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Articles and Notes Taken from Microfilm of the
"Sharpsburg Herald," "Sharpsburg Etna Herald," etc.
Microfilm borrowed on interlibrary loan from Pa. State Library, Harrisburg.
Extracted by D. Christine Adams,

May 6, 1885 - "Mr. John HIEBER, of Etna, has had quite a full experience in the way of being
shot. Last Tuesday was the fourth time he had been made a target of. He carries in his body
a leaden bullet as a memento of the late war, and carries in his vest pocket a 30 caliber ball
as a memento of his adventure with thieves this week." The article goes on to say that as
trustee of the German Evangelical Church, he had been auditing the books. He started home -
which was located a few doors below Squire ELSESSOR's office on Butler St. He found the
front door of his house locked, his wife having retired for the night. He went 'round to
the back door, and encountered four men. One of them shot him. The bullet was stopped by
a small book that he carried in his pocket, and also by hitting the metal button of his jacket.

Late 1880's -John HIEBER's name appeared in every issue of "The Sharpsburg Herald" in an
advertisement for the "Zeredetha Lodge No. 448, F.A.A.M." He was the Secretary of the lodge.
Same time period - Numerous advertisements for the drug and paint store of Frank M. METZ.

Jan 1, 1887 - Biographical write up of Daniel HIEBER, and a line sketch portrait of him.
According to the article, Daniel HIEBER was b. in Wurtemburg in 1808. He came to Philadelphia,
PA. in 1833, and married there. He worked as a wagon worker in Philadelphia, and saved his
money to come West with other "pioneers." He reached Etna, which was then a township, in 1835.
He opened the first wagon shop in Etna, and kept it up until 1870, when he retired. He and
his wife had 6 children: W. H. HIEBER, the eldest son, who died of consumption "almost one
year ago;" Fred C., John D., three daughters - Mrs. PHILLIPS; Mrs. ELSESSOR; and a daughter
Mrs. Philip YOUNG who died some years ago. The article refers to him as "Grandpap HIEBER."

Nov 16, 1895 - Mr. and Mrs. J. D. HIEBER and Mr. and Mrs. F. HIEBER attended the Golden
Wedding Anniversary party of Henry OCHSE and his wife, held on Tuesday, Nov. 12th.

Apr 24, 1896 - "Mesdames F. C. HIEBER, Wm. PHILLIPS, and J. D. HIEBER have presented a
beautiful 100 piece dinner set to the German church to be raffled at their coming fair."

Jun 19, 1896 - "F. C. HIEBER has had a new wagon built and a new set of harness made which
he expects to turn out within the next week. At present writing they are both beauties and
when entirely finished will be the finest outfit in the borough."

Aug 14, 1896 - "The Sharpsburg and Etna Herald"
"Mr. D. M. c Esq. of Sixteenth Ward and Miss Annie WITMER, of Glenshaw, were married at
the home of the bride, Wednesday last in the presence of the near relatives of the contracting
parties. After the ceremony the happy couple started on a journey to the lakes stopping at
Mackinac and Les Cheuneaux Islands for several weeks, after which they will go to housekeeping
in the Sixteenth Ward."

Mrs. F. C. HIEBER's trip to Niagara Falls and Buffalo, and return home again, was duly reported.

Apr 30, 1897 - Obituary of John D. HIEBER appeared. I did not copy it in its entirety. He was
referred to as Captain John HIEBER, whose sudden and unexpected death occurred at his home on
Butler St., Etna, "Sunday last." The obit stated that he had been one of five brothers, with
Fred C. HIEBER, the Etna wholesale liquor dealer the only surviving. There was a line drawing
of Mr. HIEBER in this issue of the paper.

Jun 4, 1897 - "Sharpsburg and Etna Herald"
"D. M. MILLER, Esq. of the Sixteenth Ward, Pittsburg, well known in the two boroughs, will
be the first assistant U.S. District Attorney, by the appointment of President MCKINLEY."

