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(Early German/Irish Allegheny County (Pine Creek) Pioneers)


From the 1840-1940 Centennial Book for
St. Mary's (of the Assumption) Church, Founded 1834
(Pine Creek) Glenshaw, PA


John SCHNEIDER and Elizabeth SPAET.


Joseph KRAEB, son of Ignatius KRAEB and Margaret FICHTER of Bavaria,
with Susan SCHMOLTER, daughter of Franz SCHMOLTER and Elizabeth FRANZ
of Bavaria.
Witnesses: Joseph BABYLON and Peter FEY.

Valentine VOLTEN and M. Anna HAUSERER from France and Ludania, Bavaria.
Witnesses: John THOMAS and Jacob KLEITZ.

Jacob KLEITZ, son of Jacob KLEITZ and Theresa BERRY from Elsatia with
Barbara DIEBOLD, daughter of Joseph DIEBOLD from Elstia.
Witnesses: Michael STAUB and Joseph SCHMIDT.

Francis Joseph ZWIK, son of George ZWIK and Katherine of Bavaria, with
Anna Maria SCHNEIDER, of Lorraine.
Witnesses: Jacob ELSENSOHN and Anthony KONRAD.


Nicholas PETTENDORF, son of Henry PETTENDORF and Angela SCHMID of Prussia,
with Sibilia HOFMANN, a widow from Bavaria, daughter of Andrew BERLEIN and
Anna Maria BERLEIN.
Witnesses: Valentine VOLZ and John BECKER.

Peter BICHLER of America, son of Francis BICHLER and Anna Maria BICHLER,
with Theresa LINDENFELSER of Baden, daughter of George and Maria Eva
Witnesses: John PICART and John SCHEITT.


Eugene NIEBEL with Elizabeth MEIER, widow RUPERT.
Witnesses: Nicholas PETTENDORF and John BEAKER.

Anthony STEINKIRCHNER of Bavaria with Mary KROEGER, widow STAUB.
Witnesses: Peter FEY and John MEIER.


Michael GLASER, son of Michael GLAESER and Barbara C. LOCKWELL with
Mary Schmolder, daughter of Francis and Elizabeth SCHMOLDER.
Witnesses: Joseph BABYLON and Peter GRAESER.

John EIFERT with Mary BENDER.
Witnesses: John BENDER and Gerhard BENDER.

Jacob SCHMOLDER, from Pine Creek with Elizabeth BENDER, daughter of

Peter BLEUMLING, son of Sebastian BLEUMLING and Catherine HOHL with
Catherine MEINER.
Witnesses: George and Adam MEINER.


Anton KLEITZ, son of Jacob KLEITZ and Theresa BERI with Elizabeth
Caroline GRUBER, daughter of Matthew GRUBER and Catherine HEINBACH,
of Philadelphia.
Witnesses: Jacob KLEIZ and Jacob BERI.

Andrew ARNOLD, son of Peter ARNOLD and Elizabeth GROFF, from Bavaria,
with Caroline BURKARD, daughter of Ignatius BURKARD and M. A. KEFFER
from Prussia.
Witnesses: Benedict HESS and John KEMP.

William OPFERGELD, son of Jacob and Christina OPFERGELD, Prussia with
Theresa ELSENSON, daughter of Jacob and Anna ELSENSON from Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Nicholas KLEIN and John THALHEIMER.


Francis KAISER, son of George and Conigune KAISER of Bamberg, Bavaria,
with Catherine WAGNER, daughter of Matthew and Mary WAGNER, Reichenbach
in Baden.
Witnesses: Henry FEY and Michael WAGNER.


Lawrence KRIEG, son of Lawrence and Mary KRIEG, of France with Magdalen
KLEITZ, daughter of Jacob KLEITZ and Theresa BAERI, of Allegheny.
Witnesses: Julian KOLMOT and Jean CHRISTOPH.


Adam NEUKAMP, son of Joachim and Kunigunde NEUKAMP, of Bavaria with
Christine SCHLEGEL, daughter of Joseph and Mary SCHLEGEL, widow
Witnesses: Anton MENGE and Thomas LINDENFELSER.

