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1880 census of Allegheny Co., Allegheny City, ward 3          6/17/1880

20 Long Alley

Kapp, William              head      42          b. Bavaria           worked in brewery
      Elisabeth            wife       40          b. Bavaria
      Maria                 dgtr         12         b. PA                    worked in cotton mill
      Elisabeth           dgtr         10         b. PA
      William              son          6          b. PA
      Henry                 son          4          b. PA
      Theresa             dgtr          2           b. PA

1900 census of Allegheny Co., Allegheny City, ward 3        ED 32           6/12/1900

823 Long Alley

Kapp, William             head     b. 5/1838     imm. 1865,   na,   city laborer,  owned,   m. 33 yr
      Elisabeth                        b. 10/1839     " " " " "                7/6 children
      Theresa                          b. 1/1878                                  packer, soap factory  
      John                                b. 11/1881                                porter

1920 census   ED 695  23d ward   1/10/1920

810 Phineas Street

         KAPP, Henry,    head   age 42
                    Lottie,     wife    age 40
                    William H.,  son  age 22
                    Edward L., son age 19
                    Arthur J.,  son  age 18
                    Leroy J.,  son  age 14
                    Lillian M.,  dgtr.  age 12
                    Teresa R., dgtr.  age 10
                    Sylvester J., son  age 7
                    Elizabeth F., dgtr age 4
                    Hilda M.,  dgtr age 3
                    Henry G.,  son  age 11 mos.
My branch of the Kapp family ended up in Millvale, which is why I've
included the ones from the Northside!

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