Oct 1897 - "And the cat came back, 'cause it couldn't stay away."
"Some mean wretch stole a very valuable cat from F. C. HIEBER about six months since and after
keeping the feline sufficient time to get a litter of kittens, returned it in a sack Wednesday

Jan 6, 1898 -"Sharpsburg and Etna Herald"
"Miss Sophie HIEBER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. HIEBER, seems to have a lucky streak in her
nature. During the winter of 1897 she took a chance from a little girl on a handsome hand lamp
to be raffled off at St. Joseph's tea party. The next day after the tea party occured the
little girl called at Miss HIEBER's house and presented the latter with the lamp. About a
month ago the sister of the same little girl appeared at the HIEBER residence and asked
Miss HIEBER for a chance on a fine mahogany parlor stand to be raffled off by the same church.
Miss HIEBER carelessly took the chance and thought no more of the transaction until one day
the latter part of last week, a knock came to the door and a stranger appeared with a mahogany
table, and informed the person answering the door bell, that Miss HIEBER had won the set at
St. Joseph's tea party. It is unnecessary to state that the young lady is much elated at her
extremely good luck."

Mar 18, 1898 - : "Mrs. Annie M. MILLER, wife of D. M. M. MILLER, assistant U.S. District
Attorney, died this morning about three o'clock. Mrs. MILLER had been ill but a few days.
She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George WITMER, of Glenshaw. The sad news was received
by the deceased's many friends in the two boroughs with extreme sorrow. The arrangements for
the funeral have not been made."

Apr, 1898 - "Mr. and Mrs. F. M. METZ entertained Mrs. S. A. METZ of Wooster, Ohio; and Mrs.
Edwin MEYERS, of Akron, Ohio the past 10 days.

Aug 5, 1898 - "The marriage of Miss Nettie BLUMER, who has been making her home with Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. HIEBER for the past eight years, to Mr. William SEIMERLING, of Millvale, occurred
Thursday evening. After the ceremony the happy couple left for their future home in East End,

Aug 18, 1899 - "F. C. HIEBER has placed a telephone in his place of business. The number
is 94-3."

Nov 17, 1899 - "An Etna Robbery. - The House of F. C. HIEBER Entered and $31.00 in Money Taken."
"How the Thief Entered the House is as yet Unknown to the Family." "Last Monday evening the
home of Mr. F. C. HIEBER, of Etna, was ransacked and $31.00 dollars in money taken. Mr. And
Mrs. HIEBER left their home Monday evening to attend a local lodge, of which both are members,
leaving their daughter Miss Sophia and the domestic at home. Before going they made sure that
all the shutters were shut and the doors locked and securely bolted.
After the supper the girl thought she would finish her household duties, and to help lighten
the burden Miss Sophia went to a near bakery and purchased some ice cream. She was only absent
a few minutes and on returning rang the door bell which was answered by the girl. After
shutting the door she took a second look to be sure it was locked, and then went on back to
the dining room.
After a while Miss Sophie said she heard some one up stairs but the girl said it was perhaps
the cat scratching, and paid no more attention to it. Later she had an occasion to go to the
garret for some clothes. Taking the lamp she started up the stairs, but had only got half way
up when she saw something lying on the landing above. She turned back and reported to Sophie
what she saw, and the both left the house and went to PHILLIPS, next door, until Mr. and Mrs.
HIEBER would return.
About 10 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. HIEBER came home and finding no body in concluded the girls had
retired. Mrs. HIEBER went to the stairs and called but received no answer. About this time the
two girls in company with their neighbors came back again to the house and told why they had
left. A search was immediately made.
On the landing at the top of the stairs they found their furs scattered around, and the first
thought of Mrs. HIEBER was her money which she had carefully laid away in a box in the same
drawer with the furs, but it was gone.
In Sophie's room several drawers in the dresser were pulled out and the things scattered
around the room. Near the bed on the floor lay her watch, which it is supposed was taken by
the thief, but finding a monogram on it, carelessly threw it to the floor. In the front room
the same sight was witnessed only Mrs. HIEBER's watch case remained on the dresser untouched.
The mystery is how the thief entered and made his escape, as the doors and windows were the
same as when Mr. and Mrs. HIEBER left. Several theories have been advanced, but the one most
probable is that the thief entered during the day and hid somewhere until the opportunity
presented itself to escape up the stairs. However he was not an expert and wanted nothing
but money. In an interview with the family Thursday, they said they had their suspicions and
would investigate the case."

