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Cemetery Inscriptions from
Neville Island Cemetery
Neville Island, Pennsylvania

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This small, older cemetery, is located off Grand Avenue on Neville Island (which is surrounded by the Ohio River). It is gated, locked, and maintained by the Neville Island Presbyterian Church. Official records are not available locally, but may be available at the Pittsburgh Presbyterian Church offices. Many of the markers are severely worn and not totally readable.

This listing was compiled and contributed by njm1 on November 1, 1999.
Surname, First Name, Birthdate / Died, Other ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B????, MAGGIE, d: 26-Apr-1888?, Aged 2Days B????, MILTON J., d: 18-Jan-1861, Aged 4Yr 2Mo BAKER, ALICE, d: 5-Oct-1895, Wife of M.F. BAKER, In Her 25th Year BAKER, ANNIE J., d: 2-Sep-1885, Wife of M.F. BAKER, Aged 29 Yrs, Mother BAKER, INFANT BAKER, WILLIE d: 2-Nov-1876, Son of Emma B. HOPKINS, Aged 6Yrs 6Mo 10Days COLE, JOHN M., d: 3-Sep-1856, Son of John & Maggie COLE, 3Yr 2Mo 7Days COLE, MARY, 20-Oct-1858, 51 Yrs CORNELIUS, ELIZABETH, (stone worn) CORNELIUS, EMMA, 19-Jly-???? / ??-Apr-????, Dau of Elenor & Josiah? CORNELIUS, ISABELLA, (stone worn) (nee HAMILTON?) CORNELIUS, JOHN H?, (stone worn) CORNELIUS, LE???EL McC, 18-???-1854 / 18-May-1884 Wife of J.?. CORNELIUS CORNELIUS, MAJORA, 23-Jan-1809 / 14-Dec-1878? (nee WHITE) CORNELIUS, MARY ANNA, 15-Oct-183? / 11-Nov-1876 CORNELIUS, O.D., 26-Jun-1836 / 6-Mar-1867 CORNELIUS, OYSART, 20-Oct-1804 / 27-Apr-1884? CRAIG, JOHN NEVILL, 2-Feb-1793 / 21-Jly-1870 CRAIG, MATILDA, 12-Mar-1788 / 9-Mar-1854 Relict of Reese E. FLEESON ECKERT, INFANT d: 22-Jly-1881, Son of H.S. ECKERT FLEESON, THOS. P., 4-Oct-1818 / 22-Jly-1888 FLESON, JOHN C., d: 1852 Aged 5 Yrs GRAHAM, GEORGE, (stone worn) GRAHAM, MARY JANE, 9-???-???? / ?-????-183? GRAHAM, WALTER EDWARD, 23-Feb-1866? / 12-Jly-1867? Son of James & Margaret GREEN, MAGGIE, 4-May-1842 / 20-Dec-1869 Wife of George GREEN HALL, W.A. MURRAY, d:21-Aug-1873 Aged 19Mo 24Days, Son of A.W. & J.P. HALL HAMILTON, ??, 3-Feb-1855, Aged 10? Yrs HAMILTON, ARCHIBALD d: 2-Mar-1871 in His 83rd Yr HAMILTON, H., (stone worn) HAMILTON, ISABELLA, d: 2-Apr-1857, Dau of A.R. HAMILTON, 11Yr 2Days HAMILTON, J. S., (stone worn) HAMILTON, SARA CATHERINE 21-Sep-1?16 / 4-Apr-???? Dau of J. & C. HAMILTON HUTING, MARY, 21-Jan-1853 / 20-Jan-1886 (nee McCABE) McCABE, ??, (stone worn) McCABE, ELIZABETH, (stone worn) McCABE, FLORENCE VIRGINIA, 15-Sep-1866 / 3-Sep-1888 McCABE, LILIE B., 1-Jly-188?, Dau of Whit? McCABE, 15 Yrs McCABE, LILLIAN, (stone worn) McCABE, MARJARY E., 18?? McCABE, MILTON H., 27-Apr-1827 / 29-Jan-1881 McCLURE, ANDREW, (stone worn) McCLURE, MARGARET F., 1-Mar-1790 / 2-Jun-1885 Wife of Wm. McCLURE McGUIRE, JEFFERSON S., d: 23-Jan-1854, Son of Samuel & Eliza Jane McGUIRE, 7M, 20D McGUIRE? d: 1852, Child of Samuel & Eliza? PAREPAR, LOTTA, d: 26-Aug-1894 in her 28th Yr, Dau of Elizabeth H. & Milton McCABE PHILLIPS, INFANT Son of R. & M. PHILLIPS PHILLIPS, MATILDA, d: 9-Mar-1876 Aged 24 Yrs PHILLIPS, WILLIAM W., 9-Dec-1876 / 13-Jly-1877 Son of H. & ?.A. PHILLIPS RILEY, MARGARET, 1-Feb-1780 / 2-Oct-18?? SHARP, ELIZABETH, d: 7-Feb-1873, Mother, 86Yr 5Mo 27Days SMITH, ELIZABETH, 1823-1894 SMITH, HENRY, 1853-1873 SMITH, LIZZIE, 1855-1879 SMITH, PETER, 1800-1876 WATTERS, BENJIMIN M., ?-Apr-1855 / 12-May-1878? WATTERS, J.W., 4-Jun-180? / 27-Dec-18?? ??EENS, MARGARET?, d: 16-May-18??, Aged 80? Yrs =========================================================================

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