Jacob SCHEID, son of George and Magdalen SCHEID, of Sharpsburg with
Catherine HERTZ, daughter of Joseph and Catherine HERTZ, of Allegheny.
Witnesses: Casper HERTZ and Anton WAGNER.

George WAGNER, son of Thomas and Catherine WAGNER with Anna Mary
BAUMGRATZ, daughter of George and Theresa BAUMGRATZ.
Witnesses: Joseph and John WAGNER.


Philip BABINGER, son of Francis Xavier BABINGER and J. KEIFER with
Katherine MESSNER, daughter of S. MESSNER and Mary MARTIN of France.
Witnesses: A. ARNOLD and MUELLER.

John FORTESING, son of Anthony FORTESING and Anna BAREL of France with
Anna Catherine STUTZ, daughter of Michael STUTZ and Catherine SCHMIDT, of
Witnesses: Michael FISHER and Mary MAYER.

Henry HEURING, son of Henry HEURING and Susana PRINZ, of Prussia with
Sarah LAUGHRY, daughter of Mary and Hugh LAUGHRY.
Witnesses: William and Mary LAUGHRY.


John MEINERT, son of Thomas MEINERT and Susan Merschle, of Prussia, with
Theresa CLAUS, daughter of Peter CLAUS and Theresa MUELLER, of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Franz BICHLER and John MEINERT.

Francis NEFF, son of John NEFF and Margaret STAHL, Hessendarmstadt with
Mary EIFERT, widow of John EIFERT, of Hessenburg.
Witnesses: John NEFF and David MAYER.

Adam LICHTENTHAL, son of Mathew LICHTENTHAL and Margaret TANNES of
Prussia, with Catherine MAYER, daughter of John MAYER and Magdalen
Witnesses: Nicholas WAGNER and Peter LICHTENTHAL.

Jacob SCHOBENY, son of Jacob SCHOBENY and Mary ZIEGLER, of France with
Catherine ISEMANN, daughter of Michael ISEMANN and Appolonia BURG,
from Bavaria.
Witnesses: John MARTIN and Joseph SCHOBENY.


Nicholas MAYER, son of John MAYER and Mary BICHLER, of France with
Elizabeth KILZER, daughter of John Peter KILZER and Anna M. SCHNEIDER,
of Prussia.
Witnesses: John SCHMOTTER and Jacob ZIMMER.

Anthony BIRNESSER, son of Joseph BIRNESSER and Carolina JAEGER of
Selingen, with Philomena STEHLE, daughter of George STEHLE and
Regina DEKER of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: August MARTIN and Elizabeth BIRKLE.

Louis MAYER, son of Michael MAYER and Anna Mary BICHELE, of Bavaria,
with Theresa BERGER, daughter of Paul BERGER, Walburga Nisstein.
Witnesses: George BAUMAN and Lorenz RHEIN.

Alex STRECKER, son of George STRECKER, and Mary KRACH, of Baden, with
Elizabeth SCHMOLTER, daughter of Francis SCHMOLTER and Elizabeth FRANZ,
of Bavaria.
Witnesses: Henry and John SCHMOLTER.

John SCHMOLTER, son of Francis SCHMOLTER and Elizabeth FRANZ of Bavaria
with Barbara REISS, daughter of Henry REISS and Mary BOHLIG, of Bavaria.
Witnesses: Henry SCHMOLTER and Jacob CLAUS.

George SCHIRKEL, son of Louis SCHIRKEL and Magdalen SCHIEFMACHER of
Bavaria, with Mary ELSENSOHN, daughter of Jacob ELSENSOHN and Anna Mary
FEVIA of Bavaria.


Dominic FISHER, son of Benedict FISHER and Mary ARNOLD of Bavaria, with
Elizabeth GRAF, of Bavaria.
Witnesses: Michael JUNKER and John KAEMP.

Rupert RUTHENBUSCH, son of John RUTHENBUSCH and Theresa ZIMMER of Alsace,
with Anna RHEIN (Rihn), adopted daughter of Lawrence RHEIN (Rihn) and Elizabeth Opfermann of
Witnesses: Jacob CLAUS and John DEPHENHARDT.

Joseph MUELLER, of Bavaria, with Margaret FRANK, a widow, born MILLER of
Witnesses: Michael BUERL and Philomena KREPP.