Feb 3, 1900 - There was a semi-regular feature where a former resident "H.J.M. of Wheeling,
W. Va." would write to the editor about reminiscences of earlier times in the boroughs. This
letter was dated Feb. 3, 1900, but I neglected to write down the issue date of the newspaper.
He is talking about Etna in the 1850's and 1860's, and states, "Auntie Hanna and Phillip YUND
at that time were proprietors of the only two hotels in the village, and a short distance
below was KLINGENSMITH's tavern and George FARMERIE's Rising Sun hostelry."

Feb 9, 1900 - Article noted that Dr. HENRY, who had recently located in Mrs. HIEBER's house
on Butler St., had given up his Pittsburgh practice, and was now practicing exclusively in Etna.

"Eloped to Youngstown"
Mr. Dennis DUFFY and Miss Mary FARMERIE, two well known people of the borough, eloped to
Youngstown, Ohio Tuesday, and were married, returning Wednesday. Mr. DUFFY and his bride
were lovers for several years. Their cause for eloping is not known, as their parents did
not know they wanted to get married. Mr. and Mrs. DUFFY will go to housekeeping.

May 25, 1900 - "Etna Etchings"
"West Etna and part of Shaler township have, for the past two days, been in a sort of
excitement on account of the antics of John FARMERIE, who, through recent trouble, has
become violently insane, so that he is known as the "wild man." He is well off, and father
of a grown up family, comprising daughters of much refinement. Some weeks ago FARMERIE was
charged with selling liquor without a license, and held in bail for court on the charge, and
ever since he has brooded greatly over his trouble. He began to roam about the country, and
would threaten violence to any person that came in his way. He was the "bogie man" of the
entire neighborhood. Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Dorothy RICHTER with several other women, called
on 'Squire Joseph C. WILLIAMS and lodged an information against FARMERIE."

Aug 11, 1900 - "Etna Etchings"
"While Mr. Fred HIEBER, wife and daughter and Mrs. Rev. ERNST, of Etna, were driving through
Highland park last Sunday afternoon, their horses took fright at an automobile and dashed to
one side, smashing the tongue of the vehicle and almost threw the occupants into Carnegie Lake.
Park policemen came to their rescue."

Aug 17, 1900 - Etna Edition
"Sixtieth Anniversary"
"Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. HARTMAN Celebrate that Rare Occasion"
"Mr. and Mrs. William A. HARTMAN were married sixty years last Monday, and the occasion was
celebrated by the aged couple together with their children and grandchildren at the residence
of their daughter, Mrs. N. C. FARMERIE, of Pine Creek, on the West Penn railroad. Mr. HARTMAN
is 83 years old. His wife is one year his junior. They are somewhat feeble, but they joined in
the festivities yesterday with an ardor and spirit that amazed the younger generation. The
husband was a stone mason before he retired, and he and his wife took up their residence with
their daughter. He was born in Pittsburg. Mrs. HARTMAN was born in Northumberland county. They
were married at Winfield and lived for years in Armstrong county. Nearly forty years ago they
moved to Sharpsburg. Mr. HARTMAN comes from Revolutionary stock. He himself served in the
Civil war. His grandfather was born one day out from Baltimore, while on his way to America,
and grew into manhood in time to take up arms against King George's redcoats. His son James,
Mr. HARTMAN's father, served in the war of 1812."

