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Highland Park Burial Ground
Within Highland Park
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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From a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Jan Ackerman (Aug. 15, 2000):
"Negley, who died in 1809, and his wife, Mary Burkstresser Negley, who died
20 years later, are buried in a secluded section of the park above the zoo.
The large marker for their joint graves states that 50 early settlers of the
East Liberty valley also are buried at the site."

Mary Burkstresser Negley had the farmhouse that now stands in the park
built after her husband's death so she would no longer have to live in the
house that they had built, which is on the site of Reservoir No. 1, Malone

From the Negley Ancestory Message Board:
"The Monument/Burial plot for Alexander Negley is located between the zoo
area and down slightly from the "new" playground across from that monstrosity
of a high-rise apartment building. Both Alexander and his wife, Mary Anne
Burkstresser, are interred there. Alexander was actually re-buried there
when the churchyard where he was originally buried - at the corner of
Smithfield and Sixth Streets in downtown Pittsburgh - was developed. The
Monument was put there not by the Mellon family, per se, but by Alexander's
granddaughter Sarah Jane Negley (Mellon), the daughter of Alexander's son,
(I am a great, great, great grandson of Alexander directly through his son,
John. By the way, about 50 original settlers of the East Liberty Valley are
also under that Monument)"

The monument and inscription are pictured below.

Posted May 3, 2002 / Updated May 4, 2002 ========================================================================== Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other -------------------------------------------------------------------------- BURKSTRESSER, Mary Ann, June 20, 1741 in Bucks County / June 17, 1829 NEGLEY, Alexander, 1734 in Germany / November 3, 1809, Revolutionary War ==========================================================================


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