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Submitted by Janice Cooper, September, 2002


(formerly "The Valley Church of McClure Township")
organized December 18, 1867
located on Beaver Road, now known as McClure Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15212


In 1861, during the Civil War, in a small frame school house, the
former Woods Run School on Ferry Lane, later known as Westhall Street, two
leaders from the Manchester Presbyterian Church, Mr. James McKEAN and Mrs.
James SHIPMAN conducted prayer services in various local homes. After the
Civil War, the Valley Church was built on property owned by Mr. and Mrs. James
McKAIN. The church was formally organized and taken into the Presbytery on
December 15, 1867.

The Valley Church of McClure Township was dedicated on October 13, 1867.

On December 18, 1883, the name was changed to the McClure Avenue Presbyterian
Church where it served the community for over one hundred and ten years.

Within the past several years, the McClure Avenue Presbyterian Church merged
with the Brighton Road Presbyterian Church, now known as The Brighton -
McClure Presbyterian Church, located at Brighton Road & Benton Avenue,
Pittsburgh PA 15212.

The present pastors are the Rev. William H. VENABLE and the Rev. William S.

Past Clergy:

Rev. John KERR, 1870-1874
Rev. W.C. BURCHARD, 1874-1889
Rev. S.J. GLASS, 1890-1928, Pastor Emeritus 1928-1942
Rev. C.B. REED, 1929-1935
Rev. R.H. STEPHENS, 1936-1942
Rev. William A. NICHOLSON, 1943-1960
Rev. Ferry Lee GIBBS, 1960-1965
Rev. William A. NICHOLSON and Rev. J. Chas. PAUL, 1966-1983
Rev. William S. SHIRLEY, 1983-1996

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