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Subject: Re: Plum Creek Cemetery
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 17:12:31 EDT

Longdon, Della B., 1881-1923  Beloved wife of Joseph Cohen
Longdon, John 1918-1937--same stone as Calvin
Longdon, Calvin 1924-1924--same stone as John
Clark, John E.  Nov. 23 1897- Mar. 27 1968--father--same stone as Theresa
Clark, Theresa K.  Jan 2, 1898- Feb 26, 1972--mother --same stone as John
Clark, Kathleen 1924-1999, In loving memory
Clark, Sherman D. 1909-1977, Beloved Father
Slater, Mae G. 1891-1969 mother
Slater, Norris E. 1891-1945 father
Luketich, Lawrence E., Oct 20 1934-Apr 21 1951  Our son Larry
Slater, George W.  PFC AUS Elisted Jane 30 1951 Discharges Jan 30 1953, Born
Sept 18     1928 Died Aug 29, 1960
Luketich, Anne E.  1913-1992
Puksarich, Joseph  1905-1960 husband--same stone as Mary
Puksarich, Mary  1905-1980 wife--same stone as Joseph
Luketich, Lorence F. 1882-1965--same stone as Julia
Luketich, Julia M. 1883-1971--same stone as Lorence


I have photos of all these tombstones (and more)  these are all my family
members with the exception of John and Theresa Clark (they were just nearby
and I went ahead and photographed).  If the format I have used to submit is
incorrect, please let me know.  I do have other inscriptions I can send and
the photos I have are available if anyone wants them.

Diane -- Virginia

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