Michael MEANS, son of Patrick MEANS and Bridgit O'CARIK, of Ireland,
with Margaret LAUGHERY, daughter of Hugh LAUGHERY and Mary WILLIAMS,
of Allegheny.
Witnesses: Patrick McDAMEND and Mary Ann ASH.

Christian MOSHEL, son of Joseph MOSHEL and Margaret SEHARF, of Pittsburgh,
with Mary RUPERT, daughter of Joseph RUPERT and Elizabeth MEIER, of
Witness: John MUNIO and Jacob ELSENSOHN.

Francis MAIER, of Allemania with Sophiam SCHILLING, of Baden in Allemania.


John DEPHENHART, son of Matthew DEPHENHART and Agatha FISHER of
Wurtenberg, with Mary Magdalen RHEIN, daughter of Lawrence RHEIN and
Elizabeth OPFERMANN, of Alsace.
Witnesses: Joseph BLAAD and Jacob RHEIN.




John GOEZ, of Prussia, with Christina MEINERT, of Prussia.
Witnesses: John MEINERT and George FESSLER.

Joseph BABYLON, with Anna FEY.
Witnesses: John BABYLON and Frances BABYLON.

Vitus John ENTRES, with Mary HUBER.
Witnesses: John DRESSEL and John LUNZ.

George McINTYRE, with Rebecca BOOCHER.
Witnesses: Severin BUCHER and Henrietta O'CONNOR.

Friederick SELLMAN, of Bavaria, with Anna Mary VOGEL.
Witnesses: John LUNZ and Joseph HERRMANN.


Anthony SIEFFERT, son of Joseph SIEFFERT and Barbara SCHEIFFNER of Alsace,
with Mary Anna FEHRER, daughter of Bernard FEHRER and Mary SCHWANDER of
Witnesses: Margin SEIBERT and Mary Ann ASH.

Frederick GENTNER, son of Bernard and Magdalen, with Sybilla HUBER,
daughter of John and Catherine HUBER.
Witnesses: Michael HUBER and Adam BAUMANN.

F. HEIS, son of John George and Agatha HEIS of Hohenzollern, with
Catherine KEMP, daughter of John and Magdalene KEMP of Bavaria.
Witnesses: Jacob HEIS and Jacob KEMP.

Peter WAGNER, son of Peter and Catherine of Germany, with Lesia MEYER,
daughter of John and Juliana MEYER, of Germany.
Witnesses: Xavier MEYER and Peter SCHILLING.

Carl EICHENLAUB of Germany, son of Wendelin and Appolinia with Philomena
RHEIN, daughter of Florence and Elisabeth of Germany.
Witnesses: Charles SCHMENDER and Eliz. BAUMAN.

Matthew RAU, son of Ulric and Appollonia of Wurtenberg with Mary STAUB,
daughter of Michael and Mary, of Germany.
Witnesses: John STAUB and Mary LANG. Andrew KLEIBER and Mary KESSLER.

Joseph MAY, son of Jacob and Theresa of France, with Mary LUNZ, daughter
of George and Barbara of Bavaria.
Witnesses: Anthony MAY and Margaret LUNZ. Christina MAY and Luke MEYER.

Peter Meinert, son of Thomas and Susan, with Magdalene CLAUS, daughter
of Peter and Theresa, from France.
Witnesses: Michael and Carol CLAUS, Mary KESSLER and Elizabeth Anna YOUNG.


Jacob STAUB and Elizabeth LANG.
Witnesses: Nicholas LANG and Philomina STAUB.

Peter THEIL and Mary ZOLLBACH.
Witnesses: Thomas THEIL and Theresa BERRY.

Michael HUBER and Mary Ann HUTZ.
Witnesses: John SCHERMANN and Elenor SCHERMANN.

David BOOCHER and Anna MICHEN.
Witness: C. BOOCHER.

Andrew KLUEBER and Catherine KESSLER.

Anthony LANG and Mary GELLNER.
Witnesses: Thomas MALLEY and Josephine LAVE.


John HUBER and Catherine ASH.
Witnesses: Adam HUBER and Sarah ASH.

Michael KLAUS and Catherine MEINERT of Sharpsburg.
Witnesses: Joseph KLAUS and Katherine KESSLER.

