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St. Ann Section
Tombstone Inscriptions
St. Mary's of the Assumption Cemetery
Pine Creek (Glenshaw), PA
(off Middle Road)

File Recorded, Copyrighted and Contributed 4/14/2000 by: Darlene Kaiser Putze, Etna, Pennsylvania,

Posted: April 14, 2000
========================================================================== SURNAME, FIRST NAME, BORN, DIED, OTHER ========================================================================== Armany, Rosemary, 8-23-1954, 9-30-1997, Daughter-Sister Armany, Matthew A., 1-14-1927, 2-14-1996 Biernesser, Mary B., 1924 Biernesser, Harold F., 1925-1998 Cannetti, Gloria H., 3-24-1941, 9-10-1999 Cannon, James H., 1932-1995, Father Cannon, Mary Regina, 1942-1995, Mother Claus, Mae O'Leary, 3-2-1927, 1-21-1998, Mother & "BA" Davis, Carl L., 2-15-1919, 1-8-1996 Davis, Helen K., 1-22-1913 Diago, Evangelina, 5-7-1904, 1-8-1998, Mother Dolegowski, John, 1925-1998, WW II Army Dolegowski, Veronica M., 1937 Drake, John B., 1929-1995, Father - US Vet Dutton, Joseph A. Jr., 1927-1996 Fischer, Frederick L., 1935-1997, Father Gessler, Kevin Owen, 4-22-1959, 11-26-1992, Son Gessler, Maureen Anne, 8-4-1949, 5-8-1993, Daughter Gibson, David E., 1948 Gibson, Patricia E., 1941-1996 Greco, Dr. Joseph V., 11-16-1912, 5-13-1995, WW II Vet - Parents of Dorotea B., Giovanna C. Greco, Elma Jane Harpel, William P., 11-20-1927, 6-6-1999 Harpel, Katherine, 4- 7-1932 Hotopp, Leonard J., 1906-1993, Wed Sept. 17, 1934 Hotopp, Carol D., 1910-1990, Wed Sept. 17, 1934 Intorre, Anthony J., 1930, Husband Intorre, Irene E., 1937-1996, Wife Kline, James D., 1965-1994, Son Kline, Elizabeth M., 1933, Mother Mader, James L., 1923-1998, WW II Army Mader, Alice M.,, 1927 Maggio, Mary Joe, 1962-1995, Wife-Mother Moore, John R., 11-30-1950, Husband Moore, Margaret L., 1-6-1950, 10-27-1998, Wife Nash, John J., 4-19-1919, 7-15-1996, PFC Army WW II ???????, Vet Plaque, 1941-1945 Panza, Donald R., 1943-1998 Planavsky, Wanda Sroka, 11-3-1927, 5-23-1998, Mother Rafferty, James B., 2-26-1933, 9-13-1999 Rafferty, Patricia L., 11-14-1937 Reno, Robert M., 1926-1998 Rick, Maggie Elizabeth, 5-31-1996, 5-3-1998, Our Little Angel Rosati, Robert S., 1-11-1939, Father Rosati, Janet V., 1-5-1938, 4-19-1995, Mother Schmitt, Robert W., 1924, Father Schmitt, Mary Elizabeth, 1923-1997, Mother Singer, Otto C., 4-17-1917, 5-25-1997 Singer, Christina, 6-15-1921 Tauro, William A., 1960-1999 Tuite, Frank J., 9-17-1927, 9-15-1996 Tuite, Dorothy C., 1-3-1931 ==========================================================================

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