Arenth, Robert F. Sr., 1-31-1914/6-26-1970 Husband - Dad Balkey, Carl S., 1905/1981 Father Balkey, Carol Ann, 1938/1955 Daughter Balkey, Helen M. Morrissey, 1905/1971 Balkey, Mildred M., 1907/1996 Mother Bauman, Mary Quinn, 1879/1954 Bauman, Norman H., 1892/1951 Baumgarten, Regis J., 1917/1950 Father Belton, Eugenie L., 1904/1993 Mother Belton, James T., 1900/1957 Father Berrang, Elizabeth Wagner, 1907/1998 Mother Berrang, James M., 1945/1984 Son Berrang, Paul D., 1918/no date Father Biernesser, Flora E., 1889/1967 Mother Biernesser, Frank A.,1882/1958 Father Biernesser, Mary Grace, 1936/1984 Sister buried 1-4-1984 Biery, Veronica Elsie, 5-30-1951/12-5-1989 Bowler, Nell C., 1892/1948 Mother Bowler, Thomas J., 1897/1984 Father Chisler, Jessie L., 1908/19__ Wife Chisler, Raymond J., 12-9-1906/2-22-1948 CPL Co., C373rd Engrs 5-3-1943 to 10-18-1945 Clarke, Mary Ann, 1877/1952 Mother Clarke, Samuel C., 1878/1953 Father Conway, Margaret, 1879/1967 Mother Conway, William J., 1879/1956 Father Cook, Loretta, 1919/no date Cook, William Bernard, 1917/1968 Cotter, Teresa, 1903/1999 Mother Cotter, William C., 1900/1957 Father Cox, James J., 4-25-1933/4-17-1983 Husband - Father Cromley, Ludmilla, 1875/1953 Mother Cromley, Robert Frank 3-10-1906/1-5-1985 SF2 US Navy WW II Cromley, William H., 10-29-1909/12-15-1988 Dashio, John C., 8-18-1915/8-7-1980 US Army DeVorak, Charles L., 1894/1948 DeVorak, Gerald G., 1932/1948 DeVorak, Hildegarde F., 1897/1996 Dischnar, Loretta, 1901/1972 Mother Dischnar, Matthew, 1892/1959 Father Ehrlich, Margaret C., 2-13-1882/5-31-1957 Mother Eichenlaub, Charles E., Sr., 7-17-1892/5-2-1971 Penns., AS USNRF WW I Eichenlaub, Genevieve K., 1893/1973 Wife Feid, Anna M., 1911/1971 Mother Feid, Geraldine, 1928/1977 Daughter Feid, Mathias P., 1900/1953 Father Feiertag, Anna S., 1885/1952 Mother Feiertag, Karl A., 1880/1960 Father Fischer, Herbert J., 1915/1985 Fischer, Rose M., 1915/no date Fleming, Joseph M., 1919/1977 Husband Fleming, Margaret, 1895/1979 Mother Fleming, Margaret, 1920/no date Wife Fleming, Thomas H., 1886/1950 Father Frisz, Anne M., 1896/1955 Mother Frisz, Fred J., 1887/1949 Father Gallenz, Helen L., 1904/1990 Mother Gallenz, Raymond C., 1927/1997 Gallenz, Raymond G., 1904/1951 Father Garver, Charles E., 3-27-1914/11-6-1960 Husband Garver, Viola M., 12-28-1920/No date Wife Gibson, William A., 3-7-1932/4-22-1971 Penns., SSGT OS AF Korea Gilch, Andrew, 1888/1972 Father Gilch, Bertha, 1889/1963 Mother Gross, Stephen G., 2-15-1927/8-31-1953 TOL 4 HOBTRY 52nd 4-9-1945 to 12-14-1946 Father Gruber, Joseph B., 1897/19__ Gruber, Sophie, 1894/1957 Haley, Martha P., 1891/1953 Mother Hartz, Helen M., 1909/1973 Mother Hatcher, Earline I., 1907/1954 Mother Hatcher, Joy B., Sr., 1909/1985 Father Horstman, Glenn R., 1948/1952 our darling Horstman, Pauline Y., 1923/no date Mother Horstman, Robert L., 1918/1996 Father Hubal, George S., 1912/1954 Vandalized with paint Huber, Albert W., 1879/1976 Husband Huber, Edward Ambrose, 1874/1965 Huber, LaVerne, 1918/1952 Son Huber, Lillie D., 1893/1976 Wife Hunkele, Anna, 1886/1962 Hunkele, Carl C., 1882/1974 Hunkele, Elizabeth Jane, 1-27-1949/11-16-1994 Hunkele, Sylvester J., 8-21-1921/6-19-1977 PFC US Army WWII Janke, Margaret E., 11-25-1917/1-1-1957 Wife Kessler, Andrew, 1892/1976 Father Kessler, Ida, 1897/1978 Mother King, Harry A., 1905/1966 Father King, Marie M., 1909/1982 Mother Kolander, Francis X., Jr., 1916/1984 wed Mary 9-14-1939 Kolander, Mary W., 1916/no date wed Francis 9-14-1939 Kratochvila, Klement, 1890/1953 Kratochvila, Theresa, 1893/1984 Mother Kraus, Edward W., 1898/1969 Kraus, Irene C., 1901/1957 Kress, M., Catherine, 1912/1955 Mother Lebo, Florence B., 1909/no date Mother Lebo, George