Franz HUBER and Anna Mary BIEGLER.
Witnesses: Stephen SCHLEGEL and Magdalene BIEGLER.

Francis SCHERER of Pittsburgh and Catherine BOOCHER of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Rebecca FEYER and Anastasia BOOCHER.

Jacob WALTHER of Allegheny and Theresa BERY of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Joseph ESMANHARD and Mary GRUBER.

Joseph BERY of Pine Creek and Mary Ann SCHRODI of Ohio.
Witnesses: Joseph ESMANHARD and Mary GRUBER.


Leonard FASER of Sharpsburg and Philomena STEINKIRCHNER of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Michael FRANK and Catherine STEINKIRCHNER.

John SCHMITT and Anna DRESSEL from Bavaria.
Witness: John DRESSEL.

Joseph ESMUNDRAHT and Mary GRUBER of Pine Creek.
Witneses: Henry DICKE and Mary ESMUNDRAHT.

Peter SCHMITT and Anna Mary LESER.
Witnesses: Peter MEYER and Agatha BULLION.

Bernard BURNS and Mary Ann ASH of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Thomas LOUGHREY and Sarah ASH.

Joseph SCHLEGEL and Mary DRESSEL of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Michael HABERMANN and Charles SCHLEGEL. Theresa HABERMANN and
Caroline SCHLEGEL.

John BABYLON and Carolina DRESSEL of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Peter HAVERMANN and Francis BABYLON. Theresa BABYLON and

Henry MUELLER of Sharpsburg and Anna LANG of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: Nicholas LANG, Mary LANG, Magdalene MUELLER, Joseph MUELLER.

John KRAEB and Anna BROWN of Sharpsburg.
Witnesses: Frederich BROWN and Mary KRAEB.

Charles ASH and Margaret BARD of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: William McNEAL, and Elizabeth LAUGHERY.


Jacob RHEIN and Mary KAEFER of Butler.
Witnesses: Anthony RHEIN, Mina RESH, Cecelia RHEIN, John FEHTER.

Charles KLAUS and Catherine NEVERGOLD.
Witnesses: Joseph KLAUS, Mary Ann ROTH, Peter SCHMITT, Mary KLAUS.

John LUNTZ and Caroline SCHLEGEL of Pine Creek.
Witnesses: John WAGNER, and Mary WAGNER, Andrew and Minnie WAGNER,
John WAGNER and Philomena HASSENANER.

John HINIGER of Lawrenceville and Mary Magdalen KLEITZ.
Witness: Aloysius ROTTER.

Stephen SCHLEGEL and Elizabeth DEISS.
Witnesses: John SCHLEGEL and Mary BIEGLER.

John DUFFY and Sarah ASH.
Witnesses: George BURNS and Mary JEFFERY.

Phillip KRAEB and Mary MUNIO.
Witnesses: William McNEAL, and John HERZ.

Peter SMITH and Mary KLAUS.
Witnesses: George KKLAUS and Frances SCHOPINE.

Jacob LEUCHT and Louise MUELLER.
Witnesses: Elias WEITLER and Albert NOBLE.


Andrew DRESSEL and Anna Mary REIS.
Witnesses: Andrew MILLER and Frances SHERM.

Joseph KLAUS, son of Peter and Theresa KLAUS, with Mary ROTH, daughter
of John George and Fortuna ROTH.
Witnesses: Peter KLAUS and Regina SCHMITT.

Valentine ARNOLD and Catherine KEMP.
Witnesses: Jacob KEMP and Nicholas GEGLER.

Henry Fred TREGER and Mary Anna WAHL.
Witnesses: Dominic and Elizabeth KOENIG.

Witnesses: Jacob ELSENSOHN and Anna DIETRICH.

Francis BABYLON and Catherine KLAUS.
Witnesses: Joseph KOENIG and Phillip BABYLON.


January 18th, William F. BROD and Margaret MEYERS
April 20th, Norman E. BUBENHEIM and Mary Regina BLEIL
April 27th, John F. HOAR and Marie Elizabeth LARBIG
May 4th, George J. RAMSPACHER and Thelma R. HOLZHEIMER
June 5th, Florian John WALTER and Mary Rita GALLENZ
June 19th, Louis H. KLEIN and Grace M. MURPHY

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