Sep 21, 1900 - "Called to the Other Shore"
Mrs. Barbara FARMERIE, one of the best known and the oldest residents of Etna borough, died
Tuesday night at her home at that place from a paralytic stroke. Deceased was 88 years old,
and was born in Alsace. She came to America with her parents nearly three quarters of a century
ago, her father, John SCHNEIDER, being one of the first settlers of the wilderness which is now
Etna and Sharpsburg. The family was Catholic, and it was in the old SCHNEIDER homestead in
Sharpsburg that the first mass in that section was celebrated. At that time there was but a
handful of Catholics there, and as there was no church they met at Mr. SCHNEIDER's house,
where a missionary administered to their personal needs. Mrs. FARMERIE came from a long
lived family. Her father died at the age of 96, and in the several hundred relatives in the
funeral cortege five generations were represented. Her mother lived to be over 100. Mrs.
FARMERIE is survived by one son and five daughters. There are 39 grandchildren and 20 great
grandchildren, the eldest of the last named being a boy of 17. Her daughters are Mrs. Mary
LYNCH, Mrs. Joseph WERNERT of Etna and Sharpsburg, Mrs. Elisabeth BRADY of 326 Oakland avenue,
Mrs. Jas. SMITH of Thirty-third street, and Mrs. ORTH of Allegheny. Her son is John C.
FARMERIE, of Etna. One of her daughters is married to Frank GOLLA, and his daughter is the
wife of Florence JAGEMAN. Mrs. Margaret HARTMAN and Mrs. Catherine ZWICK of Sharpsburg are
sisters of the dead woman.

Dec 21, 1900 - "John FARMERIE Arrested"
"Charged with Surety of the Peace and Disorderly Conduct"
John C. FARMERIE, a resident of West Etna, was arrested Tuesday by Constable W. C. ARMSTRONG,
on warrants issued by Squire Joseph C. WILLIAMS, charging him with surety of the peace and
disorderly conduct. It is thought he is demented. FARMERIE is one of the most widely known
residents of West Etna, where he has lived all his life. He comes from and old and wealthy
family. He was educated with the intention of entering the priesthood. For a number of years
he was employed in the Spang, Chalfont & Co. mills, at Etna, and later embarked in the saloon
business. When the Brooks license law went into effect, he was refused a license. He opened a
speakeasy and was twice arrested and sent to the workhouse. About a month ago his aged mother
died. FARMERIE was then serving a term in the workhouse, but was allowed to attend his mother's
funeral. He was released from that institution several days ago. Yesterday FARMERIE left the
house attired in a shirt and carrying a rifle. He lives near the West Etna public school, and
his conduct frightened the children at play in the school yard. He ran about like a madman,
and it was with much difficulty that Constable ARMSTRONG placed him under arrest. The
information was made by Michael HOLLERAN.

Jan 5, 1939 - "Etna News"
"Mr. and Mrs. Edward KLINGENSMITH of Millvale, formerly of Cherry St., are the proud parents of
a baby girl."

"Blawnox News"
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. MOON, of Freeport Road, spent New Years with Mrs. MOON's mother, Mrs. E.
JACOBY of Homewood.

Jan 12, 1939 - "Deaths"
EMMA HILLIARD - Emma HILLIARD, age 84 years, last of the well-known HILLIARD family of Ross
township, died yesterday (Wednesday) at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Thomas G. HILLIARD
of Etna. Miss HILLIARD was the daughter of the late Thomas and Mary GRAHAM HILLIARD and was a
member of the Mt. Nebo United Presbyterian Church, Ohio township. Funeral will be held from
the Brandt Funeral Home, Perrysville, tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will
take place in Allegheny County Memorial Park.

Mar 2, 1939 - "The Sharpsburg and Etna Herald,"
"With illness of almost epidemic proportions prevailing throughout the community, several
well-known citizens succumbed during the past week…
WILLIAM C. ANDRE - William C. ANDRE, aged 39 years, died at his home, Middle Road, Indiana
Township, Saturday, February 25. He is survived by his wife, Elma MOON ANDRE; his mother,
Kate HARTZ ANDRE, and a brother, Howard J. ANDRE. He was a member of F. O. Eagles NO. 932
of Etna. Funeral services were held at the late home Tuesday, followed by interment in Mt.
Royal Cemetery."

