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Allegheny County Pensioners

The purpose of this listing is to provide genealogy researchers, historians, and family members with instant statistical information about those listed below.

From Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary and Military Service
with their name, age and place of residence as returned by the
Marshals of the Several Judicial Districts
Under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census in 1840
Washington; Blair and Rives 1841
Reprinted by Southern Book Co., Baltimore 1954
Distributed by: Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore

Where there is no name listed as residing with, none is listed in the book.

Recorded and contributed June 14th, 1999 by:
Jerry Dittman, Boonsboro, MD 

                        ALLEGHENY COUNTY PENSIONERS

    Name                        Area / Age        Residing with June 1, 1840
                               Lower St. Clair
William Barr                        90                William Barr
Daniel McDarmit                     95                Daniel Hunter
Joseph McDarmit                     90                Robert Hays

James Wallace                       89                James Wallace
William Wilson                      86                William Wilson
James Hindman                       86                James Hindman

Joseph Forsyth                      84                Joseph Forsyth

Thomas McClanen                     76                Thomas McClanen

Alexander Walker                    70
William Stockdale                   56                William Stockdale
Robert Cockran                      83                Robert Cockran

Thomas Clark                        90
Christopher Doughty                 85
Thomas Drennen                      86                Thomas Drennen

Mrs. Clink                          65                James Clink
Miss Grubs                          38                Andrew Grubs
Mrs. Hicky                          73                James Hicky
Miss Clows                          10                William Clows

                             City of Allegheny
Rossin Tivis                        -                 R. Tivis
Lewis Coaps                         -                 Lewis Coaps
Thomas Pardy                        -                 Peter Pardy
Elizabeth Shannon                   77
Sarah Brannon                       77
E Grub                              75
Samuel Crawl                        81
Peter Brown                         83
Margaret Williams                   70
Mary Conner                         77
James Chambers                      52

                       City of Pittsburg - West Ward
George Hinsey                       74

                                 5th Ward
Margaret Larance                    73                Thomas McKee

                                 East Ward
James McCullough                    86                James McCullough

                               Pitt Township
Eshi Powers                         96                John Graham

Thomas Campbell                     85                John Horshman 

Cary Quigley                       108                John McKee
Catherine Orgin                     90                James Coulter

Charles Brooks                      79                Charles Brooks
James Brown                         65                Moses Blazer

Jacob Rosensteel                    54                Jacob Rosensteel
Margaret Shrum                      76                Margaret Shrum
Richard Easton                      88                Richard Easton

John Walter                         86                John Walter
Jacob Burkhardt                     74                Jacob McDonald
Robert Scott                        84                Robert Scott
Hardy Reynolds                      80                George Wallace
John Hillman                        80                John Hillman
Samuel Arbuthnot                    81                Samuel Arbuthnot
William Trenary                     98                Henry Trenary
George Grove                        89                George Grove
George Greer                        84                Thomas Greer
William Beggs                       86                William Beggs

James Watson                        75                David Reed

                                 East Deer
John Davis                          54                John Noel
Daniel Howe                         75                William 
William Leslie                      81                Thomas 


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