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Department of Public Safety
Bureau of Fire, City of Pittsburgh
Log Book
October 6th, 1919 thru February 14, 1928

40 Engine Co., Chartiers Ave. & Citadel St.

Submitted Nov. 18, 2000, by: Ruth HOUPT DROZINSKI,
"Occupations are not often easy to discern, yet it gives us an insight into the lives of our predecessors. I wanted to submit these names as a way of my thanking all those others who have contributed material that has helped me along in my family research."

(Note: Names are NOT in alphabetical order; instead they are listed
as they appear in the log book.  For any given person here, the date
listed is for the FIRST mention of his name. As in the case of Capt. Lucot,
he appears from beginning to end of the log.)

                                R O S T E R

    NAME                      FORMER OCCUPATION               WHEN APPOINTED            BORN            RESIDENCE
John B. LUCOT, Capt.            Iron Worker                     02 May 1892           13 Oct 1868      1024 Crucible St.

Georg SYLVIS, Driver            Driver                          15 Aug 1892           13 Sep 1860      131 Kearage St.
   (left service on 26 Nov 1905 and returned on 28 June 1911)

William J. DIEGELMANN, hoseman  Iron Fitter                     03 July 1919          11 May 1889      1622 Lakewood Ave.

Fredrich L. DUNHOFF, hoseman    Motorman                        10 July 1916          08 June 1886     209 China St. & 805 Needle St.

Felix McCAFFREY, hoseman        Mill Worker                     14 Nov 1908               1874         55 McClaim

J. McANDREW, Capt.              Mill Hand                       04 May 1897           03 Mar 1862      176 S. Main St.

Harry E. SANDERS, Driver        Electrician                     02 June 1908          13 Jan 1882      2926 Stafford St.

William KNAPP, hoseman          Laborer                         10 July 1916          08 July 1894     3061 Chartiers Ave.

Sean W. EHRHARDT, hoseman       Loborer                         01 Jan 1919           19 Aug 1894      441 China St.

Charles J. SMITH, hoseman       Order Clerk                     08 Aug 1918           07 Nov 1883      40 Greely St.

The following names give limited info but are listed here in the order
they appear in the log book with dates/details as appropriate.
That a person's name appears in the log book does not mean they were a
fireman and where possible, the distinction is made.
If a first name does not appear, none was given in log book; spelling is
as it appears in book, when questionable due to handwriting (?) appears.

Chief R.L. SMITH

Director James MALONE

Superintentdent PRICHARD

Louis PONZO, on 15 Feb 1921 (citizen) was involved in automobile accident
   then taken to the home of Peter PONZO (citizen)

Charles J. SMITH (says his report is in back of book, but it is not;
   can't confirm whether he is a fireman or not.)




Henderson MORELAND

Capt. BARBIN (replaced Capt. McANDREWS as of 20 Feb 1922)

Thomas J. DURKIN, 02 Mar 1922, transferred to 40 Engine Co. (also on
   23 Aug 1927 a phone call was noted that he had suffered a stroke.)

Officer D. G. THOMPSON, 17 Dec 1922 (probably police officer: gave him
   2 gals. of gas to move a recovered stolen car to police station)

Battalion Chief William H. KUHLMANN

Deputy Chief Frank LOXTEMAN

Dr. WETZEL - Veternarian (treated the horses - firetrucks were
    pulled by horses)

Dr. E.F. WALLER - physician

Albert HERD - transferred to Eng. Co. #1

James J. McMANUS - transferred from Eng. Co. #48

William ELLIOT (fireman)

Howard WILSON (fireman)

Thomas REYNOLDS (fireman, also noted on 30 Sept 1927 that he would retire)

Peter F. MEEHAN (fireman)

Aloysius (or Aloysus?) MILLER (fireman)

Thomas H. THUSSLOW (?)

Superintendent H. ANGLOFF - Bureau of Electricity

F.G. BABJACK - resident of 2511 Carson St.; on 09 Oct 1925 the
   firetruck collided with his parked car on Carson St.

Deputy Chief JONES

Bruce WANDLESS - plaster contractor

Mr. MONAHAN - Superintendent of Machine Shop

Frank STEWART (driver, fireman)

James DUNHOFF - on 04 June 1926, this young boy was said to have sent
   in Box 3261 (false alarm)

Senior Lt. TULLY promoted to Captain, 22 June 1926

William J. TRIPLETT - replaced H.T. WILSON (who was on suspension)

Mr. HELMISH - tinner, working on roof

T.J. DURKIN (fireman)

W.H. ROBINSON (fireman)

John J. CONNORS (fireman)

Joseph E. SWEARINGEN (?) - demoted from Driver to Hoseman


James DONOVEN - plumber


J.L. AHLBING (?) - Westinghouse Air Brake employee

Director CLARK - Department of Public Safety

McVICKER - badge # 551

Stanley KRANTZ (fireman)

Albert CRAWFORD (fireman)

Mr. VANCE - Superintendent of Carpenters

Herman HELM - repaired water conductor

William MAHAN - Westinghouse Air Brake employee

James A. LIEBERS - Westinghouse employee


W.J. DRISCOLE - American LaFrance employee

Michael J. McCARTNEY (fireman)

O.R. KERRIGAN (fireman)

M. LOCHYNSKY (possibly LOCHZNSKY?) (fireman)

Frank DIXON (fireman)


Frank STEWART - fuel wagon driver

Joseph M. SULLIVAN (fireman)

Robert J. McKEE (fireman)

In loving memory of all the brave firefighters
who served the City of Pittsburgh
and with sincere gratitude to all those who
proudly serve to this day.*

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