A., 1899/1959 Father Lebo, Mary N., 1907/1990 Mother Lebo, Matthew N., 1909/1972 Father Leo, Catherine E., 1906/1996 Mother Leo, Joseph P., 1899/1963 Father Leo, Mary Louise, 1928/1949 Daughter Liebert, Anton, 1899/1969 Father Liebert, James A., 2-24-1931/3-15-1951 Virginia SN US Navy Liebert, James Anton, 1931/1951 Son-US Navy Liebert, Susan, 1906/19__ Mother Lipke, Gerald G., 11-9-1914/11-1-1955 LT Co., CAC 1-2-1941 to 3-10-1946 Lipke, Harry J., 1885/1960 Husband Lipke, Minnie A., 1892/1977 Wife Lipke, Patricia Wright, 4-13-1919/11-1-1955 Wife of Gerald Lucas, John T., 18941988 Father Lucas, Martha Heisel, 1898/1956 Mother Martin, Hannah R., 1902/1982 Mother Martin, Harry T., 1906/1962 Father Martin, Joseph P., 1900/1957 Father Martin, Sabina M., 1908/1955 Mother McDonald, Agnes P., 4-29-1890/10-28-1969 McDonald, Cyril 1-8-1928/5-30-1949 PFC 82nd Airborne Div 4-11-1946 to 10-11-1947 McDonald, Harry, 5-11-1897/7-16-1971 Penns., SGTCo., B1st Reg Inf Spanish American War Meyer, Rose T., 1911/1955 Mother Mitrecic, Bertha A., 1915/no date Mitrecic, George J., 1912/1998 Moriarity, Belle E., 1892/19__ Moriarity, Dean A., 7-16-1891/9-25-1967 Penns., PVTCo, H 120 Inf WW I Murphy, Julia C., 1887/1975 Mother Murphy, Thomas A., 1877/1955 Father Murray, Jessie J., 1883/4-21-1968 Mother Murray, John J., 1884/1969 Father Niebel, Frederick Lynn, 7-10-1954/9-17-1983 Niebel, Vivian Anita, 10-21-1945/12-8-1951 O'Leary, Caroline Grace nee Barr, 8-20-1902/12-13-1988 O'Leary, Frederick Magee, 10-22-1883/8-17-1951 Oswald, Harry Henry, 1-1-1932/5-22-1953 PVT Co., G160th Inf 12-12-1952 to 10-13-1954 Oswald, John H., 9-4-1938/8-24-1994 US Army Oswald, Philomena M., 1899/1961 Mother Oswald, William P., 1899/1993 Father Pedrin, Daniel R., 1938/1994 Pedrin, Suzanne A., 1944/No date Pottmeyer, Catherine G., 1878/1959 Pottmeyer, John A., 1874/1948 Scarazzo, Alfred, 1889/1964 Father Scarazzo, Alfred, 1962 Infant Son Scarazzo, Elizabeth, 1895/1948 Mother Schaltenbrand, Bernard E., 1910/1978 Father Schaltenbrand, Genevieve G., 1910/1989 Mother Schields, Elizabeth L., 1910/1980 Wife Schields, Frank A., 1908/1956 Husband Schmidt, Anna Marie 3-6-1939/10-8-1949 Schmidt, Joseph, 1-17-1882/1-30-1960 Schmidt, Virgeana E., 1-23-1911/6-7-1993 Schnebelen, Clement C., 1907/1962 Father Schnebelen, Mary T., 1908/1997 Mother Seger, Joseph V., 1891/1955 Father Seger, Rosina L., 1897/1964 Mother Smickler, Charles 1879/1950 Husband Smickler, Lena, 1882/1957 Wife Spohn, Charles H., 1885/1948 Father Spohn, Minnie C., 1889/1966 Mother Trondle, Elizabeth Murto, 1901/1982 Mother Trondle, Frank W., 1898/1971 Father Unger, John G., Jr., 1946/1946 Unger, Mary H., 1948/1948 Wagner, Anthony A., 2-5-1893/12-11-1963 Penns., SC1 US Navy WWI Wagner, Elizabeth C., 1887/1960 Mother Wagner, Estella E., 1893/1956 Mother Wagner, George J., 1887/1960 Father Wagner, Helen L., 1900/1966 Wife Wagner, Martin J., 1897/1977 Husband Wagner, Olivia M., 1897/1968 Wagner, Robert O., 1888/1952 Father Wagner, Sebastian A., 8-4-1919/4-10-1943 PFC Co., B 386th Inf 10-16-1941 to killed in action Walker, Frank C., 7-8-1887/6-9-1950 PVT Reg Det 153rd DB 5-3-1918 to 3-24-1919 Walter, Alphonse F., 1889/1965 Father Walter, Eugenia, 1888/1980 Mother Walter, Florian, 1917/1997 Walter, Mary Rita, 1920/1999 Weiss, Leonard J., 8-14-1899/4-23-1970 Husband Weiss, Norah V., 6-16-1899/no date Wife Welty, Anna Mary, 1908/1993 Mother Welty, Edward P., 1910/1986 Father Zimmerman, Clara C., 1912/no date Mother Zimmerman, William J., 1908/1957 Father Zoth, Albert, 1888/1947 Father Zoth, Alberta Frey, 1902/1960 Mother ==========================================================================

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