Apr 20, 1939 -
"The Sharpsburg and Etna Herald"
"Former Etna Resident Dies in Nebraska"
Many older residents of this district will remember the NEHRBAS family, who lived in Etna in
the early '90's. The following clipping from a Fremont (Neb.) newspaper tells of the death of
Mrs. David FOWLER, Sr., the former Charlotte NEHRBAS, who once resided in Etna: 'Mrs. David
FOWLER, Sr., 60, for many years a prominent figure in church, music and civic activity, died
at a local hospital. (April 9), following an illness of several weeks.
Charlotte NEHRBAS was born March 19, 1879, in Etna, Pa., and came to Fremont in 1885. She
attended Fremont high school and Fremont normal college, later taught school in Inglewood and
in Leavitt, Neb. In 1904, she was married to David FOWLER. She was intensely interested in
anything concerning education and was an accomplished musician. Instrumental in organizing
the Fremont Parent-Teachers association, she was elected its first president. An active
member of the First Presbyterian church, she was specially interested in missionary work.
She is survived by her husband, two sons, David Jr., music instructor in the Plattsmouth
public schools, and Charles, a student at the University of Nebraska; two brothers, George
and A. A. NEHRBAS, both of Fremont, and two sisters, Miss Laura NEHRBAS of Omaha and Mrs.
Thomas WATSON of Excelsior Springs, Mo. Two brothers, Dr. John NEHRBAS and Charles W. NEHRBAS
preceded her in death.'"

May 18, 1939 - "ALVIN T. MOON Blawnox Borough lost one of its outstanding citizens when
Alvin T. MOON, well known resident, died Friday, May 12. Mr. MOON, who was in his sixty-
seventh year, had been an employee of the Mellon National Bank for some 40 years, having
retired three years ago. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Sara E. MATTIER MOON; two sons,
Guy and Alvin T. Jr.; two sisters, Mrs. Enoch ELDEN and Charlotte MOON; three brothers,
Howard W., Charles S., and D. Willard MOON and one granddaughter. Funeral was held from his
late home, 239 Freeport Road, Blawnox, Monday, May 23, with interment taking place in Union
Dale Cemetery."

Apr 4, 1940 - Article about Miss Elizabeth MILLER, daughter of Judge and Mrs. D.M. MILLER of

May 23, 1940 -"The Sharpsburg and Etna Herald" reported in Glenshaw personals, that Mrs. D. M.
MILLER was ill at her home on Iola St.

Jun 20, 1940 - "D. M. MILLER and son, David, returned Sunday to their home on Iola Street,
after a vacation spent in Somerset, Pa."

Aug. 15, 1940 - Reported that Elizabeth [Miller] was called back to Cedarville, Michigan by
the illness of her mother, Mrs. D. M. MILLER. The family had been vacationing at Mackinac Lake.

Aug 29, 1940 - "Mrs. D. M. MILLER and daughter, Elizabeth, returned Friday evening by plane to
their home on Iola Street, after a vacation on Mackinac Island. Mrs. MILLER is much improved
after her recent illness. Mr. MILLER and son, David, returned home Monday evening by trailer."

Oct 17, 1940 - "Glenshaw Tract Gift of Judge MILLER for Game Reserve - Retired County Court
Judge David M. MILLER has given a tract of land in the Glenshaw district to the Pennsylvania
Board of Game Commissioners. The land is to be used as a game reserve and is the first donated
to the board in this county. The reserve consists of 68 acres of land, partly wooded, and all
excellently suited to the purposes for which it will be used. Judge MILLER, a lover of the
outdoors, has long been interested in the work being done by the game commission, which is
now carrying on a huge program of restoration of wild life habitats, introducing new species
of game and carrying forward food and cover improvements. Local sportsmen have expressed great
satisfaction over Judge MILLER's fine gift to the state and are hopeful that others in the
county who are interested in the preservation and development of wild life will take similar
action. Judge MILLER was admitted the bar in 1888. During his long legal career he served a
number of years as Assistant United States Attorney and as an Assistant District Attorney of
Allegheny County. Following his appointment to the County Court in June 1911, he was elected
that year for a full term, and was re-elected in 1921. He retired from the bench on January,
1931, after completing his second term of office."

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